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Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Ascension Updates: November 2020


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BlissfulVisions.com November 27, 2020 - YOUR GOOD KARMA IS COMING TO YOU - The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton - We have been impressed once again by humanity, as you have demonstrated that you have more fortitude within you than anyone couldíve hoped for here in the higher realms. The fact that you are still there at this time is huge. You are holding the space for the entire collective, in spite of how hard it is for you to be there yourselves.

You are doing this while continuing to clear your own traumas and while dealing with your own ascension symptoms. We have the utmost respect for those of you who are awake and who are there because you want to help and because you want to have an experience of the biggest ride that you can have while in a physical body.

Now you are also entitled to the help you are receiving. We, and the other beings and collectives who are helping you, are doing so because you have earned our help. You have good karma, and you have endured so much of the lack, the negativity, the sickness, the loss, and all of the very challenging emotions there now, and the scales must be balanced in this universe of duality.

Some people wonder what the point of suffering is. Well, the more you suffer, the more ecstasy there is coming your way, because that ecstasy must be created in response to your suffering to keep a balance of energies in this beautiful universe of ours. That ecstasy is yours and yours for the taking. It is earmarked for you specifically, the one who created it, the one who suffered and endured as much as you have.

You are the ones we are talking to right now, because even if your experiences in this lifetime havenít been that bad in comparison to others, you have experienced the worst of what you see on your world right now. Everything thatís outside of you is inside of you.

Now you get to benefit from all of those creations, but you need some help. You need some help in just believing that all you have summoned still exists. You need some help in opening up to receive it, and you need some blasts of high frequency energy to get you to be a match to it. And so, helpers like ourselves show up, and we will continue to show up.

We are not going anywhere. We are going to make sure that everyone receives the goodie bags that you have coming to you. And guess what? So are your higher selves and spirit guides. We are all working together to make life better for all of you, not just those of you who are awake.

But certainly, the awakened collective is leading the way. You are setting the example that you need to set and that is needed by the others who are not quite awake yet. But donít worry. More mass awakenings are coming, and you will not feel as alone as youíve been feeling for much longer.

November 23, 2020 - EARTH INTELLIGENCE REPORT - NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2020 - Channeled by Brad Johnson.

BlissfulVisions.com November 18, 2020 - WILL THERE BE AN EVENT OR SOLAR FLASH? - The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton - We are very pleased to share with you the following transmission because we know that you all need praise and encouragement to keep going at times there on Earth. We love you so very much, and we want only the best for you.

And we want you to understand that your higher selves also only want what is best for you. You are your higher selves, and your higher selves are you, but they are the part of you that has moved beyond the egoic needs. Your higher self is the part of you that knows your survival is assured. Itís the part of you that looks for the challenges, for the next ideal growth experiences.

Therefore, nothing will ever come to you that your higher self didnít feel was the next best thing for you to face in your lives. Remember that the next time you are resisting something or shaking your fist in the air. It is no one and nothing outside of you that has put that challenge in front of you. Now is the time to let go of fear, separation, judgment, resistance, and shame, because those are the things that keep you from simply knowing that you are your higher self.

The doorway to the fifth dimension is not out there somewhere. It is not an event that takes place outside of you. It is not a solar flash. It is you. It is you opening that doorway on such a consistent basis that you forget all about what you were afraid of, or what you were judging or resisting. We want you to have a selective memory and selective attention so that you can allow that which is the true you to come forward and not only be a part of this beautiful planet Earth, but also we invite you to see yourselves as the ones who are there to set the example to others of how to be and how to thrive.

Will there be an event or a solar flash, or something like that at some point in the future? Possibly. But will it matter to those of you who have discovered the portal that exists within you, a portal that takes you directly to your fifth dimensional self? It will not.

Therefore, we want to steer you away from predictions and prophecies and steer you back into yourselves, because your fifth dimensional higher self is certainly looking for more integration, not more separation.

Your fifth dimensional higher self is not looking to board a spaceship to get off of your crazy world and get away from those who are ruining it for everyone, and that is because your fifth dimensional higher self enjoys the challenge so much of staying and transforming the collective consciousness within it. Be love that is so undeniable that you transform every single person, every single being that is in your path and that even hears about you from another. That experience is far more powerful than something happening outside of you to rescue you from yourselves, from each other, from those you disagree with.

Now is the time to get more heart centered than you have ever been before and to shine that light from within your heart brighter than you have ever let it shine before. That is the most satisfying experience that you can have right now, and it has never been more available to you than it is right now. www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com November 14, 2020 Ė THE SECRET TO ASCENDING TO 5D Ė The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton - We are already convinced of your worthiness as individuals and as a collective. We know that in all of your lifetimes put together there on Earth, you have done good deeds. You have attained levels of spiritual mastery, and you have noticed the flow of Source Energy coming to you and moving through you to others, or at least one other. Therefore, you have nothing left to prove to us, to yourselves, or to anyone.

Those of you who are playing the role of the lightbearers in this lifetime have played the role of one in the dark, and those who are on the darker side of the spectrum have in other lifetimes been on the lighter side of the spectrum. Therefore, the only thing that is missing, the only thing that you donít have enough of there on Earth is Love. You need to love yourselves enough to know that you are worthy of ascension. You need to access enough unconditional love to forgive those who have wronged you and wronged others, and then you can all ascend together.

We have said this before, but it bears repeating; your ascension will never be about the light defeating the dark. The ones who are playing the roles of the villains at this time are there to give you all the opportunity to know yourselves as unconditional love, to know yourselves as Source, to know what it feels like to really forgive someone. You get to be the light in the face of darkness, and you get to determine for yourselves that being the light is what you prefer. But thatís not the narrative that you see very much of in the new age community, and thatís what you need to rise above if you are going to be the leaders that you truly are.

If you are going to bring the healing energy that we know you can, then you have to rise above the whole idea of white hats and black hats, good and evil, and all of the other polarities that you see people writing about and talking about. You are there to embrace every aspect of yourself first, and anything you see outside of yourself is a part of you, just as much as it is outside of you and represented by that person, or that belief, or that heinous act.

The way to be who you really are is to be heart-centered, to let go of grudges, resentment, hate, and everything else that weighs you down. The path to the fifth dimension is about taking the high road. Itís about being the best version of yourselves, and you are the best version of yourselves when you are in forgiveness, not judgment and not condemnation.

You have a unique opportunity right now to set the example in the new age community that is needed now more than ever. Shine your light because you are light. Love because you are love. And do what you know is right because it feels right when you do it, not because you are trying to prove that you are service-to-others, rather than service-to-self oriented. You are the ones who are there to make the big difference that is needed on your world and in your human collective consciousness, and if you resonate with this transmission, then you are right on track to lead humanity with ease, with joy, and with grace into the fifth dimension.

BlissfulVisions.com November 11, 2020 - THE AWAKENED COLLECTIVE & THE ENERGEIS OF ASCENSION - The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton - We are quite certain that those of you who are a part of the awakened collective have surpassed your goals for this lifetime that were set prior to your births. And the reason we can state that with certainty is because you are on track to ascend in this lifetime, and there is no bigger accomplishment than that. You are all so hard on yourselves, thinking that you should have done more in your lives by now, or that you should be doing more right now to contribute to the evolution of the consciousness of humanity. And we understand why you might feel that way.

You have a sense of what is coming that is very different from the average personís outlook on where humanity is going, and because you can feel how gigantic the shift in consciousness is, you then mistakenly assume that there must be more to do. If you were throwing a gigantic party, and you took on most of the preparation tasks yourselves, you would be running around, calling people, emailing, texting, making sure everything was just right for your party guests. There would be a lot to do.

And so, those of you who understand that there is work involved in shifting your consciousness think that there must be more for you to do physically in order to make it happen. But the work really is feeling your emotions, allowing things to be as they are, experiencing life, and summoning energies from beings and collectives like ourselves that you will then later receive. Thereís not a lot of actions in what we just laid out for you, but there is a lot of hard work. Just avoiding the temptation to go and look at what someone else has written on a website that you know will make you feel bad when you read it is an accomplishment.

Any time you are clearing negative thoughts and emotions, or accessing past life trauma, you really do need to rest and recuperate in order to recover from those very challenging experiences, and we are being quite serious right now. What you are doing is big, and most of it is internal. Most of what you are doing will not get you lots of praise from the outside world, but it is necessary, and you are helping to take humanity and the collective consciousness to new heights so that you can all have new experiences.

We talk about letting go, surrendering, and forgiveness, and at times it may seem like we are just throwing those concepts around, but we do understand how hard they are to put into practice. And we want you to know that it is time to appreciate yourselves for who you have become, for being on the right track right now, and for continuing to embrace the energies of ascension. www.DaneilScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com November 10, 2020 Ė THE BIG SHIFT - Pleiadian Message via Christine Day - Beloved ones we greet you, At this juncture on your Earth there is an energetic diversity building between the play out of illusion and Truth.

The 3rd dimensional illusion, this drama is explosive. Simultaneously the Light is expanding, growing daily.

Your planet is undergoing a rapid rebirth, and you are moving into a complete metamorphic shift within your physical, energetic and emotional bodies.

This time heralds in THE BIG SHIFT as you approach the end of your calendar year.

Waves of light are being set in motion throughout the earth plane creating new energetic forms being made manifest on your planet. These higher vibrational forms are being established in order to support the birthing and then the stabilization of a higher order of multidimensional Grids. These Grids hold the sacred design for this time.

You are being made energetically ready to play an essential role within your Heart in forming an alliance to these Grids. You, your Heart, are actually to play a transformed role by becoming a natural energetic extension of the multidimensional frequency Network.

Your natural heritage is one of being electric in nature. As you become a link within the Network vibration you are being returned, recalibrated back into your natural state of being multidimensional.

All of your systems, which include your Pineal, Brain synapses, Spinal fluid, Sacrum and physical cells within your body is being upgraded electrically. Your energetic field is undergoing a magnetic upgrade. You are being made ready for this monumental shift that will become fully manifest by your New Year timeline.

You are requiring balance within your life to support this rapid change. This stability through balance can only be achieved through a conscious choice process of building a deeper link within your Heart.

Only you can achieve this ongoing building of reconnection within your Heart through conscious choice. Your conscious action of Ďchoosingí is incredibly powerful and is an essential component to your awakening process.

The Heart is your central access point to the Universal God consciousness. You hold a unique design sacred imprint within your Heart, and you are received and recognized through this imprint.

The Magnetic Core within your planet will shift its role in the last few weeks of the calendar year. The Magnetic Core will act as a centerpiece, transmitting a higher vibrational form of illumination outwards across the planet.

The Magnetic Core will radiate outwards this higher order of light, which is destined to bathe the Earth, and infuse through all life force energy existing on the planet.

The Magnetic Core can be likened to being like a central wheel with spokes. Shards of light will radiate outwards. These spirals of light will be drawn into the individual frequency of the divine presence of your Heart. You will be part of the creation energy of Earth through this reconnection.

Through the multidimensional reconnection of your Heartís sacred chamber you become an initiator to establish a telepathic communion between yourself and others. This is a design for forming communities of light to hold this mirror of light steady on Earth. This is your purpose, an essential aspect of your mission at this juncture. Be still and let go within your Heart. Love and blessings, the Pleiadians.

BlissfulVisions.com November 7, 2020 - HOW YOUR ASCESNION SYMPTOMS SERVE YOU - The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton - We have begun to discover new ways of getting through to you directly, when we are not speaking through this channel here. We have noticed that you all do tend to open up to us more when you are tired, and that is one of the reasons why you all decided to make tiredness one of your primary ascension. You all knew that you would need something physical to get you to slow down, and you also knew that you would be at your most receptive when you were at your least mind-oriented.

Ideally, everyone would be quieting their minds on purpose several times throughout the day and in mediation, but since you all lead such busy and hectic lives, you sometimes need to tire yourselves out. Another time when we find it easiest to connect with you is when you are bathing, and that is true whether you are taking a shower or a bath. This is another time when you tend to relax more and open yourselves up, and the water also helps to insulate you and to clear your energy fields.

Another time, believe it or not, when you are more likely to receive from us is when you are reading. Reading requires you to focus your minds on something other than what you are worrying about, or a conversation with someone that is upsetting you. While you are driving your cars is another time when we find you to be easier to reach, and that is because driving is also requiring a certain amount of focus from you, and it can be quite meditative. Knowing that we are taking advantage of all of these times to connect with you and to give you downloads for us and for you, as we know that you are interested in receiving from us all that you can.

We encourage you to make a mental note of the times when you feel relaxed or focused enough on something to occupy your minds, and then call out to us and tell us that this is your time to receive what it is that we are offering you. And we do see each of you as individuals. We are not just using those times to sprinkle in energies that are for the entire collective. We love working with individual humans. We love the way that you receive us and what we have to offer and how appreciative you are.

We are all in this together. We will work with your guides and your higher selves, and all of the other beings around you. We are a part of your team if you are receiving this transmission, and we know that more and more of you are receiving them every day. That alone gives us a tremendous amount of joy, appreciation, and hope for humanity. We have a knowing that you are going to complete this shift in consciousness. We just hope that you do it with more ease, more joy, and more grace, as you continue along on your journeys to the fifth dimension. www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com November 4, 2020 - NEXT 7-8 DAYS, NEW INCOMING GALACTIC SPIRITUAL ENERGIES COMING IN FOR HUMANITY TO MOVE FORWARD NOW - Lord Ashtar via Lynne Rondell - Hello beloveds. It is I, Lord Ashtar. I want to tell you about new developments that are rolling out for all humanity to help you move forward. There's been energies that are coming from another solar system, very far away.

These energies are divine in origin, and they're being rolled out by very high galactic beings of light who feel that there is so much chaos and so much mistruth on your planet that a lot of you don't know if the truth you're feeling is what you're feeling from your gut, or if the truth that you're feeling is something that's been pushed into your energy field, from someone else's truth that you have taken on.

With all these mistruths and lies that are going on out there on your planet, with all this fear agenda pushing out at you, these lies and mistruths, they carry an energetic vibration, an energetic sequencing with them.

Not only are they vocally, but they're going energetically out into all of your energy fields, and they're mixing with all your truths. So it's very hard for people to decipher what they're hearing if it is the truth, if it has been made up, and who is telling the truth.

We want you to be able to actually feel the truth in your heart and your soul. We want you to be able to know what your truth is because when you know what your truth about you is, you can not only see the truth more, you can hear the truth and you can feel what resonates with you as truth, and what resonates with you as mistruths.

This incoming energy is just for that purpose: to help all of you use your discernment on what is actually the truth, and what isn't. It's also coming in to help you open even further your throat chakra. It's here and it's going to go out very wide.

In speaking your truth, you're gonna know and see what is the truth out on the planet. It is crucial and critical right now that you really be able to pick through the lies and mistruths, and all the fear-based agendas that's rolling at you, and find what resonates with you as the truth.

This is going to be a tricky one. You're going to have to really listen to what's out there and you're going to have to feel more with your heart. You're going to have to feel more with your intuition, and that part of you which is your higher power that's aligning with you to know what's really true.

They are filling and flooding all the social medias with lies and propaganda. Everything is coming at you. So that you stay in fear. So that they can continue that control mechanism, they can continue manipulating, dominating and trying to push all of you back down. For they have lost the control. They're going to try with very desperate extreme measures. Some of these measures are going to be actually quite frightening for all of you.

This galactic universal energy is coming in to help your soul's journey to move forward now. These galactic energies as light are coming through now, and for the next seven or eight days. You're going to feel out of your bodies. You're going to feel a little light-headed perhaps. You're going to feel like you cannot ground yourself.

We're going to ask you to go out into nature, onto the beach, the sand, the dirt, the grass, wherever you are that's outside. Take your shoes off, ground into mother earth, stand there, ask mother earth to take and ground the energies in your system, and she'll push back up energy at you to really ground you. This channeler does it every day. She talks with mother earth. They transfer energies back and forth. Mother earth takes off the excess and then the channeler takes the energy from mother earth.

It's important that you all ground in now and it's important that you really start to think about what the truth is. Your truth. What you're hearing, is it a truth? What you're seeing, is it a truth? Because when you can really discern what is the truth and what isn't, it's going to really shift your perception of things. It's going to actually help shift your reality. It's going to shift the consciousness of the collective of humanity as you shift yours.

These energies are needed now because there's too much mistruths out there. There's too many people telling you very dark agendas. They're telling you things that are not true so they can push their very dark agenda onto all of you. Something to really look and listen and see who's telling the truth and who isn't. Use your discernment. Use your judgment. Is it someone else's truth they've pushed on to you? Into your energy field? Or, is it actually yours?

When you can really separate the two, you're going to be going forward very quickly. This is a tricky one to do but this is needed as there's too much on your planet right now flying at you. It has a very dark agenda behind it.

I, Lord Ashtar, ask you to think about what is the truth, and what you hold as truth, and what isn't the truth. I'm sending you much love, light and blessings.


Based on Declassified Files by President Trump in 2017

November 2, 2020 Ė 4-HR. LIVE WEBINAR KENNEDY'S LAST STAND: UFOís, MJ-12 & 4th Reich Ė Produced by Dr. Michael Salla - Sunday, November 22, 2020 (57th Anniversary of JFK's Assassination).

In the final two weeks of his life President John F. Kennedy reached a momentous agreement with the leader of the Soviet Union, Nikita Krushchev, for joint missions to the Moon and for the open sharing of classified UFO files.

The Kennedy-Khrushchev agreement was the culmination of a three-year struggle waged by Kennedy to gain access to this countryís classified UFO files. Kennedyís bold plan was to publicly disclose the truth about extraterrestrial life and reveal the existence of a secret space program run out of Antarctica by a surviving Nazi group intent on ushering in a new Fourth Reich.

Majestic 12, a secret inter-agency committee appointed as the custodians of classified UFO files (that eventually went rogue), were so threatened by the Kennedy-Khrushchev agreement that this powerful group issued an assassination directive. It was carried out to its bloody end by none other than the chief of the CIAís counterintelligence division, James Jesus Angleton.

The CIA assassination plot was discovered independently by two Army cryptographers who each attempted to warn the President. However, both cryptographers were silenced, jailed and placed in mental institutions and the whole affair remained secret for over 50 years until thousands of Kennedy assassination files were declassified by President Trump in 2017.

In this four-hour webinar you will learn the dramatic and long hidden truths behind the Kennedy Assassination:

  • How Kennedy learned about a Nazi flying saucer program and flying saucer crashes during World War II;

  • How Kennedy received a secret briefing about the Roswell flying saucer crash:

  • The influence of the former Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, who had befriended Kennedy and was advising him of the activities of MJ-12;

  • How Kennedy upon becoming President set about gaining access to classified files on UFOs and extraterrestrial life, but was frustrated by the CIA Director Allen Dulles;

  • How Kennedy used his power as Commander in Chief to visit military facilities to see with his own eyes the remnants of flying saucer crashes;

  • How Marilyn Monroe threatened a Tell-All press conference to expose pillow-talk secrets confided by Kennedy about UFOs, which disastrously led to her death;

  • How declassified CIA files reveal Hitlerís survival, along with other top Nazis who secretly created a base in Antarctica with the help of extraterrestrials;

  • The momentous final months of Kennedyís Presidency as his monumental behind the scenes battle with MJ-12 came to a tragic conclusion.

Dr. Michael Salla is the author of the bestselling underground classic, Kennedyís Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOís, MJ-12 and JFKís Assassination (2013). Webinar Date: November 22, 2020 (Sunday) 12 noon Ė 4.30 pm PDT/ 3:00 pm Ė 7:30 pm EDT USA (Includes Q&A at the end). Cost: $55. This LIVE event will be recorded, and attendees are able to watch unlimited replays for 60 days. Click Here to Register.

November 2, 2020 - NOVEMBER 2020 ENERGIES: GIANT LEAPS - The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton - We are experiencing expansion in every moment that we exist, because we have nothing to cling to and nothing to push against. We allow our expansion to occur and experience it in real time, so to speak. You all often hold back from the experience of your expansion because you are clinging to something or pushing against something else, and eventually you have to let go. You have to surrender, and you make giant leaps forward in the evolution of your consciousness. Thatís what November is going to be like for most of humanity.

And so, the November energies are going to be all about cradling you all in the light, sending more healing and loving energies to support you through what will be a giant leap forward for the human collective and for many individuals who have been holding back from their own expansion. A lot of the energies will be utilized by the awakened collective so that you can be there for those who need, because there will be many. There will be many who need your assistance with the giant leaps forward, with the somewhat unexpected expansion.

And since you have been making incremental steps forward, you will know how to guide those who need your guidance, and you will be able to receive the energies that we and others like us will be providing all of you. We support the supporters. We help the helpers, and we heal the healers. And you will be called upon to be all of those things and more to your fellow humans, those who are close to you, and perhaps even those who were once in your life but had fallen away.

All of them will be the ones looking to you for assistance, and hopefully they will feel the support coming from us and others like us, as we live for these opportunities, and we invite you to take the same perspective we have. Our perspective is that there is no greater joy and no bigger sense of fulfillment than when you help another or several others grow spiritually.

You donít have to brace yourselves for the November energies if you are receiving this transmission, but do open yourselves up to them, because they are coming for you and for those you will be serving in the coming month and in the coming months and years that you have ahead of you.

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Road to Oneness