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"You are here to learn more about love, what love is, and what is not-love!"

Road to Oneness

2017 Predictions

You Can Do Great Things!
by Amma, The Divine Mother

Channeled by Cathy Chapman

Cathy Chapman

Greetings and blessings to you, dear ones. I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers, and I am your mother. I continually enfold you in love, and all you need to do is accept it. Open your heart and your mind to the love that is always surrounding you.

There has been increased consternation about what is happening in the world. Some question whether one person can make a difference. Those who asked that question are actually asking, “Can I make a difference?” The short answer is yes.

Frustration lies in the fact that people cannot see the effects of what they are doing. If you were building a house of cards, you would see it grow card by card. If you attempted to find the reason water was not running in the creek and then discovered a dam that beavers built, you could destroy that dam, and the water would flow again. You would see instant results. Some things you do in life don’t seem to provide instant results or even any results at all. If you could see a movie of two parallel universes, one showing the universe when you didn’t do anything and the other showing the universe when you acted, you would see the results. I have discussed this before with you and have referred you to the movie called “It’s a Wonderful Life!” That story is a wonderful piece of channeled material.

Why You Are Here

What I want to say to you today is this: Your need to know whether your deeds have a positive effect on the world is a little ego driven need. That may sound harsh to you, as you have a yearning deep within to do good within this world. You read about public figures who have made and are making a tremendous difference in the world. You want to do the same thing. I appreciate your desire to do so, as it shows your commitment to being a productive and transformative part of this amazing illusion you live in.

Let me first affirm that you can do great things. Will these great things be known nationally or internationally? Perhaps, perhaps not. You are not here to make changes in the world. You are here to experience what is happening and then make decisions about how you are going to live your life. You are in this world for yourself, your experience, and your expansion. You are here to learn more about love and what love is.

In what is known as the scientific method, a researcher does something to one group of people or animals and compares the effects with a group of people or animals that has nothing done to it. The researcher then discovers the result of the particular action.

In this incarnation, you do the same thing. The comparison, however, comes when you leave this life and compare it to the other part of the experiment in another lifetime. This is why you play many different roles in the course of your numerous lifetimes. When you finish a particular lifetime, you will examine how a particular way of being affected you emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. You compare that to another lifetime in which you were the exact opposite. You then take in that knowledge, that wisdom, and learn more about love. You then plan your next lifetime to learn more about another aspect of love. You don’t want to wait until then, do you?

Use the Power of Love to Diffuse Turmoil

Let’s look at how the turmoil you see in the world provides you with the opportunity to discover what love does and what not-love does. You first need to realize that the information you receive from your media is false. Your media only shows you the turmoil that is within this world. It shows you what not-love is doing. You have to search and pay attention to find the effects of love. This is why I encourage you to remain in your heart source.

I’m going to ask you a question. First, say “heart source” so you will return to your heart source. I want you to feel the energy of those who believe in separateness. Ask yourself this question: “Where in my life is my energy like this? Where do I have separateness in my life?” If you haven't found any area where your energy holds separateness, you're not looking deep enough. Every human being holds separateness in his or her life.

Only in this way will you be able to recognize what is truth and what is a lie. Part of that lie is the withholding of the truth. You have to take the responsibility to search out that which is not being discussed. You do this by choosing what it is you pay attention to.

If you enjoy social media, I suggest you not follow those who put out negativity. You might ask, “But how else will I know what is happening in the world?” Are you not aware that there is a great discord and disharmony according to those who present the news? Ask yourself this question, “How will knowing this information change the way I live my life or respond to the information?” If your only response is to feel bad about the situation or to write comments that make no difference except to add to the negativity, then what you are reading is useless.

If your pattern is to immediately stop when you hear information in which there is pain and suffering and to send healing energy to those involved, then you are having a positive effect on what you see or hear. The problem is that the amount of information, which may not even be true, becomes overwhelming. Be selective.

Let me talk a little bit about what is happening in the current political situation in the United States (June 2016). I chose the U.S. because most of you reading this message live there. If you do not, you can apply what I am saying to your own country, as you are all going through similar things. I, and many others, have said that the low-vibration energy needs to come to the surface and be released as you and everyone on this planet move into the fifth dimension. Let’s examine how that is happening in the U.S. in the political venue.

All Candidates Highlight Low-Vibration Energy

Let’s look at how both Mr. Trump and Mr. Sanders are assisting in the elevation of the energy of the planet. I chose these two because people view them as opposites. They are in some ways, but not in others. The similarity between Sanders and Trump is that neither is financially beholden to the oligarchy in this election. Both are affected by the oligarchy in their lives, as all of you are.

On the Republican side, you have your very delightful Trump, and I do mean that. He is delightful. He is helping to bring to the surface the darkness that has been hidden. Mr. Obama’s election began the process without his meaning to, and Trump is continuing intentionally. You have Sanders, who is the symbol of one group of people against corporations. You have Trump, who is the symbol of divisiveness and is bringing together many people who are angry and have a difficult time with the concept of everyone being equal.

In a sense, you have before you the dichotomy of what happens in this world. You might have a judgment that one or the other is better, but that is only a judgment. I give you the Truth, with a capital T. Either of these men and – in fact, any individual who would be elected, including Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Cruz – will still serve to bring the world into oneness. It will happen in different ways. If it is Trump, you will experience a greater sense of hostility, animosity, and violence. People will awaken within themselves and say, “Wait a minute. I don’t want that.” these are people who would awaken to what is truth and what is unity within themselves if Trump is elected, but they would not be awakened if Sanders is elected.

Each candidate would act as a catalyst to bring to the surface the low-vibration energy within you. What I mean by low-vibration energy is what I call not-love. This is what you might call anger, frustration, and so on.

How to Cope with Negativity

Understand that in your journey in this lifetime, it is perfectly appropriate to make choices to be with or to avoid certain people. A person might be toxic. They might be surrounded with negativity. You choose not to be with that type of energy, but you separate yourself with love. This is the question: How do you handle being with people who are so different, who are so hostile or who put out negative vibrations? Dear one, you stay in your heart source because that is when your energy field is strong. Being in your heart source will prevent negativity from coming into your energy field. Negativity will seek within you that which is similar to it.

If you have any resemblance to Trump’s or Cruz’s hostility, the low-vibration energy will seek within you that which it resonate with. If you have the energy of anger, the anger within them or anyone else will seek out that energy within you. If you related to the hostility Sanders has toward Clinton, that will resonate within you. That negativity, that low-vibration energy, will be attracted to you. The positive of this is that you now know where to go in your healing. You call on your healing team, your encodement technicians, your soul-healing angels, my healing friends, and you have them work within you to heal that which is attracting to you that negative energy.

When you are in your heart source, you can ward off the low-vibration energy. You can use the sword of Archangel Michael, the sword of transmutation, and simply say, “I am the sword.” Your energy not only expands but also illuminates. It transmutes low-vibration energy. You can listen to the vitriol from either side and be the sword and transmute that energy.

Those of you familiar with spiritual lovefare may wonder, “Do I then go and work with Trump? Or Clinton or Sanders or Cruz? Is that where I go?” Actually, no, dear ones. You go to the ones who are controlling them. The candidates are not the major players here. They are being controlled in every way. They are controlled by forces unknown by most. Some of you call it the Illuminati. Illuminati illuminate, see? This is illuminating all of this within you. You go into your heart source. Let’s do a little bit of that right now.

The Heart Source Healing Technique

Be in your heart source. Declare, “I am the sword,” and if you do not have the sword within you, we give it to you now. Set your intention to go to the ones who control this election process. Choose one of these politicians. Ask to move to the one who controls Trump, to the one who controls Clinton, and so on. You get the idea. Choose one. Use the sword, and stay in your heart. Your energy will go where that other person or persons are. Allow your light to shine there. “I am the sword.” Now say, “I am love incarnate.”

See the politician you’re working with right now. I want you to see that politician looking at you, eye-to-eye. I want you to say, “You are love incarnate. I am love incarnate. You are love incarnate. I am the sword.” You cannot place the sword within the person, but you may use the sword all around the person. Now, ask the universe, Spirit, God, me, or whomever you communicate with, “Please fill this person with all the love he or she needs but has not received.”

Breathe deeply. Now see, fact-to-face, the politician, and again ask that he or she be filled with all the love needed. Very good.

Be at peace, dear ones!

Any time you watch something on television or hear about it on the Internet, whatever it is, and you see the violence, go immediately into your heart source. Connect with that energy, and send love. Say, “I am the sword, and I transmute the low-vibration energy and send love.” Every time you send love and declare to people that they are love incarnate, you remind them of who and what they are. You also remind yourself of who you are. Any time you become angry with someone for his or her beliefs or actions, go within yourself and ask for healing of the aspect of you that is inline with that energy. When you are detached with love, you will not feel low-vibration emotion as a reaction to other people’s beliefs and actions. You might be motivated to send love to the others. There is no reason to send any more negativity.

The healing you experience within yourself, the feeling that comes when you have healed, are symbolic representations of the difference you are making in the world. You do make a difference in this world. If only you could see the beauty of your love traversing the universe. Be a peace, my dear ones. All is happening as it is supposed to. I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers, and I am your mother.

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Cathy Chapman is the channel for Amma, The Divine Mother. She has been a psychotherapist since 1976, and is the author of “Change Your Encodements, Your DNA, Your Life!” and “The Heart: Doorway to Your Power.” Cathy believes that people are perfect spiritual beings who came into their physical bodies to explore life and, believe it or not, to have fun. This article was posted by permission of the author. To read the full story how Cathy became a channel, click here. To learn more about Cathy or Amma, go to OdysseyToWholeness.com or AmmaTheDivineMother.com


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