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"Law of Attraction: The Most Powerful Law in the Universe!"

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Book cover for Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks

"Ask and It is Given" by Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Law of Attraction from the Teachings of Abraham)

Book review written by Rev. Dennis Shipman

This timeless book gets to the nitty-gritty of how life’s universal laws of consciousness work and offers you a path to happiness and success, if you’re willing to dedicate yourself to the subject matter with the passion of an open mind and a brave heart.

It’s written in simple, understandable language about a natural law of life that can be used to great success if you know how to use it, or it can be your downfall if you avoid it and do not become aware of its impact in your life.

The naturel law I’m talking about is the Law of Attraction, as it is called by the book’s #1 New York Times bestselling authors Esther and Jerry Hicks (channels for the spirit guide Abraham). The law is known by other names: the Law of Cause and Effect, and “You reap what you sow” in the Bible, and “What goes around, comes around” by people on the street.

The book’s foreword by bestselling author Dr. Wayne W. Dyer (1940-2015) says it all: “The book contains some of the most powerful teachings available to you on our planet today.”

The book’s message is you can learn to manifest your desires in collaboration with life’s universal consciousness in a faster, more profound manner by understanding how the natural Law of Attraction works. More importantly, it covers a subject that most of us avoid throughout our lives, which is, the power and impact that our own individual human consciousness has with people, places, and things; how it affects the outcome of the desires we wish to manifest and the overall outcome of our lives, and how our individual consciousness is directly linked to life’s universal consciousness that flows through all creation.

Hot Riveting Topics

  • In Chapter 6, titled “The Law of Attraction: The Most Powerful Law in the Universe,” it says: “Every thought vibrates, every thought radiates a signal, and every thought attracts a matching signal back. That which is like unto itself is drawn (to you).”

  • It reiterates what other spiritual sources are saying: that our world and this universe is a creation of energy, frequency, and vibration. And, one of the keys to manifesting our desires is to accept that our thinking and our consciousness possess these qualities. Because the laws that govern this universe are vibrationally based.

  • The chapter goes on to emphasize that we do not really understand how loved and adored we human beings are in the eyes of the Source of All That Is, yet our every request is heard and answered, every time – no exceptions.

Other Hot Topics

A few hot chapters that I also liked are:

  • You Are Eternal Beings in Human Form.
  • The Hidden Value Behind Your Emotions.
  • You Only Hear What You Are Ready to Hear.
  • Without Asking, You Will Receive No Answer.
  • You Are a Physical Extension of Source Energy.
  • There is Nothing That You Cannot Be, do, or Have.
  • If You Can Desire It, the Universe Can Produce It.
  • Your Attention Must Be on It, Not on the Lack of It.
  • You Are a Vibrational Being in a Vibrational Environment.
  • You Get What You Think About, Whether You Want It or Not.


There are 22 chapters and 313 pages in this book. Over half the book, 166 pages, contain 22 proven process that will improve your use of the Law of Attraction.

I love this book. I thought I knew a lot about the Law of Attraction, but this book sent me into introspection and contemplation and meditation. It’s my “go to book” for answers I need to remember how to manifest my desires and how the process works. Each time I read its pages of wisdom, I get more and more insight out of it!

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this book review, nor do I receive any compensation from its sales. It is freely given in the volunteer spirit.

Publishing Details

  • Publisher: Hay House, Inc.
  • Original Title: Ask and It is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires © 2004
  • Renamed: The Essential Law of Attraction Collection
  • Authors: Esther and Jerry Hicks, channel for spirit guide Abraham
  • Soft Cover: 9 inches by 6 inches, 313 pages, Original $12 USD - Now $20 USD
  • Purchase Book at Author’s website: www.Abraham-Hicks.com

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