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"Time has come to honor the wisdom of the Feminine that must be part of the world mind."

Road to Oneness

Envision a World where Humanity is in Love with Gaia as Divine Mother - October 2019

The Ascended Masters channeled by Robin "White Turtle" Lysne, Ph.D.

BlissfulVisions.com The Ascended Masters: Greetings, dear Souls. We are the Ascended Masters reporting to you in one voice. The Voice of our brother Raul, who is from Star Sirius. St. Germaine, WuLan, Divine Mother Mary, Mary Magdelena, Jesus and the Christ Consciousness and the Wisdom of India Masters, including Babaji, Lahiri Maheshshi, and Shri Yukteshwar, as well as the influence from Paramahansa Yogananda, Amma, and Star Woman, who are with us and great presences beyond our collective wisdom. The Angelic Beings, Michael, Gabriel, Ariel, Raphael, Ezikial and Uriel and others are with you too.

So we shall begin. We wish you to take this as guidance and not as direction because you have your own free will choice, and have your own inner guidance that we support as you become more aware and ask for it. You also have your own guidance that we encourage you to connect to and ask for your needs to be met. You are supported by the Angelic Hosts.

We are very pleased with the rise in awareness of Mother Gaia. The actions taken by the world-wide youth is wonderful. They will support and help this more rapid deployment of the sustainable Earth. They bring hope to humanity. There is a sudden rise in the understanding of the Earth as Mother, and we are also pleased with this. It is in Divine Order. It will be important for coalitions to form as a result of this rising up. Those who support the Mother must gather and act out of integrity rather than out of the old patterns of greed and hatred for the feminine energies.

The time has come to honor the wisdom of the Feminine that must be part of the world mind. This means that every human must recognize the energies of the Universe as both Masculine, Feminine, and the Integrative or Love Energy. This is what has created the Universe, not the giant “Big Bang,” but a moving out and moving forth of the Love that wishes to create more Love as the focus of Divine Consciousness.

The “In-Between” struggles that some have of their energetic identity as either one or the other or a cross over, stems from confusion that all are created in LOVE! There is a great spectrum of beings that share both energies, in fact EVERY SOUL HAS BOTH Masculine and Feminine energies in varying degrees. YES, every soul has LOVE as their core. These identity struggles, that some have, will dissolve as more people identify with Love as their core and release fears of rejection, disempowerment or despondence.

Accept all beings regardless of their unique expression or skin color. All are expressions of the One. Anything counter to this statement is of the old paradigm of patriarchal dominance.

Gaia is here to support the bounty of life in balance. Humans must align with that bounty and support it if humanity wishes to continue. Sustainable approaches are more important than unsustainable ones. Greed must go, and one must distinguish motivations of those acting from old patriarchal patterns or of the Love-centered ones. Those who wish to harm Mother Gaia, are still in the negative view of the Feminine as “other.” All beings must release this at this time if they want to sustain life on Mother Earth.

The children, youth and old souls of the 60’s recognize that they are part of the one family of LOVE. This will return and more and more people will align with One Heart.

Stay the course of LOVE. Release fear, and anger at the ones who will harm. They are serving a purpose for the greater good of spurring others on to choose. Choose to be with All-That-Is. All-That-Is, is LOVE.

In the coming weeks, and within this year, people will stand with choice. The first choice is to tighten voting methods so that they cannot be tampered with. Anyone who wishes to tamper should realize their karmic choices.

Technology that harms or takes away free will, is not of the supportive Gaia Initiative that gives free will choice and also calls on collective action in communities of Love. Technology should be used by people, not running people’s lives, or killing them taking away free will choice. Worldwide greed is worldwide greed.

This is very important.

The second step is in two parts, to release fears / angers and take right action. Survival fears can dissolve now if one trusts in your God actions. Right action means steps that align with one’s ideals and one’s desires for One Heart. Integrity is key. Stay in your knowing, not with popular influences, unless they align with right action.

The third step after releasing fear/anger, is to own your Authenticity. The more you do this, the more the world will balance. You will become aligned with God Consciousness and be the love you are if you live your dreams. Some of you have your star Essence waiting to be embodied, and this is your fearless authentic blueprint for One Heart Guidance. Embody the Star Essence Blueprint for your Highest Good. You will then be aligned with the Divine Self and your own purpose for being here.

This means one’s mind must be disciplined to discern. Meditation is key. The whole of humanity is discerning greed and lies with integrity and heart. Align with your wisdom and your heart, then bring it to your feet, and you will clear the past harms.

Step Four in this great transition of consciousness is: To see past harms as lessons. This will support the great transition to One Heart, One Mind, and One Soul of various expressions of the Divine. You are each in choice. Any remnant of victim/perpetrator pattern must dissolve. Time to let it go. Yet, we honor the difficulty you may have with this. Know we are with you. Forgiveness is key to release of karma. Forgive yourselves as well as the other.

Some of you have not been paying attention to Love. Those who have not, are getting difficult lessons of betrayal, dishonesty and unhappy outcomes. Do your witnessing of self to love yourself into your Divine Consciousness.

Envision a world where humanity is in Love with Gaia as Divine Mother. No harm of the soil, no harm of humanity. Chemicals that harm are banned. Safety is key to humanity thriving again. Balance with those other creatures that live here. Leave alone wild places for the good of other beings such as wild life. They hold a beauty and peace that humanity needs.

Gaia is here to help us. She is Divine Love and is emanating that and has become PURE LOVE. This is also stirring things up, because what is not of Love will fall away as delusion. Humanity must keep rising to One Voice for LOVE. All is well.

Sing your hearts out to LOVE and you will release fear. Keep Choosing Love and come together as one heart and one mind as LOVE’s voice. We are the Ascended Master Teachers, at your service.

About The Channel

BlissfulVisions.com Robin "White Turtle" Lysne, Ph.D. is an Author, Artist, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Show Host, Clairvoyant, Visionary, Medium, Master Energy Healer, Shaman, Akashic Record Reader (aka Soul Level Readings), Channel for the Ascended Masters, Star Woman (Divine Mother) and WuLan, a Tibetan spiritual teacher that Robin has as her primary Spirit Guide. She has channeled St. Germaine, the Christ Consciousness in the form of Jesus and Raul who is her “team leader” with the Ascended Masters.

For over 30 years, her work has empowered others to take up their purpose for being here and to live an authentic life, to join the shift in consciousness we are currently making in the world, and transform it to one of more sustainability, peace, love and harmony.

Since birth, Robin has been able to see energy fields and spiritual presences that live among us. She has been given intuitive, mediumistic, and healing abilities to use for your empowerment, growth, physical and emotional health.

Her training with leading-edge healers and practitioners honed her work with her intuitive processes to balance and repair chakras, heal and revitalize energy fields, and help individuals explore their archetypes, issues and challenges.

Robin offers sessions across the U.S. by phone, in-person, by Facetime and Zoom. Born in the mid-west, Robin is currently located in Santa Cruz, California, USA. Read her complete biography (click here).

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