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"Earth is transforming at a rapid rate, as is all humans who want to receive the new energies!"

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Nova Earth – The Rebirth – The 10,000 Year Cycle of Peace Has Arrived!

Jesus and Mary Magdalene channeled by Lea Chapin - November 12, 2018

Nova Earth - The Rebirth BlissfulVisions.com

Jesus: Greetings, it is I, Christ. We stand with you today on the cusp of a new generation of time. The energy of the Photon Belt is shifting in your galaxy, and a major shift of transformational consciousness is now being imbued upon planet Earth. This is a wave of ascension energy that is now flooding your planet, and much that you understand in your Earthly realm, with all of the natural disasters that are occurring, and the Earth changes, will soon begin to subside.

This transformative energy is a calming energy, and as this frequency has come forth in what you call the portal of your 11-11 awakening, the energy of the Photon Belt and the transformational frequencies are bringing waves and waves of peace and tranquility upon planet Earth. This is welcome news, as your Earth has been undergoing an intense transformational change upon the inner and outer surface of her being.

All of you have been undergoing this major transformation for several years. Many of you are wondering what you are to be doing with your life, and where you are to be living, and what is to happen next within your Earthly life. Many are being forced to change, to move out of your location, and your living arrangements and various relationships are changing as well. So many are being affected by this frequency of what we call the transformational energy from the Photon Belt, from the galaxy.

This is truly a frequency of transformational healing, and your planet has undergone this shift for the last 14 years. However, the intensity that has been upsurged in the most recent years, and even at this time of your current world events, the Earth is shifting in her consciousness and transforming the lower vibrational frequencies that no longer serve her.

Know that all of the changes, the purification, the fires, the clearings of the water and the floods, the hurricanes, and all of the energies that are now purifying the Earth are soon to begin to subside. The Earth is moving through this change rather rapidly and now, for the next 15 years, the Earth can remain in a state of equilibrium.

This is welcome news for many of the inhabitants upon the Earth plane, and yet the complicity, or complacent nature of many who are not holding the frequency of the higher light codes will continue to be affected by this energy from the Photon Belt. Those who are not holding the frequency of the light particles within their physicality and within their energetic matrix will continue to be affected by the light that is being flooded upon the planet.

Those who have awakened to what we call the 33.33% of energy that has affected and been imprinted within the energetic matrix of the human population will continue to transform their energies, and every soul on this planet is being affected by the energy of the Photon Belt, and is being affected by these frequencies of powerful transformation.

As for the information that many were feeling and receiving on your 11:11 (2018), on that particular awakening and portal, you were receiving an additional download of light that was being brought forth within your own energetic matrix. Literally your DNA is being altered, and the 12-24 strands of DNA, and the 48 strands of DNA, and the 78 strands of DNA that are affecting and causing each of you to shift in your energetic frequency is allowing you to move forward into your conscious ascension process. This is a rapid change for many souls, for some are literally physically transitioning out of their bodies, for they are not able to hold these light particles and frequencies, and others are not able to receive the energies because, as we have said, their consciousness is at a lower frequency.

This is causing anger, confusion and a disturbance of the mental mind.

This is contributing to the chaos of those who are causing and affecting the world by their violent behavior. This is the increase in the active shooters in your United States of America. Those souls are being affected by these new light particles and they are not able to handle the energy that is being brought forth to them. It is creating a disturbance within their energy field, and they are not able to control their primal impulses, and are becoming erratic in their behavior.

Others who are able to hold the frequencies are transforming at a very rapid rate. Therefore, all of you are moving and shifting through the light particles rather quickly, and you are able to transform your lower dimensional frequencies into the higher light codes that are being infused, and have been infused for some time, since the energy was brought forth through the Great Pyramid of Giza in October 2018.

These powerful frequencies have intensified upon the Earth, and the Earth is transforming at a rapid rate, as well as all humans who are willing to receive these new frequencies for the highest good of all concerned.

Understand that this is a part of the great shift of consciousness. This is a part of the Great Design. This is a part of the frequencies that the Earth and its inhabitants are in need of receiving. This is a powerful time for all who live on the planet, and it is a powerful time for the energy of Mother Earth herself. This is a powerful frequency that is being brought forth.

The Galactic Brothers and Sisters are supporting and monitoring these energies that are coming from the Photon Belt within your galaxy that truly are a purifying and transformative frequency that is now being received upon your Earth-plane.

The 10,000 Year Cycle of Peace Has Arrived!

BlissfulVisions.com Mary Magdalene: Greetings, it is I, Mary Magdalene. I bow to each of you, I thank you for your willingness to step forward upon this day and to receive the frequencies and these new light codes and particles of light that are coming in through the Photon Belt. All of you are becoming more sensitive, and are being affected energetically by these frequencies.

Just as Yeshua (Jesus) and I would sit in the caves and meditate and focus on raising our frequencies so that we would be able to rise above the Earth energies at the time of our life 2,000 years ago, it was very dense and heavy energy in which we were being bombarded with and affected by. You have the capacity today to transform these frequencies of density very quickly because the Earth is at a lighter and higher vibrational frequency than it was 2,000 years ago. So be aware that as you begin to transform yourself and to shift your consciousness and to be able to manifest your life, and that which you wish to shift, will occur rather rapidly.

What I am saying is that these new energies that Yeshua spoke of are transforming quickly the lower frequencies. What you wish to change in your life, what you wish to transform, what you wish to bring forward onto the world at this time with your consciousness will manifest rather quickly. Simply be aware of your thought-forms and what you wish to bring forward.

This is a powerful time of transformation, and you can see this literally upon the Earth, with all of the Earth changes, and know that all who are in harm’s way are watched over by their own angelic master guides and teachers, and those who have literally lost their lives, those who have literally transitioned from their physical bodies are held in the arms of the angelic realm. All of you who remain upon the Earth-plane are also held in the arms of the angelic realm, helping you to move through your life with greater ease and with greater love.

It is time that you understand that you have made the decision to move through these changing times with the Earth, that you have all been the original Earth volunteers who have chosen to stand with Mother Earth during this time of transformation.

Many call it the end times, or many have predicted it as Armageddon, where there was chaos and fire and brimstone on the Earth. In some ways, you are living during this time of chaos and Armageddon, and end times, and yet this does not mean it is the end of the world. It is simply the end of an old era, and an old energy frequency that the Earth no longer wishes to hold and carry.

Mother Earth, Gaia, has re-birthed herself, and the consciousness that is coming through the Photon Belt is assisting Mother Gaia in her birthing process. And all of the purification and all of the changes that are happening, Mother Earth is now ascending into the new Earth. Mother Gaia is birthing into the new essence of the New Earth, and soon you will begin to see a calming, soon you will begin to see a peace, soon you will begin to see a transformation of the energy upon this Earth in a very calm manner. Things will begin to subside.

Even within your own personal lives, you will begin to see a calming of energy within your own emotions. You will begin to feel a sense of peace and tranquility upon your soul, and this is truly a time of grand celebration, for as you begin to feel this inner peace within you, then you will know that all is in order and all is as it should be. There is nothing for any of you to be anxious over or to worry about, simply call this frequency as peace within your vessel.

This is a time of greatness and grandness, and as you begin to feel this shift within you, you will begin to assist others in this transformational process. This is truly a powerful, powerful time, and it is of great significance that you honor the process of allowing yourself to move through this transformation with grace and ease, and to know that this truly is a part of what is needed for this planet to shift out of the old vibrational frequencies of fear.

Know that this time there will be an upsurge of souls that will step forward, and they will become the new leaders, they will become the new teachers, they will help others to move through this transformational process.

Even your own country of the United States of America will see this shifting of energy, and there will be a shifting and a peace that will be of great importance for all to receive. As if there is truly going to be a healing balm that will occur, not only upon the globe but within the hearts and minds of all souls who are in need of awakening.

You will feel this within the depths of your being, you will feel a peace and happiness within your soul. You will begin to feel your body begin to relax, truly letting go and letting God, knowing that all is in divine order, and all is as it should be.

This is a pure time of what we call the gifts from the heavenly realm, the Great Creator has now called forth this time of peace for as has been spoken, these are the beginning times of peace upon the Earth-plane. The 10,000 year cycle of peace has arrived.

The time is now for each of you to let go of the past and simply allow your hearts to open to the frequency of love. Know that the importance of that which you are bringing forward, you are holding the particles of light for the Earth to shift in consciousness. And yes, as the energy of the crystal kingdom, and the mineral kingdom, and the plant kingdoms are being rejuvenated with this new frequency from the Photon Belt, so new life shall emerge, new species shall emerge.

This is truly a beginning of a new era. We are quite delighted to be a part of this, for there has been so much that has taken place within the last few years, that has been disconcerting for many souls. Each of you were in need of purging and clearing out the old energies within your individual cells, and in your own individual cells within your physical body you literally all are being re-birthed. The Earth is being re-birthed.

This is a time of celebration, and we are quite delighted to share this with all of you. Time is of the essence and there is no time to waste. This is a celebratory time, and the sacred frequency of my daughter’s balanced frequency can now emerge. This is the time of the Divine, Sacred Union. The energy that Yeshua and I brought forth and left our imprints for, the energy of Divine Mother, the energy of Divine Father, we came forward to hold the template, as our daughter holds the frequency in her, she is the chalice, she is the missing Holy Grail, she is the frequency that now can step forward and become the voice that can be heard.

Very soon her voice will now become alive again, her voice will be heard again, her energy will be felt again, the energy of the divine union of my daughter can now shine forth as she was intended to be during our life after she was born, and we traveled together to France, she was revered with the recognition of who she was within Southern France and in the Celtic region.

She now can be honored for the sacred balance that she is bringing forward. This is a time now of deep celebration, and that is why the preparation has been made of the interest, or the spark in our daughter Sarah. Now, Dear Lea, you can complete her book, and you can move forward as you work with Sarah, and she will once again come to you to bring this essence and these teachings forward at this time.

A new chapter has begun, now, for the Earth is shifting into sacred balance. This truly is a powerful time, and know that both individually and collectively on a mass universal scale, that the balance will always be held inside of this. Held within the hearts and souls of all who wish to align to this beautiful frequency of Divine, Sacred Union within themselves and Mother Gaia.

Our daughter Sarah, as we have said, will be the voice for others to hear and to understand and to resonate with this frequency. It is time, it is time, it is time that these frequencies and the energy of union be brought forth.

We know that this has been a difficult time for many. This has been a difficult time for Mother Earth. This has been a deep, sorrowful time for many souls who have lost their lives, lost their property, lost their way. For this transformation and purging of the Earth as been most difficult, and we send our love and our healing to all who have been in harm’s way. We ask you to see that this time upon the Earth is truly a time of celebration, and yet it may not always seem to be that for those who have suffered.

We thank those who have sacrificed their lives and have lived upon the Earth-plane, and brought their energies and frequencies here to Mother Gaia, and to those who remain we stand with you and we stand beside you, and we thank you for your willingness and your dedication to continue to serve the energy of Mother/Father God, the energy of the I AM presence, to honor Mother Gaia and to honor the energy of the sacred light of all of the kingdoms. They can now be brought forth in Divine, Holy Glory.

This is a powerful time of transformation, so we thank you for your willingness to serve and your willingness to hold the template for this beautiful time that has been brought forth, that has been predicted, for the Earth to return to its rightful place as the planet of peace, and love in which she was created.

Begin to feel this within your own physical bodies, and let the resistance, any fear or discomfort you may feel now be held within the temple of love and healing. You may go into the temple of love and healing. There is now an etheric temple that has been created over this planet of love and healing, and you can tap into this temple and receive it at any time.

Step forward into this temple of love and healing and allow your heart to open, and your mind to be healed, celebrate this new life that is being brought forth upon the planet, understand again this awakening of the 11:11 and the portal and the opening of the energies from the Photon Belt, within your galaxy and onto the Earth.

So much is being brought forth to humanity and Mother Gaia, that it is hard to comprehend, it is hard to put into words, but allow yourself to feel this energy, even if it is momentarily, even if it is subtly, begin to feel this peace within your system, and feel the happiness as you shift from the lower frequencies into the energies of the new Earth. You are now transformed.

Go my children, be at peace, be at peace, be at peace. And truly know that you are loved. Yeshua, Sarah and I stand with you, as we stand holding the template to return to divine, sacred balance, and union within yourself. This is truly an honor, it is a gift. We ask that you share this and that you prepare the way for others to move to divine sacred balance within themselves.

About the Channel

BlissfulVisions.com Reverend Lea Chapin is an author, spiritual counselor, speaker/teacher of Divine wisdom, a psychotherapist, licensed massage therapist, channel for Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters, and many other universal beings of the highest love and light. She is considered a versatile channel for Spirit. She holds weekly teleconference calls for Mary Magdalene’s Mystical Teachings of Enlightenment, facilitates guided journeys to sacred destinations, and is available for personal readings. She began channeling in 1993 when in a Reiki session her abilities of clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance were “turned on” all at once, simultaneously, as if a divine switch had been turned on. She is the author of three books: The Twelve Mastery Teaching of Christ, Divine Union: The Story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and The Missing Holly Grail, a new upcoming book. For more information, contact Lea at her website: Lea Chapin.com
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