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"Living in your Heart Source is the key to being able to navigate these tumultuous times!"

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Book Review: “The Heart: Doorway to Your Power” - Amma the Divine Mother through Cathy Chapman

You Are Infinate Love Incarnate - AmmaTheDivineMother.com

Book review written by Rev. Dennis Shipman

Are you ready for Transformation?

Book Cover for The Heart: Doorway To Your Power by Amma - The Divine Mother channeled by Cathy Chapman

Are you ready to look into the mirror of truth and remember that you are not this body, that you are as Amma – The Divine Mother - the feminine aspect of God - says you are: “Love incarnate.”

Are you ready to step up to the plate and remember you have “intentionally” forgotten who you are, in order to play a role in this movie (play of consciousness) with you as the producer, director and star of your life, and now it’s time to “intentionally” remember you are Love Incarnate.

Are you ready to overcome the resistance to the truth that you are infinite love incarnate who volunteered to come to Earth to experience a customized self-designed life-plan of limitation (which Amma says is an illusion to begin with), and play the human game of limitation and powerlessness?

Are you ready to recapture and activate your personal power and let go of victim consciousness? To go beyond this game of limitation, and experience the ever expanding presence of infinite love, boundless joy and ever-new oneness contained in your Heart Source?

Are you ready to know your personal power is in your heart center (chakra), specifically in your Heart Source – which is the source of love in the human? Ready to discover that the energy of love is the greatest power on Earth and in the universe, and how to use it wisely for personal and planetary transformation?

If you answered a resounding “YES” to any of the above questions, then this channeled book is for you. As Amma says in the book, “What I am saying may go against the grain but I want you to look at things differently – to change the way you perceive your life.”

The Heart: Doorway To Your Power

This book is about power, what true power is, where it comes from, and why and how you can be as powerful as the spiritual powerhouse that you are. This book is not about gaining power through domination and control, lies and deceit, or malevolent intentions. It goes infinitely way beyond that low-vibration stuff. It’s about the true power that is the fundamental cause of creation, that lives in the human heart, and the knowledge that we all are living in oneness with this Heart Source though we might not remember it.

This book gives you all the answers to how you as a spiritual energy system (a light-being of Love Itself, a light particle of All That Is) are constructed; why your Heart Source is the dynamic power center of your light-being-ness; how to access this power to transform yourself (with easy exercises and techniques) into the powerhouse that you are, and ultimately to give yourself permission to take the whole process to the pinnacle point and prove to yourself that you are Love Incarnate in human form.

As Amma says in the book, “You are Love Incarnate. You are nothing less than Love Incarnate. And there is nothing more than Love Incarnate on this planet.”

The Heart Source

Heart Source - You are love incarnate.

“The Heart Source” is the cornerstone of Amma’s teachings. All her wisdom and guidance revolves around and ultimately returns to the transformational healing and limitless power of the Heart Source within each human being and in all creation.

Amma defines the Heart Source as: “a multi-dimensional structure activating the potential within the front and back of your heart center and the front and back of your brow center (mind’s eye in the middle of your forehead).” For me, I just define it as the source of infinite love within each person and all creation.

Amma says you will want to learn to live from your Heart Source if you wish to be in your power. Why? Living from your Heart Source will assist you in doing the following:

  • Stay centered and grounded.
  • Activate your intuition more fully.
  • Assist you in discerning the truth of information.
  • Connect you with multi-dimensional information.

This is why Amma calls the Heart Source as the doorway to your power. This intrinsic power within you is found through the right use of the mind, consciousness and the human energy field.

Heart Source Breathing Exercise

Life-force Energy Center Chart

Let me give you an example of exercising your personal power and the transformational power in this book: On the Winter Solstice, the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, December 21, 2016, in Chapter 3, Amma describes what I call the Heart Source Breathing Exercise. The book doesn’t call it that name, but after experiencing its fantastic results, that’s what I call it.

It’s about breathing in and out of your heart center (in the center of your chest), and noticing the results during and after the exercise. In the book, Amma describes how to conduct this exercise.

I put myself into meditation, although Amma does not mention this as mandatory. She says, “Simply breathe in and out. Close your eyes if this is helpful for you. You do not have to “work” at following the instructions. Your intention will establish what will happen. Simply allow. If your thoughts or your left-brain interfere, tell it everything is fine and be at peace. Then go back to the breathing exercise.”

Next, I visualized inhaling, bringing my breath through the back of my heart center, and exhaling through the front of my heart center. I breathed naturally, not forcing it. When I inhaled, I mentally chanted to myself, “Light.” When I exhaled, I mentally chanted to myself, “Love.” I was inhaling light and exhaling love to the world (and to myself!). I conducted this exercise for about 15-20 minutes, although Amma does not specify any length of time. She does mention that when you conduct this exercise, you will find your mind calming down.

WOW! The effect was profound! The power I felt was awesome! Indescribable! It grounded me, took me deep into my being. I became very calm and peaceful, and my heart center warmed up. I felt the warmth spread throughout my whole body. The heat came pouring out of my hands, too. I felt like the flood gates had been opened and I felt happiness, love, peace, joy.

After a while, I couldn't do this exercise anymore. It had activated and energized me to such a point that I felt I had to get up and do something. The day was overcast from rain the night before, so I did some computer work for about an hour. Yet, during this time, the warm feeling from my heart center was strong throughout my entire body. I encourage you to try this exercise, and feel its power. WOW!!

Later that day, I went out for a walk. I had decided to experiment with this breathing exercise while walking, riding a bus, sitting at an office desk doing mental work, or wherever I might go and be doing. I found myself in a pleasant altered state of consciousness as I conducted this exercise on my walk, and whatever I was doing throughout the day. I decided to create a new habit, and practice the Heart Source Breathing Exercise throughout the day, everyday. And, especially to combine it with the truth, “I am Love Incarnate. You are Love Incarnate.”

"I am Love Incarnate. You are Love Incarnate."

You are Love incarnate - Amma, The Divine Mother

Here’s another example from the book of a powerful yet simple exercise that will change your perception away from the illusion of separateness and begin to establish yourself into living from your Heart Source, the center of Unity Consciousness. Whenever you see people or meet or speak with another person, mentally say to yourself, “I am Love Incarnate. You are Love Incarnate.” You can also say this often, anytime, anywhere. Notice the change in your perception.

In the book, Amma says that when you are in your Heart Source and proclaiming in your mind the truth about each person – that he or she is Love Incarnate – you are holding them in correct relationship to you and the Oneness you are, and judgments will begin to fall away, out of your mind about people. That’s why the Heart Source Breathing Exercise is so important – it puts you into and begins to establish you into your Heart Source.

Amma says our job is to stay in our Heart Source and make no judgments about people. Judgments can lower your vibration thereby opening your energy to more negativity, what Amma calls “not-love.” She says, “Your power is in your decision to remain in your Heart Source no matter what the other person says or does. You must practice. Practice staying in your Heart Source. Do this until staying in your Heart Source become how you live.

Remaining there can be difficult because your world is filled with low vibration energy bombarding you, weakening you and lowering your vibration. You counteract this by staying in your heart. If you were able to stay in your Heart Source 24 hours a day, your whole body would respond and become completely healthy because it was created in love.”

Amma validates the bible passage of Genesis 1:27 when she says, “God’s Love is all there is. This means you were created in the image and likeness of Love, that you were created from Love. Therefore, you are Love – Love Incarnate. Every person on this planet is Love Incarnate – and every plant, and every animal. You are all made from the same substance.”

Accessing Your Power through Encodements

Chapter 4 introduces you to Encodements – both natural and artificial – and how to work with them, and how to work with your Encodement Technicians (a multi-dimensional part of you). Your deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) contains your Encodements. These Encodements influence and in some manner control the many functions of all your energy bodies including your physical, mental, emotional and many spiritual bodies.

Amma shows you how to repair, remove, and add new Encodements to your control system. These available changes can improve your guidance systems and provide you with a more accurate control of all of your many energy patterns and activities. Those of you who are new to this, as I was, will find powerful tools and knowledge in being able to bring about beneficial changes to your life-plan and experiences.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Questioning Amma
  • Chapter 2: The Heart Source and Heart Hologram
  • Chapter 3: Beginning to Understand Power
  • Chapter 4: Accessing Your Power through Encodements
  • Chapter 5: Using the Power of Your Heart
  • Chapter 6: You and Your Soul Self
  • Chapter 7: Powerful Energy Centers
  • Chapter 8: Power Within the Illusion
  • Chapter 9: You Are the Power
  • Chapter 10: Power in Relationship
  • Chapter 11: Relationship with Self
  • Chapter 12: Increasing Your Experience of Power
  • Chapter 13: Remembering Who You Are
  • Appendices: Who Is God?

Free Daily Email Course

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As of this writing, Amma offers a free daily email course to anyone in the world that wants to access the power of their Heart Source - the same power that the Masters access. This course will come in your email every day for 365 days. Amma will give you directions for activating important energy structures within your energy body, and the email course (also in book form) will assist you in working with these structures daily.

In the daily email course, Amma will give you specific directions on how to fully activate the Heart Source within you. You will also learn how to live from and use your Heart Source. As you practice the incremental steps given in the daily course, you can ensure that the Heart Source is fully activated within you.

Here’s a sample of Amma’s teachings from lesson 37:

Amma: “I am Amma, the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of God, and I am your Mother. Heart Source. That is all you need to say or think now. Heart Source.

The past few weeks were designed to imprint into your brain and your energy field the Heart Source. Don’t worry if you didn’t do all the exercises as well as you think you should have. You have the rest of your life to practice living in the Heart Source.

The more attentive you are to being in your Heart Source, the more you will discover you are there without thinking. Being in your Heart Source is a way of being.

Living in your Heart Source is the key to being able to navigate these tumultuous times.

People are in fear. Perhaps you have gone into fear. There is not reason to be in fear. What can you do about the economy? What can you do about health care? What can you do about taxes? A few things may pop into your mind. Do those. There is nothing else.

Release your fear. Most fear serves no purpose other than to weaken your body. Is all fear bad for you? No, of course not. When a car is barreling toward you, fear activates your body so you can make snap decisions and get out of the way.

Fear’s only purpose is to warn you of present danger and keep you alive. If there is nothing you can do other than what you are already doing, fear has no purpose. When you live from your Heart Source, you are able to avoid unnecessary fear.”

Note: The course is the perfect accompaniment to this book. The author, Cathy Chapman, has mentioned to me that sometime in the future the free daily email course will be discontinued. For those interested in receiving the course, and to find out if it’s still available, click here to go to Amma’s website.

Publishing Info:

  • Title: The Heart – Doorway To Your Power
  • Author: Cathy Chapman (c) 2012
  • Publisher: Leah-El Publishing, Houston, Texas, USA
  • Softcover: 9 inches by 6 inches, 198 pages, $19.97 USD (Available in Kindle)
  • Author’s Website: AmmaTheDivineMother.com
  • Purchase Book at Amazon.com

About the Author

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Cathy Chapman, Ph.D. is the channel for Amma, The Divine Mother. She has been a psychotherapist since 1976, and is the author of “Change Your Encodements, Your DNA, Your Life!” and “The Heart: Doorway to Your Power.” Cathy believes that people are perfect spiritual beings who came into their physical bodies to explore life and, believe it or not, to have fun. To read the full story how Cathy became a channel, click here. To learn more about Cathy or Amma, go to OdysseyToWholeness.com or AmmaTheDivineMother.com

For more articles by Amma, go to the Website Directory.


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