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The Tsunami of Love to Earth will hit at the right "divine" timing.

Road to Oneness


BlissfulVisions.com UPDATE August 11, 2022 – THE COLLECTIVE AWAKENING by Master Jesus: Humans everywhere are about to have a collective awakening into full conscious awareness of each of their own individual and most beautiful creative states of brilliance as One with Source, eternally in that Presence.

However, your free will is also an eternal gift from God to use whenever and however you choose; it will never be overridden. Therefore, there will be some who make a completely incontrovertible choice to remain in the unreal state which humanity has been experiencing for eons of time. Those highly personal and individual choices will be fully honored for as long as those ones choose to remain in unreality. For them life will continue “as normal.”

However those choices will have no effect on your collective awakening, because, by those very choices, they will be be choosing to remain behind in an environment of fear, the state in which it seems that their survival is under almost constant threat, and in which it appears that conflict is an essential aspect of survival with which they have to engage constantly to ensure their ongoing existence as humans, the only form of life of which they can conceive.

When they finally and fully realize the insanity of almost constant open conflict, they too will awaken, with great exhilaration, into the joy of that eternal Presence in the One. All are One, so not even one will be excluded, because then the One would be incomplete . . . a total impossibility. Source: Jesus channeled by John Smallman at Voyages of Light.

BlissfulVisions.com UPDATE September 26, 2020 – CLARITY ON THE EVENT - Recurring Meme: The subject of "The Event" keeps showing up on social media, and in channeled messages by some lightworkers. The Event is popularly understood to be a final flash of light worldwide that everybody will experience at the same time, that will signify Earth's entrance into the fifth dimension.

Please use your discretion. Remember! Plans may change in this Great Awakening process, but the overall goal of Ascension will not. On the subject of The Event, I find the words of Ivo of Vega very wise. - Reverend Dennis.

Ivo of Vega: If you could see the love your world is bathed in constantly, you would forget about the Event. Your need to focus on particular events is about your mind being trained in the 3D matrix: birthdays, Christmas, solstices, holidays, weekends, and now one day that will set your world free – the Grand Solar Flash day.

The fifth dimension is accessible to all who will meditate long enough, focus on the positive long enough, be of service long enough and connect to one's soul. It is there. It has never been denied to you by God, yet you deny yourself by believing what you see in print and by what the pundits of earth have to say about it.

We of the galactic realm, see so much more of what you are experiencing, and can relay that information to you. We see the energies you are being bathed and cleansed in, we see the realignment of your light bodies to their templates, we see the removal of dark ones from your planet, we see into the minds of your world's leaders and can influence their behavior. We see so much more and so we can influence so much more of your lives because you allow others upon your planet to continue to limit you.

You will wait for December 21st. Many will. And nothing will happen. Would it be a surprise if I told you, and I am telling you, that by this time energies will be such for magnificent changes to occur even without the Event?

You are all waiting for the third dimension to end but you continue to believe in it and the lies it tells you, so this is your fault. Impatiently tapping your foot and crossing your arms and believing what someone who is lying to you is telling you is not the way to enter the fifth dimension.

The way to do this is to explore for yourself. Do not wait for the rest of the planet but be the first. Believe you can lift your frequency high enough and you will be able to do so, if even temporarily. The fifth dimension is inside of you. It always was. You were always your own answer.

Why do you believe the words of someone who continuously errors? Someone who has repetitively predicted the Event or the release of project monies or the St. Germaine funds? Why believe them when they are constantly wrong? Channeled by www.SharonAndIvo.weebly.com

March 12, 2020 - UPDATE ON THE EVENT (aka The Grand Flash) - "There are a lot of theories – emphasis on theories – about what this happening, this Event, will bring. We have to tell you that a great deal of it is rooted in human misunderstanding, some even in intentional misdirection. All of it is based upon what you believe is possible. That is entirely based on what you are aware of in your prior experience. And we are not going to stir that pot here. But one thing seems to be fairly universally agreed upon. And that is the overarching truth that it is an increase in light that is in the process of enveloping your solar system and planet.

As the light of which we speak arrives, it will raise the light frequency of everything that it envelopes, that it infuses. When the higher consciousness arrives, as it is indeed in the process of doing, it WILL raise all consciousness. It will raise yours. It will raise the kitty’s. It will raise the trees. It will raise the entire planet’s and everything upon and within her." Source: Excerpts from Ascension Updates, March 12, 2020 by The Council channeled by Ron Head - Click Here To Access.

Gaia Has Ascended & The Grand Flash!

Received Monday, March 25, 2019 - published October 22, 2019

BlissfulVisions.com October 25, 2019 - An Update by Divine Mother God channeled by Dancing Dolphin - After many millennia, I have decided to take back the Light from Gaia, to take back what was freely given. Now, for you as my children, this sounds like a bad thing, but I assure you dear children, it is not.

It simply means that I have infused dear Gaia with my light and love and now am taking it back; taking it to a new place, a new realm or dimension as you all like to say. I am removing the former light and replacing it with a newer, more intense, more illuminated light for her bright, pristine new body. She deserves to have a new light to show off her new body as it were.

Now, many of you have noticed that your sun looks quite different. It does; it is whiter light than before, it is a different hue and it shines more brilliantly, does it not? It shimmers and gives off a lustrous rainbow hue when photographed. You all have seen this, I am sure.

This has everything to do with why you cannot anchor into Gaia any longer, dear heart. She is not beneath you anymore. She is all around you now. Yes, even though things may look the same, indeed they are not. You have all been moved--moved interdimensionally to a new place. The energies are different here, yes? You may notice that Gaia's sky looks pristine now. It is true! She has ascended into her new form and has taken you all with her! This is the best news I can give you, dear Children.

New Bodies for Gaia and My Children

Yes, I took away the "old" sun and gave Gaia and all my children a new one, to match Gaia's beautiful new body. Now, what about you all? Do you have new bodies? Well, indeed you do! Your bodies have been under construction for the past few years and are almost completely crystalline core constructs now. My Tsunami of Love and your Starry Family's energy projects have been bombarding your new systems with intense energy that is intended to kick start your new DNA as well as jump start your entire new nervous system. At the apex of the "Grand Flash"' that many are expecting, your DNA will be automatically switched to the 'new you' and your higher dimensional abilities will be kicked into gear.

What is the Grand Flash?

The "Grand Flash" or "Solar Flash" is an "event" that occurs when a certain percentage of the population has raised their frequency high enough to withstand the literal Ascension into the next higher frequency or dimension as you understand it to mean. You will see a brilliant white light and then feel the urge to lay down and rest as your body integrates the light (which is energy) and your new DNA codes are activated. Your "higher selves" will be able to guide you as the time draws near for this event—they will have been alerted that the time is close, so they may guide you to stay home, for example, or to do this or that so you are in a safe place when it occurs. We realize that anytime day or night there are always people on Gaia driving cars or flying in airplanes. These people will be protected, do not worry about that.

What will be different after the Grand Flash?

What does this mean? What does this look like, you say? Well, you will begin to see things differently. Literally. Colors, light, energy fields will all be visible to you, as well as the Light Beings that share your spaces. You will see your Guides, Angels, beloved family members who have passed on, etc. This will take some time to get used to, but you will love it once you get the hang of it!

Also, your "tele" abilities will be amped up and brought online. Telepathy, telekinesis, and of course, teleportation!! By the way, where do you think the “English” word “telephone” came from? (laughs). There will be technology gifted by your Galactic Family that will assist with your personal teleportation until you get that down, but shortly thereafter you will all be able to do it yourselves!

Your Galactic Family will start showing up in your skies even more than they are now. Your human population will be much more accepting of them (vs. fearful) after the Grand Flash.

Arrival of your Mentors

Which leads me to another bonus or gift which will arrive shortly! Your Mentors will be arriving to assist you in integrating all this new information and adjusting to your new gifts. Of course, they also will be reminding you of who you really are; of what your mission has been and help you to decide what is next? Where would you wish to serve? Stay here on Gaia? Travel to Inner Earth (or Hollow Earth) to meet your family there? Travel to the ships of your Galactic Family to meet them and possibly travel with them? There are many, many opportunities for each one of you and you will be given the choice on your next move. You will be guided and loved along the way by your Mentors. No one can make this choice for you! Of course, families can discuss if they would like to remain together. There is no pressure for anyone to separate from loved ones! Just remember that if one of your loved ones chooses a different path than you, it doesn't mean they don't love you. Each one has their own mission, life goals and plans.

These are my and your Father's gifts to you, our children. We are ever so proud of all of you for the incredible work you've done these past millennia to assist Gaia. Many of you do not remember all the lives and effort you have put in on this project. That is fine. Your "higher selves" will be reminding you shortly!

Timing of the Grand flash?

Yes, dear heart, this event is very close. We can comfortably estimate, with the current energy growth levels that it will be in this year, 2019. Now you know that none of us are keen to give time estimates!! But in this case I will. (smiles).

Dancing Dolphin: Thank you, dear Mother for coming to share this message tonight.

Divine Mother God: You are very welcome, dear heart. I am your Mother God and I send all my children my love. Source: Divine Mother God via Dancing Dolphin.

5D Is Created By You! Focus on Your New Earth! Only On What You Want!

BlissfulVisions.com January 26, 2019 by Divine Mother God: I have been sending you my Tsuanmi of Love for a few years now and the intensity of the love waves continue to amp up. Your bodies are adjusting beautifully. This process has been slow and deliberate. It must be this way so I don't overload your bodily circuits and cause you to crash (in electronic terms). On top of my love waves, the Pleiadians and other members of your Galactic families are sending their own energy, specifically transferred from the sun.

You may feel these energies as pressure on your crown chakra, upset stomach, hyper energy or fatigue. Up and up and up your frequencies will rise until you cannot fit into your little 3D bodies anymore. You are continually expanding and I know you all feel this. Sometimes you are physically exhausted, other times you feel so bloated like you're a big bubble that will burst at any moment. Each body receives them and reacts differently. Please know they are benevolent, meant to assist you in your transformation to 5D.

Be patient and gentle with yourselves as you endure these intense energies, dear hearts. Walk, drink plenty of clean water, eat when you are hungry and rest when you are tired. Ahhhhhh.....relax. Breathe in and breathe out. Visualize. Center. Share. Join your hearts and your hands together, Lightworkers. Continue your daily meditations and group meditations as you are more powerful when you join together.

Focus on what you want to see in your lives. Imagine the world you wish to live in! Dream it! Believe it! Create it and it will be yours. Your New Earth that you have imagined and spoken about is nothing more than a large platform ready for you to enter and create in it. It's like a big ball of clay to a potter or an empty canvas to a painter. Visualize it, imagine it and it will manifest for you For your 5D building blocks will be fully active for manifestation. 5D IS CREATED BY YOU. FOCUS ONLY ON WHAT YOU WANT. Source: Divine Mother God via Dancing Dolphin.

The Final Tsunami of Love is on its Way!

October 3, 2018 by Divine Mother God: Firstly, I would like to say that I have indeed begun my final Tsunami of Love to Earth. I have sent it and it is on its way. It will indeed hit at exactly the right “divine” time as you call it. There are many events; political, spiritual, ecological and physical on the Earth plane that are happening at any given time. I have calculated the very best time for my wave to hit and it will indeed come shortly. I am being as precise as I wish to, and I'm sure you all respect that. Just trust and have faith that it is indeed on its way and will hit at the precise, correct Divine Time. That is all I wish to say about that my Children. Source: Divine Mother God via Dancing Dolphin - Click Here for the Full Report.

Worldwide Enlightenment Event is IMMINENT!

Divine Mother God channeled by Dancing Dolphin – September 24, 2018

Dancing Dolphin: As I sat down to take a message this evening, I asked my Higher Self, “Who would like to give me a message for the Lightworkers of Earth? Almost instantly, I felt Mother God’s incredible presence! My stomach started tingling big time with energy, my eyes began watering with joy and so much energy was pulsating through my arms that my hands were shaking. WOW!

"The time has come to send the final wave of my tsunami of love to YOU!" - Mother God

BlissfulVisions.com Divine Mother God: Yes, dear heart, this is Mother God and I do have a message for the Lightworkers of Earth, and for all my Children of Earth. My children, the time has come for me to send the final wave of my tsunami of love, of what you are now calling “THE EVENT.” For in truth, I have been sending this wave of brilliant love light for a couple of years now, but had to tone it down so I wouldn’t overload your systems.

I have asked this One (Dancing Dolphin) to bold the sentence in the above paragraph because that is what I wish to discuss with you tonight. So again I say: The time is now right for me to send the final wave of my tsunami of love to Earth, to YOU! I am joyful and thrilled that you all have adapted so well to the preliminary waves that I have been sending you. It was vital that you adjust first to these energies before more could be sent. Many other triggers or events had to happen in line also as you can imagine.

But the careful, meticulous planning by the Company of Heaven and your Galactic Family and implementation by the Alliance of ALL OF YOU combined – the Company of Heaven, Galactics, Lightworkers, StarSeeds, Inner Earth and Hollow Earth families, and of course, Gaia and all her Kingdoms have made this final wave of love light possible. You are all doing it together, dear children!

I am pouring forth my love light into the Soul of this One as we speak and let me say – she feels it! The tingling in the stomach, tears of joy, shaking of the hands, the overflowing love in her heart – YES!!! My final wave will simply flood your Being with everlasting unconditional love – which will wash clean all that no longer serves your highest good.

No Reason to Fear

There is absolutely no reason to fear this wave of love light, dear Children! Depending upon where you are when it reaches you, you may or may not see it coming. If you are outside, you may see brilliant colors in the sky flowing towards Earth. It will be a beautiful sight! If others are concerned or become afraid, please comfort them with the knowledge that it is Divine Mother’s love coming to Earth.

If you are inside (and possibly sleeping) when the wave washes over you, you will feel joy, excitement, contentment, ease and my unconditional love. If your family becomes alarmed in any way – again – please do comfort them and reassure them that this wave of love was sent from their Mother God.

Your world and lives will change greatly after the wave passes.

Go slow, follow your hearts and you will know which path to take. Of course, many other events will follow in short order. You are always protected and loved, dear Children – and you may call on myself, your Father God and/or all our Angels and Ascended Masters for guidance, if you wish.

I will be sending further updates through this One shortly. She has asked to receive Messages of Love for the Lightworkers of Earth, and so I am very please to have this communication with you, my Children.

This is the time that you all have been working towards for millennia.

Please relax and enjoy this experience! Your stories will be told for generations to come. Rest now with my love. Source: Divine Mother God channeled by Dancing Dolphin.


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Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness