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"The key to planetary transformation is our own personal transformation"

Overcoming Drama and Chaos with Peace by Rev. Dennis B. Shipman

Overcoming Drama and Chaos

Written by Rev. Dennis Shipman, July 2016

The good news is: The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness is in full swing! Signs of this great shift are everywhere! The world is waking up! The challenging news is: Drama and chaos are at high levels and continue to plague our lives. Many people are horrified at the violence and terrorism in the world. It’s easy to allow our emotions to get swept up into it.

What’s the solution? What can we do to end the drama and chaos in our own lives and in our world? What can we do to increase the light and love vibration of the human collective consciousness? Thereby increasing and raising our own spiritual vibration and that of the planet? With the end result of quickening the ascension process for all?

The key to planetary transformation is our own personal transformation. In this message, I want to focus on a few tips that we might have forgotten about. Here’s a series of new articles that will help lead you into peace, love and joy. There is really no other place left to go!

5 Planets in Retrograde 2016 – Nearly all at the same time!

This is what the Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness is all about – transforming all those old habits and old beliefs that don’t serve us anymore into a greater expansion of your own love and light that you are. In addition to the already incoming spiritual energies of transformation, more help is on the way. Five planets in retrograde are coming online – nearly all at the same time!

You Create Your Reality: Thoughts Attract!

Thought energy and focused intention create your reality. This is a critically important truth that shapes your life. I want to encourage you to give this serious attention and contemplation. I cannot emphasize it enough. Learn more about this most important topic.

The Power of Thankfulness and Gratitude!

A thankful heart is a happy heart. You know how wonderful you feel when someone says a sincere “Thank You” for an act of kindness you’ve done for them. It’s no different with God. Thankfulness and gratitude return to us in many ways. Here’s a few tips that will keep you in the pink and on the happy track with insights from some well-known celebrities: Oprah Winfrey, Dalai Lama, Willie Nelson, the Buddha, Eckhart Tolle, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Nobel prize winner Albert Einstein.

Trinity Foundations of Belief and Knowing!

There are three Bible passages that sum up the teachings of Jesus the Christ. When you become aware of the totality of the light of their knowledge, you will understand where we are headed in returning to full-consciousness in this process known as The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness. Check it out!

The Power of Meditation: Journey to Love!

A Course in Miracles said it so perfectly: “There’s a place in you of perfect peace – a place where nothing is impossible – where the strength of God abides.” This secret place in you is the stillness of meditation where you can experience God’s love flowing through you like a river flowing free to the sea. Trust me when I say the experience is exhilarating! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator, this article will guide you in the right direction to the journey of love within you.

Send Love to all Sentient Beings and to the Dark Cabal

Never has it been so important to understand how we can positively impact the human collective consciousness as now. Using this simple technique can help transform our world into peace. Humanity wants peace. It wants an end to war and violence; an end to pain and suffering; an end to poverty and the fear of survival, and to enjoy the fullness of prosperity and abundance. You never lose the love you send. Love expands and expands. It grows deeper and deeper into your heart as you become one with Spirit. Learn how you can help transform our world into a peaceful planet by not even leaving home.


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Book cover original artwork entitled Transcendence by Agnes Krumins

Book cover original artwork entitled Transcendence by Agnes Krumins

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