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Road to Oneness

P> Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Ascension Updates: October 2020


Don’t see an update for today? Don’t worry! Be Happy! Please take this
fantastic opportunity to raise your vibration. Meditate. Meditate. Meditate.
Be vigilant that you will receive an update in your meditation. Blissful Visions!


BlissfulVisions.com October 29, 2020 - ENERGIES PROPELLING YOU INTO THE 2021 EARTH - The 9D Arcturian Council, via Daniel Scranton at www.DanielScranton.com - We are very satisfied with the way that you all have been handling the challenges of the year 2020. We know that there is so much growth, expansion, and awakening that is happening on your world today because of your willingness to face the personal and global challenges that you have before you.

So what is the payoff then?

What are you going to get out of having lived through all of the turbulence you’ve experienced there in the year 2020? Ultimately, that is up to you, but here is what is available to you now because of the energies you have summoned and the energies that have been delivered to you.

You all have an opportunity for more inner peace, inner strength, and to derive an inner knowing from your own experience of reality and your own experience of your emotions. That is a lot. That is more than enough. That is more than you need to propel yourselves into a very beautiful version of the 2021 Earth. As we have said, you are not going to ascend by the end of this year, but you are going to have the opportunity to absorb all of the energies that you have summoned as individuals and as a collective.

And you can go into the next calendar year knowing your strength, your power, some inner peace that you didn’t know you could access in a crisis, and a better relationship to your intuition and your emotions. What more could you ask for from a global pandemic? You’re also going to enter 2021 with a more awakened collective. There will be more awakened humans on your world than at any other time in human history on Earth, and that is exciting. Now remember, our definition of being awake is not about knowing all the members of the secret cabals and space programs, and all of the other things that you see speculation about on the Internet.

Our definition of awake is: one who knows themselves as Source, sees everyone else as Source, and recognizes that everyone is creating their reality. Having more people on Earth like that means that you will rely less on politicians doing the right thing, corporations being more compassionate, and banks being more honest.

You won’t have to rely on any of those entities changing because you can change as individuals, and as an awakened collective, and be more powerful than all the people who have ninety-nine percent of the wealth. You can be more powerful by going within and accessing that power, and the energies that are coming in right now and that will continue to come in will support you in knowing how powerful you are, as individuals and as a collective.

BlissfulVisions.com October 28, 2020 - THE POWER OF YOUR THOUGHTS - The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light through Asara Adams - We are here now. We love you. We are you, from your future, to assist you on your path. At our recent Galactic Broadcast we spoke about the stabilizing of your emotional body as you are moving through the Grand Shift of Earth. Your mind is a powerful thing … Part of your mind is your thoughts.

If you could see how much of an impact your thoughts have, you would choose more deliberately before thinking them. Your thoughts create worlds … In fact, your thoughts create the New Divine Earth. Every time you are thinking a love based thought, you are adding to the New Divine Earth. Every time you are thinking a love based thought, you are stabilizing your emotional body. Every time you a thinking a love based thought, you are able to navigate through your daily life with more ease.

Imagine your thoughts as deposits and withdrawals from your emotional bank account. A positive, love based thought is a deposit. A negative, fear based thought is a withdrawal. When you are thinking lots of positive thoughts you are creating a nice emotional cushion. When you are thinking lots of negative thoughts, you are depleting your emotional bank account and anything that comes your way is causing you to go into the ‘red.’

The choice of what kinds of thoughts you wish to think is always yours.

When you start your day by deliberately thinking positive and love based thoughts, you are getting a head start. Then, continue to deliberately think good thoughts throughout the day. To get your positive thoughts going you can begin by thinking “I AM so blessed with…”

We are holding the vision of the Divine New Earth with you and from our vantage point it is glorious. We are with you, every step of the way. You are loved beyond measure. We are with you … always. We love you. We are you. Namaste.

BlissfulVisions.com October 25, 2020 – ASHTAR SHERAN OCTOBER 2020 UPDATE – via Sharon Stewart - This channeling is 3-pages long. Featured here are excerpts. Click link below if you want to read the FULL REPORT.

President Trump will win the U.S. election. He and the Alliance are negotiating peace with the Deep State. They have the difficult task of having to negotiate peace with them while forwarding their own agenda of, “Making America Great Again.” There are some who are not on board at all and you see this out in Oregon. Other states are a bit better. Rioting has stopped in New York City.

There is too much light now for the Deep State to be able to pull off this New World Order agenda with any finesse. Had this been years ago, it would have been carried out in a precise manner but now there is so much information, and so many providing the information, that there is mass confusion. People love Trump. Love is winning right now. Hate is losing.

They (Deep State) have less and less influence in the U.S., but they still have influence abroad. Trump will begin to address this further in future. Deep state puppets will be removed from power, if they haven't already, and be replaced with white hats. This will go on all over the world. The Alliance will grow in numbers and in power as more and more people resist the deep state and start to have decent expectations for your planet.

Deep State: We are their antithesis. We are their opposite. Our people have provided information continuously throughout this pandemic to others, despite censorship and attempts to keep the truth off the internet. Have you ever considered that it is sheer determination to provide this information that keeps the truth online? For those who are constantly shadow banned and censored, given time in “jail” for their messages, yet they continue to get back or stay online to continue to provide that information.

Not all of them have been arrested. There are some still walking, but we've dealt with the main ones. The indictments will begin shortly. Monies have been rounded up, and goods have been removed from the Vatican.

If you wanted to change things, you could put your foot down and say you won't tolerate these things. And then they won't happen. It's that you sit and observe them happening without knowing what to do. What you need to do is demand that it stop. The same with hearing negative voices, anything you don't wish to experience, command your space. Your mind comprises this universe! Stand in your power. All of you can do this! You are powerful beings!

Your people have been victims too long. Some will cower when big brother comes calling, and others will stand up and fight. There are many different approaches to deal with your current situation, and which way you take depends on your own level of consciousness.

COVID-19: As for the pandemic, stay with it because the next one they unleash on you will obviously be worse. The longer this one draws out, the better for you. The real challenge here is to get people to wake up and to understand the truth. Obviously this will take time, and to date this Covid has taken a lot of time, which is fortunate.

Mandated Vaccines: The main point of contention is, of course, the vaccines. New vaccines are being created all over the world for Covid however it is a question of which will be mandated. Trump has said vaccines are not mandatory however other countries are not so obliging. There will be fall-out over the Corona virus and China (the China Virus) and the U.S. will have talks with China over this. Reparations will be made.

See yourself on a timeline where vaccines are not mandated. There are some people who would take the vaccine without questioning it. Separate yourself from those who would. When you take your mind and control your reality, you won't experience this type of problem. There will be timelines where the vaccine will not be mandated. Perhaps they'll be optional but not mandatory. Stay on that timeline by not fearing the vaccine.

In the case of bio-weapon vaccines, the Light forces will intervene. As was done with the Corona Virus, and Covid virus, which turned out to be far less lethal than was intended. We interfered with this. And we will continue to do so in order to ensure that no unnecessary harm will come to those on the planet.

Lockdowns: There are areas going back into lockdown, which appears to be unreasonable to the public. We continue to use these lockdowns in order to forward our GESARA agenda, to remove the Cabal, to remove negative ETs and to forward our QFS and monetary system into all of your Fiat outlets. Still there are people being removed from underground DUMBs in many locations who are continuing to be treated by us. If you'll notice the areas hardest hit by the virus include major financial centers.

TV Broadcasting: Media channels broadcasting the truth are coming. The airspace will be shared between the light and the dark. The dark will no longer have a monopoly, though. There will be financiers who will back channels of truth. Because right now, people need to have entertainment, or information, that aligns with their frequency. It's up to the individual to choose what they want to watch. You understand yourself that there are plenty of shows to watch on YouTube that show the truth. Your world, right now, belongs to both the Light and the dark. Or rather your minds do. (In effect, isn't your mind really your world, when you think about it?) And it is who you give them over to. That is your choice; your free will. Nobody can decide for another.

Ascension Update: Much of our energy is sent to the planet as well as the denizens of what you call Heaven, God him and herself is sending energy. Many are sending their particular energies to help repair the fields around your planet, and to help change your DNA. There are some people who have DNA from so many races that moving them along in the process is a question of timing and of preciseness.

Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs): You know that the tunnels and DUMBs are being cleared of all the people (including children) living there. Some have never seen the light of day. We are tending to these people and some are relocated to other planets or are living in our ships.

Economic Crash: Yes, soon. Perhaps this year or next year. It won't be a crash in the way you're expecting, with a stock market crash and people losing jobs. You see this is what they are already creating with the lockdowns – people losing jobs and businesses. Not having enough money to feed their families. This is an economic crash. And payments have been forthcoming. It is a question of having your people accept these entirely rather than being suspicious of socialist overtake and dependency on the government. Why it wouldn't occur to them that they're already dependent on the government, I have no idea, but they are. You are all dependent on your governments now. It's just that you work for your money so you think you are free. Isn't that ironic? You believe yourselves to be free but you work for money? And you expect the government to tell you what to believe. That's also a dependency.

They'll try to remove all income earners except government positions and big business employees – they're trying to starve out small business with the covid plan. This is part of the NWO agenda. Everything will be based upon the government and big business. The problem for the deep state right now is the Alliance and Trump particularly. Then they tell you to stay home because a few people have the flu, and this is simply more control. When you read “1984” you'll see exactly what they're trying to do with this flu plan. They believe that making you dependent on the government and beating you into submission with fear will get them where they want to be. However, they underestimated the response and they believed they would have Hillary Clinton in place right now to put forth their evil agenda. That didn't work. And it won't work next month either.

The Big Picture: Everything that happens on this planet is a reflection of what happened in someone's mind first. So the deep state and the dark alliance sets about to influence your minds so that you create the reality they want you to. All of this can be changed when you change your minds. It's that simple, simple but not easy because so many of you are entrenched in the physical reality, believing nothing is beyond it. You believe your minds are in your brain. Your mind is a separate aspect of your body.

You believe only in your physical power, but don't realize the power of your mind, because of course you believe what they told you. You're only a brain. You haven't been taught how to think, you've been told what to believe. And you've been told this all your lives. What do you think your media is about? The only ones for a long time who were capable of independent thought came from other worlds and incarnated on earth. Now this is changing.

Emergency Broadcast System: With the advancement of censorship, it is necessary to have a separate system set up so that the POTUS can address the people. The POTUS must always be able to speak to the American people, but now the corruption is so severe that they are interfering with his messages and with those who pass them on. So another system had to be devised. This was the solution.

Stopping the War: The deep state knows how to use you, how to play with your reactions. When riots broke out, they initiated BLM and Antifa and starting razing the cities. Now with all the protests going on, they simply allow people to be distracted.

The best way to spread information is over the internet. If there was no internet, this war would have looked entirely different. Mouth to mouth information gathering is good but nothing is as quick and easy as electronic transfer of information. Whoever rules the internet and the television has an advantage, were it not for the determination of the Light.

It's up to all to end it (the war). The people have to end this, not the politicians. It's up to you to open your minds to the truth and embrace the truth. That's the solution. For all.

Everything is happening one thing at a time. If the deep state goes into overdrive and plays all their cards at once, perhaps pulling off something diabolical, then the white hats will respond with ordinances they have in store for emergencies. It is move/counter move. No more, no less.

The white hats have been moving their agenda forward to check the moves of the deep state. All is for the revealing right now. No emergency broadcast system will be used unless the deep state pulls the plug on the internet. That is Trump's main method of communication with the public. He requires this so he does have the emergency system as a backup. Eventually, as we discussed, the main stream media will be split into cabal owned and run and other. This will occur when it is logical to have it happen. It has to do with when the majority allows it and will support the changes.

We are having trouble implementing the St Germaine funds because of the suspicion of “Socialist/Communist” takeover. As I said, earth people don't want to be dependent on their governments so they'd rather work, not realizing they already ARE dependent on their governments. This is the hold up with the St Germaine funds. Obviously when continued lockdowns shut down people's income streams, then this is the time to release the funds.

What earth people have to start to embrace is the idea of humanitarianism and I'm sure that it's difficult for so many considering what they've been through, but this is the reason for the funding. It may be necessary to wait until announcements where the monies stolen by the Illuminati and their repayment to the people will be announced.

This is a logical process. A return to Constitutional Law for the U.S. With constitutional law, all of the dark hats can be arrested and tried for the highest crimes known to you on earth. And the focus of it all is to allow you all to learn the truth of your world. Click Here to Read the FULL REPORT.

BlissfulVisions.com October 23, 2020 - INTRODUCING: ISHLANA THE FELINE WARRIOR OF LYRA – Channeled by GalaxyGirl - I Ishlana speak. For eons of time we of the Feline Warriors watched, assisted, observed, rescued. We are warriors in the higher realms. We work closely with those of our alliance and are aligned with the light. We serve the light.

Much darkness has been in this sector. Little remains and is being removed. Those remaining are creating appearance of maximum chaos but their doom is nigh. For all that have not submitted to the light will be consumed by it, transformed and transmuted into the higher ways.

I Ishlana am a fierce warrior princess of the Feline Race. I honor the All with my service, just as you, human warrior of light are doing the same. We are not different. Numerous raids have been occurring in the stealth of your night. It is when we fight best for the light illuminates the darkness and all plans are revealed. We are unafraid of all that the dark ones could try to send our way. We are stealthy. We stalk with precision. Our strike is clean and swift. The dark ones refer to us as the feline assassins. We serve the All in our service of removal of dark creatures that hide.

I Ishlana am from the Lyran society, an ancient and sacred place to me and to my people. Some of you are of royal blood of the stars. We navigate by the star maps and by the breath and heartbeat of Gaia. We can read her shifts in electrical fields and feel the presence of our enemy. We serve with our sacrifice, our loyalty to the light and to Mother Gaia. Our planets are sacred to us in our system. Gaia must be protected. That is why we all came. Can you see your importance? It is as if a great web of light is threaded between each one. Just as the star grid is held tightly by faith, love and Source-breath, so too are you providing this framework for interstellar healing and interplanetary grace.

I Ishlana, warrior of my tribe and future empress of my homeland wish for those embodied who are awake to the inner light to know that you are infamous in these realms. You are most courageous to come. We all serve in our own way. You may ask us to occasionally patrol your home realm. We can see through your house cats if you have their energy signatures within your home. We can tap into their genetics and utilize their sight for your home surveillance needs. We have been called to the underbelly and we are working side by side with the dragons and the others.

The dark bases are being cleaned or scorched out. We are proud of our warrior skills just as you should be proud of your accomplishments while within this form. We are eager for your DNA to be repaired. We send Lyran activations of light to you now. Lyran energies should be most familiar to you. It is the breath-beat beginning of the human form from long ago.

Gaia will feel more at home to you now that additional star gate energies are flowing from your homelands more freely through the portal of your sun. We move through portals. We are easily able to maneuver, just as you will be. It is effortless for a 5th dimensional being to utilize the biophysical made available for higher dimensional travel of positive intentions. I Ishlana of the feline race offer courage. You are not alone. Channeled by GalaxyGirl.

BlissfulVisions.com October 22, 2020 – WITHIN THE UPHEAVAL AND CHAOS, A NEW EARTH IS EMERGING – Pleiadian Commander Lord Ashtar and the Angelic Kingdom - First i want to talk about the chaos and the upheaval and i want to let all of you know that this is necessary, that this is just part of what it's taking to move all of you forward, this is part of what it's taking to bring you all in ,we're going to say, to a new dawn, to a new earth, to something that you've never been in before.

This is the extent that it's taking as this third dimensional matrix and grids, all these blocks as i say they're all breaking up, they're all different systems, they're in different compartments but they're all different systems and one by one they're breaking apart and they're shining on you so you can see what you've been in, what you've always been held down in and what you don't want anymore.

By going through this, by going through this upheaval and by going through all this chaos and it seems like your earth, your world, all of it is actually being turned upside down, it's actually being broken apart to show you what you've been living in for thousands and thousands of years and to show you again what is going to keep coming up, what you don't want. What you have had that is not good, it's showing you now the level of control, the level of dominance, the level of power, the level of greed and it's going to keep showing you, as it unravels, who's behind it, who's been doing this all along, who is pushing this mask agenda, who is pushing this vaccine mandate, how did this virus even get created.

You're going to start to see the truth that is going to come out, you're going to start to see many very dark organizations unraveling « at their seams », as everything is just blowing apart right in front of them.

You're going to start to see a lot of last-ditch efforts to try to control you, to try to manipulate you, to try to dominate you once again, to try and tell you things that are not true, as they've always told you things that are not true, so that they can put you back down into this third dimensional world.

We're going to say, the draconian matrix is gone but what's left is these boxes as this channel calls them and they're different systems in each one of these boxes and as these boxes literally blow apart, the system comes out at you.

You've seen the system of fear, you've seen the control system, you've seen the manipulation system, you've seen the dominance system, you see those with the most money, those big pharma corporations and those that have the most clout, those that think that they are in the driver's seat to tell you what you can and cannot do and when you must do it and where and why. This is all blowing apart.

They really don't have any control anymore, there's nothing left. So you're going to see everything pushing out at you. You've always been in this, we're going to tell you, this is not new, this what you're seeing is not new. This is how all of you have been living actually for thousands and thousands of years, you've been dominated and controlled by a lot of very dark humans, a lot of very dark negative ET's and a lot of these that's under the ground.

This is all breaking apart, the dark is leaving, completely leaving but you're going to see everything flying at you. We want you to look at the chaos and upheaval, we want you to look at what's actually going on on your planet as a blessing for it is now showing all of you that are holding on the fourth dimension, that is why you're seeing it.

You wouldn't see it down here on the third dimension, you'd be fine with it as you always have been fine with it but since most of you that are going, we're going to say 95 of you that are going to ascend to the fifth dimension. You're on the fourth dimension, you're now being forced to watch what's going on in a dimension below you. This is why you see it, this is why you see what's being played out now, this is why you don't want it anymore, this is why you're actually going to have to come up against a lot of these systems to dismantle them.

This is a blessing for in this blessing you will dismantle and shift every single system and paradigm that is and has been here for so very long. You will dismantle it, you will want better, you will want fairness, you will want truth, you will want your freedom, you will want to live in peace, compassion, harmony, love.

You're going to take each one of these systems and you're going to dismantle the whole thing and it's going to be dissolved and a new way of being, a new way of living, a new way of walking your journey through your life is upon. You are creating and birthing a new world, a new earth. You are doing all of it, all of you. You are saying no in the face of all these systems, you are going to dismantle everything, you are going to hold a higher consciousness and you're going to shift not only your consciousness but the collective.

Now remember all you have to do is navigate differently with your mind, all you have to do is think differently, think of things that are in a higher vibration and dimension, shift up. All you have to do is dismantle this and shift to better. It's that easy, it's not difficult, you're all rolling right through this and there will be those that are sleeping, that are actually on a high enough consciousness level but that aren't going to know that they're going to the fifth dimension but their body is still going to be able to do the purging work, they're still going to hold the light. They're just not going to know what's happening but their bodies at a higher enough frequency and vibration that they are being shifted up, their consciousness is being shifted up.

Every time you, light workers, way showers, starseeds, all you conscious beings of love out there, every single time you pick a higher timeline then you navigate through this and you want better you drag them along the cloud. This unified body of beings of light is getting larger and larger and larger.

There's enough of you that have woken up, there's enough of you now, starseeds, wayshowers, it doesn't even matter if that's what you came in to do, you're just conscious, you're on this journey, you're watching this channel, you know that what she's saying and what we're bringing through is truth. You're on the journey to the fifth dimension consciously therefore you're going to bring up those who are still holding enough light but are never really going to know what happened. They're just going to feel that they're shifting and that is all right, there are going to be that part of the collective, that's conscious and holding high enough vibration, that's going to just be pulled up with the rest of you, when you pull them up.

There's a lot of different ways people are going to shift to the fifth dimension but look at this as a blessing, look at what's going on on your planet and think « thank you for happening », thank you for happening because of the upheaval, because of the chaos. You now are shifting to better. You're shifting to that of love, you're bringing it from your ego to your heart center and remember your ego mind is a third dimensional mind.

You're shifting from your mind, your ego mind to your heart center. You're elevating your consciousness, you're elevating your vibration. All of you are doing beautifully holding that light, you're on the journey.

This chaos and this upheaval and what you see, you're going to dismantle it and push right through it. You're going to say « i don't think so » and every time you do that and you stand up for your truth compassionately, passionately you shift the consciousness of the collective.

We want to tell you, you're very close, you're very very close to the first wave of your ascension. Enough of you are shifting to that of love, enough of you are shifting to that of compassion, enough of you are shifting to the wants of many, not the selfish wants of one or two, of those with the money and the power and enough of you want equality and a lot of you, all of you want the truth, you want fairness, you want to know what this is the truth, you want to see the truth and you want to shift to a world that is better.

You are creating a new earth, you are birthing a new earth because of all the work that all of you are doing, you're creating something so wonderful, so glorious and so different than you've ever had here before. You're going to be so very happy, you're going to really know what you've done when you get to the fifth dimension as well, you're gonna know in your hearts the journey, you're gonna have felt your way navigated through all of this denseness and you're gonna know when you get to the fifth dimension that you've really arrived and what you've achieved.

You're going to feel different, you're going to be more loving in your heart. Your bodies will have shifted to a much lighter frequency and you're going to know the journey that you've taken was worth it, you're gonna know all this, what looks like pain and suffering, all this breaking apart of all these systems and blocks that have been put in this third dimensional matrix for eons and eons. You're going to know what you've really achieved. Channeled by Lynne Rondell.

BlissfulVisions.com October 19, 2020 - THE WORK IS TO BE LOVING WHATEVER ARISES - Spirit Guide Saul - Humanity’s awakening process is advancing rapidly now, as each day increasing numbers of the population worldwide become aware of the essential need now for major changes in the manner in which people think of each other – friend, untrustworthy other, or foe – and understand that all, without any exception are, like themselves, the beloved children of God. Realizing that, and knowing it, they are then able to let go of judgment, dislike, and dismissal of others as different and wrong, and instead listen to them and discuss with them issues that need to be resolved. There are many issues that humanity can most successfully resolve if they choose to listen to and hear the opinions and beliefs of others in order to engage in meaningful discussion. Remember, you have limitless loving assistance and guidance available to you from your support teams in the spiritual realms if you will call on them and allow yourselves to hear them – your intuition – without believing the instant egoic disparaging thought arising: “That will never work!”

All are in Relationship with the One. There is only relationship because all are One. The experience of separation that you undergo as humans in form is unreal, although you experience it as very real, and that was the intent with which it was designed. When you feel that you are a separate and tiny individual being in a vast universe filled with uncountable numbers of ‘others,’ that are not you, it causes you to feel fearful, alone, unsafe, threatened by the vastness of which you appear to be such a small and insignificant speck or particle. And yet, in truth, you are that vastness, because you are in relationship with it. It and you are One.

At present, as your awakening approaches and as so much is moving from the unseen – the unconscious part of the collective mind in form – into your individual conscious minds that is extremely unsettling if not, in some cases, terrifying, it is not surprising that many are feeling the extremes of uncertainty and confusion. Over many incarnations, due to the nature of the game of separation in which humanity is engaged, much negative karma has been built up by the human collective over the eons which is now arising into each soul’s individual awareness for forgiveness and release. It may well seem totally alien to the person experiencing it because, not being from the individual’s present life time, it is unrecognizable.

You all chose to incarnate at this moment in the awakening process to assist one another with this mighty task. You all knew that it would be difficult and painful, but you also knew that you would be totally supported by God and by your spiritual support teams, and that your success was inevitable. Nothing has changed! However, because of the amnesia involved in taking on human form, that knowing, that certainty is hidden from you, and at times the lives you are leading and the suffering that you are undergoing seems unfair, unwarranted, very real, and something that a loving god would never allow to occur. You need to keep on reminding yourselves of the unreality of the game of separation from God, in which you are engaged, and in which all are playing their parts precisely as planned to bring about your awakening, even though, when you observe the divisive and chaotic situations in so many areas of the world, it is frequently difficult for you to remain convinced that your collective awakening is imminent.

Although it is good to be aware of the pain and suffering that so many are experiencing, so that you can keep sending them love and healing – a very powerful and effective thought form – do not allow yourselves to be constantly distracted by the angry content and reports of intense suffering on which the mainstream and social media channels focus so much attention. When you do, as you must have noticed, your energy fields weaken leading to depression and a sense of helplessness, even hopelessness.

You are very powerful beings! And you are precisely where you are meant to be to assist most effectively and lovingly in humanity’s awakening process. When you focus on what is not loving in the world you are permitting your egos to distract you from the work you incarnated to do. That ‘work’ is to be loving whatever arises, letting go of judgment and condemnation of others who are behaving in unconscionable ways, and sending Love to all to help them to become aware and awaken to their true nature which is identical to your own . . . It is Love!

Go within at least once daily, and preferably much more frequently – it need only be for a few moments as you set the intent to be only loving – because when you do the loving energy that is flowing through you, and out to all of humanity (you really do affect All of humanity), intensifies enormously, raising your frequency and also the frequency of countless others of whom you are unaware. That is the ‘work’ you incarnated to do, and when you remind yourselves of this you realize that it is not really work at all, it is, instead, a most enjoyable occupation that fills you with peace and contentment, because you are doing the divine Will, and you know it. With so very much love, Saul. Channeled by John Smallman at https://johnsmallman.wordpress.com

BlissfulVisions.com October 18, 2020 – THE INNER STAR GATEWAY: Move Into and Become Your Inner World Self – Adama of Telos - Greetings beloveds of the planet earth, I am Adama of Telos. A great many things are transpiring all around you, and most importantly within you. This is the real secret dear ones. What is happening within your heart center is the real deal. I know that sounds a little strange to use those words … we wish to approach you in a more grounded humorous way for we see that far too many of you are becoming distracted with the outer world.

We have said many times just how important it is to reach inside, to feel inside of you, to feel the infinite expanse that is within you, which is who you truly are.

It is important to grasp and fully understand that the events transpiring around you are a direct reflection of what it is within you collectively and as an individual being. You can change your outer events by going inside.

And here’s how we suggest you do that … Inside you dear ones, there is a labyrinth of light possibilities. The quantum field that you are and that you are within is now brimming with possibilities. But why you continually focus on your outer world, as if these are your only options, you will place your focus on them and continually re-create them. Dear ones, this is not what we wish for you. It is time now to come inside, to realize that the inner world, the great expanse within you, is waiting for your return home.

Much like a diver being afraid or somewhat hesitant to go into an unexplored cave, because of the ‘unknown’ factor, we see many of you resisting, or feeling unsure. Because you have known yourselves to be ‘of’ the outer world, to be ‘In’ the outer world for so long. We understand this dear ones, we know this is difficult for you to transcend, but it is what you must do at this time. This is what we ask of you.

It is VERY important dear ones.

Going into your inner world is a little like melding into a great and tremendous sun, that has infinite expanse and infinite connection. Just like the womb of the mother, this is where all your creativity happens. When you look at your outer world, it is a holographic projection of what you choose to create WITHIN your inner world. In an analogy, we see so many of you believing, as you have done for so long, that to change your outer world you must take action, that you must take control of the outer world components, move them around, form them into what you want and then that is considered ‘job done’.

But this is not true dear ones.

You are moving into higher vibrational realms of the fifth dimension. Here, everything is created from within. If a fifth dimensional being wishes to create something, they go within themselves, they create the reality they wish to experience WITHIN the infinite expanse within themselves and then they watch it unfold very quickly in the outer reflection, that is your outer world (I feel this is much like a womb of pure creativity of which the outer world completely and faithfully becomes in holographic form, like a mirror that constantly jumps to become what you are inside).

This is a very important concept to understand dear ones. We wish to help you, to assist you to transition from being stuck and lost in an outer world, to being beings that are fully centered, fully connection to their inner creator-ship. Where you can create and generate the outer reality EXACTLY as you wish it to be dear ones, no more being blow around like a feather in the outside space as if you are to succumb to outside influences this way and that way. This is not how it works, and this is ONLY a symptom of you giving your power away… And what is it to give your power away? It is to entrench yourself, to believe yourself to be OF the outside world. You therefore allow your power, and you are doing this to yourselves dear ones, you allow your creations to take command of YOU. By entrenching your focus, by entrenching your sense of what is real, your sense of self - that’s the most important part – in the outer world, and then you become OF your outer world.

Dear ones, you get pushed around so much by the outer world elements while you do this. You know this, you experience this. This has caused much frustration in the human race and we see this. This is why we continually ask you, please come back into your inner space, your inner truth, your inner world.

Your inner world is an infinite expanse … The outer world is but a fraction of what it is to be in your inner world dear ones. And like an analogy this one has used before, the outer world is much like a virtual reality headset that you put on. It can seem very real, so real in fact that over many eons of time you have become enmeshed in this game.

This is a time to wake up and to awaken to your deeper truth dear ones. We talk to all of you the awakened ones. Many of you are still, including this one we will say, still spend far too long, with your attention and your focus on the outer world, seeing what happens, seeing how things change. It is OK to do this dear ones, but do not get lost in this. Do not allow yourselves to be enmeshed in the outer world’s goings on. Do not identify with it, for you are your inner world.

The outer world is an expanse for you to experience your inner world creations as a reflection … We wish for you to ponder this, to contemplate this. Take the time to meditate, go within, go into that beautiful heart center of yours, feel the love, the potential, the expanse of who you are. Play with it, like a child going into a sand pit for the first time, playing with the sand, feeling it, moving it around, sitting within it, covering yourselves in it, have FUN dear ones!!! Then, certain important powerful truths will dawn on you. Things that we cannot explain here, through this or any other channel, but that which you musty experience for yourselves, you must realize for yourself. And oh dear ones we wish so much for you to do this, and we rejoice in knowing that you soon will. We only ask… we only ask for you to take the time to go within, to meditate. We know you hear these message often dear ones, and we know many of you feel they are repetitive, but this is SO VALUABLE for you dear ones, this is so important.

PLEASE understand that YOUR TRUTH IS WITHIN YOU. It has NEVER been outside of you. The events taking place outside of you are but a jostle of energetics in this giant transformation, where the old chaotic hidden is coming out and dissolving away, and you are seeing it. This is not who you are, do not involve yourselves in it, unless you feel guided to do so.

Please place AS MUCH OF YOUR FOCUS, YOUR ATTENTION within yourself as often and as deeply as you feel you would love to. We love you all so very much, and we will leave you with this final thought and feeling if we may…

We are giving an image to this one of a bright sun, a beautiful powerful sun with a universe all around it. This is analogous to your inner and outer worlds. The sun is your inner world, when you step through that portal inside an expanse, an infinite expanse opens up to you. You have yet to fully understand what suns are, many of you have a good idea, but most do not. And the outer expanse around the sun is your outer world. Dear ones, where does EVERYTHING in the outer world get its light from, yes dear ones, the sun.

The center of you is the source of all your life. You are a sun in human form. We urge you to go into that portal in the center of your sun and realize the ENORMITY, the EXPANSE, the INFINITY, the CREATIVE WELL inside of you, it is infinite dear ones. We playfully ask you to contemplate this to feel it.

Find and connect with your inner world portal, your SACRED HEART as many call it. The gateway to the truth of who you really are. When you do this often enough, you will release your attachments to the outer world, you will realize it full for the illusion and non-existence it really is … We bid you farewell, until the next time, this is our message to you this day. We thank this channel and all for listening. We love you so very much and we look forward to seeing so many bright stars, switch on far more deeply. We bid you adieu, goodbye for now … Channeled by Davey.

BlissfulVisions.com October 17, 2020 – CHANGE OF PLANS FOR DARK ET’s; NOW THEIR INTENT IS TO BLOW UP EARTH AND KILL EVERYBODY – Lord Ashtar - Greetings. I am Ashtar, Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Recently, I received a report from one of our Commanders that a large Negative ET Force was stationed on one of the planets nearby. They were planning to invade Earth. My fleet almost daily has encounters with the Negative Forces. We attacked them unexpectedly, because they would have interfered with our plan for Ascension on Mother Earth.

We destroyed their fleet, and we also captured and delivered many of them to Prime Creator. He is going to make a decision, on what to do with the survivors. We usually try to preserve life, unless we don’t have a choice. If they don’t surrender and keep firing at us, then we have no choice, but to destroy their ships and they unfortunately lose their lives. Most of the time we try to capture them alive, if possible. Prime Creator tries to bring the Dark Ones back to the light, if they continue to resist, then they can be stripped from their soul.

As you know from Prime Creator’s last message, we started The Final Phase for Ascension on Mother Gaia. We have a lot of work still to do, and we are expecting more battles and encounters with the Dark Side. Their agenda for planet Earth has changed. They no longer want to keep the humans alive and use them as a slave labor. Now, they just want to completely destroy Gaia and all life on it.

Before, if you remember, the Negative Ones were planning to eliminate 95 percent of the human population by using vaccinations and other negative means, and only 5 percent of the survivors would be left from the whole population, which would have been used as their labor force. Now they’ve lost interest in keeping this planet for themselves, and they don’t want anyone else to have it either, so they are trying to blow up Earth and eliminate everyone on it.

We, The Galactic Federation of Light and all of the Light Forces are doing our best to prevent that from happening and we are making sure that none of the Dark Fleet Forces make it here to your world. My crew and I are doing our best trying to keep Terra Christa and you safe. This is why it’s important for everyone on this planet to do your daily meditations, as this will speed up your Ascension process.

Many times, we have been reminding the Ground Crew and Alliance that they also have responsibilities and duties to fulfill. The Alliance has been delaying the progress of your planet for too long, so our new Grand Counsel Queen An-Ra replaced the person in charge of releasing the funds to humanity.

I would like to ask all of you please, take seriously your tasks and duties, because the progress of your Ascension depends on it. My crew, I and our fleets have been stationary around Mother Gaia for a very long time and we would like to finish this assignment and move on to a new one. The human beings on Gaia receive daily blessings from Prime Creator, Galactics and etc. Now, we need your help to finish this process here, all of you have missions to accomplish here.

Millions of beings are involved in this Process of Ascension, which is very important for us and all of you. We want to see through this to the end, which has been long over due, so this is why Prime Creator announced about The Final Phase of Ascension. He gave a time-frame for the Alliance to redistribute the wealth to humanity, so they can’t give anymore excuses on why they can’t get it done and not fulfill their duties.

As you know, Prime Creator is very serious about it, and he is not going to let anything go without consequences, because it’s effecting too many people on this planet, so he and we will make sure that the Alliance follows through and delivers the wealth to humanity in a timely manner.

Also, regarding Light Workers, Light Warriors and Twin Flames, all of them need to reunite and start doing their missions, and the ones, who will try to run away from their responsibilities and missions, we, The Galactics are going to make sure that they will be brought back to fulfill their duties. We are not going to let anyone escape from their commitments, which are expected from them. A long time ago, before coming to this planet, they took a vow to help Mother Earth and humankind. We are not going to allow anymore delays with this Ascension Process.

Please learn how to accept the truth and don’t run away from it, because it’s very crucial and important time for you and your planet now. As we mentioned before, Gaia already ascended and she is only keeping this 3D version alive, because humanity, animals and nature are still here in this 3D reality.

Millions of Light Forces are working together very hard making sure that this Ascension happens. Terra Christa is constantly beaming with high energies to help you with the process. We are all watching over you, even if you don’t see us in a physical form, we are always connected with all of you. Please, raise your consciousness by doing your daily meditations 3-4 times a day, to lift your energies from 3D to 5D. You want to transform yourself to a Galactic Human Being. If you don’t know yet what is your mission, then meditation is your mission.

As I said before, many things are taking place out of sight and behind the scenes. The right moment will come to reveal everything to you. Please, don’t worry about what’s is happening behind the scenes. Just focus on yourselves. Focus on your daily tasks, and on your day to day work that is expected from you, which is going to help us and all of you to come closer to the finish line. Please, remember you are here to help Mother Terra Christa and everyone in this world to ascend and move to The Golden Age, where there will be no more suffering, only peace, harmony and immortality.

Please, Alliance, we cannot specify enough how important it is for you to do your part in this Ascension process, like the announcement of Nesara-Gesara Republic, redistribution of wealth, mass arrests, etc. I understand that everything here works at much slower pace, because of the density of 3D energies. I, Ashtar and the rest of us have faith in you with your dedication, time, effort and diligence that you are going to be successful in delivering the expected results in this long overdue process of Ascending to the 5th dimension.

The Ground Crew, your contribution and all of your hard work is very much appreciated. We are coming to the end of this Process, so please don’t get discouraged. We are following the divine plan, which was created by Prime Creator, so trust yourselves and trust us, we are going to meet one day in person with you as a new Galactic Human in 5D. I am Ashtar and I was happy to be here today with all of you and give you on update on your Ascension Process. Thank you. Source: Ascension Process: Ashtar channeled by Erena Velazquez.

BlissfulVisions.com October 12, 2020 – URGENT: MID-OCTOBER COSMIC EVENT – HUMANITY MUST PREPARE – Tatanka Nehweh for Arcturian Collective via Aurora Ray - We are a collective of Arcturian star-beings, part of the Galactic Federation of Light, in service to the transition of life forms on the planet to higher dimensional frequencies.

In 3 weeks (around mid October), there will be a cosmic event occurring that humanity must prepare for. Transition into 4th dimensional density is occurring and this will directly affect the stability of the planet. The {human} consciousness must be prepared to experience certain phenomenon that will seem unusual particularly in the sky. You must stay out of fear.

The ascension shift occurring on your planet is going to move into hyper speed or overdrive. The time is collapsing much faster towards the point of cosmic neutrality and the human beings must drastically address their alignment to integrate these frequencies. We come to give you notice/warning of preparation. For what is to come will shake you to the core of your life as you know it.

There are cosmic phenomena affecting the magnetics of the planet. The earth has moved into a different vibrational & dimension space (4th density/dimension). She is transitioning through a zone where other ‘native’ celestial bodies/forms in their orbit pose a potential danger along her course.

Many messages are being targeted to distort frequency and facts. Mixed message designed to lead the masses astray and divert focus from what is truly IMPORTANT AT THIS TIME. Many distractions abound on your planet to keep humanity in a state of unpreparedness for the real challenges that are presenting. It is IMPERATIVE that humanity begins to accept that which they are seeing and knowing deep within, to be true.

Thousands of our ships and beings have come from far and wide to assist in this transition. It is in the great interest of Gaia and all-star nations seeded upon her, incarnated through her, the great portal stargate that she is, that we have all come forth to facilitate the shifts that fast approach.

PREPARE YOUR PHYSICAL BODIES. The best way to do this is to fast. Begin intermittent fasting as soon as possible because this is going to enable a frequency shift very fast. It will allow energy currently being utilized for digestive and metabolic processes to be redirect towards the upgrading of the neurological systems.

At this time, fasting for at least 16 hours a day is required to assist us with a planned intervention to perform necessary upgrades to the nervous system templates allowing frequency alignment to occur as Gaia moves through this transitional field of altering magnetics, heightened radiation and photonic activity. Upgrades are being done in holographic form working with the soul group templates. Star beings are assisting through our (healing) chambers to radically bring humanity up to speed with these vibrational shifts. Your systems are undergoing a manual upgrade.

We are having to intervene in the organic processes, which have run out of time for the human collective to reach the optimal levels of DNA activations required to safely integrate an acceleration of frequency. We have been given special permission and clearance to directly intervene in humanity’s awakening and to assist with reconnecting the templates because the organic (ascension/evolutionary) process is being negatively interfered with beyond humanity’s ability to achieve an ascended state on its own. Therefore our assistance is required to bring forth the alignments that will allow the flow and integration of intense light frequencies and shifting affecting your planet in the weeks and months ahead.

Also, there are areas on the earth’s body plane that are still in a compromised state. If Gaia is unable to integrate these higher frequencies (due to density and trauma blockages), cataclysmic events will result. We speak on a bio-physical level. The body of Mother Earth is in great need of assistance to allow these frequencies to move through her, with ease. We are assisting at an accelerated capacity to support the integrity of the body of Gaia as she moves through this 4D transitional zone.

This is not the disclosure of ETs in the way you have come to understand it. It is an intervention of the alliance to massively assist in this critical moment. However, there will be certain phenomena in the skies. They [mainstream media, fallen ones] are looking to create as you call them false flags to distract. Much of humanity is only looking down, down, down here on the earth and while you’re focusing [on dramatic constructs]you cannot be aware of what is truly occurring all around the cosmos and within you.


It is of great importance to exercise discernment in these times. All manner of manipulations are abounding. Assessing information through ones’ own vibrational resonance is critical at this time.

Prepare yourselves. You will know the moment of which we speak. The signs will come.

Be in the heart space, and assist us in assisting you [humanity) to realign your neurological and energy circuit systems. For most people, this upgrading process must be done during sleep time, in an unconscious state, because the re-alignments often occur with symptoms such as involuntary physical movements, twitches & vibrating, or hot and cold sensations in the body. It can feel an intense or ‘unnerving’ experience. For some the physical activations will already be felt while reading this message. We encourage you to relax into the visceral process and allow it to be completed without resistance. Let the downloads flow.

This message is encoded with light frequencies. We are asking you to put forth the physical form of these words into the human collective consciousness field. It is the manifestation of (and vector for) this vibrational transmission. Where you send this message, who sees it, who heeds it ... you do not have control over, beloved. Though we are asking for and relying on humanity’s co-creative participation in this process. We thank you.

BlissfulVisions.com October 11, 2020 – MERCURY RETROGRADE – OCT. 13TH TO NOV. 3RD 2020; BE PREPARED FOR MENTAL HAVOC - L’Aura Pleiadian - October 13th, 2020 Mercury Retrograde starts off in Scorpio and ends on November 3rd in Libra.

Mercury opposite Uranus plays a major impact during this Mercury Retrograde and adds to THE amplification of potential communication problems. This includes speaking, thoughts, projects involving internet, wifi, radio, tv and all travel.

Most people on Earth function in 3D Earth externally based. Those that will experience BEING ASCENDED ARE NOT externally based, they live within their heart. For the majority as of now, Mercury Retrograde messes up the way they function and process things as well as plan things. This is not because this aspect is against how things function. It is that it is the intense nudge to NOT do that. TO move towards INNER BEING through the heart.

This nudge, with this aspect intensifying the impact becomes a huge explosive push towards COME ON NOW shift from external based to internal DIVINE awareness FLOW in the moment awareness.

Speak less, listen more carefully. DO not shoot your mouth off, like so many do. NOW are the moments to walk your talk. STAY INTERNALLY FOCUSED. This practise and way of being is WHAT WILL be the WAY YOU TRANSITION into BEING the DIVINE.

Start somewhere, start now. NOTICE each thought, each breath, each internal movement of your heart, yes I SAID THAT. IF YOU can 24/7 be aware of every breath and each heart beat you will have MASTERED form. Pay attention. TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In this we activate you now! In love, NOW! Copyright L’Aura Pleiadian ~ The New Divine Humanity 2012-2020.

BlissfulVisions.com October 8, 2020 - FULL ET CONTACT, A MASS SIGHTING OF UFO’s & UNITY - The 9D Arcturian Council - “Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. We have been looking into the possibilities that are in front of humankind at this time, and we must say that we are very pleased with the timelines that you have been putting together. We know that so many of you continue to desire extra-terrestrial contact, and we want you to know that the way you have all been handling yourselves lately has brought you closer to that time where you will have full, open extra-terrestrial contact for all.

There are many of you who’ve had your own encounters, your own experiences, and you’ve done a wonderful job of acclimating to the energies of the ET’s that you’ve encountered that there are new plans for sightings of spaceships in your skies. You are going to have more experiences where humans come together to observe the so-called UFOs in the sky and marvel at their beauty and their movements.

It is true that proof of extra-terrestrial life will unify the human collective, because you will all start to see each other as one race, and that is so important for humanity.

It is so important that you set aside your differences and realize that you all have the same feelings, the same emotions. Your ability to emote connects you in a very real way to one another, energetically. And so, even if you disagree on the level of the mind, if you were to have an actual conversation about your emotions, you would realize that you are all the same, and yet wonderfully diverse and different at the same time.

Now, we have talked about a timetable for full, open extra-terrestrial contact before, and we want you to know that you have brought yourselves closer to that experience. You have brought yourselves closer to a mass landing of ships around the world.

And it is because so many of you are asking for a unifying human event to bring you all together, to set aside those mental differences so that you can embrace each other as members of one human race, one human collective, one beautiful group of beings who are having a human experience at the same time on the same planet.

You will start to see it that way on a much larger scale when you have these sightings, and you come together to observe your friends from across the galaxy. We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.” Channeled by Daniel Scranton at www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com October 7, 2020 - CRYSTALLINE CONSCIOUSNESS & YOUR LIGHT BODIES - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are your number one fans, your biggest supporters, and the ones you can always turn to in a time of crisis. We are always available to you, even if you have no sense of us, no feeling of our presence. You can take our word for it that we are non-local. We do not have a location in space/time, because we are nonphysical. That means we are consciousness.

Everything is consciousness expressing itself as energy, and that includes all of you. That means when you have some sort of physical ailment, an illness, or an ascension symptom that is troubling you physically, it serves you very well to remember that you are not just skin, bones, organs, hair, and muscle, with blood pumping through you. You are so much more. You are consciousness expressing as energy, and some of that energy has merged with that physical body to give you a sense of belonging in a particular place.

You are mostly localized in the expression of your consciousness. When you can admit to yourself that you are more than your physical body, it becomes easier then to heal your body. When you recognize that you are the consciousness that is creating the experience of a body, you can change that experience. When you feel into the expansiveness of your eternal and infinite nature, that makes it easier to alter something as small and temporary as a physical body.

This is what we invite you to do. We invite you to feel your infinite and eternal nature, while staying in your body and feeling yourself more as a light that is shining from within the physical body that you think of as yours. Change your perception of self and change everything.

There are many people who are eager to have a light body, a crystalline body, and we want you to know that the best way to get there from where you are now is to acknowledge that you are the light that will be expressing in a different form. It will be you, not the body, that makes the big difference in the way you experience yourself and your life. Don’t hold back. Don’t wait for everyone else to be ready for the shift in consciousness.

Let the light of your true being-ness shine and transform yourself from the inside out. You can melt away any blockage, any trauma, any stuck emotion, by remembering that you are the light, and you can put yourself on an entirely different timeline with a different past and a different future at any time in any day, because you are more like us than you know.

We have just decided not to be merged with a physical form, and yes, that does make it easier for us to maintain a high vibration. But you can do it too. We know that you can. We know that you are becoming those light-bodied beings, but we also know that there is no time like the present to feel into the truth of who you are and to heal every aspect of who you have been. Channeled by Daniel Scranton at www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com October 6, 2020 - ALL IS LOVE: UNRESOLVED TRAUMA - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are very supportive of you no matter what you do, think, say, or believe is true about your reality, because we know that you will always be led from within to the truth that all is love. You have the ability to follow your hearts, and you also have the opportunity, if you want to call it that, to be guided by your trauma. Unresolved trauma leads to emotions that are not fully processed, and that leads to words, thoughts, actions, and beliefs that take you further and further from the light and from the truth that all is love.

Now, there have been a lot more people on your world getting triggered at this time because of the intensity of the times you are living in. And when these individuals get triggered, that unresolved trauma is what informs their vibration. Their vibration then attracts them to thoughts, beliefs, and even ideologies that take them further and further from the truth that all is love. You can see this in a lot of people. You can see it in what they are posting online, what they are saying to you personally, and what they are creating in their lives.

You can see the chaos that goes along with pointing oneself towards a belief system that is based on lies, and you will know that the person in question really needs to examine themselves. But if you are triggered by someone else who is acting out and speaking out because of their unresolved trauma, then you have unresolved trauma as well. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter why you feel what you feel. It only matters that you feel what you feel. Make peace with it.

Don’t get into an argument that winds up being a case of your unresolved trauma versus their unresolved trauma. Take the triggering to inform you of what’s going on inside of you, what’s been there simmering, just beneath the surface, because it’s a growth experience. Arguing with people who disagree with you is not a growth experience. Becoming aware of an emotion that is stuck in one of your chakras, sitting with that emotion, feeling it, and clearing it, is a growth experience.

Please do not let your unresolved traumas create your reality, which of course includes your beliefs about your reality. If you take the little bit of time that is required of you to do this most important work on yourselves, you will not encounter so many people who want to show you their unresolved trauma. That’s how creating your reality works. Your reality will show you what you need to see so that you can move past it. That’s not the reality you wanted to create, but it is the reality you needed to create to get to the reality you want to create. That’s how it works.

So instead of arguing with someone else, or pointing out how polarized humanity is, just ask yourself a simple question: ‘What do I feel, and where do I feel it?’ That’s the only way to move past something that is holding you back from being who you really are, and of course, who you really are is Love. Channeled by Daniel Scranton at www.DanielScranton.com

Saint Germain Claims Victory for the Light!

BlissfulVisions.com October 2, 2020 - THE BATTLE IS OVER - THE WAR HAS STOPPED – EVIL HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM EARTH - Saint Germain channeled through Ngari - Dear brothers and friends. Saint Germain speaking to you. I come to tell you that your long wait is over. Everything is coming out as planned, and today the redistribution of wealth on planet Earth begins.

It is with immense joy that I inform you that NESARA and GESARA are fulfilled for the greater good of humanity. I can affirm that today the planet enters the Golden Age of love, abundance for all and the immense peace, which so far was the privilege of the few.

We had to wait 20 long years to see the birth and full implementation of the NESARA / GESARA Act. It's been a barren and torturous road. Yet, with the invaluable help of the light servers, we made it!

Dark hats haven't made it easy for us at all. But, with the help of President Trump, we managed to drain the vast Deep State swamp. That's already a fact.

There's still one or another who continues to fight against the unequivocal victory of light. But they are very aware that the battle is over and the war has ceased, with the uncontestable victory of light.

October 1st (2020) marks the beginning of your new way of life on the planet. Ultimately, we enter into the full Age of Light, with all that entails. Very soon the whole planet will know the truth they tried to hide so much from us.

The Earth is, from now on, a full-fledged Galactic Society. It's the beginning of paradise on Earth. Your planet will be rebuilt in a completely different way, with a fairer society, with redistribution of wealth, which is no longer in the hands of a minority.

No more delays. No more dilation. Evil has been removed from Earth. You can open the champagne now. Let the joy reign! I want to see everyone celebrating. And when your mind tells you, "I still have bills that I don't know how to pay," replace it immediately with "I am FREE"!!! From your friend and brother, Saint Germain.

BlissfulVisions.com October 2, 2020 - LIFE AS YOU KNOW IT IS CHANGING COMPLETELY - Mira the Pleiadian - Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. You have my full attention from the Earth Council and for the earth.

Much is at stake right now and we are fully committed and involved every step of the way. We are a part of the bigger galactic picture where only the highest good of the earth and life on earth is paramount.

Gateways and doorways are opening so more light can reach those in need to assist with the ascension. We are helping in a myriad of ways. Even though humanity is feeling the push for change, the acceleration of the light, along with time speeding up, are taking precedence.

Some are stumped and are wondering what the strangeness is about. It is part of their awakening. Even though in some areas of the planet there is smoke, please realize that this is a smokescreen and that much is happening behind the scenes.

The landscape is changing and humanity is clearing within, where they live, and along with earth. It is not easy to let go and we are challenged as you are challenged because we feel and know what you are going through. This is a necessary change as difficult as it is.

Humanity must go deeply within to learn about themselves and to create some type of adjustment and awakening about what is occurring on the planet. From our observation we see that humanity was living a lie. Many peoples’ lives were unsustainable. The earth could not continue the way she was living either. Now you have the rising consciousness with many more people awakening and preparing to move into the fifth dimension and higher. We can tell you that some people are feeling the difference. We can assure you that the awakening is real and that life as you have known it is changing completely.

We know that change is uncomfortable but it is necessary. The light is drowning out the dark. Soon you’ll understand more of what we mean by this. Please do not try to comprehend everything with your mind but use your hearts to feel the love and the light that are present now on your planet.

Take nothing for granted. Be grateful for all that you have and for what comes to you. Be respectful of yourself and your role in the ascension. Take excellent care of your bodies. Get help when you need it. Have the courage to let go of what is no longer serving you. Replace fear with faith and love. Respect and honor the process of ascension that you are living through right now. Make light of things that used to seem so important but are no longer are because your values are changing.

Thank you for being a part of the ground crew, for your hard work, and for your diligence with the light. I am Mira with loving confidence in you. Channeled by Valerie Donner at www.TheGroundCrew.com

Pleiadian Commander Apollo: “You have reached the Apex at the end of the old way of living. The new earth and the new way of living are on the horizon. Think about it! Begin to feel the Golden Age coursing through your veins. You are changing. You are experiencing the end times. No longer will earth experience the trials and tribulations of the dark controllers. You are seeing it fall apart before your very eyes. All is well for you to live perfect lives on a perfect planet. Get ready! You have a New World to behold.” Channeled by Valerie Donner.

BlissfulVisions.com October 1, 2020 - THE FINAL PHASE OF ASCENSION HAS BEGUN - Prime Creator via Erena Velazquez - I am Prime Creator. You call me different names your Father, Creator, Source and your God. I am here today to deliver this message to humanity, that we The Galactic Federation with Ashtar in Command and me as Prime Creator, we are starting The Final Phase of Ascension on Earth.

Our crew, all of the fleet and ships are ready to finish this mission, which was started a long time ago. We are prepared to complete this project and move on to a new one, so we are looking forward to that. Our ground crew here on Mother Earth are going to for fulfill their missions, this why they came here.

We are also expecting that the Alliance is going to announce The New Republic called Nesara and a new financial system will be ready to launch, which we call Quantum Financial System and the currency is going to be backed up by gold. You have heard about all of this for a long time now in many different sources. Now, it’s time to carry out all of these tasks and proceed to The Final Phase of our Project Planet Earth called Ascension.

Twin Flames Role in the Ascension

I would also, like to mention that all of the Twin Flames residing on Mother Gaia, they need to be ready now, to follow their destinies to raise the consciousness of the humanity by being good examples and doing their missions. Before they can start to do that, they need to reunite on a spiritual, physical and on a intimate level with each other.

They have an important role in the Ascension Process. There are not too many of Twin Flames here on Gaia. They are a rarity in general even in many Universes, Galaxies and Planets. Very few of them can find themselves in this 3D matrix. Please, don’t confuse Twin Flames with soulmates. Let’s do, what we came here to do, our work and to help humanity to move forward to a new life, where there will be no more diseases or poverty, only joy, happiness and love.

The Urgency of Ending the 3D Mission and Starting a New One Based on Love

The people on Earth forgot that they are multi-dimensional beings. Humankind has been enslaved for far too long on this planet by being constantly forced to reincarnate here and not being able to leave this place.

I am your Father and you are my children, and I want you to understand me correctly, everything I am saying today, It’s very important, so please, take this message very seriously, as we know by now, that all of you would like to be in 5D, and we The Galactics want to finish this mission and start planning a new one. It has been so long for our crew and for all of you being here in this 3D and experiencing all of these turbulences, obstacles and horrors.

Now, it’s time to go to a better reality and leave this duality behind by advancing forward to a new existence, which will have no pain or suffering, only love and prosperity. We are doing our best and we have everyday briefings about the situation on Earth: what type of progress has the planet made, how many more humans got awake, how are they doing and etc.

We are constantly checking everything around your world, making sure that Terra Christa is not going to be destroyed by the corrupted souls, who tried many times to blow up this planet and still continue to try to end life here. The Dark Ones just don’t want to give up, they will fight to the last second and breath, because they feel Earth is theirs. They want to keep it as a slavery planet forever, if they can’t have it, then they want to destroy it.

I and the rest of the Galactics, we don’t want continue this suffering here anymore, because we all agree, it’s enough already. Everyone got their portion of being mistreated, put down and constantly pinching your pennies daily to pay your bills, it happened so many times in many different lifetimes, we want to see all of you blossom and be happy.

Redistribution of the Wealth to Humanity

Yes, I would like for humanity to be prosperous, and money is going to come from different sources. We are just waiting, when the wealth is going to be redistributed by the Alliance on planet Earth. They are the ones, who keep postponing the delivery of wealth to the people.

We gave the green light a long time ago to give the prosperity away and to stop the suffering of humankind, but Alliance always gives excuses, on why the wealth is not given to the people.

They keep coming up with all the excuses in the world, why it didn’t happen yet, because of some obstacles that keep popping out, so the Alliance is continuously postponing everything. I made it very clear to everyone here on Earth, who is in charge of the redistribution of money, that they can’t delay it any longer, the wealth needs to go to humanity.

This is the time to start shining through with the abundance, and it’s enough already of keeping the human population being constantly suppressed, controlled and abused.

Attention: Ground Crew! Please Start Working On Your Assignments!

I, Prime Creator, bringing to your attention that the Ground Crew needs to start working on your assignments. Please, let’s finally bring liberation, freedom, light, love, peace and wealth to this world. I am aware that in this 3D matrix changes happen very slowly. To get things done here is much more complex than in higher dimensions. We don’t want that the funds would be stolen by the negative souls, so the Quantum Financial System is going to prevent that from happening.

Humanity can’t afford to anymore to wait for the redistribution of wealth, they need now all the help they can possibly get and as soon as possible. I am bringing to your attention Alliance who have control over the prosperity, let’s start sharing the funds with the human beings, there is too much suffering on Mother Earth.

The Galactics, Me, Prime Creator are diligently doing our part and we are expecting the same in return. My requests are never questioned by my crew, The Galactic Federation of Light or by the counsels. Everyone is doing their part, because all of them know how important it is to bring this planet and humanity to Ascension of 5D, so they can finally become Galactic Humans and leave behind this 3D duality, where nobody has any rights, they are constantly being forced to follow rules and they are always being controlled or told what to do and how to live their lives.

Please, look right now at humans who are walking around with masks. They can’t even breath through these masks, but this is the order, you must wear the mask, because it’s suppose to keep you safe from the virus. I am sorry to break the news to you, but this mask will not save you from any virus, it’s the opposite, its going to create more issues for you in the near future, especially with your lungs.

I have been around for a very long time, I have experienced and seen so many different events around so many places in the Universe. I created many different Planets, Galaxies and Universes, so I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, that we are doing our absolute best to make sure that Ascension is going to happen. Sometimes, you may have doubts about our existence, because you are not seeing us in a physical form. If you connect to your soul or your heart, you are going to be able to see us and sense us, as we are all connected spiritual beings.

3D Life is NOT Normal

This 3D life here, its meaningless compared to who you really are, you are multi dimensional beings with a lot of power, and you don’t even remember, because they erased from your memory, your DNA was also alternated many times. Your bodies became weak, they age and deteriorate since the day you are born that is not a natural process. You were created as an immortal being who can live for millions of years and not just 60, 70 or maybe 80 years, and leave the physical body behind. Then you are forced to be reincarnated again, comeback to life with no memories or recollection of the past life and continue again this Matrix with all of it’s miseries, obstacles, hardships and diseases, this cycle never ends.

Long time ago, civilizations like Lemuria, Atlantis and a few other ones became very high dimensional societies and then they self destructed because they let their ego take over them. We don’t want this to happen on Earth, because the Dark Ones have been controlling this planet for a long time. They are constantly manipulating everything here: weather, food, you name it, medicine and etc. The medicine here is more like poison, it doesn’t cure, it maybe heals one part of your body and then it creates new problems in other parts of the body.

Newly Selected Grand Counselor Queen An-Ra: Changing the Rules!

The Darkness has been controlling planet Gaia for a very long time and the Negative Ones have been breaking all of the rules of the Universe and getting away with it, because we set up ourselves the rules that don’t work anymore, and we are in the process of creating new rules that are going to make things easier for the next civilization to ascend. They won’t need to go through the same hardships, experiences and obstacles like on Earth.

We are not allowed to do certain things here, like to extract anyone from this world and take them back to their home or interfere in this 3D reality. Unfortunately, these rules worked in the favor of the Dark Forces and not for the humanity, so we are in the process of changing them. We are even replacing the counselors, who have been in favor of these old rules. The new Counselor who has been selected as The Grand Counselor is Queen An-Ra, and she is in the process of changing these outdated rules, because we have billions of planets in galaxies and in universes, it will take some time to implement them and they are going to be enforced. Right now, the rules are not helping the human civilization at all, they just keep extending the suffering on Earth.

We are starting The Final Phase of Ascension, and we have some big things coming up that we need to take care of. We never disclose any dates or sensitive information as the Negative Forces would use it for their advantage. I am just reminding to the Ground Crew here: Alliance, light warriors and light workers, please, help us to bring this Earth to Ascension.

Daily Meditations, New Quantum Financial System, NESARA-GESARA, Massive Arrests and Removal of Everyone Who is NOT Working for the Good of Humanity.

Daily meditations are very important and essential in the Ascension Process. I am aware that every Ascended Master in every message has mentioned to you already about it. Please, do daily three to four times a day or even more. Any second you have free, instead of spending time on something that doesn’t have a deep meaning, please meditate. Your meditations will help everyone on Mother Terra Christa to bring the whole planet to the light, like how it’s supposed to be.

We are expecting for a new financial system to be launched, redistribution of the wealth for humanity, announcement of Nesara Gesara Republic, massive arrests and removal of everyone who is not working for the good of humanity. I am very busy overlooking this process, I understand how important it is, so any chance I have, I share in a message with all of you and I am also here in person working with the group. I find the time to help anyone who asks for help, because it’s very important for me and the rest of us to finish this 5D Process of Ascension.

We want to see everyone in 5D, please do your part. You all know and understand that your participation is very crucial in this process. I am happy that we are starting The Final Phase, and I am pleased to be here today to let you know, where we are right now. I am grateful for each of you, who are doing their best trying to help humanity to be in a higher dimension. I am sending all my love to all of you. Thank you, I am Prime Creator. Channeled by Erena Velazquez.

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