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"As you treat Gaia (Mother Earth), so shall she treat you." -- Kryon

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Book cover for The Gaia Effect by Kryon and Monika Muranyi

"The Gaia Effect"

Written by Rev. Dennis Shipman, July 2016

Ever wonder how the Grand Opulent Design (GOD) interacts with physical creation? How Mother Earth (Gaia) interacts with us (humanity)? Does a corresponding interaction exist with our solar system and the central Sun of our Milky Way galaxy? And, if so, how does this interaction influence our human and spiritual evolution?

“The Gaia Effect” provided answers to these questions, and changed my perceptions how I view physical creation. The book provided me with a profound insight into the quantum, multi-dimensional workings of super-intelligent-benevolent-energies of physicality that already exist now in every moment of our daily lives, which are setup to support life and empower humanity.

“The Gaia Effect” is a channeled book that features Kryon’s knowledge, wit and wisdom. Its information goes vastly beyond what modern science is aware of or has discovered about our physical universe.

Kryon is a non-physical spirit guide channeled by Lee Carroll since 1989. To date, Lee has authored 12 Kryon books that have been translated in 24 languages. Kryon’s mission is to assist humanity in The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness (aka The Great Shift or Ascension).

Monika Muranyi was employed as a park ranger by the Australian government after obtaining a university degree in Conservation Technology. Passionate about nature and working in the environmental field, she began to spiritually awaken. Then, she found Kryon, and the teachings resonated with her.

Topics Never Published Before by Kryon
Monika has done a superb job in researching, compiling and writing this book; bringing together all the information Kryon has ever shared about Gaia, and topics never before published by Kryon. Many of the book’s topics were channeled in some of the most sacred areas of the planet, such as: Hawaii, Mt. Shasta (California), New Mexico (USA), Sedona (Arizona), San Jose Mine (Chile), Lake Titicaca (Bolivia), Patagonia (South America), Mt. Aconcagua (Argentina), Machu Picchu (Peru), and others. Monika attended all these channelings in person, according to the book’s Foreword by Lee Carroll.

Book Contents
The most important topics that riveted, galvanized and intrigued me are the history of the Lemurian civilization and Quantum Multi-Dimensional Energy (Physics). Here is a short summary from these two topics that captivated me. There is much more!

  • The Pleiadians seeded the Lemurian civilization 200,000 years ago with their quantum, multi-dimensional DNA which was at 90% awareness/brain capacity. Lemurian consciousness was at one with the universe, and they never saw war!

  • Lemurians had a quantum, multi-dimensional understanding of life, given to them by the Pleiadians. The reason the Pleiadians are so keenly interested in the spiritual development of humanity is because they are our parents!

  • 350 million unique souls passed through the Lemurian experience spanning 20,000 years – the greatest civilization the planet has ever known!

  • Kryon says all 350 million old soul Lemurians are alive today on the planet, and their ancient quantum, multi-dimensional Lemurian DNA is being re-activated in this event known as the Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness.

  • Less than one-half of one percent of the planet has to awaken to make a spiritual vibrational shift for all. Kryon suggests that the awakening of 35 million old soul Lemurians can do it! Could one of these old soul Lemurians be you?!!

  • Quantum, Multi-Dimensional Physics will become the prevailing science in the future because quantum, multi-dimensional energy is in everything in the physical universe!

  • Every human soul is a quantum, multi-dimensional energy system. Gaia and all her kingdoms, as well as the solar system, and the central Sun of the galaxy react to human consciousness and most favorably to human compassion. As we treat Gaia, so Gaia treats humanity. It reinforces the old adage that we are the creators of our reality.

  • The next step in human development and technological advancement will be to accept the truth that quantum, multi-dimensional physics exist.

  • The universe is setup as a super-intelligent-benevolent energy system designed to support and empower humanity to achieve a fully conscious ascended planet!

Other Topics That Riveted Me
  • The Indigenous, Gaia’s Magnetic Grid, the Crystalline Grid
  • The Ley Lines of Gaia, Nikola Tesla, Cave of Creation
  • The Missing Laws of Physics, Whales and Dolphins
  • The Kundalini of Earth, Gamma Energy
  • The Magnetics of the Solar System, The Pleiadians
  • The Solar System and Astrology, Ascended Land of Gaia
  • Animals, The Eagle and the Condor

The Anomaly
I’ve noticed that some channeled material does not correlate with other channeled sources, especially when it involves the element of time and historical facts. I don’t know the reason for this inconsistency. Perhaps you, the reader, have encountered this anomaly, too. As with all channeled material, I advise to use your own discretion.

Seeding Human Life on Earth
For example, Kryon says that humanity was seeded by the Pleiadians. However, in Sheldan Nidle’s channeled book “Your First Contact” -- a different story emerges. Millions of years ago, on the fourth planet of the star Vega in the Lyra Constellation (25 light years away from Earth), a primitive aquatic ape began to emerge from the water (p.267-268). Permission was given by the spiritual hierarchy of Earth and the Vega system to alter this group of aquatic primates into full-consciousness to prepare them for guardianship of Mother Earth. Nidle’s book does not specify if it was Pleiadian, only that it was established by advanced fully-conscious, off-world civilization and that it was a member of the Galactic Federation of Light. Elsewhere in the book (p.274), it either confuses the issue or specifies that it was the Sirians who first brought human civilization to Lemuria.

Lemurian Civilization
Kryon indicates that Lemuria’s civilization flourished for 20,000 years. Nidle’s book states that the first human colony on Earth was called Hybornea (p.268-269). It flourished for nearly one million years, and was destroyed in a galactic war around a million years ago. The second Galactic Federation Earth colony was established on Lemuria, a large, Pacific Ocean island continent. It was established some 900,000 years ago (p.262), and over the next 850,000 years, the Lemurian empire flourished and stretched across the planet.

Lemuria’s Destruction
Kryon states that Lemuria’s destruction came as a result of the sinking of the Hawaiian mountain that the island continent was founded upon. Once again, Nidle’s book offers a different scenario (p.271). About 25,000 years ago, Lemuria was destroyed by an invading force consisting of renegade fleets from Atlantis, the Pleiades, and star-nations from the Centaurian Constellation. At the time, two moons orbited Earth. Three renegade spaceships maneuvered one moon into position over Lemuria and exploded it. This caused giant meteors to rain down on the Lemurian continent, exploding huge underground gas chambers that devastated the continent and caused it to sink overnight!

In spite of these aforementioned anomalies, this book opened my eyes wide to the truth of omnipresent quantum, multi-dimensional energy, and the profound interactions we have with Gaia, the Sun of our solar system and the central Sun of the galaxy by how we use our human consciousness and the compassionate action we initiate in our lives. I experienced a lot of “Wow-Wee” and “Aha” moments.

Reading this book reinforced the truth in me again just how powerful we are as creators of our reality, and that physical creation is alive with consciousness that we can interact with. We truly have the power to create a heaven within us and on earth, if that is our choice.

If you are a fan of spiritual evolutionary history like I am, and seek to know more about how our consciousness works with our quantum, multi-dimensional Self (that we are) and our quantum, multi-dimensional physical universe, then I recommend reading this book.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this book review, nor do I receive any compensation from its sales. It is freely given in the volunteer spirit.

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