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Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Ascension Updates: November 2018

From Trusted Alternative News Sources

November 28, 2018 - NOVA EARTH - THE REBIRTH - The 10,000 Year Cycle of Peace Has Arrived! Mother Earth, Gaia, has re-birthed herself, and the consciousness that is coming through the Photon Belt is assisting Mother Gaia in her birthing process. Mother Earth is now ascending into 5D Awareness of the New Earth. Soon you will begin to see and feel a peace, a transformation of the energy upon this Earth in a very calm manner. Chaos will begin to subside. A new chapter has begun. The 10,000 year cycle of peace has arrived. This is a time of celebration. Source: Channeled by Jesus and Mary Magdalene - Click Here to Read the Full Article.

November 24, 2018 - STAR-SELF TO SHINE. As humans awake from their unconscious slumber, that numb place in consciousness where denial is the frequency and the guest - as the cosmic energy continues to increase and floods the consciousness of mankind with the spark of their own knowing and power - more and more angry people will rise out of their numb slumber and begin to protest the dysfunctional conditions in which they are living. You can see or sense the unrest, the protests, and the anger that are manifesting around the globe.

Your service work - and the service work of all multidimensional star-humans who are awake and aware - is to hold a steady pure frequency of love, joy, gratitude, and appreciation. This frequency and this resonance of these pure, high vibrations will act as the foundation and the anchoring that allows for the new paradigm, as everything is shifting and moving into the higher dimensions.

You, along with others, have your own personal denseness to uplift and transform, as well as holding the frequency o f the high vibrations for others to resonate with. Allow yourself to laugh, play, be in your joy, be in your heart, and be in your full appreciation of this wonderful game. Remember you are as big as the stars. This body and this life are only a small reflection of your magnificence. Allow and invite the fullness of your Star-Self to shine into your life. Source: Morning Messages channeled by Peggy Black.

November 22, 2018 - THANKSGIVING DAY IN THE U.S. - TRUE AUTHENTIC GRATITUDE WILL UNLOCK THE MYSTERIES OF FULFILLMENT. Gratitude, appreciation and joy that you exist and get to play and expand in this hologame are among the highest frequencies you can offer. Expressing gratitude will free you up, will shift your daily reality in amazing ways. The frequency of gratitude also creates a vibration that will begin to attract all sorts of synchronistic events into your reality.

Remember, everything in the quantum field is frequency and vibration. Genuine gratitude has a high vibrational or energy signature that is similar to unconditional love. When you are offering gratitude you begin to connect with this field in a profound manner. You begin to resonate or entrain with the language of the universe. When you express genuine gratitude for your life and blessings, you energetically open the universal doors to more of the blessings and goodness to flow to you and your affairs. The universe begins to connect with you through your empathic understanding. Source: How the Quantum Field of Gratitude Can Change Your Life For The Better! – Click Here to Read the Full Report.

November 21, 2018 - HOLDING A HIGHER VIBRATION FOR THE COLLECTIVE. We have observed the way that you have all been sustaining a higher vibration in spite of the fact that what you see around you seems to indicate that most of humanity is regressing. If you follow the news, it would appear from the major stories that are put out there, that humanity is not doing very well at all. And in response to the current state of being on planet Earth, we see all of you working harder.

We see all of you praying more, intending more, and creating more for the human collective. You don’t just look for ways to make your lives better, but instead, you want what is best for everyone. You are using your powers to create a better version of life on planet Earth for all beings. We see that, and we also see that the compassion grows within the hearts of those of you who are awakened, especially in response to those news stories that seem to indicate you are not doing so well as a collective.

What you need to understand is that you are going to see the darkness in the world continue because it is necessary to give individuals the opportunity to feel what they need to feel, to process what they need to process, and to release what they need to release. And if you are getting triggered by what you are seeing, then you know there is more work for you to do as well. But as you keep your hearts open and your hopes high, you are the ones who are holding space for this human collective.

And you are the ones who are capable of receiving the downloads and upgrades that are coming. You will help the unawakened get to where they need to go. You will help to ready them for the shift in consciousness. You are already doing so. This we can see, and this we can verify for you. Source: The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

November 17, 2018 - VISIT THE PLEIADIAN STAR-SHIPS IN YOUR LIGHT-BODY DURING YOUR SLEEP. Do you know you leave your body when you are asleep? And, you can travel anywhere you want? Though you might not remember it! According to the Pleiadians, whether you are aware of it or not, many of us return to their Star-Ships during our sleep for training and healing. They've arrived in our solar system in the millions now, in support of Mother Gaia (Earth) and her inhabitants in this divine time of planetary and universal Ascension. Many of us visit our galactic family in our nightly light-bodies when our physical body is sleeping. On the Ship, there are many machines that use advanced, fifth-dimensional healing technology. These machines allow the Pleiadians to see inside the patient. They use special “energy fields” to repair the inside of the patient’s wounded, or diseased body. And, they say, many of us who visit take advantage of the advanced 5D healing technology. When you visit the Star-Ships, you will feel very comforted by the constant Unconditional Love and many forms of inter-dimensional communication. Commander Ashtar describes four 5D technology tools that you can use to aid your Ascension when you visit his Pleiadian Star-Ship when your body is sleeping. Click Here for the Article.

November 16, 2018 - RAISE YOUR LIGHT VIBRATION TO CREATE 5D PARADISE ON EARTH. This is how you get to the version of Earth that you want. It is not through changing who is in the positions of power. Not through politics, or changing the systems that you have, and not through having access to all of the technology that has been beyond your reach. The way that you bring about a lighter version of life on planet Earth is by grounding more Light in yourselves. You have access to more light, and your bodies are capable of holding more light in them.

There is more light coming from every corner of the galaxy and every dimension in the universe. What Earth needs more than anything is more light receptors. You will all benefit from opening yourselves up to receive the light that is available to you, and you will all benefit from lightening up. Light comes from within you as well when you make that choice to have fun, to experience joy and laughter. You can dance and play and sing your way to the fifth dimension. It doesn’t have to be all meditation and yoga. So make sure that you are balancing your more serious spiritual practices with some lighthearted fun and frivolity. Source: The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton.

November 15, 2018 - START LIVING A HEART-CENTERED FIFTH-DIMESIONAL LIFE. We are noticing that there is a tendency on the part of those of you who are awakened to look for the big changes that you have heard about, and we see you looking for those big changes outside of you. You all have been aware that the times are changing, that things are going to get better, and that you ultimately will be shifting your consciousness, and so will the rest of humanity.

But we want to encourage you to do is to look for the shifts that you can experience right now. Look for ways of improving your lives, because you are in this for the long haul and as you can see, things are not changing overnight. Rather than getting discouraged by that, and scouring the Internet for more predictions about when this or that is going to happen, you can look for the ways you have of empowering yourselves. You can feel for the changes that are available inside of you, and you can focus on what it is that you want to create in the here and now.

This transitory zone of the fourth dimension can feel like a waiting room that is filled with very old magazines and very bad music, or it can be a creative playground where you test your abilities. It can be the place where you experience the greatest ride of your lives, but we want you to recognize that you are at the helm and that you can make improvements to your lives regardless of what’s going on outside of you.

And as you do, other people will take notice, and they will want to know what it is you’re doing and how you’re doing it. And just by living your lives as joyously as you can, you can be the reason that someone else awakens. You can be the teachers, the guides, the healers, and the leaders that you were born to be, and you don’t have to wait for anything to happen outside of you to start living a fifth dimensional life. Source: The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton.

November 14, 2018 - PROSPERITY FUNDING RISING, TRANSFORMATIONS CONTINUING. The Earth transformations are increasing as an enormous numerological gateway has passed (11-11-2018). The Earth holds a very different vibration than it did one year ago prior to the 11/11 gateway of 2017. The people on a collective level are far more active and passionate in bringing fairness and equality to their fellow man, woman and child. There is a greater reaching out between the people of nations and a greater resolve that collectively understands what must be done to usher in a new era where prosperity, community and companionship become the daily way of life.

There are more nations coming together for a common cause to bring a collective transformative effort in creating prosperity funding programs that are set to happen country-by-country. Even through other political and national operations are happening in cooperation, the greatest support is through the individual and their neighbors that shall present the greatest prosperity.

Through the prosperity to come, humanity will learn to develop far more organic systems that will replace old systems that thrived on resources that injured the planet and the value energy of each person upon it. Continue to send your blessings, bring forward your loving intent and help those around you that work to bring their lives into balance. Through the inner work you perform, you become the example of what others too may become. Simplicity and example shall always bring the greatest of results forward to those who are walking a similar path. Let love reign supreme upon the Earth as there need not be anything else, for love will always allow prosperity, compassion and understanding to flourish. Source: Earth Intelligence Report, November 12, 2018 by Brad Johnson, channel for Adronis of Sirius – Click Here to Read the Full Report.

November 13, 2018 - ET DISCLOSURE GETTING CLOSER. In this message, Ascended Master Commander Ashtar of the Galactic Federation of Light says that operations are underway to bring about disclosure, and the Pleiadians – who will be landing first on Earth's surface – are planning a big celebration. On the whole, the galactic star fleets that are surrounding Earth are showing themselves more and more to us. And, if our political leaders will not make this announcement about disclosure, then Ashtar says it's up to the general public and lightworkers to create this event by holding the vision of disclosure because we are the disclosure. Source: Commander Ashtar channeled by James McConnell – Click Here to Read the Full Message.

November 11, 2018 – GLOBAL MEDITATION AT LINCOLN MEMORIAL, WASHINGTON, D.C. To honor the 11-11-11- Tsunami Wave of Love Energy, a global meditation and festival is happening today at the Lincoln Memorial in our nation's capital. The meditation begins at 2 pm EST (11 am PST). The festival starts at 10 am, and features live music, guest speakers, workshops, yoga, influential art, healing tents, and vegan food. The free event is open to the public, and it’s purpose is to promote a healthy lifestyle and live a pure enlightened life path. Sign up to follow the event online, and participate in the global meditation. Click Here for More Information.

November 10, 2018 - EXPECT TO DOWNLOAD MORE HIGH FREQUENCY ENERGIES. We have been observing you and waiting for the perfect moment to give you a bit of good news that will assist you in keeping your feeling of hope alive. In the recent months on your planet, there has been a tremendous upswing in the releasing of lower frequency entities, emotions, thought forms, and other energies, and all of the aforementioned released energies have been in a sort of limbo state where they cannot affect humanity.

They have not quite returned to Source, but they also have not been allowed back into the human collective consciousness. So you haven’t just been moving negative energies around. You’ve been purging them. And now they are in a place where they can have their own process of evolution without attaching themselves to any of you. You see, nothing is ever truly destroyed in this universe, no matter how ugly or distasteful it is to experience. There is always value to everything in existence, and these energies will find their way.

But this good news for all of you means that you can expect to download more of the high frequency energies that have been coming from all across the galaxy, and even beyond the Milky Way. You have the unique opportunity to replace what you have purged, and so we are recommending that you let your guard down. Put down your shields, and open yourselves up to receive. It is safe to do so.

And with that expectation that you are receiving higher frequency energy and information, you can rest assured that only higher frequency energies can come to you. We are guaranteeing that, and we are excited to see how many of you open yourselves up to receive and the effects that all of those downloads will have on the human collective consciousness. Source: The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton.

November 9, 2018 – WATER IS CONSCIOUS. Medical science says our human bodies are composed of 70%-90% water, and water is absorbed through the skin when bathing or swimming. Water in our city water supply systems is devitalized as is a great amount of bottled water. Researchers have found that human emotions projected onto water have a profound effect. It was found that positive emotions such as love, gratitude, and appreciation increases the water levels and stabilizes the water, and aggressive emotions such as hate, anger, fear reduce the energy and makes radical changes in the water. Dr. Masaru Emoto of Japan breakthrough research shows that water has a memory all its own. The short 4-minute video below shows the effects of human emotions on water. It might seem strange to you, but you might want to get into the habit of blessing your drinking water before you drink it.

November 8, 2018 - REPORT FROM MIRA OF THE PLEIADIAN HIGH COUNCIL. Greetings I am Mira. Thank you for being here at this time. It is ever so clear how important your participation is in this Ascension process. You rank highly in the annals of Ascension. This is clearly one for the books in the Hall of Records (Akashic Records - the Library of All That Is).

You know that you are being spied upon through various means with your nosy alphabet agencies. They use artificial synthetic means to capture what you do. They are trying to mimic what we do in the higher realms. We simply tune in and know what you are doing and thinking. With artificial means you may think you are living in a fishbowl. However, with cosmic ways you may find yourself feeling more united with all of life. This is where the oneness principle applies.

You are beginning to understand that there are no secrets. All is known. You have been living in a matrix that is being controlled and has prevented you from realizing your oneness. As a result of the matrix you have learned separation and fear. You have been controlled artificially and unfortunately limited in a myriad of ways.

Humanity has been living like they are a spectator sport for the dark forces. The dark ones have fed upon the fear and have misused the energies of the populace. You have ultimately been restricted in your lives such that we have never seen.

Soon you will begin to realize that the matrix under which you have been living is being reprogrammed for your freedom. It is because of what you have done in raising the levels of your consciousness that the light and energy support allow this freedom.

What the dark forces do not realize is that you work for Source. You will no longer be their fodder. They will not be able to use you. You will become free. You will be able to remove the shackles that held you back from your full creative expression.

Those who have been the perpetrators will realize that they themselves are the prisoners. What has been done to the populace and to the human soul will be paid for karmically for eons. The cruelty, darkness and harshness on the Earth that these dark souls created will imprison them until they can learn their lessons, grow and evolve.

Your job as beings of light and love, is to feed upon these higher dimensional energies as you rise higher in consciousness until you find yourselves Home. It is been a long journey fraught with trials and tribulations, yet the destination of Home will all be worth it. All of creation will celebrate with you with your victory.

We will continue these messages until you are free! We all send you our strength, courage and blessings. We love and admire you. I am Mira. Source: A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner, November 5, 2018.

November 6, 2018 - YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD WITHOUT LEAVING HOME. In light of the mid-term elections in the U.S., about holding political office to change the world!!? Let us remember the guidance of Amma the Divine Mother: "Today, we are talking about how you can change the world without leaving your home. You might think you have to leave your home to change the world, to make your mark, or to achieve great success. That’s one way of doing it, but you can do great things right where you live, wherever you are. You don’t have to leave your home to change the world. I’m going to give you the information and tools how you can do this, and you can use them immediately." Click Here to Get the Tools and Information from Amma the Divine Mother.

November 5, 2018 - EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE SERVES A PURPOSE. There will be a purpose to everything that you have experienced up until now. You will find that there are no wasted moments, that nothing that happens is a throwaway event. It is all very precisely constructed for you, to give you just the journey you need to be the person that you want to be, living the lives that you want to live.

You do not need to know or remember what everything means - that happens and has happened. That is not your job. Your job is the experiencer of what is before you. Trying to figure it all out and make sense of your life will only keep you a bit longer in that particular place where you find yourself wondering. It is much more important and significant for your development, for your self-knowing experiment, that you accept everything as it is and realize that it is all serving you in some way. Every single thing serves you in some way.

So relax and know that the path you are on is the path that you have set before you. You are the builder/creator of the path and the walker on the path, and there is no reason or need for you to know where the path leads or why you went left instead of right. Begin to focus more on what you can do to have a more full experience of the path. Be curious about your environment, about where it is you find yourself, without trying to decipher the codes.

And rather than asking, "Why is this piece of fabric silk?" pick it up and feel it. Breathe it. Take in the color, the texture, and do with it what best suits you. That is really what it is all about. Have fun with it. Play. And know that there is always a reason, and the reason is always that you thought it was a good idea. Source: The Creators channeled by Daniel Scranton.

November 4, 2018 - 11:11:2018 ENERGY PORTAL IS NOW OPEN; THE EMERGENCE OF YOUR DIVINE SELF. There is a huge 11-11-2018 energy portal that has opened now, which will be at its peak on November 11, 2018. The light quotient on Earth will rise a few notches and continue to do so through the Winter Solstice (December 21, 2018). The 11-11-11 digits are a sign telling you that the doors of the Universe are open to you. How will you utilize this gift? Remember, your choices affect the whole collective consciousness. The energy behind your intentions and visualizations is highly amplified during this time. It is of utmost importance that you use this opportunity to focus and see the Universe within, first, and then send your light to the outer world. Remain of the higher vibrations no matter the circumstances. For as always and now even more, what you think, say and do, is amplified and returns to you threefold.

There are many great shifts unfolding in this Universe, and Earth and humanity are at the center of the show. I do not say this to boost your ego, but to inspire you. Also to assist you in holding your light, and to have hope and patience. And the will to strive ahead one more time. For indeed not only are you at a point where this world has never been before, but you are on the threshold of global transformation. It is essential to understand that you and this mission have been destined to succeed. There is no other alternative.

Your Sun is also being upgraded, expanding, and releasing transformational energies to Earth and humanity. This is causing your bodies to change due to the energy points in your bodies clearing, releasing the old and expanding with the new frequencies. Your DNA is being activated at this moment. Much is being reconnected, and beginning to function the way it was intended to. But is isn't just about physical changes, a healthier you, or a stronger immune system, etc. Your Divine Self is emerging. Light within your DNA is spilling into your entire being. Your soul (Self) is becoming the real you, and merging into your consciousness. Source: KejRaj at Era of Light - Click Here to Read the Full Report.

November 3, 2018 - GOOGLE EMPLOYEES WALK OUT TO PROTEST COMPANY'S TREATMENT OF WOMEN. Google employees worldwide walked off the job two days ago to protest the company's treatment of women and its handling of sexual assault cases. They walked out of Google offices in Singapore, Zurich, London, Dublin, New York City, and Google's California headquarters in Silicon Valley. Organizers are calling for an end to forced arbitration, a commitment from the company to end inequities in pay and opportunity, a publicly disclosed sexual harassment transparency report, and a safe and anonymous process for reporting sexual misconduct at Google.The employee protest comes a week after The New York Times published an extensive report on sexual harassment at the company. Andy Rubin, the creator of the Android software operating system, was accused by a female colleague of coercing her to perform oral sex on him in 2013, the Times reports. Google reportedly found the allegation credible, asked for his resignation and gave him an exit package worth $90 million. The company did not mention the allegations in the announcement of his departure. Rubin has tweeted, "These false allegations are part of a smear campaign." Source: NPR Business News - Click Here to Read the Full Report.

November 2, 2018 - THIS UNIVERSE COULD NOT EXIST WITHOUT YOU! You are all necessary parts of this Universe. There is a place for you in this world, for every individual Being that incarnates. That is part of the way your Universe is set up. You are not here by accident, and you are here because your being here makes this Universe possible. Your participation creates waves by which others can flourish and will experience a deeper understanding of who it is they are.

Everyone is here in service to the Whole. And when you realize this, when you give yourselves credit for making this journey and for participating in this Universe's evolution, you can see that everyone here is equal and everyone here is special. Everyone here serves a purpose. It is your privilege and honor to be here, to support, to give what it is you have to give, and to play in a Universe that is unfamiliar to many of you but is exciting and wondrous and beautiful.

All of you can have that experience of your Universe, when you choose, when you choose to see that this Universe is beautiful because you are a part of it and because it is more interesting with you in it.

Please do not misunderstand. It is not as if you were sent here on a mission and that you must do your work. Not at all. You chose to come here to hold it all together because you love participating with your friends, with your fellow Beings of Love. And getting to know one another, yet again, through a new, unique lens of perception. Source: The Creators channeled by Daniel Scranton.

November 1, 2018 – ASCENSION IS AN INSIDE JOB by the Agarthans of Hollow Earth! It is important now to understand that the energies coming your way are here to guide personal evolution in the direction of a positive development in terms of the ascension process. Any discussion of ascension must always begin from a foundation of self-compassion. This statement means there must be a balanced reflection made upon one’s inner terrain, and by terrain we simply mean all of the thoughts and emotions that each of you hold within your Being, the thoughts and emotions that you hold in respect to yourselves.

As long as one is in judgment of another or projecting blame upon another, there is unfinished inner work holding one back from the greatest energetic shift in the Creation – the ascension of all beings, all aspects of expression, and all expressions of realities within your life, in this now moment. It is with great love and compassion that we say to you now that you need not consider, criticize, project or decry anyone else’s path along the ascension way – you are only responsible for yourself. By projecting judgment and blame on to another is only lifting responsibility for your own growth. This is not the way to the ascension!

While it may seem a tireless comment, it is true that as one expands their inner energy of self-love and compassion founded in loving kindness for self and within which grace and gratitude are immediately a part – this naturally expands the ability of cells in the body to hold more photonic light. More photonic light means a higher level of consciousness. As soon as a level of loving kindness is achieved, there are irreversible shifts in the operating function of genetic strands (DNA); they open to more photonic light, light of a higher frequency, and therefore light frequencies of more refined realities in the creation. This is how one expands in consciousness and this is actually what is meant by the Ascension.

As humanity as a core unified field of consciousness also obtains this level of expansion, they will shift as a whole, as a unit, into an expanded or higher frequency of light. We are all One. We are the unified presence of the Whole. Humanity’s challenge is to overcome the idea that it is separate from creation simply because it is 7.53 billion (2017) “separate individuals”. You are One, and you are One with Us. And We are One with the Creation.

As more and more of humanity accesses this knowing at the level of inner recognition – the entrainment shall be triggered, where there is a sudden knowing by many individuals, and where there shall be a quantum shift created, causing a group shift. The more deeply one grows into the divine understanding of Self and the divinity of creation, the more easily this shift will come.

In the meantime, those who are aware of this expansion into the light, including you and your friends around you, shall continue to flood the collective with increasing light frequencies used wholly to open the collective mind to seeing and learning new perspectives on life. This is the great ascension project and we Agarthans will be your interface between these expanding dimensions, third to fifth. Remember, Self-Resurrection is the way to the ascension, and it is the only way. We are the Agarthans and we remain by your side. Source: The Agarthans of Hollow Earth channeled by Carla Thompson.

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