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"With the intention of transforming our consciousness into fifth dimensional (5D) galactic humans."

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

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Ascension-Minded Co-Creators Wanted
For A New Intentional Ascension Community

BlissfulVisions.com Hello and Namaste! I am Reverend Dennis Shipman: From San Diego, California USA, now living in Austin, Texas. Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Energy Healer, Author, and Creator of www.BlissfulVisions.com – featuring channeled messages, spiritual training and updates on The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness (aka The Great Shift in Conscious-ness, or simply Ascension). I have been involved with The Great Shift since 1996. Assisted with the writing of one of the first books on the subject, published in 1998, titled "Kirael: The Great Shift." Click Here for my biography.

A Vision for Ascension Community

The vision is to co-create (with others) a non-denominational spiritual community where ascension-minded men, women and children can work, live and play in a toxic-free environment, with the intention of transforming our consciousness into fifth dimensional (5D) galactic humans.

The Great Shift in Consciousness is happening now, in our lifetime. It's a shift that's fading away from the old ego-self-centered attitude of "Everyone for themselves" to the new emerging heart-based paradigm of "For the Highest and Best Good of All." It's a shift from darkness to light, fear to love, and illusion to truth. And, it's time for Ascension Communities to come forth in heart-energy to birth and manifest the new paradigm for the Golden Age of Gaia (Earth).

Our economic systems based on capitalism and competition, consumption and wasteful over-indulgence are not sustainable, and do not care for the planet and everybody on Earth. To survive and thrive into the next evolutionary stage, we as a human species must change or die. It's time for us to return to our spiritual roots - because the radiant light and boundless love within each of us has its own successful, abundant economic-sharing system that cares for everyone, beyond measure.

The governance of our Ascension Community is based on Universal Spiritual Laws of Love, with a special focus and practice of raising our "quantum-shifting" consciousness into heart-centered living, and utilizing the earth-friendly ecovillage and permaculture-biodynamics format - a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food, and nutrition.

The term “Ascension Community” is an emerging type of intentional community that focuses primarily on achieving transformation or ascension into higher consciousness from Third Dimension (3D duality, polarity) through the Fourth Dimension of mind (4D) to the Fifth Dimension (5D unity consciousness of pure unconditional love), and beyond. This quantum shift into Unity consciousness is now available to all that choose it.

This process, known as Ascension, is the focal point of The Great Shift in Consciousness or The Great Awakening into 5D Unity Consciousness, increasingly known by many as the greatest evolutionary event in human history that we are experiencing now. The existence of the Ascension Community supports both personal and planetary, as well as galactic and universal ascension.

TEAM SPIRIT (as they want to be known):

In March 2021, I consulted Spiritual Guidance for this vision, and four entities came forth: my Higher Self (and the Higher Selves of all who participate in this project), Archangel Michael, Mother Earth (Gaia), and Saint Germain. They want to be known as TEAM SPIRIT, and they said they will lovingly provide the guidance necessary to help manifest this most worthy project.

Our Higher Selves
Archangel Michael
Mother Earth (Gaia)
Saint Germain
The Ascension Community of Divine Love

The Ascension Community I envision is a gathering of people from different walks of life, with complimentary talents, strengths and abilities, living the Universal Laws of Love in a nontoxic-chemical free environment, that includes:

  • No tobacco smoking, no alcohol drinking, no illegal drugs (medical prescriptions by licensed doctors are accepted).
  • Plant-based, fruit-based, vegetarian-vegan, organic diet. No meat or seafood. We don't kill the animals and sea creatures for food because they are sentient beings and sacred just like you and me!
  • Processed foods and GMO's (genetically modified organisms) have found their way into every aspect of our food supply. Processed foods, carbonated beverages and beer/liquor, rob the body of electrical energy.
  • The whole idea here is to eat live healthy foods, as much as possible, to drink pure water, which are known to be full of life-force energy, and in order to be in the best shape for transformation of consciousness.

A lifestyle dedicated to raising our vibrations and consciousness to align ourselves with the powerful incoming transformational spiritual energies of the Great Shift in Consciousness; that includes (but not limited to) meditation, prayer, contemplative silence, self-love and self-care (not ego-selfishness), service to others that we love to do and puts smiles on our faces, and honors Mother Earth and all creation as sacred.

It also involves personal and social transformation and healing, mental and emotional mastery. Sharing a sustainable, natural beauty, with people of pure heart, conduits for the will of Love, regularly sharing egoless creative flow together with each other, a shared unity energetics.

We Create Our Reality

The Ascension Community must be accomplished in the highest integrity and transparency of Divine Love. In considering to join the community, each soul must possess the proper “perspective” in order to provide the proper spiritual environment that will be the foundation for the community.

What is the proper “perspective?” Inner-directed work of healing our shadow-self and out-of-date illusionary belief systems of non-love will always affect our personal evolution in consciousness and collective spiritual environment of the community. Therefore, it is a primary critical importance that our spiritual practices become second-nature to each of us, and our spiritual lifestyle become one with Divine Love. It is the expectation that members who join the community have already evolved, to a large degree, beyond their ego-centric-outer-directed lifestyle, and are committed to self-love, service-to-others, forgiveness of self and others, unity with their Higher Self, unity with each other in the community, and galactic-universal co-creation.

Challenges and issues will arise in the course of manifesting the community and living in it. This is where conflict resolution becomes a paramount importance. We will have to develop guidelines to follow when such occurrences arise. Whatever guidelines we decide upon, it's my strong belief that all issues need to be resolved in love. In fact, these guidelines will quite possibly have to be incorporated into our community By-Laws.

Do no harm in thought, word and deed.
Do only Love in thought, word and deed.
Light, Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Balance.


The Business Plan

My original intention was for the Ascension Community to be designed as a year-round, holistic, environmentally-friendly, world-class destination for workshop presenters, event planners and retreat seekers. It would provide rental space for state-of-the-art, online and offline, multi-media technology for educational presentations, retreat space for companies and organizations, and self-guided retreats.

However, since the pandemic hit, this original plan may have to be adjusted. We will see how this pandemic plays out, and how the community chooses to develop itself.

My vision for the buildings of the entire Ascension Community are to be constructed in highly-rated disaster-proof geodesic dome design and earth-shelter construction. Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome design provides safety, economic savings, and spiritual benefits. Originally, before the pandemic, visitors and guests would be able to schedule over-night lodging, and enjoy plant-based and fruit-based cuisine in the dome dining hall with scenic views. The facility would be open daily for workshops, short-to-long-term overnight guests, as well as day visitors who wish to tour the facility and enjoy its inspirational, life-enhancing amenities.

The Co-Op Village Foundation in Florida has developed an extensive business plan that they are willing to share free-of-charge with sustainable intentional communities. We don't have to reinvent the wheel. We can use what they have developed and adopt it to our design needs. The ultimate size that they propose for their community is 500 people, living on between 600-1,000 acres of land, located in a temperate climate zone. Click Here to view their business plan.

The land we choose must be in a high energy vortex, to align with the crystalline grid of Mother Earth, and to reap the benefits of absorbing high cosmic energies of transformation. California land is very expensive. Land in Florida is not as expensive. Other temperate climate considerations are: Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, but they are hot, Hot, HOT in the summer. Also, land in the southern portions of Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and South Carolina are considerations. All locations have their pros and cons. Personally, I like to be close to the ocean, or have access to a nice large swimming pool with Jacuzzi.


Our Proposed Mission Statement

To live a lifestyle that enables us to raise the vibration of our four-body-system (physical body, mind, emotions, spirit) to become 5D Galactic Humans, in order to:

  • Ascend to Unity Consciousness (Oneness) with Prime Creator Source (God);
  • Return to the conscious awareness that we are Lightbeings of Unconditional Love - incarnate in human form.
  • Assist Mother Earth and Humanity in the evolution of consciousness to the 5th Dimension, and beyond;
  • Interact with benevolent off-world galactic civilizations.

Our Proposed Vision Statement

  • Radiant Light and Boundless Love are found within each of us, within our consciousness, in our heart and soul, where we discover that we are unconditional love-incarnate in human form. This alignment brings healing to the mind, body and emotions and results in Joy, Peace, Love, Balance and Harmony.

  • Experiencing the radiant light of our soul in our whole being-ness is a primary focus of our awakening process in our ascension community, because radiant light is the oasis of loving Oneness with Prime Creator Source - the creme de la creme experience of the human condition. We are inspired and aligned by and with Prime Creator Source to serve the healing and evolution of all sentient beings.

  • We hold sacred the earth, fire, water, air, ethers, and are committed to increasing the planetary connectedness with Mother Earth.

  • We strive wholeheartedly to live in harmony with ourselves, each other and all of Source creation.

  • We are responsible, individually and to the collective, to keep our hearts open and pure for the wellbeing and evolution of all.


Declaration of Divine Sovereignty and Freedom (Our Proposed Bill of Rights)

  • Whereas the truth of human origins has been hidden from humanity for eons and eons, thousands and thousands upon thousands of years, we now activate our divine rights of sovereignty and freedom to learn and know the truth of our human origins and its evolutionary path and destiny, that leads to Oneness with the super-consciousness of the Universe.

  • Whereas we have been taught that humans are basically evil and untrustworthy, that war and suffering are our natural heritage, we now activate our divine rights of sovereignty and freedom to know the truth of our essence as eternal, infinite, holy, quantum, multi-dimensional, super-conscious lightbeings, forever members of the Kingdom of Divine Love, love-incarnate star beings in human form.

  • Whereas the true nature and knowledge of our God Creator, known as Source Energy All That Is and by many other names, has been manipulated into mis-information, perversion and deception, we now activate our divine rights of sovereignty and freedom to know the true nature of our God Creator as the source of all life, that our natural state of being is unconditional love, joy, peace, harmony, balance, which are the true sources of our eternal and infinite blessings, abundance, and happiness.

  • Whereas our human civilization has been prevented from physical contact with our galactic friends and family, we now proclaim ourselves as galactic humans, and activate our divine rights of sovereignty and freedom to re-establish and solidify communication and commerce with our galactic roots.

  • Whereas we have been taught that Mother Earth (Gaia, Terra Christa) is a lifeless, unconscious dirt clod hurtling through space, without any more guidance and direction than what gravity can give it, and to be subdued and dominated by the will of man, we now exercise our divine rights of sovereignty and freedom to declare that Mother Earth is a sacred and holy lightbeing, forever alive with quantum, multi-dimensional, super-consciousness, and that living in Oneness with her is in our best and highest interest.

  • Whereas human DNA was reduced to two strands from 12 strands many thousands of years ago before the time of the great fall in Atlantis, effectively creating a separation of our Oneness from God Creator and making slaves of humanity for the evil powers that be, we now activate our Oneness with God Creator (Source Energy All That Is) and invoke the powers of our soul to re-establish our 12 strands DNA and accept the new strands of DNA that are ordained for the Light Age in order for us to become the Masters of Ascension that we are.

  • Under the governance of Universal Law, we are Divine Children of God with Divine Rights of our own. We are consciousness, awareness, collapsing duality, reverence, revered, wholographic. We are all brothers and sisters of Divine Love. Freedom, self-determination, we-determination, self-respect, we-respect, self-care, we-care, self-regulation, we-regulation, lots of play and fun, effortless delight, resonating, chanting. Enchanting, joyfully expressing, infinite possibilities, creating.

  • We are inter-dimensional, inter-galactic starseeds, inner and outer. Inside out quantum jumpers. Transformers, magic, antennas, all ages. All inclusive radiant light oasis. We are each other, inter-being, energy wellbeing. We are the stars and the moon, the sun. Earth. Fire. Water. Air. Solid, liquid. Light and shadow alchemists. Butterflies. Turtles. Trees. Skies. We are one. Creativity unleashed, hard and soft at will. We are unknown mysteries. Aligned with divine will, fulfilled with love. All that is. Offspring divine, seeking to know ourselves. We are what we seek. Live. Let live. Flow with Love. Upward. Forward. Within.

Meditation-Yoga-Activity Dome
Geodesic Bio-Dome Home
Finding Ascension-Minded Souls

If you resonate with this vision, if you feel ready for this type of community living, then I invite you become more involved in this extraordinary journey. The details will be sorted out in due time, as we go along co-creating this community. No obligation required at this point.

I am inviting those who are interested to be part of this movement. And, as well as, those who have the passion to contribute their talents, strengths, abilities towards the success of the ascension community, with experience in various categories (but not limited to):

  • Finding land in a temperate climate zone to establish the Ascension Community. I am investigating living on a nonprofit land trust property.

  • Finding a "pro bono" attorney to represent the community with experience in nonprofit law, land trust law, land conservation and easement law, 501-c-2 and 501-c-3 law. Team Spirit has advised me to form a nonprofit church.

  • Skills in building an intentional community, conflict resolution, consensus decision making, exploring housing alternatives, curious minds with creative ideas.

  • Permaculture-biodynamics, ecovillage design, organic cooking, advanced organic greenhouse growing technologies, Findhorn vegetable growing techniques.

  • Carpentry/construction (finishing), auto repair, handyman gifts, plumbing, building geodesic dome homes. My vision is the entire community is housed in living quarters and work spaces in geodesic dome buildings (many safety factors, economic savings, and spiritual benefits are associated with this type of construction).

  • Free energy, solar heating/electrical systems, affordable off-grid power systems.

  • Website design & maintenance (HTML code), shopping cart design & maintenance, social media coordination, YouTube channel production, Zoom & audio-video production, digital/print newsletter/brochure production, image manipulation programs (PhotoShop, GIMP, etc.). Obviously, the world-wide-web (internet) will be our most primary central vehicle for outreach communications to the planet's population.

  • Computer repair, building internet systems, internet satellite connectivity, cyber-security.

  • Musicians, singers, dancers, writers/editors, artists, mediums/channelers, yoga instructors, massage therapists, energy healers, mind-and-emotions healers, meditation teachers, spiritual teachings instructors, workshop facilitators, home-schooling teachers.

  • I am a singer-songwriter-harmonica and acoustic guitar player. I have written over 150 spiritual songs. Some pretty good and some not-so-pretty-good. I would like to form a group of singers, songwriters, and musicians for our meditation circles, and basically to have fun with music. Perhaps we can sell our recordings online to bring in revenue for ourselves and the community.

  • I want to become very proficient in quantum distance healing, although there is no distance associated in quantum healing. I am already a very good touch-energy-healer. I want to develop a group of quantum healers that provide healing services to the world. As part of our service-to-others, we can accept healing requests over the internet, and ask for donations for our services to bring in revenue for ourselves and the community.

  • Administration, human resources, customer service, inventory control, bookkeeping, telephone/guest reception, research specialists, insurance adepts, legal advocates, marketing lovers, complimentary-alternative-integrative medicine, Chinese medicine, nurses, holistic dentists, crypto-currency enthusiasts.

Please Connect With Me

I would love to hear from eco-minded, heart-based souls who are interested in forming an intentional spiritual community/collective dedicated to sustainability and unity consciousness. Please share with me your experience and let me know what resonates with you. Thank you for contacting me, and please send your reply to:

Here are a few questions that might help you formulate your reply:

1. Please describe your spiritual practice, your passion for ascension, your expectations and your interest in this community.

2. Please describe your talents, strengths, and abilities that you can offer and contribute towards the success of the community. For example, what is your expertise? What do you love to do? What are your three (3) most greatest talents, strengths, or abilities?

3. What is your vision of self-love and self-care? Many of us were raised in households where loving others was valued, but loving ourselves was mis-interpreted as selfishness and/or never mentioned. Self-love and self-care are important functions in one's ascension process.

4. Please share anything more about yourself that is important to you. For example: The address of your website, if you have one. A resume you can send me? Your leadership abilities? Your health in this pandemic era? Are you single or married with children or not? Who are your spiritual heroes?


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