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"When You Understand How Predictions Work, You Can Predict Your Own Changes!"

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Do You Get It? How Predictions Work!

By "The Founders" - Channeled by Jaap van Etten

Jaap van Etten, channel for The Founders @ BlissfuVisions.com

The Founders: We are the consciousness of the first wave of souls who came to Earth. The channel (Jaap van Etten) pointed out that the world is experiencing many dramatic events that cause a great deal of fear. These are changes that do not seem to be positive. Therefore, the channel asked our prediction of what will happen next year. Will there be a continuation of these rather dramatic events? We have a direct answer: It depends on whether you “GET IT” or not. We shall elaborate on what we mean.

Increasingly, people are beginning to understand what reality is and how it comes into being. It is, however, only the beginning of understanding. Many people think they are the creators of their reality. This idea causes them to believe they are doing something wrong when they experience something unpleasant. Please understand that you never do wrong. You simply experience the result of possibilities collapsing into a reality.

The number of possibilities is infinite. These possibilities exist as consciousness in the form of energy waves. However, while there are infinite waves of possible scenarios, you experience only those that have collapsed into particles so that you can observe and determine what you call reality. The questions, therefore, is this: What determines the collapse of the waves into what you experience as reality? If we do anything that you would call predicting, we need to look at that process.

Predictions Begin With Your Vibrational State!

There is a collective reality, and there is an individual reality (for each human) that allows for different experiences within the collective reality. That is the reason that people live in the same world but do not experience it in the same way. (Click Here for Definition of Collective Reality or Consciousness)

Both realities come into being in the same way because they are based on the same principles. Infinite possibilities exist even within the system that you have chosen to live in – Gaia or Mother Earth. These infinite possibilities exist as waves. The only way for these waves to collapse into what you call physical reality is through consciousness. By “consciousness,” we mean all aspects of consciousness: unconscious, subconsciousness, waking consciousness (or awareness), and higher consciousness.

People are mostly unconscious of their actions, and your scientists will tell you that you are unconscious 95 percent of the time. This 95 percent is the total set of neural pathways that you have created over time that typically function on automatic pilot. You created these neural pathways through programs of beliefs and emotions based on past experiences. People live most of the time from that level of consciousness.

Holding on to the same beliefs and emotional patterns reinforces the same behavior. The consequence of this is that the overall vibration (of your consciousness) from which you live your life will remain more or less the same. Your vibrational state (of your consciousness) determines which waves will collapse into an observable reality. If you do not change or hardly change your vibration, you will not change your reality. Most people live this way. They hold on to what is familiar. Most people do not like change. Often what they refer to as change is just a reorganization of known elements that fall within the safety margins people have defined for themselves.

Welcome Your Invitation to Change!

One reason people have difficulty changing is the environment they live in. they believe their environment expects certain things from them. These expectations depend on rules that exist within families, communities, religion, cultures, and increasingly in world communities through what you call social media.

While these rules – real or imagined – affect you as individuals, they also contribute to the collective (consciousness) of humanity. This collective (consciousness) is growing more powerful. In the past, the collective (consciousness) was more a conglomerate of collective parts. As it becomes increasingly global, it becomes more powerful and affects the whole world.

Let’s go to the current situation in the world. There are many disasters, and fear within the collective is higher than ever. This level of fear is due to these disasters and to political and economic conditions, as well as many other issues about which only a human mind can be fearful.

People do not understand that what they experience individually and collectively contributes to the vibrational state (of human consciousness), which in turn induces the collapse of waves leading to the reality they experience. (Click Here for the Article: You Create Your Reality - Thoughts Attract!)

All situations that people experience are meant to help them understand themselves by finding (discovering) what they like and do not like. It is an invitation to keep what you like and to change what you do not. It is an invitation to see what changes you might like to make.

The power of fear in the collective consciousness induces the disasters you experience, disasters that lead to destruction by wind, water, and fire.

These three powers are called elements. Creation started with these elements. Initially, they were called the mother elements. These mother elements existed in two forms: chaos and creation. Because both forms are at the basis of all creation, they are an inherent part of the elements, so the elements are always able to create or destroy. From these three elements, the element of earth came forth. Earth is the element of manifestation of form.

We hope that you now understand that all manifested forms have creation and destruction inherently built into them. In normal conditions, destruction and creation are in balance. However, human collective consciousness can induce imbalance and therefore, the more imbalance there is, the more destruction there is. This imbalance is abundantly clear in the current world situation.

Free Will and Predictions!

What does all this mean for 2018? Before we reflect on that, we have to say something about the world "PREDICTION." Last year, we mentioned that we have difficulties with that word. It suggests that you can predict because situations are fixed to some degree.

However, you live in a freewill universe. In a freewill universe, nothing is fixed. Everything unfolds based on what happens in each moment.

A small change can induce the collapse of waves. Predicting tends to affect this unfoldment (collapsing of the waves) and affects the course of events.

A prediction may induce a change in thoughts and emotions and, consequently, in the vibration, causing a different situation or experience. From a larger perspective, you might think this is good. You influence things based on what you believe you (or the beings that communicate through you) need to share. That also is part of free will. We agree with that.

However, the important question you need to ask is where does the impulse to share (and what to share) truly come from. Where does the intent, the desire to predict, come from? From our perspective, those are the most important questions you need to ask.

While predictions are not what you need, it is possible to look at probabilities.

Many who believe they are predicting are describing probabilities based on the situation from their vantage points. Based on the situation, where the prediction comes from, and the factors that have led to this situation, there is a certain likelihood that the situation will unfold in a certain direction.

Every prediction sets something into motion. For example, if a prediction describes an unpleasant situation, there is a great possibility that people will react to it. These reactions might change the vibrations of those people in a way that prevents the situation from happening. They might also react to it in a way that makes things worse than predicted. Consequently, it might seem that the prediction is wrong.

The prediction is not necessarily wrong. A slight shift in circumstances can result in quite a different outcome, especially when you look at a situation over a longer period, such as a year. Those who work with weather or other prediction models are aware of this phenomenon, which explains why reality so often differs from the predictions you receive.

A Noticeable Shift to WE-Consciousness!

Last year, we stated that the increase in the level of consciousness is inevitable. Whether this will be noticeable or not, 2018 will also be a year of unfolding consciousness. This process is something that we can guarantee.

Humanity has passed the lowest point of consciousness. The period of this lowest point lasted a coup0le decades. The date for the passing of the lowest point and the beginning of an increase in consciousness was December 21, 2012.

Since that date, everyone has had two choices.

Because you passed the point of the lowest level of consciousness, you cannot go down in consciousness. However, you can stay at the low level of consciousness for a while, OR you can choose to increase the frequency (vibration) of your system and raise your consciousness.

In 2017, many people worked on transforming old fear-based energies and issue, but remained more or less at the same level of consciousness. As a result, a lot of fear came to the surface. This fear induced the current economic and political climate in your society and the disasters (such as hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes) that you are experiencing more intensely than ever. While it is a positive step to bring these energies to the surface, the level of (collective) consciousness stayed relatively unchanged.

In 2017, there has been a noticeable shift from an “I-oriented” world toward a “WE-oriented” world. In the WE-oriented world, there is more collaboration and stronger support for each other. The current disasters are an invitation to expand the consciousness of WE and shift to higher vibrations.

Nowadays, you have opportunities to be aware of what is going on. Social media plays a large role in the ability to obtain formation on all levels. It is, however, not about social media, but about a growing awareness that humans can only achieve changes in the collective consciousness when they work together.

In a previous sharing, we mentioned that the “I-approach” to the world connects to the lowest level of human consciousness, and the “WE-approach” to the world connects to the higher level of consciousness.

We predict that in the 2018, the tendency to live from a “WE” consciousness will increase. You will see more activities that reflect this shift. Disasters give people the opportunity to realize that humanity is responsible for them, and to decide how much to help those affected by them.

In your reality, people see many of their experiences as difficult, negative, and problematic. There is a strong tendency to emphasize the negative aspects of experiences. This tendency leads to worry, anger, frustration, fear, and anxiety. These feelings connect with lower vibrations. Because people experience these lower vibrations as unpleasant, they label them as negative. In this way, many people get caught in a stream of negativity and begin to define life in general as such. They begin to see the world as the cup half-empty. This attitude causes the continuation of the same experiences and induces the belief that you are victims.

To change this pattern, you have to approach everything from a positive perspective. You are being asked to see everything as an opportunity to learn and to be grateful for that opportunity.

This approach to life is not always easy because your collective consciousness is not very supportive in seeing a problem as an opportunity, especially when you experience events such as disasters. However, the approach of seeing opportunities and learning from them will shift your total system into higher vibrations and will open the door to express more of your essence (of Love and Light).

We foresee that more people will begin to understand the importance of seeing life as a constant stream of possibilities.

Life is not set up to get you. On the contrary, life is a reflection of all that happens consciously and unconsciously within you. It help you to see and understand what needs to change so that you can express more of your essence. It shows you aspects of your vibrational state to give you the opportunity to look at yourself so that you can choose what you would like to keep and what to change. Life continuously asks you, “Do you get it?”

The idea that your experiences help you understand yourself, your emotions, and your belief structures is difficult for most people to accept.

They tend to feel that “negative” experiences are a consequence of having done something wrong or that the world is against them, especially when there are financial or physical challenges. Sometimes a soul chooses a certain challenge, like being handicapped, to learn how to accept it and live with it. However, these situations are exceptions, and almost all physical and emotional discomforts and diseases are signals telling you something about the way you function.

Your vibrational state is a consequence of your emotions and belief structures.

Your vibrational state determines what you will experience among infinite possibilities. Therefore, your experiences will tell you something about your emotions and belief structures. The physical aspects and the locations of you discomfort can help you understand what kind of emotions and belief structures you hold. Those who are willing to look at these situations often still have difficulty understanding what these messages mean.

It is not easy to connect your experiences with their deeper meanings because you have blocked the fullness of the memories that induced them.

We foresee that there will be a strong development of systems that will help you better understand the relationship between cause and effect – the cause (emotions and belief structures) and effect (discomfort, disease, and pain).

We see that more people will take this route, realizing that medication suppresses and rarely leads to true change. On the contrary, it makes a person dependent, which is disempowering.

We understand that under certain circumstances, medication is helpful, but there also must be the willingness to look at the causes of the issues that a person encounters.

We see that there is an increasing longing in people to take back their power. Consequently, people will look more often to alternative methods that will lead to empowerment instead of taking the easy route of medication.

The only way to do this is to change the idea that “the cause of your challenges is your environment” TO “you are the cause of the environment.” (Note: Meditation can help you change your perspective on this issue. Click titles to access: Heart Source Breathing or The Power of Meditation: Journey to Unconditional Love).

Many people will begin to understand the truth of this in the coming year. The number of people willing to change the way they see the world will determine the speed of change in 2018.

You Can Predict Your Own Changes!

We would like to end this sharing with an important final aspect: People have a growing awareness that they are part of the overall Earth system.

The awareness that what humans do to Earth will back fire on them one way or another is growing. The disasters you are collectively experiencing might help you see this more clearly.

We see that the next year will show more people contributing in whatever way they can to new ways of living in harmonious and sustainable ways.

This tendency has already been happening for decades. However, the number of people involved and the methods they develop will increase exponentially. This development will be strongest among the younger people as they react to what the older generations have created. We have been describing what happens and what you might learn from it.

We end this sharing with some important questions: Did you really “GET” what we shared with you? Are you willing to make changes in your way of thinking and your emotional state, or will you continue to blame circumstances for whatever problem or disaster you or the world experiences?

The year 2017 gave a powerful message to humanity – so powerful that – from our perspective – it seemed impossible to ignore.

When you understand the messages and take responsibility, you do not need us to predict the changes in 2018. You can do the prediction yourself based on your feeling of current vibrational state of the human collective consciousness.

You have the power to make your own predictions and take steps to either make them a reality or prevent them. You do not need us for that.

We trust that enough people will "get it" that they will contribute to a substantial change in the collective consciousness.

We are the Founders. We love you unconditionally and are always willing to support you. After all, you are our descendants.

Jaap van Etten, PhD, was born and educated in the Netherlands. He received his PhD in biology in Amsterdam, specializing in ecology. For the past 23 years, his focus has been on metaphysical ecology. He studies and teaches about human energies, earth energies, energies of stones, crystals and crystal skulls, and how these energies interact. He is the author of Birth of a New Consciousness: Dialogues with the Sidhe, Crystal Skulls: Interacting with a Phenomenon, Gifts of Mother Earth, and Crystal Skulls: Expand Your Consciousness. He currently resides in Sedona, Arizona USA. Permission to post this article has been granted by the author. You can reach him through his website: Lemurantis.com


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