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"The Greatest Worldwide Evolutionary Event in Human History!"

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Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

BlissfulVisions.com - The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness

Chapter 1: The Great Awakening
into Unity Consciousness

Written by Rev. Dennis Shipman (c) 2014
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I have been aware of The Great Awakening since 1996 when I began working with Kirael, a seventh-dimensional Light-Being and senior member of the Guidance Realm, as book project coordinator for the book, “Kirael: The Great Shift.” Kahu Fred Sterling is the channel for Kirael (www.Kirael.com).

I met Sheldan Nidle while working with Kirael, and have followed his informative free weekly email messages ever since. Sheldan is the author of numerous works and the channel for the Galactic Federation of Light and Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy (www.paoweb.com)

This writing is an overview on the subject, and not intended to be an exhaustive study. It will give you vital insights that will help you navigate your own great awakening, for that is what The Great Awakening is all about: participating in your own great shift of consciousness into the Oneness of Unity Consciousness which is the same as becoming Love itself incarnate in human form as you witness planetary transformation.


The entire planet and its human population – as well as the entire solar system – are undergoing the greatest evolutionary event in human history, quickly becoming known across the globe as The Great Awakening or The Great Shift in consciousness or Ascension or the Age of Light. As you will see, it is a premiere major shift beyond our wildest dreams!

The 5,000-year-old-Mayan calendar ended on December 21, 2012, but as we discovered, the world did not end and much to chagrin of the doomsayers, it won’t end. According to Gregg Braden in his essay “Choice Point” in the anthology “The Mystery of 2012,” this date points to the beginning of a major shift in consciousness that affects all of humanity, Mother Earth, our solar system, and the entire universe.

What began on this date is an astronomical scientific fact that anyone can verify – the beginning of a rare celestial alignment of our solar system, our sun, and our planet with the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. Our sun will move into direct alignment with the equator of the galaxy – an event that will not happen again for another 26,000 years.

What is the significance of this rare celestial alignment of our solar system with the center of our galaxy? It will take 36 years to traverse the center of the galaxy, and during this time period, potent spiritual energies will be released that will allow an evolving planetary system like ours to move beyond the third dimension of duality into a higher dimension of oneness consciousness.

Mother Earth has decided to become a sacred planet again, and she is taking all her inhabitants with her - that want to go! This event has never happened before in human history (or galactic history!) where all the inhabitants are experiencing a major shift along with the planet.

The year 2012 was a pivotal year for this to swing into full speed ahead as it was a year of high energy shifts. These higher frequencies of evolutionary energy will continue to intensify in the future. They will not go away. Transformation is upon us and there is no going back.

These transformational evolutionary energies are now available to us to create all that we ever wished for and desired, and to do it with the energy of joy and love.

The reality is we are shifting from a limited-two strand DNA-consciousness to a return ultimately to full-12 strand DNA (full-consciousness – our natural state of consciousness) as it was in the times of Lemuria before it was destroyed many thousands of years ago.

In his book, “Your First Contact,” by Sheldan Nidle – a channel for the Galactic Federation of Light and Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy, and in her book, “Messages from Hollow Earth” by Dianne Robbins – a channel for the technologically and spiritually advanced Agarthans living in hollow Earth, as well as in his book “Kireal: The Great Shift” by Fred Sterling – channel for the master guide Kirael, each book offers an excellent definition and examples of “full consciousness” (also known as Oneness) that are mind-boggling to us. Everything changes! Earth changes and our body systems will change. I summarize:

BlissfulVisions.com - The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness by Dennis Shipman Full Consciousness is a state of awareness known as fifth dimensional consciousness; two dimensions of consciousness beyond what we know now as the third dimension. We will be restored to 12-strand DNA and possess 100% use of our brain power. Our life-force energy systems will gain new energy centers or chakras and our base chakra will become the heart center of the energy of love.

We will be free of suppressed emotions such as fear and darkness and the handicapped thinking of limited consciousness. Death will cease to exist as we know it now, and we will choose the point of our transition back into spirit form and simply leave the body. It will be a celebration of life rather than the unhappy ceremony we make it to be now.

In this 5-D state of being-ness, our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are fully integrated into a Light-Body, which is far less dense than our current physical bodies. A Light-Body allows for a far greater expression of freedom and love than what we now experience.

We go beyond the five senses, and discover we are multifaceted and multi-dimensional, experiencing all states of consciousness all the time in all places simultaneously. We have full use of our mental and spiritual capabilities, such as telepathic transmissions and telekinesis and instant manifestation of anything that we desire. We enjoy levitation and are able to fly through the air, and able to disappear and reappear wherever we like, at will.

We are in full rapport with the higher dimensions and with other sentient beings on other planets. We are able to feel the Oneness and eternity of existence. Time changes to exist as we know it and we are able to see into and experience eternal time.

We discover how important and necessary each of us are; how all of us are an integral part in the design and existence of the universe; and how without each and every one of us, there would be no life. There would be nothing!

Earth’s Lost History

There is much for us to learn about our true identity and the history of our evolutionary journey on Earth. It has been hidden from us for thousands of years.

For example, in Nidle’s book, “Your First Contact,” it describes how for the past 15,000 years, Earth has been ruled by a dark off-world empire along with a group of evil humans (dark cabal), and the goal of these dark ones has been to enslave the entire population of earth under their power and control.

And, they came very close to achieving this, but in the latter part of the 20th century, the dark off-world empire made peace with the Forces of Light and the power and control of earth’s dark cabal have crumbled ever since. Many of them have refused to surrender to the forces of Light, but their demise is certain.

Another example of information that is being kept hidden from the public is: In the channeled book, “Messages from Hollow Earth” by Dianne Robbins, it describes that the earth is hollow and it does not have a molten core. It has always been hollow. And, an advanced civilization of human beings inhabits it. They live in the fifth and sixth dimension of consciousness. They are known as the Agarthans – descendants from ancient Lemuria. They are what we shall become.

Hollow Earth contains a central sun (600 miles in diameter), and the Lost Library of Alexandria. The entrances to inner Earth are openings at the North and South Poles, about 1400 miles wide; there are numerous underground tunnels around the globe that lead to inner Earth. Inner Earth is about 5800 miles in diameter. The center of gravity is 800 miles below the Earth’s surface.

The Agarthans have mastered mental telepathy and time-travel, travel by spaceships that use anti-gravity for propulsion, use free energy and live in abundant prosperity, have oceans and beaches, don’t age, live in disease-free bodies, and live into the thousands of years!

Also, humanity will be re-introduced back into the inter-planetary association of star-nations, known by some as the Galactic Federation of Light. This is mentioned in two channeled books by independent authors, Sheldan Nidle’s “Your First Contact” and “Kirael: The Great Shift” by Fred Sterling.

Nidle’s book describes the Galactic Federation of Light as a membership of over 400,000 star-nations that were formed more than 25 million years ago, beginning in a region near the current Constellation of Gemini. Sterling’s book indicates that many galactic nations will play significant roles in settling the new energies of the Great Awakening, and three that are very important to us on Earth are Sirius, Pleiadians and Andromedans. Both books say that our Galactic brothers and sisters are here to “help” prepare us for the shift in consciousness, and they are here with their advanced technology and spaceships in the atmosphere now. In fact, there are no more parking spaces up there!

Another important body of work is the great magnetic master Kryon writings channeled by Lee Carroll. In the book, “The Gaia Effect,” Kryon talks about the conscious relationship between Gaia (Earth) and humanity, how humanity’s origins were seeded by the Pleiadians many thousands of years ago, and how humanity is transforming into multi-dimensional galactic beings.

In the book, “The Heart: Doorway To Your Power,” by Amma – The Divine Mother – channeled by Cathy Chapman, talks about how the Heart Source (source of love in the your heart center) is the most powerful force on Earth (and in each human), and how it can be used wisely not only to transform yourself, but also to transform the entire planet into the Age of Light – without leaving home!

In religion, the teachings of reincarnation were outlawed in the Bible in 553 A.D. (The Ban of Reincarnation). The early Christian Church accepted reincarnation and laid great emphasis on the law of rebirth. It was expounded by the Gnostics and by numerous church fathers, including Clement of Alexandria, the celebrated Origen (both 3rd century), and St. Jerome (5th century). Of the three, Origen had the greatest impact.

Gnosticism was a philosophical and religious movement prominent in the Greek Roman world in the second century A.D., which placed emphasis on the redemptive power of esoteric knowledge, acquired not by learning or empirical observation but by divine revelation in the individual. The development of Christian doctrine was to a large extent a reaction against Gnosticism.

The first major controversy regarding Origen's views erupted toward the end of the Fourth century when he was condemned as a heretic, but the Church took no ecumenical action. Then, in the sixth century, Justinian I, a Byzantine emperor and theologian, attempted to wipe out paganism in 529 A.D. He passed damaging legislation against Jews and heretics and attempted to introduce some Christian concepts into the Justinian Code of the Roman law.

At the suggestion of the deacon, who later became Pope Pelagius, Justinian condemned Origen and his teachings as a possible solution to doctrinal troubles among the Palestinian monks. In 553 A.D., the teaching of reincarnation was declared a heresy by the Second Council of Constantinople.

As a result, all references to reincarnation in the Bible were removed. Ever since, the teachings of reincarnation have been outlawed in the West. This ban continues to the present day. However, it has never lost its ancient roots in the East. (Sources: Encyclopedia Britannica, Encyclopedia Americana, New Catholic Encyclopedia, 1981).

The Importance of Healing and Transparency

On a personal level, as well as on a global level, all the issues that require healing from fear to love, from darkness to light, from illusion to truth, from negativity to positivity, are surfacing in our lives. This is why there is so much violence and chaos in the world today. All the lies and deceit and treachery have to surface and become exposed to be healed and transformed into love and light. We can’t go into the Age of Light with any old issues that are not healed, and do not serve us anymore. The old must be healed, let go and released so that it will allow us to build our Light-Body.

This leads us to a great truth that has not been taught to us: that The Great Awakening is the gradual or instantaneous waking up to the truth that Unity Consciousness, though it may be hidden, already exists within one’s human consciousness.

It’s an unprecedented time to be alive on the planet, now! To experience planetary transformation in conjunction with our own transformation into Unity Consciousness. There has never been a better time to be alive on the Earth plane!

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Rev. Dennis Shipman received a first-class education in the Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness. From 1996-2001, he worked with Kahu Fred Sterling, head pastor of the Honolulu Church of Light, who is the channel for Master Kirael, a senior member of the Guidance Realm in the seventh dimension. There, he met Sheldan Nidle, channel for Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of Light, and has followed Sheldan’s weekly reports on the progress of the shift ever since. He is the author of two free eBooks, "Oneness - The Awakening Experience" and "The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness".


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