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Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Ascension Updates: January 2021


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BlissfulVisions.com January 15, 2020 - THE GREAT POTENTIAL WITHIN YOU - The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton - We have begun to explore the hidden human potential that we see inside of you, because we are curious to see which of you is going to tap into that hidden potential and when you are going to do it. This is something that intrigues us very much because we see glimpses of that potential realized by certain humans in moments where you are accessing abilities and aspects of yourselves that cannot be explained in any conventional way.

You have within you so much potential, and we are certain that once a few of you begin to realize that full potential, the ripple effect will occur, and we will see hundreds, and then thousands, and then millions of people accessing that potential that lies within you. Now you must be wondering how to do it. It’s not about what you do. It’s not about you having the right crystals, speaking the right mantras, or going through the proper motions to access the full, beautiful human potential that we see. You get to that potential by feeling for how magnificent you are, and you can only get to that feeling by dropping the limiting thoughts and beliefs and by being with yourselves.

We want you to feel for this potential. We want you to feel for it as an energy because that’s what it is. In the same way that some of you have been able to access your kundalini energy by feeling for it and inviting it up your spine, you can access this potential by acknowledging that it is there and feeling for it. Don’t think of your potential as being limited to your abilities, because it is so much more than that. It is the full merging of the human and the Divine. It is the moment where you know yourself as both simultaneously and you recognize what a powerful gift that is.

To be able to have a physical body and to also feel your Divinity fully actualized is the best possible experience you can have in this universe. So here is your invitation. Focus within yourselves and realize that you can unlock this potential at any time. You don’t have to wait for the shift to be completed. You don’t have to wait for anything. In fact, this experience is waiting for you. www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com January 14, 2021 - THE REASON FOR THE CURRENT MASS AWAKENINGS - The 9D Arcturian Council - We have been expecting more and more people to awaken at this time, and we have expected it because we knew that many people have been right on the brink of awakening but have been putting their faith in someone or something outside of themselves, and we knew that eventually these individuals would have a crisis of faith and have to question their loyalty. Now, as we have said many times before, our definition of being awake has nothing to do with knowledge and information. It has everything to do being the love you know you are because you feel it. The feeling comes first.

What you believe in needs to follow what you feel, and feeling yourselves as Source, as unconditional love, and then seeing all others as unconditional love, is what it really means to be awake. So much emphasis has been placed on believing in an event, a conspiracy theory, a solar flash, or a person in a position of power, and what you are now having to recognize is that you were putting your faith in something outside of the truth of who you are, if you were one of these people. And we are not saying that any of you who are receiving this transmission right now are one of those people, but certainly you know who we are talking about.

There comes a point where someone who believes in something outside of themselves, or someone outside of themselves, becomes disillusioned and disappointed. There comes a time when someone who is looking outside of themselves stops, because they realize that they need to have a more solid foundation within them, that they need to have something they can count on, and that they can only find within their own hearts. And that is why now is one of those times where you are going to see more and more people going within and discovering who they really are, awakening to the feeling that is expansion, infinite, and eternal, and that can only be found within them.

True awakenings, not mental awakenings, but true awakenings, are happening all across your planet at this time, and more are happening than usual because people’s belief systems are crumbling and will continue to crumble. Believing in your own Divinity, knowing it as a truth because you feel it, that is the way to ascend. And then you’re not waiting on your sun to give you a solar flash, and you’re not waiting on a blackout to give you an ascension experience. When you awaken to the truth that you don’t need any of that to happen in order to become your higher self, that’s when you know you are truly awake.

And as you be the examples to others of what an awakened soul looks like and feels like, you inspire the awakenings of so many others, and if you are thinking to yourself right now that you have been doing that and that people still are not awakening, we ask you to be patient. Just wait, because the time is coming, and you are the ones who have been awake for quite some time and who are ushering in this new age, this time of massive awakenings, this time of the emergence of the Divinity within so many across your planet. What a beautiful time it is to be alive and to be awake there on Mother Earth. www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com January 14, 2021 - FORGIVING THE SELF - Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young - Practicing forgiveness for yourself is so important in order for you to be able to move forward in the full embrace of who you truly are today. If you have behaved in a manner that you have trouble forgiving yourself for, we recommend the following:

First, look back and observe what was going on with you at that time. What needs did you have that were not being met? Were you reacting out of fear, woundedness, or reactivity? What drove your behaviour? Did you simply not know any better?

With your eyes of wisdom you will be able to see what caused you to behave in such a way. Further, you will then be able to give yourself what you didn’t get but needed so desperately before, be it reassurance, acceptance, safety, love, or a different perspective.

Refusing to forgive yourself keeps you energetically tied to the version of yourself you no longer are.

The fact that you regret something tells you that you have learned from the experience and would choose differently now. That is evolution and something to celebrate!

And as always, we wish for you to remember that your growth is what drives the great shift in consciousness on your planet.

If you owe someone an apology, make amends from the hearts and then live authentically from your latest level of attainment. Whether the person accepts your apology or not is their choice and part of their own healing journey.

You are growing and evolving, Dear Ones, and sometimes that can be a messy process. Forgiving yourself allows you to be fully present in your latest expression of self and to lead the way forward with greater mindfulness than ever before, and that is a glorious shift indeed. https://TrinityEsoterics.com/

BlissfulVisions.com January 13, 2021 - KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT! - John F. Kennedy channeled by Losha - Note from Losha: The same day that President Trump got banned from Twitter (then subsequently Facebook, Instagram, etc), I was also banned from Twitter. I had only 292 followers...lol! However, ever since that event happened, I have been feeling that JFK wants to give another message...and I think he is pretty frustrated! We shall see what he has to say, right now. Thank you.

JFK: Greetings to all my fair weather friends and Patriots! Yes, my muse was correct with her interpretation as to why I was wanting to provide another message at this time. As you all know, based upon the latest “intel” that you regularly follow, this is a very critical moment in our American history. In fact, it is a critical moment in our world’s history...and I am not exaggerating at all.

For those who have a good understanding of our United States of America history, you know that our beloved Founders of our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill Of Rights were known for their independence of thought and actions. They were the first Patriots! They were unified by their desire to break away from the old regime, the British Monarchy. They believed they were being oppressed economically, socially and ideologically. They believed that they could do better than their “masters”, and wanted a chance to prove it.

Well, the hope of breaking free from their oppressors and showing they could govern themselves better than the others, didn’t last long. Even though the colonists fought valiantly, and ultimately won the fight, and with it the separation from the British they had long sought after, it wasn’t very long after that war, that a group of “elites” began to lean heavily on the new U.S. lawmakers, and obtained more and more power, by either blackmailing or bribing those in such lawful positions to do their bidding.

So, even though we had won our sovereignty once early on, it did not last very long, unfortunately. Subsequently, here we are again...valiantly fighting to regain our independence and sovereignty...only this time we are attempting to take it back from our very own “government”. Hence, it is much harder to convince some of the “conditioned” population that this is the true situation, as many cannot believe that their own government officials, whom they have admired and trusted for many years, would indeed commit such treasonous acts against us, their own “electors” (the ones who elected them). I will not even discuss the elections themselves as to their veracity a second time, but suffice it to say, it has been many, many years since the United States (and many other countries) have had a true, authentic election, without some form of cheating being utilized by the infamous cabal.

So, that brings us to our current, critical situation. I am so very proud of all you Patriots and Lightworkers, who have understood how very important it is for you to keep contributing to the greater good, in whatever way is unique, and passionate, for you. Each of you has a very special role to fill during these challenging, and ultimately liberating, times.

I will tell you that I was very surprised as to the extreme lengths the dark ones have gone to recently, especially when they banned Patriots such as my muse from social media, who had very small followings. I believe however, that such extreme reactions by these ones, who have devolved over time into a “shell” of what a human truly is, indicates how truly terrified they are about getting “caught” and having to deal with all that will go with it...such as prison for the rest of their lives, and for some others, the ultimate “penalty”. Now, I have never been an advocate of capital punishment in the past, however, after the general population finally sees “proof” of the many treasonous and truly terrible crimes the dark ones have comitted, they might end up agreeing with capital punishment for some, just as I ended up doing.

I know I don’t have to even ask this of you, my beloved Patriots and Lightworkers, but I will do so anyway...and that is just to keep praying for our President Trump and family to be protected as he continues to face the most cunning, fraudulent, and evil group of people who would like nothing better than to take him out, permanently. In fact, they have tried to do so many times, and I am so very glad that our President is surrounded by a multitude of angels and protectors, who have worked to keep him safe at all times.

We also need to pray for all those in the Alliance who are on the front lines of this epic battle. They are sacrificing much because they believe so fervently in regaining our Sovereignty, and we thank them, and bless them all. Last, we need to pray that the Highest Good for All be made manifest during this ultimate test of wills...and that our devotion to God and His will, be kept at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers. I am with you in this challenging moment, and I love you always. Keep up the Good Fight! Your ever-devoted, Jack. http://www.LiveWithLosha.com

BlissfulVisions.com January 12, 2021 - A SAFE HAVEN ASTRAL CLUBHOUSE FOR LIGHT-WORKERS FROM ACROSS THE GALAXY - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are in the process of co-creating a beautiful haven within the astral plane for all lightworkers from across the galaxy to come and share stories, experiences, and ideas about how to bring the physical reality of this galaxy together in unity.

We are putting together a group of those of us in the ninth dimension to be the moderators and the ones who ensure that only those who are pure of heart enter this haven that we are in the process of co-creating.

We are working very closely with the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Pleiadians, and the Lyrans on this little project, as we all feel so very responsible for all of you in physical form, and we also are just wanting to be of service and give a gift to those who are in physical bodies and traveling on the astral plane while you are asleep or while you are awake. Once astral travel becomes a common experience, this haven of our creation will be bursting at the seams at all times with those who are operating from the light, in service, and who are ready for a galaxy of unity, cooperation, and collaboration.

We know that those of you who are receiving this transmission are feeling ready for that experience, and we know that you will participate in these discussions. We know that you will bring your light, your perspectives, and your joy to the proceedings. We know that the humans of Earth have much to contribute, and we know that those of you receiving this message are ready to become a part of a galactic community. We just want to give you the opportunity to experience that, even if it is in a place where you’re not going to bring your physical bodies yet.

We know that many of you already work in the astral while you are asleep at night, and you each have your own usual stomping grounds so to speak. And that is why it is our desire to bring you all together with the common goal of sharing all that you have to offer. We know that together we can co-create an experience that has never been a part of our galaxy, or even this universe. And we know that when this haven is complete, you will all be more than ready to come to our little clubhouse in the astral plane, and we are very excited to host all of you and to see what will transpire when the lightworkers of this galaxy are brought together with a beautiful common goal of galactic unification. www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com January 11, 2021 - HOW TO BRING ABOUT GREAT CHANGES - The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton - We are looking within ourselves for new experiences that we can only have by going within. We have as much to entertain and distract ourselves from what’s going on inside of us as you all do. In fact, you could say that we have more channels to surf and series to binge watch because we can and do look in on the entire galaxy. We feel that it is more than just entertainment for us or a way to pass the time. It is more than just a distraction from what’s going on within us, because we do want to help as many beings and collectives as we can.

We still need to go within ourselves to fully understand and embrace, to fully know all aspects of who we are as Source Energy Beings who are still remembering that we are Source in each and every moment. But it’s a process; it takes time. And it’s taking time for you all there on Earth as well. It’s not meant to happen for you overnight. You would be robbing yourselves of so much and so many experiences if a solar flash just changed everything, or e.t.s landing their ships just bailed you out of all of the messes that you’ve created there for yourselves.

You are meant to look at the messes that you’ve created and then go within and see what needs cleaning up inside of you, but you have to take that time to let go of the twenty-four hour news cycle that now includes social media and so many other websites. You’ve got to let go long enough to be able to ask yourselves the question, ‘How am I feeling about this? What are my thoughts about this? How did I co-create this?’

And again, if you are not doing that, it’s going to take a lot longer for you to know yourselves as your higher selves, which is the next step in your spiritual evolution. Now, when we tell you to go within, some of you wonder what exactly that means. We are telling you to check in with your emotions. Check in with your chakras. Check in with your energy that is always vibrating, and see if you can put your finger on it. Once you do this long enough, you get so good at it that you don’t even have to try. It becomes second nature to you. You walk into a room and you tell the person you are with that something just doesn’t feel right.

And that is what will bring about the great changes that you want to see on your world, physically and spiritually. It will start with that simple non-action-oriented act of going within, checking in, feeling around, and then being honest with yourself as well. If you cannot admit that there’s something amuck within your, then you are in for a longer journey. Be honest with yourselves so that you can shift that energy, process it, release it, and replace it with what you actually want to feel. And then that will become what you actually experience in your life and in the world.

Do these check-ins regularly, and you will be amazed at how quickly you can transform yourself and everything outside of you. www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com January 9, 2021 - WHAT WORLD DO I CHOOSE TO LIVE IN? - The Angels channeled by Ann Albers - My dear friends, we love you so very much. As you move forward into your new year it would help to ask yourself the following question: "What world do I choose to live in?"

While you all live upon your planet Earth, there are billions of worlds within this world, and each one of you – by your vibration – will choose the one in which you reside.

You need only to put a large group of people in a room and ask them what they think about "the world" and you'll get as many differing viewpoints as there are people. Each person would say they are telling you about "the world," when in reality they would be telling you about "their world."

Consciously or not, they would be sharing their perspectives, beliefs, and opinions. Consciously or not, they would be citing the situations, issues, sources, and the evidence that they choose to focus upon, and the resulting situations that they have attracted into their lives.

Their viewpoints, no matter how convincing would not reflect the whole world, but rather a subset of reality that they have focused upon and attracted into their personal experience.

Some would say the world is at war, and while that is true in some cases, there are many more souls choosing to live in peace. Some would say the world has been taken hostage by disease and death, and some of it has, but a much larger percentage of you are healthy and lively. Some would say that one political party, race, religion or group is at fault for the chaos and violence, while other would claim the exact opposite.

Each would be right in their own personal experience of reality.

So how do you navigate the many worlds within worlds, especially when you have others in your life who insist that "their world" is "the only world?"

Trying to change others is never the answer. You already know you can't argue someone into agreement. You can't bully someone into adopting your point of view. You can't manipulate anyone to see life the way you do. You might get compliance but you will never achieve true cooperation.

Instead, the solution to creating a world that you wish to live within is to make your own personal energy a vibrational match.

No matter what others in the world are doing, you can choose to live in a world of peace. No matter how many argue for lack, you can live in an abundant world. No matter whether or not others are choosing it, you can live in a world of kindness, care, compassion, and courtesy.

If you want peace, turn away from chaos and upset. Breathe deeply. Engage in practices that make you feel peaceful.

If you want to feel secure, find ways to connect with the Divine, for there is nothing more secure than feeling how deeply you are loved by the power that creates worlds.

If you want prosperity, start by focusing with appreciation on all that you do have.

If you want love, start by loving and accepting yourself without judgment.

You can choose to see the "cup half empty" or "the cup half full." You can choose to look at the world's problems or the world's progress. You can choose to look at the light within all souls attempting to grow and emerge, or you can choose to look at their darkness. You can, selectively choose to focus upon that which uplifts and inspires you and turn away from that which does not.

There are souls in joy and at peace in the midst of war. There are those who prosper even in the midst of recessions. There are those who can love the light within a soul even when others choose to hate. It is up to you. What will you choose to focus on this year? What energies will you choose to emanate? How will you tend to your vibration? The answer to these questions will help more clearly define the answer to our initial question, "What world do I choose to live in?"

"The world" is moving into a greater reality as, one soul at a time, you each choose to change "your world" – your own personal reality – for the better. God Bless You! We love you so very much. -- The Angels www.VisionsOfHeaven.com

BlissfulVisions.com January 8, 2021 - RECEIVING PLEIADIAN, SIRIAN, LYRAN & ANDROMEDAN ENERGIES: EVEN MORE HELP IS ON THE WAY! - The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton - We are in appreciation of those of you who have been so open to receiving us and our energies. You have made it more possible for us to connect to a larger segment of the population on Earth because of the grounding of our energy that you do on such a regular basis. Of course, you are not just grounding our energies. You are also grounding Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan, Lyran, and many other energies from all across the galaxy, making it all available to you fellow humans who are for the most part closed off.

Most people are not taking the time to open themselves up. Most people do not realize that it is beneficial to them to do so. And so, you are the minority, and you are helping the majority. We also want to recognize all of you for having received so many of the activations that we have sent, because in receiving them, you do open yourselves up to receiving more from all sorts of higher-dimensional beings. You also become walking examples of the fifth dimension that you are seeking to enter and remain in for quite some time.

You are doing so much to create an environment where the rest of humanity can awaken and become their fifth-dimensional selves. And so, we want to extend our appreciation to all of you and to let you know that there is, of course, more to come. There is more that you are being sent, and there is more for you to receive and assimilate, and you can expect things to get better and better there on Earth as a result.

You can expect things to get better because of what you are doing, not because of what others are doing behind the scenes, not because any of the negatively-oriented beings are going down. It is because you are rising up to receive the higher frequency energies that things are getting better and will continue to get better, and you will continue to invite your fellow humans to these higher frequency energies, and they will start to take more notice of how good you feel and what energy you give off.

And we will continue to work with all of you, as will the other high frequency beings in the higher realms. We are all here looking for more of you to help bring about the right atmosphere, the right environment for ascension. And so, we are very pleased to see how well you are handling the responsibility, and we just want you to know that even more help is on the way. www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com January 7, 2020 - THE VIOLENCE IN WASHINGTON, D.C. - The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton - We are very interested to see how you are all going to respond to the violence that took place today in Washington, D.C. Many people would like to just blame something or someone outside of themselves for everything that they experience, but those who are truly awake have an opportunity, and hopefully will seize the opportunity, to look within themselves for the extremist, for the chaos, and for the violent thoughts that sometimes arise.

Everyone looks outside of themselves and quickly makes an evaluation, or a judgment, when they see something that is so hard to not pay attention to, and it is rare for a human being to see what’s happening outside of themselves as a mirror to what’s going on inside of themselves. But once again, we look to those of you who are truly awake to take pause and look within for your part in the co-creation of the mayhem. And we are not just talking about the mayhem in Washington, D.C. We are talking about the mayhem that is all across your world.

If the awakened collective is not going to be able to look within for responsibility, to see how you could co-create violence, wars, bombings, and so on, then who will? Who among the human collective is willing to stop pointing fingers and start looking within? Now, of course, there are people on your world who do this, but most of them have sequestered themselves away from society. These individuals are not keeping up with current events, because they know it is easier to meditate, chant, and pray for humankind without that awareness of the chaos and the calamity that takes place on your world all the time.

But for those of you who are paying attention, and who do have your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the world, we call upon you to look within yourselves for peace. Create peace. Be peace. And spread peace if that’s what you want to see more of outside of you. But as we said, also take the time to look within for where you might have some radical thoughts and beliefs, where you might have some feelings that nudge you towards a violent act.

We implore the awakened collective to lead the way to a more peaceful society, a more peaceful planet, and to be that and do that you must have peace in your hearts. You must exude peace, love, compassion, and forgiveness. It starts with you, and you will be the ones who lead humankind into the fifth dimension. We know this has been a long journey, and that you’ve had your own stuff, your own issues to deal with, but humanity needs you now more than ever to step up and to add a higher-vibrational element to everything that is happening on your world at this time.

You are the ones to bring the love, to bring the peace, and to bring the compassion without needing to be rewarded in any way. You don’t need to be famous to make a difference on your world because you are all part of the same whole; we all are. And we are all in this together. Let us come together as those who truly want there to be peace on Earth, and let’s make that happen right now. Peace be with you, and let peace be in your hearts, in your minds, in your words, and in your actions. www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com January 5, 2021 - GIVING YOUR POWER AWAY TO ONES WHO CLAIM TO KNOW ALL - The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton - We are extremely interested in working with humanity as partners, as equals. We could tell you that we know what is best for you in every situation because we are here on our lofty perch in the ninth dimension, and we have been through the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth dimensions. But the reason why a partnership is better for you and for us is because you are the ones living life there on Earth, feeling emotions, suffering through traumatic events, and having to work just to survive. You are the ones who know what it’s like to be having a human experience on planet Earth at this time.

So do not give your power away to us or anyone else who is telling you that they have all the answers for you as an individual, or that they know what is best for all of humankind. We meet with so many of you in the astral plane while you are asleep because we need your help in determining what kind of help to give you, and we are still not always one hundred percent certain that what we are offering you is going to work or that it serves you. And we tell you this because we want to empower you always.

We want you to know that you are the ones who have the most information and experience, and that is why we are constantly telling you that you are the ones to lead humankind into the fifth dimension. Those of you who resonate with what we have just stated must be especially careful not to give your power away to someone who says that they know better than you do what is right for you or for all of humanity. Remember that you are all in this together, and no matter what anyone says, they do not have all the answers. No one has all of this figured out, and you are meant to figure it out as a collective. Remember that everyone is fallible and can get what they are receiving wrong.

And trust yourselves. Trust your instincts, your intuition, the impulses that you get. Don’t ask someone else what that sign or symbol means to you, because no one knows better than you what it means. You create one hundred percent of your reality, so you put that sign or that symbol in front of you because you knew how you would interpret it. We encourage you to let go of the idea of putting anyone above yourself or beneath you, and recognize that you are all doing the best that you can, given the traumas that you are carrying around with you.

And continue to hold that intention as you fall asleep to visit with us, and others like us, in the astral plane, and together we will make some progress. But this journey will always be about the journey and not about just getting to the destination. Remember that, and you can live a happy life. www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com January 3, 2021 - EXPANSION 2021 - Ashian channeled by Jennifer Crokaert - My beloved brothers and sisters of the light, you are to be congratulated on coming through 2020 so magnificently. It was a brutal year, one that tore so many of you from your sleep. You awoke! You used the opportunity to look with fresh eyes at everything you thought you knew about life, and refocus your own lives and values.

There are a two themes that I would like to reflect upon in advance of the coming year of your now time, in the hope that they assist you.

Creativity and Joy

Stay in the present moment! How often have you heard this said?! In the coming year, your creativity will become extremely important for several reasons. First, any creative activity where you are engrossed, brings you directly into the present moment. You are no longer missing the past or worrying about the future. You are in your expanded, higher dimensional self.

Your creativity offers you a direct bridge to your higher consciousness, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate these higher vibrations into your mind, body and psyche.

Your creativity also allows you to access your higher wisdom, opening new insights, new visions, new inventions and evolutions that are beyond the grasp of the rational mind.

Creativity is the doorway to your Ascended Self.

Your Ascended Self is always in the present, always in joy, always in acceptance of what is. These are qualities that will help you navigate 2021 with much greater ease and grace.

Institutional Evolution

For many, it appears that the institutions of society are continuing to function as they always did. This is an illusion. They are held together by the cobwebs of outdated paradigms and they are crumbling.

In the coming year you are to witness unprecedented change in your intuitions. They all need to change, to crumble and to be re-imagined (remember your creativity!). The old 3D methods, patterns and programming is outdated: it will and must be redesigned in alignment with your rapidly emerging 5D consciousness.

For many the shock of so much change, when they had hoped to return to ‘normal’ this year, will seem overwhelming. The key to gracefully transitioning is returning to the present moment of acceptance of what is. Resistance will only make this process harder for you because it will put you in opposition to What Is; the process itself will not stop, cannot stop.

Returning to your creativity will allow you to expand into your higher consciousness and download insights that are invaluable to you for your personal journey and for your sacred mission on this planet.


Beloved brothers and sisters, you are moving, evolving and transforming at unimaginable speed. You are radiant beyond belief, but we understand that the lived experience of that soul expression is not always clear or easily accessed in the physical form.

You are on an accelerated ascension timeline. You are changing quickly and this year will see no let up in the pace of change.

So our advice is this: return to the basics. Follow your joy, it will provide you with release and rest when you feel battered by the external pace of change. Create space and time regularly to be creative, it is your direct pathway to your Ascended Self, anchoring in new ideas, new innovations, new You.

As ever, you are loved in every Now moment and we are always here for you, just call upon us. © 2021 Jennifer Crokaert www.jennifercrokaert.com - posted by permission of the author.

BlissfulVisions.com January 2, 2021 - TELEKINESIS, LEVITATION, TIME TRAVEL & TELEPATHY - The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton - We are feeling the impact of the shift in the human collective consciousness since you have left the very challenging year of 2020 behind you. Now you can focus on moving forward, on moving into a new realm of possibilities for humankind. You have for a very long time been flirting with the idea that you could access certain abilities that you once believed were something out of science fiction or something to be reserved for after the completion of the shift to the fifth dimension.

We are talking about accessing your ability to communicate through telepathy, your ability to move objects with your will, and your ability to teleport, levitate, and even time travel without any help from technological devices. You who are awake have undoubtedly become aware of the fact that certain technologies are in the hands of a small number of human beings and that those devices are not being made available to the masses as a way of keeping you down, keeping you feeling less empowered. And you have also heard that these individuals are making billions off of oil, coal, and other means of fueling your vehicles and providing electricity to your homes.

But we are not talking about any of that right now. We are talking about your ability to access powers that you already possess, and we want to assure you that you don’t need any fancy technological gadgets to access abilities that are inside of you. In fact, these are abilities that you’ve already had in previous lifetimes. But of course, you don’t remember having them, unless you’ve had a dream or a vision of using your telekinetic abilities, your telepathy, your ability to jump to a different point in space/time. But then many of those individuals have dismissed those dreams as creations of the mind, rather than as past life bleed-throughs, which is what they are.

You all get to decide how and when you access your fifth-dimensional abilities, and those who are wanting the technology that is in the hands of the few are dis-empowering themselves by continuing to play the role of the victim, but you are not victims. You are meant to be inspired by information; you are meant to access your abilities in defiance of being denied these gadgets, these devices.

You are meant to see what is possible with technology, and then decide that for you it’s possible without that piece of technology. So do that; be inspired. Go within and feel for the possibilities that you have stepped into in this new year. Prove that you are ready for full e.t. contact by demonstrating how far human consciousness can go when you are focused on a desire that most people consider to be unattainable to say the least. You are the ones to demonstrate to humankind what is possible, and we just wanted to remind you of all of that. www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com January 1, 2021 - RISE UP! ALL GODDESSES! - Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne - Recognize that this is your time to shine. Rise up, all Earth goddesses. Take your place in the universe as the greatest of all lightbeings. The time is now to let your light shine — to teach, love, give, receive, and create the boldest Earth ever created. This is your place to create and re-create. It is the gift you have been waiting for.

You all are goddesses of the highest order if only you choose to be so. So be it! You know in your hearts that you are more than human. You are superhuman lightbeings always connected to All That Is. You are All That Is reincarnated on Earth.

Let the great and powerful beings of light that you are come forth. Now is the time. Come forth in any way you can, for you are needed now. Being shy, quiet, and reserved is no longer an option. The forces that hold Earth in their control — in darkness — are pulling out all the stops, and now is the time you must also.

You are so much more powerful as a human goddess than they are, and you hold the ace card. Your ace is that you are connected at all times to me. All the forces of light surround you. All the angels and archangels surround you. All the goddesses of the cosmos surround you. They wait for your instructions. They wait for you to help yourself; then they will assist. They wait for your guidance.

Create the New Earth

You must begin your creation of the New Earth now. You must feel your power and clearly envision what you desire to create. You are the creators of the New Earth. You and you alone have been given that power by All That Is. You have been given it as a graduation present for your great works on Earth, in other dimensions, and on other planets. You have even created whole universes.

You have yet to accept who you are. You step back and shy away from your great power, but this is not the time for modesty. This is your time to create. This is your time to shine your light so bright that everyone will know your power. Your power is the power of love. This is what you create with, and we all are behind you waiting for you to choose to show it, use it, and create with it.

My love is always with you and in all ways. Use it to create an Earth of unfathomable beauty, grace, love, light, peace, harmony, abundance, and joy for all. Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – January 2021.


January 1, 2021 - COBRA REPORT: AGE OF AQUARIUS GLOBAL MEDITATION ACTIVATION - Our activation (Solstice Stargate December 21, 2020) was a huge success, we have reached the critical mass many times over with about 400,000 people participating in the meditation. The meditation sent a strong flash of energy into the planetary energy grid, with tectonic plates reacting and volcanoes erupting.

Exactly at 6:22 pm UTC on December 21st, a very strong pulse of pure galactic Love energy has reached the surface of the planet from M 87 galaxy. The pulse lasted for about 10-15 seconds, but it was strong enough to instantly remove about 10% of all remaining primary anomaly that is accumulated close to the surface.

Many people meditating have felt this pulse, and it has brought instantaneous emotional and spiritual, and sometimes even physical healing to some people. Many traumatic events were erased from the energy fields of certain Lightworkers and Light-Warriors, and huge healing of the heart took place.

From then on, clearing of the primary anomaly on the surface of this planet is taking place. The Light Forces have also managed to anchor pure Light on the surface of the planet for the first time since 1996. Many Light beings and goddesses were present in their energy bodies around people meditating, and they have managed to take a quite detailed sample of the Matrix structure. With greater understanding of the quantum structure of the Matrix, they are now removing exotic quantum dark technologies with full speed. They have also begun with gradual clearing of the implants of the surface humanity, and you can help them in this process with implant removal techniques mentioned here: http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2015/06/implants.html

And here: https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/2020/05/crack-the-matrix-implants-triangulation-exercises.html

The Light Forces are also continuing with the removal of the Chimera and this goes quite well in full alignment with their plan. They have already managed to remove over 50% of all Chimera underground bases, among them almost all of the ultra deep Chimera underground bases which are located more than 8 miles deep, just above the Mohorovicic discontinuity, the boundary between Earth crust and mantle.

Also, over 50% of the physical Chimera spiders are already gone. The Light Forces have also removed the spider king who was the main occult force behind countless wars throughout human history. There is another pair of physical spider king and spider queen still remaining. They came from Rigel star system in 1996 and are since then situated in a Chimera underground base below Congo. The male counterpart is now the main occult force behind the quarantine status of planet Earth and the occult force behind coronavirus lockdowns (quarantine phase 2), whereas the female spider is the main occult force inhibiting Soul contact and unconditional love. They will both be removed soon.

In September 2019, I have warned about Jesuit plans for their version of the financial Reset which they have scheduled for January 2020.

The Jesuits are well versed in astrology, and they knew for a long time that Saturn Pluto conjunction in January 2020 was the greatest opportunity to trigger their plans, and this is when they triggered first public announcements about the coronavirus.

Let us explore what is behind their plans.

After the formation of BRICS / Eastern positive alliances in 2014 and 2015, the Jesuits have shifted their main base to China and moved many Cabal agents there. Those agents took many positions within the Chinese government in the 2015-2019 timeframe, and immediately started the project of infiltrating the West.

Most people are not aware that communism is a Jesuit creation.

What is even less known is that some of those Chinese agents infiltrating the West are actually positive Red Dragons posing as CCP members.

Orsini black nobility family is the main force behind pandemics since medieval times when they have engineered the black plague, and also the main force behind vaccination programs.

Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and George Soros, together with certain people at the top levels of Chinese government are their main minions who made the pandemic and lockdowns possible.

To prepare the terrain for the Jesuit version of the Great Reset, which is presented by the Jesuit-educated Klaus Schwab here: https://www.weforum.org/great-reset/

Jesuits lack creativity, and the only thing they managed to do is to steal the idea and to plan for the inverted version of the positive financial Reset. Jesuit, Rothschild and Rockefeller factions have made trilateral agreements to join forces in their plans. Nevertheless, the negative Great Reset will NOT be successful.

Meanwhile, positive Dragon forces are working silently behind the scenes. Most of their plans can not be made public yet, the only thing I can say is they are supporting Chinese civilian space exploration, trying to make it accessible to international community in preparations for Disclosure.

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