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The Angels via Ann Albers, May 26, 2018

The Angels: Many of you have been experiencing cataclysmic growth these past few weeks. You are being freed from the burdens of your past, the emotions you’ve stuffed, and the reasons you felt you couldn’t entertain your own dreams. Some of you are repeating old patterns just to look at them one last time. Whatever was lurking in your depths is coming up. The old is burning away to make room for new life. Mother earth is growing! So are you.

As your planet purges herself once again of old energies and the frequencies that the human race refuses to feel, she is also bringing new truth, greater authenticity, and new life from her depths. You may feel this movement quite strongly as sudden bursts of emotion you thought you were done with, periods of dizziness, and if you are willing to sit quietly in the presence of the Divine and your angels – periods of increasing love, connection, and euphoria.

You are inseparable from your beautiful home there upon the earth. You are part of her ecosystem. What you feel she feels. What she feels, you feel. Here is how you can weather these changes with greater grace and love.

  • If you find yourself erupting in sadness or anger, breathe. Anything you’ve stuffed is coming up for examination. What is it you can no longer pretend is OK in your life? What must you do? What must you say to kindly and lovingly remain in integrity with your own spirit? Set yourself free.

  • If others erupt around you, do your best to clear the energies (ground yourself, journal, breathe deeply) and then remain compassionate. They too are bringing up old pains to be healed. Pray for them. Help set them free.

  • If you find old feelings “bubbling up” acknowledge them. Perhaps you’ve tried not to feel something – a desire to explore a new interest, a sense of unrest about something you’d rather not see, a desire for a relationship when you thought you were fine alone or a desire for alone time when you thought you wanted companionship. Your feelings are your guidance. Honor them.

  • Perhaps you’ve been feeling a need to purge your belongings, your activities, or even your relationships. Honor this. You are all being called to greater authenticity.

  • Perhaps you feel a strong draw to explore something new. Honor it if it is consistent with your ideals. Beware if it is not. What you are drawn to magnetically is your path of greatest growth. Growth can be joyful or painful depending upon your willingness to be honest with yourself.

Dear ones, while these energies may seem confusing, disruptive, and not always easy to weather, if you surrender to the truth bubbling up within you and stay connected to the Divine, you will experience the birthing of a beautiful new light in your life. Birth is a messy process, but new life is always beautiful.

God Bless You! We love you so very much. — The Angels

Chapter 6: Healing for the Age of Light

Written by Rev. Dennis Shipman (c) 2014
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The powerful evolutionary spiritual energies of The Great Awakening are flooding into the planet, and they will continue to pour into the Earth-plane and become more intense as our sun moves across the center of the galaxy. These are the energies of transformation of Unity Consciousness. These energies are allowing Mother Earth to shift to a higher frequency of the fourth and fifth dimensions of consciousness, and leave behind the dense energy of the third dimension.

We have a choice to ascend with Mother Earth into this new frequency of higher consciousness. And, to do that, our human bodies, mind and emotions must begin to match her new higher vibrations. This is why personal healing is so important. If we choose not to do this, it’s likely that we will become out of alignment with the energies of transformation, and consequently we will have a rough ride! I am not trying to scare you into believing or doing something you may not want to do, but I do want to reaffirm why your personal healing is critical at this time of transition during The Great Awakening.

The fourth and fifth dimensions of consciousness are dimensions of much higher frequencies compared to the third dimension. They contain a vast amount of light frequency that will be able to match the new transformative frequency of Mother Earth. Our human bodies and minds and emotions must be able to accommodate this new frequency of light in order to live in the fourth and fifth dimensions. That’s why healing the “war within” the mind and heart are important. These are lower frequency vibrations that will not be able to accommodate the higher dimensions of consciousness.

These energies of transformation are available to us now. As we use them to heal these lower frequencies within our human systems, we transform every cell in our body and every thought in our mind and every fear in our emotions into the Divine Light and Divine Love of Unity Consciousness. We empower ourselves and ascend with Mother Earth and match her frequency.

Whenever you heal any low frequency issue in yourself, you also raise the vibration of the collective consciousness into a higher frequency – automatically, simultaneously. The more all of us heal our lower frequency issues, the higher in frequency the collective consciousness becomes. If we all instantly healed from our low frequency issues today, we would tip the scales of the critical mass, and raise the frequency of the collective consciousness into the fourth and fifth dimensions of consciousness, immediately. We could all experience Oneness together.

The Love of Unity Consciousness!

We do not understand or know how much we are loved by Unity Consciousness. The best example is the love that parents have for a child, or a lover has for a sweetheart. But the love that’s experienced in Oneness far surpasses this kind of human love. Indeed, with all respect to human love, there is no comparison on Earth for the love that Unity Consciousness has for us. Though some of us may feel that we are unworthy to be loved at all, by anyone, for any number of reasons, including our love for our self, the fact is our essence is Divine Love, and the Divine Love of Unity Consciousness never destroys or abandons its own.

All the reasons you can think of about why Unity Consciousness cannot love you are excuses to prevent yourself from doing the work necessary to bring yourself into the alignment with Divine Love. The challenge is to overcome ingrained habits that tie us down to low frequencies that do not serve us anymore, and to develop habits and actions that increase our vibration and support our transformation. We have the power to stay enslaved in the “war within” or to heal and transform into the essence of Divine Love that we are.

I offer this acknowledgment from my enlightenment experience from my eBook, “Oneness: The Awakening Experience” as a testimony of the Creator’s (Unity Consciousness) all-consuming, unending love for us:

The Light of Divine Love is incredibly gentle, beyond our wildest imagination. The vision filled my entire being with incredible exquisite transcendent light and limitless, unspeakable bliss. A continuous stream of limitless, blissful consciousness surged through my entire being. The awareness of my old self vanished, and I beheld a pristine splendor that I had never seen before. I realized that I am that, the ocean of sinless, pure radiant consciousness. It didn’t possess a hint of harm or abuse.

I felt fulfilled, and completely safe within its power and influence. In its sweet Presence, there was nothing I wanted to do but gaze at its majestic beauty and absorb the feelings of contentment and bliss. I didn’t feel uneasy or like a stranger, and it didn’t feel supernatural, at all, just very natural.

I accepted the vision as being a part of myself. All my fears melted away, and concepts such as right and wrong, good or evil, and all negativity simply vanished! I saw and felt a holy perfection of pure consciousness, serene tranquility, brilliant radiance, pristine creative-intelligence. In its blissful light, I felt at home, and I wanted to stay there forever.


  • I choose now to heal the low frequencies within my heart and mind, and to allow the energies of transformation to heal them into the essence of Divine Love that I am.

  • I choose now to align myself with the transformational healing energies streaming into Mother Earth and to be in unity with all creation.

  • I choose now to release all hostility towards anyone, and to enter in and rest in the perfect peace of my source Unity Consciousness.


Our physical bodies are undergoing a radical transmutation to become light bodies. A fully conscious human inhabits a light body that is far less dense than our current physical bodies. A light body allows for a far greater expression of freedom and love than what we now experience.

Our dense physical bodies are oftentimes not in sync with the high frequency energies that are streaming into Mother Earth, and they require an adjustment period as the energies stabilize. We are shifting more and more to the inherent spiritual qualities and abilities found within each of us. The shifting process is causing symptoms of discomfort within all of us.

Here’s a list of common symptoms that people around the world have reported:

  • Hyper-nervousness, fogginess in thinking, losing thoughts or words, communication difficulties, feelings of tingling, skin “crawling” or numbness, not feeling grounded, light headed, and dizzy, not in touch with lower body, and leg or foot cramps.

  • Heaviness on left side of head, neck and shoulder stiffness, extreme tiredness/exhaustion, clumsiness/dropping things for a whole day, then okay the next day, mentally in “high gear” but without the positive effects usually associated with creativity, resulting in an overall mental tenseness.

  • Your dreams might get more vivid. You might even begin remembering your previous lives in your dreams. Previous lives? Well, what else are you going to do with your immortal life?

Tips for an Easy Shift!

  • Learn what it means “To Love Yourself.” Learning to love your self is a key element to making an easy shift. There are numerous articles on this website that can help you. For example, “Secrets of Happiness and Success,” or “The Power of Meditation,” or “The Power of Thankfulness and Gratitude” or any articles by Amma – The Divine Mother.

  • Deepen your spirituality in any way that is appropriate for you. Raise your energy or as some call it “your vibration” as high as possible, thereby allowing the body to adjust to the high frequency energies with a maximum of ease. Raising the energy of your consciousness by meditating and praying and transforming your thoughts into positivity is part of the keys that unlock the doors that lead to the radiant Being of Light and Love that you are.

  • Eat healthy foods. Avoid stimulants. Grow your own vegetables if you can, or buy from a truly organic source.

  • Change your thoughts to positivity. You cannot afford the luxury of negative thinking any more.

  • Find a friend or a support group in your area or online where you can discuss these issues in a loving supportive environment. Meet-Up groups might exist in your area on this subject. If no support groups exist, think about starting a group yourself.

  • Meditate! Meditate! Meditate! - as much as possible. Find a way to escape the hectic lifestyle and meditate! Raise your energy or vibration. Meditation, quiet relaxation, enjoying the beauty of nature, feeling the earth and trees can help you reach a point of stillness of mind where your thoughts slow down and enable you to reach a state of consciousness that is not ordinary but very much a part of you. Some people call it “mindfulness.” In this non-ordinary state of consciousness, you can get in touch with the bliss of love within you that is the basis of true happiness and aliveness.

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Rev. Dennis Shipman received a first-class education in the Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness. From 1996-2001, he worked with Kahu Fred Sterling, head pastor of the Honolulu Church of Light, who is the channel for Master Kirael, a senior member of the Guidance Realm in the seventh dimension. There, he met Sheldan Nidle, channel for Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of Light, and has followed Sheldan’s weekly reports on the progress of the shift ever since. He is the author of two free eBooks, "Oneness - The Awakening Experience" and "The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness".


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