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"Let Your 5D Oneness Experience Surprise You!"

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Ask God for Your Experience of
Fifth-Dimensional (5D) Oneness!
You Don't Need To Be A Saint To Receive It!

Channeled by My Higher Self Peter through Reverend Dennis Shipman

BlissfulVisions.com Are you ready to experience 5D Oneness (also known as Unity Consciousness)?

You don't have to wait for the worldwide enlightenment event that Divine Mother God talks about (click here to access the article). You don't have to wait for 5D reality to arrive on Earth for humanity. And, you don't have to be a saint either to receive it!

Just ask God for the experience of 5D Oneness.

Does that sound too good to be true, or too simple to activate? Actually, it is very simple. There's nothing complicated at all about it. Because Earth is a free-will zone, you fulfill cosmic law when you: "Ask to Receive." Our benevolent, most gracious God is very willing to grant you the 5D Oneness Experience, when you ask. And, once you do receive 5D Oneness, you might think the out-of-this-world experience is "so incredibly good and true" because all your doubts and fears will have vanished about its existence and reality.

Never in human history has it been easier to experience 5D Oneness. Never in human history have powerful transformational energies swept over the Earth and into the hearts of humanity as they are doing today. These powerful transformational energies are causing a continuous awakening within the human-collective-consciousness. And, they will continue to become more and more powerful with each successive wave. Earth and humanity are destined to live in 5D unity consciousness, and these powerful energies are aligning everything in creation to manifest that reality. So, "Go With The Flow" because it's in your favor!

Why Wait? Ask God Now!

Believe it or not, 5D Oneness already exists within you, within your soul. In fact, the entire universe lives within you, with all of its many dimensions of consciousness. Awakening is the process of bringing into your conscious awareness what already exists within you, within your Unlimited, Quantum, Multi-Dimensional, Divine Consciousness. The veils of separation (that prevent our conscious awareness of our Oneness connection to God and each other) are fading away and disappearing, and it’s never been easier to access the reality of radiant light and exquisite boundless love that lives within you.

Ask God with pure intent. You cannot coerce or manipulate God into granting your request. God knows what’s in your heart. You don’t have to be a saint, but be truthful and honest in your heart that you want 5D Oneness for your Ascension, and I would add for the spiritual evolution of the planet and human-collective-consciousness. It will have a ripple effect out into the universe, and contribute to Ascension in the universe. That's how important and far-ranging your 5D Oneness Experience is.

How To Ask God For Your 5D Oneness Experience!

Put yourself into a deep state of meditation. As deep as you can go. If you don’t know how to meditate (click here). Then say this prayer, out loud to God, in the solitude of your meditation. If you can’t say it out loud, then say it silently to God:

“Lord of the Universe, who sits on the throne of my heart and soul, in whom I move and live and have my being, I call into your light and love. Please hear my prayer. Love is the way I walk in gratitude for being created in the image and likeness of Love Itself.

Let the veils that hide your sacred presence drop away to reveal Thyself, and grant me the experience of 5D Oneness. Let me see your majestic light that is also mine. Let me feel your exquisite unconditional love that is also mine. Let me know the feeling of joy and exaltation when every cell of my body vibrates with your peace and blissful ecstasy.

Grant me the experience of unity consciousness, Lord. Let me prove to myself that you really exist, and Oneness is my true nature. I ask this in the name of Prime Creator Source, the Christ Consciousness, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

You can say this prayer anytime, during the day or night. It’s best if you can contemplate it and recite it in deep meditation, but God knows your heart. If you want to say the prayer, for example, while you’re sitting on a park bench, then say it . . . with pure intent. That’s the key! You can say it anyplace, anytime . . . with pure intent.

Or, create your own prayer. Talk to God in the language of your heart. Tell God what you want to accomplish, and ask God to grant you the 5D Oneness experience.

Let Your 5D Oneness Experience Surprise You!

BlissfulVisions.com In my book: “Oneness – The Awakening Experience,” I describe my Oneness experience; how it “gently yet suddenly” appeared in my vision, without warning. Since I was raised Catholic, I was not taught that such a sublime experience existed, or that it could happen “for” a human being. Consequently, when it did happen for me, it was a complete surprise, and I had no idea what was happening - but it sure felt amazingly great! I am no different than you. This experience is yours for the asking!

The overwhelming majesty of the pearlescent white light and incredibly powerful presence of unconditional love disintegrated my fears. And, I was alone, face to face with a brilliant exquisite circle of pearlescent light, standing in the greatness of Love Itself.

When the experience of Oneness happens “for” you, it’s like the greatest, most pleasant surprise of your life. It’s infinitely better than receiving a surprise party for your birthday! There’s no anticipating how it will happen. It will manifest for you when you are in a safe place, in perfect divine timing, and when you least expect it. Just let it surprise you.

The Soul Yearns For Oneness

God loves you beyond measure. In love you were created, and in love you shall remain. God’s unconditional love is Oneness (unity consciousness). There is only love. Only Oneness – because Oneness is our essence, our home, the divine operating system of the universe. When we veer away from Love, and get into activities of non-love (e.g., coming from fear, violence, abuse, manipulation, control, domination over others, etc.), that’s when our problems and troubles begin. Because we have forgotten our Oneness connection with God and each other.

At this time of great transition into 5D consciousness for Earth and humanity, it's our advantage to choose Love and Ascension and Oneness. Why? Because the transformational energies are flowing vigorously, potently, all the veils of separation are being lifted up and away, and the doors of Unity and Oneness have been thrown wide open for our return. There is no stopping this Ascension process because it is our destiny. And, the destiny of the Universe.

Don’t Stop Asking Until You Get The Experience!

Archangel Michael has spoken at length about the need for all of us to go within to experience the light, beauty, and guidance within our own being. We are each the embodiment of Love Itself. Although it seems as if chaos and tensions reign too loudly at this time around the world (January 2020), the truth is our world pulsates with nothing but God's divine love.

Mother Earth pulsates with God's divine love. All creation pulsates with God's divine love. It is time for each of us to realize the marvelous and infinitely massive fountain of divine love that is constantly pouring and flowing through our own Unlimited, Quantum, Multi-Dimensional, Divine Hearts and Souls.

It's time to ask for your 5D Oneness Experience!

Don’t stop asking until you get the experience!
In this case, it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.

About the Author:

Dennis Shipman @ BlissfulVisions.com Rev. Dennis Shipman grew up in the Roman Catholic religion. He attended Catholic elementary and college-prep schools for 11 years, and volunteered as an altar boy for seven years. His search for God began in the fourth grade in an environment of devotion and prayer. By the time he graduated high school, he had developed a powerful quest for proof of God’s existence. Five years later, as a non-practicing Catholic, he experienced Oneness. Rev. Dennis is the author of two books, "Oneness - The Awakening Experience" and ""The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness." - available free on this website.

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