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Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Freedom Begins In The Heart - January 2021


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January 14, 2021 - THE YEAR OF REVELATION 2021 - Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll - Contents: Revelations of dysfunctions and secrets and Truth you didn't know before. Beginnings of the real story about the origins of COVID-19 virus, and end of the virus. The Coming of the New Normal. Coming out party, March-April, old to the new. And, more!

BlissfulVisions.com January 13, 2021 - US CAPITOL CHAOS, WASHINGTON D.C. - Ashtar Sheran via Sharon Stewart - I am Ashtar Sheran, here to help calm the frazzled nerves of the Light community across planet earth.

Yesterday's events (January 6th) were not the events that many of you expected. To hear today what appears to be a message of concession from Donald Trump is also another shock. So many of you expected that he would lead your world into a new era of freedom for humanity.

But as Sharon has pointed out on so many occasions, what do you define as freedom? Is freedom still going to work? Is freedom having to earn a pay check to feed yourself? Or is there a broader definition still?

Sharon has also asked if Trump is to free the world, then why are lightworkers here? Why are they to gain access to unlimited funds in order to create communities for the more enlightened of you?

Mr. Trump's task is only to expose the deep state. And he has done that. He will, again, take the helm in a new administration, in some form, perhaps not as president. He may, in fact, decide to step away from the lead position and appoint a new candidate in his stead. This is as yet undecided. Your next administration may look very different from that which you have become accustomed to now, simply because of the fact that so many of Mr. Trump's current associates are criminals, to be taken away and locked up.

Trials will begin. The QFS funding will be released to more candidates who qualify for these humanitarian funds. Extraterrestrial visitations will become more frequent, as Sharon noted, our ships are hovering just above your planet under the cloud deck now. We are so close and it is because you have called us here.

Expect surprises within the next two weeks. But understand that new people will be taking responsibility upon your planet and the personal responsibility of each person will grow, considerably. It is time you all take part in your future.

The governments will still exist, however, they will be cleaned out of criminals and dark beings. You can have my assurance on that. Their existence on planet earth is as much a galactic issue as it is an exopolitical issue for earth.

Change is the new buzzword for earth. The Alliance will step forward and yet more of these kind souls will become known to you. Breathe deeply and be comforted. All is not lost. All is in flux. Adonai. Ashtar. www.sharonandivo.weebly.com

January 13, 2021 - EARTH INTELLIGENCE REPORT - JANUARY 2021 - channeled by Brad Johnson of New Earth Teachings.

BlissfulVisions.com January 12, 2021 - CALMING WEEKLY MESSAGE FROM THE ONE - channeled by Sophia Love - It is the One. There are things to say. These things involve the turmoil and the fear that is being experienced by some of you. It is understandable, yet not necessary or even supportive for you now. Remember always to hold onto your belief in something unseen. This world you inhabit is illusion, and currently, those controlling the camera are broadcasting the final act. This is a set-up, a staged coup that is not true.

Let’s repeat that. This has been a set-up, a staged coup that is not true. Note that all lines are given. All actions pre-written and choreographed. There may be some ad-libbing and even some surprises, but none of this has been un-anticipated.

You watch now the set-up for the final reveal. You witness scenes that are scripted, and carefully, for the history books. You will be surprised at the players – on both sides. You are witnessing some of the most convincing acting possible. It’s a show. It’s a show. None of it is real.

The force of the people, the physical force of the numbers (of people) who were present in Washington DC for the “counting” this week was a powerful force. Hundreds of thousands of you were there. It was a calling, a statement of such energy and force that if anything it has cemented and solidified the voice of truth and love and integrity and freedom – rather than be a “violent over-throw”. Everyone played their part. Even the media.

Now know that there are still steps to be taken. There are things to be made public. The show continues. Yet, in a matter of weeks you will know truths for which you’ve only heard snippets of, or never considered. Once laid out, they complete the puzzle. It all makes sense then. Players and parts reveal to you the plot.

You will like the ending. This has been, and continues to be a drama with action – twists and turns and seeming casualties. There are some, yes. While recently, in your current moment, there are fewer of them than you think. You are not being shown truth. You are being shown deliberate falsehoods, to gradually reveal a story that holds boldness, beauty and a belief in the necessity of telling it at all.

For to intentionally fool the people seems counter-productive. Yet the extreme control held by the dark ones of your country’s democracy, demands it. You will start to see your oppressors as people. You will start to see the depths of control. You, who see them first, will be the force pushing for equality, unity and honesty in judgment. The next phase of your evolution demands it. You will be asked to decide.

These are your fellow humans. Many compromised and having proceeded in their actions to save loved ones. Not all. Not all. These are the facts you will be learning. Drips of truth are emerging already, to prepare you. As the liberation plays out, you will learn of those players who held the controls and willingly, deliberately, and happily carried out crimes against their fellow man. These are to be stopped, who actually have been stopped at this point. They will be very clear and how to proceed obvious. For the good of the whole, these actions are necessary. For the benefit of man, rather than the benefit of themselves.

Then there are others. These are numerous and their involvement nuanced, their situations complicated. They committed acts abhorrent under threat. These become traps. It will be vital that you lead the way with your love, your light, your truth. Where you are heading is a place of Unity, where Oneness is felt in real time. It becomes for you then, a question of just how much anguish you will willingly deliver to these people. As Oneness will be conscious awareness and the experience of all, by all, for all.

The race has experienced anguish in magnitudes that are exponential. The focus now, in order for you to move on, is that of healing. Healing. Balance is required and intrinsic to the process. There are necessary removals. Yet you cannot fall victim to revenge or repeated anger, blame, accusal or hatred. You will find these to be counter-productive. What comes next, after the reveal, is wisdom.

It will be clear that new hands, heads, and hearts are needed to run things. They will emerge among you. For blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Yes, there comes now anger, outrage and pain with these revelations. Do not lose yourselves to these, but allow for their full movement through your being. No more heads in the sand. You cannot avoid the painful. You will get through it and emerge all the stronger for having done so.

Now comes clarity as to what is most important. Now comes agreement on priorities. Now comes equal distribution of prosperity. You are about to experience a life of abundance, abundance in all things – options will be the least of it. You will see next the power of Love played out once your Unity is obvious. You have all been played, albeit to different degrees.

This week was only the start. Hold fast to inner knowing. The suppression of truth is not long for this world. What is real is invisible to the eye, perhaps, but not to the heart. You are not losing. It is very much the opposite. Remember your favorite events are those that run the emotional gamut for you – all from a place of safety. Trust that all is not lost, that a proper resolution awaits you and that you are very much up to whatever comes next. The highest and best for all of the race – that is the place you are headed. www.SophiaLove.org

January 11, 2021 - WANTED: 100 MILLION PEOPLE TO REQUEST INTERVENTION - In this video, Commander Valiant Thor explains how a critical mass of 100 Million people on Earth (36:55 mark) is all it takes to secure assistance (intervention) from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Council of Five. This critical mass number is 1.25 percent of 8 Billion, the estimated population on Earth’s surface. He says this number is not as large as one might think, since legions and legions of lightworkers already exist upon the planet, and many of Earth’s population are already awake and others are waking up, but don’t have the confidence of asking for assistance.

This is where we – the human collective – can join together in a critical mass to secure assistance from the Galactics. By sharing this message with our friends, and asking them to pay if forward with their friends, we can request to receive an intervention, and expect an answer. Thor makes it clear that we must request assistance, for that is the requirement of universal law. Here is a request for assistance that you can use, or you can create your own: "As a member of the Galactic Community, I (we) humbly request the assistance from the Council of Five and the Galactic Federation of Light."

BlissfulVisions.com January 10, 2021 - KEEP IT SIMPLE NOW - Ashian channeled by Jennifer Crokaert - My beloved brothers and sisters, I am here with an important message: Keep It Simple.

Yes, there is much in your world that is confusing and even overwhelming; it is as if you are in a pressure cooker and the pressure is being increased continuously, and it will continue to increase for a while yet.

My role here is not to tell you what is to come but to provide you with tools to develop Emotional Mastery during your Ascension.

Your emotions that are the front line of this seeming war between the light and the shadow. It is your emotions of light – love, forgiveness, patience, compassion, peace, joy, creativity… – where victory is found.

This is an important point, the war is already won. The result is a given, the only outcome is a victory for the light. However, you do have walk through the process of creating that victory. Your heart is the front line. Your emotions are your role in manifesting this victory.

By focusing on kindness, patience, love, compassion, forgiveness and the innumerable qualities of the light, you create an easier passage through this turmoil, you shorten the time of confusion, and bring forward in your timeline the end of this chapter.

You are the strongest of the strong. The greatest lovers in the multiverse! It was known how difficult this mission would be, so it was only entrusted to those who truly had arrived in the sacred inner sanctum of the heart. If you are here, it is because you are equal to this sacred undertaking.

You are ready. You have already won. You need only walk towards victory by expressing the qualities of love in your now moment.

So, let us turn our attention to Simplicity Now. When you bring your attention into your now moment, you become focused and productive. You collapse all timelines into your point of power, your Now Moment. In your now moment, it is simple… are you being love?

Do you bring love to this task? To this now moment? Do you bring the shadow emotions of anxiety, stress, fear, gossip, envy, criticism, stealing, cheating, deceit…? The list is a long one.

By focusing on your now moment, you create simplicity and clarity in your life, which allows you to choose to express the light within. Yes, it is hard: but you can still smile. Yes, it is painful; but you can still choose to be kind. It is within you. You have that power to go deep and pull from the infinite reserves of the heart.

When you get lost in the ‘news’ of the media, the constant updates of social feeds, the wonder and worry of what will happen next, you have lost your simplicity and your now moment focus; you have wandered into ‘no man’s land’ of anxiety, speculation and fear.

With or without your worry, this victory is assured. Without your worry, it assured even more quickly. My beloveds, your mastery is achieved in your now moment and in your clear focus on expressing love in what you are doing Now. https://JennifercCokaert.com/

BlissfulVisions.com January 8, 2021 - U.S. CONGRESS ELECTORAL VOTE SESSION WAS A COMPLETE SHAM! - John F. Kennedy channeled by Losha - My dearly beloved Patriots...oh, how it hurts me to see you all hurting so much, right now! I wish I could do more to comfort each of you, as you wade through these rough waters. I will try to help with the words that I am sending through my muse, right now.

Actually, I would like to address a couple items that won’t necessarily be comforting but I feel that I must say them at this time.

First and foremost, I am so very glad that these evil scoundrels, who have enslaved all Americans (and others!) for so very long, are finally getting their just due! I know that it certainly does not seem like we are winning and they are losing at the moment, especially following the tragic events that took place on the day of the very important Joint Session of Congress regarding the Official Electoral Vote Count.

There are many different intel perspectives being bandied about as to the reason for the attack on the Capitol building. Some of them contain a bit of truth and that is all...but the ones who are saying that the Alliance had a hand in the “attack” are most correct.

The Alliance were definitely involved, and yes, they even “encouraged” some of it (not the violence), so they could then use some of those moments to their advantage. Yes, while the Congressional officials were “reacting” so quickly to the announced attack by running for their safety in the tunnels below the Capitol, the White Hat “plants” were able to confiscate some of the Congress person’s computers, which will provide the Alliance with a large amount of sensitive data, that can later be used against them in a court of Law. Do not worry...all that is being done, is being done “by the book”...the book of our revered Constitution.

Do not worry about those whom you are hearing “passed on” due to the attack...because they are either not truly deceased and the MainStream Media are using it as part of their misinformation agenda, or they did cross over because they had decided before they were born in this lifetime, that they would be the ultimate Patriot and sacrifice this particular lifetime of theirs, in order to help us Save America. Additionally, know that those beloved Patriots have already been enveloped with our Love, and are going to assist from Above, just as I have learned to do. We are all most certainly fulfilling our “life roles” in our own unique, and beloved, ways.

Now, as for the Joint Session of Congress where they were to formally count the electoral votes for each state...that was a complete sham! Even though the process was interrupted with an incursion of sorts, it had already been made clear by the Vice President...even before the session had started...that he would not even entertain the objections to the electoral votes, because he had “decided” that he didn’t have the “authority” to do so...ha! I say! If he had truly wanted to do the right thing, and he knew he had the authority to do so too, he would not have “created” this “simpleton reason”. Yes, I am a bit aggravated at the way this particular Election milestone played out. As many of you have also said, it is just one more delay toward Saving America.

However, as others of you have been trying to remind those of us who have been unceasingly anxious lately, the Alliance does have a Plan...in fact, they have several plans, and they are continually monitoring the events of the day to determine if a modification is needed in the Plan. The Alliance is even using the extremely advanced Quantum System to determine if there have been any changes in the “fabric” of the timeline that is playing out at the moment, and if there is actually a need to “change” the specific timeline, which is not as difficult to do as one might think. The only reason I even bring up the Quantum System is because I want you to know how very many variables, both intellectual and technology-based, goes into the Plan.

Now, as for those Congressional Patriots who put their very lives on the line in order to object to the “methods” used to count the votes in each state, we applaud you! We thank you for choosing to put America First in your lives, and for being willing to sacrifice your esteemed careers, as there was always a chance of losing it. Your courageous acts did not go unnoticed!

As for my beloved Patriots...you are finally realizing how very important your role, big or small is, during this Great Awakening...each one of you, continuing to do what you do better than anyone else, is helping to shine the Light of Truth so brightly that the ones who have been so very asleep, are beginning to awaken. Each day we can see a few more Lights shining brightly on Mother Earth, and it is a wondrous sight! Do not give up beautiful ones...as your efforts, as small and invisible as they may seem, are truly helping! Keep up the fight, Patriots! Hold the Line! Shine your Light! I am with you always. Your ever-devoted, Jack. (Source)

BlissfulVisions.com January 7, 2020 - THE FORCES OF EVIL HAVE BEEN WORKING OVERTIME - Saint Germain channeled by Spirit Eagle - What is coming to your country is the Great Awakening to the Truth of How your Country has been degraded over time. The United States of America has always had a special place in my heart because, as you know, I was at the signing of the Declaration of Independence and inspired your Founders to write a Constitution based on GOD’s law that would Be a beacon of Light for all of the World to follow.

You are, and have always been, a Courageous People, and I ask you now to be strong in your courage and visualizations for your precious country, so that it becomes a Beacon Of Light for All Of The World. It had started out that way, an unheard of Destiny that has been the focus of the Dark to prevent its’ full blossoming as a leader into this Age Of Awakening. The forces of Evil have worked “overtime” as you say, to destroy your country. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!

Those of us who watch over your country and her Founding Principals are here on your Earth in Massive Numbers helping you, the people of Earth, and in particular the people of the United States, to Birth your Nation Anew! He who is leading your country Right Now was chosen by Heavenly Decree for the work he Must DO, and with your help, He Will DO IT!

There is Great Evil Walking the Earth Now, Attacking those of the Light, remember The Light is STRONGER than the Darkness. Therefore, the change that has been awaited by the Light-Workers is in process Now. This Time on Your Planet can be an uncomfortable one, as you and He, and the Heavenly Realms, Bring The Mother Earth and All of Her People into Peace, Balance, and Love, and rid the Planet Earth of the Darkness that has descended upon her over many Millennia. This is a time of Choice for all OF The People Upon The Earth. Compassion, Caring, Love, Kindness, are the Hallmarks of The New Humanity from This Time Forth. In This Way, the Earth Will Be Cleansed of the Diabolical that has been Alive here for many, many Millennia.

Many Revelations that will open to you All, will be very difficult to Face, however remember that you Are The Warriors Of And For The LIGHT. COURAGE, COMPASSION, TRUTH, and Justice Have To, and Will prevail in order for this Planet Earth and All of You to Ascend. Be Humble in your examinations, of yourselves, your souls, and your actions, in order for you to move onto a higher evolutionary path. I ask you All TO Be Courageous Now. Look within to cleanse yourself of anything: thoughts, feelings, actions, that are unworthy of a Child Of GOD and of a Warrior Of The Light of the Christ.

We, The Ascended Masters , the angels, and the Ancestors take your Hands, Walk with You and Have Your Backs.

This is the beginning of the Time for which you were born, know we are with you always, and assisting you in your Work, on the Earth. “We Have Your Backs.” Goodnight My Dears, rest well this Night.

BlissfulVisions.com January 5, 2021 - YOUR OFFICIAL INVITE TO JOIN THE GALACTIC COMMUNITY - The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton - You are taking on so much for the rest of this galaxy that we share, and as a result, there are so many beings throughout the galaxy who owe humankind. As you get closer and closer to becoming a unified collective there on Earth, you become the solution to issues that are billions of years old.

You have taken on more than your fair share as a collective because you wanted to be at the center of the unification of the Milky Way galaxy. You wanted to be the first domino to fall, and you wanted to let that moment be the same exact moment when you were invited to be a part of our galactic community, officially and with much fanfare.

This journey that you are on is all about being the microcosm of the galaxy and the universe. You get to be that representative of all the various star systems in our galaxy, and you get to contain all the different energies and all the DNA from the various systems.

And as you sort out your internal issues, you as an individual put out a vibration that demonstrates to the rest of humankind that it can be done. You can become a unified whole as an individual, and that will be the spark that ignites the flame that spreads throughout the human collective consciousness, so that everyone knows what is possible when you focus and apply yourself.

And when you become that unified collective of humans, all the various disputes that have ever existed throughout this galaxy will be settled, because again, you will have demonstrated to everyone in the galaxy what is possible. If the humans of Earth can unite and become a collective in more than just name, then so can all the star systems in the galaxy and all the different races of beings come together as a unified whole, and that’s what the shift in consciousness is really all about. www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com January 3, 2021 - HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELVES FROM 5G - The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton - You are living in a world that is giving you more and more reasons to keep your vibration high. If you can keep your vibration high in the world that you are living in, then all of the toxins will have a very limited effect on you. We are talking about the air pollution, the water pollution, the food pollution, and also the EMF pollution that you are currently enduring there on Earth. It is becoming more and more important that you take care of yourselves physically and spiritually, as well as emotionally, because of how many more detrimental toxic elements you have around.

And we also notice that you even have less oxygen in your air, much less than you once did. And so, it becomes more important for you to breathe consciously. It becomes more important for you to take in more air and to get out into nature, which is always good for you. It has become more important to your health and well being to eat pure foods, to drink pure water, and to do whatever you can to maintain your energy field. As some of you know, there is this new technology that is being rolled out, and it is called 5G. Many of you are concerned about it, because of the studies that have shown the detrimental effects of being exposed to that particular EMF.

So what are you to do? There are certain actions that you can take on the physical level, like getting some orgonite, lining your walls with lead, moving out into the country, where there are less of these transmitters around. And of course, you can shut off your Wifi and your cell phones when you are not using them, and you can also use them less. So, in addition to all of the steps that we have just outlined, you also have to find a way to keep your vibration high. You cannot just take care of yourselves physically. You have to process your emotions, especially the ones that come up when you that these gigantic corporations are going to be harming people.

There is also even talk that this level of technology could be used for mind control, and again, you have to process your emotions about that. You cannot just fight the power. First, you have to acknowledge what it is doing to you, what you can do about it, and then, by raising your vibration, you make yourselves less susceptible to the technologies that will continue to be rolled out to humanity. It is a good time to make that important decision about who you want to be. Do you want to be mind-controllable, or do you want to be open-hearted, grounded, and connecting with Mother Earth and Mother Nature? These are the choices in front of you. www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com January 2, 2021 – ASHTAR VIA GALAXYGIRL - Greetings galaxygirl. Greetings beloved warriors of light! Welcome to 2021! Welcome to the higher energies, for they are rising incrementally bit by bit and your earth realm will be almost unrecognizable, and quite higher energetically a year from now.

These energies that are bathing your beautiful sphere in the golden light of the love of Source are being felt within the plants, within the rocks, within the hearts of humankind and we can see this most concretely from our vantage point in the ships. We have numerous technologies for measuring such increases in vibratory speed, and it is quite exciting to be able to watch and observe and lend a hand when we are permitted.

You may ask us to lend you a hand, you know. We are eagerly standing by and serving the Source, the All which is love and we serve you with love in our hearts. For we are all connected and absolutely we benefit when you benefit from these higher dimensional energies. We have been in the higher dimensions for some time now (laughing) but it still feels good.

This is why many sources are telling you to give yourselves permission to feel. Give yourselves permission to feel good, to really feel the love and the joy and the goodness around you for it will be as if a magnet is pulling more good feelings towards you. This will help you not only get through these months of change but to really enjoy these months of change, which is what we hope that you can do. We hope you can enjoy this time, and we know that your higher selves feel the same. Change is never easy, but it is necessary if one is to advance and grow and have an expanded perspective.

I am Ashtar, commander of my fleet. I command in love, in service. This is why I am respected. It is time that higher dimensionally minded leaders begin to step up and have their energies of similar vibrations expand. This is happening. The current structure is crumbling, changing and metamorphing into yet more light, which is quite exciting to see from our vantage point.

And we know that it is disturbing and perhaps disheartening from your perspective. But try to pretend that you are seeing this from a higher view and you can do it, for you are multidimensional and other aspects of you are cheering you on and saying, “Go, go! Be the light, feel this love we are beaming down to you!” We do hope that you can feel it. If you view your current realm with all of the rumblings and shakings and quaking you know, you absolutely know that it cannot last. And so doesn’t that give you great joy? For isn’t that what you were pondering, waiting for, longing or? Isn’t that now why you are here, to be the great instigators of change and renewal? We think so.

We think that you will remember your calling quite shortly. Even if it is just the intense inner calling to be light. That is enough. For that is what is needed. You are our transistor radios of frequency. When you are meditating and attuned to the light and love within you, and to Source within and all around, you beam this light out further, as more of you awaken you are exponentially raising the consciousness of humanity as we speak. Exciting!

I am Ashtar. I love you all deeply. I know you all. We have worked together for some time. We are in the final sweep-up stages. You will remember who you were before 2021. Who you will be after is going to be different, new and improved. So stick to your meditations and goals because you love yourselves. Do not view these New Year’s resolutions as trite and laughable. They may be life changing and affirming mantras of further self love, of further beaming down and out more light and love to the planetary sphere that you currently embody.

You embody other planetary spheres too, remember. You are just here now in this physical little human form experiencing. And so experience. (I am seeing juicy strawberries and I am feeling the sweet taste. I am feeling the joy of my feet in the warm sand and the cool ocean waves intermittently soothe my feet. I am remembering touching my baby’s head for the first time. I am remembering, seeing all of these moments of simple pleasures and feeling their joy.) Joy! Yes, that is what we wish for you to take away from this. Be in joy. Beam your light. Feel the blissful energies being beamed down from all around and from within you. That is the key.

The kingdom of heaven is within, an often misunderstood teaching, but that is because you were always trying to wrap your head around it from a lower perspective. When you remember and recall and really feel that you are Source beings, then of course the kingdom of heaven is within you. For you can create the joy and bliss of heaven within your hearts spaces, for it is within you. The dark cannot crush this.

The dark cannot touch this space unless you let your light dim and forget it is within you. Do not do this, friends. Remember your joy. Feel your inner spark of source-light and laugh with the sheer joy of being alive - being embodied - a tremendous privilege in this now moment - and remember who you are. Remember the light and the love and the joy of this earth embodiment. You have had many joys. Remember them and it will help you transform your outer reality into the heavenly realms of light that you seek.

I am Ashtar. I hope that this message has been one of encouragement and a great one to kick off the New Year that you are experiencing. We are experiencing this alongside of you. We love you fully, completely, tremendously. Keep it up, you’re doing great. I am Ashtar.

BlissfulVisions.com January 1, 2021 - MORE POWERFUL SHIFTS ARE YET TO COME - Astrologer Donna Taylor of the United Kingdom - Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – January 2021.

It has been said that the star of Bethlehem was actually a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Perhaps this is why these two planets, when joined at the hip, have been regarded as an auspicious omen throughout the centuries. This might seem odd, since Saturn and Jupiter are opposites by nature. Saturn is cold and restrictive, and Jupiter is warm and expansive. Saturn is practical and realistic, and Jupiter suffers from overoptimism and a tendency to run before it can walk. Saturn governs the material plane (all things physical), and Jupiter governs all things spiritual and religious. But when these two get together, wonderful things can happen. As many successful partners know, opposites can make productive teams.

As Jupiter and Saturn form their conjunction in Aquarius, we can expect something productive — and possibly rather special — to come out of it. We can expect new beginnings, socially and politically. What emerges will likely be positive although that might not be initially obvious. Starting this month and continuing through the year, Uranus squares the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, suggesting that changes won’t take place without some rebellion, discord, or chaos. Uranus and Saturn do not get along, but at least Saturn is in the sign that Uranus rules, so that should bring some element of compromise. Social unrest, protests, rebellions, and the chaos that marked 2020, are likely to continue.

Remember that collapse and breakdown are necessary before a new society can be built; this time could be seen as a monumental awakening of humanity. And let’s not forget that this is also the final year Pluto spends in Capricorn. The power the elite has held is coming to an end, and this year should bring further collapses of patriarchal, ego-based systems.

January sets the tone for these powerful shifts to come as the planets align in some intense and volatile positions. The new moon on January 13, for example, conjuncts with powerful Pluto, and feisty Mars conjuncts rebellious Uranus. This new moon will speak of transformation and radical change rather than quiet and peace. Capricorn and Taurus folks are most likely to feel the effects of this new moon, and they should work hard to transform some aspect of themselves or their lives to bring about much-needed change. To a lesser extent, the same applies to the signs of Aries, Aquarius, Cancer, Leo, and Scorpio that could feel the waves of change or disturbance.

Meanwhile, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will urge you to begin a new cycle of growth or to seize or work toward a growth-inducing opportunity. But this won’t be easy this month under the square of Mars and Uranus. You might feel the urge to run before you can walk or to act impulsively or destructively. Try not to take any shortcuts this month, and be very aware of any tendency to sabotage yourself, particularly if you are impulsive, impatient, rebellious, or easily frustrated by nature. If you cannot have what you want, when you want it, the Mars-Uranus square to Saturn and Jupiter could incite over-the-top or unhealthy behavior.

How to Deal with Tricky Energies

The best way to deal with this very tricky combination of energies is to examine your life, and ask yourself:

  • “Where am I stagnating?”
  • “Where do I need to bring in refreshing or radical change?”
  • “Where do I need to be strong and not weak?”
  • “What part of my life needs to be released or transformed?”
  • “Which area of my life seems to be beckoning toward a new chapter of growth?”
  • “Where are opportunities beginning to appear?”
  • “Where am I resisting change?”

Be aware that any frustration might be the result of resisting what needs to happen. If so, use the powerful energies of the new moon to let go and transform outdated situations, relationships, or circumstances. Things have to break down at this time, so clinging to what has had its day is pointless. Sometimes you resist the new because it is scary, unfamiliar, and unknown. Be aware of any resistance and fear, but acknowledge that whatever is happening at this crucial time does so for good reason. There are no accidents; all unfolds in line with the divine plan.

That might seem hard to believe sometimes, especially during the third week (around January 21) when the Moon joins Mars and Uranus, making for a particularly volatile and dramatic set of energies. It will be easy to get caught up in the drama as emotions run high and a restless vibration permeates the air. You can counterbalance the spiky energies by getting out in nature more often, meditating, or practicing grounding activities such as yoga, dance, or massage. Take good care of your nervous system by avoiding overstimulation and making time for peace and quiet. Stepping in to the fray or staying outside the chaos is always your choice.

The month draws to a close under a dramatic full moon in Leo. Once again, Mars and Uranus get in the act by forming a tense square, both to the Moon and Sun and Saturn and Jupiter. This could round off the month in truly dramatic style, especially for those with the signs Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, Aries, and Capricorn, and to a lesser extent, Scorpio and Sagittarius. Pisces, standing at the outer edge of the disturbance, could feel the ripples of the fallout.

Remember that healing or cathartic change is probably trying to manifest. Try to allow that healing or change to take place without adding to the drama. This month has a dynamic quality, particularly the second half, but instead of succumbing to the temptation to create fireworks or perpetuate drama, try to be a force for good.

Donna Taylor is an international astrologer and author with more than fifteen years of experience working with clients. If you would like to arrange a personal consultation with Donna, you can email her at dt@creative-astrology.co.uk. Donna also offers a range of in-depth astrological profiles, including the Spirit Guide and 12-Month Forecast. To find out more, go to Donna-Taylor.co.uk.

BlissfulVisions.com January 1, 2021 - AWAKENING BECOMES CONFLAGRATION - Sanat Kumara via Jahn Kassl - Disturbance, strife and inhumanity remain prevalent on earth, to a certain extent and to a certain point. Humanity is in the process of awakening, and circumstances are created that accelerate this process.

Hardship, suppression and deprivation of freedom, that come with the “Corona virus manipulation” and increasingly threatening scenarios, in the end cause many people to look more closely. Many people can’t imagine the background and abyss of the dark alien race – they lack the power of imagination for that. That’s why now situations are being created where at first it seems that the dark satanic side is winning, and more and more people lose hope for a peaceful change.

Certain beings won’t and can’t turn back.

What will happen is that a certain amount of conscious people will take matters in their own hands. More and more people start withdrawing from these schemes on a mental-spiritual level as well as on the actual political level.

What now is seen only in “alternative circles”, with courageous pioneers and forerunners, will turn into conflagration. Many people who seemed lost will now get another opportunity to become conscious.

Not a single current event occurs without a great plan behind it – and it is the divine plan, the plan of light and love, that will be victorious and triumphant in the end.

Until then – up until time dissolves or you have learned to handle time in a new way – you need to apply prayer, meditation, wits, wisdom and courage.


  • First, the division of humanity will increase – you can meet this with inner peace and thereby create balance.

  • Then hatred will spread. Peoples and people will rise up against each other – you can meet this with a deep inner sense and inner vision of the unity of all human beings.

  • After that there will be chaos – you best answer this by sparking your close relationship with God, the spiritual source of your and of all life, daily.

  • Now there will be LIGHT inside you and in the world. After the brutes have left this earth, everything begins to calm down, and the shift begins.

  • You will receive help from Inner-Earth, and extraterrestrial forces of light will guide and accompany you. Earth will be integrated into the Galactic Federation of Light and will be given a new place in this galaxy.

Nothing is as it seems! While things are escalating and the victory of light seems further and further away, just the opposite is the case:

All events that are now unreeling, serve the purpose of allowing a certain percentage of mankind to awaken. The necessary critical mass for overturning the system must be reached.

We are just about there – day by day, with each new imposition, each new dark idea from the workshops of the “un-light”, we are getting closer to that point.

So have faith in God, find your soul’s plan and fully dedicate yourself to it. Connect with your spiritual consciousness. Home is where your spirit was born and where you were created with innocence and perfection. Spirit is who you are in God, and Spirit is God. This is your source. Your compass is love and your banner is light – on all levels of being. I am with you with endless love. I am SANAT KUMARA. Logos of this earth that is recreating itself.

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The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness Free Book by Dennis Shipman

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness