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"Full integration of your Heart-Brain involves activating your entire lifeforce energy system!"

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Road to Oneness

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Full Integration of the Heart-Brain
by Amma, The Divine Mother

August 20, 2016 - Channeled by Cathy Chapman

Cathy Chapman

Amma - the Divine Mother: I am the Divine Mother of all divine mothers and, my dear ones, I am your mother. You grew in my womb. You were conceived in my womb when you split off, as it were, from the Oneness, when you volunteered for this experience and to know what it was like to be separated from the One. It doesn't sound that good, does it, to be separated from the Oneness. Don't worry. It is all in divine order and you are a part of that divine order, my dear ones.

You were the ones that said, "Let's experiment and let's experience what it will be to actually experience what love is or what love is not with this thing called the body." I want you to know that no matter what you think about yourself, you are more precious than you ever could imagine, and that you are loved more than you know.

Think of the person that you love the most. Bring that individual to mind and feel the love for that individual, the one that you love the most. I’m going to ask you to love yourself at least that much. Love yourself at least as much as the person that you love the most. It's an amazing thought, is it not, to love someone that much, and to love yourself that much.

Activating Your Heart-Brain

My dear ones, we're going to talk about integrating the Heart-Brain in light of the new energies of transformation that are coming into the planet, into your body, brain and heart. Many of you have heard the expression that you only use 10% of your brain. Understand that's just something somebody said and people have repeated it. Scientists are doing various medical scans on the brain, and they are discovering that, yes, all human beings use a small portion of the brain.

You may not be aware of this, but the brain researchers have actually discovered there are human beings walking around on this planet who look and act perfectly normal but only have a small portion of their brain. These people are able to work, think, raise children and have homes with just a small portion of their brain present. It all depends upon what portion exists there. The scientists don't know what happened. Some may have been in an accident or some may have been born that way, but they have very little of their brain actually functioning.

If you can be what most people say is normal with very little of your brain functioning, can you imagine how powerful you would be if all of your brain was functioning? The book, "The Life and Times of the Masters of the Far East" will give you a good idea of what you are truly capable of doing by using 100% of your brain. It is all in the activation of your lifeforce energy system (aka chakras). Not just the brain.

I wish to emphasize the power of your heart. You know you have a physical heart. You may also know you have a heart center, known as the heart chakra (lifeforce energy center). We will talk about both your hearts at different times.

Using 100% of your brain is about activating your entire lifeforce energy system!

Now, I want you to focus on your third eye (between the eyebrows). Let's do the front of it first. Just ask your third eye to spin faster and faster and faster. You might get a little headache or some of you might get a little dizzy. You can slow it down if that happens. We don't want that to happen for you. Then, relax and let the lifeforce energy center move back to its normal rhythm.

Notice what you felt in there when you were spinning that lifeforce energy center, and bringing energy into your brain. Your brain is not just this gray and white matter that is brought together in an amazing way. Your brain consists of an electrical field. That's what EEGs are. They measure the electrical output of the brain.

Isn't that amazing how science and your doctors and everybody have begun to accept the electrical aspect of the brain, but they don't necessarily accept the electrical aspect of your energy field. That there is something even more refined in your energy field that they cannot see, but that it can be measured.

Encodements are the Building Blocks of Energy

We know that you also have energy centers, little tiny, tiny, infinitesimal, energy centers called Encodements, which are the building blocks of energy. In fact, what we have discovered is that parts of the atom consist of three Encodements that come together and work together. Three is a stabilizing number. It is a wonderful number.

What is happening is that as the new energies of transformation are coming into the planet, these energies flood your entire body, and they are especially affecting the electrical system in your body and in your brain. It actually works with what is known as the Heart-Brain which scientists now recognize because there is actual neural tissue in your heart. In fact, the heart has been reclassified from an organ to an endocrine gland because it puts out hormones.

Science has not yet mapped the wholeness of the brain because there is so much there. Because these energies are coming in, you are now much more sensitive to any changes which occur within your brain. Therefore, you need to know what you can do to take care of your brain. Have you noticed in your society there are many neurological disorders which are increasing? Alzheimer's, for instance, and other forms of dementia. Cardiovascular issues which affect your brain because it is the circulation of the blood which is the key importance here.

The Crystal Children which are coming in now, their energy field is much more stable because they have Encodements for this incoming energy. The crystal energy is a much more stable energy. However, people into their mid-twenties and on, their energy field is not as stable. Many of you fall into this category, so you have to take steps to protect your energy field.

Protecting Your Brain!

Full Integration of Heart-Brain One of the things that you can manage is what you eat. Think about the things that you eat that affect you in a negative way. When I say negative, let's say you eat some refined sugar or you have some alcohol which has lots of sugar in it and some other fun things too. Or perhaps you might be one of those people who are very sensitive to wheat. You might also find yourself becoming more sensitive to animal flesh.

All of these things are chemicals, which are in even the healthiest food that you can eat or drink. The one that I channel through, her favorite chemical is tea, not coffee. It’s a chemical because it reacts upon the brain and it reacts upon your system.

When you breathe you are breathing in chemicals, unless you live where there are not that many chemicals in the air, except there are planes that go over and make those chemtrails which produce chemicals that affect the brain and body.

Everything that you put into your mouth breaks down into chemicals. If you want to protect your brain it's very important for you to pay attention to what is happening with your moods and the clarity of your thoughts after eating or drinking something.

Avoid Toxic Chemicals, and Anything Toxic!

The reason that I tell you to be careful what you eat and drink is because very few of these foods are pure, unless you are able to eat the purity of food. The only way you can be sure it is pure is if you grow it yourself. If you grow whatever it is yourself, and control the growing process. Then you can be sure of the purity of the food. There is so much that does not have to be labeled on packages.

Be aware that as you ingest the chemicals that flow to your brain and into the rest of your body, that they activate energies within the brain that can enhance or depress the activity in your brain. These chemicals, my dear ones, actually change the functioning of the Encodements.

As the new energies of transformation are coming in – they’ve been coming in since the harmonic convergence in the 80’s – your job is to take care of your brain and the electrical system within your body. Avoid those things that affect you in a negative way, be it food or drink, or whatever you watch, even people that negatively affect you and have you spinning into an area of fear or anger or rage. It can be very challenging to be in society and avoid doing these things.

Those of you in the United States, I suggest you turn off your television and don't pay attention to what's happening politically. Don't worry about it. Whatever the results are, it’s going to be the best thing, even though you may not think it is the best thing for your country. You make your own decision and then let everything else go. When you do that you have positively affected your brain.

What is happening with the new incoming energies is that different electrical systems which bring about different Encodements within your brain have become activated. It becomes more stable, balanced, and whole. Many of you may have heard of what is known as the triune brain: the cortex (at the very top), the limbic brain which is your emotional brain, and the reptilian brain.

Your brain researchers will talk about five levels within the brain. There's also the glial cells and neurons that are there. There's a complex structure there. When you take time to breathe deeply, do that now from your heart, breathe deeply and bring that oxygen in. Imagine the energy going all the way up into your head, and then when you exhale, imagine it going all the way down to your feet. When you do this, you are bringing calmness to your entire electrical system and Encodement system.

Change Your Brain with Positivity

Cosmic Mind With every thought you have, with everything that you eat, everything that you drink, everything that you watch or listen to, you are changing not only the electrical, but the chemical format of your brain.

You can change the electrical and the chemical aspects of your brain in seconds. This is the power of the Heart Source, to be able to stay in that place that is within your heart and your brain, the Heart-Brain. The more aware you are of the transformational energies that are coming in, the more you can assist in the evolution of your brain.

You've probably heard of people who can do amazing things, like teleportation, levitation, and manifesting certain things in their hands. The more you develop the integration of your brain with your heart, the more you develop that integration, the more you will also be able to do things like levitation and teleportation, but it comes from the integration of the heart-brain.

Practice Meditation

Spend some time every day in meditation. It does not have to be the meditation where you are sitting in the lotus position with your hands in a mudra and chanting Om. It does not have to be that way. That's a wonderful way to meditate. It can also be in your Heart Source being out in nature, looking out upon the trees or on the water, up on the rocks, hiking or climbing on the mountains, being with your children or grandchildren, and being there in your heart and allowing the energies of love to fully activate within you. The more that you are able to do this, my dear ones, the more your heart and brain begin to integrate.

Before my channel started to record this session, she was talking about how people have discovered that by controlling your thoughts through meditation, through mindfulness, you can control what is happening to your body and to your brain.

Question Mass Media

Do not believe what the popular media tells you about food, about drink, about fats or not-fats, about medications. Do not believe what the popular media tells you because they do not tell you the truth. That is why I emphasize being in your Heart Source when listening to such things. If you do your own experimentation, notice how much more clearly you can think or less clearly you think after eating something or drinking something or taking a medication.

Re-think Your Medications

There's very little need for many of the medications that are put out by your pharmaceutical industry. Yes, there are times you definitely need those, but when you find yourself being captured with having to take medication for a side effect, and then another medication for that side effect, and another medication for that side effect, it's time to look for something else that can assist you. Sometimes it's just one particular medication and sometimes you can have the exact same results if you change your diet. Amazing, is it not?

Dear Ones, I'm not telling you to not take the medication that you need. There are wonderful medications available that have been a tremendous benefit for society. The clearer you are, the more you can feel, hear, see, and sense what is happening on the planet and what is happening around you. The clearer your intuition, the more you will receive the energy that contains the information of what is happening.

Protecting Your Intuition

You want your intuition to be as strong as possible. Increasing your intuition is not just a spiritual aspect of life. This is an aspect of all areas of your life. Let me give you a story you have probably heard before about the tsunami in Indonesia that killed thousands of people. It was in an area where there were tourists. You heard much more about it because of the tourist industry.

What you may not be aware of is that rescue workers went to a small island fully expecting everybody on that island to be killed. The people who live there are what you call aboriginal. The rescue workers were astounded when they discovered nobody had died on that island even though the island had been awash with water from the tsunami, just like other areas of the country.

The rescuers who could communicate with the aboriginals wanted to know how they survived. They said, "We knew it was coming." Their body was attuned to the movement of the sea, to the waves and to the animals. The animals that were not domesticated, that were still wild, knew it was coming. They went to higher ground and these people went to higher ground. They lost their homes, but they did not lose their lives because their body was in tune with what was happening in their environment.

Your intuition does that. When you are connected to all areas of your life, you have a connection to your heart and your brain. Messages through energy will come to you.

Avoid Toxicity to Activate Intuition

The new energies are coming into your body and brain and heart. The clearer you are, the freer you are of toxic chemicals, the more your body is awake, the more your cells are awake, the more your brain becomes awake. By clearer I mean the better the food you eat, the better water that you drink, the fewer drugs you take, the more active and sensitive is your intuition.

I am not telling you to go into fear, my precious ones. You do not want to be in fear. That is one of the reasons you are in your Heart Source, to avoid fear. I want you to learn to feel the energy, to listen to the messages coming in. The more the Encodements in your brain are activated, the more you will be able to interpret the energies and the messages which are coming to you. It’s the energy that has the information, and it’s your intuition that interprets the information in the energy.

Everything is Vibration

Everything is Vibration Let us think about the new energies coming in with the change in vibration. All food, all drink has vibration. What you watch, what you listen to has vibration. This energy comes in and there are certain Encodements within your brain, as well as your entire body, that are activated by these new energies. This allows those aspects of your brain to become alive, as it were. They awaken.

Here's a very simple exercise. Again, say Heart Source in case you moved into your mental as you listened. Focus on your third eye. Most people, when I say focus on their eye, focus on the front. I want you also to go into the back. All of you have seen photographs or drawings of the brain. I want you now to be totally in touch with the brain.

Now many of you may not realize that there's a part of your brain that you call your spinal cord. That is actually part of your brain. See light around the head part of the brain and see the light move down your spinal cord, down your vertebra. Good, just feel what is happening. Now breathe. Ask your Healing Team to please harmonize all of your Encodements to the full activation of your brain as much as it is able to be activated now. Notice what happens.

If you wish you may set your intention with your Healing Team for the full activation of your brain as the new energies continue to come in. Let us ask your Healing Team to please manage your Encodement system so that you are gently pushed to higher levels of activation and not go into overwhelm as you expand. For those of you who go into overwhelm easily, your Encodement team will slow down the activation process. Those of you who don't go into overwhelm as easily, the activation process may accelerate. At any time you may say, "Would you please slow down the activation process." Or, "May I take 24 hours off of activation right now." This allows you to be conscious about what you're doing.

Feel what is happening within your brain. Notice what is happening in the rest of your body. Now ask your Healing Team to use the Basic Plugin to balance, remove, activate anything needed so that you are aware to an even greater extent of what is happening within you and what is happening around you. For those who aren't familiar with the Basic Plugin, you don't need to know what it is. Your Healing Team knows what it is. To be a fully integrated individual, you want to be aware of 360 degrees around you.

Now again seeing that light around your brain down and through your spinal cord, ask your Healing Team to please use the Basic Plugin to remove, balance, activate anything which is preventing the full functioning of your brain and the full activation of your brain – to remove, balance, activate anything needed for the full communication of the parts of the brain with itself.

Encodements Are Conscious Beings

One of the things that we have not done is talk about Encodements as being beings. They have their own consciousness, their own awareness. I've spoken of how your organs have a consciousness and awareness. Your Encodements, the tiniest aspect of yourself, do also. Say Heart Source again to be sure you're there. I want you to focus on your brain including the tail you call the spinal cord. I want you to greet the Encodements of your brain. Say "Hi." Because you're focusing on them, you are sending them energy and they know you're talking to them.

We're not asking them to do anything right now. We're just greeting them. Now this will be kind of fun. Ask those Encodements in your brain, "What can I do for you?" Take the first thing that pops into your head. What word or phrase did you get, if anything? What sensation did you receive?

I will share with you what my channel got: Trust. Not what she was expecting I can tell you. She was expecting them to tell her again to quit eating sugar because that has been a problem for her, but she got trust. Trust what you know and are learning about spiritually. When you listen, listen from your Heart Source. Trust what is happening within you. It will tell you whether or not that information is true and correct for you. Because, my dear ones, there can be information that someone is giving, of the highest level, that may be true for you but not for someone else, or not true for you but true for someone else.

What is true for you? Each one of you are your own separate vibration, your own separate spiritual path. What is true for you? Let's do that again. Talk to your Encodements. For those of you who didn't get something right away or discounted what you received, I want you to ask again, "What can I do for you?" Jot it down. Now this one I speak through, she got the word light. She'll do more work on that later to find out what was meant by light. What does this message mean from the Encodements? More light, less light, a particular vibration, what do you mean? Put her two words together. Trust and light. She just had an awakening. Trust light. What did you receive?

Ask your Healing Team to please use the Basic Plugin to remove, balance, and activate anything that is needed to help you get clear messages from your Encodement system, and from your body. Now ask your Encodement system if you could ask them to assist you. Feel their willingness to assist you. Ask them to please balance within you what is needed so that you may move to full activation of the powers within your brain. Full activation, my dear ones, means that you will also have an activation of what is known as the heart-brain which is what your Heart Source assists you in doing.

Activation Process for Your Brain

Activating Your Heart I'm going to give you a simple process that if you did this every day that you will enhance the activation of your brain. First say, "Heart Source." Now simply bring your attention to your brain and remember the spinal cord also. You may actually notice that as you focus on the brain and the spinal cord it seems to move outwards in little tendrils. Those tendrils are the nerves of the nervous system as a whole. The brain wants you to know that it is more than just those three aspects: cortex, limbic brain and the reptilian brain, of which the spinal cord is part. The brain is also the peripheral nervous system, which is all of the nerves.

We're going to work with your Healing Team and the Basic Plugin, but we're going to use the details of the Basic Plugin. Ask your Healing Team to remove and deactivate the Encodements of anything which is preventing the full activation of the powers of your brain.

Now ask your Encodement system to please activate those Encodements. You're asking those Encodements which are not yet awake, not yet activated, to be activated. This will enhance the full activation of your brain.

Ask your Healing Team to please remove and deactivate the Encodements that have anything to do with substances in your brain. Some call it plaque. These are toxins which are not native or original to your brain. You are asking them to do the Encodement work to remove that which prevents the full activation of your brain. Many of you have heard of different types of dementia which have plaque associated with it, or hardening of the arteries. You're asking for the Encodement work to remove those things which are causing problems in the brain.

Now ask them to use the Basic Plugin which work with both natural and artificial Encodements, as well as Soul Healing to heal emotional wounds, to remove, heal and balance that which is inhibiting the optimum circulation of the blood within your brain. Now ask them to please use the Basic Plugin to activate, balance, inhibit and heal anything which is preventing the full communication of the lymph system with your immune system within the brain. You're bringing in some of the new information scientists have discovered about the lymph system and the immune system.

Next, ask that any Encodements from any foreign substance negatively affecting your brain and your body be totally deactivated and removed from you. If you do this regularly, daily would be wonderful, morning and evening would be even better, you will begin removing the layers which are inhibiting the full activation of your brain. You will be removing that which is causing the aging process the medical community says is normal, and even inhibiting what you had before. You have heard the medical community say it is normal that as you age, memory loss and the ability to think or have good judgment occurs.

My dear ones, your body was not constructed to age in the way it has been doing. It is not normal for that to happen. It happens because of the substances which have been placed within your system, fluoride and other chemicals, for instance. These chemicals act upon your body. Remember that you are the one who is responsible for being fully who you are, physical, mentally and emotionally. You are the one who is responsible for what comes into your body. When you pick up a food, be in your Heart Source and ask your Body-soul, "Is this good for me?"

There are times my channel will say that she really want to taste something. She will ask, "On a scale of 1 to 100, how bad it is for me or how good is it?" Use your own scale and make your decisions about what you want. She has also been asking herself, "How did you feel last time you ate this? Do you want to feel that way again?" Ask yourself those questions. Be very conscious about what you eat and drink and watch and listen to your body and how they affect you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Be Aware! Be in Your Heart!
Become the Ultimate Human Being!

Cathy Chapman The energies which are coming in are meant to fully activate all aspects of you, to fully activate your heart-brain. The energies are here to fully activate you so that you will be the ultimate human being who is able to have full use of all the higher spiritual gifts. They're not really higher as they are part of you. Let's call them the subtle senses, the subtle abilities. Your subtle abilities allow you to see fully with what is known as clairvoyance.

You know you can hear. How about the full activation of being able to hear spirit and to hear your angels and guides and others around you? You know that you can feel emotionally, and with your fingers you can touch things. How about the full activation of being aware through feeling and knowing of what is around you?

You don't want to be inundated with all this information. You want it to be selective. You don't want to feel everybody's feelings, do you? But, you might want to know what is happening with loved ones.

You want to be aware and able to work with your guides and your Healing Team. You want to be aware of what it is that affects you specifically. You want to be aware of when there's a tsunami coming so you can move to higher ground. Be aware. Be in your heart because none of this is meant to be in fear. You are to be aware.

My dear ones, that is what I had to share with you today. Enjoy. It is a process. You have tools you can use. You may adapt them or modify them in any way that you wish. You are in conscious control of what happens to your body about 90% of the time. All it requires is awareness and communication with those wonderful beings you are aware of.

I place my hand upon your head and upon your heart, and I set the intention that you be filled with all the love you need today, but may not receive. I also ask you to love yourself as much as you love the human being you love the most.

I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers and my dear ones, I am your mother and I love you. I love you.

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Cathy Chapman is the channel for Amma, The Divine Mother. She has been a psychotherapist since 1976, and is the author of “Change Your Encodements, Your DNA, Your Life!” and “The Heart: Doorway to Your Power.” Cathy believes that people are perfect spiritual beings who came into their physical bodies to explore life and, believe it or not, to have fun. This article was posted by permission of the author. To read the full story how Cathy became a channel, click here. To learn more about Cathy or Amma, go to OdysseyToWholeness.com or AmmaTheDivineMother.com


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