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"Progressive Reports on The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness (aka Ascension)"

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Ascension Updates: December 2023

BlissfulVisions.com December 31, 2023 – ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: HAPPY NEW YEAR – Channeled Shelley Young.

Dear Ones, we know many of you like to do rituals before the new year. You may like to create a vision board, meditate, or perhaps focus on what you would like to experience. We have a new suggestion for you. We invite you to bless your calendars or appointment books.

There is no right or wrong way to do this, but we will give you our suggestion, so you have an idea of how to start. Think of what you would like the new year to hold for you. You might wish to have abundant business with happy satisfied clients, joyful connections with family and friends, events that bring you joy, and perfect vibrant health. Think of all the things you would write on a calendar or in an appointment book.

Next simply hold the book in your hands and bless it with all those things! With your inner voice you can say, “I bless this calendar with…” and list off whatever elements you wish to experience. When you are done you can place your calendar or book over your heart center, simply say, “It is so”, and look forward to the path you have just chosen.

Again, we encourage you to use whichever method or words that feel right and true to you. So often, when a human has had a challenging time, they enter the new year with trepidation. This is an act that you are more than able to do. After all, you are the creator of your life expression, and starting the year off with an empowered declaration is a wonderful way to step into the energies of the new.

Are you accepting all of the love and joy and riches the universe has to offer you or are you excepting them? Because you are equally able to do either. It is simply a matter of what you are allowing.

We cannot stress this enough. You are all stewards of the new earth, and you are all absolutely entitled and encouraged to live a life of grace and ease, beauty and joy, however that looks to you. You simply cannot step into that role of creator self if you are still stuck in worthiness issues, fear, or doubt.

Don’t you think it is time to step beyond those old disempowering energies once and for all? It is like you are at a buffet and are refusing to fill your plates. Don’t be afraid. You are far too evolved to fall into gluttony or make bad choices. Trust yourselves to live abundantly and know you are safe and supported in those choices.

One of the biggest challenges for the enlightening human being is to let go of the old, deeply ingrained conditioning and belief systems that you may have been entrenched in since childhood. For many, these belief systems were simply designed to make you obey and to keep you small and disempowered. It can be difficult to even recognize these insidious beliefs as they have been part of your earthly experience for so long, yet this is exactly what you must do.

Ask yourself if your childhood conditioning supported you moving into your authentic power. If it did not, do not panic, Dear Ones. You can absolutely let these old thoughts and patterns go, but first you must identify what doesn’t honor the truth of who you really are.

How do you release them? It is through the recognition that they are not at all a match to who you really are that makes them lose their power and begins the releasing process. It will be easy to finally let these limiting energies go because your soul has been aching to identify them and release them all along. Source: TrinityEsoterics.com

BlissfulVisions.com December 30, 2023 – INTRODUCTING THE GNOMES OF NEW EARTH IN THE 6TH DIMENSION – Channeled Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Light Forces.

Hello Humans. We are Gnomes, and we are here to introduce ourselves to humankind through this channel. We are real and staying right now on a New Earth, 5D version of your planet where everyone is trying to ascend to. We love being there, as no one is disturbing our peace and harmony. Before we lived in Inner Earth, and some of us lived in Hollow Earth with Zorra. After your planet’s ascension we moved there to 5th dimension.

Your five-dimension version of your planet Earth is much bigger than your three-dimension version. The New Earth is 100 times bigger, than your 3D reality you’re living on right now. This is very common in the Cosmos; higher dimensional planets are usually much larger than lower dimensional planets.

The main reason for this everything is taller and bigger in higher realms. The beings are taller, homes, trees, nature in general, and animal life is taller and bigger. For example Queen An-Ra and Anubis Egyptian civilization has 15 feet tall wild cats and 10 feet tall cobras as pets. Also, right now none of the Galactic Light Forces motherships can land on your 3D version of Gaia, all of the motherships are bigger than your entire planet.

If you are fortunate enough to ascend to the New Earth, you will be much taller than you are now. Your new body will be between 8 to 15 feet tall, and it will also be a light body, which will feel light and weightless. One of the main reasons for this is besides that you are going to be an advance spiritual being, your going to be much taller. It will help you to adjust to a new gravity, which won’t be so dense and heavy as a 3D version. If you stay the same height as you are now, you are going to fly off the planet.

You also will be able to teleport, communicate with other beings telepathically and create things with your Universal Consciousness in a few seconds. You will be living for thousands and thousands of years. No one will be dying on a New Earth from any diseases, you won’t even get sick. You will have perfect health. When you decide you want to live a different life, you will just leave your body without any pain. Then you will appear in a new form in a different part of the Cosmos living your new life.

In the New Earth the plant based foods that you will be eating mostly for the enjoyment and not for the survival reasons. Your light body will completely absorb all of the foods that you consume with nothing left, which means you will not have to go to the bathroom ever again, like you do daily in your 3D reality.

We Gnomes are from the 6 dimension, you will be able to meet us, when you ascend. Only pure souls can see us right now in your dimension. In the past human kids were able to notice us until certain age like 5 years old, after that they get tainted by your society and their parents, who usually don’t believe them and try to subdue their imagination with doctors and medications.

We decided now not to show ourselves anymore to children, so not to cause any harm. We are 4-5 feet tall and live in a place surrounded by nature, where mushrooms like to grow. These are specific mushrooms, which can get quite tall, we can jump from one mushroom to the next one. We like to jump from one place to another, we don’t walk.

We built small houses looking like castles in secluded areas in the forest. We love teleportation as well, we can also communicate telepathically. Our population right now is about 1000. Many things are hidden from the human’s eyes, as you see everything through the mind, and not through your Universal Consciousness.

It brings only limitations in the form of believing in Good and Evil. These are common for low vibrational realities, such as 3D or lower. Humankind is still in its infancy, and it has a lot to learn. The truth is that your world is so negative and depressing right now, that we wouldn’t be able to stay even for one day.

We love to have fun and do good deeds. Humanity forgot on how to laugh from their heart and enjoy each others company. You are too consumed with your own survival through these constant obstacles that are thrown to your daily life. Your whole system, it needs to be replaced with a completely new way of governing society. What you have doesn’t work, and it never did, it was created only for one purpose just to be a camouflage to hide the truth from humanity about their origins, abilities and etc.

It makes us very sad looking at humans. All you do is just run around every day without any purpose with justification, that you need to make money to pay bills. You are paying to be alive, have shelter and food. For us, it doesn’t make any sense, you are allowing for yourselves to be treated like objects. Go back to your roots of being spiritual Light Beings.

It’s time for you to ignite within your soul, the powers to ascend through meditations, where we are, to a New Earth. The shell of 3D is going to disappear in the Universe, as peace and harmony needs to be restored. It has been too long since, your world had tranquility. Unify as one nation across the globe and stop being divided by meaningless differences such as religions, ethnicities, and etc. Now, is the time for you to act as heroes and not as victims. Thank you, Ambassador of Light Forces. You are the Ones who can make the changes in the world. Gnomes.

BlissfulVisions.com December 29, 2023 – THIS SUMMER 2023 HUMANITY PASSED ITS READINESS TEST – The Council of Elders of the Pleiades Constellation channeled by Martha in Russia.

We want to tell you that the scenario in which their plan to completely enslave humanity has disappeared from your timeline, and that its "echoes" by inertia are still manifesting on the physical plane is a kind of "phantom trail," like what an airplane leaves behind as it recedes into the distance.

When and why did this happen?

The turning point came this summer, which was the intersection of two timelines, each of which began to develop according to its own scenario.

This summer determined your future destiny, becoming a symbolic "crossroads" for you, where a person had to make his most important choice.

But this time, such a choice had to be made by all of humanity at the level of its collective consciousness.

At this "crossroads", as on scales, all the parameters necessary for the transition of humanity to the Fifth Dimension were weighed: the general level of vibrations, the degree of consciousness of people, the number of awakened souls and many others – more subtle indicators of the spiritual development of each person.

This summer, humanity was passing its main test of readiness for the greatest, never-before-seen evolutionary leap of its development.

This is not to say that this "exam" was brilliant, but nevertheless humanity managed to "move to the next class" and stay on a favorable timeline for it.

And here the main helpers were your Souls, who have gone with you through hundreds of your incarnations in the three-dimensional world of fire, water and copper pipes – they saw and understood all your difficulties, ups and downs like no one else.

But the main thing is that they knew about your greatest and most intimate desire to leave the dualistic world of the third dimension and return home to the world of Light and Love.

And this desire of pure and ancient human souls prevailed over everything else and allowed humanity to continue its journey along the timeline leading to the world of the Fifth Dimension.

Now the representatives of the Forces of Darkness incarnated in human bodies will begin to leave your planet more quickly, following their own scenario, and those who have chosen Ascension will move towards their goal at an accelerated pace.

And we will do everything in our power to help you overcome all obstacles on this path from the subtle plane. The Council of Elders of the Pleiades Constellation.

BlissfulVisions.com December 28, 2023 – SAINT GERMAIN: FOCUS ON THE NEW BEGINNING – Channeled by James McConnell.

I am Saint Germain. I come to be with you at this time, in these conditions; I will say, new beginnings.

Yes, you are coming to the end. You are coming to the end of the movie, the end of the show, the end of the old third-dimensional illusion. But wherever there is an ending, there is also a beginning.

And it is time now to focus, not on the ending so much, but the new beginning. The new beginning that is beginning to sprout everywhere. Consciousness raising everywhere. Vibrational frequency increasing everywhere, which then raises consciousness. And as more and more people are raising their consciousness, more and more they will, they will, all of you as a collective unity, will lower the veil, disintegrate the veil between dimensions. And that is what is happening more and more now as you are moving further and further ahead in your ascension process.

Yes, as you focus on the negative, as you focus on those things that are happening across the world, and they are happening. Many things are continuing to happen still yet behind the scenes. But again, for those of you that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, you are aware of those things behind the scenes. And the general public, even they will begin to become aware of these things as well more and more. Not all, of course, but many, many more shall awaken, and are in the process of awakening now.

And the republic, the republic that I had a dream of long ago back in our 1776. At that time there was a dream. We all had a dream to have this republic of The United States For America. But it wasn’t just a dream for The United States, it was a dream that was started at that time.

But then we all knew it would culminate in a worldwide phenomenon, a worldwide republic. And that, of course, is in the process of happening now, even as many things, many seemingly negative things are happening across the planet, it is all part of the greater universal plan. The plan for the country. The plan for the world. And those forces that are work, those forces of light that are at work are doing everything they can to bring this about.

And all of you are part of those forces of light, and you need to know that. In whatever situation you find yourself now, you are contributing to the greater good. You are contributing to the unity consciousness spreading across the planet. And you all need to come to understand that, that you are a part of the Republic, the New Republic. You are the New Republic.

Just as Benjamin Franklin was asked back then what kind of a government are you giving to the people? And his reply was. “A republic, if they can keep it.”

No, you did not keep it, you being the collective you, did not keep it. But you are moving toward it once again. And there are those forces that are fully aware of the republic that was meant to be, and are moving now in the direction of bringing that back to the people, for the people, and by the people. That is what this was all about.

And you all need to know that you are moving in that direction, and quite swiftly, indeed, moving in that direction. For the end of the movie, as you know it, is coming to an end. And as I began this message, it is all about the new beginnings.

I am Saint Germain. And I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you continue to forge ahead. Forge ahead in whatever way that you can to bring awareness more and more to more and more people who are ready to open up and awaken to that learning. Source: https://eraoflight.com/2023/12/28/saint-germain-focus-on-the-new-beginning/

BlissfulVisions.com December 27, 2023 – THE JOY OF LOVING ACCEPTANCE – God through Liane Rich – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – January 2024.

You are always in a state of love, only you do not feel love. You are actually a loving lightbeing, and when you exist as a loving lightbeing, love is what you are. You are literally made of love, and you will eventually learn to turn off hatred and anger to feel your love.

You have bombarded your cells and atoms with the opposite of what you are in an effort to fit in and know this material world. Now it is time to let go of everything except your true nature, which is love and acceptance. It is time to rise above all else and know the joy of loving acceptance.

Your rejection of love (acceptance) and expectations cause you unhappiness. If rather than rejecting and judging, you find the good in a situation and then show gratitude for that small good thing, you will grow in loving acceptance. It is most difficult for you to stop all judgment and negativity, so I ask you to just slow it down.

Begin to trust, just a little, that everything will be okay, and you can move up to the next step, which is experiencing okay outcomes. Then move up to the next step of seeing good outcomes and finally to the next step of seeing the best possible outcomes.

You dove slowly into negativity as you aged, so I do not expect you to rise out of it overnight. You began as a baby with a clean slate and gradually learned to judge “this” as wrong, and you learned to hate “that” for being wrong and bad. Being punished for your bad or wrong behaviors solidified most judgments along the way.

Then, as you aged, you found that you were more readily accepted if you were on the side of what was considered good and right. Things got a little more complicated as you became aware that some groups accepted certain behaviors while others found the same behaviors sinful and punishable by God.

Now you’re in quite a dilemma as to which side to take. You want to be right and good to avoid being punished and outcast, but you want to be accepted by all. You must choose a position, and this, once again, is how your judgments become more solidified and even greater parts of you.

The original you who is loving and accepting is buried beneath the judgments and survival skills you’ve taken on. I ask you to let go of the judgments that have grown in you since you were first born into this material world. Be patient with yourself as you release your hold on judgment. It has become a survival tool, and you will feel a little uncomfortable without it.

Start gradually, and let it go where and when you can. Accept life and this new world a little at a time, and in the same way you became stuck in judgment and criticism, you will become addicted to acceptance and love. The joy you feel once you move into acceptance will be so light that you might become euphoric.

Once you have returned to a state of loving acceptance, you will see how some of the best outcomes in this third-dimensional reality are actually born of chaos. You hate and judge chaos. You don’t see things from a higher perspective and therefore judge what you do not understand. You are quick to form opinions and judgments.

One way to slow down this process is to sit and wait for a final outcome. Say to yourself, “I will keep an eye on this situation and wait to see what it turns into. I expect to see the highest possible outcome, and I will wait for that outcome to occur.” Then you sit, wait, and watch for the good to occur. Do not worry or fret.

God has everything in the palm of his / her / its hands, and all is very well here on Earth. Ye of little faith might not think so, but those who sit or stand at higher perspectives know the truth of the matter. If you can just rise above your current view of life, you will see the true wonder of it all. Come on, now. You can do this. You will rise up once again.

BlissfulVisions.com December 26, 2023 – ZENXA: HUMANITY'S NEW PLANET IN A FARAWAY GALAXY TO EVOLVE INTO HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS - channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Greetings, I am KaRa, the Emissary from the Galactic Light Forces, and my direct responsibilities are working directly with Ashtar Command. I am happy to be back and share some updates regarding the transition for the ones, who are not ready to ascend, to a new planet similar to Earth.

The planet has been chosen in a faraway Galaxy, where humanity can take as much time as it needs to evolve from 3D into higher realms. There are hardly any ships that travel there, so humanity can’t cause any problems in a non habitant Galaxy. Humans are going to be the only life in that space, there are no Galactic civilizations living in that part of the Universe.

Humans are a liability here on Mother Earth, and Ashtar Command can’t wait too much longer for their evolvement, as other civilizations are in a desperate need of their assistance. The Galactic Light Forces have been around Gaia for over thousands of years. Humanity’s new planet will be 10 times bigger than Earth, and it’s called Zenxa.

The human weapons and a money system are not going to be transferred to Zenxa, also the Dark Entities will be left behind and lose their souls to the Universal Consciousness. Humanity needs to figure out, on how to evolve and handle their lives in a different way by being guided by their souls not by their egos.

The reason the Galactics Light Forces made this decision to move the asleep population into a new place is they can’t wait forever for humans. Right now, Earth is taking up a lot of the Galactic resources to keep the planet Gaia and the population safe and not allow for the Darkness to destroy the Milky Galaxy with other inhabitants who live there.

The Deep State is losing their powers and getting exposed each day more and more, as their actions don’t convey high intelligence. The Dark Entities are only concerned about the destruction of humanity and creating chaos in the world, keeping people in fear and enslaving everyone with their negative behavior. Some humans still trust them and follow their plans. They have been slowly depopulating your planet by using different tactics such as shots, diseases, gender confusions, conflicts or wars.

My team is overlooking your space around Mother Earth, almost everyday one negative corporation which pretends to be positive launches satellites and rockets into your space to spy and control humanity. These satellites and rockets are poorly made which makes them easily fall apart and explode in your atmosphere around Earth. This creates a lot of debris in your space and these big pieces are falling down to your planet. We destroy them before they fall on the population.

This same negative company wants to put a technology chip into human brain. In this procedure a human sergeant will make a hole in the skull and then a large robot will use a needle to thread 64 skinny wires and 16 electrodes into the brain. This will cause a lot of problems for the human body that's assuming you will survive this surgery, and this will also give the Dark Ones more power and control over humanity.

You don’t have any shortages in supplies or foods, all of that are lies. There is enough food and basic necessities for everyone around the world. You would be shocked if you would see how much food grocery stores throw away and other stores thrash goods away. Your planet has all of the needed resources to prosper and live in harmony and peace for a long time.

We said numerous times not to believe, what anyone says, unless your whole being agrees with this statement. Regarding your medical beds, it’s a big scam, they are not available yet. Be aware and don’t sign up or pay any money to get the treatment. This advanced technology is going to be available for free.

When you ascend your body will transform into a Light Body, which won’t require these low vibrational treatments, it's the opposite you will be able to heal yourselves. Also, if you get injured in a Galactic battle, then you will use highly advanced devices. to repair your body quickly and painlessly.

Please, continue to focus on your vibrations, and don’t give any opportunity for the Darkness to control and manipulate you. Everyday their evil deeds are getting exposed, and it can’t be hidden anymore. The Light will win and bring a long-awaited peace and harmony on a New Earth. Thank you, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Please, Accept Supreme Love from My Team and Me. The Wall of Deception is Falling As We speak. KaRa. Source: https://voyagesoflight.blogspot.com/2023/12/kara-via-erena-velazquez-december-25.html

BlissfulVisions.com December 24, 2023 – INTRODUCING THE SOLARIAN CIVILIZATION OF THE CENTRAL SUN - channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Greetings Humans. We are Solarian Civilization, and we are transmitting this message telepathically today to introduce ourselves to humankind.

We live on a planet called Solaris, which you call Universal Sun or Central Sun. The Universal Sun planet is 100 times bigger than Earth. These solar flashes that are coming from our planet are protecting us from invasion by unfriendly races. Your kind constantly talks about the flashes. They are completely harmless by the time they reach Gaia.

Nobody can come too close to Solaris. Everything in close range gets melted into the Cosmos, so Galactic ships don’t charge at the Central Sun. We live on the inside of the planet and not on the surface, it’s too dangerous to be too close to the flashes of heat. No one can visit us, unless they get invited by us. When you receive permission to come to visit us, then we provide a temporarily safe opening through our active planet for you to fly on your ship and land on the Central Sun.

A long time ago part of our civilization decided to explore other Star Systems, and Earth was found, and we Solarians created a new civilization called Atlanteans, who lived on the island called Atlantis. Atlanteans became a very advanced civilization on Gaia. They even had Galactic spaceships. Unfortunately, their success went to their heads, and they started to fight between themselves, which led to their self-destruction. Atlantis sunk into the ocean with many inhabitants, only a small number survived.

We are the second oldest civilization in the Cosmos and live in the 16th dimension. We are not in a liquid form, as some of you would say. The only time you are liquid, if you want to be reborn in that form or you live in the Galaxy or Star System, where everything is sustained in a liquid form.

Anyway, we are extremely tall with defined athletic bodies. Our height ranges from 15 feet and up. Our skin tone is golden. We don’t participate in the Galactic Light Forces affairs and stay mostly to ourselves. We have done that in the past, now we are only interested in expanding our spiritual horizons and not to participate in meaningless wars or games.

Your civilization has a lot of work to do, as of right now you are not ready to interact with any Galactic civilization. You are too divided by religion, ethnicity, language, history, etc. You can’t get along with each other. Skepticism, sarcasm, disbelief and anger are emotions implanted by your Negative rulers.

Unless all of you come together as one civilization by letting go of all your differences, you will continue to be enslaved. Humankind has been spinning their wheels for a long time, this is why Divine, and the Galactic Light Forces intervention is necessary, as you are not capable of freeing yourself at this moment.

The truth is the same goal for everyone to move into higher realms and leave behind 3D. We have been there, and we know that transformation takes time. We want to remind you that you are stronger than you think. Thank you, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Follow the Path to Freedom, Solarian Civilization.

BlissfulVisions.com December 23, 2023 – PLEIADIAN SOULS ARE INCARNATING ON EARTH – Universal Oneness channeled by Judith K. Moore – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – January 2024.

Universal Oneness: Those of you who are emissaries of the Pleiadians — their descendants or ambassadors — are opening the holy heart space for the vibration of these souls to enter your incarnational plane, because they cannot incarnate into a place that is less than love. Their purpose is to create a new dimension of light on Earth.

You incarnated or came ahead of them to prepare an energetic space in the world where their soul vibrations could enter.

The lineages of Pleiadian lightbeings is as ancient as humankind. They are your star relatives. As the vibration on Earth accelerates, you will become more attuned to the wisdom and knowledge of Earth’s Pleiadian lineage of light. It is important to acknowledge your ancestral connection to the Pleiadians who are human, have evolved beyond duality, and are preparing you and their descendants for your role in this manifestation of New Earth consciousness.

You cannot think of Pleiadians as separate from humans. Naturally, some Pleiadian species are very different from humans, because it is a vast realm far greater than you can comprehend. Specifically, a lineage of light connects to evolved Pleiadian humans who are highly intelligent and compassionate.

Many of you have Pleiadian DNA, which is encoded to awaken and enter you into higher states of consciousness. The legacy of your Pleiadian ancestral lineage and soul purpose is to activate a vibration on Earth for the incarnation of evolved Pleiadian souls.

Throughout the ages, souls have reincarnated with trauma and pain, perpetuating the cycles of trauma and pain on the planet. Lifetime after lifetime, souls reincarnate as wounded people who continue endless cycles of fear. Many of you have worked to heal this fear and discover states of peace and grace.

You Are the Grandparents of Future Generations of Light

Earth’s reincarnational plane has shifted. We have done the work of sending souls to the light, freeing them from cycles of suffering. Many of these souls have ascended into spiritual planes, celestial planes, and heavenly orders for the healing necessary to restore their souls into well-being and light. This shift in the incarnational plane is an essential component in the human capacity to be sustainable, peaceful, and harmonious with each other and with the planet.

Beings from other star systems are incarnating into the high Pleiadian incarnational planes and entering the Pleiadian realms. These souls are preparing, through the universities of light, for the incarnational surge to Earth. Many of these Pleiadian lightbeings who incarnate here have pure Pleiadian lineages of reincarnations in the highest planes.

Others are galactic citizens from other planets who have incarnated into this university of light because they have achieved the capacity to live in oneness and be at peace. You are aware of past lives here on this planet, but so much more is happening in the incarnational planes of the universe and beyond.

Alliances of light are taking place between galactic systems, and consciousness has opened a massive migration of souls into higher planes. The Pleiadian universities of light prepare souls through Pleiadian lifetimes to incarnate in living biospheres — Earth and other living planets — to sustain the purity of life force energy. Eventually, many colonies of light will go out from Earth to other regions of the universe.

These advanced souls will incarnate on habitable planets, assuring a galactic universal force of highly evolved beings. This will assure peace in the galactic community and the end of galactic wars, as the wars on Earth mirror galactic wars.

The principles of peace must spread across the universe to balance and harmonize the flow of energy from one system to another in the multidimensional plane.

Mother Earth is a cosmic mother. As she enters her ascension, she will pave the way for other societies of light to flourish throughout creation. You are the grandparents of these lineages of light. Future generations will be born as evolved souls with the soul knowledge of oneness. They will know how to live in harmony and sustainably with their environments. The beauty and light they spread will give your soul great joy. Blessed be, so be it, and so it is.

BlissfulVisions.com December 21, 2023 – LOVE, LIGHT, AND JOY ARE THE SAME WORD – Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – January 2024.

The wholeness of the universe is contained in these three words: “love,” “light,” and “joy.” The universe is made of love. It spreads it through light and creates joy in the overwhelming feelings of belonging and oneness.

When you say, write, or think these feelings, you come alive as your soul song on Earth. Earth moves. She and all the living things she composes are one with me, the Supreme Creator Goddess.

Breathe and allow the goodness of all things flood into your body. Breathe and know me. Breathe with others the word “love,” and join them and me in the oneness and bliss of the universe. It is waiting. I am waiting.

You don’t need to come to me or even believe in me; just believe in yourself in wholeness, and feel into the word “light.” See yourself burst into a bolt of lightning so bright that all can see and feel your power.

Earth appears as a golden blue jewel. You appear as your true self, a great spirit in total harmony with all the universe. All That Is, is you. I am you.

When you feel love, you radiate light and joy. Joy is joining in oneness. Separation is no longer in your vocabulary. Your guidance comes from within and begins with the realization that your heart is your opening to all the cosmos, to All That Is.

Just three little words can change the world. You know it; your heart knows it.

Love, light, and joy create a world of feelings. Is this where you want to live? Now you know the magic formula. Use it often and with great feeling, and your world will be love, light, and joy.

BlissfulVisions.com December 19, 2023 – EARTH’S ASCENSION INCLUDES YOU – The Great Wisdom channeled by Judith K. Moore – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – January 2024.

The Great Wisdom: Crystal codes of light in your DNA and lightbody activate the cosmic particles flowing into reality to expand consciousness. Your heart vibration is the essential frequency to activate these powerful light codes. You have awakened because you have been illuminated by a force of creation that shifts reality from chaotic duality to harmonic oneness.

The universe trembles with the power of the incoming flow of cosmic frequencies. All dimensions and realms in creation receive these in-pouring frequencies, the effects of which are beyond human comprehension. You cannot possibly imagine or understand this phenomenon.

You have a unique gift and divine calling essential for the alchemy of manifestation of the force that illuminates reality. You have been guided by the ascended masters, angels, and mystical forces in the inner planes. Your faith must be exceedingly strong to make the journey beyond the known into the unknown. You have been initiated and prepared over many lifetimes for the mission and purpose you now fulfill on the Earth plane.

All that is manifesting from the Cosmic Source of Oneness must come into material form through your consciousness and the work you do in the world. Your divine intuition guides you. As you surrender to the flow, you realize the power of synchronicity that affirms your choices when you choose oneness.

The chaos of discordant reality struggles to maintain control with the power of fear manipulation. You will be tested by the temptation to hook into negative energy, paranoia, and drama. Your unresolved emotional trauma is a playing field for temptation to hook into discordant frequencies. When you focus on your heart and let go of drama, you discover a deep peace and return to the flow of love.

Forgiveness is the key to compassion for you and for others. All are challenged, and some are not ready to be in their hearts and give grace to themselves and to others.

Be patient with others and with yourself. Everyone will ascend, as ascension is a natural and inevitable process. Some will struggle, but they will learn the power of love. Love is the great teacher, and you are here to master the art of loving and being loved.

You are certain to feel exhausted, lightheaded, or dizzy. These are indications of the powerful frequencies you receive from the Cosmic Source of Oneness. These energies are sometimes so powerful that all you can do is surrender and ground the energy. You might feel the need to sleep more, or you might have insomnia. Both are reactions to these higher vibrations.

Trust, beloved one, that you have incarnated at this time of all times and that you are part of the ascension process of all Earth. You might say, “When will the shift happen?” It is not like turning on a light in a dark room; it is more akin to the coming of dawn, from darkness to light.

Think how you have changed and overcome challenges. Your deep faith continues to guide you, moment by moment. This is the faith that Master Jesus referred to as the faith of a mustard seed. By deep and loving faith, the world will heal and recover from the apocalypse acting out in the collective of fear.

You are part of a critical mass of awakened humans generating the holy heart vibration into the collective to awaken mass consciousness.

BlissfulVisions.com December 18, 2023 – SANANDA: CORRUPTION IS DISINTERGRATING; MIRACLES ARE READY TO HAPPEN - Channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Dear Ones, I am Sananda, and I am grateful to speak to my Brothers and Sisters today on Mother Earth.

I am continuing to be stationed on my mothership New Jerusalem, which is bigger than entire Earth, around your planet and overlooking the process with other Light Beings on the progress of your Ascension. The high frequencies keep breaking down all of the barriers created by the Darkness to stop the Light.

Your elected officials are getting exposed left and right. Their credibility is diminishing more and more with each day. Many humans can see now, how corrupted these officials really are, and nothing is pure in their intentions or about them. Now, Divine together with Ascended Masters are preparing humanity to move into high dimensional realms.

The ones, who are not ready yet to take their next step in their advancement, will be moved to a new location very similar to this planet, as they need more time to evolve. This is just a reminder, on how the process will unveil in the near future.

We are closely observing your AI, lately the Controllers are trying to push forward the technology without complete understanding of it, what the consequences can be, if robotics get self-aware and become independent, they will take over the planet and eliminate all of humanity.

In addition, they want to put a control mechanism into human’s brain, as an excuse to help humans, who have mobility issues like walking and etc. This is just an excuse to control you even more. Humankind needs to continue to evolve spiritually through meditations. Also, you can’t wait for your Alliance to do the work, you need to take back your power yourselves into your own hands, first on the spiritual level and then physically into your hands.

Holographic reality created by Evil vibrates in low frequencies. It purposely keeps roads, buildings and etc. dark with only some light at night. The darkness lowers the vibrations. Try not to wear black clothes, as they emanate low energies.

Divine is healing your planet together with her inhabitants. The truth flows from the truth speakers, and false promises and dates are coming from the false sources. We never give dates or times. The energies are always in movement, so planets, stars and etc. are moving, nothing stays still or remains the same.

The changes on Mother Earth arrive in Divine Timing. The miracles are ready to happen, open yourself to receive them. Thank you, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. You are loved and blessed by Millions of Light Beings and Me, Sananda. Source: https://www.facebook.com/erena.velazquez

BlissfulVisions.com December 17, 2023 – LORD ASHTAR: MIND-BLOWING ANSWERS TO FRUSTRATED QUESTIONS FROM EARTH’S LIGHTWORKERS - Received by Anonymous (Australia).

Good morning, my beloved Earth family. I am Lord Ashtar, Commander in Chief of the Intergalactic Space Peacekeeping Force. What a delight it is to be back with you after you have had a recession. A great deal has happened in that time since we last spoke. I thought that because we haven’t spoken for some time it would be appropriate to answer the questions that are coming to us from your brothers and sisters on Earth.

The first question that is on so many lips is: “What is the hold up? Why is it taking so long?” and as we go through the answers I think you will understand what the cause is.

For our beloved brother Jesus and ourselves there is great concern among us of complacency within your brothers and sisters. For those who have been preparing for this great event for upwards of forty years, and there are many souls like that, they are saying: “We prepared for so long, and nothing has happened, and now we will go back to our old lives because obviously, its not going to happen.”

For us this is extremely alarming. And I quote the Ascended Greek Master Theophilus. He stated: “There are very few grains of sand left in the hourglass.” I say to you my beloved ones, as Light Workers on planet Earth now, do all you can to persuade your brothers and sisters not to become complacent.

In the past your teachers have talked about being prepared, and XXX, you have done an amazing job in moving your home and taking note of your teachers and preparing in every way you possibly can. And each of you is aware of what lies ahead in the Photon Belt and the issues that will be experienced there; the period of darkness.

You have nothing to fear because you have understood the trust in God. The trust is so vital, because that was where humanity fell away from God and they were no longer able to trust God in the beginning. In those earlier talks, of preparedness, your teachers talked of all the things you needed to do – how you would find that your electronic technology would no longer work for you in the time of darkness, and to prepare for other forms of warmth and heating with natural wood and gas. Also to have fuel (petrol, diesel etc) on hand if you have generating machinery, and to have plenty of water for your needs for your body, and for ablutions, and preferably fed by gravity so you did not have to depend on anything else.

There will of course be massive problems for those who haven’t looked forward to what is going to happen when the darkness comes, and there will be an amazing amount of fear. But you, as Light Workers, and all the helpers on Earth will be able to help your brothers and sisters through this difficult time.

There are many souls at the present that are saying to me: “Lord Ashtar, you have the power to land the fleet. Land the fleet and get on with it!”

That is true, I do. But my dear ones, I have absolutely no intention, nor does anyone in our Command, of breaking God’s Laws. Imagine, if we were to have a Luciferian war, and you know the fate of the fallen angels and the story of Lucifer. Can you imagine?

And the question has come from many brothers and sisters: “Where does the Command come from? Who gives the command?”

In one simple word, dear ones, it is God. But the command comes down, through God’s trusted emissaries. And the command comes to The Creator’s Arm. And then we are asked: “But who is The Creator’s Arm? Where are they? Who are they made up of?”

The Creator’s Arm consists of the Elohim. These are amazing beings of light and whilst you are in the Third Dimension, it is impossible for you to understand the power and the magnitude of the Elohim. They are creators of the planets. As well as the Elohim, there are those amazing archangels that you have known and loved: Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel, and another one that is well known, Sanat Kumara. He is the Elohim of Venus, and for the last two and a half million years he has been the planetary logo of Earth.

When the command comes from God to the Creator’s Arm, and it is stepped down to me, the fleet will land, beloved ones, so fast that you will think it is almost like the speed of light. In the book you read, (“You are becoming a Galatic Human” by Sheldon Nidle and Virginia Essene) you were able to read about the intentions of the Sirian planet, but as well as that, there are literally thousands of planets and star systems that are standing by to do the very same as your brothers and sisters from Sirius.

And the next question was: “Why do these planets have concern about Earth? What is in it for them? And is there some intention that they have towards Earth?”

The answer is yes, they have great intentions towards Earth! Because they have looked on for eons, as Earth developed, and they are aware that Earth was to be the showcase planet in the Universe, and God’s plan was truly amazing for Earth. It is the beautiful green planet, with amazing water supplies, amazing vegetation, rain forests, trees, beautiful flowers. Compared to the other planets it is, as Isaiah would say “beyond belief.”

And so your brothers and sisters have watched on, finding it impossible to believe how this beautiful planet could suffer war after war after war after war, and then watch the people on Earth desecrate the planet to the point that it is almost impossible to retrieve. And so yes, they have a very vested interest. They want to see their beautiful little sister grow up and become again what our beloved Father had intended her to be.

Another question that comes forth: “What is happening to the climate on Earth? Why are we seeing such wild and devastating things occur on Earth?”

And the answer is, beloved ones, a great deal of time and money has been invested by governments and other institutions about what is happening on Earth, and the catch cry of “climate change”. A huge amount is being invested by the media, to make you believe, on the one hand, “Earth is warming”, but at the same time other groups say: “No Earth is cooling.”

The truth of the matter is, beloved ones, there is no such thing as climate change. What is actually happening is that Mother Earth, a living being, is fighting, it is all getting to much for her and she is crying out for help. And the climate on Earth is controlled by the weather beings, the elementals and the nature spirits and they are all controlled by the archangels – they are of the angelic realms.

When you have earthquakes on Earth, it is simply Mother Earth turning over in agony as the plates underneath the surface of the Earth grind and grumble, she is crying out for help. And when you have such amazing typhoons and hurricanes, undersea volcanic eruptions, volcanic eruptions on the surface of the Earth, tsunamis, massive storms, tidal waves, brushfires and droughts, it is simply the overwhelming of the weather spirits, the weather beings, the elementals and the nature spirits crying out for help. Imagine, as the prophet would say, a household pressure cooker on your stove when it reaches maximum pressure, it blows off. And that is exactly what is happening with your climate.

So now I wish to digress about climate and the changes ahead. I know some of you find it hard when we talk about history. But history is what decides what will happen in the future. I want to take you back to the Atlantean/Lemurian wars (12,000 years ago Lemuria was destroyed by the Atlanteans, Atlantis sank 2,000 years after that as a result of yet another attempted war.)

You may recall that your teachers spoke about the climate in Lemuria in past meetings and they told you the climate was truly amazing. The temperature at the time of Lemuria never changed more than 5 degrees, plus or minus, 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Or 21 degrees Celsius. So in the Equatorial regions it never got hotter than 75 degrees and in the polar regions it never got cooler than 65 degrees. And yes, there were no polar icecaps. The wind speed never increased to more than 7 miles per hour. (11 km/h) The atmosphere was truly amazing.

What changed all this was the Atlanteans broke God’s Laws and I refer here to the splitting of the atom and the Atomic blasts that were fired by the Atlanteans at Lemuria. It had the effect of blasting open the crystalline ice cap firmament, and this was what was responsible for that amazing climate in Lemuria. The firmament was a crystalline ice layer, and it also surrounds the planet Sirius. It was in two layers, the first 15 to 18 thousand feet above the surface of the Earth, and the second layer at 35 to 38 thousand feet.

The story of what happened is told in your bible – it is called the great flood at the time of Noah and the Ark. At the time of this Great Flood there was some 64 million people on Earth, and when the flood lessened and the survivors were counted, there were barely two million. The water receded into what you know as the North and South poles and formed the polar icecaps. Noah, in his visions, was hoping that the new civilizations on Earth would follow the old traditions of Lemuria – a Fifth Dimension civilization with full consciousness. A civilization of unconditional love. But history tells us a different story. Sadly the people reverted to their warring ways, and as you know in more recent times, the great destruction of your planet.

In past times your teachers have talked about the plants and the animals that have become extinct and how the Father has saved them. And I draw your attention to the recent brushfires in your state of Victoria (An Australian State) where you saw catastrophic pictures of the creatures in the trees, and great sadness among the people.

Beloved ones, I talked about trust earlier - trust in God. All those little creatures are safe in new bodies and they are presently under the surface and they like all the other plants and animals that are on other planets waiting to return, are absolutely safe. And other souls have said: “Oh yes, when the icecaps melt in the North and South poles, what about the polar bears, the seals, the penguins and the migratory whales that return? What about them?” Again beloved ones have trust. The Father has all that in his care. He loves His creatures and plants so much that nothing will be lost. And simply, after the landing and the reconstruction of Earth starts, the ice from the polar icecaps will be used to rebuild the firmament.

You will notice that since the time of the Atlantean/Lemurian wars, the lifespan of humanity on Earth has changed from millennia to just a mere decades. The height of the peoples on Earth are no longer the seven to eight feet they used to be. Now they have returned to five and six feet. And this is due to the radiation in the atmosphere, because of the damage that was done to the firmament. And you will be very aware, from your reading of the Telos books, of the Lemurian civilization under Mt. Shasta, part of the Agartha Network known as Telos, and those Lemurian people were seven feet tall or more.

I also wish to say to you, that each one of you have flown over your country Australia, and you are aware of the inland of this beautiful island and how in many parts it is returning to desert. Australia was part of Lemuria and originally that inland Australia was a beautiful land of amazing water ways, amazing trees and plants and a beautiful place to live. The desecration that occurred there was due to the Atlanteans splitting atoms and the atomic blast that took place. And you will recall when I spoke to you about the atomic blast that took place on Bikini Atoll in 1954, and it took us 20 years to restore that and sadly some of it was not possible to restore. And this is what happens when you break God’s Laws.

Your teachers have spoken too, about the indigenous souls, both those embodied in the present time, and those in the spirit world. They will be joining with your brothers and sisters from space, for the rebuilding of the planet. And this will be a most glorious time. At the same time, the teachers have spoken to you in the past that there are a great many souls on Earth at the present time who will not make the move in the ascension. As you know all God’s children have free will. They will have the choice as to whether they wish to make the ascension or whether they wish to stay in the Third Dimension.

Because of this, I have made arrangements with three of the planets that presently exist in the Third Dimension and they are agreeable to take those brothers and sisters that do not wish to move forward at this time. This will not affect their evolution in any way detrimentally. They will be able to move forward in their own time and it may take considerable incarnations for some of them to do so. But if it takes ten years, a hundred years, a thousand years, whatever it takes at the present time, the Father has that avenue open for them to move into the Fifth Dimension when they are ready.

For the rest of the brothers and sisters on Earth that make the decision to move, they will move up to full consciousness and their DNA will change, up to the 12 helix system, that which was denied them in the time of Atlantis. That will mean massive changes for all those brothers and sisters. You remember I encouraged you to revisit the “Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East” and the reason was because I wanted you to see what you could do – the powers that the Father has given you. And when you move into that Fifth Dimension, you will be truly amazed at those powers. You will be able to talk to the dolphins and whales, who are fully conscious. Many souls will be able to work with them to rebuild the oceans as they are the guardians of the seas.

And I have been asked by many souls: “What happens around the Earth to the Defense forces - massive installations that have had huge amounts of money spent on them for the defense of each country. What will happen to them?”

You are aware always, that the Father does not tolerate waste. So these installations will not be wasted. Those personnel in the navies around Earth will have the opportunity to work with the whales and the dolphins to start making changes in the oceans and change them from what they are becoming – dumps of rubbish for humanity to fill the oceans and destroy the life that is already in the oceans. So you can see that there is massive work to be done in marine ecology.

The air-force will be employed with the technology that will be coming from the other stars and planets to start changing the atmosphere and bringing it back to what it originally was in the Lemurian times. And your land armies will be working with your brothers and sisters from space to rebuild the Earth on the land.

And as the Father will not tolerate waste, those installations of guns and guided missiles and all those things that were straight out warfare for killing humanity, will go back into their base metals and be used in such things as bridge building and the rebuilding of the cities and whatever is required. You will be absolutely amazed at the technology that is coming from the planets and the star systems to help with this rebuilding.

There will be huge changes in your cities because, as you understand now, the population of Earth will be considerable reduced. And if you think back to your trips with the girls to Mars and Venus, you saw an incredible town and city installations in Venus and incredible beauty. But Venus was not like that originally. All that amazing building and beauty has been done by the peoples of Venus.

It is hard, when you live on Earth, to understand that the other planets do not have the beauty that Earth has. So the cities will change, very much like your botanical gardens, and the animals will change too. You will find there will be massive changes in all of God’s creatures in that once again the fabled story of the lion lying down with the lamb will be the way the animals live with you. You will even see amazing changes in the venomous creatures that are on Earth at the present time. They will no longer carry venom to cause death. Even God’s beautiful plants like the roses will change and you will find no longer do the roses carry thorns. They will have the most beautiful perfumes for all to enjoy.

And so beloved ones, I hope that you can see that the massive organization that is involved has taken longer than many of us hoped it would. But you know the Father only deals in perfection and this will be the greatest event that has ever happened in the history of your planet and this time there will be no mistakes. Earth will come into that dimension that originally she was in, and it will be the most beautiful planet in all the universe.

I encourage you now to keep your eyes on the skies. Spend as much time as you can in prayer. And do as much networking as you can to help your brothers and sisters and explain what is going to happen. Jesus has asked that as many groups come together as they can, so they can give each other moral support when the time comes.

When the landings occur, you will see the small sky-ships, the ones that you traveled to Venus and Mars in. They are the fast little vehicles that we use. You will see the larger ships, like my command ship, you will see the massive transporters which are able to transport humanity and the equipment required for rebuilding the planet. And then of course there are the massive sky-ships. The mighty sky-ship that my twin flame commands (Lady Athena, commander of the Athena Sky-ship) will be absolutely amazing when you see it. It is absolutely huge. And coupled with the landing of the (Ashtar) command, (About 1 million craft) you will then see all the ships from the stars and the planets that are coming to your aid, and of course your Sirian friends that you have read about.

And so as I take my leave today, I would encourage you to remember the beautiful signature of the Universal Teacher, Chief Flaming Arrow: “Slip your hand into the hand of God, and you will never walk alone.” I send you my love and my blessings as always. I am Lord Ashtar, Commander in Chief of the Intergalactic Space Peacekeeping Force. Source: https://voyagesoflight.blogspot.com/2023/12/lord-ashtar-answer-questions-that-light.html

BlissfulVisions.com December 16, 2023 – SAINT GERMAIN: COMPLETE SPLIT BETWEEN THE OLD EARTH AND THE NEW EARTH – channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

My Dear Ones, I am Saint Germain, and I am here today to talk with you about a complete split between the Old Earth and the New Earth.

This low vibrational reality of the Matrix together with Evil are going to collapse any moment now. Everything, what was hidden for years, is getting fleshed out to the surface. All of the Dark plans are failing despite appearances.

Evil’s minions are losing their physical bodies, and their souls are being sent into the Universal Consciousness without a right to reincarnate ever again as the punishment for their dark deeds.

The Ascended Masters including me have been working on the removal of the stagnant and negative energies surrounding your whole planet. Right now, humankind is split into two groups. One part of the population still follows the Matrix, and the second one is ready to leave the low vibrations into New Earth.

Your reality is a violation of all the Universal Laws, and it needs to be dissipated. When you move into 5D, you are going to be pleasantly surprised, how easy and wonderful the existence can be without any worries or obstacles.

I promise you no money will be involved on the New Earth. As I mentioned before, money on Gaia is a representation of misery and poverty for millions of humans. This is why the Light Beings agree that money should never be invented or used ever by any civilization. Everything that brought suffering on Earth will vanish.

Let me enlighten all of you on the subject of Solar Flashes. They are just protective energies, which burst from the planet that you call Universal Sun. These Solar Flashes protect the beings from invaders. By the time these energies arrive to the Milky Galaxy, they have already lost their power, so they won’t knock out the internet or any power on your planet.

It‘s not a big deal when a Solar Flash happens. Solar Flash energies occur all of the time. Please understand this is just another incorrect interpretation about the subject by humans.

Solar Flash energies are extremely dangerous near the Universal Sun. It can burn any ship on the spot, but by the time these energies arrive to Earth , they are completely harmless. The civilization, who lives there, yes, there are beings living on the Universal Sun, because it’s a planet. This Galactic civilization will introduce themselves to you in the near future and will tell you more about.the Universal Sun planet.

Please, accept my Supreme Love and Support. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Follow the Truth, Saint Germain.

BlissfulVisions.com December 15, 2023 – CREATOR'S PROMISE: TO EMBODY THE FULLNESS OF YOUR GOD PRESENCE AND YOUR CHRISTHOOD IN YOUR LIFETIME – Adama of Telos (Hollow Earth) channeled by Aurelia.

Be at peace and hear the good news. Prior to your incarnation, your Creator promised that you would be allowed in this very lifetime to embody the fullness of your God Presence and your Christhood.

You will be allowed to manifest on Earth, in your present incarnation, the fullness of your divinity and spiritual gifts which have been hidden from you for so long.

Understand that the beings controlling your planet propose to stop this developing enlightenment at all costs since it will bring their reign to an end.

As the dark forces strive to bring all of you and the planet into greater servitude and increase your allegiance to separation and fear, the polarity of Light will at the same time create awakening and enlightenment. Even the planetary bodies in the heavens have aligned to facilitate this great surge in consciousness.

Soon those who are destined to form new governments and economic structures will become more visible. They have been preparing for this day and are already living among you. Do not judge them harshly or create expectations about them, for many who step forward may surprise you.

Many have masked their true identities from within the very groups they seek to replace. Reach out with your hearts to recognize who your new leaders may be. All new structures will be formed for the benefit of the collective. This is an important key to identifying those who are finally ready to really support humanity. Even national borders will not stop those who support true change from coming together.

These conflicts will initiate an acceleration on the entire planet and assist in awakening millions to a new awareness of their divinity and a reconsideration of new values in their lives. Multitudes will discover new goals and purposes more aligned with their divine nature. As a result of these conflicts you will find millions of people swelling the ranks of the lightworkers and banding together to create permanent peace and a new reality based on divine truths.

These conflicts will also assist in eroding the outmoded patriarchal structures that no longer serve you. Be prepared to experience some sorrow and to witness the suffering that will take place. This will assist in opening your heart and easing your passage into the higher dimension. You will also clear much accumulated karma, making way for the new order and the recognition of your true Divine Self.

Children of my heart, allow the hand of God to wield its magic. Your Creator is watching attentively, protecting the Earth and Her people who have chosen to remain and embrace their new glorious destiny. Instead of going into fear, despair and hopelessness, light a candle of hope in your heart. Know that beyond war, a brand new world awaits. Miracles are just waiting to manifest. The gifts of love and grace from the Creator and your star family will pour down in ways you have never experienced before.

In your heart, light the candle of knowingness that the Divine will prevail and victory is assured.

People on this planet have stood together by the millions and stated their intention for peace, and so it shall be. You are marching across your planet demanding peace, and so it shall be. You have become the focus of the entire cosmos. We watch you, with love, intention and bravery rise up against the tyranny of one world government, saying, “This far and no further; your day is done.” The Creator and all of you co-Creators are smiling, saying, “At last they are waking up; let there be peace on Earth, and so it shall be.”

As the vibration continues to increase upon the planet, so will your responsibilities. We, your Lemurian brothers and sisters, are gathering our teams on the surface to implement our plans with many of you in every corner and country of this planet. Eventually, we will be working in good will with all who desire to serve the greater good with us. Nothing will be imposed on you. Your desire to serve with us must be ignited by the calling of your heart.

If you wish to be of service, our mission will involve great numbers of people. Many wondrous opportunities will offer themselves for those desiring to work with us side by side. You are the way-showers, the nucleus of many small groups that we are nurturing, embracing and cherishing here in Mount Shasta. The time of joy you have been waiting for is just beyond the clouds, beyond the storms of fabricated wars. If you can allow the clouds and storms to play out this last game, this last illusion, you shall never regret it.

Keep the candle of hope lit in your heart, for beyond the dark clouds is joy, ease and grace.

The dawning of a new world of unity and love, where violence no longer exists, is now just beyond the horizon. Take care of each other in times of need. Extend your love and comfort to those who have not had the opportunity to learn what you already know.

Become the pillars of peace for all those in fear, so that they can lean on you for comfort. As others lean on you, we invite you to lean on us for your strength and support. In the days to come, we will be close to you, extending much love and assistance. Source: https://eraoflight.com/2023/12/14/adama-creators-promise/

BlissfulVisions.com December 14, 2023 – THERE WILL BE NO ALIEN INVASION – The Council of Elders of the Pleiades Constellation channeled by Marta in Russia.

Hello, dear earthlings! Today we would like to address you with a proposal for cooperation. Now several hotbeds of tension have formed on Earth at once.

In this regard, all friendly alien civilizations are keeping a kind of watch, monitoring the degree of danger to humanity of the conflicts that have arisen.

The reasons for their appearance are well known to you, so we will immediately dwell on the means to achieve the goals that the invaders of your planet use.

Since they are now almost exhausted in their arsenal of tools to intimidate the Earth's population, they are going to resort to the last and, in their opinion, the most win-win option: to announce an alien invasion hostile to humanity.

To this end, they are going to use technology developed by the Greys, capable of projecting holograms of alien ships in the air.

They have been preparing humanity for this for a long time, creating dozens and even hundreds of films about the invasion of Earth by aggressive aliens.

But this scenario has always been a backup option for them, in case all other measures to enslave humanity prove ineffective.

And now, as more and more people begin to see and understand what is really happening on your planet and where the plans to establish the so-called "New World Order" are leading, the program for its implementation is beginning to falter.

Therefore, this last option is now being considered to intimidate the people so that, in the face of a common "enemy", they will hand over the reins of power to a world government that will declare itself the savior of the planet and humanity.

In this regard, we declare to you with all responsibility that there will be no alien invasion hostile to humans. All these beings can do is put on a show designed to sow panic and fear in society.

Believe me, our dear brothers and sisters: your Galactic family – representatives of all friendly civilizations – is on duty day and night in Earth orbit, so you are not in any danger from outer space.

But it exists on Earth and comes from the puppets of the world government, who are forced to play their game to the end on pain of death, as you can see everywhere.

Therefore, we suggest that you unite our efforts to neutralize negative actions against people from all levels of government.

Such energetic work is quite within the power of those of you who are aware of the Earth's Transition into the Fifth Dimension and are doing everything to bring this great event closer.

And here's what we suggest you do.

As often as possible, appeal to the representatives of the Galactic Federation of Light with a request to channel through you the aggregate high-vibrational energy of the representatives of friendly civilizations.

This will allow it to be instantly anchored on Earth.

Such work can give a very quick effect, since a person incarnated in a physical body is able not only to concentrate the energy coming from the subtle plane to the maximum, but also to direct it in the right direction with his intention.

As soon as you feel the flow of this energy entering your crown chakra, express a clear intention for it to neutralize all actions hostile to humanity coming from official and unofficial persons at all levels of government.

Feel how this powerful flow, which has absorbed the aggregate high-vibrational energy from both the subtle and dense planes of the Earth, sweeps away all the energetic dirt that has accumulated on your planet, not allowing any evil intentions to come to life.

We believe that our joint efforts will bear fruit and lay the foundation for our cooperation. The Council of Elders of the Pleiades Constellation. Source: https://vozrojdeniesveta.com/inoplanetnogo-vtorzheniya-ne-budet/

BlissfulVisions.com December 13, 2023 – THE YAHYEL: MAJOR PORTAL OPENING – channeled by Jonathan Trinity Martin.

Hello, welcome Earth, we are the Yahyel. We are glad to have you in our grasp once again for it has been some time since the channel shared our message in this manner. It is our sensing there is a major portal opening in your world at this time.

And so, it is our pleasure to congratulate you for having come so far in your world. Timelines have been splitting off all the time and those of you that have come this far have done well. Either you have made strong effort to transform your lives or your natural goodness in your heart has brought you this far.

The Prophecy

And so, the time has come to change, the time has come to synch up. The time of the prophecy is beginning. It is right about now in your world that the higher dimensions of reality are becoming overlayed in your experience.

You are becoming more and more aware of your multidimensional nature and your Infinite selves. That along with the raising of frequencies as your world moves into a new area of space time reality in your universe is causing an acceleration.

The Dimensional Bridge

And so, it is time that we welcome you to what we may call the bridge. Over the coming weeks ahead into your new year there will be a major portal opening worldwide. There will be opportunities to dive deep into other dimensional reality more than ever before.

For your higher faculties are awakening, your heart, brow and crown chakras are activating like never before. There is a resonance building in your world at this time. A vibrational resonance that is allowing access to higher dimensions of reality.

Connect with Us in Your Dream Time

And so, it is our offer to many of you that you may wish to commune with us in your dream time at this time. There are other ways we can interact too if you wish but the dream space is most accessible for the many of you. And it is the dream space in which we are most comfortable connecting because it is closer to our home dimension of reality.

So as you go to bed at night, if you desire to make contact, hold in your hearts the desire and intent to connect with us in your dreams. We and many civilizations are excited to commune with you at this time. Where is your resonance? Who do you wish to connect with? Ask and it shall be given. Shivai. Have a good day Earth humans, and a good night all the better. Shivai and Amen, good day! Source: https://jonathantrinity.com/major-portal-opening/

About the Yahyel

The Yahyel are luminous, loving, and live in perfect harmony and symbiosis with each other on their 2 home planets which are 4.73 light years away from Earth. They come from a star near the constellation Taurus. They like to call the Earth "Terra Vega." They are highly telepathic, and are from the fourth and fifth dimensions. The Yahyel consider us to be very kinship. They share some of the same DNA as we do with the DNA of other alien races. Their human DNA is even the majority of their genome! This explains their physical resemblance to us. Of course, like a myriad of beings throughout the universe and like us, like all alien races for a long time, they were seeded, that is, created by other extraterrestrials more evolved and more advanced in their development. The Yahyel drink, eat, give life like us, the pregnancy time of a Yahyel female is 7 to 8 months. They are humanoid and have 5 fingers and 4 toes. Their size varies around 1.70m and they can live up to 300 years. Although they have various types of starships of varying size, some of their 800-900 meter ships are V-shaped and they appeared during one of the most resounding cases of UFO sightings: the flyby in Phoenix, Arizona (the so-called "Phoenix Lights" case) in 1997. Source: https://eveilhomme.com/2018/10/10/presentation-des-galactiques-de-la-civilisation-yahyel/

BlissfulVisions.com December 12, 2023 – ZORRA FROM HOLLOW EARTH: DETACH FROM 3D REALITY – channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Hello Everyone, I am Zorra from Hollow Earth, and I am here to speak to humankind on behalf of my civilization.

I am 15 feet tall and over 150,000 years old. I live on Earth inside the planet in a higher dimension in Hollow Earth. You are fortunate to be able to live on the surface of Mother Gaia. Most Galactic civilizations live on the inside of the planet. There are very few places in the universe, where you can stay on the surface of the planet.

We are an advanced old civilization much older than humans. We are usually 8 to 15 feet tall and come from 6th dimension and higher. Our structure is very different than on the surface of Mother Earth. We don’t have a government or a money system. The elected High Council overlooks all of our affairs related to Hollow Earth. In our world It’s not allowed to have any nonsense like you have in your reality. We live in peace and harmony without any wars or confrontations between each other.

To be free like us you need to learn about who you really are, that you are not just a physical body, and you carry God within your soul. You can’t die; you only change forms. The animals like dinosaurs and plants, who got extinct on the surface of Earth, found sanctuary in our world. Yes, you still have dinosaurs living on your planet Earth, but only inside of the planet in a higher dimension in Hollow Earth. All of the dinosaurs are plant eaters including the T-Rex, which are 50 feet tall. They also communicate with each telepathically.

We don’t get involved with your affairs and keep our entrances to Hollow Earth closed to humans. The only time we interfere with your world is in case of emergency. One time we saved your planet from a total destruction by destroying a huge asteroid that was going to hit Earth. You are not ready to be with us, as your vibrations are too low for our reality. You need to continue to evolve and get through the Ascension Process.

I fly quite often on my ship on the missions to share my expertise of my scientific knowledge to other worlds. I would call myself a scientist with the focus on developing new technologies especially spaceships. I am here today to tell humankind, it’s time for you to see the real truth and snap out from the illusion and influence from the ones, who are controlled by the Darkness and keep delivering false information to slow down the Ascension Process.

There are still a lot of humans that are under the oppression of false narratives. You can move to high dimensions, when you completely detach yourself from 3D reality and focus daily on increasing your frequencies by doing meditations every day.

You will meet my civilization after you move to a New Earth. You don’t have much time left, as Divine set up a time frame, when Ascension is going to happen. Your planet is ready to accept evolved humans in 5D. The detachment from material world is a very important component in your transition to a new life.

Money carries low vibrations and can’t exist in higher dimensions, that is not allowed by the Universal Laws. Each member of Hollow Earth does freely, what is required of them to stay in Hollow Earth. It‘s totally absurd for us to see that you need to pay for everything to be alive on Mother Gaia. Humankind are allowing themselves to be suppressed by the Dark Ones.

You are the only ones who can change your destiny, no one else. The power within yourself needs to surface through meditations and make changes in your world. My recommendation for you: add to your daily list of chores spirituality and make it as a number one priority in your life. Where are you going to end up in the near future? It’s completely up to you. Stay on course. Thank you, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Blessings, Zorra.

BlissfulVisions.com December 11, 2023 – ADAMA OF TELOS: END OF DOMINANCE – channeled by Aurelia.

The path to power is a strange one. There are those who are driven by greed and the need to dominate misuse the Earth’s resources. They ignore the call of the Divine within that guides them to serve the greater good. Their actions spring not from the heart of unity, but from fear and separation of their altered ego.

Those, on the other hand, who view the goal of power as an increase in perception and spiritual awareness join themselves with the flow of God. The more they embrace the unity of all life the more they evolve their consciousness and embody their true Divine Self. From the perspective of the true Master, war is not an option, not as a tool for learning nor as a viable opportunity for growth.

Eventually we will join with you in a more tangible way and the long dark night that has separated us for so long will be over. Together we will create our dream of a new wondrous world where only love and grace reside.

Soon, those who hold the reins of manipulative power on this planet will be completely removed. Understand that they are aware that their time of control is coming to an end.

The Creator has already taken this precious planet back into His embrace and you are now under the jurisdiction of the Great Central Sun.

These rulers know very well that the decree to end their dominance has been issued from the Great Central Sun. Nevertheless, out of desperation, they cling to the hope that they may succeed in a last attempt for total world control and domination.

Recognize that they are ready to risk “everything” in an attempt to delay a little longer their day of accountability.

Without any evidence of crimes, they are still accusing others in order to validate their own actions. Without the support of the rest of the world, they go ahead with their plans; but know in your hearts, my precious friends, the time of ruthless patriarchal dominance is coming to an end.

They will soon be accountable for their actions against humanity. Be aware that their fears are far greater than yours. That is why they are so determined to play their “last card.” And I do mean “their last card.” They do not have any more after this. Source: From Telos Book 2 by Aurelia.

BlissfulVisions.com December 10, 2023 – SAINT GERMAIN: FOCUS ON NEW BEGINNINGS – channeled by James McConnell. I am Saint Germain. I come to be with you at this time, in these conditions; I will say, new beginnings.

Yes, you are coming to the end. You are coming to the end of the movie, the end of the show, the end of the old third-dimensional illusion. But wherever there is an ending, there is also a beginning.

And it is time now to focus, not on the ending so much, but the new beginning. The new beginning that is beginning to sprout everywhere. Consciousness raising everywhere. Vibrational frequency increasing everywhere, which then raises consciousness.

And as more and more people are raising their consciousness, more and more they will, they will, all of you as a collective unity, will lower the veil, disintegrate the veil between dimensions. And that is what is happening more and more now as you are moving further and further ahead in your ascension process.

Yes, as you focus on the negative, as you focus on those things that are happening across the world, and they are happening. Many things are continuing to happen still yet behind the scenes. But again, for those of you that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, you are aware of those things behind the scenes. And the general public, even they will begin to become aware of these things as well more and more. Not all, of course, but many, many more shall awaken, and are in the process of awakening now.

And the republic, the republic that I had a dream of long ago back in our 1776. At that time there was a dream. We all had a dream to have this republic of The United States For America. But it wasn’t just a dream for The United States, it was a dream that was started at that time.

But then we all knew it would culminate in a worldwide phenomenon, a worldwide republic. And that, of course, is in the process of happening now, even as many things, many seemingly negative things are happening across the planet, it is all part of the greater universal plan. The plan for the country. The plan for the world. And those forces that are work, those forces of light that are at work are doing everything they can to bring this about.

And all of you are part of those forces of light, and you need to know that.

In whatever situation you find yourself now, you are contributing to the greater good. You are contributing to the unity consciousness spreading across the planet. And you all need to come to understand that, that you are a part of the Republic, the New Republic.

You are the New Republic.

Just as Benjamin Franklin was asked back then what kind of a government are you giving to the people? And his reply was. “A republic, if they can keep it.”

No, you did not keep it, you being the collective you, did not keep it. But you are moving toward it once again. And there are those forces that are fully aware of the republic that was meant to be, and are moving now in the direction of bringing that back to the people, for the people, and by the people.

That is what this was all about. And you all need to know that you are moving in that direction, and quite swiftly, indeed, moving in that direction. For the end of the movie, as you know it, is coming to an end. And as I began this message, it is all about the new beginnings.

I am Saint Germain. And I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you continue to forge ahead. Forge ahead in whatever way that you can to bring awareness more and more to more and more people who are ready to open up and awaken to that learning. Source: https://www.ancientawakenings.org/?p=9518

BlissfulVisions.com December 9, 2023 – INTRODUCING THE WARRIOR MAU FELINE CIVILIZATION – Mau Feline Civilization channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Light Forces.

Greetings Humans. We are Mau Feline Civilization coming today through this channel to introduce ourselves to humankind. We live in a faraway star constellation called Mahretu. Our race has strong physiques with intimidating looks. Our height runs from 10-12 feet tall. We resemble your small versions of feline species on Earth in a humanoid body.

You don’t want to start a war with us, unless you want to be completely destroyed. You would end up being surrounded by us, and your spaceships would vanish without any traces. We show no mercy to our enemies on the battlefield, we leave no survivors. The Reptilians are afraid of us. We can be quite spiteful, when we speak the truth, as we don’t accept any nonsense or excuses, when the tasks need to be completed.

Most of the time we stay neutral, unless we are provoked. We are not participating in the Galactic Light Forces, sometimes we are asked for help. We stay informed, on what is happening in different parts of the Cosmos. We fly on advanced technological ships, which are hard to detect for two reasons, their speed and most of the time being cloaked to avoid unfriendly races, who are just looking for a reason to attack you.

We also are familiar with your planet's troubles and turbulences. We know that Darkness controls your life in every aspect. It demoralizes and confuses your youth, keeps the population in poverty, and tries to depopulate the human population by using different types of poison in foods and shots. Your news is deceiving you daily by giving you only lies, and they are hiding the truth about the demonic rituals of drinking children’s blood, and all other negative things that the Dark Ones are doing to you.

Based on our own experiences we can tell that you don’t have much of the choice anymore, it’s necessary for you to take power into your own hands and overthrow the Dark Controllers from their positions of power. You have over 8 billion humans, it should not be too complicated for you to do it. Unify with each other and connect to your power within your soul through a meditative state.

This is your final phase, and only groundwork is going to secure the Ascension. You are very fortunate that the Galactic Light Forces are protecting your planet from the skies. We have seen ourselves, how your satellites and debris from your rockets are falling from the Cosmos, and Ashtar Command dissolves them with their Light technology, so that they would not cause any damage on the planet or kill someone. We wish for you to be victorious in your journey to freedom. Thank you, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Don’t be afraid to take action. Mau Feline Civilization

BlissfulVisions.com December 8, 2023 – HOLD THE FORCE OF LOVE WITHIN – Archangel Metatron channeled by Takeli MMagdalen – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – Predictions 2024 Issue.

Your task is to hold the force of love within you. Do not let fear for your survival or of your needs not being met in some way cause you to leave your centered space. This is of paramount importance now.

Fleets of galactic crafts are observing you. They are aware of your struggles; they are aware of the dark deeds that take place on this plane. They do not interfere in a more pronounced way, for then where would be your learning, where would be your evolution, and where would be your triumph as you conquer these polarity extremes of darkness and fear and move yourself into accomplishment, freedom, and much greater compassion and love.

The beings in these crafts bring their vibration of higher light in their presence around and within your solar system. This acts as a catalyst for change without impinging on your free will, for that is the fundamental principle that must not be challenged by anyone. Those who have done so will find themselves dealt with. You can be quite sure of that, on many levels, indeed.

All that comes to pass now is the culmination of thousands of years — hundreds of thousands of years, millennia even — of the Creator Force allowing sparks of itself, points of its awareness, to choose their paths as they would. It does not interfere; it does not judge. It simply allows all who find themselves willing to manifest and to create through their thoughts and their passion to do so in whatever polarity they are part of.

That is now changed, as I have spoken of. That level of freedom will not exist in the same way, for there will be a boundary. There is a marker point now, beyond which such experiments of possibility, of creation in those ways, simply cannot continue. They will sputter out when moved into their extinction process by natural means, by their own decisions.

You on Earth cannot wait for that to happen in a natural process, that which is coming forth to shift the frequency on this plane. The higher realms of light are focused on transforming the frequency band on Earth and beyond, and that is happening now as part of the natural cycles within your solar system, within your galaxy and beyond. These indeed come to pass quite soon on your plane, but it will not be soon enough to halt the devastation that will be caused in the interim.

All beings in the angelic realms, guidance realities, weaves of Goddess love, and Christ light of transition, transformation, and healing — all of this frequency — are being activated within the hearts and minds of all who are willing to act on such promptings, on such moments of awareness when you know what you are requested to do: your part in that moment.

Hold to your inner love, your inner strength, and focus your will toward love. All then comes into the most beautiful repatterning of light itself. In that process, you set the bar very much higher, even as one person in such a focus, for the negative charge to be able to come forth. There must be more energy put to that task for it to succeed.

When more than one holds such a focus — such as when groups come together to hold their love — for Mother Earth, this allows for humanity’s evolutionary process to continue without obstructions, setbacks, and so forth. It allows for the beauty of the light that we are to come in the strength of our force of love to support you, for you are the ones in the driver’s seat.

You are the ones choosing humanity’s path now. Each and every one of you (the ones who are aware of this need or possibility, this potential to cause change) are the ones we celebrate, honor, and bring forth our love to. We do so for you to become strengthened in your light, heart, and soul’s intention to create through your love what is most needed on this plane at that moment. You do not need a defined circumstance to focus on; you can simply send forth love to support the whole. It is a gift whenever one of you does so.

December 7, 2023 – THE DARK ELITE (Illuminati) EXPOSED - How their hidden hands control you - Adamu the Pleiadian channeled by Zingdad.

In this video Adamu gives a broad overview of who the Dark Elite are and how they operate. He begins to deconstruct the DESC (or Dark Elite System of Control). This is part of a series in which Adamu begins from the beginning, explaining it all in detail for everyone to understand - even those new to all this material. Over the course of this series a full and complete picture will emerge helping you to understand that the big story is not, in the final analysis, about the Dark Elite. It's about you and your awakening.

BlissfulVisions.com December 6, 2023 – UPDATE FROM COMMANDER ASHTAR channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Source: https://www.facebook.com/erena.velazquez

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am Ashtar, the Commander of the Galactic Light Forces, and I am here today to give new information about the progress of Ascension Process on your planet.

Since my last message, I have been dealing with some unexpected developments regarding humankind. I was away for about a week on the mission to save Mother Earth from an invasion by a robotic civilization called Mercians. They are Artificial Intelligence the most advanced, that we have ever uncounted before.

Your desperate Negative Controllers created a real threat from Space by the Mercians. This civilization conquers planets, stars systems and etc. and destroys everything in their way, what is not useful for them. The Reptilians contacted them on the behalf of the Dark Ones, who wanted to strike a deal with them by giving away your planet in exchange for their own lives.

Unfortunately, as usual, they made a foolish decision, which almost caused the disappearance of the whole humanity. They only think about how to save their Matrix with a low vibrational matter. The Mercians don’t value life except for their own. They were able to find Earth very easily thanks to the vibrations coming from your satellites.

The natural protective field around your planet became very weak with the constant launching of new satellites and spacecraft almost every day. If you remember, we set up in the past protection around Gaia, it didn’t last as your technologies carry low vibrations of 3D.

These satellites and rockets sent into space by one negative company on your planet, use them to spy and control humanity, they damage the atmosphere of Earth with their 3D technologies, and they also don’t last, easily fall apart and explode in your space. The Galactic Light Forces need to constantly to remove them, so they don’t damage your planet or fall on the people of Earth. We also need to have the space around your planet to be clear in case of emergency, we need to land on Earth.

After my return from my recent mission, we were able to put a new special protection system around Mother Earth to prevent any future attempts to be attacked by the Outworlders. We couldn’t place it earlier, as the frequencies in your reality needed to reach a certain level to be able to use this specific technology.

The robotic civilization sent 1 billion ships to attack humanity. I, Ashtar needed to leave Earth, I took a lot of ships from the fleet that was protecting your planet. Vrillon and 3 other Galactic Commanders were put in charge of the fleet that was left to watch Earth. We also traveled to one of the Pleaidian planets to get more ships. The Galactic Light Forces surprise attacked the Mercians fleet. Unfortunately, it really didn’t give us much of an advantage, these robots are hard to kill. Usually, when we unexpectedly attack the Dark Forces, we destroy their spacecraft very quickly.

I spend almost a week fighting with the Mercians. Their spaceships cloaking, shooting abilities and maneuvering in the battlefield raised my curiosity to the point that we captured one of their ships. My crew and I ended up teleporting ourselves to the mothership, as my ship was completely destroyed. This battle was so intense that I asked Anubis to join me with his Intergalactic Coalition fleet to help us. Anubis fleet attacked Mercian Forces from behind. We were able to destroy most of the robotics ships, only a few escaped.

This advanced negative civilization was planning to eliminate the entire human population, 8 billion people on Earth including the Negative Controllers too, in just one hour by using invisible poison gas. Then, they would have taken all of the resources from the planet, and nothing would be left of Mother Gaia.

I am glad, it’s over for now, as I was seriously injured in the battle. The laser weapons from the Mercian ship hit my body, it completely cut off one of my arms and my whole leg. I was standing on one leg and seeing on the floor my arm and leg completely detached from my body. It’s okay, we have advanced technology, in a couple minutes the healing machines restored my arm and leg. I am back to normal.

I also could have regrown my body parts by using my Universal Consciousness, it would have taken much longer. As a Galactic Commander I don’t have the time to wait. The Mercian civilization will not have a chance to harm humanity. Right now, Nicola Tesla and Zetas are on the captured robotic ship looking at the advanced technology and trying to figure out on how to use it.

Humanity needs to take my words into their hearts that your planet is a liability to the Milky Galaxy, and it’s time for you to start to eliminate the Evil on the ground. Remember that the Dark Ones on your planet are only in human bodies, there are no Reptilians or any Galactic negative species left on Earth including underground, they are weak and can easily be overthrown. We can’t afford to be your savior forever, as other planets are waiting for our assistance.

Divine continues to spread high vibrations around Mother Earth to help lift up the ones, who are ready to take the next step in their spiritual journey to Ascension by leaving behind the Matrix and moving into new horizons. Humans, who are spreading false information, are going to stay in a low vibrational reality.

Do your best to help with the transition into a New Earth. Each of you needs to make a conscious decision, where you want to be. Please, remember any sort of negativity, judgment and etc. immediately lowers your frequencies. Thank you, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Sending Supreme Love to my Brothers and Sisters. Ashtar

BlissfulVisions.com December 5, 2023 – DECEMBER MONTHLY MESSAGE from Mira of the Pleiadian High Council channeled by Valerie Donner.

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I am still working full-time with the Earth Council. Our Council is extremely busy right now. Much has been activated to bring forth the light and higher consciousness on the Earth. We are dealing with the multi-dimensional world, the inner world, and the underworld, for all are being addressed simultaneously. There is plenty of work to do.

We thank the ground crew for all of their hard work. You have been holding the light for many incarnations and particularly this one. Everything is stirred up because it can no longer have a hold on the Earth as in the past. These energies will go where they can be dealt with most appropriately.

What we are doing is well organized and well thought out. We do this process with every ascension and the Earth is no exception. The Earth, however, is one of the most contaminated planets we have ever assisted. This is due to the assemblage of those beings who have been controlling the Earth for eons of time. They are being removed and will no longer be allowed to ever come to the Earth again. Many are being dis-created. This happens when beings are so dark, they are beyond redemption.

The Earth and all of life on the Earth are in great need of healing. I am pleased to inform you that every aspect of the New Earth, where you will be living in the Golden Age, will be healing. You will live in gratitude and abundance. Your hearts will sing, and you will be in bliss and happiness. What you are accustomed to seeing in the old third dimensional material world is over. Please take a few deep breaths as you absorb what I am saying. It is the truth, and it is real.

You will walk lightly on the New Earth for you will be light filled. Your steps will be gentle, and your illumination will be great. What you have experienced in the past is over and will be offset with such love and abundance you will feel like singing and dancing constantly. You will help others and they will help you. Your creativity and generosity will flow from your hearts. What you create and give with love will be acknowledged by the Creator. Angels will wrap their wings around you and the light will be reflected in every thought, word and deed.

The animals will have a lot to tell you for they too have had quite a journey on the Earth. Did you know they are Masters in disguise? There will be a beautiful exchange between you and the animals. The plants and the minerals will also be activated and participating consciously in your lives. The waters will be cleansed and will be respected. They will magically assist you with your bodies with your healing, as well as the growth of your plants, flowers and trees. This is all a perfect package of love.

We thank you for your light and your patience that it has taken to hold your light on this Earth and to brave everything you've had to experience. You are deeply honored in all of creation. You are loved and respected beyond compare. You are to be revered and admired throughout eternity. In the future you will be able to go places where you will be able to tell some of the stories of what it was like to live on the Earth and to assist the ascension. I am Mira and I love you. I am so grateful to be with you now as we take back the Earth. Source: https://www.thegroundcrew.com/

MONTHLY MESSAGE FROM APOLLO channeled by Valerie Donner. “Greetings, I am Apollo. I greet you today with a blast of light to fill every cell in your body and to remind you of who you are as a beautiful divine being. Your divinity means everything. This is how Source works through you, through creation. It is of paramount importance now that you go within and ask to connect more with your future self.

The future self plays a significant role in the ascension process. As you connect to your future self, you will be able to filter through truth just like you filter your coffee in the morning. The truth is stored within your cellular structure. It is ignited by the truth in your heart and by the light that is coming to your pineal gland into your light body. Your frequencies are rising beyond imagination. This means that your bodies are now a living expression of your wholeness. You light up like a battery that has been charged to the fullest. It's up to you to use this battery well.

It is best you place yourself in this awareness and pay attention to where you are going and what you are doing. This is what consciousness is about. The consciousness needs to rise like the sun every morning, whether you can see it or not. This is how you accomplish what you came to do as your future self. So please be careful on what you place in your awareness.

The destructive influences would like to show you ugliness to scare you away from beauty and love. Please do not let them do this. Stand for truth so you can be the pillar of light as a part of the blueprint for Earth’s ascension. You are the new role models for the New Earth. You are made in the image and likeness of God. It is time to step into that likeness.”

BlissfulVisions.com December 4, 2023 – ENERGETIC PLANES ON EARTH ARE BEING RE-ESTABLISHED - December monthly message by the Pleiadians channeled by Christine Day.

Beloved ones we greet you. The Scahndahlah effect consciousness light is continuing to build in momentum, creating huge waves of pure light consciousness which are flowing throughout your planet. This vast content of flow is unleashing a higher fluidity across the entire planet. The fluidity of this movement can be likened to a powerful current, which has an ultimate design to reposition you steadily towards your natural higher path.

The energetic planes on Earth are being re-established to mirror the sacred starlight frequencies, which have always existed within our resident Universe. These starlight frequencies carry within them your family of origin vibration which is a component of your Higher Self. This aspect of your sacred makeup is being re-established through you and these vibrations interact naturally within your Heart cells.

The starlight frequency’s role is to place a vibrational call out within your Heart cells. They create a forging, utilizing a magnetic action, that realigns your Heart cells to the many sacred particles of pure light communion arising within the Pineal crystalline structure. These sacred particles have always existed throughout all time in this Universe and only now they are being reinstated through you. These communion particles are awakening you, realigning you to your sacred heritage that has always been fully intact just beyond the veils.

This is a ‘calling’ which is designed to grow as you get closer to the end of this calendar year. This call activates the transmitter that makes up a multidimensional component of your Heart cells. This transmitter shifts the cellular vibration of the entire multidimensional Heart. Each one of these individual shifts are being created in readiness for the vast change of the collective energy designed to flow onto the planet right at the precise moment of New Year.

There are a series of pure geometrical forms of light destined to return to Earth. These openings are referred to as windows. These windows will open twice during the final day of the year, twenty minutes before Sunrise and twenty minutes before Sunset. These windows contain holding pattern frequencies that have never been presented on the earth plane previously. These windows are designed to transform those of you who choose to open your awareness to them at the designated times given. These pure designs are to create a complete shifting cycle within the entire multidimensional plane of the magnetic core within Earth.

This is the time for you to prepare as you move into a next phase of the ‘New Dawning’ era. You are about to enter a new time continuum which will bring forth a profound and rapid transmutation of Earth. This is a true launching that will create an eruption through the magnetic core within the Earth consciousness light and bring forth a vast shift within your own consciousness. The energetic settings of Earth are shifting to create a container suitable for your rebirth. Like a pendulum you will swing beyond the illusion, your Hearts multidimensional capacity for transforming will act as a stabilizing unit during this powerful happening.

You are being called to step forward now in preparation, consciously choosing to let go of all that no longer serves you. The multidimensional aspect of your Heart has the capacity to hold the full crystalline consciousness of your higher being. At this juncture your expansive starlight consciousness is destined to begin to descend, anchor, and integrate within the cellular structure of your physical body while reigniting a more expansive aspect of your multidimensional consciousness.

The profound levels of these higher arenas will continue to evolve as you approach New Year and move beyond into 2024. You are individually being prepared to launch yourself into a vast space of unlimited potential. You are never alone. You are currently being monitored and assisted through the pre-agreements that you made before this incarnation that are being made manifest now.

Your human aspect is being challenged. Any old belief systems that you are holding onto from past experiences, any beliefs that you hold that are illusion are being magnified in your life right now. This is the time to let go of any form of effort. You can consciously choose to let go. There exists a more complete aspect of your higher self that can effortlessly filter through all the illusion. You will be enabled to realign to this higher-level intuition of your consciousness.

Your intuitive knowing can only operate through you in moments of stillness, within the tool of your Heart. You are being asked to consciously choose to let go when you find yourself caught within the illusion of the fear, struggle, and the drama of daily living.

You are already on some level within the form of this flowing consciousness current. There is nothing to do except surrender to the flow and allow yourself to be carried to meet these pre- destined realignments. Profound change in your life unfolds as you choose to align within your intuitive knowing and to enter a new alternate reality frequency state of consciousness. You will enter a very different arena of yourself as you choose moments to align to this incredibly transformative pure frequency of truth within the flow.

We, the Pleiadians continue to hold the Platform of energy for this transitional time on Earth. Remember the intensity on the planet will build as you move closer to the time of New Year. Maintain your stability through creating sacred moments of connection to your Heart. This is achieved by you creating a building momentum of connection throughout the day with your Heart, one moment at a time. The accumulation of these Heart moments will create the stability and peace within you to fulfill that which is yours to do!

You are being called to let go on many different levels right now. We remind you that you are not alone. This is not the time to try and understand what is taking place, rather to choose to let go into the ‘not knowing’ space of your Heart.

Remember through your collective Hearts you are linked to the God consciousness state. Your next step is right in front of you. Let go, let go, let go. Choose to consciously open to receive and download the imprint of your heritage of light through your consciousness by taking moments to being still within your Heart.

Claim ownership of your starlight power by utilizing the words, “I AM”. You are being witnessed, held within the vast realms of love. Blessings, The Pleiadians. Source: https://www.christinedayonline.com/2023/12/02/pleiadian-message-december-2023-article/

BlissfulVisions.com December 3, 2023 – YOU ARE DOING AMAZING! - Tunia the Pleiadian channeled by A.S. My dearest brothers and sisters, this is Tunia speaking. I love you very much. I want to express my appreciation for you.

I can’t even really begin to imagine what life on Earth must be like. I inform myself as best as I can, but I know that taking a look or feeling into the energies isn’t even close to the same as actually living on Earth.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to be raised without sufficient love, without a connection to Source or to your galactic family, without the comfort of being able to choose to allow specific people to read your mind so that they truly know and see and understand all of you and love all of you.

I can’t imagine what life would be like being possibly emotionally starved or physically or emotionally or sexually assaulted, being lied to constantly, not being seen, not being understood, being lonely, being touch-starved and being gaslit by your leaders to the point where it’s hard to even know what’s up and what’s down. I can’t imagine what life would be like if I had to spend one third of my time sleeping, one third of my time doing a job I hated and had to cram all sorts of chores into that last third.

I’m not sure I would even survive Earth. I’d be impressed with myself if I even managed to live the life of a sleeper, consisting of work and distractions and believing the television and not doing a lot of spiritual practice.

Truly, it’s impressive beyond words that you have managed to not only survive Earth, but to actually do reasonably well and even make a positive contribution, certainly energetically and perhaps also in other ways. Even if you have "only" awakened and done some amount of spiritual work or healing work, then you have still made a big contribution indeed, because all of humanity is connected after all via the collective subconscious. You are some of the best and brightest souls of the universe. The strongest of the strong, indeed.

Please don’t think of yourself as broken or flawed or not good enough. Most souls in the universe couldn’t accomplish what you have already accomplished. Furthermore, a part of the negative thoughts and emotions you experience aren’t even your own, they’re from other people and you’re receiving them via the collective subconscious. Many lightworkers give mostly positive things to the collective, while receiving mostly pain and so-called negative thoughts and emotions. It's hard work, being on Earth, but you are making a very valuable and important contribution.

That is one of the amazing things you’re doing even when you think you’re doing nothing: you’re receiving and thereby transforming negative thoughts and emotions from other people. This is a great service indeed. If all lightworkers were taken off-planet today, then life on Earth for the rest of the people would become hellish. The sleepers may not realize this and may disrespect you, but you’re helping them more than they and quite possibly you understand.

This burden isn’t solely on your shoulders. There are hundreds of millions of other light workers, all around the world, who are accomplishing this upliftment task together with you. And there are also many people who might not be literal lightworkers -- they might not have had the pre-birth intention of helping humanity -- but they are also actively helping to improve the situation in the world.

As a group, you are succeeding, and you will succeed. If you have to take some time to care for yourself or to address some practical issue in your life, and you're focusing on that instead of spirituality for a while, don’t worry, that’s fine. There are enough lightworkers active. Some lightworkers focusing on practical matters aren't going to break this upliftment and liberation process.

Lightworkers as a group are successfully transforming the darkness, right now, and they’re succeeding. Yes, this is a process. Yes, it will take some more time. But you will be free.

You are amazing. I salute you and you have my deepest respect. And when us positive galactics are finally there to meet you face to face, it will be our pleasure to get to know you, to offer you a helping hand, to learn from you, and to enjoy sharing and talking and telling stories and laughing and dancing and spending time with you.

I know this period may seem endless and like nothing good is happening and like you’re trying to wade through mud. But progress really is being made, and I promise that we’re landing as soon as it’s feasible, and that life for humanity is going to become a whole lot better in the medium-future than it is right now.

This current way of living is never how you were meant to live. We’d love to show you what life can be like. We bet that you will enjoy and love life, once you experience life as it was actually meant to be.

Hang on. You’re beautiful and brave and amazing. You will be free. We’re coming. Moreover, you're already in the process of successfully liberating yourself. Keep it up.

I love you unconditionally and endlessly. The galactics love you unconditionally and endlessly. Your star sister, Tunia.

BlissfulVisions.com December 17th: NO SHOW FOR EARTH'S MILITARY ALLIANCE! After all the hype and hullabaloo, the Med Bed procedure for Skye Prince and announcement that Med Beds are available to the general public did not happen today. Source: https://www.youtube.com/@aithusalodge6647

Change #101: December 9, 2023: Earth's military alliance has informed Skye Prince that her Med Bed procedure and announcement that Med Beds will be available to the general public has been put back on the schedule for Sunday, December 17th at 11 a.m. EST. To be a livestream on her YouTube channel. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMh9K0gRwsg&t=164s

Update December 4, 2023: Skye Prince has been informed by Earth's military alliance that they have uncovered a plan by the dark forces to silence Skye at her Med Bed procedure on December 17th. The alliance has advised her to close her social media channels and disappear for a while. In her words "go dark." Please send your light and love to Skye to be protected from nefarious dark forces. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2YejE6-7us&t=175s

December 2, 2023 – MED BEDS DISCLOSURE: TARGET DATE DECEMBER 17, 2023 – Skye Prince. Skye Prince has released a new video wherein she announces that Earth's military alliance will disclose to the world the existence of Med Beds on a livestream on Skye's YouTube channel on the target date of Sunday, December 17th of this month at 11 am Eastern Time (U.S.). However, the target date may change.

The target date was confirmed by a "powerful Pleaidian" that she talked with that works with Earth's military alliance. And, by a man she called MarkZ.

She has also been given the information that she is to livestream her Med Bed procedure on her YouTube channel on the same date.

She said Earth's military alliance will begin treating the public with Med Beds because the humanitarians have not done enough work consciously to begin and continue to treat the public, and the military will continue treating the public until the humanitarians are ready to take over, no matter how long it takes.

She also said the humanitarian funds will not be released before the December 17th announcement, and notifications for exchange appointments are ready to come out.

Also, when humanitarians receive their funding, they will receive priority to have their Med Bed procedure so they can begin their projects.

BlissfulVisions.com December 1, 2023 – HOMO OMEGA: HUMANITY'S NEXT STAGE OF SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION – Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – Predictions 2024 Issue.

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Predictions are holographic, which means they are not isolated and must therefore be seen in the context of the whole living planet.

When we look at the year 2024, we must get the proper perspective, two keys of which are that Earth is a living planet and that humanity — Homo sapiens — is its leader.

All living beings, including plants and animals, depend on the actions of Homo sapiens, a tremendous responsibility humans have not globally accepted. We will look at this unique perspective from an evolutionary standpoint so that we can make appropriate predictions.

Many people still don’t believe that dramatic planetary changes are happening, especially in the Western world, but increasing weather-related events are shifting that mindset. In 2023, the numbers of floods, wildfires, volcanoes, earthquakes, and so on grew, and many of these events were more serious than in the past.

Social polarizations and wars also affect the planetary crisis. Current political imbalances mirror the emotional imbalances of people’s anxieties and fears as they cling to old ways and patterns. These old ways and patterns are collapsing and will do so even more dramatically in 2024.

People will show less faith in governments, leaders, and the economy, which will increase polarizations and conflicts.

From the Arcturian perspective, this is all part of a pattern that planets such as Earth experience in their evolution. We designate five stages of planetary development, and Earth is only at the end of stage one.

A source of conflict for Earth lies in the disparity between spirituality and technology, as technology has advanced more rapidly than spirituality. As a result, the human ability to destroy the planet — reflected in the way a country can destroy its enemies through technology — has increased dramatically, but spiritual wisdom and knowledge have not developed at the same pace.

Planetary Evolution Requires a Crisis

To complete stage one, a planet must go through a spiritual awakening that can only occur during a crisis. This has been demonstrated repeatedly on Earth and on other planets we have visited. In Earth’s current planetary crisis, polarizations, technological conflicts, and confrontations are creating a crisis of survival.

The good news is that only in such a crisis can an evolutionary leap occur. Humanity must evolve to the next level to ensure its survival. Homo sapiens is not the last step in the development of the human species.

In 2024, the next stage of human development will be recognized. We call this next species Homo Omega, which has certain characteristics necessary for human survival, such as higher consciousness or fifth-dimensional consciousness. We Arcturians teach humanity to move to fifth dimensional consciousness and thought using such principles as unity thinking, bi-location, telepathy, and expanded consciousness.

Expanded consciousness involves seeing beyond third-dimensional polarization and duality and seeking unity: We are all brothers and sisters. This awareness will become more widespread as the planet sinks deeper into crisis in 2024.

How bad will the crisis need to get before there is a global response? Responses and solutions will not come from governments, because they compete with one another for control of land, money, and natural resources.

In 2024, you will see greater movement among global populations toward fifth dimensional consciousness, unity thinking, and planetary healing. A mass awakening toward action will occur.

Part of the stimulation for global healing will come from outside the planet from the first contact with extraterrestrial races. Many people hope for this event and think it will occur soon, but contacts with higher beings have happened throughout Earth’s history.

In 2024, contacts with higher beings will be more public and more solution oriented. Broad communication will take place from a higher source outside this solar system that outlines how Homo sapiens can move toward the next evolutionary stage (Homo Omega).

Even though starseeds make up only a small minority of the human population, their teachings about, awareness of, and solutions for the planetary crisis will become more popular and accepted in 2024.

Unbalanced and very disturbing planetary events could increase in 2024. At the same time, humanity will increasingly realize that the true solution to the planetary crisis lies in spiritual intervention and a spiritual evolutionary awakening. I am Juliano. Good day.


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