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"This is a positive way to remain aligned with the ascension shifts taking place daily."

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Visit Commander Ashtar and Pleiadian Star-Ships
in Your Light-Body When You Sleep!

Commander Ashtar channeled by Natalie Glasson - October 18, 2018

BlissfulVisions.com Commander Ashtar: I extend my star greeting to you, I am Ascended Master Commander Ashtar, the overseer of the Airborne Division of the Galactic Federation of Light. It is our purpose to evaluate the process of ascension and to be present in any area upon the Earth or inner planes where healing or awakening is needed. We travel throughout the universe of the Creator and around your world as well. We can be in many places at the same time as we connect into the unified energy of the Creator, meaning we see ourselves not as individuals, instead as able to connect into and embody any energy within the Universe of the Creator.

I, Commander Ashtar, wish to share with you some insights from our ship of tools that are available to assist your ascension now. We can transport you to our starship during your sleep-state. Simply state your intention by saying the Prayer of Asking before you go to sleep.

Ascended Master Unified Network of Light

The first tool I wish to share with you is the Ascended Master Unified Network of Light. This alignment and flow of energy was created by the first Ascended Masters to ascend from the Earth and release themselves from the rebirth cycle. The alignment and flow of energy has been energised and magnified, manifesting powerfully for Ascended Masters and any being of light to connect with and benefit from. When you align yourself with the Ascended Master Unified Network of Light you connect into the unification of all Ascended Masters, their united consciousness and connection with the Creator. You are able to draw upon the wisdom of the Ascended Masters and access their enlightenment, bringing new understanding to your existence and ascension on the Earth. When experiencing the Ascended Master Unified Network of Light, you will feel a deeper sense of oneness, wholeness, connection, unity and harmony with all aspects of yourself, those around you both physically and energetically as well as the Creator. This is a beautiful opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be connected and unified with all that is the Creator.

Prayer of Asking: "Commander Ashtar, I invite you forth to work with me. Please align me with the Ascended Master Unified Network of Light. I wish to access the alignment and flow of light from the Ascended Masters upon your starship, please transport me to the appropriate chamber. Assist me in downloading the Ascended Master Unified Network of Light into my Soul Star Chakra, flowing throughout my being into my Earth Star Chakra as I focus upon a pure white light with hints of pearlescent. Please support my experience with the Ascended Master Unified Network of Light. Thank you."

Allow yourself to imagine the pure white light with hints of pearlescent following into your being as you breathe deeply and receive, allowing yourself to enter into a new state of unity which has always been present within you. This process will not only allow you to connect on a deeper level with all that is the Creator, it will also heal separation within your being allowing a greater state of healing and harmony.

BlissfulVisions.com Light Innovation Chamber

Upon our starship, you have the opportunity to enter into the Light Innovation Chamber to enhance your ability of creating from your soul new manifestations of light for yourself, reality, the Earth and even the Universe. This is an opening to bathe yourself in supreme light vibrations and frequencies, to fill your being with light so that your soul glows with happiness. Your soul will then share with you new ideas and understandings of all that you can manifest from light to support your current existence.

With a simple idea or intention, you will discover within the chamber that light takes form and manifests creating beauty and truth before you and within your being. Then there is simply a need to ground the light manifested into your being and the Earth, by anchoring it into your Earth Star Chakra.

This process and experience allows you to create situations, experiences or objects in light first even when you feel stuck or it seems impossible to manifest in your reality. It is an opportunity of creating healing and freedom for yourself as well as Mother Earth. Light creations can be formed for personal use or healing of the world. Some creations do not even need to be put into actions by you, they can be created and energised by you and then gifted to the Earth, for the most appropriate people to accept and bring into physical manifestation. An example of this could be to create within light a way or intention for all human beings to have clean water or an invention that allows equality and love between all beings. There is so much you can create and gift to the consciousness of humanity, then you may see the results in other parts of the world.

Prayer of Asking: "Commander Ashtar, please transport me to your starship to the Light Innovation Chamber. I wish to receive the supreme light present within the chamber so my heart and soul sing for joy. Assist and support me in recognising within my being and soul that which is most essential for me to create in light. I am open to new ideas and intentions to come forth into my awareness, as they do so I gift them to the light and allow them to take shape and form before me. Support me in then placing the manifestation within my Earth Star Chakra and recognising the positive impacts upon my being. If it is for the world, let it be gifted to the consciousness of humanity and Mother Earth. Thank you and let it be so."

This process allows you to connect with your intuition and inner guidance, trusting in yourself, your connection with the light and ability to manifest. When intentions and ideas are created in light they have an opportunity to manifest at the physical level. The more light workers create within the light realms, higher vibrations of light will be able to anchor into the Earth as well as new openings for the Creator to be present and fulfillment to be experienced for all.

Light and Consciousness Imprinting

Light and Consciousness Imprinting is a beautiful way of working with the ascension waves and new vibrations anchoring into the Earth to aid transformation for all. New energies are always downloading into the Earth and humanity. Within the Light and Consciousness Imprinting Chamber, you can access these new energies and imprint them into your being, into objects or crystals in your home, into situations or experiences, in truth anything that inspires you or feels guided. Imprinting is akin to downloading, however, it impacts the receiver at a deep core level, therefore it must be treated with care and by following your inner guidance rather than your desires.

Prayer of Asking: "Commander Ashtar, please transport me to the Light and Consciousness Imprinting Chamber so I may experience the new ascension energies anchoring into the Earth, receiving them within my being. May the most appropriate ascension energies imprint into my being creating positive loving transformation, freedom, love, and ascension. I am guided to imprint the ascension energies into (state your reason or outcome you would like to manifest). As I focus on this please imprint the most appropriate ascension energies available now. Thank you."

First focus upon receiving for yourself. Then when you feel ready hold your focus upon the objects or crystals in your home, situations or experiences you have been guided to anchor the light into, imagining the light frequencies penetrating and creating transformation.

This process can be experienced numerous times as each visit allows you to imprint into your being the latest energies vibrations, ascension activations, and enlightenment. It is a positive way to remain aligned with the ascension shifts taking place daily.

Please feel free to visit me and the chambers I have shared with you as often as possible. They are open for your use. I only ask that you use your intuition and the expression of your soul while being present within the chambers to guide you. With star light blessings, Commander Ashtar.

About the Channel

Natalie Glasson, Channel, Lightworker @ BlissfulVisions.com Natalie Glasson is a Channel, Author, Workshop Facilitator, Spiritual Mentor and Founder of the Sacred School of OmNa. Natalie has been a channel for over 10 years dedicating her life to assisting others in awakening to the light of the Creator. Natalie has always been able to connect with and express the consciousness of numerous Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Elementals, Goddess Beings and Star Beings. She constantly shares new wisdom and enlightenment to aid emergence of the divine energy within the physical body, thus supporting the manifestation of the Era of Love. Website: Sacred School of OmNa

Visit The Pleiadian Star-Ships in Your Light-Body During Your Sleep!

The Pleiadians channeled by Suzanne Lie – November 16, 2018
This is how you can take advantage of the Ascension Tools described in this article.

The Pleiadians: Many of our Pleiadian Star-Ships have entered into your solar system recently. We are here in the millions now, in support of Mother Gaia (Earth) and her inhabitants in this divine time of planetary and universal Ascension. Whether you are aware of it or not, many of you return to our Star-Ships during your sleep for training and healing. Many of you come home to visit your galactic family in your nightly light-bodies when your physical body is sleeping.

On the Ship, there are many machines that use advanced, fifth-dimensional healing technology. These machines allow us to see inside the patient. We use special “energy fields” to repair the inside of the patient’s wounded, or diseased body. And, many of you who visit us take advantage of the advanced 5D healing technology. You may ask us why we do not share our technology with Earth? It is our desire to do so, but it is not time yet.

When you visit our Star-Ships, you will feel very comforted by the constant Unconditional Love and many forms of inter-dimensional communication. Since we are your hosts during your visit, we focus on the purpose of your visit, and how we can be of assistance to you.

Most of you do not realize that you do visit our Ships. Most of you choose to forget your experience, as it makes your life on Earth too difficult. The juxtaposition of having a higher dimensional reality based on Light and Unconditional Love, and also having a third-dimensional physical reality which has many challenges, can make many people “forget” about their fifth-dimensional life.

It is for that reason that we call on our friends and family who have taken an earth vessel to assist Gaia to remind — YOU — of your fifth-dimensional SELF. Yes, you are ALL multidimensional beings in that you ALL enjoy many different realities within the NOW of the fifth-dimensional ONE. We love you all so much. We are with you always. Just call on us. You are always welcome to visit us in our Star-Ships.


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