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"Thought energy and focused intention create your reality!"

Road to Oneness


You Create Your Reality!
Thoughts Attract and Expand!

Written by Rev. Dennis Shipman © 2014
Excerpts from the free eBook “The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness"

When I visited the opera on a summer evening, I sat in the lobby waiting for the doors to open to the auditorium. An elderly lady who volunteered to help with refreshments came over and asked me if I wanted a cookie. I asked her, “Are they organic?” Without skipping a beat, she replied, “It’s whatever you think, honey!”

Her reply immediately pulled me back into an awareness of how powerful our mind and consciousness is and can be over matter.

What is consciousness? The great psychologist William James suggested, it is an unbroken stream of awareness which can be expanded or limited by our thinking. Think about that for a moment. Consciousness is an unbroken stream of awareness that can be expanded or limited by our thinking. There in a nutshell you have the key to creating misery and sorrow, or happiness and prosperity in your life. It’s a choice.

We all have consciousness. We all have thoughts and feelings, and when we decide to stop and think about it away from our hectic lifestyle; we all know this to be true. But, how much do we know about how our consciousness really works, and how conscious are we working with it?


We live in a sea of energy. Just ask a scientist. Our human bodies and all physical matter are composed of atomic structures, and all the electrons and protons and neutrons possess an electrical magnetic charge of attraction or repulsion. Energy is magnetic.

Today, quantum physics is discovering a subtler energy field known at the subatomic level. This is where scientists will eventually find the impersonal Light of Unity Consciousness in all matter, the same Inner Light that you can find in meditation. The subatomic level forms the foundation of the atomic level. Its laws of motion are vastly different from those on the atomic level. Yet, quite amazingly, they work in harmony and unity with atomic laws.


Energy in the mind takes the form of thoughts. Thoughts have tremendous power because where there is thought, there is energy and the power to manifest. If you want to draw something into your life, just start thinking about it. The stronger your thought is, the faster you can draw it into your life. The law of mind is: “Energy follows thought.” You have unlimited power of thought. What you can visualize, you can create. It begins in the mind's eye – the vision center in the human being.


Thoughts have “magnetic energy” that attracts to you their qualities. Every thought that crosses your mind carries with it energy that shapes your perceptions of life. How you “see” yourself in the world shapes your thoughts, words, and actions. The magnetic energy of your thoughts attracts to you what you are perpetually thinking. Be careful what you think you want. You might get it!

Most of us don't realize how powerful our thoughts are. Since they are invisible to us, we believe they have no power. We tend to believe that what we cannot see does not exist. Our thoughts have enormous power, and can shape events and circumstances in our lives. Look at the evidence of your life. Is it not the result of the power of your thinking? Thoughts are real, and they operate in accordance with the law of cause and effect (radiate and attract). Its more popular name is the Law of Attraction. You are what you think!

We underestimate how powerful the energy of consciousness is in our mind. We are already using it to create our lives. Whatever our life has become is the result of our thinking. The unlimited power of thought is impersonal. It can be used for progressive purposes, or it can be used for a retrogressive downward spiral.

From Spirit Guide Matthew Ward via Suzy Ward

Words in all languages, like everything else in existence, are energy. Whether spoken, heard, thought, written or read, words emit vibrations, and the vibrations of light, peace and love are among the highest. Kindness, compassion, generosity, gratitude, forgiveness, godliness, honesty, hope and optimism also are in a high frequency range. The importance of choosing your words wisely cannot be overstated—they affect far, far more than the space immediately around you. Via the universal law of attraction, or “like attracts like,” words’ vibrations combine with “like” and go out into your world. Words in high vibratory ranges merge with the light, words in low are drawn to energy streamers with dark attachments, and words’ emissions intensify the source they join.

An important factor in this “war of words,” in a manner of speaking, is intent, which emits its own vibrations. If using words such as violence, deception, captivity, deprivation, catastrophe and others that denote harmful or ruinous situations have the intent to alert or enlighten, the high vibrations of the intent predominate. If those same words or any others are used to create fear, that intent sends forth vibrations in the lowest range.


Consciousness is ''malleable'' – which means, it is adaptable or capable of being expanded and shaped by concentration, force or energy or habits. Each individual decides how to use the unlimited power of mind. We have the power to create our destiny by choosing our thoughts, beliefs, words, deeds, and emotions. This power of choice, our free will, shapes our consciousness. In this way, we activate the power to create moment by moment – in our consciousness – love or fear, heaven or hell, ecstasy or pain; whatever you want!

Since consciousness has an electro-magnetic power of attraction, it attracts what you think and feel. When you think thoughts and have feelings of either low frequency (negative thoughts and feelings) or high vibrations (positive thoughts and feelings), you attract that to you and it manifests in your life.

Thought energy and focused intention bring results. When you put into motion a thought, word or action, with the passion of your intent, it will return to you. This is the reason to watch your thoughts and behavior carefully, and to carefully consider what you ask for because you will draw this into your life. And, this is the secret to the art of manifesting whatever you want in life. Some people call this masterminding.

For example, if you radiate goodness and joy, or deceit and treachery, you will attract those qualities and situations into your life. Thought energy and focused attention bring results. Ask yourself, ''How am I creating what I have in my life because of my thinking?'' You have the power to choose or reject your thoughts, beliefs, words, and deeds. Choose your thoughts and beliefs carefully. Protect your consciousness. Change your thoughts and beliefs when they don’t serve you.

Our consciousness can be expanded to reach incredible heights of awareness which can connect us to an inexhaustible powerhouse of creativity, prosperity, love, and abundance. We can literally create a golden age of prosperity simply by using the power of our free will to shape and expand our consciousness of compassionate love. At the height of its power, our purest vibrations of consciousness can reveal to us the presence of Unity Consciousness within us in the experience of Oneness.


What we have not yet universally accepted, although quantum physics is bringing us to the realization of this fact, is: the foundation of everything in creation is composed of consciousness. Every atom, proton, neutron, molecule is composed of consciousness. Physicality or physical creation is the manifestation of the energy of Unity Consciousness at different rates of vibration or frequency.

Because everything in creation has consciousness, everything in physical creation has light. Consciousness and light go together, and cannot be separated. We normally cannot see this light because this light vibrates at a frequency that is infinitely finer than the light spectrum we recognize. Kirlian photography and aura photography have been instrumental in providing evidence in this area. However, people who have a developed sense of clairvoyance can see this light emanating from physical objects. Those who practice deep meditation can develop a focus that penetrates into the mind’s eye and can enter into the light realm within their consciousness.

And, it all begins with: “Whatever you think, honey!”


  • I am responsible for what I create.

  • Thought energy and focused intention bring results.

  • I am the creator of my life and the reality in which I choose to live.

  • I choose now to transform my thoughts to positivity, all of the time.

  • I choose now to create only thoughts that empower myself and others.

  • Through the power of Unity Consciousness within me, I attract all that I need for my prosperity and happiness.

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