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"Progressive Reports on The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness (aka Ascension)"


Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Ascension Updates: February 2024

BlissfulVisions.com February 26, 2024 Ė NO RV - HUMANITY HAS TOO MUCH GREED - Saint Germain channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces

My Dear Ones, I am Saint Germain, and I am here today to speak to you about certain aspects related to humankind and the Ascension Process.

Since my last message through this channel, sorry my Dear Ones, I do not use other sources to communicate. The Galactic High Council had numerous meetings related to important matters of Earth including the RV. As of right now, we are against doing the RV. We believe this process is going to create a complete chaos on your planet.

Humankind is not ready to carry this responsibility of receiving endless amount of money. If we do go ahead with the RV, the only ones, who are going to participate in the process and receive all of this wealth will be only the Galactic pure souls. People, who bought suitcase worth of currency, are not going to receive a penny, their greed is not going to be rewarded.

Some humans have been taking advantage of others by creating fake training RVís courses. Most of the humans, who have bought the currency for the exchange process, donít have pure intentions, they are only concerned with satisfying their selfishness and their greed. This is why, we have been questioning, what is the best option for your planet. We didnít close completely the door, yet regarding this matter. The Galactic High Council and I, Saint Germain, strongly believe only pure souls can handle this amount of money.

Also, the financial wealth would be redistributed by only the Galactics and not by humans, especially not by the corrupted human banks. Very soon we will finalize our decision regarding the RV. Itís time for humanity just to focus on Ascension. The ones who are asleep, as we mentioned before, are going to be transferred to the planet Zenxa in a far away Galaxy. My Dear Ones, you will create for yourselves what you need in 5D. The life will be joyful, free from control and without any obligations of paying for every little thing.

Memories about the 3D Matrix will fade away like a bad dream. This nonsensical reality is ending. Your bodies are in a transition into high dimensional realms. Please, donít set up any expectations, just follow the Flow of the Divine Process.

I will talk a little bit about the Ascension symptoms. Today you are not experiencing any symptoms from the Ascension Process that time has passed. Whatever you are feeling in your body now, it has nothing to do with Ascension. The only time you should have went through Ascension symptoms was in 2020, and it was only one symptom, which was extreme fatigue.

Also, Solar Flares or Flashes do not give you any Ascension symptoms, they never did and never will. I want to mention about these meaningless constant messages about the Solar Flares or Flashes, which are misguiding everyone. People, who are talking about and are waiting for the Grand Solar Flash Event to happen on Earth without realizing, what they are basically saying, that they want the whole Gaia to melt from the heat with everyone on the planet to burn to human death.

Thatís what would happen, if the Solar Flash coming from the Central Sunís planet would hit Earth with a full power and heat, everything would be completely destroyed from the heat and power, humanity would become extinct. Fortunately by the time the Solar Flares or Flashes come to Gaia, they have zero heat and power left in them. Basically, they are meaningless, Solar Flares or Flashes do not effect the planet and the human population in any way.

There will be no Grand Solar Flash Event that is false information, it was never part of the Ascension Process. Only Divine knows, what will happen in the moment of transition to higher dimension. The meaning behind the Solar Flares or Flashes was created by the Light Community, this information did not come from us. The only thing that matters is that the Galactic Light Forces are using their advanced technology to transform negative energies in your world to positive energies.

Also, Divine is flushing out to the surface all of the Dark energies and cleansing the entire planet. In addition to that, Divine is trying to raise the vibrations of the whole world with her Divine energies. Itís time for you to open your eyes and see the real truth and not an imaginary one.

Darkness has lost its battle against the Light. The gloom and doom of the holographic scenarios are not working. The financial system and everything else are falling apart. The Darkness continues to pretend that everything is under its control, that is not true. You canít trust anyone, unless itís coming from a reliable source. Divine is crushing your reality with a full force. Another time acceleration is on its way, very soon it will feel just like a one long day.

All of the obstacles are getting removed. Same thing goes to the spreaders of false information, they are going to disappear. Always stay in the Now and meditate silently every minute you can. Your vibrations will continue to increase with every silent meditation. They are mandatory for everyoneís transition into the 5th dimension. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Please, accept my Blessings and Love. Focus on Your Vibrations. Saint Germain.

BlissfulVisions.com February 21, 2024 Ė INTRODUCING: HERMANS CYBERNETIC CIVILIZATION - Channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces

Greetings Humans. We are Hermans Cybernetic Civilization coming today on a request from Ashtar. He asked us to give our prospective from a race, who fought in many Galactic Wars for millions of years.

Thatís correct, we had territorial issues with Reptilians. That conflict lasted for a very long time. Now, when Reptilians see us, they run for their lives from us. We are taller, bigger, stronger and more dangerous than Reptilians. We donít have any tolerance for the ones, who want to attack our home or express hostility towards us. You are not alone in the Cosmos, and there are many Galactic civilizations, who are not friendly.

You donít know, who can suddenly decide to try to take over your home planet. As of right now, humans are viewed as a weak race, and without Ashtarís protection, you would not survive for so long without invasion from Space. Be grateful for Ashtar Command for their protection, you have been receiving.

Right now, you are not ready to have any peaceful talks with Outworlders. On the other hand, we are set in our ways and donít accept any threats without retaliations. We love to win wars, which shows our advancement and survival skills. We fought with many races including Luciferians, who we can safely call them pure evil without any doubt in our mind. If they could, they would destroy the whole Cosmos.

Before we became acquainted with Ashtar Command, we had some fights with his fleet. Ashtar earned our respect as a commander, after how he handled the disagreement with us. We are extremely tall 20 feet and strong enough to handle any threat, we come across. We are from the 7th dimension. We occupy 9 planets in a faraway Universe called Cyber-X65, which has other beings living there similar to us.

Our bodies represent a mixture of flesh and advanced metal elements, which blend well without rejecting them. This combination makes us indestructible and hard to kill, plus our height is very intimidating for many civilizations, who donít want to engage in any misunderstandings with us, unless they need to. Despite being engaged in long-term wars, we like peaceful times, where we can continue our research on developing new technologies.

The Cosmos is so big, there live endless number of Galactic civilizations. Our suggestion for humans is to stop fighting between each other and focus on your transformation into 5D. After that, create protection around your planet. Ashtar Command eventually will move on to other tasks, and you will be left on your own. We studied your real history, and Earth always had some kind of a war.

We have never seen in our existence, some many conflicts one planet had. It tells us that you have no idea, on how-to live-in peace or in unity with each other. Itís time for you to learn, if you want to survive and move forward in your transition into higher dimensions. The human race canít progress, when it has constant conflicts between each other. Plus, your life span is extremely short in a comparison to us, we can live for millions of years. Good luck humans. Learn from Others. Thank you, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Hermans.

BlissfulVisions.com February 18, 2024 Ė PRIME CREATOR: ASCENSION UPDATE - Channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces

My Beloved Children, I am Father, Prime Creator, here today to give an update on the Earth situation at this moment.

All of the events that are related to the transition need to happen to cleanse this planet. Also, the exposure of the Darkness agendas, and their plans to eliminate 90% of population failed. Each day passing more and more is becoming obvious, how corrupted these Dark Entities are without any regrets for their actions.

You can see clearly, that your governments start purposely conflicts in different parts of your world to fulfill their plans of greed and the killing of innocent humans just for their own gain. I mentioned before that you canít be anymore just an observant, itís time for you to become more proactive and remove all of the governments everywhere around the globe without any exceptions.

Genocide of innocent souls needs to stop, Divine punishment is on the way for the Corrupted Souls. Their Negative existence is coming to the end. Justice needs to prevail in order to move to the next level of existence to the enlightenment. Millions and millions of years of forced slavery and control are going to be dissolved by Divine.

Many of us from high dimensions have been working on breaking down the negative energies and exposing the Dark Entities. Be aware of that majority of healers are false and donít provide any actual spiritual guidance or healing, they are just in it for their own benefit and money. To heal someone, you need to be connected to Divine through your Universal Consciousness, be a pure and innocent soul like a child without being selfish or taking advantage of others.

In the near future they are going to be exposed like the Controllers. The ones, who are evolving, can see the growing gap between the awakened and unawakened. I mentioned in the past not everyone is going to ascend.

Humankind needs to reach specific spiritual heights to move to 5D. You canít bring all of the imperfections and personal agendas into higher dimensions; these types of behaviors are not allowed there.

Separation between humans reached the highest level, as itís part of the transformation. You canít avoid the pressure of making a decision of, what is your next step. Times are drastically changing, and humankind is going to be forced to remove their corrupted governments and stop their plans of harming humans. You need to understand, they are not going to change or regret their evil actions against you.

Your superiors have been abusing their power over everyone for a long time, and if itís needed Ashtar has our support to remove specific leaders, when is the right time, unless humanity removes them themselves first. Majority of your governmentís officials are not even real; they are replaced with actors or clones.

The Darkness is fighting to the end, and it doesnít want to give up its power of controlling Mother Earth. It doesnít matter anymore, the gradual process by Divine of striping their physical bodies from their souls, itís happening despite of appearances. Your planet will continue to experience many challenges until a full Ascension occurs.

The work of raising your vibrations by doing daily silent meditations needs to be done, otherwise the alternative is to stay in 3D. Thank you, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Please accept my Supreme Love. Stay Focused on Your Goals. Prime Creator.

BlissfulVisions.com February 16, 2024 Ė EXPOSING ALL DARKNESS - Vrillon channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces

Greetings Humans, I am Vrillon from the Ashtar Galactic Command, and I am speaking today to your race on behalf of your Galactics Brothers and Sisters.

The time of serious actions against Darkness is approaching on your planet. Humans in many parts of your world are fed up with corruption and disloyalty of their governments. Everything that is hidden is floating to the surface. The Divine is revealing and showing the real faces of the ones, who pretended to govern in your best interest.

Negative frequencies are getting dissipated by the Light. The deceptive behaviors are becoming increasingly visible to the people. Especially lately, Darkness is making a mistake after a mistake that exposes its true nature of being pure Evil with no regards for the humanís basic rights, such as to be able to put food on the table, have a shelter, stay safe and healthy. Manipulations, corruptions and lies are a common theme in your reality.

The fire for freedom got ignited in Europe by the farmers, nothing canít stop their desire to be free and self-sufficient without being suppressed in any form. Others will follow their example, when they are ready to retaliate and speak up for the truth. It took a long time, over eons for humanity to get to this point in their spiritual journey to stand up for themselves in the name of the truth and freedom.

You would call this process a revolution, and we would call it the awaking and transition into higher realms to a New Earth. As the Old Earth doesnít serve you anymore, it only makes you suffer and be unhappy on a daily basis. The Galactic Souls agreed to go through these experiences to help the human civilization to move into a peaceful and a happy existence by leaving behind the Holographic reality created by the Corrupted Souls, who donít have any remorse for their despicable acts against humanity.

There is a special place waiting for these Dark Souls, where they are going to stay in a form of bubble and will be there for eternity reflecting their crimes. If you notice each day, they try to use new excuses, why they are killing innocent children, women, elderly and etc. This needs to stop, itís my last warning for them, Divine is going to handle their souls without giving them ever the possibility to reincarnate again. Be aware of your actions, always remember, if you donít feel good about doing something, then donít it. This is a sign that you are not following your heart or soul instead you are using your ego or 3D mind. A whole new system on Earth will be replaced by a small council group, who will represent humanity and follow Universal Laws by treasuring every soul on the planet.

There will be no more governments or their Dark minions, the money system is going to be removed, as itís reminder of suffering for so many human beings. Right now, Mother Earth is surrounded by a protective high vibrational purple bubble. Ashtar Command continues to closely monitor the military escalations in different parts of your world. Nuclear war will not be allowed, the Galactic Light Forces will dismantle any nuclear missile in the air, before it hits the ground.

I am going to address the Solar Flash or Solar Flash Event, which are still circulating in the Light Community. You donít want for a Solar Flash to hit Earth, a Solar Flash comes from the Central Sun planet, when it first goes into space, itís super-hot and a powerful energy. If a Solar Flash would hit Earth with itís full power and heat, then the whole planet would melt and humanity would burn to death, thatís how powerful these energies are. Fortunately, the Universal Sun planet is very far away, which means by the time these powerful energies reach Gaia, they are completely harmless, because the Solar Flashes lost all of their power and heat. The same goes for a Solar Flash Event, which is supposed to raise and awaken humanity to a higher dimension, a Solar Flash Event would burn Earth and humanity to the crisp, thatís why itís not going to happen. It would be a negative event for Ascension, and itís also not true.

More events are coming in the near future. Darkness needs to expose all of their plans to be seized fully without having any chance ever of causing disruption in the Divine Plan. These are the final days for the Evil Masters, and itís time to move to a new chapter in the human history. Open yourself to receive Divine Truth, Spiritual Power and Supreme Love. Thank you, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. We Are All One, Vrillon.

BlissfulVisions.com February 13, 2024 Ė THE GAME IS OVER - The Arcturian Group channeled by Marilyn Raffaele at OnenessOfAll.com

Dear readers and Listeners, welcome to our message. All is proceeding according to plan even as appearances often indicate otherwise. Long held concepts of right and wrong, good and bad, along with man-made rules of correctness regarding every aspect of life are being questioned in the hearts and minds of increasingly more individuals.

You are now in a time that has been predicted, prayed for, and desired for thousands of years. You chose and were allowed to be on earth at this powerful time in order to participate in earth's ascension process but because the three-dimensional energy of earth is so dense most of you were unaware of your intention and began to align with earth's three-dimensional belief system.

The ascension process is happening but even some who are aware of it continue to hold concepts of how it should look and manifest: "Beings from other planets will come, save us, and change everything. World events are proving that the ascension process has not yet begun..."etc. Let go of any and all concepts you may still have with regard to the ascension process.

The human mind which interprets mainly from a third dimensional level is unable to fully comprehend the ascension process. or understand how the high resonating energies accompanying it are affecting everything and everyone. Ideas and ways of living that reflect previous states of consciousness will become less relevant in many minds and begin to disappear automatically adding Light energy to earth's collective consciousness. Many of those unwilling or unable to accept new ideas and change are lashing out at everyone and everything they believe to be responsible for ruining the world, as they know it.

It is important to understand that good human-hood is no more real than bad human-hood because both are material concepts of spiritual reality. Those spiritually prepared but who steadfastly refuse to accept anything other than what they have come to believe is reality often must learn what they are ready to learn the hard way through physical, emotional, or mental wake up calls.

Many commonly held beliefs are going to come into question this year as increasingly more embrace spiritual empowerment and begin to think for themselves. The ascension process is a reality regardless of whether or not it is known, believed, or resisted.

The third dimension is the lowest rung of a very high dimensional ladder even as most consider human consciousness to be the epitome of intelligence and wisdom.

Humans became increasingly stuck in density, when over time and through ignorance of their true nature they believed, lived, and continued to create their outer world from states of consciousness polluted with beliefs of duality, separation, and two powers.

All life is the one and only life, that of God/Divine Consciousness/Source and the game of pretending anything other than that is over. It has gone on too long and increasingly more souls are tired of playing this game. Pain, suffering, lack, limitation, etc. have never been reality and only seem to be so because they have been the experiences of the majority throughout hundreds of lifetimes. creating personal programming and a collective consciousness unaware of anything other than what can be seen, heard, tasted, touched, and smelled.

Never doubt that you are a Divine Being, embodying the fullness of Divine Consciousness regardless of any appearances or situations that would indicate otherwise. Stop attempting to figure everything out through limited three-dimensional knowledge because finite human minds are incapable of aligning with and comprehending the infinite.

Divine Consciousness is, always has, and will infinitely continue expressing and revealing itself. but those choosing to live with constant noise and outer distractions cannot hear the still, small voice always flowing from within and so believe it does not exist.

You and only you can choose spiritual evolution because you have free will. A person can play three dimensional games and fritter away many lifetimes while doing it. They can choose to live as a ghost for a while, or even refuse to incarnate in order to experience their needed earth lessons. However, the high resonating energies pouring to earth at this particular time are such that those who do not take advantage of them will find themselves left in old energy.

Creator Consciousness is every person's consciousness because there is only One Consciousness.

Through ignorance and over time most have allowed their individualized Divine consciousness to become filled with beliefs of separation, duality, and two powers which allows material forms of these beliefs to manifest outwardly leaving the person to believe that they are a victim of outside forces.

The world has reached a readiness to move beyond the bondage that these beliefs create, but leaving behind the familiar even if or when it is painful is difficult because these old energies are known and most fear the unknown.

Try not to get overly involved in the news and images of war and suffering. Be aware of it but remember that spiritual reality underlies every appearance. The old-world consciousness is collapsing, and its death throes are manifesting as situations that are often destructive and painful. Never forget that every person incarnates with a contract that they and their Guides have put together pre-birth regarding experiences deemed necessary for further learning and spiritual growth.

Do what you are guided to do when situations large or small arise while always recognizing the Divinity of everyone involved. A smile, a kind word, needed support, a listening ear, petting a lonely dog, and always acknowledging the Divine Light shining from every person's eyes regardless of their state of consciousness. This is Light work and is what you came to do. Even the simplest of activities done with spiritual awareness add Light energy to earth's collective and can actually lift or heal another if they are receptive.

Whatever you give energy to feeds and continues it. Every war on drugs, cancer or disease, war on this or that simply draws attention to and adds energy to the issue allowing it to stay alive and well in the collective. Your work as a spiritually awakened person is to live from your highest level of truth and as you do this, more will be given. This does not mean burying your head in the sand while shouting "God is all" but rather means re-interpreting appearances -- being in the world, but not of it.

It is an intense and difficult time for many as long held and seemingly innocent concepts and beliefs begin to crumble, but the old must fall away in order for higher and more real forms of these same things, laws, beliefs, health care, military, and government, to manifest. The world is in the midst of giving birth and the birth pangs will continue for a while yet.

Not everyone is spiritually ready to understand what is happening to them and the world. Offer honest practical guidance when asked but do not attempt to inform, change, or force your knowledge on another in the belief that you are "saving" them. Every person has Guides and a Higher Self and, in some form, or another is on their evolutionary path.

Secretly and silently acknowledge the Divine nature of every person and then go about your business. Those ready for truth will be drawn to you at the right time and it is usually someone you least expect to be interested in truth. Rest in reality. Be rather than do, and trust that all is proceeding according to plan.

BlissfulVisions.com February 12, 2024 Ė THE DOLPHIN EMPIRE OF EARTH - Dolphins channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Hello Humans. We are Dolphins and we are communicating today to your race through telepathy. Yes, in your world we can speak telepathically, but unfortunately the human population canít, like they did a long time ago. We live in your oceans, and we love humans.

We ended up on your planet a while ago, when your waters were pure and clean. We were brought to Earth by spaceships from our Galactic Dolphin Civilization. In our home planet one third of our population are humanoid Dolphins, which means they can walk on two feet. They are between 10 to 12 feet tall and can fly spacecrafts. The rest of us swim in our waters like the Dolphins on your planet.

On our planet the main color of our Dolphins is white grey, and we can be any color like red, purple and etc. In our Dolphin world the ones, that swim in the water, are between 15 feet to 30 feet long.

We were able to adopt to the changing conditions of your oceans, unfortunately some, who were living in the Earthís waters needed to be relocated to other planets by our Galactic Dolphin Civilization or to migrate to a very deep waters to avoid pollution. Here in your oceans live over 37 different species of dolphins. Some of us range from 3í 11íí feet to 30 feet long. We also have pink and white colored Dolphins in your world.

We were considered human helpers in ancient times. Ancient Greeks loved to interact with us. They thought about us as very intelligent and unusual beings, that we are. In the last 30-40 years humans were catching us and keeping us in captivity. Their goal was to teach us tricks and to show to other humans as entertainment. We followed their training for only one reason to show humanity, that we are interested to open the line of communication.

We understand that Human Civilization is not ready, yet for telepathy, as they have too much on their plate by being constantly distracted by their own survival and by chaotic events, which are always happening around the globe.

Unfortunately, with passing years, some of our Brothers and Sisters became endangered, as some humans like to eat us. We love our freedom of swimming in the oceans. Feeling the wind and our speed during the movement from one destination to another one. Itís absolutely amazing and an indescribable feeling. We can swim up to 37 miles per hour. We communicate between each other by sounds. Each of us develops our own distinct sound by which gets recognized by other Dolphins.

Humanity is in a transition to a New Earth, many things are going to take place between now and in the future. You need to stay alert and be aware, that the environment is drastically changing around you. Your task is becoming proactive and mindful about your planetís transformation into 5D. What worked a certain time ago, itís not working anymore now.

The Human Race needs to take their next step into their spiritual advancement and create a new and a positive history by leaving behind all of the negativity and the control mechanism created by the Dark Controllers. We are on your side and wish for you to reach your enlightenment very soon. When you move to the 5th dimensional New Earth, then you will be able to telepathically communicate with us. Thank you, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces, Be aware of all of your surroundings. Dolphins.

BlissfulVisions.com February 9, 2024 Ė FROM ILLUSIONS TO TRUTH ABOUT THE ASCENSION PROCESS - Voice of the Divine channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Greetings Dear Humanity, I am the Voice of Divine sending this message with Supreme Love and Light to Mother Earth and Beloved humanity. The narrative today is about my direct involvement with the planet.

What is the meaning of Divine Power, and how I am impacting the transition into higher realms. I have been in existence for extremely a long time, since the day Cosmos was created which is longer than eons. I want to give to every human a deeper understanding about the Ascension Process.

It was given a specific time frame to complete this long-awaited transformation. I, Divine, needed to step in and speed up the process. As humans have been too slow and not fast enough with the elimination of Dark Entities from their control positions. I am an invisible force, or you can call me a power that canít be seen by a 3D human, unless you are highly evolved.

I have been crushing daily negative energies in your reality. Nobody canít stop me from accomplishing my task to help to ascend the ready ones to 5D. It makes me sad that the Light Community spreads a lot of false information, I am going flush out to the publicís eye everyone, who spreads lies and follows pure Evil.

You canít escape from Divine, and a judgment day is coming. If you committed a crime against humanity, you are going to pay dearly by losing your physical form. Your existence will be in a bubble form for eternity without any chance to reincarnate again. Please, stop reading false information about 3 Days of Darkness, Solar Flashes and other meaningless messages.

I am going to address the 3 days of Darkness information. Earth was never called Aghartha. The Central Sun planet is not Source for humanity. The Universal Sun planet will not be involved with the Ascension Process on Gaia in any away. There is no such thing as 12 Crystal Skulls, it doesnít exist. The Archons did not invert the magnetic poles of Earth. If they did, then Mother Gaia would not exist today, because the planet would destroy herself from spinning in the wrong direction.

The Moon in the past did not hit the Earthís ocean and cause a huge flood on the planet, that is not true. If the Moon would collide with Gaia, both would be destroyed from the collision. So, the Moon after hitting the Earth planet just magically went back to its original location, that doesnít even make much sense. There are no two big spaceships, one each on magnetic poles rotating Earth to spin in the correct direction, one of them is supposed to be Arcturianís ship.

This is false information about the magnetic poles, which have never been changed to spin into the wrong direction. Also, Arcturians are not involved in any way with Ascension Process. They are not part of the Galactic Light Forces. There will be no 3 days of Darkness, where all of the electric devices and anything that uses electricity would not work, basically complete blackout. Everyone on the planet are not going to be paralyzed for 3 days. Planes will not fall from the sky, there will be no car accidents.

Does this information about the 3 days of Darkness sounds like a positive event for humanity? Itís a very dark event. When Ascension happens on Earth, itís going to be uplifting and harmonious moment for humanity. The channeler, who shared the message about the 3 days of Darkness, received the information from a Dark being.

You donít need worry about our Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces channeling a Negative being. Any Galactic Civilization or Galactic Being who wants to send a message, through this channel needs to be first to be approved by Ashtar. Any Dark civilization or Dark soul will blocked by Ashtar. The Dark Ones usually donít try, because they know that they will be captured by the Galactic Light Forces. Only positive beings or neutral civilizations are given access to this channel. Even then Ashtar still scans the information and knows everything what was said in message before itís posted in the Light Community.

Now is the time to see the truth speakers and leave behind gloomy predictions. Humans donít know, how this transformation is going to occur. Do you think it will be disclosed, so that Corrupted Entities would interrupt or slow down the events? Changes are going to happen naturally, preplanned by me, Divine.

I waited a long time for humans to get to this point, now itís my turn. Dissatisfaction from governments continues to grow around the globe. Old ways of governing are dissolving, as humanity wants to be able to live freely without restrictions. A New World is getting formed. All of the plans by Darkness, so far backfired and gave the opposite effects, not what it expected.

The new phase on your planet is getting implemented, which is going to bring peace, happiness and harmony. Your soul will be able to choose, where it wants to be. Your transition into a New Earth is going at full speed without anymore delays or setbacks. Dark Pretenders, who came from nowhere and expressed their concern for humanity, are on the way to be removed from this reality.

Focus on your vibrations, increase them by daily silent meditations. Let go of your humanĎs traits, and keep reminding yourself, that you are more then just a physical body. Be gentle and loving to yourself and others. Practice gratitude, forgive yourself and others for mistakes. The Ascension Process is about moving into a higher plane of existence.

Donít ever take anything or anyone for granted. Thank Mother Earth for everything, she has given for you. This false illusion is dissipating, be ready for a new beginning. Please, remember a new life is waiting for the ones, who dedicated their lives to spiritual evolvement by reconnecting with your Galactic Brothers and Sisters. Thank you, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Be Humble Enough to Admit Your Wrongs. The Voice of Divine.

BlissfulVisions.com February 8, 2024 Ė YOU ARE NEAR THE END GAME OF THIS REALITY - Ascended Dragon Collective channeled by GalaxyGirl.

Greetings, humans reading this. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective, greeting you throughout time-space, which is but a construct, a hologram. We too are players in this game of reality but we have access to the higher levels-dimensions in which you are becoming well aware. You too are no longer beginner players. You are near the end game of this reality, in which the players expand enough that they can create the next game of their choosing. You are creator gods in body. Do not bristle at the term Ďgodí, with a lower case g, for that is simply what you are. You have the god creator spark within you, and you do not use the higher cased G in your language out of respect, but you are indeed creator gods, in form. Many have been trying to create the reality that they wish for you to see. Do not do this. Do not fall prey to their deceptions. If you wish to see more chaos there is plenty created for you to look. We say over and over again that the way of the master is the still flowing creek within, not the rushing waves without and about on your world.

We dragons speak now with cunning, with intelligence. You have this. You are cunning and intelligent. You are shrewd and wise. Do not lose your grit when calamity seems to strike and others step in to tell you how to think, how to believe. No. You are your own master of your own game of reality. You are your own savior. So save yourself. Save your world. Save your beliefs from others thrust onto you and selectively carefully cultivate your own belief. You are in the stages of realizing who you are. It is delightful to see. (They are showing me colorful bright dragon infants hatching out of neon colored shells.) You are no longer this. You are this. (They are showing me adult humans dressed in battle gear of old riding dragons).

We were one in times gone by and in realities that coexist, we were and are one. Humanity has been fractured from its very spirit, from its very nature of who they were and are. YOU are mending the fracture with clear eyes of sight. You are flying high on the winds with the breeze lifting you up. There will be talks of calamity. Pay it no heed. There will be talks of disaster and directions of what to fear. Pay it no mind. Use your cunning, use your discernment and follow your grit of truth. No master is a slave unless he forgets his place. Humanity is no longer a slave to this system. The system is broken. Do you hear the battle cry? Do you see the rising up? Do you feel this storm of energy that says ďEnough. We are sovereign. It is time we rise as one.Ē This Ė these are the times you are in. No more slivering and slinking, no more groveling and obedience. Obedience, blind obedience is what slaves do. You are no slave. You are masters, every one. We bow to you.

We are the Ascended Dragon collective come today to remind you of who you are. You are the Ascending Human Collective Ė a strong force to contend with, to recon with and the dark ones know this. This is why they are always cooking up something next to distract you from your own true power. Do not fall for this. You are sovereign. We instruct our hatchlings from a young age to trust their inner spirit, to trust their inner knowing and guidance and to know their true selves. Humanity has not known their true selves. In a sense this was a key element to the game but this game is over when the ascended human collective says that it is. And we suggest as your friends of the skies and the deep and of ages past and future friendships and alliances Ė the time is now.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. Watch your full moon rising. It brings yet more codes. Watch us ride on the waves of the wind. We fly beside you, girding you onward. We are your friends of ages past returned to the skies, the waters, the deep spaces. The underground places are being cleaned out by us cheerfully, moment by moment. Snack by snack we devour those who are not of the light. It is great fun for us, for it is our act of service.

Find what brings you joy in these times and do it. Bring joy to your fellow humans. Bring laughter to your workplace. Bring hope to your aging parents and bewildered colleagues. Bring firelight to the dark places and light them up. No one will believe what you have been through. Deeply personal stories, every one. You have all had many deep cave experiences with minimal light when all was thought to be lost. But you found your own inner light, your own inner ember of Source, of love, for they are one in the same. We serve Source, the Great Mother of All Things. We bow to her ever in service, always serving the light. We bring the light to the darkest of dark places. Where there is only inky black we bring firelight. We blaze our mighty fire and we burn away all that is not light. Many of you are with us on the other side. We see you, we remember you. Do you remember us? Does this message of friendship and greeting bring fondness? If so, embrace the codes and choose to remember. Choose to remember who you are, dragon riders, every one. Our alliance is great, our friendship is greater. We are one.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. You will be hearing more and more from us as these days grow short and long all at the same time as time crumbles apart like the rending of the wind. All is coming to pass. The great prophecies foretold it and we bear witness to the unveiling of Gaiaís glory.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. Know that the darkest of dark times are coming and that is when the light shines the most brightly and you are ready for it. It will not be as long as the last time. It will be much shorter and you are much stronger and you are ready. You are ready to lead. You are ready to shine. The spiral of time is changing and is close to being no more. Time exists differently in the higher dimensional realities, you know this. All is now, all is happening simultaneously and we see many glorious outcomes for this project and all will be sure-footed.

We dragons fly high and yet we have very sure feet. We like our scaly feet. They are strong and capable. We see you humans in your small oddly shaped feet Ė we see you as very, very strong. We bear witness to you and your success on this journey. We bow to you in honor and friendship. We are with you. Peace. Source: https://eraoflight.com/2024/02/08/ascended-dragon-collective-you-are-near-the-end-game-of-this-reality/

BlissfulVisions.com February 7, 2024 Ė INTRODUCING: THE RED E.T. RACE - Red Race channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Hello Humans. We are the Red Race and are telepathically sending this communication today. We are named the Red Race after our distinctive red eyes. We want to introduce ourselves to you through this channel.

We do not intend for any harm, as we are peaceful Galactic explorers. We have traveled many times throughout the Cosmos, and seen many unusual things and met many Galactic civilizations. Some of them were friendly and others were ready to attack us or anyone who comes their way.

We stay mostly on motherships, as we move a lot. Our motherships are bigger than your whole planet. Our homeland is located on the Castellation of 5 stars called Arsana, we can guarantee that you have never heard about it. The location is too far for your scientists, even to see through the strongest telescope that you have on Earth. Only our race resides on Arsana, the stars are surrounded by invisible traps for uninvited intruders, which can destroy any ship immediately.

We have a reputation of being unfriendly, that is not true. You can only visit us, if you are invited. We are multidimensional beings from the 7th dimension. We are between 10-12 feet tall with a unique look of red marks on our faces and heads, we are not part of the Galactic Light Forces or involved in any other coalitions or conflicts. We live for thousands of years, we never age and we always look young. We enjoy exploring different parts of Universes. Our youngsters study diligently about the Cosmos and its inhabitants.

Our ships are a triangle shape and extremely fast, in case of attack we can easily disappear from the attackers in seconds. We have a strong interest in designing new spaceships, as most of our time we are away from our home. Our civilization is governed by a group of individuals like a council, who are chosen by careful deliberation. We call them the Elderly, but it has nothing to do with their age.

The councils donít allow for us to raise any conflicts or misunderstandings in our society, they overlook all of the matters in our world to keep everyone happy and harmonious. The rest of our race focuses solely on the development of new technologies and the exploration of other worlds. We are aware of the existence of your planet Earth.

We studied your real history, not the one that has been written by your Dark Controllers. You are on your way to the Ascension, and we understand that you are not there yet. Your world is not safe for anyone from Outworlders to visit. Your reality is full of internal conflicts between your nations, etc. Your Dark rulers need to be immediately replaced, as they create chaos and injustice for humanity and all of the inhabitants on your planet.

You need to remove everything, what keeps humans being stuck in false and low vibrational beliefs. Itís shocking for us your financial system of paying for everything. How can anyone create any progress under the pressure of a financial burden. We never met any beings with this type of system you have.

We hope for your sake that you are going to stand up for your spiritual progress of becoming like us being free, and do what you desire without any restrictions and pressures from anyone. We wish you the best in your transformation into a high vibrational reality with a peaceful and a positive environment.

Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Connect to the Universal Consciousness through daily silent meditations. Red Race.

BlissfulVisions.com February 5, 2024 Ė ANGER TO UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS - Andromeda Intergalactic Council channeled by Chellea Wilder at UniversalLighthouse.com

Greetings in the Light, and the Love, of our Infinite Creator. As the Light intensifies around your Planet, you are witnessing, a major awakening happening. All around the Earth, humanity is beginning to open their eyes to Truth.

For thousands of your Earth Years, humanity has been deceived and lied to at all angles. Even today, the Deception continues. But the Human Collective, as a whole, is Now Waking up to this knowing. As more of Humanity begins to awaken to this truth, the first energies they are experiencing is anger.

Anger is a powerful energy even though it is of negative nature. This vibration is causing humanity to react. To Stand up for their rights, and to stop the oppression. When a race of beings has been held down, for so long, and they discover this type of enslavement, it then becomes an explosion of energies, An explosion of Anger.

In this sense, their anger is the first step of their awakening. It is the first step they are taking towards a United Energy. The Energy of Anger the Human collective is experiencing will transform into the feeling of Unity, of being united with one another, even if it is only against a common foe. It Still brings Great Change.

You as the Lightworkers, Angelics and Starseeds, are there on Earth to balance these Energies. Transforming the Vibrations of the Anger to Love and Unity.

However, there is Deception everywhere. There are those out there who are literally trying to cause Distraction, Confusion, and spreading Lies. These beings are in organizations that get paid to actually create the chaos.

These beings are placed in different areas, intentionally in different communities, to deceive you and to separate you. This is done to infiltrate every aspect of your lives.

The Dark Ones have even infiltrated the Lightworkers for many years, causing confusion, Fear and as a result, causing many to abandon their Ascension. They intentionally will make claims contrary to other Light workers and causing confusion with the newly awakened souls.

In these Moments the Deceptions that you may have noticed in the Lightworker communities, are claims of "Divine Governments" and "No Big Event or Solar Flash" and claims that you are not entering the 5th dimension. These are all false claims. These Claims are a deception, a distraction, to make you Fall for the enslavement, the Trap, of the Control Matrix. They are claims to make you think that it's all about the Politics and governments, and to deceive you back into the same Slavery you are trying to escape. They are purposely trying to make you Lose all hope of your Ascension. This is done to distract and confuse you and causing the Newly awakened to feel lost, and where they quickly fall back into the old programming.

We wish you to KNOW that yes, you are ascending into the 5th degree spectrum.

Your physical bodies will change from Carbon Based, to a crystalline form of light, And yes this does happen in an instant, through a Galactic event, a solar flash from your Logos. However, you can ascend through Death of the body and incarnate into a Higher Light body Form. But, This ascension isn't about you Dying and coming back, It's about you ascending into the 5th density while still in Physical Form.

As stated before There are no Governments in the higher Dimension, this type of control structure causes nothing but separation. There are no Politics, because it too causes only separation. The way an individual of Higher Light, is chosen to be a Representative of their people or race, is Through Their Spiritual Hierarchy only. And as well, There is no Money exchange in the Higher dimensions. Material Things are not needed, and all things of this Universe that are needed are given Freely. Money or the Financial structure, has been used by the dark to enslave and to entrap you, into their Control Matrix that they created.

Those who are purposely trying to deceive, distract, and confuse you are not going to stop. However, You as a Lightworker, Angelic, and Starseed, are there on Earth to also hold real personal discernment, and not let others tell you what to believe. You must trust your own heart.

You must hold personal Discernment on everything you hear, see, and feel. The media either exaggerates the information or hides the truth. All your Media is run by the same ones who wish to deceive, distract, and confuse you.

Do Not fall into the Fear Trap, The Dark Agenda is pushing you to be afraid of What is to come. They promote fear, in every way possible. Fear of This country or a certain people, fear of a Solar Flash, or fear of a Pole Shift, Even Fear of Extraterrestrials, and our Message.

You Must open your Heart to the truth in these very important times. The truth is within you.

You Know the Truth of your own ascension, and of your raising in the higher spectrums of existence. Because you can Feel it for yourself. You can feel the difference within your own being.

You are witnessing the Changes everywhere. Information is flooding in, whether lies or Truth. We ask you again to use your own personal discernment, meaning look inside your own Heart. What do you feel, when hearing those types of channelings and messages. If they make you feel lost, without hope, or dependent on an overlord, then they are not Truth.

Even this Channel has had it hard, with discerning the truth, as she is constantly reading Channeled messages. She tries and makes sure that the channelings that she shares are of the Light.

All of you who have chosen this path, some of you many years ago, have witnessed the ups and downs of doing this work. You have seen many beings come and go. This has been a tough Journey for all of you. But we bring you Hope, as we wrap you in the divines Love. You are greatly honored, because You bring truth to the Newly awakened. You are the beacons of Truth, of Love and of Light. And You are needed. This is your Moment to Shine Dear Ones, Be present, be aware, and Unite with your brothers and sisters of Light. In these moments, you must witness everything with Intention.

We witness you, We celebrate you, We honor You, and We Love you. In the Love and Light of the Infinite Creator. We are the Andromeda Intergalactic Council.

BlissfulVisions.com February 4, 2024 Ė EXCPECT E.T. CONTACT EXPERIENCES BY END OF 2024 - The Pleiadian High Council of 7 channeled by Daniel Scranton at www.DanielScranton.com

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

We are very engaged with humanity, and we have been from the very start. We know exactly where you are vibrationally in each and every moment, because of our connection to the human race and because we are ninth dimensional. That means we are nonphysical, and we can tune in to whatever consciousness we would like to. We also were physical at one time and did participate in the seeding of your planet with the physical beings that now dwell upon it.

We did not contribute all that is around you there on planet Earth, but we did our fair share. We want you to know that as you embark upon the month of February, you can expect a lot more galactic energies to be coming in. They are coming in to prepare you for more E.T. contact, and they are coming in to remind you that you are from the stars. You all have roots in our star system, one way or another. And so, as you look up at the night sky, and if you can see our system in your night sky, access more of that which is Pleiadian within you by opening yourselves up to the energies that we are delivering.

Now, we are not the only beings throughout this beautiful galaxy of ours who are offering transmissions to humanity throughout the month of February. You are going to receive activations and upgrades that will also bring more of your extra-terrestrial DNA into alignment and into service. You are meant to know yourselves as whole beings. You are meant to know yourselves as multidimensional beings. You are meant to know yourselves as collectives.

You are your souls, and so all of these other lifetimes, that from your perspectives you have already lived, are also your lifetimes and in another way they are not. You are there to live that life and to benefit from all of the living of life that the other aspects of you are doing. And so, you are not just there to pay off the karmic debt of these other aspects of you. You are also there to benefit from all the good karma and all of the wonderful gifts and abilities that these other aspects of you have attained.

Therefore, the month of February really is about putting more and more of the pieces of you back together again so you can know yourselves as your whole selves, and you can begin to operate more as such. That of course brings your consciousness closer to home, closer to who and what you really are as Source Energy Beings, and that is why E.T. contact is important for all of you. It is a reminder of how much more you are than your human physical selves living lifetimes there on Earth.

We also want you to know that some of you who are receiving this transmission can expect for more of those contact experiences that you do want by the end of the month. and many, if not most of you, can expect those e.t. contact experiences by the end of 2024. We are all embarking on this coming together that is happening throughout our galaxy, and we will all do our part to contribute to it and to ensure it happens in the easiest and most joyous ways possible.

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you.

BlissfulVisions.com February 2, 2024 Ė THE PLANET IS MOVING INTO ABUNDANCE MODE FOR EVERYONE - Mira of the Pleiadian High Council for Earth's Ascension channeled by Valerie Donner at thegroundcrew.com/

Greetings: I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council currently serving full-time on the Earth Council for the Earthís ascension.

You may have begun to notice more disorder and chaos everywhere on the planet. This is not intended to alarm you, but to make you aware of the necessary shifts in consciousness that one must go through during ascension. In some ways it is like walking through a field and pulling weeds that don't belong there. They are there for a reason so that you can pick and choose what feels right and what looks better. This is all about new creation and a whole new focus for the Earth.

You will begin to stop saying "We've always done it this way!" This is clearly a pivotal point when you realize that you are no longer in the third dimension. What was done in the past no longer applies. This becomes even more clear when you realize how the matrix is breaking down and things are no longer working the way they used to work.

There are many clues that you experience every day to show you how different things have become. You have been programmed to believe that the third dimensional material world would perpetuate into eternity. Humanity is beginning to realize what they bought ďas a program" is no longer applicable. There are many reasons for this. An example could be purchasing a brand new vehicle that has problems within the first few months of a warranty only to discover it is unfixable. New household appliances can be untrustworthy, yet no one takes responsibility. It's almost like you are surviving in a vacuum that doesn't work.

These are just a couple of examples about what is happening every day through shoddy workmanship, lack of responsibility and ownership. The inability to follow through and make things right, lack of integrity, greed, and perhaps even an exhausted labor force. Maybe humanity is tired of being enslaved and has reached the point of exhaustion and does not care about the work they have been doing?

From a galactic perspective, I will tell you that you will be doing your true and most important work as an expression of your soul's energy. This does not mean that some of the work you have done in the material world has been worthless, but what it means is conditions on the planet will be changing. An increasing number of people will find ways to follow their hearts and do what they came to do instead of having to do things just to make money. The planet is moving into abundance mode and everyone will have everything they need. They will joyfully learn to express themselves and to create from the magic within. The playing field will be leveling off for everyone.

When peoplesí survival needs have been met, they can be creative and free to experience life in the precious world in which they live. In the Earth Council we can see how ready humanity is ready to live this new way. It appears that there is no more energy left for forcing people to do something that is not true for them. Imagine what it will be like when you will live in peace, harmony, joy, abundance, health, beauty, cooperation, caring, love, and respect for each other and for the Earth. You have a bright future ahead, ground crew. We shall meet and have a wondrous time.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council sending you love, strength, and lots of magic and miracles.

Apollo channeled by Valerie Donner: ďI greet you today with a captivating spirit. The ground crew and the forces of light are lockstep and barrel standing together holding the Earth in the most profound light imaginable. We are the steady anchors connected with our ground crew, along with all forces of light, to shift the Earth into the fifth dimension. The Earth is ready and we are ready. Although we know more of the details that are going on right now, we honor what you know and what choices you are making for the light.

The forces of light are standing together in unison to change the Earth and to bring it to freedom. The dark forces are being held accountable and are being removed rapidly. The people are taking their power back in massive awakenings. The saturation point is here, compelling humanity to make new choices and to come together in unity. The truth and the light are returning humanity to sovereignty. The lies will no longer be tolerated and humanity is ready to be free. We are with you en masse. Feel our strength, commitment and our love for this mission, for you and for the Earth. We are victorious!Ē

BlissfulVisions.com February 1, 2024 Ė WHO IS HIDDEN BEHIND THE CURTAIN - Andromeda Intergalactic Council channeled by Chellea Wilder at UniversalLighthouse.com

Greetings in the Light, and the Love, of Our Infinite Creator. We open to you in these moments, to lift you and guide you through the veil that is rapidly thinning. The Massive and Powerful Energies you are receiving and what is in your near future, are transforming your reality very quickly.

What you perceive as Strange and unusual occurrences, will continue to unfold into your existence. Many of you are witnessing this phenomenon, even within your own personal worlds. Glimpses of Sparkling lights, movement, strange sounds, strange shapes and shadows, fill you with wonder. As you move through the veil, your eyes are being opened.

What you will witness, is a different reality to what you have perceived your physical existence to be. When your eyes become open, you will see behind that curtain, and witness the Controllers of the illusion. What is behind that curtain, is a hidden agenda of manipulation and control, that is crumbling and collapsing.

These Dark beings from beyond your perception, work with the Controllers of the Physical Realm, to totally control your reality in all aspects. These beings have had control and manipulated every aspect of your existence, from beyond the Veil. From manipulating relationships, everyday struggles and problems, and your emotional states of being. They have been the Ones causing chaos in your Lives.

In these moments, Many races of the Higher Light are helping with the clearing, of the Astral plane around your earth, of those who are manipulating your reality. They have nowhere else to hide.

Once you are aware of the control structure that is beyond the Veil, which is part of the control structure of the Physical Matrix, You can disconnect from that grid. You can disconnect from the Illusion.

Disconnecting from the matrix, is a matter of intention. You have the power to disconnect from it whenever you wish. However, your perception and focus is what keeps you connected. If your main focus is on what the illusion is offering, rather than focusing on your own personal spiritual growth, raising your Vibrations, and the ascension, you stay stuck in that perspective of reality. You stay stuck within the Illusion.

What is hidden beyond the veil, is an endless plane of existence. It is the Non-Physical Realm of Light. This plane is part of your unknown reality and allows you to traverse anywhere throughout the Multiverse of existence.

We are referring to the astral plane. Most of you have traversed this Realm, even when you were not aware that was what you were doing. It is where all beings from all spectrums of existence can interact and travel from one density to another. The dark forces have taken over the Earths astral connection and have blinded Humans of this plane of Light. Literally blocking Humans from witnessing this glorious realm.

However, many if not most of you are aware of this realm of reality. It is beyond the illusion, so the only way you have seen it is through your third eye perspective, however, the astral plane is not just a vision or dream, it is a Place. It is a plane of awareness, that all beings from the multiverse can experience. And This realm can be seen from your physical plane of existence, with your actual eyes, as the earth's vibrations raise into that Realm of reality.

The Astral Plane rests at 4th density and can be accessed from every realm and density of the multiverse of existence.

You have so much ahead of you, you have so much to look forward to, and so much to discover. What a beautiful adventure. Everything in your perceived reality is shifting, changing, and Rising. Your reality is changing, where everyone will begin to see what's beyond the illusion. Everything is shifting into a higher frequency. You are raising in the Love and Light of our Infinite Creator, who is the prime Source of Creation for all the multiverses.

The creation of the astral was to allow for instant interaction among all beings in existence. So all your Star families will be coming to you, through this plane of reality. First you will see them in your third eye perspective, however, they will soon be able to step through the Veil with much more ease as the veil completely disappears. This is what you will soon experience.

Not only will you see our ships in your Skies, but we will be able to interact with you Directly through this realm of existence, that you will begin to physically witness. We are just beyond the veil, waiting for you to witness our presence, as you raise in Vibration, you meet us in the Higher Realms of Light.

We look forward to reuniting with you and being able to wrap our arms around you in The Glorious Love of the Infinite Creator. We witness you; we celebrate you; we honor You, and We Love you. We are the Andromeda Intergalactic Council.


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