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Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Freedom Begins In The Heart - December 2020


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BlissfulVisions.com December 23, 2020 - YOUR REWARDS FOR SURVIVING THE YEAR 2020 - The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton at www.DanielScranton.com - We are so very impressed with all of you at this time, because of how much we have witnessed you grow over the course of the year 2020. You really have had very little choice but to grow because of the intensity of the times you are living in and because of your desire to stay on an ascension track that would be filled with joyous experiences and less trauma and drama than many are assuming must be a part of any ascension event.

You have decided that it is possible to take the slow and steady path and still enjoy yourselves during a pandemic. You have adapted to your environment, which is necessary for survival, and it is necessary in order to keep up with the changes that are happening inside of you and all around you. Everyone has a choice, and you can choose to resist change or embrace it. When you embrace change that is happening outside of you, you are also embracing changes that are happening inside of you. You are allowing them to occur. You are telling the universe that you like change; you like moving forward.

Now comes the reward for all that you have had to endure there on Earth in this calendar year. The downloads that you will receive over the next ten days are going to be filled with ideas, with concepts, with new thought, that will leave you feeling more than just hopeful about 2021. You will be feeling that you have everything that you need to do much more than just survive. You are ready to thrive because of the work that you have done on yourselves.

You all came into this lifetime knowing that you would have a lot of work to do, but you came in eagerly anyway. You knew that you weren’t going to make it easy on yourselves, but you still really wanted to have the Earth experience one more time. You knew that you have the capacity to take humankind into the fifth dimension and unite humanity in the process. When you are in between lifetimes, you know who you really are. You know that the Source Energy aspect of who you are will always be shining that light brightly from within you and that you will have many opportunities to let it out.

Now is one of those moments in this lifetime for you to seize the opportunity to leap forward into 2021 with a pocketful of downloads that will surprise and amaze you and everyone around you. There’s nothing you need to do, other than expect that help is coming and it’s coming while you sleep, while you relax, and while you meditate.


December 18, 2020 - Excerpts from a 5,500 word Article: "It's Time to Find Our Common Ground and Fight the Real Deep State" by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. - (Note: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is an American environmental lawyer and activist, author, and anti-vaccinationist. He was 9 years old in 1963 when his uncle, the 35th U.S. President John F. Kennedy, was assassinated, and 14 years old in 1968 when his father – former Attorney General and Senator Robert F. Kennedy – was assassinated while running for president in the 1968 Democratic presidential primaries. RFK, Jr. grew up in a powerful political family that was intimately aware of the Deep State presence in all facets of American life, and the world.

For 40 years, he has amassed a very long and exemplary list of litigation, working on conservation, climate, energy, the environment, and vaccine safety – fighting the Big 5: Big Oil, King Coal, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Big Business. He is the president of the board of the Waterkeeper Alliance, a non-profit environmental group that he helped found in 1999.

Kennedy is the chairman of the Children’s Health Defense, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Its mission is to end childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable, and to establish safeguards so this never happens again. In his 5,500 word article, he describes in detail the Deep State and how it came to be the overlords of American society. Click the image above to access the FULL ARTICLE).

RFK: A group of secretive aristocrats, led by George Soros and the late David Rockefeller, manipulate shadowy institutions like the Federal Reserve and the Council on Foreign Relations in order to shift wealth and power to billionaire elites, with the ultimate aim of achieving “World Government.”

To weaken the American character, these secretive aristocrats’ allies among the “Hollywood Elites” have deliberately cheapened our culture by infiltrating TV and film with sex and violence. These elites are purposefully undermining American democracy, subverting constitutional rights and waging economic and cultural war on Main Street America, our democracy and national sovereignty.

Big Oil, King Coal and Big Pharma are all titans of the Deep State cartel of deception and authoritarian control. In its most audaciously ruthless betrayal, this cartel has engineered a suicide pact for humanity and our planet. They have brought us to the eve of Armageddon. Their business plan poses an existential threat to humanity.

They have declared war on democracy and personal freedom. They are the Four Horsemen — the apocalyptic forces of ignorance and greed, pestilence and fear. Today we are living in the beleaguered world that the Deep State’s greed and negligence has created.

The Deep State profits from our division and employs so-called “bourbon strategy” techniques to keep Americans in internecine struggles — black against white, urban vs. rural, Christian against Muslim, right against left, blue collar vs. white collar, Republican against Democrat — to distract us all from waging class war against the Deep State Elites. The term should, instead, unite us.

It’s time to find our common ground and fight the real Deep State, and not each other. We need to work together to escape the seduction of their lies and propaganda so we can unite against the real villains! Click Image Above to Access the FULL ARTICLE.

December 14, 2020 – ASK THE EXPERTS: COVID-19 VACCINES (video) - This is a great round-up of doctors from the World Doctors Alliance "telling it like it is" and warning us about the issues surrounding the new vaccines for Covid-19. DON'T MISS THIS VIDEO. Click Here!

BlissfulVisions.com December 14, 2020 – COCA COLA TESTS COVID-19 POSITIVE IN AUSTRALIAN PARLIAMENT – Prepare for Change - An Austrian parliamentary member exposed the defectiveness of the government’s COVID-19 tests by demonstrating in the parliament how a glass of Coca Cola tested positive for COVID-19.

In footage from the meeting in Vienna Friday, FPO General Secretary Michael Schnedlitz brings a glass of Coca Cola to the podium, from which he proceeds to collect drops to use on an antigen rapid test being used on a mass scale.

After going to the lectern and starting his speech, the politician sprinkled few drops of cola on corona rapid test. Three minutes later the test showed a result: Coca Cola was COVID-19 positive.

”Mr. President, we are likely to have a problem now, we have a positive corona test in parliament, namely this cola triggered a positive corona test. I don’t know how to deal with it now!

With things like this you are throwing tens of millions of euros in tax money out of the window instead of providing real protection for old people’s and nursing homes, instead of investing money in our hospitals.

The corona mass tests are worthless! This was also shown by a simple experiment in parliament, in which a cola had a positive result! But this black-green government spends tens of millions in tax money on precisely these tests.”

Earlier, the Tanzanian President John Magufuli growing suspicious of the World Health Organization (WHO), decided to investigate the claims of the tests himself. He sent the WHO samples of a goat, a papaya and a quail for testing, all of which came COVID-19 positive.

December 14, 2020 – Australia Scraps Billion Dollar Coronavirus Vaccine After Participants Test HIV Positive – Prepare for Change - The Australian Government has scrapped a billion dollar coronavirus vaccine agreement with Australian biotech company CSL Limited to supply 51 million doses of a Covid-19 vaccine being developed by the University of Queensland after several trial participants returned false positive HIV test results. Click Here For FULL STORY.

December 14, 2020 – West Faces Moment of Truth as Khazarian Mafia Surrenders to the Chinese – Benjamin Fulford Report - The Western world is facing its greatest crisis, possibly ever, as its ruling elite has surrendered to China.  Either the West removes this elite from power and creates a united front or Westerners will become Chinese slaves working under Khazarian Mafia sub-contractors.  It is this battle involving the Chinese and the West that is the real reason why the U.S. Presidential election result remains in limbo. Click Here For FULL STORY.


According to Dr. Roger Hodkinson, one of Canada’s top pathologists and an expert in virology, the COVID-19 pandemic is the “greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.”

Hodkinson stressed that PCR tests cannot diagnose infection and mass testing should therefore cease immediately. He also pointed out that social distancing and universal mask wearing are useless measures.

Michael Yeadon, Ph.D., former vice-president and chief scientific adviser for Pfizer and founder and CEO of the biotech company Ziarco, has also spoken out about how fraudulent PCR testing is being used to manufacture the appearance of a pandemic that doesn’t really exist.

Others who have identified the COVID-19 pandemic as a global hoax of unprecedented proportions include a group of German lawyers who founded the German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee and are now laying the foundation for mass class-action lawsuits.

Included are suggestions for how you can resist and defend against the global power grab and be part of the solution. Click Here for the FULL STORY.

BlissfulVisions.com December 8, 2020 – CONFEDERATION OF PLANETS: WE ARE AN ARM OF THE CREATOR – Commander Ashtar channeled by Dianne Robbins - Dear Readers, I am Ashtar, from the United Confederation of Planets, division of the Ashtar Command, which circles your galaxy and solar system. We are part of the great brotherhood and sisterhood of Light for this part of the Milky Way Galaxy. We oversee your sector of the galaxy and solar system, and protect you from any outside intrusion intending to interfere with your evolution.

We protect you from the outlying reaches of space, where there are still pockets of dark forces that would like to overtake your planet for the wealth of resources it contains, including the human. There is a great war between the light and the dark coming to an end, and we in the Ashtar Command know of a certainty that this final battle is about to wage its last death throes, leaving the earth and humans free to evolve. We watch over your skies and make sure that you are always protected as this darkness plays itself out until it just evaporates and disappears forever. We are the great forces of Light, and our cosmic assignment is to protect you always, to make sure that you regain your freedom so that you can evolve in peace and prosperity forevermore.

We are here as an arm of the Creator, maintaining peace in your sector where your solar system resides as you circle the galaxy in your everlasting trip around the sun. Soon you will be in a new position in the galaxy, one in which there is great light and brotherhood of solar systems. Where there is immediate connection of thoughts and vision, and where all are aware of each other, regardless of which planet you reside on. All work together in brotherhood of peace and love. This is what you are moving into. And this is what we are moving you toward. We will meet you there, in your new home position, where you will be able to freely and visually see and converse with us. So just look up to the sky, and visualize our star ships hovering above you and capturing you on our monitor screens. We know where each and every one of you are, always. We work together as one.

I am with you this day of great earth activity, bringing you news of the great rebirthing process taking place on planet earth.

Unbeknownst to your physical senses, great amounts of energy are catapulting to Earth, bringing all life into greater attunement with God. Your scientists and astronomers are unaware of these events, for they base their work on outer occurrences of concrete evidence that they can gather and physically prove.

The shift that is taking place on your planet is the shift from Outer Consciousness to Inner Consciousness, away from travel to Outer Space and into travel to Inner Space. This is where the Great Exploration takes place. This is where you will find all the answers you are looking for.

Our Computer System Links Us to the Confederation

I am Adama. Know that the Confederation of Planets works closely with the inhabitants of the Hollow Earth and Telos. Know that we are in constant communication with them through our Computer Systems. Know that we monitor the whole Earth surface and below the surface.  Someday soon, you will have access to this vast computer system that’s based on amino acids, and you will be able to plug into our vast monitoring network in the Cosmos. Then you will have the information and guidance you will need to stay in a state of balance and harmony with the Earth. This is all waiting for you, waiting for the energies to bring you and all life forms into the necessary state of consciousness that will allow us to implement this grand plan of bringing forth to you our vast computer system that will network you to the Stars.

We Trees Are the Ground Crew

We trees are here in service to the Ashtar Command, too. Only we are the “ground crew” who have “dug in” and live in our “dugouts”, so to speak, while doing the same job and having the same assignments as you, who walk on foot and travel on land. It’s just that our “physicality” is stationed in one spot, while our leaves blow hither and yon in the wind, and our scent and voices travel far inland.

For we communicate with all living life on the surface, just as you do. Our boughs reach through many dimensions as we stand guard on earth, and we are privy to information coming in on different wavebands also. Our auras are vast and connect us to one another across space, and we span Earth’s globe and hold her tightly within our auric arms of green and gold. We bless the Earth, for she has given us life, life to reveal our innermost natures and life to express our selves in so many myriad ways and forms.

For as you walk, we talk, and our voices ever follow your footsteps, guiding you on your path through Nature’s innermost realms where you can play and experience the magic of our species, albeit, in different forms.

Don’t get caught up in the news or the skirmishes between the Light and dark that are erupting. For they will reach a crescendo and then decline and fade away, as these souls will finally step down from their positions of power and be removed from the Earth, never to reappear again. Their time is up. And yours, dear brothers and sisters of Light, is just beginning. Soon the Earth will have a new beginning. A beginning free of coercion, where every species will thrive through Unity Consciousness, and be able to bring all their dreams to fruition. It is the dream of life, and it is soon to be the norm.

BlissfulVisions.com December 6, 2020 - TIME NOW TO FINISH THE GAME - Saint Germain channeled by James McConnell - I am your Saint Germain. I have come again at this time because of a calling, a calling that is reaching out to the many. The many, not only here in this country, but across the entire planet. A calling that is raising the voices on-high, and the power coming back to all of you as you fully awaken into who you are.

For these are those times, those times you have been working for. Not just this lifetime, but for many lifetimes, working up to this time. These moments that are ahead yet, but coming on swiftly.

You all made promises long ago, volunteered for this mission. And this mission is now coming closer and closer to the final culmination. But in order to have that, in order to finish this ‘game,’ if you will, you must first release as a collective all of the darkness here on this planet. And to do so, you must bring that darkness, those shadows, into the light. And that is what is happening now in your election process in this country, and in all the ensuing changeover that occurs as a result of this throughout the planet.

People are watching everywhere on this planet now what happens here in this United States of America. Everybody is watching: watching how the corruption in this country is being overcome by a few great ones that have stepped forward and are raising their voices and bringing their power forward so that they can help to free not only those here in this country, but the entire planet.

It is not only the world that is watching, but all of those above in their ships and on other planets. And even throughout the galaxy are watching what happens here and now.

And you, all of you have front-row seats. You are all here watching this play, or this movie, unfold everywhere. And it is unfolding right in front of you. Some of you are watching. Some of you are participating as if you were able to step on stage and be a participant in the play. And then at times, you step back off the stage and sit back down and watch again. But there are those that are forever focused on being in the play, continuing within the game, and that is most of you. Most of you are here now in these moments to continue to bring this all forward to continue to reveal the truth everywhere that you are able.

There are those expressions that are coming from your mass media that are coming closer and closer now. You may not see it yet, but they are coming closer to needing to reveal the truth. And there are those that are stepping forward and sharing the truth, sharing the truth to many, many more who are awakening to it.

That is how this whole awakening process is happening now. The truth shall be revealed everywhere. Not a rock will be unturned. For everything will come through as it needs to.

And all of you, as you have been hearing for some time now, are the catalysts for this. You are the ones you have been waiting for. It is not us, those of the Ascended Ones, it is not the Galactics, it is not the Agarthans. It is all of you. Because it is all of you, you are the ones to make the difference. You are the ones to step behind the President of this country, step behind him and follow him. And give him support and your prayers, and all those that work with him.

Because again, it is not only this country that is at stake, and the Republic here, but it is the entire planet that is in the throws right now of the Great Rebellion within. You are all a part of that Great Rebellion, or revolution, if you will.

But it is not a revolution with guns. It is not a revolution outside of yourself. It is a revolution within yourselves. And as you are able to overcome the diversity within yourself and bring those shadows within yourself to the light, that will bring the light to the world.

I am Saint Germain. And I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you continue to do everything that you can to bring about this Changeover. To bring it forward. To draw it to you.

BlissfulVisions.com December 2, 2020 - THE CHAOS WITH THE U.S. ELECTIONS IS PART OF THE ASCENSION PROCESS - Mira the Pleiadian, channeled by Valerie Donner - Greetings: I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I am pleased to speak with you. Much is occurring on the grandest scale. Truly, this is a huge operation in which we are involved to shift the earth into the fifth dimension and all of life along with it.

You and the earth are pivotal in the ascension of all creation. Never forget for a minute how important you are and how grateful we are for the work that you’ve done to get the earth and the consciousness to the stage that you are in now. We acknowledge your greatness and the vastness of your light, your determination, your commitment and your skills that are facilitating this grand shift.

We know this has not been easy and again we know that you are tired. You are working diligently day and night to make this happen. You have no idea how important your work is. It is making a huge difference.

On the earth counsel we observe that some of you are rattled at times due to the outrageous behaviors of the dark forces. Please do not let them get you off-balance or in fear. Hold the light constantly and remain in the fifth dimension in your consciousness. You are the way showers. We need you to stay straight on purpose focused on the ascension.

Please take excellent care of your body’s, minds, hearts and souls. Do what brings you joy, laughter, and peace. Get lots of rest, eat well and do whatever you need to do to nurture your body.

The body is going through upgrading including the endocrine system and your cellular structure, along with the amount of light that it is bringing in. Every aspect of creation is assisting you and the earth right now. Everyone will benefit when the ascension is complete.

Major shifts need to happen now. Life is too untenable and too precious to be tampered with in the way that you are being forced to live right now.

It was decided earlier this year that time would be sped up so that the ascension would go faster because the dark forces were creating too much destruction.

The chaos with the election in the United States is part of the Ascension process. It is intended to add light and truth to what many did not know was happening. It is also necessary for empowering people to take their power back to claim their freedom.

What is most important is that our lightworkers keep their vibrations up and that they follow the truth in their own hearts.

The disinformation being spread “like a fire hose” as one recently said, can be disarming and disheartening. If you buy into it you are lowering your vibration and are not as capable of holding the light and doing your work.

We do not want you to energize the dark schemes with your focus or your energy. It is unproductive. Trust and believe in the divine plan and know that it is in action. Every aspect of it is brilliant and is designed for the truth and the light to come out for all to see.

We are with you with each breath, each choice, and each victory, whether large or small. We celebrate you and we celebrate every victory. Soon we will be dancing together in the streets. I am Mira and I love you and support you.

BlissfulVisions.com December 1, 2020 - THE STATE OF YOUR PLANET NOW - Lord Ashtar, Archangel Raphael and the Angelic High Kingdom via Lynne Rondell - Hello beloveds it is i Lord Ashtar coming back through this channel again with another message for all of you. This is going to be a message where i'm going to talk about the state of your planet, the state that all of you are in. I'm also going to talk about what all of you are feeling that we in the high collective of light can actually feel and i'm going to bring through where that is leading you and what is actually happening because of how you're feeling and because of what's going on, on your planet and then Archangel Raphael will be bringing through some emerald green healing light, down onto the planet plane after i'm through.

I'd like to tell you the state of your planet, i'd like to tell you about what we are feeling and what we are seeing from all of you. We are seeing a lot of unrest and uncertainty, we are seeing still a lot of fear with these lockdowns, the mandates, those being forced to shut their businesses and all that is rolling out on all of you now with this virus, we are feeling your sadness, we are feeling your anger, we are feeling a confusion, for you do not seem to be able to decipher a lot of times from your media what is true and what is untrue.

You having to go into your all knowing, into intuition, to try to figure that out and we are feeling an uneasiness and an unrest as you don't know what to expect next.

We do see this external is quite severe, we do see this virus that was set down on your planet doing a lot of damage, we do see what's going on with every single one of you on this plane.

We'd like to say that although you're all immersed in the external in some way and having to deal with what is being put upon you with your closures and your lockdowns and everything that each and every one of you on this entire planet is going through, we would like to say that something magical, that something wonderful and something very amazing is actually happening through all of this: you are unifying, you are becoming a unified body of light.

It is because you all strive for the same things, you all want the truth on the planet, you all want your freedom and free will, you don't want these lockdowns and containment we're going to say put on all of you and you want to move forward in fairness and you want to move forward with justice for all and you want to move forward in peace.

You all want the same thing and because the entire human collective does want the same thing you are unifying, you are moving into a unified body of light. Now there was other ways for this to happen without a virus on the planet but this is what's rolling forward, this is what's happening because of the situation that each and every one of you are in. This is what you're doing, you're going to move forward as one huge unified body of light, you are operating as yourself but you are unifying and you are going to operate in the cloud as a huge unified body of light.

When you all want the same things, when you all have the same feelings on this planet, you are joined, you are one. You now are starting to interface all of your wants, every single person on this planet is wanting the same thing. Energetically it is we're going to say like threads are weaving all of you together. You are unifying, you are going to be this huge unified body of light that is going to be operating for the greatest good of all, not the greatest good of those few with the money. They can have that hold the power so they think.

So through all this virus, through all these lockdowns, through all this pain and sadness and fear and grief you have joined together as one big unified body of light. So where we stand this is huge, this is what is needed to go to the fifth dimension, this is what all of you had to do to ascend.

I know you are playing in the third dimensional matrix, you're having to be immersed in it, to feel it and to see it and to roll through it but those of you that are going even those of you are sleeping you're on the fourth dimension, you're holding beautifully on the fourth dimension.

Do not worry you are coming through this, you're wanting the truth, you're wanting your freedom, you're wanting the powers that be, that are so dark not to have the reign over you anymore and you're wanting to move forward in peace and in fairness for all. So this although, as painful as it is, has unified each and every one of you together we're going to say with gold strands of light beautifully as a unified body of light.

Something to think about as you move forward on your road to your ascension. This has happened because each and every one of you have felt the very same way, the very same way. There's no one that's escaped this on this planet and we don't care how much money you have, you're still feeling everything that everyone else is going through.

Something to think about for today, this is huge. I'm happy to be bringing through this information forward to you now because this is a huge part of your ascension, your journey that has been completed. You're unifying, you're going to go up still in a lot of waves, but you're going to go up as a unified body of light. Those few with the money that hold the power are no longer going to hold the power they don't have it.

You have to know they have nothing. If you think about it like that, the dark has nothing anymore but to push fear out at you. You all hold too much light, there's too many of us high collective of light along with the angelic high kingdom that have pushed so much light down on your planet. You're a huge beaming ball of white light. There's too much light for the dark to even try, to take a hold.

It's done, you have to roll through what's being pushed out at you. You have to still speak your truth and speak up not only for yourself but to speak up for the collective, for the fairness of all but that will come and you will all speak your truth and you move forward beautifully.

This is huge. I know a lot of you are feeling very down but just know this is a monumental moment.

We all on the high councils are so very happy. We're cheering you on. We are here to support your journey and to see that it is one that is bathed in love and bathed in light.

I Lord Ashtar along with the entire angelic high kingdom are sending you this message through, to all of you, we are sending you such love, light and blessings.

Archangel Raphael is going to bring through emerald healing light to this channeler now and 40 million angels are going to also send emerald green light down onto the planet.

I Archangel Raphael am so pleased to be coming through this channeler again.

I am one of her guides and i do look forward to sending all kinds of energies down to all of you, to help you on your journey, along on this planet. I'm sending emerald green healing light today for all of you through this video, for love of your journey and who you are, the love of healing your heart and any wounds that this virus has caused to any of you.

Know that you are rolling forward in love and light, know that you are so strong has a unified body of light and know that i along with the entire angelic high kingdom are sending our love, our light our blessings and today 40 million angels are sending emerald green light to heal any wounds and to help you to move forward on your journey. I'm sending you such love, light and blessings.

BlissfulVisions.com December 1, 2020 - THE DISMANTLING OF THE 3D WORLD - 10th Dimensional Cassiopeia Collective via Davey - Greetings beloveds, of this beautiful earth, of this planet many of you call Gaia. We have another name for this splendid beautiful soul, this dearly beloved archangel of light that inhabits, the body, you call the earth. We have a wonderful message today, that we would love to bring through this one, newly connected to us, in a conscious manner…

We are the Cassiopeian’s, we are a vast group, coming to you, in this message from the 10th and higher dimensional space. Of course, this does not matter so much, simply to say, that the love and light we send you is of a highly refined nature. And it is our heartfelt love to share our energy, to share our conscious perspective, our love and our light.

Oh, dear ones, our hearts go out to you, you have suffered much, and you continue to endure the last vestiges, of the last hurrah, of those you call the dark ones. Dear ones, we bring you a message of cheer and joy. This will be over soon. Your frequencies are raising daily, you are so close to the threshold, and the imminent collapse of the empires of old.

Please remind yourselves to go inward daily. This is so important dear ones. For as long as you hold your focus, your attention, on the outer goings on, the chaos, the games… that are being played out, the more you will fool yourself, and entrench yourself, the more you will believe in the falsity that the outer world has presented to you.

Dear ones, what you see going outside of you, is nothing more than a holographic illusion, promulgated by the 3D matrix that has disappeared now. It no longer functions, but what remains are the patterns and the ingrained energies that were injected and thrusted into you. This was part of the game dear ones.

We wish to explain a little more about what this 3D simulation was about. For we feel that it will help you. It will help relieve and alleviate much of the mental imbalances, the torments, you are experiencing. You see, the 3D matrix is a designed game, it was designed to super contrast against the love that you are. It was such a contrast, that it would provide a magnificent illusion. We do not say magnificent in that it was great in nature. We mean magnificent in that it provided a huge spectral contrast between what you perceive, and in fact is the illusion of darkness, and we will speak more of this in a moment, all the way through in a vast array of experiences to that which is your truth, which is real. It is the only realness if you will, that which is of love and light.

This game had many pitfalls. Some of you have stumbled in many ways and this was to be expected dear ones. This game was of such stark contrast, that even the very best of love and light, and that is to say those of highly experienced souls, would find themselves faltering, from time to time. Such was the nature; such was the depth of this game. And this is why you, dear star seeds, the very best of the best, in terms of the strength of your experiential love light, came here to assist. This game was to be such that you were to become enmeshed in a matrix that would, in a sense, constantly inject, illusionary concepts such as fear, doubt, anger, hatred, an array of negative emotions, including guilt and shame. And as has come in a channel previous to this one, none of these energies, none of these emotions are of you. They are not yours dear ones, do not own them in the sense that they originate from your truth, they do not, they have never…

Think of it like a virtual reality headset. If you put the headset on, you experience an illusionary visual game, where there are sounds, sensations and sights. And the design of this game was to inject negative tones, sounds, all sorts of what you would call horrors… These would overlay with your natural truth of love and light. And if you were not careful, you might have even identified with these injected negative tones. These were done so from the 3D matrix system.

This, dear ones, is why it is so vital and important to constantly connect with your heart, your inner space, your inner truth. There, there are no injections. And although the 3D matrix system is dismantled, what it injected into you, the patterns that unfolded, that you developed as a result of these injections, these have to be purged, they have to be cleansed. And by going into your heart space, your truth, your genuine unfettered, unspoiled truth, is revealed to you, it is right there dear ones, right there for you.

We Cassiopeian’s specialize in heart centredness and the application of that love light in all creative wonders. Some might say we are fully heart centred creators, and we are. And in truth so are you, and in truth, so are all. The choice that remains before you is how much of that truth you wish to live in, how much you wish to see.

We pledge our service to you, to help you recover the stillness, the truth, the love and the light that you are dear ones. You are our brothers and sisters, beautiful Gaian’s. Many of you are experiencing this the unfolding of this truth as you go inward daily, or as much as you feel guided to so. And we urge all of you, our beautiful dear brothers and sisters of love and light. Please, please, please, go in daily, connect with your heart space, connect with your truth. For there, the spectrum from what you call darkness, the illusion of darkness through to your truth, disappears and the only singular truth, that you are, reveals itself… Love dear ones, yes, you are love and light. You have never been anything different. The more you do this, the more the illusion, the construct of the illusion disappears, of duality within you, it disappears dear ones!

This is what we ask of you this day and going forward.

Do not concern yourself, do not worry yourself with the outer goings on. For it is just nothing more than the dying embers of the injected forms of the illusion of darkness that the matrix impinged upon you. Why continue to entertain it? Why continue to support it when it is dying, it is passing away dear ones.

Continue to go inwards, know only the love and light of truth that is within you, because that is what reality really is, there is nothing else, it is the everything. The vast infinite expanse of love light is everything and all there is dear ones. Why invest yourself in that which is illusion, it does not exist, it isn’t real.

It was just a game - it was always a game. Albeit seemingly very real, for most of you, much of the time. So real in fact that you were fooled into believing that the reality, or the perception of reality that you see outside of you, is all that is and all that was. This is not so dear ones.

It is falling around you, do not grasp to it, do not cling to it. Come inside, within your truth. There, the infinity expanse of love light is who you really are. This is where you are going dear ones. This is what it is to be in the 5th dimension and higher.

We say again, COME IN TO YOUR TRUTH! Your inner world, this is where it really is, this is reality dear ones. Let go of your anchors and tethers to the outer world. It is but a scripted illusion that is falling by the wayside, it holds no value. It holds no sense of reality, unless you hold it up and give it a sense of reality. The more you come into your inner world, the more it will disappear. You do not need to jostle with problems and issues outside of you.

Yes, as you transition, there are certain things that would be prudent to take care of, but do only what you need to. For as you transition, and as you move out of the illusionary outer world and come deeply into the inner world, those things that bother you will be no more because they only exist so long as you are supporting their existence. They are your creations dear ones, as a result of being enmeshed, and injected by, the matrix, the 3D matrix. But as you transition out, as we have said before, this will thoroughly disappear, as will all elements, all forms, all experiences of it, all things that bother you, will disappear. And the more you practice going inside, the faster that will become a reality.

This is our message here for you today dear ones.

Please, our brothers and sisters, GO INWARDS! Again, and again, and again… It will become easier and simpler, the more you do it. Let go of your resistance to your inner world, your inner truth.

Yes, there are parts of you that will fight and resist because they are the aspects of you that have believed in the outer world, have become enmeshed with it. Console these parts dear ones. Invite them into your inner world to be healed and cleared. To be thoroughly cleansed in the pure love and light that is the flame of your heart, the healing flame, your LOVE FLAME.

You each have one of these, you cannot but have one of these dear ones. It is the powerful flame of transmutation you each hold within you, use it, apply it dear ones, it is there for you. There is NOTHING that can withstand the flame that is in the centre of your heart. It brings everything back into truth. Connect with your higher self, work with your higher self to apply your love flame to yourself, to this beautiful earth, to the places you feel guided to use it.

Dear ones, we leave you now in our love, our light and we invite you to connect with us and other higher dimensional love light groups that you feel drawn to. Work with us, we would love to co-create with you, this beautiful new higher dimensional world that you are moving into, THE INNER WORLD MADE MANIFEST.

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Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness