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Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Freedom Begins Within The Heart - Nov. 2020


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BlissfulVisions.com November 27, 2020 – TRUMP-BIDEN UPDATE - Ashtar Sheran channeled by Sharon Stewart - Sharon: Ashtar, what's going on with Trump and Biden? They're fighting it out in court but Biden isn't even slowing down. Even though he knows he's a crook, the vote count is false, he's still going ahead as if he won. Why is he doing that?

A: Because he is a liar.

Sharon: What does he stand to get from doing this? What is he playing at?

A: It hasn't been conceded yet, Sharon.

Sharon: Okay. So he's acting like he still has a chance.

A: He will not back down, Sharon. He will insist he won long past the day that Trump takes office. If you don't see it, there's a fight for the white house, the actual building itself. The one who sits in that chair gets to make the decisions for the country and remember the Deep State still has a lot of its infrastructure in place.

Sharon: He's not going to back down.

A: No. It will have to be done by force. He will be forced to back down. He and the democrats. There will be an actual fight over the white house. If you've noticed there are guards around the white house and fencing has gone up. Security has been tightened.

He's not planning on conceding anything. He's not planning on being defeated. There will have to be a battle. Ivo predicted a civil war for America, perhaps, well this would be it.

Sharon: I'm just flabbergasted because nobody is stopping this narrative of the Demoncrats winning.

A: It's because there's no way the people of earth will support their win unless they lie about it. The people have to be lied to, otherwise they're out.

Biden and the Democrats are not going to give in unless they are arrested. The only way to eliminate them from this race is to arrest them.

You understand that this is the battle for the Deep State or freedom of humanity being played out in this electoral battle. That’s it. The dark versus the Light personified in Biden and Trump, and Democrat vs Republican.

Biden isn't worried about what is legal. He simply wants the control over the country and he's willing to bring in the Chinese army to get it. Trump is aware of this, and has his forces ready. They're being arrested already as we speak. Don't worry. Many of the world's forces are backing Trump. The Light stands behind Trump and we won't allow him to lose grasp of the presidency. He won it fairly and squarely, and he's not to give up control to any criminals.

BlissfulVisions.com November 19, 2020 - ASCENSION REPORT - Commander Lord Ashtar via Lynne Rondell - I, Lord Ashtar, have a message for the entire human collective, and this message is not only from me, this message is from the galactic federation, the high councils of light and this message is from the entire angelic high kingdom.

The Ashtar Command

I do work with the angelic high kingdom, I also work with the galactic federation of light. I police planets, different solar systems, different galaxies. I have millions in my command, I police different planets when there is a need to take dark off the planet, when there is a need to bring forth a different vibration or a higher level of light. I police planets when there are ascensions that are needed. I help planets where there's too much darkness.

I pull out the negative ETs. I pull off the dark and let the planet come into balance as I’m doing with this one. I let Mother Earth to be able to actually be bathed in light so all of you and she can ascend as well. I do a lot of different things in a lot of different galaxies.

I have millions of craft in the air all over this galaxy, in other galaxies, in this universe and far away as well. I am dealing now with policing your planet along with the galactic federation, along with all the high councils of light, Lyrians, Andromedans, Pleiadians, Cassiopeians, Arcturians, all the councils of light.

We're all working together to see that you ascend, to see that you ascend peacefully and to see that all this dark is taken off your planet and the earth plane now.

The Dark ET’s

You have no idea the level of dark reign that's been on your planet. You haven't seen it as you don't remember it when you jump into this lifetime. You don't know how to go back in your lifetimes and see what was on this planet before. We're going to tell you there's a lot of underworld dark, low realm darkness.

The negative ETs have been here a very long time. It would be the annunaki, borg, reptilian and draconian that we're mainly dealing with now for they have a sense of power on your planet. They seem to feel that it is their planet and they seem to feel that they have the right to still dominate all of you. They seem to feel as they've been down here controlling for a very long time that they don't need to abide by the universal laws that were put in place for not only all of you, your auric field, your physical body and the soul level but the laws that were put in place for ETs coming to your planet.

The Ascension of Mother Earth

This is Mother Earth's planet, no one owns this planet besides Mother Earth, and all these collectives of light are seeing that is the truth, they're seeing that you are safe, they're seeing that Mother Earth gets her wishes and gets her honest demands met.

Mother Earth meets with this channeler day in and day out they now speak because they're up on the fifth dimension just verbally as she's bringing this message through you. She's very adamant today through this channeler to the angelic high kingdom that no dark be allowed on this planet and earth plane.

She wants all witches, sorcerers, demonic beings in human form, reptilian humans and all the underworld and all the negative ETs to be gone, to be off the planet now. She's very demanding in that sense as she's tired of being in such a dark reign.

She wants to see that all of you are protected and safe. She set up a lot of her own laws and rules as well. She's quite adamant and strict about what she does want. We in the higher collective of light and the angelic high kingdom, we do try to give her what she wants as she's been through a lot and it's taken 60-something years to actually make this ascension happen.

So we are helping her as best that we can. This channeler is the liaison between her and the angelic high kingdoms and the joiner we're going to say, the bridge between the galactic communities, the bridge between the angelic communities, the bridge between Mother Earth and the bridge as she is human for all of you.

So Mother Earth has been doing a lot of work lately, a lot of work to try to get the dark off and to try to ease the way for all of you to ascend. She sent down more truth energy coming for another week, she sent white light out for all of you for love of who you are, for love of adjusting to send all the negative energy, the anger, the fear, the scaredness and all that is bubbling up right now, and she sent white light for all the different kingdoms as well.

Humanity’s Ascension

You're all ascending. There's a lot of energy that needs to be purged so she helps with that as well, and we want to bring through some backstory for all of you, we want to say how wonderfully you're doing with your ascension.

We want to let you know that it is going to be a little bit rocky for a few more months as the truth does come out, as there's been a lot of deceit on your planet and plane but we're with you, we're sending you so much love and light, you have literally millions and millions of angels, you have millions and millions of high councils beings of light. We're going to call them galactic beings of light.

A lot of you have galactic families that are very close to you now as the realms are coming down to meet almost when you're on the fifth dimension, you're going to be so close to all of it but you have so much help, you have so much love coming forth, you just have to ride this wave, you have to ride this wave that you're on with this third dimensional agenda rolling out, you have to stay above it and you have to know that you're all ascending.

You have to know that each and every one of you is being helped, each and every one of you that is ascending is going to the fifth dimension, and you have an angelic family or you have guides and angels or you have a galactic family. They're all here for you now, they're cheering you on in the stands.

We want to bring this message to all of you, and let you know how much love we're sending down to you, how much is being done on this rocky road on your planet right now and that we're in your corner, all of us are in your corner.

Prepare for a Rocky Road, Possibly Into February

We see what is ahead of you, we see that it is hard as you've lost your jobs, as you you've been held down, as money is tight, as there is sadness and pain on the planet and as so many of you don't know what to make of what's going on.

It's going to get a little rockier, it's going to be rocky till the end of December, but could be very rocky until the end of January and into February as well. There's a lot of tumultuous energies coming up to the surface for you to see.

Roll through this. You've got this, we've got your backs, we're here with you, we're sending you so much love and so much light.

The Journey Back Into Love and Your Heart

Just know the dark is leaving your planet and earth plane. You are ascending. You are beautiful children of the light. You came here to experience this ascension, you came here to help Mother Earth, you came here to be a bigger part of the collective of humanity, to help those that needed it to ascend as well and you came here to make sure that humanity is moving forward.

A lot of you came from other planets, galaxies, star nations to be part of this journey. It's a journey into love, it's a journey back to your hearts, it's a journey to one of peace in the end and fairness and unity for all. Please keep that in mind.

We are here, and we are with you. We love you so very much, we have your backs. I know it is scary. We are giving our support to you emotionally and with our heart centers, we are of service to all of you. We have been and will be for years to come.

We are excited to make ET contacts. Just know you're going through something that has never been done before on this planet, you're going through an ascension, through a very rocky path, it's tumultuous.

Know that all of you are going to come out shining, you're going to come out aligned with your higher power, you're going to come out knowing the truth of who you really are and knowing what you've really done in your heart. It's such a glorious thing you're going to be living in a world with peace finally, with the knowledge that the dark will no longer be with you.

So, I Lord Ashtar in my message from the entire angelic kingdom and all the kingdoms, galactic kingdom of light, you got this. We love you, we're in your corner, you're ascending, you're ascending very quickly and we're with you, we're holding space for all of you as well.

We’re making the space of light for all of you to really raise up, we're working with Mother Earth as well and with this channeler for her healing. We love you, sending much love, much light and blessings.

BlissfulVisions.com November 14, 2020 – DOWNLOADS, UPGRADES & ACTIVATIONS LEADING TO DECEMBER 21ST - The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton - We are watching and waiting for the right opportunities to bring you even more of the downloads, upgrades & activations that you have been asking for and that we know you need to thrive there on Earth. We are always willing to give, but you have to be available to receive what we are giving.

We know that December 21st will be one of those times where we will have the opportunity to share with you more of what you’ve been asking for, because you will be ready. You will be expecting something big, and that expectation opens you up, puts you in a state where you are more receptive.

Then there’s all the time in between now and then, where we will have to look for the opportunities. One of the reasons why we tell you to tune out from all that is being speculated about on the Internet is because when you are in your heads and out of your bodies, you are not very receptive. When you are tense, or even afraid, you are not very receptive. When you are angry about something that may or may not happen, you are not very receptive. When you are angry about something that isn’t even true in your reality, you are also not very receptive.

That is why we will continuously invite you to do what brings you the most joy, what lights you up and turns you on. We will continue to invite you to look within yourselves, to connect with nature and Mother Earth, and we will do so because we know that when you are in a more relaxed or more joyous state, you are far more receptive to what you want and what we want to give you. But if you continue to disempower yourselves by exploring the latest conspiracy theory, then you are going to be closed off to what could ultimately help you and everyone else on Earth avoid that scenario that someone is blogging about.

You have got to trust in yourselves, your higher selves, all of us in the higher realms, and the universe, rather than trusting in what someone else tells you is ‘the plan.’ You have always been the plan. You have always been the ones who were going to wake up first and lead the rest of humanity into the golden age of the fifth dimension, but you have to make yourselves available to your own natural, spiritual evolution. When we and others like us give you what we are giving you, we are just playing a role for you. It is really you doing all of the planning and orchestrating. You are the ones pulling all of the strings, and the more you convince yourselves that someone else is doing it, the more you experience that reality.

So please let us help you in between 11/11 and December 21st. We are more than willing to give you all that you are asking for and more, but you have to be in the ready position in order to get what is rightfully yours and your creation. Have fun. Be the light. Love somebody. Connect with an animal, a tree, or the ground, and do us all a favor by relaxing and enjoying the moment you are in.

BlissfulVisions.com November 11, 2020 – TRUST THE DIVINE PLAN – Saint Germain via James McConnell - Before I bring this message to you, I want you all now to take a deep breath. Breathe. Breathe in the life that is around you. Not the three-dimensional chaos that is happening around you now, but life itself.

Higher consciousness itself. Feel it. Know it. It is all here. It has always been here. But you have been blinded. Not by the Light, but by the darkness within each and every one of you.

But that darkness has now become illuminated within you. It is all happening now. You will not believe everything that is coming forward from those of the dark forces, and you know that which I speak of, here. You know where that information, that news, is coming from.

But the truth is also coming. The truth that will indeed set you free, just as we have been saying. Not only for this lifetime that you are in, but for many lifetimes, now. It is in your biblical sayings, “The truth shall set you free.” It is destined for the truth to be revealed. All you need to do now is be open to it.

But as you are open to the truth, it comes in and resonates within you, just as it has been for many of you, if not all of you. And certainly, many of you are resonating to these words as you read them after on your internet. It is all coming forward. The truth is coming forward as a disclosure.

When we speak of disclosure, we have not only spoken of disclosure and that of the Galactics, we have been speaking of disclosure as the truth in general coming forward to be revealed from many different sources, many different directions. And that is what is happening now, as freedom is at stake, here.

Freedom. Your own freedom. Freedom not here just in this country, though, but in the entire planet. The world must be free, and shall be free. Free of the dark forces.

Because the dark forces are putting out everything that they can now. As we have said many times, they are following a plan. But that plan is an old vibrational plan. It is a three-dimensional illusionary plan that they are following.

But you of the higher forces, of the Light Forces, and your President Trump, are following a higher plan. A higher divine plan which carries higher vibrations with it.

And the only ones that can follow into this plan, this divine plan, are those that move into those higher vibrations. Those that resonate still at the lower vibrations will remain in those lower vibrations and cannot sustain themselves in the higher vibrations. And this is what is in the process of happening right now, as the truth is coming forward. And it is going to come forward more and more.

And I tell you now, as Saint Germain, and many others are saying this same thing in many different ways. The one that is being shown to come forward and be the president of this country shall not be the president. He will not reign as president, here. I cannot tell you more of that beyond that, but it is destined that the one that has been president shall carry on. Cannot say how long he will carry on, because other forces are at work, here.

Other forces of the Light, of the divine plan, are at work. And as we have said, everything is being orchestrated here for your freedom. Freedom not only of this country, but of the entire planet.

That is what is happening here now. Freedom. Freedom to live your lives as you want to live them. Not to be locked down and to be in a controlled situation, manipulated as puppets by those who would attempt to do so, those who would attempt to control the world.

There will be no New World Order. It is not going to happen. It never could happen. The Earth shall not be taken over by those who attempt to decimate it and desecrate it. It will not happen. It cannot happen.

So all of you who came here for this mission, awaken now. Awaken to the mission that is in front of you. When we have said you are the Lightwarriors, and no longer just the Lightworkers, we are speaking now to this group. We are speaking now to those ones who will resonate to these words.

The time to sit back and simply watch the show has passed. You are not part of the show, if you allow yourselves to be. So allow yourselves to move forward, to get off of those couches, to stop watching the news that is coming forward, and make your own news. Create your own reality, here. That is what this is about: being in the moment and carrying the moment, right now, forward.

Forward into truth. Forward into love that is coming forward in each and every one of you, more and more, as your fourth chakra (the HEART, located in the middle of your chest) begins to open wide, and opening wide because of what is happening now. It will open wide for many because of what is happening now. Because the lower vibrations are raising now because of this.

Believe in the plan. Trust the plan. It is there for a reason. It is there for a purpose. Everything that is happening is for a purpose right now. So all of you must trust. Trust in the plan. Trust in the independence to come forward as I spoke of recently. Independence not only of this country, but of the entire planet. That is what is coming, and destined to be. But you must weather the storm a little while longer.

But do not just sit back and sit through the storm. It is not time now to be in the eye of the storm. Yet be calm. But do not allow everything that is happening around you to take hold of you. Rather, you take hold of it. That is where you need to go, now.

Share the light, spread the light, every chance, every opportunity that you have. If it takes taking off those masks, then do it. If it takes speaking out in a crowd, do it. If you feel the inclination to do so, speak your truth loudly now to everyone, anyone that will listen.

Remember, “where two or more are gathered in His name, …” as He said using the I AM Consciousness within, “where two or more are gathered in my name, in the I AM, there will I be,” there will the I AM be within you. You will have the power to speak out. You will have the knowing to speak out. Just as I am speaking out through this one now, this James, now. You all have the power to do so as well, as the need arises. And I tell you now, as Saint Germain, the need is here now to do so.

Step off. Step off of the comfort zone and step onto the Truth Train that you have been speaking of. Ride the Truth Train. Ride it into freedom. Ride it into independence. Because that is what is at stake, here. The independence of the entire planet. The freedom of the entire planet is at stake here now. And all are watching what happens in this country, The United States of America, as the independence of this country turns again now to becoming the republic that it was meant to be, as it began to be, and as it will be again.

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace, and love. And the Violet Flame continues to burn through everything that is of lower vibration, and taking you into those higher vibrations in doing so.

November 10, 2020 - TRANSFORMING INTO THE NEW - Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young - You are shifting profoundly right now and will continue to shift throughout the remainder of the year in preparation to step into the new energies of 2021. Allow your shifting to ebb and flow, trusting the rhythm of the universe to serve you.

Energies will leave, new energies will come in. There is divine intelligence to it all, so if you move with whatever the flow is supporting in any now moment you will navigate these waters with efficiency and far greater grace and ease than you might have thought possible.

You are moving through the energies of profound transformation, and the way to do that is with beautiful self care, presence, and unshakeable trust in both the process and your complete capability to love your way forward into the new.

BlissfulVisions.com November 7, 2020 - THE FINAL BATTLE: WHAT HAPPENS ON EARTH AFFECTS ALL CREATION - Mira of the Pleiadian High Council, channeled by Valerie Donner - Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I am pleased to speak with you today, to lift your spirits, and to invite you to move more into being your galactic selves. Can you feel the connection?

As you continue to be displeased with what is occurring on your planet right now, you are reaching for the stars, for more of your true home. I assure you that this is where you are headed. You are going through a major ascension and transformation. This can only occur with your help and your energy on the earth. It is why are you incarnated at this time. You are the light and your energy are needed. The Ascension process would not have progressed this much without you, for this we honor and we thank you! We are doing this together because this is what it takes. It takes brilliant light and brilliant minds and hearts to transform such darkness back into the light.

I can confirm that with all of my work with the ascension of many other planets, this one is the most dramatic and far-fetched that I have ever seen. There is much at stake. History is in the making. What happens on the earth affects all of creation and that's why we are all here focusing with you on the earth. My planetary system, the Pleiades, assists planets regularly who are ascending. We are indeed sorry there is such suffering, fear, deceit, lack, illness, treachery, and greed. The darkness has done much damage to the planet and to all of life. By heavenly decree, this can no longer be tolerated!

Soon you'll begin to see the spoilers been returned to their spoil. Their energy is simply no longer allowed on the earth and they are aware of this fact. It is why they are behaving so poorly since they have never lost before so why should it happen now??? This should make you all more convinced that the light has taken reign and their defeat is imminent.

What you are experiencing now is the final battle between the light and the dark. Know that you are being looked after no matter what! You shall have everything that you need.

The ascension is progressing well. Please remain calm, balanced and centered. Trust the brilliance of the unfolding plan and know that all will be well. I am Mira and I am sending you an abundance of life. Valerie Donner at www.TheGroundCrew.com

BlissfulVisions.com November 4, 2020 - TOTAL REMOVAL OF EVIL FROM OUR WORLD ~ Aita Channeling Her Higher Self - It is such a wonderful day on Planet Earth today. Our timeline for ascension is playing out beautifully. Everything is in Divine order, for we are dismantling the old, worn out and weary third dimensional control system.

The evil is being removed from Planet Earth. The hidden enemy, which is so often talked of, is in the process of crumbling, of falling apart.

The dastardly and devious deeds of the dark controllers, of those who have taken on the onerous burden of manipulating and maneuvering mankind into fear, are coming to light.

And so, inevitably we are in chaos. The tentacles of the dark ones go deep into every society, every culture, every nation here on earth. The governing body of the powers that be are few in number. Yet their influence is deep indeed.

They are subtle. They see how humanity can be controlled and they use man’s vulnerability to maximum effect. Each year they convene to decide what operations, what systems, what laws, what ideas to impose on their human brethren.

These ideas are then passed down the line of bribery and corruption through all the layers of society, of government of the medical, military and religious complex.

Those in any kind of power positions, elected, or unelected have had to submit to the imposition, of their superiors or lose their livelihood, their life and even their family. So, of course, compliance has been the order of the day, has been the norm.

The miracle of this great awakening time is that humanity can now see where the corruption has been. Individuals are being named and their evil deeds are being revealed.

The powers that be intended to use the new computer technology to control the masses. They intended, in fact, to change mankind into artificial intelligence, automatons.

Starting with the creation of the computer, they moved on to the laptop, then the tablet. These were addictive devices, with their ability to disseminate any and all information and their social media platforms.

And so then, came the computer watch. Now the device is on the human body, and the next step is to put a chip inside the human being.

This chip would be able to control mood, health and behavior, and human beings would lose free will and any autonomy with which the Divine had gifted them. It could be secretly injected into the human body under the guise of being a healing injection

Fear not dear brethren, this is not to be. Yes, we have reached the eleventh hour. So frustrating for the evil ones. They came so close to total control, the total debasement of mankind, yet they have failed. Click Here to Read the FULL REPORT.

BlissfulVisions.com November 3, 2020 - THE U.S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION - The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton - We are very interested in what humanity is interested in there on Earth, and right now there is a lot of attention being given to the elections in the United States of America. There is quite a bit of attention being given to the presidential election, and as many of you know, the tension that exists there in the United States has a lot of people on edge. People are not certain about what will happen, and they are afraid. A lot of that fear has been generated by those who like having humankind nice and afraid, nice and divided, and that’s why you all need to try to see how someone you love could support a candidate that you detest.

You have to give each other the benefit of the doubt right now and not give in to the divisiveness. You all have an opportunity here to take back your power and to recognize that all the change that you want to see in the world has to begin with you. No one politician is going to save humanity or any portion of humanity, because you all need to raise the level of your consciousness, which most people are not doing at this time. In fact, a lot of people are digging in their heels and getting ready for a fight.

We suggest you send love to whichever candidate you hope loses, and we also suggest that you send love to the ones who support that candidate. We especially suggest that you make peace with the fact that you undoubtedly have family members who support that candidate, and realize that you have a lot more in common with everyone there on Earth than you have reasons to demonize them.

It is time to look past the fighting and the name-calling and look within for unconditional love, forgiveness, and compassion. We know that we have been saying this for quite some time, but it bears repeating on a day when so many will be anxious, angry, afraid, and saddened by what’s happening with the elections in a country that has so much potential. The United States can be filled with so much light and love, so much promise and hope.

The citizens, and even the non-citizens, of the United States can do so much to help each other and help the rest of the world, regardless of who wins. And you have to remember that. You cannot let what is happening on that very big stage affect your ability to reach within yourself and feel empowered. You get to create your experience of your world, your country, other countries, and political leaders.

And we also want you all to take care of yourselves, because if you are receiving this transmission, you are sensitive and empathic, and you are going to pick up on all of the negative energy. So please do put yourself and your vibration first, and as we said, send love, and don’t get swept up in fear and hate. This is an opportunity for you all to make those big changes and take those giant leaps that we have been telling you about. But it has to start with you and your faith in yourselves, especially when you are united, which you will always have the opportunity to be. Website: www.DanielScranton.com


November 2, 2020 - FINDING UNITY AMID THE U.S. ELECTION - The Council of the Guardians of the Light via Kate Woodley www.AscensionCalling.com - Hello, this is the Council of the Guardians of the Light. It has been some time.

There is a need for people to learn how to stay calm amid the chaos. We are seeing that there will be much frustration, irritability, and confusion in the United States as a result of this coming election. Whatever result may be yielded will not appease and please the entire population. So, regardless of the outcome, there will be a significant subset of the population that is quite dissatisfied.

And we do see that this will create an energetic division, a deep divide in and of itself will begin to percolate and manifest in other areas of society if the steep divide is not healed and addressed fairly early on.

And the way we are showing this to Kate (channeler) is a deep abyss with energies and polarity on either side. And if this abyss, this crevice, is not healed and mended, we see that this divide will continue to widen, to deepen, and to darken energetically. We see that it will become the main focal point of the American psyche, and to some extent but a lesser extent, the global population.

Focus on Unity, on What Unites You

There will be much, much attention, energy and focus placed on to the division and the anger. And we are seeing much blame thrown from one side of this abyss to the other and vice versa.

So we would advise you to help people bridge the gap, to help them see beyond political opinions and alignments and to find unity in the fact that they are human . Regardless of what side of this divide they stand on, at a core level what they seek is the same.

Everyone seeks peace. Everyone wants unity. Everyone wants the well-being of their family, their neighbors and their community. This is the common thread that should be focused on rather than the division at a political level.

Politics are Manufactured Divisions

You must remind people that politics is very superficial. It is a manufactured division that has been created by those who seek to continue to divide humanity. And so, it is important that people focus on their common desires and what unites them at a spiritual level, not what divides them at a political level. Very important.

And while we understand that many of your (Ascension Calling) newsletter subscribers are not only in the United States, this message does apply to all, for in every country there are divisions along political and or racial lines.

This message needs to be about unity and how one can overcome their anger, their difference of opinions, in order to once again bond and unite with a neighbor or with anyone else who may not hold their same superficial beliefs. It is about distinguishing and discerning between superficial beliefs and deep-seated, central spiritual needs and beliefs, which we feel for the majority of humanity is quite aligned and united. There are basic needs that every human strives for.

When in fact, all elections should stand to unite people to stand together for what is important, for humanity, not for one group or another based on the color of their skin, their political alignments, or whatever they need that week or month.

This is Part of the Grand Shake-Up

Division is superficial. Alignment in unity is deep and long lasting.

This is in a nutshell the message that needs to be iterated. This selection while it is this divisive, it is also part of this grand shake-up that many of your Beings have spoken of. Being faced with discomfort forces any one individual to focus on why they feel uncomfortable with something, and what they need to focus on in order to once again find peace and inner calm. It forces one to think about their priorities and what is important to them.

So there is a grand percolation that is happening at an individual level, particularly for those who are not awake yet. This is part of the jolt that will trigger their awakening. For those who are already awake see this election for what it is. They see the truth behind the scenes.

For those who are still very bought-in to the superficiality of this election, this is the grand shake-up for them. So this controversial election, and the issues that stand to divide humanity, this is what people are being confronted with and faced with. And while it is uncomfortable, it is a blessing and it is necessary. This you can speak of as well. Blessings, The Council of the Guardians of the Light.

BlissfulVisions.com November 2, 2020 - OUR FUTURE ECONOMY - PART 2 - The Galactic Federation of Light channeled by Kate Woodley at www.AscensionCalling.com - Kare [interviewer]: There are rumblings on the internet about the financial system crashing and Bitcoin being a more kind of safer place for your investments. Is that even something we should be concerned about? Can you comment on Bitcoin?

Galactic Federation of Light [channeled by Kate]: Bitcoin, we would say will be one of many different economic options for trade. What we are showing Kate (who is channeling) is a visual of smaller communities, who will in time gradually develop their own way of trading goods and exchanging services.

For those who will choose to stay in larger cities, there may be more reliance on Bitcoin or gold or other goods. For those of you who are or will move to smaller communities, we do not see money at all. In time, it will be an exchange of services much like farming communities used to do centuries ago. And so, we will advise you not to put all your eggs in one basket but to diversify and keep an open mind.

The Internet will Evolve

Kare [interviewer]: Thank you. That will be very, very helpful. And I presume that the internet or something like the internet will still be up and running?

Galactic Federation of Light: Yes, we are showing Kate that there will be times of short-term outages, rolling blackouts, but they will not be long lived in should not at all be a reason for concern. But this is part of a grand reset.

What some of you, but not many of you, know is that much of your internet is what we would call the dark internet which many of you do not see. These are background underground sites that permeate much negative information and that have for the sole purpose of infiltrating other sites and accessing information for their own use and benefit. With these blackouts and these resets, this dark web will be done away with and we will not reveal how and when. For that is not important, and we do not wish to reveal too much information about that now.

The Future Internet will Reflect Universal Truths

The Internet of the future will open your eyes, and your minds more importantly, to information that until now has not been made available to you. There will be many programs focused on health and well- being. You will have access to information that will slowly but surely teach you about universal laws.

How to treat each other.

There will be much information about areas where there is a need for service, where there are opportunities and roles in areas that until now have been very obscure or limited. This would be much like a job site. But these jobs would be fulfilling. And for the most part, they would be in service to others and heart-based.

And so, your internet in the future will evolve to serve humanity to open your eyes and expose you to true reality, as opposed to the internet now, which is filled with nanotechnology and bots that control what you see, that censor the truth, and that hold you down, locked down in 3D matrix like programming and propaganda. You can imagine the Internet of tomorrow will be far, far wider, with arms and legs that reach outside of your world.

Kare [interviewer]: That sounds so exciting. I can’t wait for that to land. Gosh, that will be a huge influence upon all of humanity in such a positive way, because well, right now, so many of us are quite dependent and addicted to the internet. And do you have any words of wisdom that you would like to express in regards to what we can do individually, and as a collective, to make this transition easier for ourselves, more seamless?

Remain Open to These Changes

Galactic Federation of Light: While the answer may feel that it needs to be complex, the answer is truly quite simple and easy. And we would hope within grasp of all humanity. You simply need to remain open and remain calm for it is your collective energy that will either create a resistance and slow the growth and the transformation that needs to happen, OR it is your collective energy that will open the gateway to this wonderful transformation. It is all up to you as to how smooth or how tumultuous this change will be.

We, on our end, are doing what we can to ensure that there are minimal impacts to humanity. But you must meet us halfway. And all you need to do is become and do this through meditation, through breathing or breath work. And remember that this is short-term pain for long-term gain, we understand that you all know and understand the saying.

Tune Out Mainstream Media

Do not be distracted by your negative media. Tune out and go away from it. And remember that the future is far brighter. But you must go through these changes, you must go through a short time of perceived instability, temporary insecurity in order to step in to this brave new world that you are about to step into. So this is all we ask. Remain open. Trust the future and stay calm.

Kare [interviewer]: Beautifully said. Thank you.

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