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"You Can Change the World for the Better, Without Leaving Your Home!"

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Part 2: How To Change The World Without Leaving Your Home by Amma, The Divine Mother

Channeled by Cathy Chapman

Cathy Chapman

Self-Healing Raises Your Vibration, the Planet’s Vibration, and the Vibration of Human Collective Consciousness.

Amma: You are living in the midst of a story that is unfolding. Before you came to this planet, you knew the possibilities of how the story would unfold. You knew the role you were going to play, even if you did not know all the details.

For these past months, I have been encouraging you to participate in daily self-healing. I have been telling you how your self-healing – this wonderful activity you can do for yourself – not only raises your vibration but also the vibration of the entire planet. I have also emphasized that when you participate in self-healing, you are proactively stopping future pain. This future pain comes to you and to others when you hurt someone because of your pain. When there is no longer the pain that will cause you to strike out, you will no longer strike out.

Consider that each wound you grasp tightly hides who you truly are. The pain, anger, and fear in all its variations lowers your vibration. You know this, so why am I repeating it? When your vibration is lowered, the following occurs:

  • Your ability to tap into the higher vibrations of the universe is reduced.

  • The fullness of your DNA is unable to be activated.

  • The amazing depths of your higher sense perception are reduced.

  • Your ability to expand spiritually is inhibited.

  • The unfoldment of your crystalline DNA is slowed.

  • The growth that is forced on you by the vibrations of the transformational energy coming onto the planet causes pain rather than joyful expansion.

  • Your heart-brain is unable to function in the glorious way it was created (see article, Integration of the Heart-Brain).

Each time you participate in self-healing, you reverse the process started by the pain. Think of pain as having its own life. The more you feed it through regrets, recriminations, and reliving (the pain), the more it grows. The more you feed the pain, the less you exemplify who you truly are. You are love incarnate.

When you participate in self-healing, you assist the harmonization of your energy and physical bodies to the incoming transformation energies. As your vibration harmonizes with the higher vibration of this influx of energy, the hidden parts of your DNA are activated. There are aspects of your energy body that are present in seed form. Just as with any seed, it grows into something unrecognizable from which it began. The first time you saw a seed as a child and planted it in a cup filled with soil, did you not watch in amazement as the green shoots pushed its way out of the soil and grew into something stronger, much larger, and more complex than what you could see in that seed?

The energy that has been flooding the planet for some years has been watering the infinitesimal seeds contained within your energy body. As these seeds grow and are nurtured by both the incoming energy and your love, they will unfold within you in ways you could never dream. You light-body will be revealed in all of its splendor and glory.

The more you participate in your own self-healing, the more you uncover the vibration of love from which you were created. Remember, you are love incarnate. It is by accessing the energy and vibration of this love from which you were created that you will be able to continue as a creator. The love from which you were created contains the substance of your future creations. As you participate in self-healing, you will have greater access to this creative substance. It is not that the creative substance is not already part of you. It is hidden by your pain and by your limited beliefs about who and what you are.

As this unfolding occurs, your body will shift, transform, and expand to match the divine blueprint that is the template for all humans. If you do not engage in self-healing to remove the limitations and impediments to the unfoldment process, your expansion to the divine blueprint is limited.

The Divine Blueprint of the Human Being

The divine blueprint is the perfect template of who you as a human being can be. In this template are all the gifts and abilities you have read about that masters have. I’m speaking of such things as telepathy, bi-location, the ability to raise and lower your vibration to move within dimensions, access to the knowledge of the universes, the ability to see and communicate with those on the inner plane, and more. As with any template, there will be changes to fit the needs of the individual. Your encodement system will be adjusted to the purpose you have set for your life in this incarnation. For instance, if you choose to be an engineer, certain areas of the template will be enhanced so that you can be the type of engineer you desire.

As an engineer working with your divine blueprint, you will be able to project your consciousness into the future, see the structure or project you are working on, and bring that back to your present. You will be able to see a projected future project, find the mistakes made in that project, and correct them in the present. As you develop your own blueprint for your project, you will be able to go to the future again to see how those changes affected your project. You will then be able to adjust your blueprint until your future projection is exactly how you would like it to be.

As your energy matches your divine blueprint, you will be able to use the powers inherent in your divine blueprint to travel not only to the future but also to other realms and other universes. You will be able to access the information in the akashic records with ease. You will be able to use this ability to discover the knowledge lost when the great libraries were destroyed. You will also be able to travel to other planets and tap into their information and wisdom.

Self-Healing is the Easier Path
Release Low-Vibrations for Ascension to Occur

Release Low-Vibrations for Ascension to Occur

You are the power and presence of God manifested on this Earth. You are love incarnate. The wounds that have occurred over your lifetimes hide this truth from you. The more you clear the dross hiding the reality of who you are, the greater access you will have to that power within you.

Everything on your planet is created through vibration. That vibration changes according to your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. There is a vibration of love inherent in a table crafted by hand by an individual who is connected to the wood from which that table is made. This handmade table, made with love, will have a different vibration and therefore a different energy within your home than would a table manufactured by a machine staffed by people who have no connection to either the machine or the product being made.

When you participate in self-healing, you are in partnership with the Creator who is elevating the vibration of your planet. This makes the expansion that is occurring in your energy easier. Think of it this way. Which is easier for you: to bathe yourself knowing exactly how hard or soft to scrub your body or to have someone else bathe you by scrubbing in ways that could bring pain?

When you do your self-healing on a daily basis, go within yourself and ask your healing team what most needs to be healed right now. Then use the tools you know to ask for, and participate in your healing. The more you do this, the less discomfort you will have as the energies pour within you and bring to the surface the low-vibration energies that need to leave you for the ascension of this planet and yourself to occur.

The changes are occurring. They have been put into play, and they are unstoppable. It is your choice as to how easy this process will be for you. If you are someone who has often chosen the more difficult path, why don’t you change that path to the easier one?

There are those who believe the more difficult path is the correct path because fewer choose it. Participating in self-healing is the easier path not only for you but also for the planet and those around you. When you clear the low vibration trapped within your own physical and energy bodies, you allow the high-vibration energies coming into the planet to flow through you more easily. By your inaction, you might choose to have the higher-vibration energies force the release of the lower-vibration energies within you, or you might choose to release them yourself, which will result in less mental, emotional, and physical pain.

In this spiritual journey, you are not, as you well know, better than anyone else. You are, however, different from most of the world. Your interest is in inward expansion rather than outward signs of significance. Please do not mis-understand me. I am not saying that physical creations such as material goods are in any way negative. They are only negative when they inhibit your ability to be consistent in your spiritual expansion.

When you have tapped into your personal power, you do not need outward signs of power such as wealth. Since you do not need them you can simply enjoy them. Self-healing and meditation increase the power of your internal world.

The Encodement Process

Whichever tools you choose, the key is to be consistent. I suggest you use the encodement process every day. For those of you who are not familiar with it, you simply ask your encodement technicians to remove from you the artificial encodements you have acquired that day.

Then, you ask them to please repair any damaged or altered natural encodements. Even if you do not know what encodements are, you can still call the encodement technicians in and ask them to do the repair work. Your encodements are the smallest parts of your energy system.

Soul Healing Process

The soul-healing prayer is a very simple form of soul retrieval you can use throughout the day. Any time you experience a low vibration, you can connect with the soul-healing angels or your preferred spiritual guides and ask them to do the following:

Find and bring back the missing pieces of you that you have lost and that contribute to the feeling you are having. Ask them to cleanly repair and heal all of these pieces, and request that they fully integrate them within you. Offer gratitude in some way.

More Self-Healing Tips

Send Love Energy to Others to Change the World Without Leaving Your Home

The above are two simple tools you can use without an additional facilitator. The only thing you need is consistency when using them. Every time you use a tool or engage in self-healing, you remove from yourself one of the blocks that keep you from knowing and loving yourself in the way that I love you. Every time you engage in self-healing, whether you or someone else facilitates it, you enter more deeply into your creative power. It is only your limitations of thought and belief that prevent you from manifesting what you most desire.

To expand in the way that will make you a clear and true creator, be consistent in putting healthy food and drink into your body. Consistently spend time with people who support the vibration you wish to have. Consistently enjoy the music and entertainment that is in accordance to the vibration you wish to have.

Open yourself without reservation, without conditions, to the fullness of God’s love to know and feel yourself as love incarnate. Let go of everything that is not of the highest vibration.

As you engage in self-healing on a daily basis, your little ego gets out of the way, and you are better able to tap into the greater I AM. This enables your discernment abilities to clear. You will be able to tell the difference between what you truly want and need and what is simply based in the little ego. You will also be able to see others as the love they are. You will be able to connect with them on a heart-to-heart basis.

You will stand in your own power and do what you most need to do for yourself. You will disregard the need to please others. You will also know when others give you comments, suggestions, or criticisms that have been inspired by Spirit as a message to you. These are results of clarifying and strengthening your powers of discernment by healing the little ego.

It is up to you to take responsibility for your self-healing. I ask you to be consistent – not for me, but for yourself. I do not need you to please me. I will not punish you in any way. I do not punish. What you might view as punishment is simply the result, according to natural law, of a low-vibrational way of being (lifestyle). When you consistently facilitate your own self-healing, you will gain clarity about the steps that are needed to achieve what you want most in life.

Just say, “Heart Source.” Shower People with Love.

Radiate Light into the Darkness You have the choice to live any way you wish. I want to make it clear that I love you no matter what your choice. I hear millions upon millions of beings pleading for life to be easier. What I share with you is a way to make it easier. It is your choice whether you will take the action necessary to make it easier. Yes, listen to your intuition. In addition, be aware of which is the deep, still voice within you and which is the little ego thrashing about to be heard and obeyed.

Remember . . . Just say, “Heart Source” and you’ll be there in the source of love. It’s only a thought away. Then, send love energy to the heart of that person or group of people. Shower people with your love. Raise your own vibration, and the vibration of the planet, do your self-healing, right where you are. This is how you can change the world without leaving your home.

These are my words for you today, precious ones. My greatest desire for you is that you realize how precious you truly are, how deserving you are of all the potentials and possibilities found within you. Know how loved you are. Know you are truly loved. I am always with you, always loving you. I am Amma the Divine Mother, and I am your mother. My love surrounds you, enfolds you, and vitalizes you every instant of your life.

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Cathy Chapman is the channel for Amma, The Divine Mother. She has been a psychotherapist since 1976, and is the author of “Change Your Encodements, Your DNA, Your Life!” and “The Heart: Doorway to Your Power.” Cathy believes that people are perfect spiritual beings who came into their physical bodies to explore life and, believe it or not, to have fun. This article was posted by permission of the author. To read the full story how Cathy became a channel, click here. To learn more about Cathy or Amma, go to OdysseyToWholeness.com or AmmaTheDivineMother.com


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