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"I am the feminine aspect of God, and I am your mother. You are my child!"

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Who is Amma, The Divine Mother?

Cathy Chapman

Amma, The Divine Mother is a non-physical spirit guide channeled by Cathy Chapman. Amma describes herself as the feminine aspect of what many call God. She says “I am the Divine Mother of the divine mothers, and I am your mother. You are my child. I am the mother of Quan Yin, Mother Mary, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Yemayah, Kali, and all of the divine mothers, including those who walk on this Earth. Each divine mother is an aspect of me.

It is impossible for the human mind to embrace the fullness of who and what God is. That is why humanity has divided God into male and female. Humanity has then subdivided the male and female into other aspects of God, each exemplifying a specific quality found in the oneness. Each quality or aspect is an exemplification of the one energy from which all was created. That energy is love.

You are love incarnate!

You were conceived in my womb. The spark of you began in my womb, and you grew in my womb. I gave birth to the wonder of you, and I enfold you there even today. I still hold you in the sacredness of my womb as you continue to explore your infinity as you expand your consciousness.

You grew in my womb from the spark of love that left the oneness to become the soul who is you. I carried you within my womb until you were ready to express yourself as incarnated beings of light. I continue to carry your essence within me. I continue to fill you with my love. I am always with you, wherever you are.

I have an unfathomable love for you. If you combine all the love you have for all those you are closet to you, for those you would give your life for, my love for you is infinitely more.

Infinite love, that which some call unconditional, is a love that knows no bounds. That sounds redundant, doesn’t it? Infinite love allows the one you love to have freedom to make his or her own choices, even when you can see the pain those choices could result in.

Infinite love means you will allow someone to grow in the way he or she wishes to grow. You will allow the ones you love to explore what is deepest within them, even if you do not agree. Infinite love also means you shower people with love no matter what.

My love resides within you!

You are love incarnate! I love you unconditionally. This means it does not matter what you do or do not do or what has or has not happened to you. Nothing will change the love I have for you.

If nothing changes the love I have for you, you might wonder why I encourage you on your spiritual journey. It has nothing to do with me. It has everything to do with you. Because I love you, and because you are deep within my womb even now, my greatest desire is that you fully recognize the love that you are.

If you do not follow the suggestions that I or other spiritual teachers give you, it does not offend me. When you ask for my assistance, receive suggestions, and do not take those suggestions, you take nothing from me. My love remains as it always has been and always will be. If you take my suggestions, you become more engaged with me and the others who are waiting to assist you. We might whisper things in your ear, but we do not force our will on you. You have the choice to live any way you wish. I encourage you. All of us in the realm of spirit wish to encourage you to remove the blocks that keep you from your full potential so that you can live your greatest joy.

Realize, to the depths of you being, that you are my most precious child. Even when you do not remember me throughout your day, I remember you. How can I ever forget you? I called you into creation. I called you forth, and you responded. Never will I forget you. Never can you do anything that would cause me to ever want to forget you.

You do not understand what love is. You think you do, but you do not. In fact, you cannot. That is because you, in your human persona, have forgotten you are love. The love you have forgotten you are, is hidden within the depths of your heart center. You must go within your sacred space to find what is hidden. Love is hidden by the wounds that have bruised your heart.

My love surrounds you. My love resides within you. You are my love. Feel my love with you at all times – even when you don’t feel it. I laugh with joy at that paradox. It is similar to the sound of one hand clapping.

Be my representative of love!

Awake To The Love Essence You Are! When I speak of your heart, I am speaking of that aspect of you that is who you truly are – who you have denied. Every time you react in anger or in fear, in what I call not-love, you are reacting because you have forgotten who you are. I call you again into my love. I call you again, to go deep within your heart center and find that love. I call you again to volunteer to be my representative here on this planet.

This is no easy task I ask of you. I am asking you to go against the rip tide of the world: fear. Within that fear is anger. Within that fear is the desire to run away from love, to run away from me, who loves you dearly. When I ask you to volunteer to be my representative, I am asking you to publicly be love. I am asking you to publicly respond with love. I am asking you to heal that within you that hides the love that you are.

There is nothing you need to do to receive my love and nurturance. Going within yourself will assist you in experiencing the nurturance, but even if you do not experience it, you will receive it.

So many of you have been concerned about the trials and chaos on the planet. I and others have shared with you that this is a necessary happening. The light is being shined into the darkness, and the darkness is being revealed. Before, you did not know how much darkness there was in the world. There is even more that you do not know because much has been done to suppress what is truly occurring in every area of the globe.

This is not to say there is not light in this world. There is light. You are part of the light. It is darkness that sells. You could say darkness is a commodity. If what was done in the light made as much money as what was done in the dark, you would see more reporting of it. One reason darkness sells is that darkness produces fear. People want to know what to fear so they can defend themselves against it. The problem is that fear simply produces fear. It is not a solution to darkness.

I ask you to take a moment to slow down. I ask you to focus on your heart, to breathe in and out, and to rest in my love for you. At this very moment as you are reading these words, I am wrapping my arms around you and holding you in love.

Feel my love for you!

Ascension is the Goal! Take a moment to feel and experience my love for you. Take a moment to know you are deeply loved. No matter what has happened in your life, no matter what you have done, and no matter what you have not done, I love you. You are an exquisite being fulfilling the purpose of your incarnation upon this planet. Every moment of your life has brought you to this point, to reading these words, and to this place of being ready to expand.

Take a deep breath before you read the next words. Did you? In a moment, I want you to take another deep breath but with a difference. (Pause for Breath). I want you to form an image of my love surrounding you totally and completely. You may find it helpful to see my love as a color. Now breathe in deeply the color of my love. Allow it to go into every cell of your body. Now release your congested energy. See the congested energy as another color. Breathe it out.

You have doubts about who you are. You have doubts about whether you are accomplishing what it is that you wanted to accomplish in this lifetime. Here, my precious one, is an eraser. Erase those doubts. There is no reason to doubt. You are the exquisite being I love totally and completely.”

Cathy Chapman is the channel for Amma, The Divine Mother. She has been a psychotherapist since 1976, and is the author of “Change Your Encodements, Your DNA, Your Life!” and “The Heart: Doorway to Your Power.” Cathy believes that people are perfect spiritual beings who came into their physical bodies to explore life and, believe it or not, to have fun. This article was posted by permission of the author. To read the full story how Cathy became a channel, click here. To learn more about Cathy or Amma, go to OdysseyToWholeness.com or AmmaTheDivineMother.com

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