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"A new set of guidelines for your evolution for the 20's decade."

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Guidelines for the Coming Times!

Teachings of the Ascended Master Teachers channeled by
Robin "White Turtle" Lysne, Ph.D. - December 2019

BlissfulVisions.com Ascended Master Teachers: Good day or evening to you as you are reading this piece, we are calling it: “Guidelines for the Coming Times.” These guidelines come through this channel (Robin White Turtle Lysne, Ph.D.) from the Ascended Master Teachers.

We and she are not here to predict outer circumstances. We on her team are here to offer guidelines that will help you stay in the moment, be with what is, and listen to your higher wisdom Self and your guides, moment to moment.

Because this is a particularly challenging moment in human evolution, we wish to give you some guidelines as you travel through the next year and the coming decade.

Indeed they are also a good new set of guidelines for your evolution into more consciousness and your life into the foreseeable future. We offer them with great gratitude for those waking up.

Guidelines for Self-Realization

  • (1) Be careful what you wish or pray for, as you will receive things more rapidly than previously. This is because there is an acceleration occurring that has nothing to do with clock time. There is a quickening occurring that has to do with human evolution.

  • (2) Be in the moment of evolution of your own being. The more present you are, the more you will be given guidance and clear instruction on what is relevant for your process. However, do not go with just any message, listen to it’s relevance to you. If it feels in right alignment with your loving self, follow it. If it doesn’t feel right, or comes from fear, don’t follow it.

  • (3) Many false prophets are afoot! Let what resonates with your love be what you follow.

  • (4) Listen to your heart, and know you are divine. Your blueprint for your work, life and love here on Mother Earth are found within your own being coming from your higher self, your star essence, and your guidance.

  • (5) Stay aligned with your own being and light, and listen only to those who are also aligned. This, then, is your realization of self, to know what is true for you, and follow it without doubt or hesitation.

  • (6) Go with the flow. This is not the flow of the popular trend, but the flow of what is resonating with you, and the energy coming through your own being to move you to the next task and the next.

  • (7) Seek truth as alignment with your blueprint. Alignment means you are connected to your divine truth. To get connected with your truth, witness your emotional body, and see that it is not always reacting for your highest and wisest good. However, your higher self is! Your Star Essence is! So be with your highest form of truth: that is what aligns with your divine essence. This is who you are, truly. Now act from that truth.

  • (8) Work to transform your fearful aspects with love. Do not deny your fearful aspects, transform them! First, identify those aspects of self that are afraid, angry or wounded. In meditation, after aligning with your spine and centering in your heart, bring them to the front of your heart and send them love. Then invite them into your heart to be transformed. Work with their beliefs, what do they believe about themselves when you were younger? Release the old beliefs with positive affirming beliefs. Throw the old beliefs in the fire, and receive wise, positive beliefs for your highest good. For example, I am enough. I have enough. I am love, light and one with All-That-Is.

  • (9) Slow down, ground your energy to enjoy each moment of each day. This will help you ground your light to your feet and join with those around you and on the Earth. Be grateful that you are walking on Divine Mother. She is here for your transformation. Smell the flowers. Witness the birds. See the rain as a blessing. Everything is in Divine Order. Be grateful.

  • (10) Know you are not alone. The choice for you to become Self-Realized is a choice and responsibility that rests on your own being’s shoulders. However, you are not alone. Many have gone before and many will follow. All will follow, and this is good!

  • (11) Trust in love. Love is your birthright. Love is who you really are. It is your light. It is the foundation of the Universal Life Stream that flows through and around all beings. Witness it, be it, and do not be afraid to let go of the old to step into who you are.

  • (12) Trust in your inner light. Light and Love are one. Your spiritual light is your guidance from within. Know you are that light. Identify with spiritual light and with that light in divine love.

Discernment will be key to knowing your truth that resonates or does not resonate with you. Discernment is not judgment. It is conscious determination of what is right for you.

There are many things that will appear to be truth in the coming year and the next decade. See what feels right for you, and follow that which is true for you. If there is falseness in the progenitor (root origin) of a “truth,” you will discover it soon enough, and you can re-align with your truth and disengage.

Disengage from that which is not aligned with your blueprint. Seek to know the blueprint for your life first, then engage others with the energy of harmony, love and truth – again, not others truth, but your own in alignment with your spine and your blueprint.

These guidelines will help you become one with All-That-Is. Know that truth. Be that truth, your truth, and you will be in the right place at the right time.

For several decades you have been on a path of following your own truth, now it is time to use that knowing you have gained to move through the rapid changes to come. The outer appearance is not what occurs in the big picture of transformation going on universally. True transformation is an inside job as we have outlined. Love will heal all. Light is your birthright.

Mother Earth is a divine being of light here to assist you in your evolution. She is part of the great Divine Feminine energy that is here to transform your life. Know this. Trust this. Trust your own discernment and light.

This will be your guideline for the coming decade, and particularly the coming year. We are the Ascended Master Teachers at your service. Namaste.

The Ascended Masters Team

The Ascended Masters Wisdom Report comes to you in one voice from the Ascended Masters Team. They consist of the voices of Saint Germaine, Divine Mother Mary, Jesus, Mary Magdelena, Wulan, Star Woman, Amma, Raul from Star Sirius, the Christ Consciousness and the Wisdom of India's Masters: Babaji, Lahiri Maheshshi, Sri Yukteshwar, Paramahansa Yogananda. And the Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Ariel, Raphael, Ezikial, Uriel and great presences beyond their collective wisdom are with them too.

About The Channel

BlissfulVisions.com Robin "White Turtle" Lysne, Ph.D. is an Author, Artist, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Show Host, Clairvoyant, Visionary, Medium, Master Energy Healer, Shaman, Akashic Record Reader (aka Soul Level Readings), Channel for the Ascended Masters, Star Woman (Divine Mother) and WuLan, a Tibetan spiritual teacher that Robin has as her primary Spirit Guide. She has channeled St. Germaine, the Christ Consciousness in the form of Jesus and Raul who is her “team leader” with the Ascended Masters.

For over 30 years, her work has empowered others to take up their purpose for being here and to live an authentic life, to join the shift in consciousness we are currently making in the world, and transform it to one of more sustainability, peace, love and harmony.

Since birth, Robin has been able to see energy fields and spiritual presences that live among us. She has been given intuitive, mediumistic, and healing abilities to use for your empowerment, growth, physical and emotional health.

Her training with leading-edge healers and practitioners honed her work with her intuitive processes to balance and repair chakras, heal and revitalize energy fields, and help individuals explore their archetypes, issues and challenges.

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