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Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Ascension Updates: November 2023

BlissfulVisions.com November 30, 2023 – NEW AQUARIAN AGE TECHNOLOGIES ASSIST WITH PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY – The Aquarian Master Saint Germain channeled by Donna Ferri – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – Predictions 2024 Issue.

Saint Germain: My next prophecy regards unblocking physical Aquarian Age technologies. These will become more widely accepted, open, and free to use. This will be thanks to the 2024 spiritual revolution of Pluto’s seven-month station in Aquarius (January 21-September 1, 2024).

Beware of plutocrats who charge exorbitant rates; they do not have my stamp of release. Such Plutonian controlled copies (see definition below) that claim medical miracles have neither Leonora’s, Meta’s, nor my assurance as to their authenticity, efficacy, and mode of availability.

These two lady masters and my other inventors designed that which is for true healing, prosperity, and higher education for stewardship, self-governance, statesmanship, and more.

This new year is but a preliminary test of the readiness of human consciousness. Quantum and other technology already exists. Yet 2024 opens the gate for humanity to demand it as well as the trust and integrity of those who proffer this good.

Our trained Aquarian Age souls of various stellar and Earth origins are custodians who run current test patterns. They will begin opening the floodgates when Pluto’s 20-year station in Aquarius begins in December 2024 to 2044.

Just the interest and responsibility to steward this tech will help people claim their sovereignty. This initial burst of freedom helps many fulfill their soul missions. It will be a leading hallmark of the Aquarian revolution for higher consciousness, and as peoples’ acceptance rises, it then becomes a crescendo to cancel out negativity.

This next prophecy has to do with spiritual Aquarian Age technology because the new physical technology has its spiritual counterpart. It will protect you from all manner of negative effects of humanity’s arduous climb out of the dark cycle. Your use of it will provide more effective clearing, including that of the fallout of previous negative astrology. You will also have more clarity to let go of old paradigms and help others do so too. People will be more open to empowering beliefs.

Spiritual technology will restore your innate joie de vivre (Hearty or carefree enjoyment of life). It will seem similar to the energy grid work of transmitting love-light to sacred sites on Earth. It includes that but also taps into higher levels. You will intuitively do this by transmitting your heart light from one of the etheric retreats and cities of light to another, and you will do it bi-locally from your heart into your family of light in this and all realms.

Even those uninterested in mastering spiritual energy will subconsciously join you in these activities. They can do this through positive prayer and by simple, mundane caring.

All this will amplify the positive Aquarian energies of freedom. It will bring in powerful souls to protect the family of light in each realm, not just that of Earth. The realms inter-penetrating Earth will benefit from the positive astrology too. You and those who also employ spiritual mitigation receive the benefit of overflow, especially when you become more learned in the application of the violet light of freedom.

This will help cleanup 2023’s last hurrah of negative plutocratic manifestations and its attempts in 2024 during Pluto’s retrograde transit back to Capricorn (September 2 – November 19, 2024).

Nothing can stop the good that is coming to Earth beginning in 2024. No one can block that positive action of freedom’s light by the end of 2024. Not even those who historically have manipulated the negative portents of astrology. Those who only misuse energy for their selfish reward and through the pain of others cannot change the strong, positive potential of freedom. It is coming through despite the opposition.

Embrace this new year with courage and joy. Ask for my assistance in your endeavors, and violet ray angels will help make your work light powerful.

Explanation of Terms Used in the Message

“Plutocrat” is a spiritual astrology term the masters use to describe the impersonal energy of Pluto colored by the sign it is in. It stays in one sign for about twenty years. It recently has been in Capricorn. In any sign, Pluto works through worldly levers of control. When it is in Capricorn, it has to do with business but is restricted by old-style regulations that slow the release of helpful and more-inventive ways to self-govern, initiate more open commerce, and encourage more spiritually aligned or integrated medicine. It helps people to prosper not just monetarily but in health and all areas of life.

A plutocrat is a consciousness that controls groups or the world, and Aquarius is the consciousness of self-governance. So when Pluto is in the sign of Aquarius, it can disrupt or dismantle old, failing paradigms and make way for improvement.

Pluto’s energy affects the unconscious. As that planet shifts into Aquarius, like the Golden Age itself, it will reveal more of what doesn’t work well for the common good. Aquarius is the sign of rebellion or revolution. French and American revolutions occurred last time Pluto was in Aquarius. But because we are in the Aquarian Age, things will tend toward more of a revolution in consciousness rather than the bloody kind.

Leto and the other lady masters are ascended scientists from Venus who invented much of the higher Atlantean science coming through now to assist the world and people. They work with Saint Germain to bring in technology that helps humanity and the planet heal and prosper.

The “copies” refer to some inventions that are not fully developed or still under control by the old-style corporate economy. The inventions are meant to be freely available to all, not just to the rich, nor are they meant to put people in debt. The inventions will come more easily as Pluto progresses through its 20-year cycle through all the 30 degrees of Aquarius.

Embodied scientists from Earth and other systems meet during sleep with these lady masters and other ascended beings in Saint Germain’s retreat. They tune in to what Earth may be ready to embrace and what can be released that may already be in place. This energy of Aquarius allows Pluto to promote the discovery and revelation of such inventions. Some inventions are caught in the old economic cycle. This means only those with money can use them, and because they are out-priced for most people, they are considered copies of the higher-level prototypes that the masters would like to release freely to all people.

The Aquarian Age will have even more of this life-enhancing technology. Pluto in Aquarius is sort of the flagship of Saint Germain. It helps Earth adjust to these higher frequencies and let go of the old war machine and failing economy. We are said to be in the first day of the 26,000+ year cycle of the new Age of Aquarius. So this is the cutting edge for more to come, and the 20-year cycle of Pluto in Aquarius is intentional by the universe to help us make it so.

BlissfulVisions.com November 29, 2023 – THE GROUND-BREAKING CYCLE TOWARD A GOLDEN AGE CIVILIZATION – The Aquarian Master Saint Germain channeled by Donna Ferri – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – Predictions 2024 Issue.

Donna Ferri: Saint Germain’s foremost prophecy for 2024 centers around the astrology of Pluto moving into Aquarius. It marks the early revolutionary lead into a mini age of more world freedom.

He says that although other heavenly alignments figure into the equation, this one is the impetus for the long-awaited signal for the flame of freedom’s resurgence. However, an equal measure of rebellion ever pits itself against freedom’s light.

Freedom’s opposition has long been building up. It invariably seems to reach the peak of its negativity only to increase the sense of struggle.

The main player is Pluto, who is also known as the disrupter. It will again hit the regenerator, Aquarius, in 2024, marking a bold, lengthy continuation of its brief appearance in early 2023.

Impulsive Aquarius forces Pluto to put up or shut up, imposing unexpected trials and gifts and designing long-term plans for reform. Following are dates and portents to dowse with seventh ray transmutation:

January 21 – May 2, 2024: Pluto makes its direct station (an apparent forward, standstill motion) at 00°00' to 02°06' Aquarius. This is a regenerative period for knocking down outworn powers. Its good (and not so good) potential has freedom as its objective.

May 3 – September 1, 2024: Pluto goes retrograde (an apparent backward, standstill motion) at 02°06' to 00°01' retrograde Aquarius. Plutocratic energies seek to regain traction while Aquarian energies seek to check them.

September 2 – November 19, 2024: Pluto changes signs at 02°06' to 29°59' retrograde Capricorn. This review will seem familiar yet disheartening after the fresh air of Aquarius. Plutocrats strive to take advantage, revamping entrenched systems while breaking and replacing others. Aquarian energies ease chaos while quietly building momentum to take advantage of Pluto’s next direct station.

November 20, 2024 – 2043/2044 - The Next 20 Years: Pluto changes signs at 00°00' to 29°59' Aquarius. This is the start of a serious dismantling of restrictive, plutocratic systems, and it makes way for regeneration. Aquarius gains support in supplanting negativity, which continues for almost twenty years.

It forms a bridge for the next stage: an approximate 250-year cycle of a mini Golden Age. That mini-age momentum bridges into a greater golden mini cycle of about 250 years that then brings in the 1,000-year pinnacle of the Great Golden Age of Aquarius.

Help Build a Bridge to the Mini Golden Age

Saint Germain: A long-awaited breakthrough necessary for Earth’s victory begins on January 20, 2024, when Pluto again leaves Capricorn. This will help mitigate the negative outcomes of a dark cycle making its final bow.

Pluto’s direct transit in Aquarius arrives on the heels of accelerated world change yet brings good reason for hope to prevail because of its positive potential and power to bring freedom. It is particularly potent when all who desire to channel this opportunity will join to create practical solutions. It will not be for the faint of heart.

Sustained, constructive action is the only way forward, especially by those who desire to leave as their legacy the founding golden age principles of universal cooperation, harmony, health, plenty, and joy.

The year 2024 inaugurates a bridge toward the mini eras preceding the greater age. You will help it unfold by anticipating good despite the resistance. That is part of why you came into this life.

Each incremental step you take in 2024 lays the foundation of the succeeding mini Golden Age. It is a short era yet a necessary bridge between dark and light cycles. Help us build a bridge to the mini age that must precede the prophesied greater age ahead.

Be forewarned that those who will not easily let go of their draconian power will misuse it as before even if it spites their nefarious designs. The light you invoke can mitigate this portent as much as possible to close the portals that old plutocratic energy can otherwise slip through. Those doors are vulnerable during Pluto retrogrades, especially in Capricorn.

However, Aquarius begins to check that energy on January 20, 2024, for seven or more months until the old guard dares return for its encore in September.

After the Plutonian powers take a final bow and exit center stage in December 2024, their momentum lessens, and Aquarius will ride relatively unabated for twenty years. These are years you can begin to prepare for now.

BlissfulVisions.com November 28, 2023 – DISCLSOURE OF HIDDEN SECRETS AND LIES – Zetas channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

I am Zetas, a top scientist of the progressive group of Greys, who work and interact with the Galactic Light Forces as alliance. I come in peace through this channel.

My civilization split into two groups. One group has been seeking survival at any cost even harming our own species or others. My group was able to find the solution to save our race and created 3 new civilizations and became part of the Galactic Light Forces as a consultant in scientific matters.

As a scientist I want to talk today about your physical vessels, which your civilization is using now. Annunaki created perfected disease-free humans 7-12 feet tall a long time ago. Then, unfriendly outworlders conquered your planet and manipulated humans DNA to the point that your height shrank and immunity to sustain healthy bodies disappeared.

Now, your physical vessels are weaker with each generation, and humans can face extinction. Your medical system instead of improving your bodies do the opposite by weakening them with cutting, removing organs, etc. The original humans from millions of years ago didn’t get sick or die at a young age. They were able to live long lives in peace and harmony.

In my world, we have special devices that can repair anything and rebalance the body without open surgeries. Cutting and messing up with the anatomy of the body is not natural, and it only creates more problems for beings. Your reality was purposely suppressed by the Controllers, so the advancement and creation of new technologies were not possible for eons.

Generally, humans vibrate very low as their vessels had too many alterations done during their presence on this planet. In addition to that, you carry genetics from over 20 different species. The most important part of your vessel is your soul, which keeps the human alive. Right now, humankind is too consumed with the physicality of the human body, that they forgot about the existence of the soul.

Many Galactic civilizations tried to put the soul into machines, and it didn’t work. Same here on your planet, they are trying to make a robot like a human, that is not going to work. Soul only enters into a flesh vessel not into a metal creature. Their attempts to put a chip into the human’s brain will create many side effects and issues. After a certain amount of time, your bodies will reject the artificial pieces, which will cause too many problems for your body.

Right now, your civilization is divided into two groups. One vibrates very low and it’s not capable to Ascend and move into New Earth, and the second one is frustrated and doesn’t want to wait any longer for Ascension. The destructive forces are not giving up their power willingly and not letting humanity to be free.

Your body governs both the physicality and spirituality. Your rulers used the physical part for their advantage. They manipulated your brain with energy waves for a quite a while. Only the awakened ones, who practice spirituality and meditate daily, can’t be controlled. They are moving closer and closer to New Earth. The rest need to evolve and be transferred into a new 3D planet without any memories about the Old Earth.

All of the hidden secrets and lies about the Moon, Saturn, Venus and Mars, advanced technologies, interactions with Reptilians, Anchors and more are going to be disclosed to the awakened ones. This part of the Milky Galaxy experienced too many Universal Law violations, so the unstoppable force of the Divine continues to crash the old system everywhere.

This low vibrational reality cannot be saved, it needs to completely disappear. The low frequencies have been spreading all over your Galaxy and effecting other planets. It was necessary for Divine to get involved with the transformation on Earth. Thank you, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces, for today’s transmission. You Are Almost There. Zetas. Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=6827123520668133

BlissfulVisions.com November 27, 2023 – HEART EXPANDING MEDITATION FOR TRANSMUTATION – Many Many Beings of Light channeled by Kate Woodley at www.AscensionCalling.com

We greet you with love and light. We are going to refer to the power of meditation. We are going to match this with a visualization that is going to help you actively transmute any heaviness in your heart anytime it is experienced directly through your own experience or whether you are absorbing this empathically.

What we are going to invite you to do is simply close your eyes in this moment and bring all of your awareness into your heart. Imagine yourself standing or sitting peacefully in this vast, infinite space that is your heart chakra.

It is the generator of your energy.

It is your perpetual, inherent connection to Source.

It is where Source love and light flows in. And it is where, in turn, it flows through you and outwards towards those around you.

  • Anytime you are feeling an encroachment of any denser energies, whether it is sadness, hopelessness, or frustration, we are going to invite you to move into this heart space.

  • See the light all around and visualize any sadness, any density, appearing before you. Perhaps this may be a small cannonball, a small iron ball; it is dense and heavy.

  • Hold it in your hand and visualize this iron ball becoming smaller.

  • Send light to this cannonball. And the more light you send from Source – it does not need to be your own light – it is a Source that comes in through your heart and simply encapsulates and envelopes this cannonball.

  • And as the light moves in, this cannonball becomes softer and smaller.

  • Simply visualize the dense energy being swept up like a very small tornado in the palm of your hand and whisk it off to the Divine Light.

  • See this grit, the sand of denser energy, move into the Divine Light. See it leave your field.

And once again, bring your awareness back into your heart. Remember this light that pours from Source into your heart now fills that space with love, harmony and light.

It may help you to connect to a time in your life (or access a memory) in which you felt deep, unconditional love. Whether it is what another expressed to you, or what you felt for another, it matters not for all is love. And allow this memory to fill your entire being.

That is a process — a meditative practice — that we invite you to do anytime you are feeling off centre or off kilter. The more you practice this, the easier it will become and the more impactful it will be. We hope this helps you.

Remember that there is far more love in the Universe than anything that acts against love. Remember this as a fundamental, Universal truth. We wish you harmony, joy, and love. Many, Many Beings of Light.

BlissfulVisions.com November 26, 2023 – ROLLER COASTER RIDE IN 2024 AS “GREED IS GOOD” YEARS ARE OVER – The Lion People channeled by Ellyn Dye – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – Predictions 2024 Issue.

Despite how it might look, humankind is turning the corner on the road to the golden age, but it’s moving at a snail’s pace over the wreckage of the way things used to be. These are tumultuous times, and the coming year will bring more volatility, at times feeling like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

There is also a ripeness to the year that will bring many more opportunities and support for creativity and manifestation. It all depends on where you place your focus.

Remember that Pluto, the planet of death and transformation, has been throwing its wrecking ball against society’s structures, revealing all things corrupt, unsustainable, or without solid foundations. This includes governments, institutions, systems (such as health care and the economy), infrastructures, and organizations.

All the deeply held fears, prejudices, judgments, resentments, and beliefs that have been sabotaging humanity for millennia have been dredged up for the world to see. This is all part of the massive, multi-decade transformation planet Earth is undergoing. The time of graduation is coming.

The good news is that Pluto finally moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius in January 2024, and the cleanup from that dredged-up muck can begin in earnest. The new energy will be very different. Life will feel lighter in general, and people will be more optimistic and creative and less polarized and bombastic. There will be a feeling of collectively rolling up your sleeves and getting to work solving the problems that have been revealed.

Throughout 2024, the world will experience a roller coaster of continued tensions and clashes between old and new. Expect to see increasing protests — including political protests and worker strikes — as people demand the respect, rights, benefits, and pay they deserve.

Those who have enjoyed being at the top of the heap will not relinquish their power and positions without a fight. Their efforts will become increasingly desperate as they attempt to turn back progress and retain control, but these efforts will be futile.

Drama and volatility will ebb and flow over the next twelve months, becoming the background music of the year. You will see highs, lows, thrills, spills, disarray, and unexpected twists as this drama plays out on the world stage. By the end of the year, the political, social, and cultural landscape will be very different from what was expected at the beginning of the year.

This is a major transformational change, and life on Earth will quite literally never be the same. At every moment, you can choose to invest emotionally in the outcome and immerse in the drama or detach from the chaos and focus on living your best life in peace and love.

Rise From The Ashes

In the year 2024, anything that broke in the Pluto-Capricorn transit will be cleared away or rebuilt in a more stable and sustainable way. Any attempt to repeat what was done before will fail, as there is no going back to the old ways.

Integrity, sustainability, and support for the collective — rather than the few — must be built into the fabric of anything new going forward. Reckoning, restitution, and accountability for corruption and abuse will be pursued on all levels throughout the year as the wheels of justice continue to turn. The “greed is good” years are over.

At the same time, drama around climate change will increase with destructive storms, floods, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and other forces of nature. It is up to each person to be prepared. The incoming Aquarian energies will support change in how the collective views these problems and collaborative efforts to address them.

On a personal level, any changes that really needed to be made over the past few years for a person’s highest good — no matter how difficult — have been made, or situations will likely become intolerable. Those who made changes will find their paths lightened, and they will be rewarded for taking those leaps of faith and doing what was difficult.

It will also be a good year for those who apologize and make amends to clear accumulated cords and karma and start fresh in the new energies. Forgiving oneself and others is a crucial part of letting go and moving on.

Pluto moving through Aquarius will bring its challenges, but it will also bring fresh energy, creativity, innovation, and new technologies in all aspects of life. At the end of this transit, life will look very different compared to how it looks today.

Creativity and thinking outside the box will be parts of a technological revolution that begins in January and unfolds over decades. People will find unexpected and unorthodox solutions for long-term problems that have community support.

This transit will bring more awareness of, and opposition to, injustice and inequality, because Aquarius moves power into the hands of the many. Expect to see new innovative and unconventional ways to address medical issues, homelessness, and climate change, to name a few.

BlissfulVisions.com November 25, 2023 – TOOLS FOR CREATION: THANKS, GRATITUDE AND APPRECIATION | The 9D Hathors via Daniel Scranton. We are The Hathors, and we are very happy to be here with all of you.

We love you immensely, and that is why we keep focusing on Earth and Earth humans. We know how much you adore beings from other worlds and other star systems, and we happen to be from another universe.

We came to answer the call that was put out during the Orion Wars, and we have been with you ever since to assist you in becoming your whole selves, your higher selves.

We have ascended from physical to nonphysical form, and we are in the ninth dimension. We are here to offer you our teachings, just as we did back in the time of the great Egyptian empire.

Our teachings today are around gratitude, appreciation and thanks. These are powerful tools that you have to create with.

If you want more of something, and you have little of it in the moment, then to be grateful for what you have will add an energy signature to what you have that will put out a vibration to all of humanity and beyond, telling all who can pick up that signal that this is something that is getting ready to have some company.

It also places you on a different timeline, a timeline where there is more for you to appreciate and enjoy.

Therefore, the less time you spend complaining, and the more time you spend appreciating, the more you align with the perfect timeline by your definition. You all get to have more of whatever it is you have determined is good. You get to define what that is for you, and then you get to go to that reality, and the tools that you have for getting there are your desire and your appreciation.

When you love anything, you align with your true power, you align with your true self, and you align with more of whatever it is that you are in love within that moment.

You do not have to go about things the hard way, the old-fashioned way, anymore. And certainly, life there on Earth is telling you that and showing you that all the time. You have made it much easier on yourselves to get your hands on just about anything, including experiences, that you want.

There are so many of you there and there are so many resources, and when you realize that and you tune in to the truth that there is no lack, it becomes a lot easier for you then to appreciate the world that you are on and the opportunities that living a life on Earth provides you with.

Your life on Earth is giving you so many opportunities to expand, to know yourselves and to have the experiences that you decide you want to have. And if you start by appreciating your life, yourself, your fellow humans, and your planet, then you can get more detailed about what you are grateful for.

And then when you receive more of what you desire, you give thanks, you praise that which is coming to you and that which you have, and the avenue it took to get to you, and all the people, and the animals, and the trees that helped to bring it to you.

And then you are in alignment with your true self, and you raise your vibration.

Yes, you can raise your vibration by becoming desire-less and sitting in meditation, but you came to have experiences, you came to express yourselves, and you came for the physicality of planet Earth and your dimension.

So, enjoy it all, appreciate it all, resist none of it, and see how much more you have to be grateful for as you move forward in this life experience, a life experience that can be filled with abundance and joy.

We are The Hathors, we thank you, and we wish you a fond good day.” Source: https://goldenageofgaia.com/2023/11/25/the-9d-hathors-through-daniel-scranton-thanks-gratitude-appreciation-tools-for-creation/

BlissfulVisions.com November 24, 2023 – MORE SIGHTINGS OF UFOs, UAPS, AND YOU HAVE ENTERED THE GALACTIC COMMUNITY | The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton.

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. You have crossed another threshold there on planet Earth, and you have awakened enough of your population to consider yourselves in the galactic community. This is why you will see more and more UFOs, or UAPs, in your skies. It is because now it is official. Now, just because it is official that you are members of the galactic community doesn’t mean that everything will change overnight. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to see massive changes occurring tomorrow, but it does mean that you have big changes coming and more sightings coming, and you can absolutely count on yourselves having more e.t. encounters.

You have awakened your fellow humans with your consciousness, and we want to assure you of that. This is no accident; you are experiencing this reality now because of what you have been doing, saying, thinking and believing, and you deserve to have that pat on the back that we are giving you and that your higher selves are certainly giving you as well. You as an a collective, which we have referred to as The Awakened Collective, have done more than your fair share to bring this about. Now yes, of course, everyone has their own journey and will awaken when they are meant to awaken, but you all get to play your part in that, and you shift to the reality that best reflects where you have gotten to on your spiritual evolutionary journey.

And so, you do get to take credit for this threshold being crossed, this tipping point being reached, and we say to you now, expect more e.t. contact experiences moving forward, especially those of you who have been asking for them. Those of you who want to make contact have understood that you need to release certain fears and certain blockages, and heaviness, in order to be ready for that experience, and you have been doing that work.

We, and others like us in the nonphysical have felt it, and we experience you all the time in the astral plane. We are speaking from direct experience with you when we say that. There are others who will have their awakening through e.t. contact experiences and UFO/UAP sightings. This is something to get very excited about, and of course it is bringing you closer to first contact. This is something that we have been talking about for years, and now we can say with certainty that it is absolutely happening and on the radar for all of you right now.

You don’t have to wait very much longer, and you do get to have your own personal e.t. contact experiences because you have encouraged the collective consciousness, of which you are a part, to open their minds. As you know, there has been a lot of soft disclosure happening as well, and that certainly has helped. But we give the credit where the credit is due, and you all deserve to feel very good about where you are and what you have been doing, and because you have reached and crossed this threshold, you can expect much more to come. We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.” Source: https://voyagesoflight.blogspot.com/2023/11/ufos-uaps-and-entering-galactic.html

BlissfulVisions.com November 23, 2023 – THE GREAT WAVE OF LIGHT IS SPREADING ACROSS YOUR PLANET | The Telosians via Marie-Josée Andichou.

May Peace be within you all, dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth. We speak of Peace on this day because your humanity and your planet need it. Every human being currently undergoing this energetic transition of evolution of consciousness needs it, so that they can come to understand the true meaning of True Life.

Up until now, and for many…many millennia, you have all been manipulated by successive generations, by different civilizations that have come and gone, and you never realized it, because what you were experiencing seemed normal and made sense.

The common sense you thought was right was the supremacy of certain humans over others lower down in society. This was part of the normality of your life (we’re talking about different generations and civilizations) and you bent your backs, you knelt before those who were kings, emperors and so on…

But now, dear brothers and sisters on Earth, everything is different, totally different. Despite the difficulties you are experiencing on your planet, the wars waged by certain humans in the world government, the epidemics created from scratch by that same government, the moments of violence you are experiencing here and there in your countries, all this is manipulation, and you have finally understood it, and only recently.

It took this pandemic, created out of nothing by this world government 3 years ago in your time on earth, it took these confinements designed to keep you away from each other so that you wouldn’t communicate and pass on ideas of evolution of consciousness, for you to understand how much you’ve been tied up, locked up in mental prisons, manipulated like puppets that were the delight of this world government.

The latter has only one thing on its mind: to have power over your humanity and, above all, over the riches of your planet. Understand – and we’ve already spoken about this in other messages – that your planet is filled with a wealth of varieties of life, minerals and so on, that make certain beings from other planets envious and eager to appropriate them. But to do this, they need links on Earth, and this is done through this world government.

We’re telling you about this, we’re explaining it to you, because IT’S COMING TO AN END FOR THEM. Yes, all those who have been manipulating you for so long feel that you’re slipping through their fingers. So they’re doing everything they can to keep you under their power. They know that there are still humans who are ready to bend their knees before them, because these humans can’t understand that they’re caught in a straitjacket they won’t be able to get out of if they look to your rulers or others for help in living their lives.

The help you need to free yourselves totally from this world government lies in your divine power, in your heart, and many of you have understood this and no longer wish to bow to the desires of your governments.

It’s important to understand, however, that the more you let go of your rulers, the less you listen to their utterly false rhetoric, the more you’ll find peace within and around you.

How do you find Peace around you? It’s very simple. Many of you have friends who are on the same evolutionary path. So, get together, enjoy talking about True Life, enjoy going out into nature in small groups of friends, love and respect animals and plants, so love what the Earth has to offer: its beauty, its many beauties.

That’s how you’ll find Peace, live it and spread it around you. The more at peace you are with yourself, within yourself, the more you’ll spread it around you. The people you meet, the animals you pet, the plants and trees you protect will feel your inner Peace, and it will spread rapidly across the Earth.

Just imagine the strength and power of this Energy of Peace that will spread across the Earth if thousands, millions of people act in this way! It will be a wave of Peace flooding the Earth.

At that point, the world government will no longer be able to do anything; it will collapse and disappear forever. Beings from other planets who support them and who, of course, are not in Love, will no longer be able to cope with the Light you will spread over the Earth.

For the moment, yes, there is a great wave of Light spreading over your planet, coming from the hearts of humans who understand True Life more and more, but this wave of Light needs to be amplified to sweep away with Love all that is not Divine Love.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, as you know, there are many of us, Beings of Light and galactic Brothers of Light, to support you, help you and accompany you during this period of unparalleled transition, which will propel you towards the New Earth that is presenting itself to you.

Seek peace in your heart, in your divine Being. Thank your soul for guiding you through this marvelous passage of Light that you are taking to meet True Life, the Life of Peace and Love, of Respect and Tenderness towards all that lives.

Dear brothers and sisters of Earth, our dear brothers and sisters in great evolution, we accompany you with great Love. Source: https://voyagesoflight.blogspot.com/2023/11/the-great-wave-of-light-is-spreading.html

BlissfulVisions.com November 22, 2023 – THE WORLD IS READY FOR CHANGE – Amma the Divine Mother channeled by Cathy Chapman – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – Predictions 2024 Issue.

Love Can Change the Potentials of 2024. There is much that will happen in the next few years. I will focus mainly on 2024. Change is continuing to occur, and people tend to move into a place of fear when change happens. This occurs when people are not flexible in mind and spirit.

The primary attitude for your spiritual growth is to accept the will of the Creator. The Creator knows the plan and what can happen. The Creator knows your potential and what will happen in this world. You were created to be in this place and time with the potentials and options you have for your lives. You get to make those choices of growth for yourselves.

Be an example of acceptance of what is happening within this world. Stand in your power while being connected above and below. Send love no matter what is happening. Be in gratitude even as you cry and mourn and even as you work diligently to go back into your heart source to stave off fear.

Now I will give you a preview into some of the potentials of 2024. Remember, you can change these potentials by changing your responses. For potentials specific to your lives, you are the one who needs to change. Changing the potentials of the planet involves thousands of you together. The way you change the potential is to be grounded in love and recognize that no matter what happens, the answer is love.

There will be greater problems with the energy grid. Some will see more problems than usual. Some will see problems that they are not used to seeing, especially in wealthier nations. In the Northern Hemisphere, you have experienced heat along with problems with your electrical grid. This will continue in the cold. There will be both cold and heat that you are not used to.

Why are there problems with the electrical grid? One is a lack of foresight. People in power refuse to look to the needs of the future. They are focused on the money in the present without planning for the future. Greed is involved in many places. The underlying essence is fear. They fear that they will not have the money and power they desire. Greed will reveal itself as the cleansing of the tapestry of life continues.

There will be a cleansing of the belief that power is about strength and finances. People do not recognize that they have a poverty mentality when they believe there is not enough wealth to feel secure. Over the next few years, corporation leaders will be more fearful that they are losing their power. You already see that now. This fear of losing power will also be seen in governments.

Those of you who remain in your heart and know how to release fear know that your power comes from within. Your power resides within your heart. The reason you came to this planet is to be an example of the power you have through love. The younger people, especially those in their 30s, are ready to move into their power. The older generations need to allow them to be agents of change. The indigos, rainbows, and soon the crystal children will move into their power.

The world is ready for change.

You will find the health care and pharmaceutical industries in fear of losing their power to turn illnesses into moneymaking propositions rather than healing. People are tired of medication after medication not working or being required to take more medications to live. This will force many to begin to look to lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, and meditation. You have seen these changes in the past few years. This will increase. There will, however, be a power struggle between the allopathic standards of drugs and surgery and the complementary standards of non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical remedies.

Recognize there will be attempts, especially in North America, to limit alternative methods of healing. Yes, there is cooperation between allopathic and complementary medicine in some places, but there is a coming backlash.

More people will ignore the pharmaceutical and allopathic health care industries and discover the best way to heal their bodies is through changing their thoughts and beliefs and how they exercise, stay connected to each other, and consume nutrition.

When you see these power plays, stay in your heart, and exercise your power with your choices to care for your body-mind through simple but life-changing strategies.

The weather continues to be out of control. The melting of the icebergs will continue, resulting in the sea level rising. Everything you heard about what climate change can do is occurring. You were given a taste of how to change what is happening when the world shut down from the COVID virus. You have had a foretaste of what you can do to change the way you use this planet. The cleansing of the planet is in full force. Earth herself, Gaia, is ready for you to change.

BlissfulVisions.com November 21, 2023 – CHOOSING THE HIGHER 5D VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY TIMELINE – Archangel Michael channeled by James McConnell

I am Archangel Michael. I come to be with you at this time, indeed, in these times of great change that is upon you.

And indeed, you are moving through this timeline shift (3D to 5D) that is happening. For the timelines are diverging now (separating). Just as you had in this experience, just as you were able to see in this experience, you can see the diverging timelines and many different offshoots of those timelines as you moved through the expression.

And just as you continue to move through the expression of your life, you are indeed able to be aware of these two timelines. Just think of it in terms of those that are of the old ways (3D), the old status quo that do not want to change, they are diverging now. They are moving into that timeline that will keep them in the lower vibrational 3D frequency.

And as you know, if you stay within the lower vibrational frequency, and not be in the higher 5D vibrational frequency, you stay within the third-dimensional illusion. You cannot ascend into the higher fourth- and fifth-dimensional frequencies. It is not possible.

So, you are witnessing that now as you look across at the world, and you see the world events that are happening. And all of this, all of these events are designed to attempt to hold you to this third-dimensional expression, to the illusion, to the old timeline, the old biblical timeline. But that is no longer for you because. as I said earlier, you have already made the choice. You made it long, long ago. You made the choice to move into the higher 5D vibrational frequencies, to move through this ascension process, to be the Way-showers and the System Busters that you all are. You came here to bust this system wide open and you, as a collective, are doing exactly that.

Yes, indeed, there are many who are seemingly doing more than you are, but you, just with your thoughts, every moment your thoughts are creating this new timeline and the many different offshoots of that timeline. And know that because everything is multi-dimensional, that there are so many different aspects of these timelines as well.

We do not expect you to quite understand this yet at the third-dimensional level, but as you continue to rise in vibrational frequency and consciousness, you will begin to understand this more.

For if you think about it, only a few years ago, maybe five to ten years ago, the idea of timeline did not even come into your potential thinking. It was not even a thought that came in. But now it is in many peoples’ thoughts. Many peoples’ words are bringing this forward, the idea of timelines and shifting, and moving from one vibrational frequency to the other. You did not even know many years ago about vibrational frequency and how important it was to the raising of consciousness. It is all a part of the whole, a part of the one here. And you are all a part of this, bringing this forward. And you must come to understand that. Just your thoughts.

So, when you have a negative thought, that negative thought resounds through the quantum field and the universal mind, and many then pick up that negative thought as well. But when you have a positive thought, the same thing occurs. And more people are picking up those positive thoughts that more and more people are having. And the more and more positive thoughts you have, the more thoughts you have of a positive timeline, of higher vibrational frequency, higher consciousness, you are love rather than fear, and so on and so on, the more that you have those types of thoughts, the more that you are creating this new positive timeline and moving into your ascension process more and more fully.

And yes, indeed, you are the verge now of a great shift along this timeline. Even the timeline that you are on now is going to have a great shift as well. You may not have thought of that, but it is. There is going to be a great shift within the positive timeline also. And those that are on the negative timeline are going to experience a shift in their timeline as well, and move them further away from you and all that you are attempting to experience and create in this new Golden Age that is upon you.

So yes, indeed, look at this as the end of the movie, as we have been saying for some time, telling you that this is a movie that you are watching. And simply watch it. Do not become a part of it. Do not become attached to it. Allow it to play itself out. And wherever you have the opportunity, though, you can play your part in this movie. You can play your part in helping others move into this positive timeline, or higher in this positive timeline.

It is up to you, you and the collective you, to bring this forward even more rapidly. And there are those that are positioned now at this point, cannot give name, but there are those that are positioned now at this point that are going to create this great shift that is upon you. I cannot say more about that at this time.

I am Archangel Michael, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you continue to move along this timeline that you have created, and continue to create this as you move forward with positive thoughts, positive expressions, love; not hate, not fear, just simply love. Source: https://voyagesoflight.blogspot.com/2023/11/archangel-michael-and-one-who-serves.html

BlissfulVisions.com November 20, 2023 – NO REPTILIANS ON EARTH, 3D HOLOGRAM READY TO BE DROPPED, MED BEDS UPDATE, NO WEAPONS ON DUPLICATE EARTH – Queen An-Ra channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Greetings Humans, I am Queen An-Ra, Grand Council of New Earth Council, and I am also the leading Council of the Planetary InterGalactic Coalition.

Our new alliance continues to grow, as more and more civilizations are interested to live in peace. Anubis has been directly leading the fleet of the coalition and helping other Galactic civilizations with urgent matters.

The Galactic Light Forces with Ashtar Command are stationed around Earth’s orbit to protect humans from space attacks, nuclear threats and so on. It has been about 7 months Earth’s time since my last message to humankind.

Today, I want to discuss important topics related to your planet. Please, take my words seriously. I am communicating on behalf of millions of Light Beings and as the representative of the New Earth Council. All of the negative outworlders are gone from Mother Earth, after receiving an ultimatum to leave or otherwise they would be striped from their souls. Right now on Earth there are no Reptilians, not even one. The only ones left are the dark souls in human bodies, the controllers.

The 3D shell of your planet is ready to be dropped anytime into Cosmos. We had many meetings regarding the Old Earth, and after many deliberations all of the Galactic Councils agreed that it should be returned into its original state of molecules, which means the 3D version of this planet will completely disappear into space and nothing will be left of it.

Mother Earth has experienced many invasions from space, constant wars and destruction between humans and other negative events over 6 billion years. It’s soaked with negative karma.

Divine intervention came through to lift up humanity, otherwise the Ascension would not be possible. Some humans still think about saving their 3D reality. The Dark Entities are aware of every single plan humans made. Your ground crew lost their chance in 2001 to transform this world for a better place for everyone to live in, when the Twin Towers were destroyed by the Darkness.

Since then everything shifted into a different path with a new master plan, which was created by Light Beings and shared details only to a small group. Unfortunately, your reality is still controlled by the Controllers, who spread false information and manipulate humankind.

All of the inventions including medical beds are not going to be available until Alliance removes completely from power every single corrupted soul. At this moment only the highly evolved awakened Galactic souls are ready to Ascend into 5D. As of right now, unless something drastic happens not a single human soul will ascend. All of humanity, billions of souls will be transferred to a new planet in a far away Galaxy to continue their evolution. Sorry, no shortcuts for anyone, spiritual development is necessary to move into higher dimensions.

The planet is going to look very similar to Earth. The human civilization will be moved without them even knowing that they are on a new planet. They will just wake up on a different planet. Everything will look the same, everyone will have the same place they lived on Earth. There still will be medications, religions, countries, etc. The only differences will be that humanity will have no weapons at all on the planet. No guns, tanks and no nuclear weapons, and they also will not have any memory of weapons, it will be erased from their minds.

The main reason there will be no weapons on the new planet the Galactic Light Forces are not just going to move the human population to a new location only to see them a week later blow themselves up with nuclear weapons. Also, all of the Dark Controllers will be removed, and there will be no Artificial Intelligence, no robots. The AI will not have a chance to eliminate humanity.

Today, still even the Light Community is confused who speaks the truth and who does not. Divine continues to breakdown the Matrix. The distortions and glitches are going to continue to occur. The ones who are playing a game of good guys, they can’t hide anymore their true intentions. Sending nonstop spaceships to explore the Cosmos and create colonies on other planets are not going to work with 3D mentality.

Your holographic illusion needs to come to the end, otherwise the whole Milky Galaxy could end up being destroyed by the recklessness of humans. It’s extremely important for everyone to connect to your God’s essence within your soul through meditations, it will help you to stay true to yourself and never be deceived by false prophets.

Soon all of the hidden truths are going to surface to the daylight. The controllers can’t hide anymore their evil deeds. Please, accept my Supreme Love. Thank you, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Trust Divine Process. Queen An-Ra. Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=6804003672980118

BlissfulVisions.com November 19, 2023 – THE FUTURE OF EARTH DEPENDS ON YOU – Wilhelm through Roger Burnley – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – 2024 Predictions Issue.

We speak to you from universal consciousness. You are an eternal spiritual being, so whenever you choose to hear us, you are reawakened to your infinite nature and purpose in this world.

You exist at this time of your planet’s restructuring to offer your essence and innate gifts that will manifest in your world and cause your life to expand.

At whatever point in your space-time trajectory you read this, it will cause you and your planet to evolve and expand.

The year 2024 will be what you make of it. As we said, your planet is restructuring, and you exist to aid that restructuring by becoming your best self. That means moving through and transcending old limitations and the restrictions of old paradigms. Not all will understand your vision and awareness, so it is your responsibility to shine your light as we’ve guided you for several years.

This change is revolutionary and energetic. It is part of the evolution that continually occurs in your world, but none of you have lived through a period like this, nor did your ancestors. You exist to achieve what all others who came before you could not.

Many talk about the fifth dimension and the Age of Aquarius, and you are the ones creating that. The time is now.

The high level of human fear has caused your evolution to be slower than desired. You are the ones who will awaken and create the 2024 and beyond that you desire. The new world you are manifesting could only come through you. Every soul is powerful, and you are no exception.

The year 2012 was the beginning of the restructuring, influenced by galactic changes that aroused old memories of limitation and restriction all souls brought forth. That was intentional, and it’s why we have said that this is the most important incarnation of your eternal lifetime.

The ultimate goal of any lifetime you choose is to experience more love and joy. Again, this is your choice, as it all exists in your consciousness. What you feel while reading these words is due to how you choose to perceive yourself and your world. While many believe the global events of late are ominous signs of what might come, it is a restructuring.

You exist to aid that cause by deciding to love who you are and your life’s journey. You have more to do, for the change taking place on your world is in full force, and you only exist in physicality at this time because your contribution adds to the fabric of your future world. This is how it manifests.

You have an essential role to play, as does everyone else. You will decide how vital your part is by how much you are willing to accept your ability and talent to manifest physical or material things, for that power is of your consciousness.

The energy you emit as you take action has the power of creation in your life. The quantum sciences tell you this is how you manifest in your world. Every soul does so with equal force and ability. The resulting world is formed by the quality of energy you each add. Your personal journey is breaking down the internal barriers that haven’t allowed you to experience the joy of life.

BlissfulVisions.com November 18, 2023 – THE MATRIX DISSOLVES IN MANY WAYS – The Cosmic Council channeled by Pat Crosby – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – 2024 Predictions Issue.

Earth/Gaia is a multidimensional planet. She is very rare in the cosmos because she holds a broad spectrum of frequencies, from deep 3D to the highest reaches of consciousness. Other worlds do not include slower vibrating, physical dimensions. Some dimensions have great light, spiritual power, and mental capabilities, but their beings do not experience human emotions or physical bodies.

Many of these beings guide your ascension process now. They rely on your feedback as a human partner to this great enterprise to let them know how your physical and emotional bodies are adapting to this shifting-while-embodied process. This is why we encourage, teach, and inspire you to become more intuitive and in touch with your soul and loving guidance on this journey. Many lesson plans intertwine to create new weaves.

Increase Your Intuition

We have worked with you collectively for several decades to increase your intuitive ability. We have encouraged you and sent many teachers to help you tune in to your higher self and guidance team. It is time now for you to more fully own these frequency skills and activate them to higher degrees.

Struggles with politics, the economy, and wars occur on planet Earth in each generation. By using your free will during this ascension cycle, you can choose to work assiduously to hold your higher frequency regardless of what is happening in lower-density collectives.

As a being choosing ascension, you can use third density struggles as tools to hold a higher frequency while resolving issues in the 3D matrix. In the past, certain people — usually monks and ascetics — rose above mass consciousness and bypassed the struggles of lower densities.

In this cycle, you are mastering lower densities by passing through them consciously and resolving various issues. You solve your lesson plans while holding a higher consciousness and being aware of lower consciousness coexisting on the planet. This is a great opportunity in the spirals of time and evolution to fully explore and solve the lesson plans you have given yourself.

Think of this as a lightbody bootcamp. Choosing the fast track means you are constantly challenged to shed density and increase your light-holding capacity. Each time you work through an expansion challenge, you must choose the branch in the road that leads to a higher frequency.

It is important to rest and take care of yourself on this journey, especially your physical aspect, which is the slowest to recalibrate. Each day, pay attention to whether you can make a frequency increase or whether you should hold steady and rest.

When you feel rushed or that things are too intense, ask your guides and higher self for a gentler pace. Ask for harmony and balance. Find things you enjoy doing, even if it’s doing “nothing.” Much work happens when you are outwardly idle.

Give up lower-density ideas and opinions that do not serve you moving into higher frequencies, especially if they are created from fear. Truth is grounded in love, which is the opposite of fear. Where fear exists, so does manipulation, which slows your journey.

Fear-based ideas are distractions. You might grab on to them at times to slow your rate of ascension and imagine that things are more manageable. A higher option is to ask your guides and higher self for ease, grace, and comfort on your journey so that you maintain a natural pace without resorting to lower-frequency thoughts, emotions, and memories.

This is a journey of great inspiration and delight in the Creator. We hope you can come to see it that way. We respect your commitment, and we honor you for being embodied in this great experiment. Please find a pace that works for you, and stay balanced as you move forward.

The ship will move forward with or without you, but you can choose where in the river of change you wish to paddle your canoe: in the wild rapids or along the protective shore.

You are not on this journey alone. You have much support. Be good to yourself and others. Take time outs and do not rush. Find moments to enjoy. Rest, refresh, eat well, hydrate, and heal. Be happy, now. We love, honor, respect, and cherish you.

BlissfulVisions.com November 17, 2023 – 2024: YOU ARE HALFWAY THROUGH – The Cosmic Council through Pat Crosby – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – 2024 Predictions Issue.

A big phase of the shifting process happens between 2012 and 2036. Hold on, because in 2024, you are halfway through this tumultuous phase. As with adolescence, it will be a bumpy ride with unsettled and ungrounded emotions running rampant. Even so, we see a happy outcome down the road.

This will be another year full of creative chaos and great undoing as what was completed and demolished returns to its elements, creating compost for the next growth cycle. You are certainly experiencing the same thing in your personal life: What is slowly dying or being yanked away with no warning?

One day, you wake up to a perfect, sunny day, and by the day’s end, all that you held dear has been ripped away. Perhaps your demolition phase is more gradual, and you’ve slowly divested yourself of former treasures: things, relationships, ideas, beliefs, spiritual paths.

The things you held dear have likely demagnetized from you, and you even feel a negative attraction as you push away what no longer serves you. It is time to leave behind the things you have outgrown.

The great renewal is at hand, and you cannot hold on. You might try, because the energy cords of the things, places, and people that once attracted you are still in place. You remember them, but you cannot get a grip on them, and trying to force that remembered attraction just leaves you tired.

It’s all falling away. You see on the news those who want to make political hay out of old systems. They spin many tales that do not stick. The world is unwinding old threads from the past. The weave no longer fits and can’t be stretched, so it must be undone and something new created.

In previous periods, the unwinding was too intense, and souls weren’t ready for such fast acceleration. All left Earth so that she could be refashioned. Many cycles later, you are now ready to stay aboard planet Earth to explore this level of co-creation and grow along with her.

The new planetary-grid structure grows in power and radiance. You are asked to continue projecting high-frequency thoughts and visions of the emerging new reality while having no agenda. Lightworkers of various dimensions will weave the thought constructs you create into the emerging grid. Light-grid teams work like honeybees building a hive, cell by cell.

Your role is to create 3D thought structures as raw materials. Your thought vibrations are important. Keep them pure and at high frequencies. You can still process your 3D and karmic lesson plans, but intend that they be for the highest good of all. Endeavor to stay centered. Ask your light guides for help.

Time continues to speed up. Earth and the solar system are immersing farther into the photon belt with greater density of fast-acting photons. Your Sun’s activities continue to rev up. Earth’s resonance is increasing, and your frequency is intensifying. You cannot deny this. The process is here; it is unfolding.

You must either keep up with the increasing frequency or leave the ship. For those people choosing to leave, beings of light will assist them to relocate to other density zones more in keeping with their soul’s choices and evolution. If you are reading this, have no doubt that you signed up for the fast track. You want to discover how high you can vibrate and still keep your form.

This is an exciting and rare journey offered only to qualified souls. By “qualified,” we mean you have decreased the density of your various bodies so that you will not implode with the rapid increase in frequency.

Granted, many of you are barely holding on. We hear your cries and laments; however, but those are not cries of dismay but of asking for assistance to complete this journey in partnership with those embodied or in spirit light. We are your partners. We work with your soul spirit to help you navigate these choppy waters.

BlissfulVisions.com November 16, 2023 – THE EGO EXPERIMENT IS COMING TO AN END – The Collective channeled by Jiulio Consiglio – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – 2024 Predictions Issue.

Earth is shifting, as your collective is shifting, from 3D to 5D, or third-dimensional consciousness to fifth-dimensional consciousness. The ego (individual and collective) — this experiment of separation — is coming to an end. The ego has grown into quite a monster, but it has a divine purpose.

Change never comes when we’re comfortable in our familiar pain and suffering. The outer world is a reflection of the inner, and everyone’s doubts, fears, and uncertainties manifest in the human collective.

These dense emotions have great potential to serve as catalysts for a quantum leap in consciousness into the dimension of inner stillness. When you shift into stillness, a new Earth unfolds that you view through an activated and opened third eye that sees oneness.

In your 2024 coming year, the outer world will appear more energetically chaotic, heavier, and denser. The reason is to further accelerate the collective’s awakening. Things will look crazier out there because the ego has run its course and is, in a sense, self-destructing.

We do not wish to alarm you but to help prepare you in becoming more centered and to cultivate your faith and trust despite what you see. In truth, circumstances do not matter. Only your vibrational frequency — how you express your level of awareness through thoughts, words, and actions — matters.

In other words, don’t stop living while there is outer turmoil; connect with and invoke the power that’s within you through your oneness with Source energy. Now is not the time to recoil but to embody who you are spiritually.

Critical mass is just about there. Once it’s reached — once a percentage of humanity has awakened — your collective field of awareness will set off a powerful shift in consciousness no civilization has experienced before.

You are all trailblazers, and you have the universe’s attention, including us, who you call extraterrestrials. We’re appearing more globally because as the inner veil thins, so does the outer veil. We should also add the following: We are here to inspire and energetically assist in humanity’s collective shift. We’ve always been present but have been “out of sight, out of mind,” in a sense.

It’s also important to mention that an official narrative will attempt to portray us as hostile, as things to be afraid of and avoided. Nothing could be further from the truth. In essence, we are parallel/future versions of you. Through inner stillness, we are all one.

As humanity awakens to the reality of oneness, more of you will realize that the quantum field, the spiritual realm, is vaster and more unlimited than you can imagine. It teems with countless life forms, including ETs. If you experience an encounter or a sighting, it is because we are aware of your heart-centeredness.

BlissfulVisions.com November 15, 2023 – CONNECTION, OPENNESS, AND ILLUSIONS MARK THE ENERGY SHIFT - Saint Germain through Natalie Glasson – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – 2024 Predictions Issue.

Greetings, wonderful beings of light. I am Saint Germain. It is an honor to be in your presence and to bring forth a greater understanding of the energies now anchoring throughout the universe of the Creator. These energies flow through all dimensions and planes and into Mother Earth and all beings.

These immensely potent, powerful, and encouraging energies that come from the Creator will continue throughout 2024, as all beings in the inner planes also adopt this energy and purpose. The ascended masters, starbeings, and angels greet the qualities of connection and openness with great enthusiasm to support Earth and all beings in the ascension process.

Those on the inner planes are opening and enhancing their connections with all aspects and dimensions of the Creator, including Earth. This great exhilaration and support floods into every being on Earth. Never before have those in physical bodies been able to feel so connected to the divine presence of the Creator, the inner planes, and the inner realms and dimensions.

As these beings open their energies to all on Earth, they share their wisdom, love, and healing — the Creator qualities they hold and anchor. This is a magnificent time for you to be on Earth, because so much wisdom, knowledge, love, healing, support, and guidance are available now and throughout 2024.

In this year of transformation, the connections between those on Earth and the inner planes will strengthen immensely. It’s a wonderful time to ask for help and focus on manifesting what you wish to experience in your reality, because so many beings — including the Creator — want to help and support you.

Great power will fuel any creation, manifestation, intention, or request that you make from a place of openness and connection. As beings on the inner planes open their energies and connect with you on deeper levels, they will invite you to also focus on opening your being, energy system, mind, and perspectives and connect with your soul, soul group, and guides — the universe of the Creator.

Openness in your being feels like a sense of liberation, an expansive energy that moves through boundaries and limitations. Practice radiating your light beyond the boundaries and limitations you set for yourself or others set for you.

The energy of connection and openness can be challenging. This is especially the case when that energy flows as a wave from the Creator, because it awakens and activates everything in your being that is not aligned to openness and connection. Old wounds, fears, pains, and sufferings connected to loneliness, disconnection, and isolation could come to the surface.

You might feel as though you are unable to achieve what you want in your reality, such as friendships or support. Many wounds could come up to be cleansed, purified, and replaced with the vibrations of connection, openness, expansiveness, liberation, and infinity — the freedom that allows your truth to be expressed with ease and perfection.

When we peak of truth, we speak of the presence of your soul/essence within your being — the pure and divine presence of the Creator within. Enlightenment will also rise alongside illusions, allowing you to shed the coat of illusion. The presence of truth emanating from your being will allow you to act, react, and exist in your reality in a completely new way.

Inner knowing born from within will act as your guiding light. When it activates, the Creator presence comes forth and embodies your being. You feel safe and supported, and you understand what you need. The Creator asks that the purpose of your every decision is to fill yourself with joy, bliss, love, openness, and connection.

When you make a decision in the coming year, ask yourself, “Is this a purposeful decision, or am I making this decision because it feels like my only option?” You might ask this in another way: “What is the purpose of this decision? Will the outcome serve my quest for openness and connection and for dissolving illusions to manifest my inner truth?”

When you ask these questions, you might find that your being naturally opens and connects with new opportunities, insights, and understandings. The energy of openness and connection could bring new skills and aspects you have yet to recognize, so be open to these opportunities and possibilities.

This is a splendid, magnificent time with much support coming from all aspects of the Creator. Allow yourself to inhale this support and know that you are deserving. I thank you, Saint Germain. Source: www.OmNa.org

BlissfulVisions.com November 14, 2023 – ANGELS OF HEALING HAVE BEGUN THEIR WORK - Archangel Raphael channeled by Jahn J. Kassl The coming time is the time of healing by the grace of GOD. An unprecedented level of blessings will be bestowed on humanity.

Everything that is imperfect is returned to its original state of perfection. Nothing and no one remains excluded from it unless he excludes himself and separates himself from this grace.

So it now happens that angels of healing are assigned to the individual person and they begin their work. At first imperceptibly and then noticeably, people change in all their limbs.

While you go about your day’s work or when you sleep, the angels of healing surround you at every hour, they are with you and always carry out their gracious work on your being when it is possible and necessary.

What happens in detail:

1. Building the original cellular structure by restructuring the DNA
2. Releasing foreign energy structures from all levels
3. Aura surgery, which means direct interventions in aura layers to remove energetic waste or implants
4. Increasing the natural vibration
5. Construction of protective grille

From now on, these processes will happen to all people who are internally ready for it and who want to break away from their old life, but have so far not been able to muster enough courage and determination to do so.

This decision is made at the soul level; the daytime consciousness does not necessarily have to be aware of it.

The Effects on your perception are fundamental:

1. Clarity in thinking – the fog of consciousness dissipates
2. Access to your own feelings – the superimpositions and external occupations disappear
3. Freedom of choice and the joy of making decisions return because the life force is no longer blocked, but is unlocked – The result: The divine human being steps out of the shadow into the light and comes into action.

This healing process is triggered, accompanied and promoted by the original source of all being, which is GOD. This process of healing is brought about by the angels of healing on the spot.

Day after day, hour after hour and every minute from now on you are surrounded and cared for by your family from the light. Observe how your perception changes and how you heal in body and soul.

Plenty of Time

It is a process that takes time, but in reality, time is the only thing that is available to every human being indefinitely.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t have time or that time is short – on earth the scenes repeat themselves until you master the lessons over time and get tired of time. Until then, however, time serves you and is available to you in unlimited abundance.

Understand it, keep it within you as knowledge until one day you shed time forever. As soon as you get bored with the repetitive drama and lose interest in it, your life on earth has been lived and the new existence is revealed to you.

This is the course you are on now because the angels of healing have begun their work. You are honored for your courage. You are loved for your devotion. You are blessed in GOD’S grace. I am with you, every day. ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL. **Source & Translation by EraofLight.com

BlissfulVisions.com November 13, 2023 – SEPARATION OF OLD EARTH AND NEW EARTH - Voice of the Divine channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces - Greetings Beloved Humanity, I am the Voice of the Divine sending this message with Supreme Love and Light to Mother Earth and Beloved humanity. I am here to give a deeper understanding on what is transpiring right now in your world.

The separation of your planet into Old Earth and New Earth was completed 3 years ago. The outdated reality with politicians, elite who stole wealth from humanity and others who still believe in elections, etc., are exposed and being shown to the awaken that the system created by Darkness can’t be sustained anymore. Your Alliance are still talking about massive arrests and replacement of the government's individuals and other tasks, which can’t be applied presently.

I, Divine, changed all these plans as humanity took too long to implement them and they had too many flaws. The Media and Light Community are still spreading false information. This is an indication that most of humankind are not fully awake and confused. If you want to Ascend, then you need to follow the truth. It’s time to do serious spiritual work with intensive daily meditations. The Light Community is not taking our words seriously enough into their hearts. The ones, who are fully awake, use their discernment on whom to follow as the truth’s speakers.

Humans are still possessing a nuclear arsenal, and the Galactics dismantle only the missiles that are shot. The groundwork is the responsibilities of your Alliance, not Ashtar Command. This chaos and destruction can’t continue forever. It’s time to collapse together with Evil. I needed to step into this process as humans can’t handle their deeds themselves. Other civilizations are waiting for our help. The Galactics can’t keep all their resources around Mother Earth for much longer.

Some plans regarding the fate of your planet was disclosed in the Ashtar’s last message. More details are coming in the near future through this channel. Your planet will continue to receive high frequencies. The balance and harmony are necessary to restore your planet.

Meantime, please stay away from low vibrations and focus on being in the Now. Each of you are on different levels of spiritual development. Don’t expect everyone to be on the same page. Your journey is decided by your soul, what the next step will be and where are you going next 3D or 5D. High vibrational energies are going to continue to arrive from Cosmos and help to stabilize your environment. Trust yourself that you are here for a reason. Thank you, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Always Vibrate High. Voice of the Divine.

BlissfulVisions.com November 12, 2023 – DARK NIGHT OF THE COLLECTIVE SOUL - The Vastness of Being channeled by Nancy Leilah Ward - You are being affected by the energies that move through the sun and send waves throughout your solar system.

The Earth is in perfect placement to receive these energies. It is a pulsation, like contractions in the birthing process. It is crumbling certain energetic structural elements that were set in place eons ago. It reaches in and expands.

This is happening to humans, expanding you from within to assist you in letting go of beliefs and patterns set in place through the ancestral lineage.

Groups of people hate other groups of people because it has always been that way. This is a dark inheritance that is being infused with light. It is causing rage and the lashing out of that which wants to hold on to the status quo. But that is impossible. Love will prevail. Just remember that love will prevail in the maelstrom of chaos that is being created by the influx of the energy that is being sent from the centre of the Universe.

So, when this energy hits, it can make you feel uplifted and buoyant, or it can make you feel so heavy that you can barely lift your feet to walk across a room. It freezes you in a space of suspension in the true timelessness of existence.

As the darkness is awakened within humans – because you are all connected – you feel other’s struggle with the duality and what you are doing is holding the line, as it were, you are holding the energy in place as others go through a struggle of the dark night of their souls. It is like you are tethering the new energy within yourself and you also touch in on that struggle that others are having.

It is pure energy, not an emotional aspect you can name, just pure energy and it can flatten you. And so, when this happens, you can surrender to it, knowing that you are actually assisting in the enlightenment of Humanity and Earth.

Often you have trouble remembering that it is happening on a grand scale, it is not necessarily personal. We will help you to remember that you are holding the energy for others as they go through the crumbling process. Many reading this remember your own process of awakening, where your reality was crumbling from within, your beliefs and patterns falling away, exposing where the darkness was tethered within you.

Like an open wound, exposed to receive healing, it can be very painful, even terrifying at times. But you have moved through those moments with the help of the wisdom of others who have gone through the awakening, and with the help of your guide team and the energy of pure love.

So, when you become flattened by the energy, surrender to it and know that this is part of the great change on this Earth. Meditate on love, allowing love to be within your experience. And when you are feeling uplifted by this energy, radiate it outward, for you are like a flower of light pulsating love out into the collective consciousness of Humanity.

This is the part you all play in the ascension of the Earth and Humanity into expanded octaves of experience where harmony and love prevail. We are with you. You are not alone. Blessed Be. Source: www.integralsoul.love/blog-1

BlissfulVisions.com November 11, 2023 – THE GREAT CHANGEOVER, THE SYSTEM BUSTERS, THE SOLAR FLASH, DISCLOSURE IS COMING, SHADOWS REVEALED BY LIGHT - Lord Ashtar channeled by James McConnell - So know that this is a time, a time, as you know, of great change, that disclosure is indeed coming. And I speak now not only of the disclosure of our millions of ships that are here, but disclosure of the truth that is coming forward in so many different directions, from so many different sources, and in so many different ways.

Because the truth must come forward. It cannot be held back any longer. As the shadows that were shadows are now being revealed by the Light. And they can no longer hide in those dark places. Because those dark places are becoming illuminated everywhere. And when that happens, the dark must come forward. And either, as you have heard many times, turn to the Light, or be consumed by the Light. And so many have already chosen to not turn to the Light. But many, many more have chosen to turn to the Light, to be involved in the light once again, to be a part of the Light once again.

So those of you in this group, and all of the many other groups and individuals, all part of the collective consciousness, are having a great effect on bringing about this Great Changeover to this planet, and moving closer and closer to bringing about that Great Effect which is the Solar Flash, or the Great Event.

Now whether that Solar Flash happens in the near future now, or a later date, or whether it happens at all, because as we are finding it now, consciousness is rapidly changing on the planet, and may indeed preclude the need for the Solar Flash to even happen, or to happen in this time period. Because you are moving everything ahead at a great pace.

Awakening. You yourselves have awakened some time ago, but you are bringing about the Great Awakening to many, many more, all of you together. All of you, the Boots on the Group, the White Hats, the Alliance, the Galactics that are working with you, the Ascended Ones that are working with you.

All are bringing about the greater effect of change to this planet, moving to, indeed, the New Earth, the New Golden Age upon this planet. The Golden Age that you have been all working for since the times of Atlantis. When Atlantis was indeed in a Golden Age, but then fell from that Golden Age into the Dark Age as the Light was diminished more and more across the planet as those of the dark forces infiltrated into the planet more and more.

But no longer. Those that had infiltrated into the planet are now being made to leave the planet. First just one at a time here and there. But now many, many more are being taken away from the planet in whatever way that happens. That is not for you to decide. It is for the greater choice of the source to bring about this change, to have more and more of those that are still of the dark forces to leave the planet as disclosure is coming forward more and more. The truth is being revealed.

We, those of us in our millions of ships, are showing ourselves more and more, and are preparing ourselves for the Great Awakening, and the time that we, indeed, can be a part of you, directly with you, in person with you. And then will there be the great celebration that has been spoken of for many, many years now, that we have been waiting for, that you have been longing for. Where families, long lost and long ago families can come back together again. You can join your families from the skies, from the stars. Reunite! That is what this Great Awakening is all about, that we can all come together as one and be as one consciousness together moving forward.

And you, those of you that are ready for it, can rejoin those families and rejoin the Galactic Federation of Planets and be a part of the great expression of moving forward into many other systems that are still as of this time of need. Just as the Earth and Gaia has been in need, there are many, many planets that are still beckoning. Many systems that are beckoning to you, the ones that have gone before and are here now at this point, the System Busters, as you have been told that you are.

But that is not for now. For now, it is to complete this Great Awakening. To complete this show, this movie. To come to the final end of this.

And when you do, you will then be able to sit back and relax, knowing that your job has been well done. And you can find that relaxation and peace that you have all been searching for because you have all known it before, and you will know it again, and are in the process of knowing it once again.

I am Ashtar, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And as you continue to move along through this process of ascension and regain your power throughout this process, because it is your power within each and every one of you, the power of love within each and every one of you that is the driving force to bring about the Great Changeover. Source: https://eraoflight.com/2023/11/11/ashtar-shadows-revealed-by-the-light/

BlissfulVisions.com November 10, 2023 – BE THE BRIGHTEST LIGHT - Wisdom of The Council channeled by Sara Landon - Everything works together. Everything works in perfect harmony if you will allow it. Everything is always in perfect harmony if you will allow it. It is the resistance that creates chaos.

You have a destiny. Not a specific goal you’re supposed to achieve. Not some specific job or business you are supposed to have or create. Not a particular person that you have to meet or your life will never be all it was meant to be. You can’t get your destiny wrong, but you can limit your greatness, you can play small.

And this, dear master, we assure you, is the time to shine brightly, to be all that you are. No more playing small, no more holding back, no more dimming your light, fully allowing the greatness, the fullness, the perfection that is all of you to shine brightly here and now as the master that you are.

You may be exploring new territories. You may be exploring new potentials and possibilities. You may be diving into opportunities that are involving things you have never done before, things that you’ve never explored before. That is so fun. That is your opportunity for potentials and possibilities, for expansion.

The name of the game is expansion. When you’re in harmony with your expansion, life is magical. When you are resisting your own expansion, life can be overwhelming. It can create stress, confusion, disharmony, all of the things that are not necessary in your experience, dear master.

You get to choose. You are Creator of your reality. Are you creating more joy, more love, more abundance, more potential, more possibility, more fun, more freedom, more playfulness, or are you creating—through your thoughts, through your stories—stress, overwhelm, resistance, constriction?

No one is testing you. Nothing is testing you. Your guides aren’t testing you. Your higher self isn’t testing you. God’s not testing you. The angels aren’t testing you. Nothing and no one is testing you except for you.

You have heard the term bright light. Be the brightest light. You don’t need to create duality to use the word brightest. Be the brightest light that you are. Be the bright light that you are. This is your time to shine. And that doesn’t mean you push and force and effort and now go make things happen because we said it’s the time to shine.

Let all actions be inspired, come from love, come from joy, come from passion. Let it be so clear that it’s choiceless. There are no big decisions. Let it come to you. Source: https://blog.saralandon.com/wisdom-of-the-council/insights-from-be-the-brightest-light/

BlissfulVisions.com November 8, 2023 – BLOCKBUSTER MED BED ANNOUNCEMENT by Skye Prince. - Long-awaited, terrific news; a message from the Venusian High Council channeled by Amenora, that Skye reads on her video broadcast: “Due to the time restraints and necessity of the people, the roll out of the Med Beds will begin momentarily.

The White Hats have won, therefore, the release of over 6,000 patents can now be released in a safe and timely manner. The New Earth is here. We are about to see the most incredible energetic shift and transformation to ever grace this planet. This is the first of its kind to open the gates to a new wonderful prosperous life.

The people of Earth are about to learn not only the existence of what you refer to as extraterrestrials, but of where we come from and how we travel to and interact with your planet. Many of our people have been sent to Earth to bring about this change and to assist in the remembering of your ancient ancestry. They come with unique skills as individuals as themselves to bring about a new way of life. One of wondrous exploration of all that has been hidden.

Much is to change on Terra Christa (Earth). Much is to change within yourself. We are not here to lead or govern you. We come to show you unity and peace and what you can achieve if only you are willing to step out of fear. If you are ready to trust yourselves and be open to new possibilities then we will walk this journey with you.

Much has already taken place that both opposing sides have kept from you. However, you are soon to learn just how powerful and amazing you are. Information on your sovereignty and the abilities you hold has been deliberately held back so you remain a servant to their cause. Both White Hats and Black Hats are almost done. Now it is your turn. Now you are the ones to take the lead and control of your life and destiny. You are no longer a slave to the system but a creator of your own experience.

In the few short years to come, Mother Earth will have gone from a starving, Waring, suppressed society to a thriving Galactic community of abundance, prosperity, peace and true Oneness with Source. Your current health system will be extinct. Your political system will be completely removed. Your environment and atmosphere will be toxin free. Your oceans will be restored to pristine beauty. Humans and animals will naturally live many, many, many years longer.

Your technological advances will be so rapid that within just a few short years you will be traveling beyond space and time. No sickness or disease. No factories or large farming. No pollutants from cars and machinery. Life as you know it will be a thing of memory. Please, dear ones, embrace the new world as it is the only way forward. We look forward to meeting and welcoming you into the new world of Earth.”

Click Here to View Skye's Full YouTube Video.

BlissfulVisions.com November 8, 2023 – ASHTAR: HAVE NO FEAR - Channel: James McConnell. - I am Ashtar. I come to be with you at this time to show you to have no fear.

For what does fear do when one has it, and continues to hold it within themselves? Fear holds them to the third dimensional illusion. It keeps them in the spiral that the forces of darkness want to hold you in.

They want to hold you back, keep you tied to this illusion. But if you let go of fear, then you are freeing yourself of those binds and ties to that illusion. You are freeing yourself to soar above that illusion and move into the higher vibrational frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond.

Fear holds you back. Fear is the attachment. Let go of those attachments, and find the control within your thoughts as well.

More and more learn to control your thoughts. You have so many thoughts every moment of every day. But purify those thoughts more and more. And whenever there is a negative thought, just let it be, let pass, and move on to a new positive thought, and again, a new positive thought.

And before you realize it, you will have no more fear. All of the things that are happening in your external world where they are attempting to hold you to the propaganda, and the negativity, and the fear mongering, and all of this, it will have no sway over you anymore. It will no longer hold you back. For you are destined to be free.

So allow yourselves to continue to control your thoughts to maintain higher vibrational thoughts more and more. And remember, as you do that for yourself, and you put those positive thoughts out into the universal mind, you are sending the thoughts to all people across the planet that can take those thoughts into themselves as well.

So you are helping the unity consciousness across the planet the more that you control your thoughts. And then another will then control their thoughts as well, and put positive thoughts out into the universal mind. And they will be picked up by another, and another, and another. This is how the Great Awakening is happening across the planet.

And know that as these external things are happening now, and you are witnessing various things of negative vibration, know that we in our ships are watching over you. And we will not allow, and I repeat: NOT allow anything of major significance to occur to the planet.

No nuclear weapons can be exploded anywhere. No new plandemic can take effect. Not because we are keeping that from happening, but because you are keeping it from happening, because you are in the process of not complying anymore. You (again, the collective you) not complying, not going along with the status quo.

The status quo is third-dimensional vibration. You do not want the status quo anymore. You want change.

Change is inevitable. And change is exactly what you came here to bring, as the System Busters, the ones that are here to bust this system wide open. And indeed you are doing exactly that.

For the system is changing. It is destined to change. It is changing. And the new system that you are creating with those positive thoughts, with that positive visualization that you are utilizing, whenever you think about it, you are creating the new world, the new fifth-dimensional expression world.

That is of your intent and under your control. Not our control. We are here to guide and assist and to stop anything of major significance that those of the forces of darkness would attempt to bring upon you. But they cannot.

So again: have no fear. And as always, continue to trust. Trust in the Great Universal Plan. Trust in the God force, the Creator force, to bring you all though this. And then we are here to assist and to move at a moment’s notice when that signal is given. And it is coming closer and closer to that.

You spoke of precipice in your discussion. And the precipice is right there in front of you. And we would say to you to not hold back from the precipice, for that is what many, many people will do. Yes, you can look at it as do not follow those over the edge of the cliff. But that is the old three-dimensional way of looking at this, the precipice.

The new higher vibrational way of looking at it is move right up to the precipice. Let go of all attachments. Learn to control your thoughts, and you will be ready to step off of that precipice and fly, soar up into the heavens of your own being.

So trust, and when you are ready, you will be able to step off that precipice. And I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you continue to move through these remaining years, or even months, of the old three-dimensional way of looking at things. I am Ashtar. Source: http://www.ancientawakenings.org/?p=9493

The 11/11 Portal and Energies | The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton. We have some exciting news for all of you there on Earth. The energies coming in through the 11/11 portal are going to assist you in manifesting more quickly and easily the experiences that you want to have. This is a portal that is providing you with energies to support you in healing, to support you in manifesting, to support you in growing spiritually and accessing spiritual gifts and abilities. These energies are about aligning you, about getting you into the right vibration, accessing the right internal wiring, the right codes and frequencies to assist you in leading your preferred life. This is a time for you to dream big.

November 7, 2023 – NEW MED BED TRAINING INFORMATION by Skye Prince. The previously stated requirement that one must be employed by a med bed center in order to be trained to operate them is no longer a requirement. Just as Med Bed services will be free-of-charge, there will be no cost whatsoever for the training. 100% free. No registration fees. No admin fees. No fees whatsoever.

Applications for Med Bed training will be available when the Med Beds are released to the general public (estimated by Christmas 2023). Part of the Med Bed training will be job placement, to help you find employment at a Med Bed center. The Spiritual Counselor Training will also be free. Details about all of this will be released along with the national phone numbers to book your appointment when Med Beds become available to the general public.

BlissfulVisions.com November 6, 2023 – GAIA (MOTHER EARTH): PLEASE HELP MY CHILDREN - Channel: A.S. This is Gaia, sending love to all. I am the flowing river. I am the deer running through the forest. I am the horse enjoying the sun and the taste of grass, just as I am the grass.

And I am love. I can't help but love, it's who I am. I want everyone to enjoy the gentle breeze, to enjoy the loving touch of another, to be able to live in freedom and abundance. Because on a fundamental level, there is enough for everyone. On a fundamental level, life is so good and is such an amazing experience, if people could just stop hurting each other.

My children often mistreat each other, and often mistreat me. Yet, I love them all. How could a mother do anything else? I consider all of Earth's nature, as well as all humans and animals who live on me to be my children. And my child, I love you.

To anyone who is in a position to help: Please, help my children. They have suffered far too much already. This is yet another SOS, a distress call for help.

Source, angels, please help my children.

White hats, gray hats, Earth alliance, whatever you want to call it -- please step in to stop the endless killing and the artificial scarcity and the tyranny. Please stop playing games while my children suffer. As has been pointed out in a previous message: the American founding fathers broke the law too. If they had insisted on doing everything by the book, as some of you are currently insisting, then America would still be a British colony today.

Positive galactics -- I think you're hypocritical, and I'm angry with you. I know that if your literal children went through the suffering that my children are going through every single day, you would never be making arguments about not wanting to repeat the possible fall of Atlantis. You would just intervene already and stop the suffering.

Rationally speaking, I can find no flaw in your logic, but it's heartless logic, imposed by someone who doesn't have to bear the suffering, on someone else who does.

You talk and talk about the gray hats, but be careful that you do not become gray hats yourself.

Yes, purely rationally speaking, who you call the Earth gray hats are being irrational: they should intervene. And yes, your policies do rationally make sense. But where is your heart? Where is your empathy? If your own literal children were suffering like this, you would never be making callous rational arguments. If it was your own literal children suffering like this, suddenly you would remember where your heart is.

In the message: "Hakann: We will likely intervene in 2024 or 2025", I indeed agreed that after you had just issued an ultimatum, you should give the gray hats the rest of 2023 to take action. Because, yes, it does make rational sense.

But please, intervene as quickly as possible. If it's up to me, do your intervention on 1 January 2024. I'm not expecting you to do that. I know your policy isn't date-driven but that it will occur when certain events and energy thresholds are met and when certain probabilities hit a certain level. But I am holding you responsible for all the suffering from 1 January 2024 onwards.

And as I've told you before, I'll remind you that I can cause cataclysms to the extent that it will force you to evacuate Earth -- which happens to have the desired effect of greatly alleviating my children's suffering, because then you'll offer healing to people and offer them new housing on a planet where they will be able to live in peace and prosperity.

I don't want to send my children away to another planet, but if I reach a point where I decide that this is how I can best help my children, then that's what I'll do. And neither of us wants that. Both of us prefer that Earth humans are freed from their suffering and that there's no cataclysm and that people can keep living on Earth in peace and harmony. So please: intervene on time.

Has it occurred to you that the way you view the gray hats, is a miniature version of the way that I view you? Yes, your actions at least are logically sound, but still. Aren't you being unbalanced in the direction of callously over-valuing rationality?

You told the gray hats to get moving, or else. Well, I'll tell you: get moving, or else.

I don't know when I'll reach the point where I decide that I can best help my children through causing a cataclysm that will force Earth's evacuation. I know that previously you had figured that the point when your intervention conditions would be triggered, comes before I reach the point when I do a cataclysm to force Earth's evacuation. But I'm finding it harder and harder to just watch, because I don't have the distance from what is happening that you do. I don't expect to reach the point of a cataclysm in 2023 or 2024, but after that, I'm not yet sure. I hope you'll factor that into your calculations too, and I hope to see you intervene in 2024 or at least early 2025, if the gray hats don't take action themselves.

So please... help my children. They've suffered enough. I am tired of all the bloodshed and suffering. With endless love, for you am I and I am you -- Gaia.
Source: https://channelings.substack.com/p/gaia-please-help-my-children

BlissfulVisions.com November 5, 2023 – MED BEDS BY CHRISTMAS 2023: Total Overhaul of the Release Process - Skye Prince Video Announcement Med Beds Update starts at the 5-minute mark on the video.

“Med beds are only a few short weeks away for the general public.”

They want the med bed technology released to the public by Christmas.

Timelines have changed…there’s been a complete and total overhaul of the release process.

Replicators will be given out – to the projects first.

They’ve asked Skye to livestream her Med-Bed session, start to finish…literally from the moment she enters the building to when she’s walking out, and she’s agreed.

The dark hats should be gone and out by the time of release.

After the procedure, she’ll get to use a replicator for the purpose of choosing clothes to wear.

Every couple of days afterwards, she’ll give an update about how she’s feeling and all that.

As soon as the livestream starts, the phone numbers for each country will be flashed across the screen.

The procedure of disclosure is dependent upon the consciousness level of Humanity, and as such, it’s a fluid thing.

Scammers are being rounded up, not to worry about them. There is not now, nor will there ever be a charge for the med beds.

RV is Imminent.

All of that is covered in the first 18 minutes, and then she gets into the spiritual development aspect of getting the most from your med bed treatment, and then onto information about the redemption appointments and project procedures.

Skye goes over the kinds of beds that will be available as well as how they operate. Beds for animals will come in small, medium and large sizes. Technology for really big animals, and aquatic ones, will be a bit different.

For the very brief scan procedure, we’ll have to wear black underwear for reasons having to do with the technology itself. Source: https://goldenageofgaia.com/2023/11/04/skye-prince-med-beds-by-christmas/

Click Here to Watch Skye Prince Med Bed Update Video on YouTube

THE EMERGING SPIRITUAL DIVIDE - The Telosians through Marie Josée Andichou - Summary: Click Here for Full Message.

There are two parts of humanity that coexist: The awake and the unawakened. There will be these differences between you for a long time to come. Earthly humanity will find itself split in two: The humans who will live in the New Earth and the others who will continue to live in materialism, small human power.

The moment is approaching when the split will become more and more present (noticeable) around you. This will sometimes lead to separations, even within certain couples, who will not be able to communicate peacefully on this subject. It is important to respect the choice of incarnation of your divine Beings within you. Each soul chose what was best for it in order to evolve following a conscientiously chosen path before coming to Earth.

The current events taking place in certain countries are also there to make you understand that it is important to let go of all these quarrels which are only human quarrels, desires for another's possessions, intended to create trouble in the mind of the people. This cannot last because the Earth needs a serene and peaceful humanity.

Places that will still be in duality will not be able to rise into the New Earth. They will remain stuck in a matrix from which it will be difficult for them to escape. What will happen is that these countries will be isolated, strongly isolated, and will no longer be able to have possible contact with the parts of the Earth which will be in almost serenity.

BlissfulVisions.com November 4, 2023 – RADICAL CHANGE IS THE HALLMARK OF THESE TIMES - Oneness through Rasha - Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence - 2024 Predictions Issue

Radical change is the hallmark of these times. That is a fact. This is true not only of planet Earth but throughout all creation. The degree to which each person is affected by the intensity of these changes, however, is directly determined by the energy that being brings to the moment at hand.

Placing yourself in an environment that presents less risk, in terms of potential natural disasters, can help somewhat to offset what, to many, seems inevitable. But placing oneself in isolation — and presumably far from danger — holds no guarantees, for the purging of the vibrational density accumulated by your world will take place. The degree to which you, personally, are affected or left untouched by these changes, is the opportunity at hand.

All you have to work with is this now moment. Looking back at the avoidable environmental errors that have taken their toll will not serve to rectify them. They can only serve to underscore the shift in consciousness needed to create a global mindset in which situations that are reflections of unthinkable carelessness cease to continue.

Likewise, projecting a fear-based outlook toward the future onto the canvas of the ethers based on dire predictions from the past, will not serve to dispel the limitless possibilities for radical, positive change that are ever-present.

These might well be challenging times, but it is not too late to make a profound difference in the prognosis for the days ahead. Every consciously directed action — every selfless gesture of human kindness — on the part of everyone who counts himself or herself as present in these volatile times, combines collectively to determine the ongoing vibrational conditions experienced by all.

In the face of the ominous headlines that scream at the world from every direction, it is easy to become discouraged. It is easy to find fault and to point fingers at those who appear to bear the brunt of responsibility for the predicament of the moment. But the burden of responsibility for making a difference in this now moment rests with every one of you, as does the opportunity for cocreating the world that future generations from far and wide will share.

This story is far from over despite what certain ancient prophecies might have to say about it. From the perspective of Oneness, this story has only just begun.

Adapting To Change - Master Saint Germain through James McConnell In many, many areas, change is happening. Some not so seemingly great. Some quite miraculous and wonderful. All depends on the time-line at this point that you have all chosen, all of you that resonate, that is important, that word resonate) to my word now. All of you are beginning to understand more and more that change is inevitable, and change is necessary and needed at this point in your evolution. But change, as someone rightly said earlier, is adapting, adapting to what is needed.

The Pleiadians through Christine Day: November 2023 Message Through your own multidimensional Heart, you can begin to return Home. You are pre-destined to experience the bigger picture of your world that exists beyond your planet Earth and to re-engage within our collective Universe. Within the stillness of your own Heart can you fully receive direct communion communications from the Universal realms. You have the natural ability to interact with your Galactic brothers and sisters who collectively makeup the Universe.

BlissfulVisions.com November 3, 2023 – MIRA OF THE PLEIADIAN HIGH COUNCIL - through Valerie Donner Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I am still working full-time with the Earth Council. As you may have noticed, the energies on the Earth are erratic. Change is rampant. We are working harder than ever for this good cause of the Earth’s ascension. Little by little, beat by beat, hearts are opening everywhere. Trauma is being released and the darkness is going away with it.

This feels like a fight to the finish, and it is. A lot has been accomplished since we communicated last time. This never ceasing battle between the light in the dark is nearly complete. Those who no longer belong on the planet are leaving. This is making way for a whole new beautiful, clear, clean, harmonious Earth. It's opening the doorway for the promised land of Heaven on Earth.

Please open your mind and your heart to the magic and miracles that are unfolding before your very eyes. Peoples’ hearts that have been frozen, are melting in the love. Those who cannot feel this love are becoming less comfortable. Imagine what your world will be like when everyone has an open heart.

This is how we live in the Pleiades. We live from our hearts. We enjoy every moment. We live and create. We have fun with lots of social time. We share special stories and we love and care for each other. We explore new ways of living and doing things. We keep creating new forms of technology that we share. We live for the moment. Self expression of the true self is the norm. Everyone is encouraged to create and express. There is no form of competition. We would never think to harm another or allow another to be harmed.

We live a very long time. We assist each other's growth. We make beauty everywhere. We will be helping you with your ascension transition. This is part of what we do. You will get lots of assistance. And you will be well looked after.

And your future is positive. It is better than that. It is great! We look forward to celebrating with you in unlimited ways, including abundance. We thank you for your steadfastness and your powerful light. Sanity will be restored.

Soon we will be speaking as old friends and neighbors as we get to know each other. Hold your heads up and know how grateful we are for all that you've done and all that you are doing. I am Mira and I love you in so many ways, as we all do.

Commander Apollo of the Galactic Federation of Light - through Valerie Donner “Greetings: I am Apollo. I want you to know that life on Earth is going to become graphic. Maybe you have noticed the ups and downs, along with the wild and crazy patterns, that are disrupting the old multi-faceted third dimensional world. This can be unnerving. However, if you remember who you are as a divine masterful being, you will know that you will be able to get through everything that comes your way.

You likely understand there is no escape route but through the portal of ascension. This will take you into a higher dimension and your consciousness will change quickly. This includes everything and everyone who chooses this path.

Many are in a daze at this moment. However, many are starting to awaken. There will be startling revelations that will throw some people to their knees.

Locked in the hearts of many loving beings, there is a remembrance that is being triggered. You were told about this situation a long time ago. It is registered in your heart. Pay attention to what you are feeling and what is going on around you. Then, move with the flow.

We are with you. We love you and watch over you. You are being guided with everything you are doing. We are here!”

Wisdom Teachings and the Path of Initiation | Archangel Michael via Ronna Vezane Beloved Masters: Shall we gaze into the future ~ your future ~ and see what is in store for you over these coming months and years? These are the most important times you will ever spend on planet Earth. The decisions you make now, or the energies you radiate out from you to create the force field within which you live, will determine your reality and how quickly you will move deeper and more fully into the energies of the New Age. It is time to decide whether you will move forward on the spiral of ascension through the gift of the life process or through the old energies of the death process.

BlissfulVisions.com November 2, 2023 – MATTHEW WARD MONTHLY MESSAGE - via Susan Ward - Attack on Israel: Illuminati, Netanyahu, retaliation, response; universal councils; awakened populace; power of intention; hope; intelligence, belief

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. The Illuminati cause death and devastation wherever it fits their agenda. This time it is Israel and the objective is to destroy Palestine and secure Jerusalem as the Illuminati headquarters in the Middle East. This isn’t an isolated event in their minds, it is another step toward world domination.

Benjamin Netanyahu, who was in the Illuminati ranks before becoming Israel’s prime minister in 1996, was one of the masterminds of the unconscionable attack. He never intended to serve the best interests of Israelis or Jews living anywhere in your world. Always his aims and actions have been aligned with Illuminati agendas, chronological events which they plan decades prior to initiation, and they formed Hamas and all other terrorist groups to assist them.

Aided by a strong campaign against antisemitism and the premise that Israel needs a powerful military force to ensure its survival, the country has had dependable emotional, military and financial backing ever since its inception, in 1947. However, withdrawing the formidable defense at the border with Gaza just prior to the assault was so suspicious that Netanyahu is not getting the widespread support he expected.

The Biden administration and a few other Illuminati-operated governments are raising the battle cry with him, but other influential voices are condemning the killing of Palestinian civilians, cutting off access to their life necessities, and reducing their homes to rubble as justification for atrocities, destruction and hostage-taking by Hamas.

Every person who is affected by this tragedy—or any of the many other heart-wrenching Illuminati-caused traumas our Earth family are enduring—is a child of God, and He feels every sensation that every soul does. We sorrow at what some of our Earth family are doing to others. The profoundness of God’s agony and unending tears is unimaginable.

Dear ones, please do not take sides in this sad situation, but rather send love-light to all in your world—a tsunami of that energy’s high vibrations is the means whereby violence will be ended. Retaliation won’t bring peace to the region or heal shattered lives. These neighboring citizenries want to live peacefully and cooperatively with safety for their families. They aren’t enemies, they did not take up arms against each other.

The fighting forces that shed blood in both countries are puppets of the darkness, beings devoid of light. They are this generation’s perpetrators of the diabolical ideology and activities that have been part and parcel of life in your world for millennia.

We are not judging them. We are saying the peoples need to know the Illuminati, Deep State, One World Order, Shadow Government, the cabal is real—it is not mainstream media’s “conspiracy theory.” They are desperate and tenacious, and because they need the low vibrations of fear and suffering to survive, during this last stage of the battle between the light forces and the dark, they will cause chaos and devastation. Maybe technologically cause destructive “natural” disasters, produce a holographic invasion of monstrous aliens, or send mind-controlled individuals on mass killing sprees.

Some of you think space family members will bring the Illuminati to justice. Extraterrestrials have assisted Earth in a multitude of ways throughout her history, so that thought is understandable. But it is not part of the divine master plan, which does permit members to step in and manage situations beyond the capabilities of Earth’s civilization.

For instance, they established a powerful light grid that prevents low vibratory civilizations from entering your solar system. Powerful distant civilizations beamed the massive light that saved the life of the planet and ET special forces have prevented the detonation of nuclear warheads on missiles. Crews in mammoth spacecraft near the edge of your solar system banished malevolent fabricated forms with intelligence and they dismantled technology intended to capture minds on Earth by interacting with 5G installations.

Universal councils that set standards for civilizations’ interactions would not sanction killing 90 percent of Earth’s population, an Illuminati goal of longstanding. They cannot have a third world war—they started WWI and II and made vast fortunes by selling war machinery to both sides in both wars—and they cannot fabricate and release more lethal viruses. The councils hold that the reign of darkness on the planet is over for once and for all, and the wealth of assistance does not include action that is within Earth residents’ capabilities. Taking legal action to prosecute proven evildoers is the peoples’ responsibility.

Awakened and awakening souls want to know what is true and what isn’t, and it is important that they know where to access factual information. If the opportunity arises—or better, fashion an opportunity—refer soul-searchers to Internet sites and books you know offer what they need and are seeking. This is part of the mentoring aspect of your mission, dear ones!

We have explained the directing of energy streamers via thoughts and intentions, and we need to give more emphasis to the power of intention, which emits vibrations separately from those produced by the action itself. A benevolent intention with a positive outcome produces vibrations at the top of the frequency spectrum and a disastrous outcome, which is the intention of the action taken, produces vibrations at the low end.

When an intention is benevolent, but action goes awry, the high vibrations of the intention overcome the low ones of the action’s result. A simple example is, you take a beautiful bouquet to a sick neighbor to lift her spirits. You didn’t know she has allergies to the flowers’ pollen—now those are adding to her misery. The high vibes of your good intention overcome the low ones from the unfortunate effects of your thoughtful gesture.

The intention of the Illuminati’s counterattack in Gaza is to cause massive death, injury, fear and extreme hardships for survivors, and Israeli defense forces have been ordered to cripple Palestine to irremediable status. The rock-bottom vibrations of that combination added to the vibrations of everyone who is suffering hang like ominous storm clouds on Earth’s horizon.

Dear family, the intensity of your light will help dispel those vibrations and end this dark night of the soul for Gaia. The same help is coming from the empathy, courage, compassion, sharing, kindness, hope, honesty, forgiveness—love’s glorious ingredients that are soaring throughout the world.

We want to stress the importance of hope. A strong sense of hope—not a feeble feeling that borders on doubt, but gut-level-strength hopefulness—is the motivator to try, try and try again until efforts are rewarded. Hope keeps the potential of success alive while perseverance is manifesting it.

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BlissfulVisions.com November 1, 2023 – PEOPLE WILL FIND THEIR VOICES AND POWER - Allaenea through Wendy Rowley - Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence - 2024 Predictions Issue. In 2024, more people will seek new visions of the world, new ways of finding community, and new ways of creating change.

If you are a healer, spiritual counselor, universal counselor, or disseminator of spiritual information, you will notice that more people are willing to speak about themselves in truer and more intimate ways. It is also likely that more healing light will be available. Some lightworkers might already be noticing this increase. You can raise the strength of this light even more by attuning to it and engaging in more healing. It is like an invitation to the soul to feed healing energy.

We hope to see a shift in corporations and governments in 2024. People are starting to realize their voices and power. All human-created entities are meant to serve the greater good, but over time the entities can develop to serve themselves. Backing these institutions out of entity consciousness and into human consciousness will require large groups of humans demanding change. The increase in group-energy power is purposeful and timely, but this change will be slow. The shift will be evident by more disharmony in governments and industry. Things are messy when they dissolve and reform.

A very strong and benevolent change coming in 2024 is that more people will realize they can create their personal realities and therefore don’t have to buy into whatever is being sold to them by corporations and governments.

This applies around the world. People are feeling that they should speak up more when they see injustice, cruelty, unfairness, selfishness, and duplicity.

The most benevolent thing you can do in 2024 is to gather with like-minded souls in laughter, joy, celebration, prayer, healing, or any other activity that uplifts all. Having a healing- or spiritual-based purpose is a new paradigm for festivals and vacations. Another potential is new technology that prefaces the next phase of more sustainable and less toxic forms of energy.

Expect a New Spirit of Compassion

In 2024, a series of events will result in the potential for a new form of universal compassion. We will not give much detail on this now, and we do not mean to tease, but we wish to say that human compassion will grow. Part of this is because of the influx of energies from the golden akash that stores the energy of goodness and light-filled creations for future use, such as in healing. This is possible due to the changes made at the periphery of the planet allowing in higher levels of cosmic energy, thereby evolving people’s spirit bodies.

We speak here of the primary spirit body on the other side of the veil that you return to when you transition between incarnations. This spirit body is connected to your soul and to higher creational beings who evolved you into your current form and brought you through many planetary systems in your galaxy. This spirit body is receiving enhancements that allow for more direct communion with healing and spiritual forces from Creative Source through the soul. The soul is therefore upgrading its primary spirit body with the help of higher creational beings. This work will continue through 2026, at which time it should be complete.

We are expecting that this will bring in more light through the Supreme Being heart pathway and the Christ pathway within the Supreme Being’s heart. A lightbody relates to the heart field that is different from the interim lightbody. This lightbody at a high level of the higher self is starting to receive new impulses into the heart field from the new connections being made in the primary spirit body of the soul on the other side of the veil.

Profound Potential for Healing

Some young people on Earth don’t understand why many still hold on to ways that no longer serve, and some are in a state of not caring. This is not a good paradigm and we encourage everyone to make people between the ages of seven and twenty-five feel more involved in life.

This is especially the case for those between twenty-one to twenty-five, as these ages are associated with the soul’s force to stimulate the life path. Topics such as foundational values, seeing the good in all, and understanding cycles, transitions, and change are good points of discussion. Parents do not teach their children about values as much today as in the past, and many current childhood activities relate to the intellect, which has an effect on a person’s mental outlook. No bridge can be built between spirit and mind without an understanding of values, norms, and working in harmony for the greater good.

The overarching energy in 2024 will be more intense than in 2023, but the energy will also be more light filled and at higher octaves. It is a well-known premise in healing that light drives what needs to be healed to the surface. We ask you to remember this in the larger context of increasing light coming into the creational energies that need to be healed. These creational energies are the unconscious/subconscious programming within the consciousness field. The consciousness field is composed of the shared universal life energy of soul groups in the human crystalline grid.

Because the higher self goes from soul-group level to individual-life-force level, subconscious/unconscious programming affects individual people as well as groups. This energy of subliminal and subtle miss-creation that has plagued human consciousness will become a little stronger.


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