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Book cover for Your First Contact by Sheldan Nidle

"Your First Contact" by Sheldan Nidle

Book review written by Rev. Dennis Shipman

Sheldan Nidle is the channel for the Galactic Federation of Light and Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy. I met Sheldan in 1998, while serving with the Honolulu Church of Light in Hawaii and Master Kirael (a senior member of the Guidance Realm, channeled by Kahu Fred Sterling). Three years later, in November 2001, when I was married at the time, now my ex-wife and I hosted Sheldan and his partner, Colleen, at our house when they held a workshop in Phoenix, Arizona. At that time, he gifted us a copy of his book, “Your First Contact.”

The book’s title, “Your First Contact,” refers to the immanent mass-landing on Earth’s surface of benevolent galactic humans and entities from technologically advanced civilizations that are members of the Galactic Federation of Light – thus ending the so-called UFO cover-up. It also refers to humanity’s re-introduction into universal, galactic life – as well as Mother Earth’s return to a sacred planet. It’s a complete flip of reality as we know it.

The book describes the Galactic Federation of Light as a special organization that was first created more than 25 million years ago in a region near the current Constellation of Gemini. Officially, it was founded about four million years ago, and today, it has a membership that has evolved to over 400,000 star nations.

The Galactic Federation of Light is here now in our atmosphere to assist Earth and humanity through our next evolutionary step in the great shift in consciousness (aka Ascension and the Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness).

Hot Riveting Topics in the Book

  • Galactic Human Society – Our Next Evolutionary Step
  • Humanity’s Transformation into Full Consciousness
  • Changing into a Lightbody of 12 Strands DNA and 13 Chakras
  • Twelve-Strand RNA/DNA Molecule and Mutations
  • The Galactic Federation of Light and Fluid Group Dynamics
  • Inside Sirian and Pleiadian Bio-Organic Mother Ships
  • Star Cultures of Sirians, Pleiadians, and Andromedans
  • Our Extraterrestrial Origins in the Lyra Constellation
  • How Earth and Humanity Affects the Transformation of Heaven
  • The Divine Workings of Heaven, Angels, Elohim, and Time Lords
  • Origins of the Anchara Alliance of Evil and Its Surrender
  • The Rise and Demise of the Anunnaki (off-world evil lords)
  • How and Why the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness Were Created
  • The Rare Commodity of Water in our Galaxy
  • How Lemuria and Atlantis Were Destroyed
  • The Atlantean Human Genetic Reduction to 2 strands DNA
  • The Cause of the Great Flood and Its Aftermath
  • The Science of Consciousness – Principles for Creating All Things
  • Galactic Time, Mayan Solar Glyphs, Thirteen Tones of Creation
  • How First Contact Will Actually Occur
  • How Earth and the Solar System Will Evolve
  • Humanity as Physical Angels and its Role with Mother Earth

About the Author (from the book)

Sheldan Nidle was born in New York City on November 11, 1946 and raised in Buffalo, NY. His first extraterrestrial and spacecraft experiences began shortly after his birth and were highlighted all through his childhood by various modes of contact phenomena as well as accompanying manifestation – light-form communications, extraterrestrial visitations, and teaching/learning sessions on board spacecraft. During most of his life, he has enjoyed ongoing telepathic communications and direct “core knowledge” inserts (etheric and physical implants). Sheldan has visually observed and physically experienced spacecraft throughout the years.

Around the age of fourteen, Sheldan requested that the Sirians and their Galactic Federation of Light allies discontinue communications with him because he was experiencing overwhelming conflict between their scientific and societal knowledge and what he was learning here on Earth. They left, but the Sirians and their federation allies told him they would be back when it was time to complete his mission for planet Earth and her people. In high school, he was placed in advanced science programs in subject areas such as physics, chemistry, and calculus.

Sheldan received an M.A. in Political Science from the University at Buffalo in 1968. He also received an M.A. in Southeast Asian Government from Ohio University in 1970 and a M.A. in American Politics and International Public Administration from the University of Southern California, where he also pursued a Ph.D. program (1974-76).

In the 1970’s, he was Vice-President for Scientific Programming at Syntar Productions where he co-created a documentary on the life and accomplishments of Nikola Tesla. From the 1970’s through the mid-1980’s, he was involved in scientific research on alternative sources of electrical energy. In the mid-1980’s, his extraterrestrial contact resumed.

Sheldan is currently a representative and lecturer for the Galactic Federation of Light and was the founder in November 1977 of the Planetary Activation Organization (PAO). He provides free weekly email updates channeled by the Galactic Federation of Light and Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy. He provides an extensive website of information.

Publishing Details

  • Publisher: Blue Lodge Press
  • Title/Author: “Your First Contact” by Sheldan Nidle
  • Softcover: 360 pages with illustrations, charts and glossary, 8.25” x 5.25” format, $19.75 USD + S&H
  • E-Book Format (PDF): $9.95 USD
  • Purchase Book at Author's website
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Disclaimer: I was not paid for this book review, nor do I receive any compensation from its sales. It is freely given in the volunteer spirit for your information and raising the vibration of your awareness.

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