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"Unconditional Love Does The Healing" - Robin Lysne, Ph.D.

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Available for Spirit Readings, Speaking Engagements, Transformational Workshops, and Media Interviews. Topics: Anything you like.

Reverend Lorina Pyle: BlissfulVisions.com Robin "White Turtle" Lysne, Ph.D. is an Author, Artist, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Show Host, Clairvoyant, Visionary, Medium, Master Energy Healer, Shaman, Akashic Record Reader (aka Soul Level Readings), Channel for the Ascended Masters, Star Woman (Divine Mother) and WuLan, a Tibetan spiritual teacher that Robin has as her primary Spirit Guide.

She has channeled St. Germaine, the Christ Consciousness in the form of Jesus and Raul who is her “team leader” with the Ascended Masters.

For over 30 years, her work has empowered others to take up their purpose for being here and to live an authentic life, to join the shift in consciousness we are currently making in the world, and transform it to one of more sustainability, peace, love and harmony.

Robin has supported people in various healing modalities including releasing entities and energies that no longer serve them, including within people’s bodies and in their homes. She offers sessions across the country by phone or in-person. Born in the mid-west, Robin is currently located in Santa Cruz, California, USA.

Robin's Transformational Services

  • Robin's intuitive, mediumistic, and healing abilities are employed for your empowerment, growth, physical and emotional health.

  • Energy healing customized to balance and repair chakras, heal and revitalize energy fields, and help you explore your archetypes, issues and whatever blocks hold you from your full radiance.

  • Private spirit channeling sessions with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Star Woman or WuLan – A Tibetan healer and spirit guide who is Robin’s friend and teacher.

  • Private channeling sessions for those who wish to connect with loved-ones who have crossed over to the spirit world.

  • Akashic Record Readings, for understanding your soul’s path on this planet.

  • Workshops, seminars, and classes on a variety of spiritual topics. For example, Shamanism Workshop: Being with the Spirits of Nature; Heart Path Seminars: Loving Ourselves Without Limits; and a class on Understanding Spiritual By-Pass.

  • Release of energetic "parasites," spirit tagalongs (exorcisms) from the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

  • Home and building clearings of negative energies and discarnate spirits.

  • Personal Sessions can be arranged In-Person and by Phone, Facetime and Zoom.
  • Special Online Events can be arranged using Facetime or Zoom.
  • All services are available for clients in the U.S. and International (English language only).

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  • Art (B.F.A.), University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Spirituality and Psychology (M.A.), Holy Names College, Oakland, California.
  • Creative Writing-Poetry (M.F.A.), Mills College, Oakland, California (2012).
  • Energy Medicine (Ph.D.), University of Natural Medicine, Santa Fe, New Mexico (2013).
  • Doctorate dissertation published as a book: Heart Path Handbook.
  • Numerous certificates in various healing modalities.

Robin’s Spiritual Journey & Over 30-Years of Service

Since birth, Robin has been able to see energy fields and spiritual presences that live among us. In 2005, Robin experienced an awakening whereby her mind dropped out and she became one with Universal Consciousness. Since that time she has devoted her life to helping others embody their star essence and their higher awareness for the good of all beings.

She has been serving the needs of her clients for over 30 years, speaking, leading workshops, channeling and enjoying her students and clients as part of her commitment to service.

For over 25 years, Robin was involved in Native American (Lakota, and Annishnabe) earth-based traditions where she received her spiritual name, colors, and clan.

Her name "White Turtle Woman" came to her through a Native American ceremony she committed to dancing in several years ago. She is a Sundancer and an Ogitchidaah Equa (Woman of the Ogitchidaah). She has also studied Umbanda, an Afro-Brazilian tradition both in the U.S. and in Brazil. She ran a sacred sweat lodge for 14 years in the Santa Cruz Mountains in the Annishnabe tradition.

Artistic and Publishing Achievements

Robin has exhibited her paintings and drawings widely. Published numerous poems in publications and anthologies and two books, and authored eight books in total. A sample of her published works are featured here.

Heart Path Handbook: Energy Medicine Guide for Therapists and Healers.
Heart Path: Learning to Love Yourself and Listening to Your Guides.
MOSAIC: New and Selected Poems, a book of tenderness, awe, and depth.
NEW! Ceremonies from the Heart: for Children, Adults and the Earth.
Robin developed a healing process with the help of her guidance, which she calls The Path of the Heart. Her third book called Heart Path, Learning to Love Yourself and Listening To Your Guides, features processes to help a person to love oneself more, and learn ways to listen to your guides.

While she channels and communicates with many different spirit guides, her main guide in workshops and private sessions has been a benevolent spirit, WuLan, a Tibetan healer. He also helped her write Heart Path. She now channels Star Woman and the Archangels as well as supports clients who wish to connect with loved-ones who have crossed over.

Education and Training with Leading-Edge Teachers and Healers

Her training with leading-edge healers and practitioners honed her work with her intuitive processes to balance and repair chakras, heal and revitalize energy fields, and help individuals explore their archetypes, issues and challenges.

Robin has had many wonderful teachers and healers that have supported her work as well as her formal studies. Some of them include: Astrologer Jeanette Snyder, Richard Maldonado, M.A., Barrett Eagle Bear, Brian Swimme, Ph.D., Buck Ghosthorse, Luisa Tiesch, and Starhawk, Matt Fox, Jeremy Taylor, Bob Fraser, Ph.D. and many others.

She has meditated for over 45 years in a variety of traditions starting with Transcendental Meditation (T.M.). She received darshan (direct God-transmission) many times and meditated with many spiritual teachers, including: Tibetian Buddhist Teachers at Land of Medicine Buddha, Santa Cruz, CA, Jack Kornfield, Da Free John (Adi Da), Amma, Guru Mai, Leonard Jacobson, Adiyashanti, Brenda Morgan, Ph.D., and Michael Silverman. Today, she is a devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda and a member of Ananda, a world-wide spiritual community.

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Acknowledgements / Testimonials

"I feel safely held as she works with me. Below are the words that come to mind after our work together: Expansive, enlightening, hopeful, sacred energy, connection, insight, beauty, gifted, accountable. My readings with Robin have guided me into my own healing journey, and have given me hope and connection to my higher self. Robin is accountable and I feel safely held as she works with me. I have found the readings with Robin to be healing on many levels, and bring me a sense of receiving gifts for myself and the people that I love. I feel safely held as she works with me." - Stacy Judah MFT

“Robin’s work is priceless. On one occasion I was getting my hyper-thermia treatment and it was so uncomfortable I didn’t think I could finish it. So I started to imagine the pink and gold bubble you told me about, the technician started to notice my temperatures took a big nose dive on the screen. I was able to get through the treatment.

On another occasion I had one of the mouth sores you get from Chemo. It was so bad that water even hurt it. I wasn’t eating anything and my lip was all swollen, it kept me up an night. One night I imagined the bubble again and when I woke up it felt better, and my husband looked at me and said, “Wow, your lip looks less swollen!” It has been going down ever since.” - Breast cancer patient, Santa Cruz, California

"My doctor was going to send me to a neuro-surgeon, and I am so glad I came to you first. After the last session we did, my vertigo disappeared and it hasn’t returned!" - Sheryl Peters, Scotts Valley, California

"I found myself wishing to have another day with this group and with Robin’s Guidance when I woke up this morning.” - Denise Sutter, Reiki Practitioner.

"This work is still so surprisingly simple and effective, and I am grateful!" - Ash Smith Inglenook, Craniosacral Therapist.


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