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The Great Shift is also known as Ascension

Rev. Dennis Shipman

Author, Speaker, Metaphysical Minister, Spiritual Teacher, Former Roman Catholic, Seminar Facilitator, Business Development, Energy Healer, Singer-Songwriter-Musician

"BlissfulVisions.com" is Rev. Dennis Shipman’s Online Healing Ministry. Here you can find inspirational tools to inspire you forward on your path of self-discovery, empowerment and personal growth. Here you can discover how to develop the aspiration you are seeking when confronted by life’s challenges. Here you can inhale and breathe and experience “Ah-Ha” moments of inspiration, and let your endorphins release themselves and rejuvenate your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

I am an ordained metaphysical minister, certified energy healing practitioner, author and speaker for my book "Oneness: The Awakening Experience" and "The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness" - available free in 100 languages. I'm also a singer-songwriter of spiritual songs and play acoustic guitar and harmonica. My inspirational talks combine music performances and spiritual growth content.

I've been aware of the Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness (aka The Great Shift or Ascension) since 1996, when I began working with Kahu Fred Sterling, head pastor of the Honolulu Church of Light and channel for Master Kirael, a senior member of the Guidance Realm that lives in the seventh dimension of consciousness. I worked with this dynamic duo for 5 years (1996-2001) in Honolulu, Hawaii, as book project coordinator for their first book "Kirael: The Great Shift" and then editor of the bi-monthly publication “Kirael: The Great Shift Newszine Updates.” I obtained a first-class education on the Great Shift.

I met Sheldon Nidle when I worked with Kahu Fred Sterling and Master Guide Kirael in Hawaii, and hosted his housing accommodations when I lived in Phoenix, Arizona when he was in town for a conference. Sheldan is the channel for Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of Light, which has a membership of over 400,000 star nations. You’ll learn a lot about our benevolent E.T. friends at his website, and from his books, especially "Your First Contact" - a book about humanity's origins, how Lemuria and Atlantis were destroyed, the coming of our E.T. friends, and entrance back into universal galactic life.

I grew up in the Roman Catholic religion in the 50’s and 60’s, in Southern California, during the social revolutions of the Sixties, Vatican II Council (1962-64), the assassinations of U.S. president John F. Kennedy, former U.S. attorney general Robert F. Kennedy, civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., the Vietnam War, the hippie movement and the burgeoning Southern California surfing industry.

My search for God began in the fourth grade in Catholic school in an environment of devotion and prayer. I attended Catholic elementary and college-prep high schools for 11 years, volunteering as an altar boy for seven years. By the time I graduated Catholic high school, I had developed a powerful quest for proof of God’s existence. Five years later, as a non-practicing Catholic, I experienced a sudden, spontaneous, profound enlightenment known as Oneness. This event happened quietly, blissfully, at work, and it changed my life forever.

I have been a working man all my life, who knows the joys, challenges and stress of job, career, family, marriage, and divorce. I hold graduate degrees in journalism and metaphysics, and spent most of my adult life in marketing, sales, public relations, and publicity in both the profit and nonprofit world.

For over 20 years, I have been providing guidance to help people find solutions to achieve their dreams. They have come from all walks of life: disabled adults, business, students, housewives, professionals, military, retired, etc. My insightful and inspirational chats aim to solve your immediate problem(s), and then focus on what it will take for you to achieve your happiness and fulfillment.


FORMER ROMAN CATHOLIC -- Attended private Catholic elementary and high schools for 11 years prior to my enlightenment experience at age 22.

METAPHYSICIAN – over 50 years study and practice of spirituality, meditation, awakening & enlightenment process, transformation of consciousness, and releasing and healing old patterns to achieve one’s full potential.

ORDAINED METAPHYSICAL MINISTER – Spiritual Counseling, Meditation Teacher, The Great Shift in Consciousness. Volunteer for two years at AllExperts.com in the category “Enlightenment and Spiritual Growth.”

CERTIFIED ENERGY HEALING PRACTITIONER – alignment of the life-force energy for healing and to achieve one’s full potential.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – Over 40 years’ experience in B2B/B2C new business development, fundraising, sales and marketing, strategic planning, public relations, publicity, education, real estate investments, charter school literature teacher, disabled rehabilitation services, and entrepreneurship in both profit and non-profit sectors.

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR & GRANT WRITER – Co-founder of two nonprofit organizations: Uniworld Wood Recycling in Long Beach, California and Inward Healing Center of Phoenix (Arizona). Volunteer grant writer for Rural Water Aid International while living in San Diego, California.

MULTI-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE - Southern California (43 years), Monterey, California (2 years), Honolulu, Hawaii (13 years), State of Nebraska (7 years), Phoenix, Arizona (3 years), Nuremberg, Germany (14 months), Seoul, South Korea (13 months), Augusta, Georgia (6 months).

MILITARY SERVICE - U.S. Army, Vietnam-era Veteran. Radio Repairman. Personnel Management. Information Specialist. Honorable Discharge.



  • B.A., Journalism, California State University at Long Beach
  • B.Msc., Metaphysics, University of Metaphysics, Sedona, Arizona
  • Ordained Metaphysical Minister, University of Metaphysics, Sedona, Arizona
  • Energy Healing Certification, Honolulu Church of Light, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Servite High School, Anaheim, California (Catholic college-prep)
  • Elementary: St. Mary’s (Fullerton, CA), St. Boniface (Anaheim, CA)

  • Contact: email(at)blissfulvisions(dot)com

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BlissfulVisions.com covers the high-profile issues impacting humanity’s transformation from 3D to 5D known as the Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness (aka Ascension, The Great Shift) – also known as the greatest evolutionary event in human history. Created in July 2015, it has become a trusted brand for information on awakening to our true nature, transformation of consciousness, healing from fear to love, empowerment in body-mind-emotions-spirit, and personal development and growth.

Topics: Enlightenment of Consciousness, GESARA-NESARA, Global Currency Reset and Revaluation (GCR-RV), Galactic Human Evolution, ET Disclosure, The Galactic Federation of Light, Quantum Technology, Secret Space Programs, Suppressed Technology, Free Energy, Transparency, Secret Government, Social Justice, Channeled Messages, Body-Mind-Spirit Development, Spiritual Growth, Meditation, Conscious Living, Energy Healing, Relationships, Emotional Healing, and Book Reviews.

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