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"Living from the Authentic Self is living from expanded consciousness to include money (creativity), power, and foundation."

Road to Oneness

Defining and Being with Your Authentic Self

The Ascended Masters Team channeled by Robin "White Turtle" Lysne, Ph.D. - November 2019

BlissfulVisions.com Ascended Master Wulan: Hello Dear Ones, this is WuLan, Ascended Master Teacher and Robin Lysne’s guide for this lifetime. I am here to interpret aspects of the Great Awakening for all beings.

Today I wish to speak to the importance of authenticity in this new time of the great awakening. Authenticity is about having a self, including opinions, discernments, likes and dislikes that are unique to you. Everyone has them. It is about an expression that is yours rather than another’s. The authentic self is also an alignment with your higher self and your star-blueprint for your life purpose.

The Authentic Self, gives you your life path and course, while it also offers clarity in your presence so that in relationships, the partner knows where you stand on issues, realities, politics, religion, and every aspect of living life, etc.

Sometimes it helps to see what is not authentic to describe authenticity. What is not authentic is when a person merges or psychically reads another to anticipate answers to please the other. This can happen when a person is intuitive and anticipates the reality of the other before the other had been able to formulate their ideas. Sometimes the anticipation and reading becomes a way to please rather than for form an inner sense of self.

As we develop and evolve, we know better where we are with regards to our feelings, and our own path and with the other, especially in forming a partnership. Some merging and some anticipation is normal and natural, however when it becomes more important to please than to be in an authentic response, it becomes a problem.

As this time of the Great Awakening begins in earnest, and it has begun, more and more people will become more psychic and develop an anticipatory response rather than an authentic feeling, thought that is part of one’s path. It is something to be aware of in relating to all people.

At this fascinating time in the world where the entire planet is undergoing radical change energetically, and fear and anger are being uprooted, replaced by unconditional love, it becomes more important to discern where people are coming from with regards to their authentic selves. When one is authentic, they are not running a dream reality over another, they are instead, living in the light of truth and witness others. They listen deeply, and hear the other, and then live out of that relating. However, as more and more people become intuitive and their psychic gifts become more penetrating, it can be tricky to relate to one another authentically with clarity within the self.

One way to discern that someone is acting out of integrity and not out of their delusion or their projections, is to watch what they are doing with their feet. Are their actions aligned with their speech? Do they walk their talk? Are they living their ideal in real time? Are they speaking with you, and not over you? Another way is to watch which chakras they are moving from, and witness where they are connected to the Mother Earth and the Superconscious Self, or levels of consciousness above the head in the astral reality.

BlissfulVisions.com There is much dis-information about the levels of self, and how we evolve. I wish to digress to a basic understanding so we are all on the same page of understanding. We evolve from a base of reality, from the first three charkas – foundation (1), creativity (2) and power (3), respectively. This is where our families come in, and how they help us with foundation, creativity, power and of course love. We also have insight from levels of reality that are part of each individual’s universe. They are of course, heart (4), communication (5), insight (6) and inspiration (7), in the chakra system. As we evolve we develop all the levels of self to reach our fullest potential.

What is not well understood, is that those foundation centers give us a firm base to stand on. Many people do not have that base, due to issues of abuse, from emotional physical, or psychological harm. This is where fear and anger reside in the unconscious self. They are centers we return to as we evolve, and grow and as we grow people need to clean them out from conditioned responses given by families and society based on survival fears, that do not help their further evolution.

We return to the first three levels of self time and again to redress wrongs, forgive and move on. As we evolve we continue to expand the self, and this foundation has to grow with us. Our creativity helps to take us to the next level of insight as we communicate with the world our new vision and ground it in concrete ways. What is significant is to not underestimate the power of the first three chakras in giving us grounding on the Mother Earth. We are structured this way for a reason, and that reason has to do with how things are built on Mother Earth.

The paradox is that inspiration comes in through the crown in the 7th chakra and above. It descends through these centers in reverse order, through insight, communication, heart, and then into power, creativity and foundation. All new projects come into being this way. Einstein had dreams about his theory of relativity, artists, poets and writers, have inspiration that can come through their minds, hearts and wisdom. What is important to understand is that because Einstein had the background to his expansive theory of the cosmos, he was an appropriate container for this theory to come to him. His foundation could receive his insight and therefore he could articulate it through his previous understandings.

All this is to say, that the first three charkas, while they are part of the 3rd dimensional reality, are also the foundation of consciousness that all people have to move from and ground ideas to bring them into the Earth reality. You must have a good foundation, a healthy foundation, or awareness of subconscious motivations to move beyond present limiting realities. This is the work that all Light Workers are currently engaged in to grow beyond old conditionings and limited thinking.

Living from the authentic self is living from expanded consciousness to include money (creativity), power, and foundation. Lightworkers are constantly working to clear the past, to receive more inspired visions of the future.

So a small warning from the Ascended Master Team, to witness the self, as you move more into Unconditional Love and watch whether you are anticipating out of pleasing the other or whether you are truly speaking from your alignment with the self, both the small “self” and the larger “Self.” Or are you responding from conditioning that limits you. As you progress the ease of being will flow, and there will be more clarity of communication as you respond from your authentic self and an expanded base of reality right here on Mother Earth. This is WuLan speaking through Robin Lysne, Ph.D.

The Ascended Masters Team

The Ascended Masters Wisdom Report comes to you in one voice from the Ascended Masters Team. They consist of the voices of Saint Germaine, Divine Mother Mary, Jesus, Mary Magdelena, Wulan, Star Woman, Amma, Raul from Star Sirius, the Christ Consciousness and the Wisdom of India's Masters: Babaji, Lahiri Maheshshi, Sri Yukteshwar, Paramahansa Yogananda. And the Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Ariel, Raphael, Ezikial, Uriel and great presences beyond their collective wisdom are with them too.

About The Channel

BlissfulVisions.com Robin "White Turtle" Lysne, Ph.D. is an Author, Artist, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Show Host, Clairvoyant, Visionary, Medium, Master Energy Healer, Shaman, Akashic Record Reader (aka Soul Level Readings), Channel for the Ascended Masters, Star Woman (Divine Mother) and WuLan, a Tibetan spiritual teacher that Robin has as her primary Spirit Guide. She has channeled St. Germaine, the Christ Consciousness in the form of Jesus and Raul who is her “team leader” with the Ascended Masters.

For over 30 years, her work has empowered others to take up their purpose for being here and to live an authentic life, to join the shift in consciousness we are currently making in the world, and transform it to one of more sustainability, peace, love and harmony.

Since birth, Robin has been able to see energy fields and spiritual presences that live among us. She has been given intuitive, mediumistic, and healing abilities to use for your empowerment, growth, physical and emotional health.

Her training with leading-edge healers and practitioners honed her work with her intuitive processes to balance and repair chakras, heal and revitalize energy fields, and help individuals explore their archetypes, issues and challenges.

Robin offers sessions across the U.S. by phone, in-person, by Facetime and Zoom. Born in the mid-west, Robin is currently located in Santa Cruz, California, USA. Read her complete biography (click here).

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