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Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

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Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Ascension Updates: January 2024

BlissfulVisions.com January 30, 2024 – THE BALANCING OF MALE & FEMALE ENERGIES - The Collective Soul Consciousness through Carolyn Gervais - Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence - February 2024.

Those of us who are willing can speed this human process by working to balance the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves and in our lives.

No one can maintain any extreme polarity without damage and loss of balance to the self. The more out of balance we are with our higher purpose of life, the more discomfort and suffering we will endure. Acting on any extreme usually has destructive results.

We know from our life experiences that no good can come from acting or speaking through misguided feelings, beliefs, or emotions. The best we can do in those situations is to calmly and politely excuse ourselves for a few minutes and rethink what we are feeling.

It is always good to ask for inner guidance on how to handle particular situations. For inner guidance we can trust, we must search for answers using the balanced male energy of reasoning with the balanced female energy of understanding and nurturance.

With this understanding, we can consciously bring more of one polarity when we express too much of the other, and we can more easily understand what is missing in our assessments of each experience.

Humankind is evolving to the fact that separation on any level of life is not possible, and it is simply an illusion of the ego mind, or little self. The tiny gap that we imagine still exists between what is real and not real is the only thing that divides humankind from its true self. That gap closes more each day, moving us out of the dark shadow of the old energy into the light of the new.

If we look, we can notice the transformations that have already occurred because of the work of the new feminine frequency. For example, we do not see as much passive feminine energy as before, especially in the United States and Europe, because the new frequency continues to transform and absorb that outdated energy.

Overbearing masculine energy is tapering off as new feminine energy reclaims its power through the unifying processes taking place in many parts of the world where women demand equal rights.

Take heart. We will notice a steady increase in global transformations as people come together to help each other. People from all walks of life are working together to enhance each other’s lives.

The playing field continues to change as human consciousness awakens from its long sleep of ignorance and complacency. By not speaking out for the well-being of all people, we are all diminished. We are all connected, like threads in a cloth.

BlissfulVisions.com January 28, 2024 – YOU ARE PART OF THE DIVINE PLAN FOR ASCENSION – The Arcturian Group channeled by Marilyn Raffael at Onenessofall.com

Greetings as we begin the new year of 2024 which is going to be a year of exposures and events that will help awaken many who continue to place their trust in beliefs that are now becoming obsolete. No person can remain hypnotized by illusions of separation forever because the reality of every person is God/Source/Divine Consciousness individualized. ​

There are some, especially those addicted to "power over" that continue with words and actions to keep the world addicted to the old belief system because if a majority remains bound to the unenlightened rules, ideas, leaders, laws, religiosity, and traditions of duality, separation, and a belief in two powers, they continue to profit in some way. ​

It is difficult to move beyond the teachings and beliefs that have served a person well as guidelines throughout their life. However, there comes a time in everyone's evolutionary journey when they must let go of many beliefs that remain familiar and comfortable but no longer resonate in order to integrate the higher levels of awareness. This process is usually not consciously chosen but rather is brought about by the Higher Self when the person is ready.

​ When everything a person has been taught, believed, and built their foundation on begins to no longer resonate in the same way, it usually precipitates a period of fear, confusion, doubt, resistance, and even the belief that the person is losing their mind because everything they have wholeheartedly believed up to this point seems to have been a lie. ​

This period constitutes a "dark night of the soul" especially for those who have been serious seekers for a long time and believed had found all the answers. It will last as long as the person resists, tries to re-energize the past, or refuses to look deeper within. It can be a particularly traumatic time for those who hold to strict religious, metaphysical, or even "pagan" beliefs. ​

At some point the experience becomes a time of seeking, researching, studying world religions, pondering, questioning, and healing during which new awareness's begin to take root even while some of the old remains. Know that you are always guided and being led through this phase of your journey by your Higher Self because you are ready for it but most do not initiate it on their own. ​

God is not an old man sitting on a cloud passing judgement on every person's qualifications to receive good or punishment according to how well they have followed some man made rule. God is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Consciousness and because everyone is an expression of this one and only Consciousness, everything that IT is, is already fully present within every individual.

You are not a part of God. You are the wholeness of God, individualized.

It is not only foolish but fruitless to pray to some concept of God made in man's image to give you things, events, people etc. God is already expressing IT's fullness in and as every person and has no awareness of anything other than ITself because nothing other than ITself exists. If disease, lack, suffering etc. were facets of Divine Consciousness they could never be healed, changed or eliminated because they would be held forever in place by Divine Law. Spiritual evolution is the journey of realizing this and allowing SELF completeness to manifest. ​

God does not give things, people, jobs, goods, because God consciousness does not have ideas of lack and limitation. God is infinitely expressing ITSelf through man and all ITs expressions. Once a person attains a consciousness of oneness and completeness, mind can then interpret the contents of this state of consciousness on levels the person can understand.

​ For example; A person needs a home. If they have attained a state of consciousness that knows they can never be separate from their real home which is Divine Consciousness, mind will then interpret this outwardly as the right home. The enlightened consciousness of a mechanic will not manifest outwardly as new ideas for surgery nor will the surgeon manifest ideas for fixing a carburetor--unless that is what he needs. ​

This is why it is necessary to let go of the many familiar but now obsolete religious or metaphysical teachings encouraging you to pray this way or that in order to obtain what you believe you or others need. These practices served well in earlier times of evolution but were only steps along the way not meant to be held on to forever. These practices actually promote and empower beliefs of separation. The time has come to put away the tools of a previous and less evolved state of consciousness and move into the awareness of what it really means to be one with God.

​ It is futile to pray for peace, because God knows nothing other than the peace of ONE omnipresent Self having no opposites. Instead of praying to God for peace realize that because every person is Divine Consciousness individualized, the energy flowing and connecting all life (love) remains fully present even when not recognized because it is the reality.

​ Do not deny appearances, but rather cease giving them power by acknowledging the reality underlying all appearances. War is an activity of the collective belief in separation which must be experienced by some in order for them to learn and evolve beyond beliefs of separation. ​

Many continue to live with one foot in both worlds long past the time they are ready to have both feet in the world of truth. This can be difficult, scary, and even result in rejection by family and friends but you came to earth to fully awaken, clear remaining old energies, help others do the same and by doing this assist with earth's ascension process. The issues you are witnessing on earth at this time are facets of this process because everything old and false must surface, play out, and be recognized in order to be let go of and moved beyond. ​

Never proselyte or attempt to press your awareness on others in the belief that you are helping them but rather simply be an example of peace and non-judgment. Trust that those ready for what you have to give will find their way to you because like energy attracts like energy. ​

A spiritually evolved person is an empowered person who does not allow others to dominate or control them in the belief that they are being patient and loving when they do this. Never allow a person or group to misuse or dominate you. It is an insult to your divinity. A spiritually empowered person is never afraid to lovingly say; "Thank you for your opinion, but I am going to do this.." ​

Some remain in abusive or even dangerous situations simply because they want to please, reflecting low resonating attempts to be loved. Others have been taught that it is spiritual to be loving and patient regardless of all negative circumstances. It is not spiritual to allow some person or group to manipulate you physically, emotionally, mentally, or even spiritually. However it is very important to be very honest with yourself in these types of situations, not interpreting another's desire for dialog or change as an easy excuse to run away or avoid dealing with something. ​

It is often the case and particularly during these times of intense clearing, that the painful situations a person may be dealing with in this lifetime are actually old energies that wer experienced and have been carried through many previous lifetimes. When a person feels strong and evolved enough to finally acknowledge and clear intensely painful and low resonating energies they still carry (horrific experiences like torture to death or one or lifetimes of abuse) they will often choose to incarnate into a family or situation that will reactivate this old energy. Because now they are spiritually empowered and emotionally prepared they are able to re-experience the energy in some form, recognize it for what it represents, and fully release it from consciousness. ​

Always in these types of situations do what needs to be said or done while inwardly knowing the true spiritual nature of all involved. That way you do not create negative energy that will need to be cleared.

​ Like it or not, enjoy it or not, desire it or not, believe it or not there is a Divine plan unfolding and you are a part of it. We are the Arcturian Group.

BlissfulVisions.com January 27, 2024 – ANOS: WE GALACTICS ARE MORE VARIED THAN EARTH HUMANS REALIZE - channeled by A.S.

Hello my dear Earth friends. This is Anos speaking. I am an Arcturian. I'm not as sexy to your eyes as Pleiadians are, unless you are into small bald blue men. Although if you are, I would like to congratulate you on your good taste.

I would like to share that us galactics are much more varied than the people of Earth seem to think we are. I get the sense that many of you think that we're basically all more or less a stereotypical enlightened Earth master, whose primary motivation is spiritual growth. And sure, some of us can be reasonably compared to that. But even just in the Pleiadian race, there's a vast amount of difference in how different people are and how different their levels of consciousness is.

For example, you have someone like Emerelda, who is caring and loving and who wants to help, but whose level of consciousness isn't that different from that of a wise Earth woman, as you might have noticed from her messages during the last two weeks. It's not that she's spiritually incompetent, it's simply that spirituality is not her focus. Instead she is focused on her family, on serving in the military and recently on recovering from her traumatic experience. And there's nothing wrong at all with her choosing not to focus on spirituality.

If all of us galactics were doing nothing except meditating and hanging out in gardens making wise observations about the universe, we would long ago have been conquered by the reptilians. I think Emerelda comes across as personal and relatable to some people because her level of consciousness really isn't hugely different from yours.

There are also Pleiadians who primarily care about traveling and exploring the universe, and they're incredibly well-traveled and friendly and kind and have some amazing stories to tell, but some of them too also aren't focused on spirituality.

There are Pleiadians who focus on and become incredibly good at one craft. Then there are Pleiadians who just have a whole lot of fun, who enjoy talking to a whole lot of people and who are very pleasant and fun to hang out with. Some Pleiadians decide -- hey, I've been born into sort of a paradise, let's enjoy it. And there's nothing wrong with that. Others, like Emerelda, more or less decide: I've been born into sort of a paradise, let me make sure this paradise is maintained and kept safe in practical and physical terms. Again, nothing at all wrong with that.

In fact, I'm grateful that she's defending us and you from invaders, so that I don't have to fight reptilians myself. It unfortunately turns out that some individuals will choose to keep being destructive even if you approach them with love and understanding, hence we do need a military. So, just like not all Earth humans are focused on spirituality, so too are not all galactics focused on spirituality.

Then there are people like Tunia and Hakann and the average Pleiadian special ops soldier, who spend some time on spiritual growth but don't make it the primary focus in their life. They are more or less average in terms of their level of spirituality, in the context of Pleiadian society. They need to often simplify what they want to say to make it understandable for Earth humans. Also notice that people with an average spiritual level in Pleiadian context can have quite different personalities. From the point of view of his peers, Hakann is a workaholic and perhaps sometimes a bit over-serious, but he's also really good at being a commander. And he genuinely loves dancing and is good at that.

Meanwhile, Tunia is friendly and loving and cares deeply about what happens on Earth, and she really likes sex. She also wants to help Earth humans get into satisfying romantic relationships and hence she has discussed relationships and gender dynamics in quite a few of her messages. As you see, you really can't summarize the personalities of either Hakann or Tunia as them just being a stereotypical spiritual master.

Then there are Pleiadians who literally haven't moved a muscle in over a hundred years, because they're meditating, and they're so advanced they don't need to ingest anything or urinate for their body to function. Yet they remain fully aware. You wouldn't believe how observant and psychically powerful some of them are. Some of them are focused on beaming love to Earth, and they're like super cannons of love.

Then there are Pleiadians who have focused on spirituality for many hundreds of years, yet who keep moving around. Even a typical Earth human who isn't particularly sensitive might start crying in their presence due to the love and peace they radiate. Usually, from the point of view of these spiritually advanced Pleiadians who are more focused on meditation than on practical matters, life is incredibly simple. Just align with your soul and then act, and that's it. Why worry, just be. If you want to do something, do it. If you feel love or joy, express it, share it so that it multiplies. If something painful arises, simply observe it. Don't like something in your society? Connect with like-minded people and change it or contribute what you think is missing. Someone is hurting someone else? The hurter must have been hurt earlier, let's send love to both.

You also have non-physical Pleiadians or even non-physical galactic collectives, and it is hard to even find an appropriate metaphor for their level of consciousness.

But let's go back to a slightly lower level of consciousness and keep discussing physical galactics. In particular, let's discuss physical galactics who are spiritual masters even by our standards, who also have practical skills and lots of responsibility. An example of this is Ashtar Sheran, but there are also other galactics who have a consciousness and skill set similar to that. Tourmalayne, who was channeled previously, is near this top as well.

And for someone like Ashtar, talking to you would be the equivalent of you trying to explain a concept to a nearly blind caveman. Good luck with that.

It's by now well-known in the spiritual community that channeled messages from Ashtar are often distorted because gray or dark beings frequently mimic Ashtar, and so you get a false channeling. That is one part of it, yes. But there are also cases where people channel the real Ashtar, but the message still gets distorted because for him, talking to an Earth human is the equivalent of you talking to a nearly blind caveman. The near-blindness is a metaphor for your near-inability to perceive and understand and work with energy, from our perspective.

One Pleiadian I've talked to somewhat recently is currently on a journey to see every single kind of butterfly in the universe with his own eyes. What can I say, the man just really loves butterflies, and he loves the places he visits in his quest to see all of them. He hopes that someday soon Earth is safe enough that he can come see your butterflies too. And of course, he also hopes that you will be free for your own sake. Next time you see a butterfly, I hope you will appreciate what a truly beautiful creature that is.

Let's start winding down this message. I'll summarize: Pleiadians don't just vary in levels of consciousness. They also vary in what they're interested in and what they focus on. Some Pleiadians are indeed primarily interested in spiritual growth or in performing acts of service, while others just want to have fun, and yet others have a truly wild range of interests. With love, Anos.

This message was edited due to space limitations. Please find complete message here: https://channelings.substack.com/p/anos-were-more-varied-than-you-realize

BlissfulVisions.com January 26, 2024 – INTRODUCING: THE 6TH DIMENSION RAPTONOIDS FROM THE PLANET RATUR - TRILLIONS OF LIGHT YEARS AWAY FROM THE MILKY WAY GALAXY – channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

We are Raptonoids and are telepathically sending this message to introduce ourselves to your race.

We are from the planet called Ratur, which is 1000 times bigger than Earth. The higher dimensional planets are usually much bigger than 3D planets. Our home planet is trillions light years away from the Milky Galaxy. Our purpose today is to let humankind know, who we are. Our civilization is quite young in a comparison with other Galactic civilizations, we are only a 1 million years old. We are travelers and move a lot through the Cosmos.

We have a plant-based diet, so we love to eat plants, and we are always looking for new ones to consume throughout the Universes, across many different Galaxies and Star Systems. We are aware about your undiscovered parts in your Amazon Forest, and we hope one day, when you are ready to accept Outworlders on Earth, together we can explore unknown places on your planet.

We are from the 6th dimension. We reach between 7-10 feet tall and live inside Ratur, the harsh environmental conditions don’t allow for us to live on the surface of our planet. Your human race is extremely fortunate to be able stay on the outside of Gaia. We have no interest in conflicts with others. We had many encounters and battles with Reptilians and their minions.

The Reptilians are very territorial and always are looking to conquer more territories. In order to protect ourselves in this huge Cosmos, we established a well trained military with a top technology invented by our scientists. Our civilization doesn’t participate in any Galactic Coalitions or Unions, we prefer to stay independent. When we travel, our military fleet accompany us.

We like nature, so our technology includes starships that are environmentally friendly and don’t pollute the outer space. Most of the time we travel long distances, so we bring with us at least one mothership with military escort. Our motherships are huge and inside they are green with plants growing everywhere, we even have plants that can move on their own from one place to another location. We heard a lot about the Milky Galaxy and Earth, we are aware of your struggle with the Negative Entities. We understand that it’s a battle they can’t win.

The transition of changes are coming to your reality, and all of the outdated systems and concepts are not working anymore. Even the ones, who think that they are still in charge, that is not true and illusion on their part. Gaia has overgrown the low frequencies and moved into a high dimensional space only keeping this temporarily holographic 3D shell for now.

The Cosmos always evolves and changes, the same thing will happen on Earth, everything old needs to disappear to give space for a new and a more advanced existence. We have been there, and we understand that changes take time. Thank you for transmission Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Be patient and don’t give up hope on a better future. Raptonoids.

BlissfulVisions.com January 25, 2024 – THE COMING VERY UNEXPECTED TURBLULENT TIMES – Ashtar channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Dear Brothers and Sisters. I am Ashtar, the Commander of the Galactic Light Forces, and I am here today with an update on the progress of Ascension Process on your planet.

My dear Brothers and Sisters, you are required to get ready to accept, what is coming and get through the very unexpected turbulent times that are going to occur in the near future. Everything is happening by Divine Plan and not by the prophecies written by false sources. The process of Ascension is about leaving behind the 3D Hologram and switching from a flesh body to a Light Body.

This transition is happening right now, you just can’t see it at this moment with your human eyes. The frequencies are reaching a high level on your planet Earth that very soon the Evil Entities will start running from the Light. We said before that their days are numbered. Nothing can save their existence or their new negative plans and their dark agendas on how to control humanity.

They are completely exposed and can’t hide anymore. The truth carries high vibrational energies and reveals all of the lies. Your planet experienced too many negative and destructive events, it’s time for a change. According to the Divine Wisdom and Love soon enough, all of the dark trauma that humanity experienced will become just sad memories nothing more.

Evil feeds on your anxiety, fear and etc., don’t give in. Over 6 billion years Mother Earth was visited by Galactic friendly and hostile civilizations. When humans were created, they never claimed this planet as their own. This allowed for the continuation of aggression from Space by ill-natured beings. They liked the fact that anyone can live freely on the surface of Gaia, and it was easy for them to take over the planet without any resistance.

Mother Earth became an experiment ground, where humans got separated by language, race and religion. You still have a difficulty to comprehend, on how to be free from judgment, love each other freely without any expectations in return and etc. The Negative Entities created a false history, prophecies and myths to hide the real truth from humanity.

They put their minions everywhere even in the Light Community. To save their lives, they would sell a whole planet to anyone without any regards for the humankind. Darkness in your world superficially suppressed an advancement of your civilization. Most people in your society are driving cars with gasoline, by now all of you should have your own spaceship.

The gasoline in your world is not supposed to be negative for the environment, the problem is that the way the Dark Ones use it in the vehicles is not in a correct way. There is a reason, why there is oil underground and in the oceans on Earth. The oil was supposed to be used in a safe manner, as part of the human development for a certain period of time until humanity creates more advanced technology.

The Dark Ones agenda about the climate, saying that the Earth is getting warmer is false. They use this as an excuse to keep humanity in fear for their lives and to push their propaganda for their, so called friendly green environmentall technology. This green technology is actually worse for nature and people than the non-green technology. For example, there is a negative company on Earth that is known for building electric cars.

These electric vehicles use lithium batteries ,which are not good for people or environment. Anyone, who drives these cars, is constantly poisoning themselves, it will create health problems or even lead them to their death. Also, these electric batteries blow up randomly, after the explosion it’s hard to put the fire out, as the car usually burns completely. Once you get rid of these lithium batteries, they are toxic for nature.

The renewable wind energy is also not good technology either. These wind turbines kill a lot of birds, they just fly into them and die. This wind technology doesn’t produce enough energy either, as there are few places on Earth, where it’s constantly windy. The spinning propellers usually break down easily, it’s also hard to get rid of them, as they are toxic for their environment.

The Dark Souls also put this wind technology in some locations on the surface of the ocean. After they did that, the whale population started to decrease in those areas, as these wind turbines make a lot of noise underwater, the whales get effected in a negative way.

The Negative Ones also are trying to have the humans to eat bugs, because it’s better for the environment, and they are saying that there will be not enough food for everyone in the future on Earth. For example in Finland, they created a bread made from crickets, in one loaf of bread they crush 70 crickets. You have to ask yourself, how is it better for environment, when you kill 70 crickets per one bread. This is false, there is plenty of food for everyone in world. If you would see, how much food is being thrown out to garbage by food stores across the globe, you would be shocked.

The main reason the Dark globalists elite are pushing the global warming agenda is to keep the whole humanity in fear, in a low vibration and for a new way for them to make more money on these green technologies, which are actually worse for the environment than the non-green technology. The Earth is not getting warmer, that’s absolutely a false narrative.

After my last mission, we were able to put a new special protection system around Mother Gaia to prevent any attempts to be attacked by the Dark Outworlders. Your frequencies reached a desired level to use this technology. Open your hearts to receive wisdom and guidance from Divine, many of you are still lost and confused, what is happening around you and what is the real truth.

Divine continues to lift up the ones with her energies, who are ready to take the next step in their spiritual journey to Ascension. Stay positive and trust the process. Thank you, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Sending Supreme Love to my Brothers and Sisters. Ashtar.

BlissfulVisions.com January 23, 2024 – WELCOME ABOARD THE ASCENSION SHIP! LIFTOFF IS NEAR – God through Liane Rich – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – February 2024.

You will feel as if you have accomplished a great deal when you no longer criticize and judge. You will actually feel kinder and lighter, because putting more positive energy into your cells rather than denser, negative energy lightens your load.

There is nothing wrong with negative energy, but it weighs you down and takes you lower in this dimension. When you begin the shift up to the next dimension, you will feel a great relief in your physical body since your cells are located in your body.

Once your body feels relief, your thoughts become lighter and happier.

When your thoughts are heavy and worrisome, your body feels heavy and weary.

This is a time of ascension and awareness, a rise up for body, mind, and spirit. This is the best of times, and it will be remembered with a great deal of pleasure.

Not everyone rises at the same time, and some entered this dimension with the intention of remaining in this illusion. Those of you who are ready to make the move up know who you are. You feel it in your heart and spirit. You simply know that this is your path and part of your soul’s plan.

If you are unsure what is your chosen path, simply ask, and you will be guided. You can ask to be put on your soul’s path, and it will be done. Give control over to your higher self/God self/spirit. You will find that the God in you is quite capable of guiding you into this ascension process, and you will enjoy the act of letting go and flowing with your soul’s choices.

Do not fear. Your soul knows the most beneficial choices for you, and you will be well guided. It is much easier on your mind to know that you are being taken care of and that you have a friend and guide inside you.

Your soul also guides from outside you, as it is spirit energy and not completely containable. You have an energy field that surrounds your physical body and moves through you. The energy of your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions also surround you. Some of you can feel this energy radiate off others.

You are so vast yet only a small expression of All That Is. You are a tiny pinpoint of light being expressed through this dimension. You are here, bringing in light. You are from God and a part of God, and God is light. You shine through matter and are seen by those in other dimensions as a point of light that sometimes dims.

At this point in your evolutionary process, you are shining brighter and growing bigger in your luminescence. You are a tiny light, turning on and growing bigger and brighter. Let your light shine.

You can add to your brilliance by simply letting go of fear and moving toward love. You have moved too far to one side and must come back to center. Imagine a circle with a straight line going through its center from one side to the other. At one end of the line, imagine the word “fear.” At the other end, imagine the word “love.” You have gone too far toward the fear end of the line, and it’s time to come back to your center and move toward the love side.

You get to choose whether you stay in fear and judgment or move to love and acceptance. You get to decide, because this is your game, and you get to play it any way you like. You decide the game’s importance. If you are unsure whether you are ready to move in a new direction, simply turn the decision over to your higher power/ soul self.

If you already know that you are meant to ascend at this time, then welcome aboard the ascension ship! Liftoff is at any time now, so please stand by. There is no need to fasten your seat belt. Simply let go of judgment, and lift off and up.

BlissfulVisions.com January 20, 2024 – PLUTO’S BIG SHIFT: NO GOING BACK – NEW ERA NEXT 20 YEARS – Donna Taylor and Other Sources – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – January 2024.

Pluto enters Aquarius on January 20 and remains until September 1, 2024. Pluto will retrograde back into Capricorn in early September 2024, to tie up any energetic loose ends, just to make sure all fear, greed, lack, blame, and judgment have been cleared. On November 19, 2024, it will reenter Aquarius in full swing for its 20-year journey (2044).

From 2008 to the present, we have witnessed Pluto’s razing to the ground of all that was toxic and rotten about the structures that govern our lives: banking, big business, politics, law enforcement, finance, education, health care, and so on. If things seem to be collapsing, it’s because Pluto’s job is to destroy what blocks evolution.

As he now moves into the sign governing humanity (Aquarius), we are pushed toward birthing our new selves by letting go of our old selves and old ways.

What does the future hold as Pluto moves from Capricorn to Aquarius?

The capitalist structures built by the old order are dead, but it will take time for them to be completely phased out and replaced by the new. This gradual process is signified by Pluto’s long journey through Aquarius, which will give power back to the people.

Aquarius also governs science and technology, so Pluto could reveal technology’s shadow side, including the negative effects of artificial intelligence, genetically modified foods, Wi-Fi, 5G, and so on. Our cleverness has become counterproductive in many ways, and Pluto will show us the dangers of using science without wisdom.

Given Pluto’s role as lord of the underworld, one of his methods for spurring us to growth is by getting us to confront our shadows; therefore, it might appear that things are getting worse for a while as Pluto brings our collective and individual darkness to the surface, including wars, natural disasters, pandemics, corruption, and whatever else feels like end-times. This is a purging process, and as Earth transitions from the third dimension to the fifth, things will become increasingly dramatic.

We will also see hints of the New Earth forming as people rise up against destructive systems and become more community minded.

Spiritual modalities such as yoga, meditation, Reiki, and astrology are already becoming more widespread and valued. There is as much light as dark, but both are more pronounced, so it’s important for us to stay focused on the light and allow our inner demons to surface so that we can release them. The more we can do this, the easier and faster we will transition into 5D.

On January 20, the Sun and Pluto simultaneously shift into Aquarius. This hugely powerful and potent event marks the beginning of a new era, both collectively and personally, with Aquarius feeling this shift the strongest. Those born under this sign could experience big transformations and shifts in power; everyone will experience some power shifts.

Generally, this is about growth and evolution. Pluto ruthlessly hones in on our weaknesses, including fears that hold us back. Facing our fears and phobias is not pleasant, but it’s badly needed so that we can complete the purging process and ascend.

This Pluto-Sun shift into Aquarius will shine light into the cracks and crevices of our psyches so that we can become more conscious of where we are blocking our personal evolution.

Viewed from a higher perspective, Pluto offers a portal into the fifth dimension. For some, the portal will be about a powerful relationship, such as a union of souls through the twin-flame dynamic. For others, the ascension process will affect their physical bodies, such as regenerating through illness or through practices such as qi gong, yoga, and so on.

The portal might also come through nature or mystical experiences. However it comes, it will be important for us to keep our eyes on Pluto and not fear the process even if our experiences feel overwhelming or terrifying.

Power comes when we have confronted our demons and survived and we are no longer afraid.

If we still have any forgiveness or releasing to do, now is the time, as we don’t want to carry unnecessary baggage into this new era.

BlissfulVisions.com January 19, 2024 – ATTUNE TO THE NEW CREATIONAL ENERGY FOR 2024 – Allaenea through Dr. Wendy Rowley – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – January 2024.

Greetings, dearest beings of light. This is Allaenea of Cosmic Service, the Pleiadian Mother of Sound. Peace be with you. We wish you to understand that in 2024, things will begin to shift in a way that those who work with the spiritual will begin to notice a change. We are referring to the healers, shamans, lightworkers, prayer people, and those who have set themselves on a path for the New Earth.

They will begin to see in their communions with the creative forces and Creator a new light and flavor of energy. By the midpoint of 2024, these groups of people will actually begin to talk about the difference because the new energy will be percolating down to a denser level where more people will notice.

What are we talking about? The benevolence and connections that were made at the periphery of the planet moved into the creational energies and then the interim spaces of your spirit bodies and will now begin to flow through your souls. So this new energy will be at a denser layer, and those who are on the path will notice.

This energy will have an increased healing force, soul connection, and benevolent feeling. This energy, frankly, will feel delicious. And unlike the previous four years in which it has ebbed and flowed a little bit, it will become steady in 2024. It will be like a new flavor of something delicious that you’ll want to attune to.

We are giving you this information so that you may begin to attune to this energy of your soul. One way that you can do this is to begin with the intent to connect and align with other high vibration energies first. You can do this as part of a meditation that you might enjoy. Here are the steps:

  • Ground into Mother Earth from the base of your spine.
  • Connect from the top of your head to the cosmic energy outside of Earth.
  • Align with the Creator from the heart space of your chest.
  • Align your soul cell, the highest point of your consciousness in your body, to the Creator.
  • Have the intention to align in the new energy.

It is hard to imagine that it can be so simple, but it is. Intention is basically a wish, command, or desire at the heart level. This exercise is simple because it is a heart intention in alignment.

Expect Upliftment and Challenges

In the latter half of 2024, the new energy will begin to stir things up. We mean that there will be more controversy and disturbances among humans. This is understandable in healing, for they say the light of healing draws up that which needs to be healed.

It is important to focus on what you desire to manifest. Sometimes you have to turn away from disharmonies and circumstances that others choose to be involved in. Expect more distractions and noise in the mundane world.

We encourage you to continue using your tools of spirit, such as meditation, prayer, attunement to the divinity within you, active loving of the Creator within your being, and maintaining a positive attitude of the future.

These two things are like the dichotomy of a polarity: While you have upliftment, you will also have challenges.

There are so many of you who are dedicated to your spiritual paths that those of us on the other side of the veil are not concerned about the flaring caused by the light because though the flares burn out, the source of light remains. So we encourage you to stay on your path, be with like-minded people, and continue your upward journey of uplifting collectively the vibration on Earth. All it takes is intention.

Another thing we wish to tell you about is that in the interim energy, which are the forces of soul between the astral, the etheric energy body, and the spirit body, there is an ability to create change. This is the area where the soul’s forces are enlivening, and it means that the souls of all of you are gearing up for change, healing, and solutions.

So despite the fact that the news media might sell a lot of drama, there is a growing body of people who are choosing positive, affirmative, spiritual, creative involvement, which mean you will see more groups coming together for positive intentions, healing, and upliftment.

Keep your ears and eyes attuned to those groups who are coming together with the intention to create blessings, healings, and change through spiritual creation because you create at the spiritual level before things manifest at the physical level. This is understood by many now.

We encourage you to choose to create through upliftment. The more humans that come together for this style of work, the greater the stabilization will be for others who do not choose the most benevolent way of creating change.

The energies on the planet have shifted so much and been upgraded so that there is an instantaneous energetic exchange between humans now. This will become noticeable in 2024.

You might observe that people anger quicker or forgive quicker, or they might want to hug all the time and then they switch to being cranky for a period of time. In other words, things will shift and change quicker.

We wish you to understand this for the coming year 2024 to help you see and choose with wisdom. You are dearly loved. Expect benevolence in all you do, and we bid you adieu.

BlissfulVisions.com January 18, 2024 – EMBODYING YOUR GOD-SELF - The 12D Creators: A Nonphysical Collective Consciousness channeled by Daniel Scranton.

We are here for you. We are The Creators. We are a twelfth-dimensional collective of nonphysical beings, and we are here to help.

We acknowledge you in ways that you almost never acknowledge yourselves, because we know someone has to do it, and while you are eternal, infinite beings of unconditional love, you often do not think of yourselves in those ways. You need constant reminders from above to take you out of this illusion and to bring you back into your true creaturehood. Your Godself is what we would call that, and your Godself is the aspect of you that you sometimes do acknowledge but only really pay lip service to. In other words, how many times throughout the course of your day would you say that you are operating from that knowing of yourself as your Godself?

Certainly, there are certain activities that you partake in that remind you of this true nature of the self. And certainly, there are moments when you are meditating or with loved ones that you can start to move in the direction of that full knowing, but what if you did everything with the knowing of the self as the Godself? How would that change your life? How would that change the way you went about doing anything and everything?

We acknowledge you for who you really are, because it’s the only way that it serves us to see you, and we know that. We also know that nothing there on Earth is ever really a mistake. Nothing is an aberration. Nothing needs to be wiped off the face of the Earth. And we understand that everyone is playing a role. We also know that everything is changing and everyone and everything is getting closer to the Source from which we all emerge. Therefore, we have complete confidence that not only will you know yourselves fully as your Godselves, but you will begin to operate in that way as well.

When you think of creating your reality, for example, if you think about it from the perspective of the Godself, then you know that what you want to create already is. You know that you don’t have to bend over backwards or struggle or prove your worthiness through lots and lots of action to make it be. You know that it is, and you are so confident that it is that you can go on living your life as your Godself would.

When you understand that the time lag in between you creating something and you experiencing it is necessary to give you that experience, then you step into full knowing that you will experience what you have just created in due time. And in the meantime, there are plenty of other creations around for you to enjoy. When you operate as the Godself, you see others as perfect just as they are, you see others as the Gods that they are, and you do not project negative attributes onto them. You do not assume the worst of them, and certainly you do not assume that they are stagnant or incapable of growth.

Everyone not only is capable of growth, but everyone is doing it, because if they aren’t, they must check out of this reality. This shift is happening, and only those who are willing to grow will stay and enjoy the rest of the ride. Now, as you consider what it means to you to be your Godself, we recommend that you do so from that space of acknowledging that this is not placing you higher than anyone else, but it is your way of showing others the way to acknowledging and being their true selves and operating in the world as such. And when everyone around you is doing so, you will know that you have achieved something that very few people throughout history have achieved.

And you can rest assured that you will be living in a world where everyone eventually will know who they really are and treat others, and the planet and the animals as they really are. That’s simply the world you are co-creating right now. Very good. We are The Creators, and we love you very much. Source: www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com January 17, 2024 – NOTHING TO FEAR ABOUT WHAT IS AHEAD - The Pleiadians of Alcyone channeled by Chellea Wilder.

Greetings Star Family. We speak to you in these moments, to Lift you in the Love of the One Infinite Light that is all that is. As your World is in Upheaval, many are in distress, and fear of what is to come. This is fear of the Unknown. Most are not sure of what is to come because all they focus on is the Wars and rumors of wars that fill your media and internet. This Leaves no hope for those still engulfed in the control matrix. Their focus is creating and contributing to the chaos within the 3rd degree consciousness perspective.

The whole of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity feels this distress and fear. All of you Feel the Energies being emitted by your Earth Family. Do not despair, for Your Love and brilliant Light is changing everything. The More the Dark Force Push their wars and deception, the More Humanity wakes-up to the truth of the All. The Truth of Oneness. The Truth of their connection to One another, and to the One Creator, The Infinite Light, the All that is. As this revelation of your truth is unveiled to the human collective, More will begin to embrace their divinity. Your brilliance feeds the Collective Consciousness with the Love and Light, of your inner knowing.

These energies you give to the collective awareness of your Human Family, is Seeding the Ascension Process and the creating of your New 5th Degree consciousness Earth. The More Love you share with Others the More Love is embraced by the whole.

You are Changing everything. You are creating the reality that you desire. don't let your focus shift to the darks perspective they wish you to embody. Your Inner Understanding of your Truth, is that you are One with the All. The Dark wishes to keep you separate by hiding this truth. They push war, hate, and fear, amongst your sisters and brothers, and doing it in the Name of a False god. A god who seeks vengeance, Hate and Fear is not a God at all. Once you learn this truth, you began to seek Out the Real God.

That's when you realize, God is within, and without, He/She is Infinite Light, that engulfs the entirety, of all the Multiverses. It is the Light your body is made of, and it's the Spark of Brilliant Light, within you. All Things are Light, being vibrated into form. The ethereal body within, the Consciousness, beyond the ego mind, and connected to the heart space, This is where God resides. Once you have embodied this understanding, you realize that you are not alone.

You then know that you are connected to everything, all consciousness. Everything has Consciousness in one form or another. Even the Rock, Water, Fire, and Air have Consciousness. Every cell of your Body has a consciousness and is aware of where and what it needs to do. All is consciousness. Connected to the all, the Divine consciousness of The One, the Infinite Creator. This is who and what we all are.

Your Reality is Changing Quickly, and will settle and eventually calm, as more are awakening to their truth. As more say no to the wars, and No to harming your Human Family. Your Earth Mother is also responding to the chaos and fear within the collective of her children, by sending High vibrational Frequencies from her Core to help push your awakening.

There is Nothing to fear about What is ahead, for all there is, is Now. This Moment. and what your Focus is at this Moment is your Reality. You create your future moments, If you're at Peace in this Moment, then you create Peace within the next Moment. It all starts within you. You are the Creator of your Reality. This is what is hidden from you.

As you grow as a 5th Degree Human Collective, Humanity Must Learn to Respect One another. Understanding that Each is a spark of the Infinite Light, no matter how dim they have become. When you choose to Lift others Up you help brighten their Light, you raise their Vibrations, Through your Love. This is a beautiful Gift of Light. The Giving of your Love and Light to Others and Lifting them in their Divinity by giving them the respect of being a spark of God in form, is the Highest form of Love. As you grow in the Knowing of your Connection with the Infinite Light, you will then know that you are our Family as well. All is within the Family of Light.

We offer this gift to You, if you wish to receive, Lifting and Raising you in the Love and Light of the One, The Infinite Creator. We witness You and We Love you. We are the Pleiadians of Alcyone. Source: https://www.universallighthouse.com/post/there-is-nothing-to-fear-about-what-is-ahead-~-the-pleiadians-of-alcyone

BlissfulVisions.com January 15, 2024 – SECRET TUNNELS DISCOVERED UNDER JEWISH SYNAGOGUE IN BROOKLYN, NEW YORK TO SEXUALLY ABUSE WOMEN AND CHILDREN AND ORGAN HARVESTING - Mira of the Pleiadian High Council channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Greetings, I am Mira, from the Pleiadian High Council, and it’s my turn today to speak to my Brothers and Sisters of planet Earth.

You’ve reached now the point of no return, where all of the monstrosities and deceptions are being flushed out to the surface and it can’t be hidden anymore by Darkness. A perfect example of this, recently in Brooklyn, New York under a Jewish Synagogue secret tunnels were discovered. The media mostly covered up the real reasons why these underground tunnels were built in the Jewish community.

These underground passages were created a few years ago. They made this underground area at night so nobody could see what they were doing. The real reason this underground tunnels were dug out which the news media hid from the public, the Jewish community used this space to secretly sexually abuse women and children. They also used them for their body organs. The main leaders of this group were arrested. This event will lead to more discoveries in the future.

You’ve reached the point in your spiritual development where there are only two choices presented to you either to overcome this 3D reality and to move to 5D or continue the same path to self extinction. Anything you see right now in your world, it needs to happen to help you to evolve and take the next step in your advancement.

The emptiness of your daily lives, where there are no values and everyone is just going through the motions of survival, are going to be replaced in higher realms with a life that will have meaning and joy. You don’t need to accept anymore, what you see in front of you, this illusion was created by Darkness to keep you trapped here forever.

Each day the veil gets thinner and thinner, and many unpredictable events are starting to occur. Mother Gaia is surrounded by Divine Grace. The high frequencies are sent by Divine from the deep Cosmos to change the negative outcome. Humankind can’t be passive anymore, now is the time to speak out the truth and demand for positive changes in your daily lives.

You can’t expect that Darkness is going to surrender without a fight. It will continue to manipulate and create misery and pain for everyone until the last second of it’s existence. You are powerful enough to break this holographic reality. The realization of your essence within yourself that you are more than just a physical body, it will help you to detach from everything that is negative happening around you.

Your focus needs to be on moving into higher and higher vibrations each day to help you to ascend into a New Earth. Everything you see in your environment including buildings, objects and etc. are carrying low energies and cannot be transferred into 5D. Many of the humans didn’t adopt to the energetic changes that took place on this planet and they are existing in total emptiness created by the Dark Ones.

Now is the time for you to open yourselves to a new possibilities and let go of the old habits of your everyday routines, which overall don’t carry any substance. Many of you are not going to survive the transition into 5D, unless you prepare yourselves through daily meditations.

The transformation continues in your world despite all of the chaos on your planet. Darkness doesn’t have a chance of winning, as Divine is exposing its true nature to humanity. Your souls arrived here a long time ago to go through this experience of Ascension with physical bodies, which never happened before to any civilization in the whole Cosmos.

My team and I are ready to meet everyone on a New Earth in 5th dimension. Please, receive my Love and Support. You are almost there. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Be always in the Now. Mira.

BlissfulVisions.com January 14, 2024 – WHAT’S THE HOLD UP? Update on Med Pods ~ The Pleiadians channeled by Sophia.

Pleiadians Speaks: We are in the midst of diplomatic restructuring and re-negotiation. This involves not only our current status with earth and all of you. It also involves our place with the Federation as a whole.

We have been operating just within the guidelines and rules for appropriate contact without over-stepping. For, if we over-step, then we may incur consequences and conflict that would prevent any contact in the future. We do not wish to agitate what has become already a delicate situation.

The difference today, as opposed to 7+ years ago, is that there is more information available. The Galactic Federation has become visual on your radar. Your suspicions regarding their motives all those many years ago are becoming commonplace. The atmosphere has changed, and our conversation changes also.

What we can say now, today, is that we await further instructions, and these are coming out and changing fast and furiously. Each day there are updates.

The race is to be helped. The race is coming to its own recognition regarding control, and dubious behind the scenes players. This knowing reaches off-planet as well. “As below, so above”.

You are becoming enlightened on a global scale, and this guarantees access to advanced methods for not only healing, but all other of society’s activities.

The healing pods are ready for transport. There are more in production as our goal is to serve just as much of the population as we can.

It will require teaching, and also places where they can be found. It is a logistical nightmare that has been in the works for many years.

What we expect, and this is not a guarantee, is that there will be mass pod deliveries to countries as a unified operation. We do not know exactly when, but for some reason many of us feel it is to happen sooner rather than later – the first portion of this new calendar 2024 time-frame. These are our gift.

You may or may not know they come from off-planet, – that is part of the hold-up. There are some who, for personal gain and power, oppose this. It is a struggle off-world as well as on.

What you can do is to continue to hold your belief in the idea that the Pleiadians have the earth-humans’ best interests at our heart and core. This has always been true.

We do not wish to continually promise, and then disappoint. It saddens us so when that occurs. We are people, as you are, and we are related to you in ways that run very deeply in our psyche. Our actions are always propelled by love, and nothing else. Source: https://www.universallighthouse.com/post/what-s-the-hold-up-update-on-med-pods-~-the-pleiadians

BlissfulVisions.com January 12, 2024 – ET’s VISIT MIAMI, FLORIDA USA - “THE ALIENS ARE HERE” - Cleorians channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Hello, Humans. We are here to introduce ourselves to humankind. We are the ones who landed in your reality for a brief moment in Maimi, Florida. The American government is trying to cover up this Extraterrestrial event that happened for humanity.

We are from a distant Star System called Nortox. It includes about 1000 planets, which are inhabited. Our home planet is 5 times bigger than your Earth. Our civilization is known under the name of Cleorians. Our appearance is not appealing to the human eyes, as we have humanoid transparent bodies, which you can see through our skin all of our body organs. We also have elongated heads.

We are tall beings from 8-10 feet. We have perfect health, we never get sick. We live for thousands and thousands of years. We do not go through the process of death, as you do. When we decide to stop living our current life, we just leave our body without any pain, and go to a new form and live a new life somewhere else in the Universe.

We like to explore and travel to different parts of the Cosmos. We were passing through your Galaxy and saw a lot of living inhabitants on your Gaia. From what we learned about your planet, you don’t have the capability to travel, so far as to our Star System. Our spaceships are very advanced and we can travel from one Galaxy to another Galaxy in just one second.

We were curious to know, who you are, and we landed despite of a warning coming from the Galactic Light Forces not to do it. We had no idea that your civilization lives without knowing about the existence of other Galactic Nations in your Cosmos. Our intentions were peaceful not to cause any harm. Once we saw that our presence in your world created fear and panic for people, we left your planet.

After studying your history, we understand now that humankind is not ready to accept Outworlders, you didn’t reach that point yet to start to explore the Universe. You are in the process to the next step in your development to 5D. You have a long way to go before, you can freely interact with other Galactic civilizations.

First, you need free yourselves from the Dark Rulers and money system, which controls every aspect of your life. We can’t even imagine of allowing ourselves to be controlled like that and pay for every single thing in your existence like for shelter, food, clothing and etc. For us it’s very shocking, we never heard before about anyone, who uses this type of system to control the whole society.

We are from the 6th dimension. The Negative Government system you live under is very archaic, it only stops the development of the human civilization. We wish for you to become free from your Dark Oppressors. Thank you, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Fight for your freedom. Cleorians.

BlissfulVisions.com January 9, 2024 – FAIRIES ARE REAL LIVING IN NEW EARTH – Channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic of Light Forces.

Hello Humans. We are the Fairies, and we are greeting humans from our Paradise on a New Earth. We moved from Inner Earth into our new home in a high dimensional reality of 5D Mother Gaia where all of you are trying to ascend to.

We live in a secluded area of the forest, where there are fields full of flowers, as you know, we love to fly from flower to flower to enjoy their beauty and aroma. They are bigger than in your 3D reality, so they match perfectly our size to sit or even sleep on them.

We are small beings about 30 inches tall, from faraway you could mistake us for butterflies. Yes, we are real, we always existed. You couldn’t see us, because of your low vibrations. Now, the veil is getting thinner each day, it’s time for us to officially speak to humans. Your reality is pretty dull and there is no magic in it.

Only your kids until a certain age still believe in our existence and magic, later on they lose their faith in believing in unnatural phenomenon. They become like adults, sad and their vivid imagination gets subdued. We live very happy lives and carry our magical wands. Magic is real. Most of you live in your world and don’t enjoy your lives. Everything becomes too complex, as soon as money appears in the picture.

We are the opposite of humans, we are happy Fairies, who love to create magic. We live in tiny houses in flower’s fields not far from the forest. We travel in small groups of 30-50 Fairies. We are multidimensional beings from the 6th dimension. We want to tell you to open yourself into the possibilities of unexpected things. You can create anything you desire with your Universal Consciousness and imagination.

You forgot your origins of being a highly advanced Souls. Many of you travelled through Universes, Galaxies and Star Systems. Some of you are very young Souls and are just starting their journey. You are carrying God’s essence within you. We are here to remind you that nothing can stop you from moving into 5D or higher, if this is what you want to do.

As soon you are aware that you are Light, you will become free from any enslavement on Mother Earth or anywhere else. You need to believe that you are Creators and you carry tremendous, unleashed power inside your Soul. Release your God Power through meditations and make your life magical again. As soon as you realize your true spiritual potential, then you are going to become unstoppable.

We were asked to give you a little update on some recent developments in your reality. Recently, in the United States in Miami, Florida there was an incident. There was a Galactic spaceship, which was heading towards Earth. These beings have never been in this Galaxy before, and they saw that there were many inhabitants living on your planet. They decided to fly towards Gaia and land on your planet. These beings were curious and wanted to introduce themselves to humans.

The Galactic Light Forces told this spacecraft not to land on Earth, as they were not sure what their intentions were. These beings ignored the warning and continued to fly heading for Florida. At this point the Galactic Light Forces could not shoot down the ship, as it was too close to Earth, it would cause damage to the planet. These security breaches can happen sometimes, as there are millions of ships traveling everyday by Earth. It’s not easy for the Galactic Light Forces to constantly keep track of where all of the millions of spacecrafts are flying to.

These Galactic beings landed in Miami, Florida. Three 10 feet tall beings came out of their spaceship, one of them was a commander. They came in peace and wanted to greet humanity. Unfortunately, for them humans were not ready for this at all. A few people saw them and completely freaked out. The humans started to run for their lives, and some even called cops on them.

The appearance of these 10 feet tall beings is not easy to look at. When you look at them, you can see through all of their skin, seeing all of their bones, muscle tissues and all of the body organs completely. The way they walk is also intimidating. These beings move towards you with their arms and hands stretched out like they are going to grab you.

The police arrived on the scene and saw these tall beings walking, they became fearful and called for backup saying aliens are here. The panic spread, before you knew it over 100 police cars showed up to the area. All you could see in this location is police vehicles everywhere flashing with their blue and red lights, car after car. Once these Galactic beings saw that their arrival to Earth created a lot of panic and fear in humans, they went into their spaceship and flew away.

The government covered this up, the police officers, who were involved in this Extraterrestrial Event are not allowed to talk about it or they will lose their job. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to silence humans. This is why changes on your planet are taking so long, humanity keeps following the orders of the Dark Ones. These beings are from a Galactic civilization called Cleorians. >{? We mentioned that the veil is becoming very thin, and this event is a perfect example of it. Thank you, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Please, remember magic is within you. Fairies.

BlissfulVisions.com January 8, 2024 – YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS PAINTS YOUR REALITY – Master Hilarion through Lisa Holloway – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – January 2024.

Beloved one, the answers you seek outside yourself can often be found deep within. The universe/All That Is speaks to you in every waking moment on Earth. You are all beloved students, teachers, explorers, excavators, wanderers, and seekers.

You are inventors, painters, dancers, scientists, authors, and deep-sea divers. You are Divinity expressing itself in this dimension as you act and react in the living and limitless field of consciousness that is your playground.

Everything around you is an expression of you. Your consciousness/energy expands into the world and paints your reality. Your answers, messages, and inner voice originate from the power that creates all universes and is the source of all action, motion, and emotion.

When you willingly and courageously take the valuable journey toward self-love, you slowly break down your defenses against looking at your worth, and you eventually trust that you deserve love, answers, and guidance. So many times, you question your guidance — particularly if it is loving, kind, and compassionate — because you cannot imagine that you deserve such love.

You have been guided and supported in this world from the moment you became conscious in the third dimension. People talk about Earth moving beyond the third dimension, but for now, you still have one foot here. That is okay; that is the journey.

When you take the path toward self-love, you must allow yourself to let go of self-judgment. If you knew the vast garden of potential creativity that lies dormant within, you would certainly be amazed by the variety of colors and possibilities residing within you. You are a creator. In this reality, you must not only learn that you are a creator and influencer of your creations; you must also learn to co-create. You can co-create wonderful things and terrible things. You can co-create healing and light and pain and darkness.

You are magnificent creators when you align together, but when misaligned, the creation experience is unsatisfactory for all involved. It is important to be in alignment with your fellow creators, because you can waste your energy trying to bring someone around to your way of thinking. Your energy/soul pervades all that you perceive through your consciousness, which means you have a direct influence on the experiences in your reality.

Your perception of your reality is limited by your ability to transcend your mass agreements about the universe and physics and how humanity operates. As I have said before, your scientists might look deeply into the origins of the Big Bang or subatomic particles, but without an understanding of the effect of consciousness, intent, and desire on the miracle of creation, they will continue to misunderstand the behavior of the quantum field. Everyone participates in the creation of everything around you, and everything around you responds to the influence of consciousness.

You Communicate with All of Creation

Messages, understandings, and answers begin in the deepest parts of who you are. You are so intricately connected to each other through the field of mass consciousness that you are in constant communication. Your only limitation is your ability to focus, which is often distracted or entranced.

You naturally shut out or deny any energetic input that does not fit comfortably within your belief system. Nevertheless, you consistently and constantly communicate energetically with every object, entity, being, consciousness, and intelligence in the whole of creation. You can receive communications from any level of consciousness in any and all dimensions in the realm of existence, including your many and various aspects.

In this now eternal moment, you exist in multiple dimensions. You experience multiple levels of consciousness, and you have quite purposefully chosen to do what you are doing in this place, time, and life. Absolutely nothing is imposed on you. On some level, you are entirely aware of the purpose and design of your conscious awareness in this world and know that you are not here by accident. You carry within a deep purpose and intention to grow and expand in all levels of existence.

Your consciousness affects activity, construction, and deconstruction in the quantum field. Your consciousness maintains itself through your supreme focus and agreement with mass consciousness, including the energetic properties of all physical objects and phenomena, such as gravity. It is entirely too simplistic to imagine that you just happen to find yourself on a tiny blue planet at the edge of a small galaxy in an unfathomable universe.

You — your soul, consciousness, intention, desire, focus, emotions, and creativity — have a much more active, intentional role in your presence in the world. Nothing exists around you that you do not create to some degree. You are a co-creator at the microcosmic and macrocosmic levels of creation. Your expectations, beliefs, desires, and intentions have much more powerful effects on quantum events than random influences without cause; thus, it is inaccurate to suppose that creation is causeless.

The word “causeless” presupposes the creation of something from nothing. There is no state of nothingness within the inconceivable vastness of All That Is. The event considered the beginning of your universe is just one of many births astoundingly simplified by the concept of singularity. Dedicated and passionate cosmologists seek answers by exploring the outer limits of the observable universe, and physicists go inward to understand the behavior of quantum mechanics.

The cause of creation remains the same at macro and micro levels. At the macro level, all exists within the mind of the Infinite Creator. This doesn’t mean you are merely a thought, just as your cat, child, or any other co-creator is not merely a thought. The field of creation reacts and responds to the intentions of your thoughts. Other dimensions exist in which thoughts and creation occur simultaneously.

Your density experiences a delay between thoughts and creation so that you can learn how to use your thoughts, intentions, and desires wisely and learn the power of intense emotions. Storms and natural phenomena often result from emotional energy. Again, as a co-creator, you have an impact on the world around you. Finding answers to your questions outside yourself often means that you project those answers for yourself out into the world. A constant interplay exists between you and the energy of creation.

BlissfulVisions.com January 7, 2024 – THE BUBBLES OF EVIL CAN NEVER REINCARNATE AGAIN - Archangel Michael channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

My Beloved Souls, I am, Archangel Michael, here today to speak to all of you about important matters regarding. your planet.

If you were a negative soul and you tortured, abused or killed other beings like humans, you end up being removed from your body and transformed into a bubble. You then are put in a Faraway location from everything and unknown to anyone, it’s a place, where all of the Evil souls are bouncing around in the form of a bubble, without ever the possibility to reincarnate again.

This is their punishment to float around non-stop and reflect on their crimes, which they have done, when they had bodies. As a dark soul, all you see all of the time around you is many other negative souls, who look like bubbles, and are bouncing around each other. They also constantly see all of the bad things, they did to others in their old lives. They can’t even talk to each other. This is what is waiting for anyone who wants to do Evil things to others.

You don’t want to become one of them, to be in that form for eternity without a chance of being able to be redeemed back to physicality. This place was created by Supreme Father for all of the Evil souls.

This Solar System was protected and thrived for many eons, until the Evil Entities broke through and started to destroy the balance and peace around this Universe. This has been going on for a very long time now. Divine including the Ascended Masters are ready to put an end to these destructions, mind manipulations, suffering and etc.

Look, what happened to the human race, which changed so much, that they became a reflection of Evil without even knowing it. Humanity is not capable to see, what is a real truth, follows false narrative by fake celebrities, who worship satanism and have been killing little children and drinking their blood to look young during their satanic ceremonies.

Divine and the Galactic Light Forces are making sure that these dark souls are not getting their hands on young kids. A lot of the celebrities drastically aged, because they could not get access anymore to children’s blood. The same goes for the Vatican, it’s all total Evil there, which has been brainwashing humans always with their fake religions. They stole all of the wealth from humankind by leaving only the bare minimum to survive. You would think, that all of you would have gotten awaken by now, it’s not the case, billions of you are still asleep, otherwise you would see big changes on your planet.

Nothing is settled in your reality; only chaotic negative energies get send from everyone around the world. I want to clarify regarding the Archons and Solar Flares. Archons are a very old Galactic civilization; they left your planet a long time ago. They came here only with a curiosity to see, what was Earth about to experience something new. They have seen and done everything possible from being around for a long time in the Universe.

Archons can’t experience emotions, so they tried to feel them through the humans and eventually they got bored, as Archons didn’t find humans, so exciting and left your planet to explore and experience something new somewhere else. They didn’t do anything negative to humanity, as it’s being falsely portrayed on your planet in the messages.

The Solar Flashes or Flares don’t do anything to Mother Earth, by the time these Solar Flashes or Solar Flares arrive from the Universal Sun to Gaia, they are completely harmless and have no power left to effect your planet in anyway. Message after message about them, it is not going to change any outcome on Earth. When Ascension will happen on Gaia, there will be no big Solar Flash Event. Only Divine knows, what will happen when Ascension occurs on your planet Earth.

It’s time to stop following a false narrative. If you want to see progress, first connect to your soul through meditations, otherwise you are going to continue to be fooled by humans. Only Divine is sending daily high frequencies to break your false reality. Humans posting lies and deceptions in their messages is only going to confuse everyone and slowdown the Ascension Process. Only the intervention from Divine is flushing out everything to the surface without the possibility to hide anything Evil anymore in your world.

Divine also has her own plan for transitioning Earth‘s inhabitants into 5D and higher dimensions. Unfortunately, humankind cannot be trusted in this process, we, Ascended Masters, can see, why everything is taking forever to come into reality. Humanity is still allowing politicians to run elections and control the narrative, all of them need to be stripped from their bodies and changed into a bubble form and send into the Universal Consciousness without the right to be in a flesh body again.

All of you are responsible for this mess on your planet, you didn’t do anything to stop it. Your destiny is in your hands. Soul always chooses, where it wants to travel. and what it wants to experience. You wanted to be here, and now it’s up to you, what ending is going to be on Mother Gaia.

My Beloved Souls, now is the time for you to wake up from this false reality and move into higher energies, the window of opportunity is closing, as Divine is not going to allow for this to continue forever. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Please accept my Blessings and Supreme Love. We Are All One. Archangel Michael.

BlissfulVisions.com January 6, 2024 – ABUNDANCE, CLARITY AND MASTERY - Mira of the Pleiadian High Council channeled by Valerie Donner.

Greetings: I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I greet you today with high hopes, vision and prayer, for the ground crew 2024 mission on planet Earth. We are pleased to be of assistance and the excitement is building. We have achieved so much already with your assistance. Most of you know, that I spend full-time working with the Earth Council overseeing our part in the ascension process for the Earth.

We greet you today with all of our love in our hearts. We commend you for the progress you made in 2023. It is remarkable. Even though we do not celebrate time the way that you do, we honor what you do as a part of your process. We are privileged to be doing this work with such special beings as the ground crew.

From what we can tell, 2024 will be a big splash of the year. By this we mean, there will be profound change that will make massive improvements on the planet.

  • You will be treated to many surprises that will improve your lives and the lives of everyone on the planet.
  • You will have a huge influx of abundance that will make everyone's lives easier.
  • You will have clarity of your purpose and reason for being on the Earth at this time.
  • You will reclaim your mastery and your gifts and abilities will be put to good use. They will be needed by many, so you will see yourselves becoming teachers and healers of those who need to know and heal from what has happened.

We understand what a treacherous journey it has been for our beloved light beings. You did not remember what you were getting into when you incarnated on the Earth. This is particularly true for this incarnation. Now everything is moving faster and faster, at full speed like you may have noticed. What is needed to be done is clear and you will be guided every step of the way. We are with you and we are surrounded with your galactic family, the Light Alliance, and many precious ones incarnated on the Earth for this special assignment. You know what it is. It has been quite a project.

We understand what a treacherous journey it has been for our beloved light beings. You did not remember what you were getting into when you incarnated on the Earth. This is particularly true for this incarnation. Now everything is moving faster and faster, at full speed like you may have noticed. What is needed to be done is clear and you will be guided every step of the way. We are with you and we are surrounded with your galactic family, the Light Alliance, and many precious ones incarnated on the Earth for this special assignment. You know what it is. It has been quite a project.

The Earth is progressing well. She is excited about her transformation and her healing. She is deserving because it is time for her ascension. She has suffered for many reasons. She cares for her children and for all that has happened to our wonderful beings of light. Fortunately, you are resilient. You will have remarkable healings and so will the Earth. We guarantee this to be a fact.

You have a whole new beginning in store for you this year. All of creation is watching what is happening on the Earth. You are big players in the rising consciousness of creation. That is why you are here now and why we are with you. We stand here with guidance, love, admiration, and unity. We are close to our celebration and our reunion with you. Let the love flow! I am Mira in loving service to the Earth’s ascension and the progress of higher consciousness.

Apollo channeled by Valerie Donner: “Prophecies from 2023 have come and gone. Here you are in the new year of 2024. You are still seeking information and truth. Some of what you were told did occur and yet other information did not prove true. So what do you do after that? You gain wisdom, go within and find what is true for you. This is the best you can do. It's always within.

Sometimes you have to dig deeply to find your truth. You listen to what your body tells you, or what your heart says. You scrap the confusion in the brain, which is meant to be a distraction. The chaotic energies from 2023 were a part of a deep clearing and cleansing that needed to occur. These were necessary because there was a need for light. The light is truth and there is much to be gained from this truth. The energies were murky and convoluted. They were weighing the planet down.

From here on stay committed to the path of the light. Cast away doubt and fear of the darkness. Release it from your consciousness, as well as the consciousness of the Earth. Do not dwell on the past but welcome in the future. This is how you are creating the New Earth. By doing this you are still welcoming in your future self with your many gifts and abilities. You are powerful and strong. You were designed and are qualified to do everything that is required of you. We are holding you to it. You will continue to masterfully bring the transformation of the Earth into alignment with the divine plan.”

BlissfulVisions.com January 5, 2024 – THE FALL OF THE DRACONIAN REPTILIAN CONTROL - The Andromeda Intergalactic Council channeled by Chellea - January 3, 2024 - UniversalLighthouse.com

Greetings in the Light and Love of Our Infinite Creator. We are Pleased to Witness Humanities and the Earth’s smooth shift into the New spacetime of your Earth year 2024. It was a beautiful success.

The purpose of this Shift is to awaken More of Humanity and is by Divine Decree. This massive Jump will allow for more of Humanity to begin to fully awaken to the Control Matrix. As stated before, all of your Control structures must fall for the New Systems to be implemented into your Reality. Your New Earth Year 2024 is to be the Fall of The Draconian Control.

We Wish to Disclose more of The Deception and manipulation, that runs very deep, and May be a shock for some.

Most people on Earth have no clue that they have always had other Beings besides Humans Walking among them. These beings have been on Earth, as the overlords placed by The Dark alliance of Anunnaki, and the Draconian Reptilian Races. They have been there as Long as Humanity. These Beings are multidimensional in nature. They reside within the Void of Darkness, or what you would consider as the Lower 4th degree spectrum. But They have access to the Physical Reality, through their Possessions of Humans. They literally can control a Human Mind and body. Furthermore, they have made it easier for them to possess someone, by Creating Human/Reptilian Hybrids. This is How they have taken total control of your Planet.

Many of Your World Leaders are possessed By These Beings, and are the Ones Working for World Domination. There are Some of your World Leaders that are not infected by these beings, but all are aware, that they exist, and many still do their bidding. These beings are who Most humans would understand to be Demons. They are the Archons of Old.

The Term Archon means ruler. The Archons are the rulers of the realm within the Kingdom of Darkness, They are the many Minions of Dark Ruler Yaldabaoth, otherwise known as The God of Your Earthly Book, the Bible, The Same God so Many Love and Worship. All Those of your Christian Religions have been deceived. When Master Sananda, The One You Know as Jesus, walked the Earth he warned of these beings.

He even Told the Jewish People they were not worshiping The Real God, which is the Infinite Creator. But They continue to Worship a Demi-urge, that is Hateful, Vengeful, Jealous and Demands Obedience, And he Pushes War and Death on his enemies. This is the Same so-called god that The Christians Worship as well. This Being is called Sakla, or Yaldabaoth.

Yaldabaoth Feeds off The Worship that's given to him. The More that people praise him, the More Power he receives. The Dark Ones on your Planet, have worked very hard throughout your Timespace to deceive and manipulate Humanity. They have made sure that Yaldabaoth is the One that you worship, instead of the True Infinite Creator which is only worshiped within ones self.

The Dark Ones have manipulated all the Given texts, and push the Beliefs of Heaven and Hell, Causing Fear, with Either you Obey, or you go to a Place of Fire and brimstone. This Fear Continues to engulf Earth.

Throughout your Existence as Humans, These beings have prevented all souls from leaving the material realm. Never allowing them to ascend beyond the 3rd dimension. And reincarnating them, over, over, and over, never allowing for the progress of their souls natural Growth. The Earth has been a literal Enslavement Trap. This is what provoked The Divine Order from our Infinite Creator, to bring the Ascension to Humanity.

The physical appearance of Archons is of reptilian. They appear to totally engulf a humans form, when taking possession. These beings will begin to be exposed fully to Humanity. As the frequencies raise, Higher, These beings will no longer be able to sustain a Possession or hold their Human appearance. More and More evidence will begin to come forth about these beings. Allowing for Humanity to Witness The Truth of who these Dark Ones are.

It was a Big Jump for many Humans to even hear that Extraterrestrials Exist, But to learn of this, will be even more extreme. This will totally dismantle the Religious Structure, and will be a rude awakening for many. For those who are STUCK in the TRAP of Darkness of the Religions, It will be extremely difficult, for them. With the Fall of the Matrix, All that holds it up, Must be exposed, so Humans can make the Right Choices for themselves.

If even after this information and They Hear The Truth, and if They still wish to follow the Churches Draconian Agenda, They have made their Choice. They choose to follow Darkness. This will be one of the Hardest changes to come for Humans. The Dark Doctrines have been instilled for Thousands of Years. But for Humans to become free, of the Draconian Control, they must, awaken to these revelations.

You Must Free Yourselves. Once you have become aware, you are no longer under their Control. There is NOTHING to Fear. The Infinite Creator, Does Not Express Vengeance, Hate, or Jealousy and does not Demand Obedience. The Infinite does not Judge you nor condemn you for anything. The Infinite Creator can not do these things, because it would be harming itself. You are a piece, a part of the Infinite. The Infinite Creator is Pure Light Which is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent, Within and without, all existence. The Infinite Creator is Pure Unconditional Love Light. and can harm Nothing.

Humanity has been given their Freedom from these Beings of Darkness and can Now choose where you wish to reside, within this Vibrational spectrum of existence. You are now able to Ascend into the Higher spectrums, without being stopped. This was put in Place by the Divine Decree of our Infinite Creator, who Loves you so.

We witness you, We celebrate you, We honor You, and We Love you. In the Love and Light of the Infinite Creator. We are the Andromeda Intergalactic Council, here to Serve the Divine.

BlissfulVisions.com January 4, 2024 – THE TRUTH ABOUT THIRD, FOURTH, FIFTH DIMENSIONS – Matthew Ward channeled by Susan Ward, Monthly Ascension Report.

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. You are inundated with information, and rarely do we tell you which to embrace and which to disregard. Instead, we have emphasized using discernment and trusting intuition about all information, and we have offered guidance to distinguish factual from false.

Now we are going to speak out forthrightly, about the perception that you are entering fifth density. You need to know that is a mis-perception so you don’t become disillusioned when what you are expecting doesn’t happen.

We don’t know from whence came that idea about Earth’s proximity to fifth density—perhaps the intensity of the collective desire for goodness to permeate the planet and uplift every life. You want your families to live in a peaceful world where everyone shares in bountiful resources and has nutritious food, excellent healthcare and education, and satisfying housing. A world whose damaged areas are restored to health and beauty, where neighbors and nations cooperate happily, everyone has advancement opportunities, and all humans live in harmony with Nature.

We understand this, dear ones! All lighted beings in this universe want that for Gaia and all her resident souls, human and animal and plant, and that world will come in its time—that is a certainty!

You also have personal desires relating to fifth density. Although you are greatly more aligned with soul-level knowledge than is a third density population, your bodies are as vulnerable as theirs to illness, afflictions and aging. You want to grow new organs and limbs and teeth, regain keen vision and hearing, become stronger and more energetic, and look vibrant and youthful.

That is understandable, too, and the ability to make those changes is indeed forthcoming, but not imminently or en masse. The key is not med bed technology, as you may be thinking—it is close rapport with your body and its functioning, unwavering belief, and soul contract choice for optimum physical, mental and emotional well-being. When persons’ conscious desires are the same as their contracts in this regard and they staunchly believe they have renewal capabilities, the combination produces the frequency that activates bodies’ self-healing, regenerating and de-aging mechanisms.

You also want to communicate telepathically, materialize objects, teleport and use other innate abilities, and all of those will be unfolding up ahead. If your contract’s longevity clause doesn’t call for living on Earth that long, you will have all those “magical” dimensions of life in Nirvana, another spirit world or back in your homeland.

And, dear family, your enthusiasm about the future is totally justified! In the continuum you are absolutely glowing as you enjoy the spectrum of soul-level powers and Earth is sparkling with renewed health and restored beauty. What is askew is your perception of when that future is in linear time.

You could be interpreting the winds of change, so to say, as closeness to fifth density. While still tenacious and dangerous, the Illuminati are weakening by the day. Many of their operations have been destroyed and others are faltering, like forming terrorist groups and hiring mercenaries, because financing is drying up. A number of their major players in several countries have been executed and grassroots movements are subverting local dark footholds. No longer is Earth serving as a schoolhouse for the universe, so the day of souls flocking there to balance experiencing by enduring difficult 3D lifetimes is over.

All those developments have been heightening vibratory rates, and you may be feeling the effect as fifth density’s doorstep. Maybe a more intimate connection with God and Gaia is sending your spirits soaring. Or your sensation of nearness to fifth density could be is as simple as that is what you are.

Think of this: Always you emit the high vibes of love and those produced by your nature—smiles, kindness, compassion, empathy, generosity, optimism, helpfulness, perseverance and self-confidence—and simply by BEing you radiate a mile-wide beam of light and joyousness that motivates, inspires and uplifts Earth’s peoples. Our dear sisters and brothers, that is who you are and why you are where you are!

Also affecting life on Earth is the energy of the “on-the-other-hand” populace. The many, many millions who are struggling to survive don’t know their preoccupation with loss, anxiety and suffering is strengthening and prolonging the causes of their grief, fear and deprivations. They have no idea about the ages-old battle between the light forces and the dark forces or that benevolent changes are on the near horizon because the light is triumphant. The low frequencies of ignorance that are formidable foes of hope and self-empowerment solidify the basis of a third-density environment.

Of the many people who don’t live in dire circumstances, some who are wealthy covet their money and are miserly or are oblivious to the needy. Some individuals are ruthlessly climbing the corporate ladder or are focused on climbing the social ladder. Some are afraid to speak out truthfully or fear associating with someone who is “different.” Some are self-centered or unfaithful to partners or concentrate on self-gratification. Some betray friends or deceive family or are abusive or let addictions control them, and some individuals are just plain nasty-dispositioned. That bundle of low frequency behaviors and emotions is third-density glue.

Now then, a few of our messages include words from Arnold, a member of the extraterrestrial special forces. Maybe you remember that one reason the forces are invaluable helpers is their ability to invisibly “attend” Deep State planning sessions and advise White hats accordingly. [March 3, 2022 message includes their various capabilities and services.]

Our reference to him isn’t in that capacity, though. Mother, please copy what he said a few months ago that is pertinent to Earth and this fifth density issue. “My people conservatively estimate that reconciliation, cleansing and reconstruction will be completed in less than two generations, 35 to 40 of your years, and many aspects will be accomplished much sooner. Significant efforts have started in some areas, others are in planning stages, and throughout those years we and other universal family will work alongside you.” [July 3, 2023 message.]

Thank you. The time estimate Arnold spoke about takes into account all circumstances that must be dealt with. We will mention some on his long list:

Animals and trees are souls whose symbiotic and synergistic relationship with humankind is an essential part of an advanced world.  Most of Earth’s animals are treated inhumanely and corporations scarify square miles of forested land.

Doubles or AI-produced clones portray persons who no longer are alive to give the appearance that they are handling their jobs as usual. A mask-wearing actor playing the part of United States President Biden and other imposters who hold elected offices in that country and other countries are following Illuminati orders.

The Vatican is the international headquarters for satanism and has art treasures the Nazis stole from Jewish families during WWII. Pope Francis would not adhere to the Illuminati agenda, so he was assassinated three years ago and since then an old man wearing a mask has been telling adherents of Catholicism what he is told to tell them.

The religiously devout don’t know the tenets of Christianity were written many centuries ago by leaders of state and church so they could control the masses and enrich themselves.

Darkness pervades the Western medical system via textbook publication; hospital administration; CDC, FDA, WHO and related agencies; pharmaceutical manufacturers; insurance companies; and practitioners who succumb to bribes, threats or blackmail.

Governments don’t want to acknowledge the existence, much less the presence of people in other civilizations.

Nazis who fled to Ukraine after WWII joined with the Illuminati to make that country a breeding ground for every major crime in your world. The controlled media cannot report that Russia was tasked by the light forces to locate and destroy those operations.

Illuminati-controlled global banking and commerce are computer transactions with no monetary foundation.

Malnutrition, disease, impoverishment and homelessness or nomadic existence are the lot of billions in a world ruled by billionaires.

From early civilizations onward, power-mongers have cut short the lifetimes of countless souls whose contract choice was to live to old age. The most recent example, genocide in Gaza, hadn’t begun when Arnold’s people were listing the aforementioned situations and others that run deep into the roots of Earth’s civilization; however, he said that won’t change their time estimate for “reconciliation, cleansing and reconstruction.”

Darkness will end in stages as Earth’s civilization advances through fourth density. No 3D action, activity, attribute or attitude can cross the threshold of fifth because their low vibrations cannot exist in that density.

About those numbers—the universe has no demarcations, energy isn’t compartmentalized, and we use numbers only to indicate Earth’s location or the evolutionary status of an individual or a civilization. Fourth and fifth densities aren’t destinations on an intergalactic travel itinerary; they are stages of self-discovery along souls’ evolutionary journey back to Creator Source.

As the society awakens, they will learn that brutality, bellicosity, corruption, deceit, greed, bigotry, vengefulness, rage, envy, jealousy, treachery and bitterness were inculcated in the makeup of humankind by puppets of the dark forces in antiquity. Those characteristics were purposeful in third density, but it is time to expunge them from the collective consciousness. By exemplifying the love-light essence of Creator, you will be the wayshowers for the peoples to eradicate those traits.

Helping a civilization rise from third density to fifth is a gargantuan undertaking, a gargantuan accomplishment! In the continuum, Earth’s happy, healthy, prosperous humans are thriving with the animals and plants on a grandly-rejuvenated planet. Dear ones, you are helping them bring about that “rebirth.”

All light beings in this universe honor you and support you with the unparalleled power of unconditional love. Source: https://www.matthewbooks.com/january-3-2024/

BlissfulVisions.com January 3, 2024 – PAVE A NEW PATHWAY TO LOVE AND COMPASSION – Adironnda and the Council of Light through Marilyn Harper – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – January 2024.

All people are created equal. Yes, some have physical, mental, emotional, or other challenges that make them appear different. These volunteers come to Earth in those forms to be teachers and help the people of the planet evolve into more profound compassion and enlightenment.

People who are different from you with different beliefs and religions are here to teach you compassion. The idea that those who are different have somehow destroyed God and must be punished or put to death is based on the ego. A more human element believes that a country can separate itself from an egocentric leader and provide an awakened, conscious leader who is a faithful servant of the people.

We intend to hold the leadership of each continent, country, state, and province with such divine love that they physically feel that love and redirect their personal agendas, egos, and anger. That is truly the only way this planet will survive. If you look at other planets, they self-destructed when the people or living energies destroyed each other rather than honor the space they all chose to inhabit.

It is like family members fighting among themselves: brother against brother, sister against sister, parents working to destroy the family because one part is male or female, yellow haired or black haired. You see how ridiculous that is. Humans are born into families they choose to help with their evolutionary paths, to grow in love, and to learn to honor each other. How can that be so when one family member believes she or he has more rights than another? God/Source created all with the same DNA running through your bodies. How can one then destroy another because of that difference?

  • We predict that countries worldwide will begin to replace their leaders with new, more enlightened guidance.
  • We predict that due to the expanding consciousnesses of the people of the planet, the financial roller coaster you have been on will begin to level out.
  • We predict that people will see that violence is not the answer, and new solutions of honor will come into play.

I hear some of you say, “That is not possible.” Is that really what you want to see as your purchase order to the universe? You play just as big a part in this evolving planet as we do. We are telling you about the infinite possibilities of this planet, which can evolve into a world of peace, compassion for others, and love-filled joy.

We have been telling you this all along: God/Source did not bring you here to suffer or to inflict pain on your brothers and sisters. You were brought here to learn and grow beyond the humans of the past. You were brought here to see that violence only begets more violence. Even the master Yeshua removed the belief that an “eye for an eye” would work. With that mentality, everyone dies.

Instead, we forge forward to assist the innocent people being crushed and to find a new way to resolve the differences between human beings. It is time for all humans to come together and pray for new solutions and new avenues of evolution.

The militants who desire to control people with force and violence need to be stopped, but matching violence with violence is definitely not the answer. The answer is a return to compassion and love. Some of you have never seen a world filled with compassion and love.

It is time for you lightworkers to pave a new pathway to love and compassion. Honor your human differences and reconcile your human similarities. The developing New Earth is a new reconciliation for humanity. Hold that at the core of your heart. We love you, we see you, and we hold you in the light of divine solutions. Namaste.

BlissfulVisions.com January 2, 2024 – EUROPE AND USA ARE FLOODED WITH EMIGRANTS; DARK FORCES TRYING TO DESTROY THE STATE OF TEXAS – Supreme Father channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Greetings My Children, I am Supreme Father, Father of all Fathers, and I am coming today, as you are in need to hear, what I have to say to humankind.

Right now, you are in a limbo between two dimensions. Majority of humanity are staying in a very low vibrations such as 3D or even lower. The reason is that they lived many incarnations in a low frequencies, so it’s not possible for them, out of the blue, to become advanced beings.

This can only occur gently and slowly, first through the awakening and then by connecting to the Universal Consciousness within your soul, otherwise it’s not possible to move to a multi-dimensional reality.

Ascension represents a full transformation of the body together with being a fully awake being in 5th dimension. If you are looking for shortcuts, you are not going to find them. The spiritual work must be done, despite if you want to do it or not. You won’t be able to function in higher realms without knowing the basic spiritual principles. The Divine keeps crushing negative energies, which were collected over the millennia.

Europe and USA are flooded with emigrants, for example this number is going to shock you at the United States southern border over 100 million people crossed over to the country. The corrupt souls are trying to destroy the Texas state by overwhelming all of their resources with so many people. They are building a whole city filled with emigrants in that state without the permission of Texas state.

The Negative Ones are spending a lot of money to bring emigrants to USA and Europe. It’s planned and well coordinated. For example, people coming to American border, before they get there, they stay at camps or at hotels, where they eat, rest and are given instructions on how to cross into America country. All of this is paid by the governments across the globe. At these camp locations they can have up 20,000 people there. Also a lot of them come by on trains. Negative souls are not doing this out of their goodness of their heart.

Most of these immigrants will have the worst jobs in the society, their lives will be controlled from every aspect, and they will be the first ones that will be experimented on by the Dark Controllers.

Darkness is doing that on purpose to lower the vibrations of world countries by sending humans from poor countries. It wants to continue to split up everyone and turn on each other. The same thing with homelessness to make humankind to continue to suffer.

The Dark Entities came out with a new agenda by stealing kids from around the globe in order to create a new fully controlled generation without the capabilities to think for themselves only just to follow the orders. They are holding these children in abandoned buildings, which were former big shopping stores with up 5,000 kids per location, and then put them into adoption going to the chosen families, which are mostly dark.

The Negative Ones are doing this in front of the human faces. At these same spots people are shopping in stores next to these abandoned buildings with children in them, which also have security guards watching the area.

As usual, Darkness is only concerned about their survival and continuation of its existence. I need to clarify to everyone that the Light Community is tainted and most of the messages are completely false. It has been said many times, no one listens and continues to spread the fake information. If you don’t take our words seriously, you are not going to ascend by reading and spreading the faulty data, it will only lower your vibrations.

As you see by now, many things have been said and given dates, which never came to reality. Only a small number of souls are going to ascend, the rest of the population will be transferred to the planet Zenxa. I would like for everyone to move to 5D or higher, right now, we are waiting for a specific energetic alignment around your planet.

Ascension is going to replace physicality into Light body, no more primitive flesh with millions of issues. Also, a reminder that medical beds are not available yet, don’t get scammed by the Dark Entities. Everything you see now around you, it needs to be dissolved into the Cosmos, it represents a low vibrational frequencies that can’t exist in 5D.

You need to understand that the transition is not going to be easy, many of you didn’t reach a required level for moving to a New Earth. Stop wasting your energies on meaningless things and focus on your expansion into higher vibrations by doing daily meditations. Long journey on Mother Earth is coming to the end.

This process will be completed without any setbacks. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. My children, please, embrace my Supreme Love. Supreme Father. Source: https://www.facebook.com/erena.velazquez

BlissfulVisions.com January 1, 2024 – YOU ARE AT THE FOREFRONT OF CHANGE – Archangel Metatron channeled by Takeli Mmagdalen – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – January 2024.

Greetings, beloved ones. I am Metatron. I hold you all in the life force, profound love, and immensity of healing of our Creator Force. These are all here for you now and filter into your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body systems.

This is the time when you have come in your love to support the massive changes in progress on this Earth. We, in our love, are here in full support of you. We are the angelic forces of loving light and the ones who bring forth the changes and the power that allows for changes to arise in systems held in a static place of being.

Evolution is ever constant; it is always in motion. That motion is now being accelerated to co-create with you, the human lights, from all realms. You are the ones who have come from the stars, the angelic realms, and the guidance realms. You are the ones at the very forefront of what is to come.

In this month of January in the year 2024, you will find yourself in a place of inner contemplation whenever you have the moment to do so, prompted from within. This inner contemplation is the time when we can implement into your systems what is needed most for you to take your place as the power of love and light that you truly are and to reveal the gifts you brought with you as the spirit light that you are.

The first month speaks of the power of creation and co-creation, of allowing love to be the profoundly catalyzing force it is to move you — and thus those around you — into new spaces of experience and being. Much has been promised in the form of new technologies, understandings, and ways of being that support everyone rather than a few. For this to happen, an immensity of change is needed that is here for you now.

It asks you to be very involved with your spiritual nature and, for now, to set aside the glorious promises. Will they come? Oh, yes, but they are to be understood in the context of a level of spiritual growth that can work with these new technologies in ways that have a humanitarian focus. It is now about service to the whole rather than total service to the self, as it has been. That way no longer serves in any degree at all.

As you now move yourself into a higher frequency and create within you the knowing of your empowerment, strength, and love, all these combine to put you in the driver’s position of leading the way. You already innately know who you are and what you came to create within the part of you that is spirit.

So many observers are focused on this planet, waiting for the caterpillar to transform into the butterfly. They are waiting to observe how you do this, for this has not happened in quite the same way before in Creator’s love. The leap you are taking (from where you are to where you will be) is bigger and more powerful than others would attempt.

The journey they observe is one in which they take with great interest and with great celebration of every moment that you turn aside from fear and refocus on your love. That which you are is entering your energy systems. In the old days, you would have defined this as a walkin of yourself, for that is how much change you will go through during this month and onward. All that you are is rising to the call; it is answering the call and charging forward.

You, as the human aspect, might feel that you are not ready in some way. I, Metatron, say that you are already that which you will become. Your DNA is already shifting; your heart is already expanding. The pineal gland, your connection to spirit, is opening ever wider.

You have no need whatsoever to fear that you are not sufficient, that you don’t yet know what to do or how to be. It is time to move yourself into these new journeys, these new ways of understanding self, through your love. That means going within, being still, and allowing whatever is there to be so. Patience, diligence, and love will bring you into your full empowerment now.


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Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness