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"Are you ready for Ascension – to give up duality thinking?"

Road to Oneness

Turning Inward Is The Only Way Out!

By "Lord Emanuel" - Channeled through Gillian Ruddy, November 7, 2017

Lord Emanuel

Lord Emanuel: Greetings, Dear Ones! Times have changed. Make no mistake. You are living in the new energies. They are here now. They are here for you, now. And things are different. I can assist you like never before. I am closer than ever before. The veil is so thin you can reach across it instantly. I am with you. In your darkest despair I can now lift you instantly if you ask. This was not possible even just 6 months ago, not like it is today.

Feel, Dear Ones! Feel it now. Take a moment to be still. Take a deep breath into your belly. Deep long slow and exhale out the same way. Deep long slow and imagine all your tension leave you as you exhale. Imagine breathing in all that you require to be fulfilled in this moment and exhale out all that is keeping you from feeling fulfilled. One more time, in and out. There you are. I am here to serve you.

Do you know how much you are loved? Do you know how we see you from this side of the veil? You are magnificent beyond your comprehension. Breathe with me now, let me fill you with the magnificence that you are.

Dear Ones, you are experiencing the toughest of times, but that is only how it seems. You have brought into the new energies that which is old. Unwittingly and unintentionally you are walking around in the new paradigm with old paradigm baggage. This can feel horrible and confusing and to some, distressing. This is a symptom of bringing your old ways into the new energies. They don’t work. Things feel worse than ever from this place. Let me help you feel the new energies and dare to step into how easy it is to drop the old ways and the old patterns of thinking.

No one is out to hurt you. The world may seem cruel and humanity may seem to be beyond redemption, but this is simply not true. Dear One, God is within you, but God is also outside of you, all around you, in everything and everyone. God is life. God is reality and your God is a loving God. Can’t you see, it is all unfolding to give you the best chance of awakening to the God inside of you.

None of it is done to hurt you, punish you or to balance karma, not anymore. Life will show up for you exactly as you need it to in alignment with the perfect Order of Divinity to give you what you need to make the journey within.

Turning Inward Is The Only Way Out of Duality Thinking, Separation and Darkness!

Yes, that family member that you just can’t love is God in form showing up for you exactly as you need them to in order to see yourself. Yes, that co-worker that seems intent on making your life miserable is God in form showing up exactly as you need them to, to teach you and point you inward to how much compassion you have within you, how much understanding you are capable of.

These are not qualities that you need to work on developing. Dear Ones, these qualities are within you, waiting to be revealed and if you can’t reveal them yourself, then God will show up to help you. That is how much you are loved and when that person sent to wake you up to yourself is ignored or you miss the opportunity to look within, then God will send you another and another and another.

These seemingly annoying people who are like flies in your glass of wine just keep showing up until they reveal the God in you, to show you how to Love as God loves, without condition, without terms and demands placed upon them.

To Love as God Loves is to Love those that are in front of you as they are, exactly as they are. They are perfect and they are handing you gold nuggets of wisdom should you have the humility to look at yourself, to look inside to reveal what layers of mist and fog muddle your thinking away from that which you are, which is Pure Love.

Dear Ones, the car that won’t start when you are already running late, the child that doesn’t like the meal you spent an exhausted hour preparing, the dog that won’t do its toilet outside where it is supposed to, the call center person who seems to be a robot, the old lady that can’t work the card machine and is holding up the entire grocery line, they are ALL GOD. All showing up just for you, Dear Ones. Yes, you!

Showing up for you to point you back to you. To show you what parts of you are still lurking that cast a shadow over the pure sunshine that is your radiant golden Sacred Heart.

Dear Ones, the animals know who you are. The flowers sing when you pass by, the rocks know your name, the trees whisper “Here she comes, God is walking by. Look at the Light. Look at the radiant form. Look at the magnificence of God in form.”

Everything knows who you are when you know you are God in form (Cosmic Consciousness in human form).

Everything in this Universe is conspiring for your highest evolution and when you stop needing to be reminded by grumpy inconsiderate people that you are sometimes still grumpy and inconsiderate yourself, then the Universe conspiring for you will start to look very different.

Do you see, my dear, dear family? Yes, you are my family. Do you see, Dear Ones, that when you accept that everything is Divinity conspiring “for” you (not “to” you or against you), then all your shadows can be lifted and when all your shadows are gone, only sunshine remains, and all of Creation celebrates the very ground that you walk on. It adores you.

Everything comes out to show you that you are God in form and that the ground you walk on, the plants that you touch, the air that you breathe is Hallowed, Sacred and Almighty.

This is who you are. The old man driving very slowly in front of you is telling you that. Listen up! Listen up. Smile at his glorious form. See God in his eyes.

Walk with me. I am always by your side and Dear Ones, when it all gets too much, say my name. I can reach you now in an instant. I can present solutions to your dilemmas and restore your heart to love, quickly. I can. This is my promise to You. I AM Emanuel and you are loved in every breath. So completely. Feel it. I love you.

Are You Ready For Ascension?

By "The Masters" - Channeled through Sharon Rose and Kamala Everett, Nov. 5, 2017

The Masters channeled by Sharon Rose and Kamala Everett @ BlissfuVisions.com

The Masters: Many of you came to Earth to build a bridge into your new world and only your loving thoughts and actions have the power to actually build and support this bridge. It is up to each of you to monitor your thinking on a moment-to-moment basis to make sure that your thoughts are truly powerful and loving enough to create this bridge that is to transport you to a new dimension and your new home.

You are all being called to find the strength of the Creator within – a strength you may not have even realized was there, until now!

Transition (also known as Ascension or The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness) is about stretching to the limits of everything you have ever thought you knew or believed yourself to be – other than your Presence of True Self (the God or Great Spirit within your soul).

These times are literally stretching the foundations on which your very being-ness has been resting. It is stretching all of your so-called truths and the times you may have declared, “I know,” about anything.

It is also stretching all that has appeared to be defining your very identity as well as everything you have thought to be right or wrong, good or bad.

It is stretching everything you have felt the need to identity, categorize or compartmentalize, up to and including the belief that you are a body or that you are a spirit residing in a body.

Have you really come to know what spirit actually is or even if it could reside in a body?

What is this spirit composed of, and to what or to whom does spirit answer?

Perhaps the more important question to ask yourself is, are you really ready to walk away from all you have believed yourself to be, including all the titles or labels you have adopted because you wanted to have a meaningful identity that would be recognized and respected by others?

Do you see yourself as being “special” or extra-ordinary in some given field of endeavor? Have you felt the need for recognition of some kind from those in your area of work or service in the world?

Do you have shelves in your home with plaques, trophies or certificates of merit, all proclaiming recognition from so0me group you participated in or with, of your earned place for all to see?

Perhaps ask yourself if there is an image of yourself or anything in your mind or emotions that you feel needs defending. Do you have what might be referred to as “hot buttons” that others can push to get some sort of response out of you?

These buttons are actually gifts because they can show you what you may be needlessly valuing. Look to see if under certain kinds of circumstances your voice gets louder because you feel that your identity is being threatened.

The closer you get to your Ascension, the more important it is to look at your behaviors with no attachments to being either right or wrong, good or bad as all of these kind of assessments are solely founded in duality thinking.

Ask yourself if you are really through with any attempts to be the director of such moments so they end up being suitable or “justifiable” in you 3D mind?

Are you a patient person? Do you have patience with others who might not be as quick as you are in the tasks you may be sharing? Do you have expectations based on another’s performance, or is it really hidden expectations based on your own levels of performance, which are usually learned in your early life based on someone else’s ideas of efficiency, and are you now ready to be done with such limited thinking?

Are you ready to give no further value to any of these old forms of thinking and performance and indeed to be released from all the value that was previously given to them?

Are you ready to have the many halls of your mind and emotions seen and inspected by the Creator to see if you are truly ready to be fully aligned with your own God Presence, which has no duality thinking, no limitation, no judgment, no blame, no stain or no darkness within it?

Have you showered and scrubbed yourself clean from the inside out so you can present yourself before the Creator of your true Being and say, "I AM ready for our true partnership to begin and to BE all that I was meant to BE, and all that I truly AM and have always been?"

Attribution: Source. www.SanandaWebsite.com

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