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The Path of Fear

Written by Rev. Dennis Shipman (c) 2010
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BlissfulVisions.com You are already united with Oneness, with Love itself, but most of us have forgotten it. The belief in separation is very strong, yet the radiant light of Oneness exists within you this very instant, and a real possibility exists for its awareness or vision to spring forth in your mind’s eye, unexpectedly, at any moment, and reveal its changeless truth to you.

The awakening experience of Oneness is Unconditional Love, Infinite Light and Eternal Truth. It is Sacred Power, Limitless Mind, and Intuitive Knowing; Prosperity, Abundance, Originality, Creativity, and Innovation. It is Joy, Bliss, Beauty, Radiance; Fearless, Changeless, and Sinless. You are these wonderful, incredible qualities and more. This is how Love Itself, the Real World, is set up.

This truth is more awesome than most of us want to believe, and indeed, it seems to be an arrogant statement. Nevertheless, this changeless Reality is with you now, and it has never left you. And, its truth will never leave you because you are the essence of Love Itself. As Amma – The Divine Mother – says: “You are Love incarnate” (See the book review: The Heart: Doorway To Your Power). This is the changeless truth of our real identity.

Then, how do we reconcile this business of living in fear?

Awakening to Oneness is a process of Self-discovery – a process of uncovering what already exists within you. It’s a process based on your freewill choices. The introspective question that faces each person every day, either consciously or unconsciously, is, “What am I learning about love and fear in the choices I make?”

The path of fear is a learning lesson in Self-discovery, a path the Soul chooses to learn knowledge about the not-Self – the part of yourself that is not Love.

Two Choices: Love or Fear

There are only two choices in life: Love or fear. Either we are building a life based on Divine Love, or a life built on fear. These choices respond to the most fundamental law of consciousness: cause and effect. When we choose to build a life based on Divine Love and share our Love, we choose to attract more love, insight, happiness and prosperity into our lives, and the lives of others. Fear attracts its own kind.

Fear is considered an illusion because it is not a part of the real world of Love. Fear does not exist in the Love Itself. It contains 100,000 percent positivity. We have the power to create outside of Love. Fear only exists because we give it the power to exist. When we withdraw our belief or intent in the illusions of fear, the fear vanishes, and we return to love. What bliss to know the foundation of existence is not based on fear, illusion and darkness. Humans are not inherently evil.

We choose to invite fear or love into our lives by the choices we make. We have the power to shape our consciousness into whatever we like. We can shape it into the ugliest evil the world has known, or into the mighty Christ that we are. In fear, our creations lack love, and anything lacking love is created in fear.

It’s our choice if we want to live in fear or love, darkness or light. Freewill is sacred. There is no god telling us what we have to do. There is no god saying we have to live in fear or love. However, living with the consequences of our choices is part of the learning lesson.

Fear has the ability to paralyze the mind and emotions with doubt and confusion. It makes us lose trust with ourselves. It prevents us from clearly seeing the divine image of our real identity in ourselves and others. It can act like a guillotine, cutting us off from our spiritual connection to ourselves, the Oneness within us, and all creation. It is our greatest challenge to change and growth, yet it is a learning lesson in order for us to change and grow.

Many of us don't like to face our fears, yet we will not be asked to face a fear greater than we can handle. We can overcome all our fears because we are ready to face those fears that come into our life. When we face our fears with courage, look at them straight in the eye, and meet the challenge, heal, release and let them go, they fade away. By the same token, when we repress or suppress our fears, they remain as popup windows until we decide to learn the lesson and overcome and heal our fear. Oftentimes, we discover that fear is greater than its reality.

Fear does not have to be our reality. The energy we give to fear makes this illusion seem as if it holds more power over us. We can live in fear for as long as we like because we have freewill, and we can also leave it whenever we like. We can always make the choice to let go fear, because Oneness has no wish for us to live in fear any longer than we choose. We have a choice, and we can choose love instead of fear.

The Many Faces of Fear

A few major forms of fear are: the misuse of power, control, domination, greed, cutthroat competition, belief in scarcity, powerlessness, lust, shame, guilt, war, terrorism, death, anger, judgment, gossip, criticism, afraid to look within, murder, stealing, irreverence, dishonesty, lying, cursing, revenge, hate, prejudice, living in denial of our real identity, etc. The list is long.

Let us remember: What has been done in fear, can be undone in love. The many forms of fear are only mistakes to be corrected rather than evils to be punished.

The Law of Cause and Effect

We use the law of cause and effect every day in our physical lives – turn on a stove burner to heat water, put water in the freezer for ice, dial a phone number to call a friend, or the car engine stops because it ran out of gas. Earth's gravitational field is a prime example of this law: whatever goes up, must come down.

We can easily see this in our emotions as we interact with people. When we are kind and considerate, most people react that way to us. When we are critical or angry at someone, they usually respond in like manner. Even in our relationships, there is a “chemistry of feelings” between the sexes, and a person knows when the right person comes along in their life.

What is not so obvious is the way the law of cause and effect works with our minds – with our thoughts and beliefs – every time we think or put an action into motion. This law is a truth of consciousness, and it generates enormous impact in our lives. (See the book review: The Law of Attraction: The Most Powerful Law in the Universe).

Since our thoughts and beliefs are invisible, we believe they have no power. Yet, they have enormous power. Thoughts and beliefs have “magnetic energy” that attract to us people, places, and things that have the quality of our thought or belief. They have the power to shape events and circumstances in our lives.

Simply stated, this law is: For every action, there is a reaction; every effect has a cause. What you think, say, or do will come back to you. Its Bible corollary is: “You reap what you sow.” This law is also known by: “What goes around, comes around.” The law of cause and effect means that when you put in motion a thought, word or action, with the passion of your intent, it will return to you with equal force.

This law operates on the principle of “Radiate and Attract” – you receive what you radiate or think. Your mind is like a trans-receiver, whereby you can transmit and receive thoughts. If you radiate the many forms of fear, such as anger, greed, deceit, discord, gossip, you will attract those qualities into your life. If you radiate the many forms of love, such as harmony, unity, brotherhood, peace, you will attract those qualities into your life, too.

Thoughts are real. Energy follows thought. The moment you think a thought, you give it life. Depending on how much passion you put into that thought, it will manifest in your life.

Thought energy and focused attention bring results. Ask yourself, ''How am I creating what I have in my life because of my thinking?''

You have the power to choose or reject your thoughts and beliefs. It is very important to choose your thoughts and beliefs carefully. Protect your consciousness. Change your thoughts and beliefs when they don’t serve you. You are what you think.

The law of cause and effect is impersonal or neutral. Anybody can use it for whatever goal they want to achieve. We have the power to choose what we want, and our intentions have consequences. We can use this law to create within the duality of life: such as poverty or prosperity, prejudice or brotherhood, war or peace, scarcity or abundance.

Your inner life of consciousness creates your outlook and reality. The attitudes, beliefs, opinions that we put into our consciousness determine our outlook. If you fill your consciousness with fear and delusive thinking, your mind will return fear and illusion to you, and you will live in doubt and insecurity.

The law of cause and effect applies to our health and prosperity in body, mind, Soul, and our pocketbooks. This law is where it begins, a long time before we receive what we set in motion.

Healing Fear

The path of Self-discovery involves healing the many forms of fear that exist within each of us by undoing its effects or correcting the mistakes with love, and then moving on with life in the new awareness gained by the healing of love. It’s a path that requires the individual to become friends with change, for Spirit is in a constant evolution of change.

Facing our fear begins to dissolve it and opens the door to the inflow of insight, discernment, intuition, courage, strength, freedom, and a greater unfolding of guidance from the Oneness within us.

We are powerful, radiant spiritual beings of Light. That is the heartwarming fact of our real identity. We are as powerful as the Creator's Light of Oneness within us. It's not necessary to live in fear, and the Creator does not wish us to be in fear any longer than we wish it. We choose to live in fear, or we choose to live in love. Banish fear from your life forever! Divine Love is so much more exciting and rewarding!

There are many ways to heal fear. Here's one exercise to bust fear into oblivion, and fly into the supreme freedom of your soul. Use it anytime fear grips your heart.

1. Face Your Fear and Embrace It – When fear grips you, recognize the fear exists and acknowledge its presence. Casting the light of awareness on the feeling immediately begins to lessen the intensity of the emotion. Remain neutral, remain the observer, the witness, and just observe the emotion. Neither judge or criticize or manipulate or control or grasp onto it. The key is to be with it. Accept (embrace) the emotion as it is. Don’t push it away or hold onto it. Just be aware of it, in neutral, and let it pass out of your system.

Emotions act like thoughts. They arise, dance a while, and then pass out of your system. We push pain and suffering away and grasp onto pleasure and pleasantness, and want more of it. When we identify with emotion and claim it to be ours “my pain, my pleasure,” the story of the emotion begins and continues. Entertaining the thought and thinking about the emotion creates a story, a fantasy, which has no existence outside your mind.

Most of us feel alone, abandoned, or afraid when fear grips our hearts. In the Light of Oneness, it is a mere shadow with no life. Down deep inside, you are an exquisite Light-being, who has temporarily attracted an energy draining burglar called fear. It does not belong to you because it is not a part of your divine nature.

Fear is a self created illusion that you energize by giving it life. It cannot exist on its own. It is we who give fear its power over us, and we can take back our power by dissolving the fear.

Fears and other issues only come up when you are ready to face them – when you have the spiritual strength and courage to resolve the fear or issue. It might feel scary or uncomfortable to resolve the fear or issue, so if you need extra help or strength, just ask Spirit for it.

The other side of fear is love, insight, and freedom. If you suppress a fear that comes up for resolution, it will return again and again, until you decide to resolve it. When you learn a lesson in school, you don't have to go back and do it over again. Once you resolve a fear, or face an issue, it fades away, and never returns. You can move on.

2. In Meditation, Reflect About the Fear or Issue – Sit quietly in a reflective state of mind, close your eyes, call upon the Oneness within you for help and guidance, and determine when the fear came to you the very first time. It might originate way back in your childhood. If you have trouble finding its origins, ask for guidance. If you don't receive an answer in your reflective moments, expect an answer very soon. When you have your answer, go back into your reflective state of mind, and complete your inner work to release the fear.

Meditate until you feel you know what the lesson is for you. Discover how you were drawn into it or set it up to learn a lesson. You might want to write this down on paper or in a journal. Writing helps to clarify our thoughts and feelings. Acknowledge your responsibility in the matter and don't be concerned with blaming others for their lack of responsibility. Be very honest with yourself, and objective in your appraisal of the situation.

3. Knowing-ness Brings Insights and Love – From the knowing-ness in your being, insights will come to you about what direction is best for change and your growth. Insights can come in different forms, and at times when you least expect them. They come with a strong sense of knowing, hunches, ideas, or another person might give you the answer(s) you are seeking without that person knowing you are looking for the answer. They might come at certain times of day, in the shower, at work, while you are being quiet, or outdoors in nature. Stay alert to how your intuition speaks to you. Learn to listen to your being, and listen to learn.

4. Forgive Yourself and Others – Forgiveness is a vital key to healing fear and the hurt and painful dynamics of an issue. Forgiveness is the healing oil that lets you release the fear and hurt, and restores wholeness and love to you. It's important to forgive yourself and everyone involved in the fear or issue.

If you write down the fear or issue, you can perform a cleansing ceremony by burning the paper. Fire symbolizes purification, which lets in Light and Love of your being so you can let go hurt and angry feelings, and move on with your life.

If burning the paper is out of the question, tearing it up in little pieces will work too. Learn to live in the now, the present moment, not in the past.

Perform the fire ceremony in a place where you won't start a raging fire that sweeps out of control, and causes several city fire departments to respond to the call. You might use a fireplace, a barbeque pit, in a safe place that is protected from the wind. Light a few candles and incense (optional) as it is a sacred ceremony. Meditate for a few minutes on the purpose of the fire ceremony and ask Spirit to bless your intentions.

Take each page and place it into the fire. As you watch the fire consume the paper, feel that your forgiveness is purifying the negative influences surrounding the fear or issue as it restores love and understanding in your heart. As the paper burns into oblivion, close your eyes, lift your outstretched arms and hands above your head, and affirm this prayer (or create your own):

''I release this fear (or issue) to You, my Divine Spirit. Let the great light of Thy all consuming Love transmute this fear into Divine Love in my heart.''

''I release myself from this fear (or issue). I forgive myself for the suffering and pain I caused myself and others. I forgive all those who caused me pain. I thank myself for creating this lesson as it was appropriate for my growth.''

"I know my lesson, and realize it was for my highest good. I do not need it anymore for my growth. Thank you, my Divine Spirit, for your guidance and assistance in bringing me to this altar of forgiveness and healing. Be Thou always my Teacher. Amen.''

5. Release It, Let Go All Attachment To It, and Go Your Way Without Thinking About It Anymore! – Your spirit will transmute the fear or negativity of the issue, and return to you increased inner strength and greater capacity to love yourself and others. A feeling of completion, that it is finished, will become strong in you. Insights will come to you about how you can successfully handle similar situations that might arise again with a love-based attitude rather than a fear based reaction.

Note: If it's a major fear or issue, I have found that your Higher Self might take you through a series of phases to resolve it. If the fear or issue returns, it's a sign that traces are left to be resolved, and you are moving towards a closer stage of completion.

''Fear is greater than its reality.''

About the Author:

Rev. Dennis Shipman grew up in the Roman Catholic religion. He attended Catholic elementary and college-prep schools for 11 years, and volunteered as an altar boy for seven years. His search for God began in the fourth grade in an environment of devotion and prayer. By the time he graduated high school, he had developed a powerful quest for proof of God’s existence. Five years later, as a non-practicing Catholic, he experienced Oneness.



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