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"Sometimes to see we have to close our eyes!"

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

How To Meditate: Journey to Love by Rev. Dennis B. Shipman

The Power of Meditation: Journey to Love

Written by Rev. Dennis Shipman (c) 2010
Excerpts from "Oneness - The Awakening Experience"
If we could let go all our fears and illusions in our mind, let go all our social and cultural conditioning, let go our judgments and restless thoughts – for just one second – we would be transported beyond thought, instantly, and experience the liberation of enlightenment or illumination – in our original state of being – the sinless reality – our true identity.

Light in the mind’s eye would burst forth. The mind would be healed of the split in consciousness, and it would reflect clearly the truth within. The illusionary belief in separation – that you and I are not united in Divine Love – would vanish, forever. Joy and bliss would engulf our entire being. We would find ourselves experiencing an eternal, limitless, heavenly kingdom within our consciousness. The experience is out-of-this-world, yet it can be known in this world.


We live in a noisy and restless world. This noise and restlessness is a mirror reflection of the mental chatter and restless thoughts roaring through our minds. Our attention is kept focused outwardly on this constant noise and restlessness, and psychologically the mind becomes conditioned to restlessness.

We accept this conditioning to restlessness as normal because it is the common experience we all share. Yet, the truth remains: “energy follows thought,” and our thoughts manifest our reality. We are the creators of our reality. So, we continue a vicious cycle – to live in a noisy, restless world because inwardly our world of consciousness is noisy and restless.

Moreover, we believe we are the mind, that we are our own thoughts, and that the mind is the source of thought. Mind is not the source of thought. The mind is designed to be a transparent, delusion free “vehicle” to fully express the power of our holy being, creative intelligence and wisdom. When the mind becomes conditioned with fear and illusion, the human being is no longer in control of it. When this happens, a real potential exists for the mind to create chaos and suffering.

Our restless thoughts are a direct cause of our inability to experience Oneness on a daily basis, or at will.

Quieting the mind of restless thoughts allows inner Light to penetrate the conscious mind and reveal the existence of one’s sinless identity. Without redirecting our attention inwardly, our mind will continue its restless nature, and the power of stillness will elude us.

In Oneness, the mind becomes “still” or “motionless.” When the mind rests in stillness, it returns to its natural state of being. Stillness is beyond thought. In stillness, the mind stops thinking, and no restless thoughts move through it. At the exact moment the mind stops thinking, and rests in stillness, Oneness emerges within the individual – automatically.

It’s possible to think during the vision of Oneness, but one’s thought is riveted in the powerful experience of Oneness, and the mind does not wander into fear or illusion. Like a lake with no breeze blowing across its surface, the mind in stillness remains calm and transparent, revealing the Light within.

If you want to experience the endless, ever-new joy and love of your true identity, you must “consciously” learn to return your mind to stillness. Only when the mind returns to its natural state of “stillness” can Oneness be known.


Meditation is the primary tool for expansion of consciousness. Many different types of meditation exist, for example: washing dishes, tying your shoes, walking, running, work tasks, cleaning your home, bicycling, etc. But, if you want to experience Oneness, then I suggest you might want to choose a meditation to still the mind of restless thoughts. Try the method described in this section, or find a method that best fits your needs. There are many excellent books on meditation.

Meditation is a prayer of gratitude, an act of humility, and expresses a desire to touch the Sacred One that ensouls us. It is a process of self discovery - a simple, mental technique that lifts our awareness into the vast creative energy field of Divine Consciousness. It revitalizes our lifeforce energy centers, which in turn, energizes our intelligence, emotions, and body. It is “at easement of mind” which allows insights to surface in the conscious mind. When combined with the path of love, it leads us directly into the center of our true identity, and brings proof of the existence of the sinless reality within our consciousness.

Meditation strengthens the mind and is a form of “deep prayer” - deeper and more effective than the prayer of petition. Within its deep inner peace, we can build a more effective basis for our prayers to be granted because meditation puts us in direct rapport with our essence of Divine Love.

Anybody can use meditation. It is non sectarian, non denominational, and belief is not required. You don't even have to believe in the value of meditation for it to work. You don't have to believe in the existence of the sinless reality to receive the benefits of meditation. It's a prove it to yourself-as-you-go science; a hands on learning experience. You can use it in any religion or with no religion. It enhances faith, self awareness, and self confidence.


Progress in meditation is achieved by quieting the mind of restless thoughts. Tension is to be avoided. In stillness, there is no tension. We begin by relaxing our body, mind, and emotions.

Hatha yoga or simple stretching exercises help to relax the muscles and release tension in the body. Gently stretch the muscles in the legs, arms, neck, and the whole torso for five to ten minutes. You can perform these exercises outside in the fresh air, and if that's not available, they can be performed indoors. Playing calm meditation music during exercises helps, too. It's best to take a shower or bath before meditating. Water cleans the body, wakes it up, and feels soothing to the muscles, mind and emotions. Restless thoughts begin to slow down during physical relaxation exercises and a shower or bath.

Prepare a meditation altar (optional and highly recommended) in a quiet place in your home where you won't be disturbed while you meditate. The altar symbolizes your devotion and reverence that honors the source of all life. On your altar you can place spiritual items that reflect the feelings of your devotion, such as candles, a bouquet of flowers, or pictures of saintly persons of your choice. Decorate it as you wish.

It's all right to meditate anytime or wherever you can find a quiet place. Early in the morning when the birds sing, and later in the evening just before bedtime are usually do-able for hectic schedules. Don't eat before you meditate. The energy required to digest food takes away necessary energy to focus the mind, and food in the stomach promotes drowsiness. We need to be alert and awake to meditate. If you do eat, then wait an hour before meditating. Drinking water or a little juice is okay.

You might like to burn incense during your physical relaxation exercises and meditation time. Its aroma reminds me of the sweetness of Love which is our home. If possible, meditate in a cooler room rather than in a warmer temperature so you don't fall asleep. If you are cold, bundle up with warm blankets that can be easily shed. Wear loose fitting clothing. Now, you are ready to meditate!

Anybody above the age of four can learn to meditate. Before that age the lifeforce energy centers are not stabilized enough to handle the powerful energies generated in meditation. Children from age four to ten should practice meditation for not more than ten minutes a day. The time period can be lengthened as the child grows into adolescence.

Adults are capable of spending 20-30 minutes per session for meditation. As your mental strength increases, your meditation will lengthen naturally. There's no reason to overdo it or to expect instant results.

Meditation is a natural process like growing up. Its value comes from connecting with our innermost Self on a regular basis; to begin and finish the day, and practicing the meditative attitude throughout the day. Each meditation session draws us closer to our great awakening of Oneness.


To pierce deeply within the depths of being, and know yourself as radiant Light and boundless Love, you’ll want to choose a meditation that I call the "stillness" technique. The objective is to quiet or still the mind of restless thoughts. When we still the mind of restless thoughts, our meditation naturally produces an ever deepening, abiding peace and joy. Peace and joy lead to Oneness.

Quieting the mind of the constant mental chatter that rushes through it is a primary requirement for entering the gate of inner Light. It also cultivates higher awareness, a powerful focus to enable long periods of concentration, deeper insight, creative visualization, and attunement with one’s being.

Stillness of the mind is observation of the inner Self or Light within. This is where the mind gets its true power. It is achieved by developing a strong, powerful focus in the mind’s eye. A strong, powerful focus will enable you to pierce through the veils of forgetfulness in your mind. Just behind the veils, the priceless jewel of your divine Self stands revealed in all of its radiant majesty.

The key to quieting the mind is becoming a conscious observer of your thoughts. The practice of meditation will enable you to become a conscious observer. When you observe your thoughts, they slow down. When this happens, you step outside your human consciousness into an expansion of consciousness, and it puts you in direct contact with your divine consciousness. As the observer becomes stronger in you, you begin to disassociate yourself from a limited human being, and begin to associate yourself as the limitless free spirit you are in human form. Your life can become a meditation wherein you are in touch with yourself as a conscious observer all the time, and aware of your essence of Divine Love.

When we focus our attention into the mind's eye (at the point between the eyebrows), we direct our focus of attention (energy) into the lifeforce energy center of infinity and Oneness. Focusing our attention in the mind’s eye leads us away from fear and illusionary beliefs, back home, towards the truths of the Sinless Reality.

Meditation is self regenerating. Its greatest importance is it redirects the outgoing energy flow from our outlook upon the world to observing our inner world in the mind's eye. This redirection of our focus energizes us with subtle, potent lifeforce energy -the powerful invigorating “juices” of our real identity. The outflow of energy through our eyes must be replenished by Lifeforce energy in order to remind us that we are an expression of pure limitless energy or consciousness (wisdom, compassion, creative intelligence), and not the limited human beings we appear to be.

If the outgoing energy does not get replaced, our awareness remains low and outer directed, many times focused on fear and limitation instead of our true identity -radiant Light and boundless Love.

By redirecting the energy flow into our mind's eye, we get connected to the limitless lifeforce energy source of Divine Consciousness – a highly concentrated form of living magnetic energy that energizes our whole spirit, body, mind, and emotions. It is our inexhaustible supply source for creativity, love, insight, motivation, self acceptance, self approval, productivity, prosperity, and abundance in our everyday life.

The meditation posture is like standing at attention while sitting down, but it's not tense or rigid, just relaxed. Choose a straight back chair without arm rests for your meditation seat. Sit up straight in the chair, preferably not leaning against its back, feet flat on the floor, about shoulder width apart. It's important your spine is erect. Your upper thighs should be about parallel with the floor when you sit in the chair. Add a seat cushion if necessary. Most Westerners are better able to use a chair than sitting in the lotus position, but if you like the lotus position, go for it!

Rest your hands comfortably in your lap. If you want to pray with your hands, that's okay. Most likely, you will have to discipline the body because it will rebel at this posture in the beginning, since it is not used to this habit. Gently let your body know that you want to practice meditation, and it will obey.

You might want to read something inspirational or say an opening prayer. When you are finished, take a few deep breaths and exhale, then close your eyes and focus your attention at the mind's eye -the point between the eyebrows. Never strain your eye sight in meditation. Simply relax and visualize; stay awake and alert.


Focus your attention in the mind's eye, and use one of the focusing techniques described below. Practice for ten minutes or longer. If your thoughts wander away from your object of focus, gently bring them back and focus again. Some people find it easier to meditate with their eyes open. You can experiment with this.

There is really no work involved in focusing your attention in the mind’s eye. Then again, it is the most difficult work you will ever do. The only work is to master stillness. Developing a strong, powerful focus is the key. We never want to make the mind blank. This is an open invitation for any discarnate entity to enter the body.

There are various ways to develop a powerful focus. Three techniques are described here and you can decide which one is most useful for you.

(1) You can listen to inspirational or uplifting music. Visualize beautiful and harmonious or loving thoughts, and let yourself flow with the music.

(2) You can choose to visualize an object, such as a white circle of light, a golden triangle, a word, or chant to yourself (either silently or softly out loud) the sound of Om or Amen. Select an object that has special meaning for you. It could be a cross, a flower, or a beautiful work of art.

(3) You can watch your breath flow in and out of your lungs. Breathing is closely linked with inner peace. I find slowing down the breathing as the easiest way to calm restless thoughts, and the fastest way to develop a strong, powerful focus. As breath becomes slower, restless thoughts decrease and inner peace increases.

Picture your breath as a mighty river flowing in and out of your body. Inhale and exhale naturally through your nose while holding this picture in your mind's eye. When you inhale, picture the river bringing peace and joy into your heart, and say silently to yourself ''Light.'' On the exhale, picture compassion and joy leaving your heart, and silently say ''Love.'' The words “Light” and “Love” remind us of our essence. As you practice this technique, your breathing will become slower, and inner peace and joy will increase. Peace is the first response you will feel in meditation. Joy and bliss will follow the deeper you go into your being.


After practicing a focus technique, and establishing yourself in a deep peace and expansion of awareness, you might want to shift your attention to what I call “Inspirational Contemplation” (IC) – wherein we listen to learn, and learn to listen.

During this period, you might receive flashes of insight or a solution to a particular problem that you’ve asked clarity for. You might be moved to read an inspirational passage from a spiritual book, or write down your thoughts in a journal, or practice visioning your dreams. Or, just observe your thoughts and feelings. Don't hold onto them, or judge them as right or wrong. Just observe them. Whatever inspiration you decide upon, practice this in silence for 10 minutes or more.

This is a perfect time to program your mind with positive affirmations, such as, ''The God within me guides me now and always. I am a living manifestation of the Creator God within me. The perfect job or relationship is manifesting in my life now. I am Divine Love. Oneness is my true nature.''


1. Prepare your body mind emotions for meditation with stretching exercises and a shower or bath. Avoid eating before meditation.

2. Spend 20 minutes or more for your meditation period. Sit up straight, keep the spine erect, and stay awake and alert. Open your meditation by visualizing a protective white light around your body.

3. Practice a focusing technique for 10 minutes or longer. If your thoughts wander, gently bring them back to the object of your focus.

4. Practice inspirational contemplation in silence for 10 minutes or longer. Your meditation practice will change over time. It's all up to you how you want to design it.

5. Close your meditation with a prayer and visualize a white light around your body throughout the day. Practice the presence of peace and joy during the day as well as watching your thoughts and behavior.

If you don't want to begin spiritual growth, then don't start meditating. It opens up the subtle lifeforce energy centers which cause the transformation of consciousness process to roll. Personal issues then begin rising into the conscious mind. The presence of these mental and emotional issues is a sign for the individual to clean up one's act – resolve these issues as they come up. Growth and strength are found in resolution of these issues. If these issues are suppressed, avoided or ignored, negativity in the personality increases.

The practice of meditation and living spiritual values are a waste of time if we don't practice the presence of peace and joy in our everyday life, and watch our thoughts and behavior. Practicing peace and joy at work, home or in our leisure time spiritualizes everything we do, and brings lightheartedness to our day.

A great help to our daily personal meditations is to meditate in a group of two or more people on a weekly basis. Find like minded people in your area who are willing to meditate for at least one hour a week. Lengthen the meditation period as it fits the needs of the group.

Meditation reveals Truth or Reality as it is. It will raise our self awareness and show us how to become free from all ideologies or belief systems. It will free us from the tyranny of fear and illusion. It leads to enlightenment. It will prove the existence of Oneness.



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Road to Oneness