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Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

2017 Predictions

Focus on Your Personal Transformation and
Relax into the Whirlwind of Perpetual Change

Introduction by Rev. Dennis Shipman

The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness (aka The Great Shift or Ascension) is in full swing! We are all in this together! There is no going back. What is the shift about?

At the end of the 5,000-year-old Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012, a rare celestial alignment began occurring with our solar system, our sun, and our planet – moving into direct alignment with the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. Scientists acknowledge this galactic alignment has occurred (Gregg Braden “Choice Point 2012”).

Earth and our solar system have begun a 36-year trek across the center of the galaxy, and during this time, great transformational energies will sweep across our planet and solar system transform them into a paradise. For a quick overview, you might want to refer to my free online book, "The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness."

Mother Earth is in the process of returning to the light of oneness, and becoming a sacred planet in fifth-dimensional consciousness. Her tour of duty as a school house for the duality of third-dimensional learning lessons is finished. She will become an incredible beacon of light and love in the universe.

We each have the historical, unprecedented opportunity to follow Mother Earth and shift our human consciousness beyond our wildest dreams, and return to fifth-dimensional consciousness. This type of shift has never happened before in human evolutionary history. We are living proof of “history in the making!” So, be excited! We live in very extraordinary, very exceptional times that will become more evident as the shift proceeds.

It’s a journey of re-discovering who and what we truly are, why the truth has been kept hidden from us for the past 13,000 years, and the essential, indispensable importance that our transformation holds for our own personal evolution as well as how it affects the greater evolution of this sector of the galaxy and the entire universe.

At this point, we are solidly into the transformational energies of the Great Awakening. The energies will become more and more intense and powerful as Mother Earth moves into fifth-dimensional awareness. Evil and fear and negativity do not exist in the fifth-dimension – only love exists.

Everything now is in a state of flux and transformation – moving out of the old energy of a crumbling third-dimensional consciousness focused on domination, control, conquering, ruthless competition, and greedy profit-making at the expense of anyone or anything – and moving into the new fifth-dimensional energies: collaboration, cooperation, transparency, unification, kindness, generosity, positivity, lightheartedness, operating from the heart, quantum energy potential-based science, free zero point energy, anti-gravity, multi-dimensional crystalline light-body, planetary peace and prosperity for all.

The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness is the greatest show on Earth. It is part of the divine plan for humanity. We are receiving a lot of help from many sources:

  • The center of the galaxy (it’s alive with super-intelligent, multi-dimensional, quantum, transformational energy – a mirror of our true essence!).

  • Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy, the Masters of Wisdom (channeled by Sheldan Nidle).

  • Our benevolent ET friends the Galactic Federation of Light (membership consists of over 400,000 star nations). They have surrounded and protected Earth for the more than 20 years, ready for disclosure and the day when we will meet them, and to re-introduce us back into galactic life (also channeled by Sheldan Nidle).

  • Millions of off-world highly sentient beings in the universe and other galaxies are watching Earth TV News, sending us love and light, and are very interested in the outcome of our shift into the age of light.

  • The ancient and technologically-advanced human civilizations of the Agarthans of Hollow Earth – survivors of Lemuria and Atlantis – that we shall meet one day (channeled by Dianne Robbins).

  • Many Earth allies who are working behind the scenes and peacefully taking down the evil of this planet known as the globalist elites or shadow government or dark cabal or Illuminati, including greedy global corporations.

  • Whistle blowers that can’t stand the deception, the corruption, and cover-ups anymore.

  • The tens of thousands of nonprofits and activist organizations in various sectors of society working towards a better future for humanity.

  • Millions of light-workers across the globe that are lighting up the world with their work and fanning the transformational flames with their light and love.

  • Assistance from the Angelic Realm and Guidance Realm and other divine realms, including channeled information on the progress of the shift and how to successfully navigate it.

  • The technology of the Internet and cellphones and instant transmission of messages profoundly affects our awakening process. That’s why we need to keep the Internet free of corporate greed.

  • The awakening human collective consciousness sensing that things are changing in a profound, irreversible manner, and what’s happening is becoming clearer and clearer and clearer.

As the powerful transformational energies continue to flood the planet coming from the center of the galaxy, allowing everything to transform in its path, and as the crystalline DNA unfolds within the cellular structure of our bodies that activates the higher sense perceptions (e.g., clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, electrokinesis, etc.), the key words to keep in mind from here onward are freedom, transformation and transparency.

It’s an inside job for each of us that requires our attention, intention, love, healing and forgiveness. It’s all about raising our vibration to transform our consciousness. Focus on awakening yourself and transforming your consciousness to change the planet. As you do so (you don’t have to leave home!), you will contribute to raising the spiritual vibration of the human collective consciousness. This is the key to how rapidly the changes and transformations will occur because human evolution is dependent on how the planet vibrates with human consciousness.

We cannot stop this shift. The only secure constant that you can bet on for next year will be a whirlwind of changes that will continue as we move through 2017. That’s why it’s critically important to focus and stay in your heart-source, the source of love in your soul or super-consciousness. This website has many inspiring articles and tools to help you achieve this goal.

Rev. Dennis Shipman received a first-class education in the Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness. From 1996-2001, he worked with Kahu Fred Sterling, head pastor of the Honolulu Church of Light, who is the channel for Master Kirael, a senior member of the Guidance Realm in the seventh dimension. There, he met Sheldan Nidle, channel for Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of Light, and has followed Sheldan’s weekly reports on the progress of the shift for 20 years. He is the author of two free eBooks, "Oneness: The Awakening Experience" and "The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness."

2017 Predictions from Amma the Divine Mother channeled through Cathy Chapman

Cathy Chapman

Hello, my precious ones. I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers. I am your mother. You sprang from my womb, and you are still in my womb as you are always – and I do mean “always” - surrounded in the womb of love.

Why do I say you are surrounded by love when you see so much pain and suffering on your planet? My precious ones, it is a matter of perspective. What is it that you choose to see? What do you choose to pay attention to?

This one I speak through has asked me for predictions of what will happen this coming year. I will give you some potentials. Before I do that, however, I wish to remind you that all you see is an illusion. It is a creation by you and others to have an experience. You are having quite an experience, are you not? Now let me share with you some potentials within this illusion you are creating and living in.

News Media

There is no more violence on this planet than there was 50 years ago. In fact, there is less. You must realize that your technology allows you to see and experience so much more than you ever have before. There are things that have been happening for centuries that you never knew about because there was not the instant ability to transmit photographs, videos, and stories across the miles.

Your technology allows you to show a truth that your paid media distorts or hides. The stories on your televisions, on your radios, and in your print media are told by those with the most power, those with the most money. If you wish to know what is truly happening in this world, pay attention to the videos and photos and stories of those who are not paid in any way.

When you turn on your television and watch a show that is purported to be completely fiction and there is a news story about what is happening in that show, you do not believe that it is truly happening in your life. That is how you should look at your media today. You have heard that your media belongs to and is therefore controlled by just a few men, and I am referring to the male gender. That in itself is an illusion within the illusion. Your media is controlled by one source that allows the illusion that there are separate owners.

In 2017, there is potential for the breaking apart of this stranglehold on the media. There are already some brave souls who are operating their own independent news sites (e.g., Wikileaks, WantToKnow.info, Snopes.com, GlobaLeaks.org, 8 Worldwide Whistleblower Sites, with blogs or vlogs (video logs, e.g., YouTube). The material for these independent news sources are supplied by people around the world who send in reports from their phones. This is already happening, and it is changing the perception of many on this planet.

At the same time, the powers that hold the media will fight against these independent news sources. Slowly at first and then more quickly, the power of those who own the traditional media will begin to crack. It is important to realize that when people begin to lose power (in the illusion), they will do all manner of things to destroy those who threaten them.

Amma the Divine Mother on the Election of Donald Trump

Health Care

In the illusion, you will notice battles in the health care industry, especially in the Untied States. When I say “health care industry,” I am not speaking just of health care professionals, such as doctors or nurses. I am also speaking of the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, Eastern forms of medicine, energy-based healing, homeopathy, and more.

The pharmaceutical and food industries are wonderful examples of small groups of people wanting to help others and what happens when the focus moves from service to monetary gain. As the cost of health care rises in the United States, the unintended (yet powerful) consequence is that people look to other sources to assist them in relieving pain and managing dis-ease. More of your population around the world is awakening to the fact that it is easier to take care of the body rather than to fix what wouldn’t have need fixing if health strategies were employed.

Everyone can use some basic strategies for a healthy body. Eat food and drink water that is as pure as possible, bless or send energy to your food and drink before taking in into your body, speak to your body-soul for assistance in choosing what is best for you, obtain adequate sleep appropriate for your age, find a way to move your body with joy and ease, love deeply (others and yourself), and forgive easily.

There will be more revelations about the complicity of scientists with both the food and pharmaceutical industries. I believe you have a saying: “Follow the money.” Those who will be doing the revelations are people whose hearts cannot handle the deception any longer.

The greed of the pharmaceutical industry will be its downfall. More people will search for alternatives. Know that there are medications that help save lives. Do not be confused and believe that all medications are wrong. Be aware there are those who have a more difficult time with pharmaceuticals than others. If the body’s immune system has been compromised for whatever reason, a good antibiotic can be a literal lifesaver. Follow that with the above-mentioned strategies of good food, drink, sleep, and so on.

You will find more people becoming interested in acupuncture, herbs, and energy-based modalities. Because more people will be using these and moving away from spending money on what has become traditional Western medicine, you will see an increase of attacks on these modalities. Read and listen from your heart source so that you know what is true, what is distortion, and what is falsehood. It is always easier to convince people of the falsehood when some truth is mixed with fear.

Money and Entrepreneurs

There will be more scandals regarding manipulations of stock markets. These scandals will affect the banking industry on an international level. Although people aware of the machinations of the financial industry will begin to see warning signs in the middle of the year, the ordinary person will become aware of these difficulties toward the end of the year and into 2018.

Editor’s Note: Sheldan Nidle’s weekly channeled reports have repeatedly talked about the coming of a new global financial system, with currencies backed by precious metals. The reports also talk about global prosperity funds to be distributed to everyone on the planet to end poverty and starvation, and the release of previously secret technologies: e.g. free energy devices, anti-gravity machines, advanced technology to restore the environment to a pristine condition. These events have the potential to become a reality in 2017.

Amma: Due to the lack of respect given to the majority of employees, more people will be going into business for themselves. If this is your choice, remember to stay in your heart, ask for and then listen to a spiritual support team, listen to and follow a trusted mentor, and enjoy the adventure.

Remember: money is energy. The money that comes to you is either supported or tainted by what is in your heart and your intention. Bless those who have money, and bless those who do not have money. Have no judgment one way or the other about money. It is only energy.


You will find people becoming more disenchanted with the educational system sponsored by the government. This will especially be true in the United States. All over the world, where there is government-sponsored education, parents and businesses are beginning to recognize the deficiencies in politically motivated education. As the powerful energies continue to flood the planet, unfolding the crystalline DNA and activating higher sense perception in everyone, the need for education from the heart will be recognized. Depending on the country, there will be more homeschooling and supplemental education by parents and apprentice programs offered by businesses that lack employees with proper skills.

As the new energies continue to activate what is now being called the heart-brain, there is a renewed focus on people’s transcendent aspects. This will include a greater emphasis on the arts, especially music. Research will be publicized that demonstrates tools for powerful and long-lasting changes in the brains of those who learn differently than most. These new methods to address learning difficulties will be the direct result of research on the neuro-plasticity of the brain.


As consciousness awakens, people are becoming more aware of the consciousness held in all nature. The children who have seen fairies and elementals in nature will come to not allow adults to call their experiences imagination. The awakening movement to respect all aspects of nature in the animal, plant, water, and mineral kingdoms is increasing by the day.

Information about the long-term effects of the nuclear disaster in Japan will begin to leak out to the general population in the middle of the year. People will begin to fear eating fish from the Pacific Ocean.

Earth knows how to take care of herself. There is already information known, but little publicized, about a bacterium that has mutated and eats petroleum. There is a microscopic life form being developed to feed on and neutralize radiation.

There is strong potential that HAARP will be exposed for what it is, and it will be the first time that most people will have access to this knowledge about HAARP. (Editor’s Note: HAARP is an acronym for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program – used by the dark cabal to trigger so-called natural disasters. Currently, there is information on the Internet about HAARP. Do a Google Search: HAARP. Also see HAARP: Is it a Weather Control Weapon?

There are experiments occurring in parts of the world regarding the power of the human mind to positively influence food growth (Editor’s Note: Findhorn Foundation in Scotland is a prime example of this).


People all over the world are becoming more frustrated and angry with their politicians and world, national, and local governments. There will be more international protests against politicians’ choices to support corporations to the detriment of people’s needs. This will be revealed through violence.

At first, there will be a continuing divide between people. Toward the end of 2017 and into 2018 and beyond, there will be a greater realization that people can take their power back through the vote. People will come to realize they can solve more problems through unity, including the divisiveness in the political system. There is power in bringing diverse opinions together, as there will be greater perspective.

The most powerful thing you can do to affect politicians is spend time each day sending energy from your heart to the energy fields of politicians. This is also a powerful strategy in regard to corporations. Send (loving) heart energy to the energy fields of the boards of directors and company officers of various corporations.

Editor’s Note: Sheldan Nidle’s weekly channeled reports indicate that NESARA and GESARA have already been created and ratified by the new American Republic and world governments. They are just waiting for the divine right timing to inform the general public. This will signal an end to the reign of the dark cabal in America and the world.

Also, the Galactic Federation of Light has been working diligently for “disclosure” - a formal declaration of their presence here in the earth plane, a prelude to preparing us for their mass landing of space craft. It’s possible that "disclosure" could take place in 2017 or in the very near future. This will bring an end to the UFO cover-up, and our re-introduction back into galactic life.

Change Your Focus to Change the Planet

Amma: This is why you must evaluate everyone (and everything) from your heart source. As there are many people reading this who are new to the heart source, let me take you quickly through the steps to establish it.

  • Move deeply into the front of your heart center (located in the middle of your chest at the sternum).
  • Move deeply into the back of your heart center.
  • Move deeply into the front of your third eye (located between the eyebrows in your forehead).
  • Move deeply into the back of your third eye.
  • Connect your heart to your third eye with a beam of energy (just visualizing it will do it).
  • Move that beam of energy up to the center of the universe (where the great central Sun is located).
  • Now move that beam of energy down into the center of Earth.

Stay within the energy formed by the seven connections. If you have followed these instructions, you have just formed your heart source. You have created a field of energy of protection around you – a receptor of information and energy, a transmitter of energy and information, and a transmuter of energy. Read these words while in your heart source, and from the deepness of your inner knowing, you will absorb and discern the truth.

When you listen or read anything from your media, do so from your heart source so that you can evaluate how much of it is truth. Do the same when you read or listen to anything from others, whether on your social media or other sources. The powers who wish to influence you into thinking and believing as they would like you to will do what they can to manipulate you. That is part of the illusion, part of the game of this life. That is why it is important for you to stay in your heart source.

When anything you read or hear or see moves you to an emotion of anger or fear or any variation, you have been moved out of your heart source. When you are moved out of your heart source, you are unable to see and hear clearly. When you are moved out of your heart source, you are moved away from the vibration of love and into the vibration of not-love.

What do you choose to see? What do you choose to pay attention to? Remember, I asked you this at the beginning of this message. If you attend to (see and experience) fear, anger, or any low-vibration emotions placed out there in the world, then you have chosen to not attend to (focus on) love. If you truly wish to change what you see and attend to on this planet, then change your focus.

Awaken to Your Personal Power

My dear ones, in all that I have said, remember that everything is illusion (Editor’s Note: Master Kirael has said it depends how you treat the illusion. Treat it with love and everything will be delightful. Treat it with not-love, and things that are not-love will return to you). Everything is energy. You have within you all that I have mentioned. I’m sure you have seen photographs of someone standing with open arms, face lifted to the Sun, accepting the wonderful energy and warmth of the Sun. I call you to stand with open arms, open faces, and open hearts to receive the energies moving into this planetary system.

All consciousness on this planet is being flooded with energies that awaken and nurture that which is already within you.

No matter what happens on this planet, there is only one thing that everyone is called to do. That is to stay in your heart source, or at the very least, in your heart. Know that energies of darkness feed on low-vibration energies. When you are angry or fearful, you feed the low-vibration energy and actions that you witness and experience. You are the only one who can stop sending forth the food darkness feeds on. You cannot control anyone else but yourself. Learn to control your thoughts and your feelings. Do that by staying in your heart source or your heart.

When you experience anger and fear, use that as a signal that there is something in your environment that is alien to that which you desire. Consciously acknowledge what that is, and either ask for personal healing or send love energy to the source of the problem.

When you stay in your heart source or your heart as the energies flood this planet, you allow the sleeping power within you to awaken. Great power is activated when you stay within your heart source. Your intuition increases, and your psychic senses are more strongly activated, which increases your intuition.

You and those like you can band together and send energy outward to those who have forgotten the love that they are. You can send this same energy to the microbes that are answering the call of the planet and mutating to receive nourishment from that which could destroy your water and your land. Mutations occur quickly in one-celled life forms.

You will find more people coming together in groups to do exactly what I have suggested. Some of you will be motivated by my words to gather in small groups that will be as the beacons of light for this planet.

Many of you have heard of people who receive their nourishment only from the rays of the Sun. If you send forth the nourishment of love instead of the vibration of fear and anger, the changes that are destined to come to this planet will occur much more easily. The changes destined to occur in you will happen with joy and ease when you learn to live within your heart.

As you learn to live within your heart, you will awaken the encodements in you that are destined to awaken you to the heights and depths of your personal power. My dear ones, there is no need to fear anything on this planet. There is no need to fear dis-ease, distress, or even death. The cycle of life will continue. Your cycle of life will continue. Remain in your heart source. Set your intention to breathe in through every cell of your body the love that is flowing to you from the energies that continue to flood this planet.

My dear ones, you are love incarnate (in physical form). The more you come to know that you are love incarnate, the more you come to act the reality of being love incarnate and the more the people on this planet will change. You have been called to be beacons of light. You are not reading this by accident, whether you believe what you have read or not. The moment you began to read these words, the energy of this message began to work on you. All you need to do is be the love that you are. Live within your heart, and follow your heart. My blessings to you. I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers, and I am your mother.

Cathy Chapman is the channel for Amma, The Divine Mother. She has been a psychotherapist since 1976, and is the author of “Change Your Encodements, Your DNA, Your Life!” and “The Heart: Doorway to Your Power.” Cathy believes that people are perfect spiritual beings who came into their physical bodies to explore life and, believe it or not, to have fun. To read the full story how Cathy became a channel, click here. To learn more about Cathy or Amma, go to OdysseyToWholeness.com or AmmaTheDivineMother.com

New 9-Year Cycle Brings Transformative Disclosures from Numerologist Lynn Buess

Lynn Buess

The year 2017 is a universal 1 year (2+0+1+7=10=1+0=1). The number 1 is related to independence, innovation, self-reliance, rebellion, and particularly will (Editor’s Note: Master Kirael’s numerology designates the number 1 as new beginnings).

This can pertain to individual will and willfulness, the will of the people (mass consciousness), the will of a nation, and a higher or divine will.

The aggressiveness of the 1 fosters willfulness and possibly hostile confrontation. Directed in a healthy manner, the assertiveness of the 1 leads to change and potential elevation of individual and collective consciousness.

Wake Up! Stand Up! Take Action!

Depending on which story you believe, the global population was sidetracked long ago from its higher purpose and true cosmic destiny. A select few have imposed their will on the many. Humanity slipped into a path of confusion and darkness. Selfishness, deception, corruption, degeneration, manipulation, control mechanisms, and divisiveness reign. Some would call it one of the darkest cycles of Earth’s evolution.

A big question facing humanity this year is whether enough people will wake up and demonstrate the strength to stand up, thus creating a critical mass necessary for a quantum leap toward Ascension (as some call it) or move the evolution process toward new dimensional living. How many will recognize the illusion they are in and take steps to break out of the third-dimension matrix barrier?

Empowerment of Women

The planet has been largely masculine biased for centuries (if not millennia). Women have suffered for being women because of the male issue with control and fear of her power, among other reasons. This is a time to let go of the need for male dominance and accept the proper place and purpose of women in society. It encourages women to become more aware of integration of the male and female polarities and balance in the manifestation of both. This means encouraging the wisdom, strength, patience, forgiveness, imaginative, and healing powers of the feminine polarity displayed in a manner that is complementary to her womanhood. It is time for men to overcome the fear of their dark-side and allow women a harmonious place to flourish.

Potential Global Events in 2017

  • A shocking new form of Internet invasion and theft will be identified. But . . . Will it be too late to completely negate?

  • Secrets long hidden in Austria will leak out and contribute to massive changes in public opinion and the behavior of politicians everywhere.

  • Riots and protests in France will be so frequent and enraged that there will be many comparisons made to the French Revolution of the eighteenth century.

  • The United States’ longtime global leadership and tendency toward intimidation will be more sternly questioned by other nations worldwide. They will speak more openly about the moral, social, and creative degeneration and decay of this nation. It is sometimes easier for outsiders to see what is happening than it is for the citizens who reside within it.

  • The costly, poorly administrated, and seriously flawed Obamacare will come under further scrutiny now that the person for whom it was named leaves office (or does he?).

  • A question arises about the possibility of a truly reformed leadership emerging in politics, media, commerce, education, religion, science, entertainment, and academia that has not been tainted by generations of compromise and corruption.

  • China will announce staggering new technology that will catch Western observers by surprise.

  • Expect a new political regime to emerge in Japan. The new leadership’s policies will have huge economic and social effects on the world, including the United States.

  • Israel: Many hidden secrets and policies of the past will soon be revealed, creating a shock wave of reactions around the globe.

  • The German immigration crisis and staggering epidemic of rape will send warning signals to European and Western nations.

  • Portugal will take an entirely new stand toward the European Union and its old economic values system. Action taken by Portuguese citizens and possibly the military could inspire upheaval and reform around the world.

  • This year we could see the death of Queen Elizabeth. Many questions come to the surface, and talk might arise of a subtle form of suicide.

  • Scandinavian nations will once again work together for the common good and could form a more effective economic and political alliance.

Potential Transformational Events in 2017

  • This is a time that encourages the ascent of a younger generation of leaders who emerge amid the time of darkness and travail with refreshing offerings of reform and transformation. This might include some of the star children who will be recognized and respected for their timely suggestions and guidance.

  • A genuine, new global economic system will be introduced and hopefully implemented in the near future. This will mandate value-for-value exchange and back currencies. A clue that this is coming will be the decline and end of the central banking that issues and controls fiat-printed, valueless currencies.

  • There are many spiritual and alternative spokespersons who suggest humankind might need some form of exterior boost to make the coming shift in consciousness possible. This might include some form of divine intervention (from whom depends on your faith), extraterritorial assistance from more evolved cultures, or hierarchical inter-dimensional beings (possibly from our future).

  • The most positive side of this year’s revelations will be the disclosure of just how much (ET) contact has been made with such beings and public admission in high place of such. The downside of such a presentation will be one that is partially true and presented in a way to continue the hidden agendas of those who have knowledge of such contact.

  • With continued disclosure will come an increased release of information to the public about high-tech equipment long held in the clutches of black ops and darkly hidden labs controlled by intelligence agencies and secrete corporate projects. Advanced healing modalities, free energy devices, and anti-gravity machines are only a few of these previously secret technologies that will come to light.

  • Ancient astronaut theory and exopolitics will become a part of social reality as our connection to the stars is confirmed and contact is restored.

Lynn Buess, MA, EdS, is a leading numerologist, international author and speaker, wellness innovator, and therapist. He has been active in the self-awareness movement for more than half a century. Since 1980, Lynn has practiced numerology around the world. His list of clientele would make an impressive Who’s Who list of international personalities. Lynn has published, among many other books, “The Heart of Numerology.” For more information, go to www.NumerologyRising.com - This article was posted with permission from the author.

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