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"Progressive Reports on The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness (aka Ascension)"

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Ascension Updates: January 2020

BlissfulVisions.com January 30, 2020 – THE PLEIADIANS ARE WORKING TIRELESSLY TO STOP THE CORONA VIRUS EPIDEMIC – Cobra via Portal 2012 - On Friday, January 24th, the Pleiadians developed the first Stardust nano-powder to erase the virus, and have spread it towards the surface of the planet from their ships stationed in Low Earth Orbit. The virus has reacted to the nano-dust and mutated into a slightly less lethal and slightly more transmissible form.

Learning from the reaction of the virus, the Pleiadians developed a more advanced version of Stardust nano-powder, and applied it on Monday and Tuesday (January 27th and 28th). As as result, the virus is not spreading anymore with geometric progression as before, and in fact, appears to be slowing down.

The Light forces are expecting that the spread of infection will even out in a week or two, with less and less new cases reported after that. The goal of the Pleiadians is to completely hack the virus and stop it from spreading. The viruses can only spread effectively when support is received from the dark forces on the plasma plane.

Also, all remaining Chimera plasma spiders are extremely starved and on the brink of extinction, and now they are rushing to Wuhan and other cities with high number of infections to feed off fear and suffering. This is a perfect trap for them, as the Light Forces can clear them much more effectively when they are all gathered in such a small space and are not evenly spread around the surface of the planet anymore.

The Light Forces are now intensively clearing all the infection-supporting plasma and all plasma Chimera spiders and with this rate of purification, all plasma Chimera beings will be gone in a week or two, with only physical Chimera remaining in the US Space Command and DARPA.

The Light Forces are asking everybody that feels so guided to support this clearing process by visualizing violet flame purifying all virus-supporting plasma and all plasma Chimera spiders. Source: Cobra via Portal 2012 – End Time Madness – January 30, 2020.

BlissfulVisions.com January 29, 2020 - Millions of activists from hundreds of cities across the planet are demanding answers about the safety of 5G technology. The January 25 Global Protest Day to Stop 5G was a success as activists from hundreds of cities around the world came together at marches, rallies, workshops, and documentary screenings to educate the public about their concerns regarding 5G—or 5th generation cellular technology.

The stated goal of the event was to “stop the deployment of millions of 5G antennas on Earth and 50,000 5G satellites in space, and to secure emergency high-level meetings with officials in governments and international governmental organizations including the European Union, the United Nations, and the World Health Organization.”

The day of action was organized by Stop 5G International, an international group of activists who say they are seeking to grow an international movement to counter the deployment of 5G technology.

Pictures and videos posted online showed events in Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the United States. Source: Written by Derrick Broze of The Mind Unleashed - Click here to get the full story and watch the videos. Share this with your friends.

BlissfulVisions.com January 28, 2020 - GALACTICS LAUNCH FINAL PHASE OF "OPERATION STORM" TO RID EARTH OF ALL DARK FORCES - Michael Love - On January 24th, the Councils of Light gave the green-light GO to the leaders of light stationed on the surface of Earth to engage the final phase of "Operation Storm" - designed by the galactics three years ago for the purpose of compeletly removing all archontic, dark controlling forces from the surface of Earth.

The Leaders of Light are light-beings stationed in powerful, strategic and influential positions around the globe. They were put in place by the galactics to help bring forth positive change on planet Earth. These leaders blend in with normal human society, and work from the inside-out for poistive change. They also work with the galactics, and are here for the great purpose of triggering the full liberation of Earth and Humanity. To Read the Full Report - Click Here.

BlissfulVisions.com January 27, 2020 - WHAT YOU NEED TO DO FOR YOUR ASCENSION - The 9D Arcturian Council - We have been appreciating your willingness to endure such extremes there on planet Earth. We look at you as the ones who have the greatest ability to make the most out of tragic scenarios. We are not the only ones who see humanity in this light. You are far more impressive than you realize, and what has made you so impressive is the very thing that you are being asked to shed at this time. It is the will the typical human to survive that is the key component of the ego, and as you are becoming your higher selves, you need to set aside that survival instinct and replace it with compassion.

In order for you to ascend your consciousness, you need to look at every other human and their suffering as your own. You need to recognize that there is no real separation between you and anyone else, and you need to forgive, rather than exacting revenge. Your egos want no part of what we have just described. And so, humanity’s next trick will be to move from that very powerful survival instinct tool that keeps you feeling separate to that aspect of yourself that lies deep within you and as always known of your eternal and infinite nature.

It is as if you are shifting from being mere humans to becoming gods, and that’s what is so exciting about this time you are living in there on Earth. You are re-inventing yourselves, becoming something that you once feared and saw as being very, very far away. It is a monumental leap forward, this shift in consciousness for humanity. And so, now that you are all awake, and by "you all" we are referring to those of you receiving this transmission, it is your mission to help others recognize their own Divinity.

How do you do that with someone who would see the mere suggestion of such a thing as blasphemy? Well, the truth is you are still getting a lot of help from their higher selves, their spirit guides, their oversouls, and a myriad of other beings, like ourselves. Therefore, it is not really your job to convince them, those who are still asleep, of who they really are. It is your job to see them as they really are, and help them through the shock of that realization when they have their own experiences that make it quite clear that there is no separation between God and human, just as there is no separation between human and human.

Remember that, and recognize how fortunate you are to believe it, to know it, and to be the ones who are being asked to live it. It is a privilege and an honor, and you are ready. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

January 25, 2020 – FREE CHART BY JARED RAND – Jared popped up on the radar about two years ago. He has amassed 5 million followers in a short couple of years on the scene! He was born into to a military family that changed duty stations every two years, according to the biography on his website. He knew at the age of 3 that he came here from a different Universe to assist humanity on this Ascension journey, according to a bio for the Ascension Summit 2018. He offers Daily Global Guided Meditations.

I wrote about Jared Rand in my article “Holographic Medical Pods (Med Beds)” click here. I obtained information about him through internet radio interviews he’s done. Jared is a highly intelligent and knowledgeable man who has been working with the global transition for decades, he says, and has information about many topics the general public is not aware of, including but not limited to, off-world ET technology gifts to humanity like the Quantum Financial Computer System, Anti-Gravity Propulsion, Replicators and Med Beds.

The chart below was designed by Jared Rand and is available free-of-charge at Click Here. Jared Rand's website: We Are One Light for All.net.


BlissfulVisions.com January 24, 2020 – CORONA VIRUS OUTBREAK: ANOTHER DEEP STATE FEAR TACTIC ATROCITY TO WIPE OUT HUMANITY. - The Situation: Up to 36 million people are now under lock-down in China, with public transport links closed off in efforts to contain the spread of the disease.

26 people have died so far, and the number of infected patients has reached more than 800 with experts saying they just don't know what will happen. In the UK officials are trying to trace 2,000 people who've flown here from Wuhan (China) thought to be the center of the outbreak.

Health officials have identified a second case of the corona virus in Chicago, Illinois (United States). The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the case today.

Allison Arwady, commissioner of the Chicago Department of Health, said there’s no need for Chicago residents to change their behavior “in any way” because local public health officials followed appropriate protocols for infectious disease.

Ashtar Sheran: This is not going to be as bad as you think. The news reports are spreading news of this epidemic in China and all over the world. How often do you hear what happens in China? Exactly. Not very often. You don't hear about what's happening in China unless the Deep State (Dark Cabal) wants you to hear about it. The media takeover is one of their first priorities because the media is primarily responsible for spreading fear and panic around your world.

Your news is fake. Most of it is just blatant lying, and the focus on insipid subjects such as the lives of movie actors is downright ridiculous and an insult to the viewer.

The truth is the Corona Virus is being spread as a means of wiping out humanity on your earth. Ultimately your truth will be more bearable than the truth of pandemics being deliberately spread. They (Deep State) would also spread solutions in dealing with these pandemics.

The Deep State is causing pandemics instead of warring between countries because they are not allowed to use nuclear devices. If they did, then they will then incur immediate consequences from our Light forces for doing so. We have most of their weaponry disarmed so they aren't usable. But I say most, not all. Those that have already fired upon others on your planet, nuclear or not, have incurred consequences for doing so.

For example, the missile that was launched at Hawaii a couple years ago. Hawaii is a favorite target because it is part of the remnants of Lemuria. Lemuria was a feminine manifestation on earth and attacking the divine feminine energy is what the dark is about. It's not for no reason your people call it a paradise - it is one of the last vestiges of the feminine upon your planet that survives, a tribute to its strength. You notice that it was the first point of attack in the war in the Pacific, as well. Yes. There was no reason to attack the Americans in the second world war as they were not active, except for a desire to dominate. Hawaii was the real target. Having a strong military force defending the feminine island and pushing the dark invaders back to whence they came was accomplished, so Hawaii lives on.

When you think of your wars as a battle to oppress the feminine, then you understand so much more about what is happening on your earth. There are feminine energies still present upon your earth and they are under attack as they are under attack within yourselves. Oppression of the feminine is the only way the dark ones can rule your planet. With her at full strength, they can't survive. And the divine mother is returning.

People will die from this Corona Virus. We hold the timelines to minimize the damage. Some are choosing to exit your earth, as it was said, using the catastrophes that befall you in these times of transition as their chosen exit points. Others who have chosen to forge on will remain alive. Understand this is part of Agenda 21 (Deep State), the "culling of the herd" as you call it, and understand that it is being committed as an atrocity against humanity on earth by your dark controllers. This deed as well, will not go unnoticed. There will be consequences for those spreading the virus and all involved in its inception will also be tried. All of these events, including SARS, are indictable.

As for the virus itself, stay away from areas of infection. It was started in China because China is the most populous country in your world. The likelihood of it spreading before detection is great.

It spread through respiration so it can survive in the air for longer periods of time. Your "super bugs" are simply viruses that have been fashioned to eliminate more and more of the population. Your weakened states as a result of the poor foods you eat, mind control and the spread of lower frequency EMFs work together with these bugs to kill you. It's all a plan where one part will complement the other.

Your vaccinations, your flu shots, all prepare you to be susceptible to these viruses that are spread. This is how they become pandemics - because your bodies can't fight them. Unfortunately, you are being engineered to die off. The more you partake of your poisonous foods, vaccinations and unhealthy products, the more likely it is you will become diseased or die. It is being engineered. These things are all interrelated and deliberate!

Understand that fear attracts negativity, so the spread of disease is caused by your fear of it. Not fearing this virus will leave you immune to it. Fear lowers your resistance. That's why the Deep State spreads it all over the news and creates panic. You have to be one step ahead of them. Fear lowers your vibration, which makes you more susceptible to the virus. The dark can only affect you if you're in a lower vibratory state.

Practice the best hygiene possible and stay away from infected areas. There is a war and these psychopaths are attempting to kill you. So you have to be cautious - not fearful, just cautious. Source: Ashtar Sheran channeled by Sharon Steward at www.sharonandivo.weebly.com

BlissfulVisions.com January 22, 2020 – YOU HAVE THE POWER OF A THOUSAND SUNS! - Saint Germain - I come to be with you in this auspicious time, in these auspicious moments that you have arrived at. For all is happening exactly as it has been foretold for eons of time.  Not to the point of catastrophes and devastation which would lead to the ascension of man.  But the absence of this devastation.

To the calling of all to come forth, all of you, the already awakened ones that are the forerunners, all of you now, to come forth and to share your heritage with each other and with all of those around you that are open to it, that will listen to you, that will welcome your thoughts, your ideas, your ideal.  Certainly not all will.  They are not meant to.

You are here to anchor the light and to share the light.  To share your love.  To open up within yourselves everything that makes you who you are as a creative force, and a creative source within each and every one of you. And that creative source within you is now creating the New Golden Age, this Age of Aquarius.  We are not creating it, the Galactics are not creating it–you are.  You are the creator and the created.

The Solar Flash and The Event

You speak of the Solar Flash and The Event, how it is coming, and how it is to become a part of the expression here on this planet, and to raise the consciousness everywhere.  But I tell you now, as Saint Germain, in many respects it is already here.  It has already arrived.  Not the full blast, you might say, but many of the precursors, those waves, those events that you have been told about before have been coming, building to the grand event, building to the grand Solar Flash.  The Solar Flash that you can now be able to withstand.

The Solar Flash that will help all of mankind reach deep down into themselves and realize, just as you have, who you are.  Yes, certainly there will be those who will shy away from the Light, who are blinded by the Light.  But even many of them will recognize that they are a part of the Light, just as much as all of you are.  It is the Light that is your salvation.  It is the Light that continues to pull you on.

It is the Light within each and every one of you that brings the creative force within you forward.  To begin to use more and more your imagination, your imaging process, your visualization skills, to create this new Age of Aquarius.  And create it in any way that you want.  It is your universe, both within you and outside of you.  It is your creation.

Up until recently, the collective consciousness of man has believed that the creation process was outside of themselves, not within.  Even though Yeshua told those that were gathered with him the kingdom of heaven is within.  Many did not believe it nor understand it.  But those of you now are beginning to more and more fully understand just what that meant, what he meant by that, the kingdom of heaven is within. The creation source of your being is within you.  You have the power within you to create outside of yourself, create whatever it is you want.  For you have the power of thousands of suns within you, if you would only come to believe and fully acknowledge that power within you.

The Financial System

Many things are changing, and more are about to change.  Your financial system is coming very close, coming to the threshold, you might say, of a major shift, where all across the planet will come more and more to be equal.  Balance, that is so sought after by so many of you, will be realized. Many of those who have sought to hold the evolution of man back will now realize their folly and their futility of being able to do so.  As if they could hold the power of those thousands of suns back.  And, of course, they cannot.  They will realize, and will be taken into custody as the times are right for it.

Starships of the Galactic Family

Those of you that have been waiting for the many ships to begin to show themselves, that is also coming closer and closer. Allow the truth to come forward.  Know that it cannot be held back much longer.  For the truth is everything.  The truth is the creative process.  And the creative process brings the truth forward.

Be patient just a little while longer within your sense of time.  But know that your sense of time is also changing and shifting, and will continue to do so until you come to the point when your sense of time becomes no time.  Continue to allow for the process to continue to move both through you and outside of you.  For as it moves through you, it continues to create the world around you.

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now in peace and love, and the Violet Flame to burn and purge within each and every one of you all of the old programming that still may be present within you, still may be held within your lower chakra centers. But each and every day see those centers purged out by the Violet Flame, so that eventually there is no more programming left, and the past is forgotten, and the present moment becomes your all. Source: St. Germain channeled by James McConnell.

BlissfulVisions.com January 22, 2020 - ASCENSION SYMPTOMS, MEDICINE IS CHANGING, AND GALACTIC MEDICAL TEAMS - White Winged Collective of Nine - Greetings, we are the White Winged Collective of Nine. We are ninth dimensional and up, as you say. For we are always evolving and expanding, just as you are so doing in this mighty now of change. We see humanity’s progress of the awakened and awakening ones as astonishingly delightful to behold, for it reminds us of our own awakening to our own Source awareness in days gone by. The ripple effect of humanity’s ascension is not to be underestimated. It is truly profound, affecting all within this space time quadrant and beyond. For all is interconnected as a great cosmic web of love, of consciousness, of thought, of creation, of pure potential. We wish for you to see and feel your pure potential of creation, for it is vast, truly.

We are the White Winged Collective of Nine. Many of you are being inundated with ascension symptoms, and you have been informed of your many teams of assistance, such as your Pleiadian Medical Teams, angels of service, truly. Open yourself up a bit more to the possibilities of total body improvement, of intracellular advancement, of becoming younger from within, for this we see for you as an endless possibility of truly being in partnership with your body, which would be a new experience for you.

Medicine is changing and will continue to evolve as the consciousness of humanity improves, with understanding the consciousness of the body and the interaction with the soul. But you in the drivers seat of your own body can lovingly concrete perfect health and balance of your inner body systems, of your hormones, of your past traumas being balanced into light.

Would you like assistance with this? For we would like to come through more fully. If so, state “Yes, White Winged Collective of Nine, please partner with my higher self for further inner balance and healing so that I may navigate these upcoming energy waves with grace and ease in full harmony with my inner and outer selves.” Please sit or lay down and be in a comfortable quiet environment. Create this space around you with us. We enfold you in the whitest of ninth dimensional light. We are working with your higher aspects to clear further trauma of the lower aspects, which are rising and clearing nicely. You may feel and see flashbacks. Send them light. In this space of neutrality, of love there is complete healing. As the observer, as the master of your form, you see and acknowledge this healing. Welcome this inner light. (I am seeing and feeling rainbow light of color pulse through my body. In some places it pulses more as it clears. I am hearing singing). Invite the inner song of the angels deep within your cellular structures, deep within the DNA for ancestral healing. (I am seeing rainbow DNA, I am hearing the singing and the drum circles of the ancestors in celebration). Sit with this and feel the shift. Please state “I lovingly accept this deep shift of healing and I send this healing deep within Gaia’s crystal heart, further activating her healing and all upon her.”

We are the White Winged Collective of Nine. You are welcome to make this shift a permanent part of who you are now. When the challenges of the day arise, pull this rainbow and white light healing around you, insulating you, comforting you from the surrounding noise. And the ripple effect continues. We are the White Winged Collective of Nine. Source: White Winged Collective of Nine channeled by GalaxyGirl.


January 20, 2020 – SPECIAL PLEIADIAN MESSAGE – RESULTS OF THE JANUARY 12, 2020 AGE OF AQUARIUS GLOBAL MEDITATION - Key members of the Earth Alliance are reporting that a critical mass of conscious cohesion was achieved during the Age of Aquarius global meditation. In fact, the estimated number of star beings participating in the event reached historical levels, upwards of 4.5 Billion or more. Congratulations! You did it. Light has fully taken over this world, and things will never be the same again on planet Earth.

As of January 12, 2020, the old paradigm on planet Earth has changed for good. Light Forces have completely taken over this reality, and intense efforts are underway to change this world into a realm of Light, Peace and Prosperity for all humanity. Record number of lightworkers on Earth are using powerful positive intention to create a better world to end human suffering, and for all beings to live in Peace, Abundance, Freedom and Love forevermore.

The entire year 2020 will be filled with amazing events that will completely transform this realm into the paradise it was always meant to be. Lightworkers are asked to keep the meditations going on a daily basis to strengthen the New Earth matrix light grid, and to spread the good news that a New Day has dawned on planet Earth.

BlissfulVisions.com January 17, 2020 - HOW TO ASSIST THOSE IN THE AUSTRALIAN FIRES AND ELSEWHERE IN THE WORLD - Council of Higher Guides - Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today. Today we cede part of our time to a Council of powerful higher beings. This is a group of Spirit guides who assist a friend of our writer. He is adept at Native American shamanic ceremony and healing ritual. He requested a channeling from his guides and the spirit of his deceased wife, who have lived lives as Native shamans, on how best to assist those in Australia and elsewhere, who are suffering from rampant bush and forest fires. 

Here was the reply, from that Council of Higher Guides: The fires in California, the Amazon, African countries, and now Australia are being intentionally set with advanced technology as well as by local arsonists. There are several reasons for this, including to punish, subdue, and distract Mother Earth from Her Ascension journey, as Her vibration raises daily. They will not be able to stop that, but they remain in denial, as the old ruling groups have had dominion for so long. Yet now they have lost that. It is vital to send higher Light to those issuing the orders that those technologies be used for this purpose, and also to send Light to the technologies themselves. 

Call in your galactic family members to assist both etherically and physically. This assists you in coming out of a defensive posture, which is often the weaker, more passive posture in any situation. It also spoils the “Us vs. Them” paradigm, which is highly defeating. Visualization is paramount to success in the rainmaking, as you know. Children born in the last 10 years especially are brilliant at this.

So in addition to holding your own visions each day, envision them visualizing rain, healing, stability, Peace, and normalcy occurring around the world. Children’s visualizations are the most powerful on the Earth now. Seek out videos from YouTube that have the sound of rain falling, and play that all throughout the day, in the background. That is also helpful, as you envision Australia being rained on right now.

Key into the vibration of the rain. You are able to do this instinctively. Hold that in your energies on behalf of Australia, so that the essence of rain will reach the fires and endangered areas. So that even if it isn’t yet raining in some areas, the effects of rain falling will begin to set in. If you can drum softly to imitate thunder, that is also powerful. 

It’s most helpful to imagine Earth as something you are cradling now and healing, rather than say, being in opposition to those starting the fires, or in opposition to the fire itself—that only feeds the destruction. We are working with ancestral shamans to assist in an end to the fires, the rebirth of the burnt areas, and the spirits of the animals whose lives were lost. 

They will return to a much higher vibrational Earth, in part because of the healing work being done now to assist Earth. Remind yourselves and one another to bring in higher vibrational assistance. It is here for you, but you must call upon it! Many are also working in their sleep and dream state at night to assist, which is often why your emotions are erratic and changeable some days. There will be times when you are relieved that so much good is being born because of this, and other times distressed at loss of plant, human, and animal life. The grief and loss felt by the people in various places in the world are also affecting you.

[The higher guide known as Red Thunder speaks]: Let it pass through you. Note it, but don’t be pulled this way or that by it. As you become more aware that that is what is happening, you will release the need to carry another’s pain. You cannot carry it for them! They came in to experience this, and much more. Would you take their Joy from them? No, you would not. Send them courage by higher Light, but do not attempt to lessen their pain, for you cannot. That is all for now.

The Collective: We are honored by the insights and astounding energetic assistance of these brilliant higher beings. We urge you to consider not only their words, but the memories of your lives on this and other planets, in which you assisted in shifting dense weather patterns, mitigated extreme planetary changes, and assisted whole populations in moving out of fear, shock, or trauma. Yes, you are that powerful, dear ones! Yes, this is part of why you came, and you are doing it quite often, with just your presence upon the Earth now. Namaste, dear ones! You are never alone. Source: Council of Higher Guides channeled by Carolyn Oceana Ryan.

BlissfulVisions.com January 15, 2020 - 15 QUESTIONS TO PONDER, ANSWER, AND ACTIVATE FOR YOUR AWAKENING AND ASCENSION - Your Galactic Family.

1. Do you remember that we Galactics are here to serve and assist you?

2. What do you need from us, and how can we assist you?

3. Do you remember leaving the fifth dimension to take an earthly vessel (physical body)?

4. Do you remember how to transmute your earthly karma?

5. Do you remember how to return to your fifth dimensional SELF?

6. How does your 5D SELF influence your 3D Choices and Actions?

7. How did you remember and start on your Spiritual Path?

8. Do you understand the Unity of Diversity?

9. How are you preparing for First Contact?

10. Are you experiencing Synchronistic Messages with others?

11. How are you expanding your Perceptual Field?

12. Is the 5D Reality you Perceive, entering your 3D reality?

13. Do you perceive, and commune with, your fifth dimensional SELF?

14. Do you remember how to return to your fifth dimensional SELF?

15. The Landings are Ready! Are You? Source: Your Galactic Family channeled by Dr. Suzanne Lie, Ph.D. at www.MultiDimensions.com

January 14, 2020 – KRYON: 2020 FORECAST – PART 2 - Continued from January 12th. Topics include: 2020 is the year that changes are coming as a result of ending a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle, and the ongoing increase in human consciousness. Hence, new inventions and technology are coming. Freewill is changing. New power of magnetics is coming that has nothing to do with the existing power grid. Water desalination without heat is coming. Humans will have a better understanding of what’s correct and not correct. Whistleblowers in the Pharmaceuticals industry will expose how the industry is keeping people sick and letting people die for money; hence, a revolution in medicine is coming. Sexual slavery has existed for thousands of years, and will come under massive change. Energy of consciousness is a player in the field – the Torah code manifest – available to a high consciousness human being. Cleansing of belief system will become more purer. Things are happening that are bigger than what the news is reporting.

BlissfulVisions.com January 14, 2020 - THE EVENT 2020 – PLANETARY LIBERATION STARGATE TO OPEN – Pleiadian Light Forces – (Note: These are excerpts about the importance of the Grand Astrological Alignment of January 10-12, 2020. Click the link below to read the full report).











January 13, 2020 – CREATION OF THE GALACTIC DIAMOND GRID ON JANUARY 11th, 12th, 13th, 2020 - Spirit Guide Magenta - Massive astrological configuration during this time promotes unity consciousness. The year 2020 is a powerful year of triple Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction which happens around every 700 years. In this video, Spirit Guide Magenta explains the importance of this significant astrological configuration – The Creation of the Galactic Diamond Grid – and its massive importance for human and planetary awakening and ascension.

BlissfulVisions.com January 13, 2020 - AWAKENING IN THE AGE OF CELLPHONES, COMPUTERS, TABLETS - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are very satisfied with the progress that we have seen humanity making, as you come into this time of greater knowing on your world. Oftentimes, having more information doesn’t serve you because it’s a distraction.Knowing something can get you to focus on your thoughts, rather than your feelings. And so, in this time of the information age, the number of humans who are waking up is especially encouraging. We see enough humans putting down their phones and walking away from their computers and tablets long enough to have a truly spiritual experience.

Certainly, there are spiritual experiences to be had while online, but if you really want to connect to yourself and your emotions, it is more important for you to get out and live your lives. Interact with other humans, face to face. Connect with the animal kingdom. Connect with the trees and Mother Nature. Detox as often as you can from your devices so you can truly know how you feel.

Notice your thoughts when you are falling asleep and what they are revealing to you. Are you thinking about something that actually happened in your life, or are you thinking about something you read or saw online? Again, we will say that being connected through the Internet is important. It’s an important step for humanity, but your lives have to be balanced. You want to make time for being in real life, in the real world, with other humans. And when you get together with other humans, be the one who suggests that everyone shuts their phones off, so you can be present with each other, so you can notice when someone else needs some compassion.

It is time for humanity to step up in this awakening process, and those of you receiving this transmission are ironically receiving it on one of these devices we are talking about. But you all have enough sense to know that everything serves a purpose, and that purpose can be positive. And you also know that balance of energies is important, and you need to balance the amount of energy that you expend on the Internet with the amount of energy that you expend getting out and moving your physical body, connecting with other living beings in the flesh.

You are there to lead humanity into the golden age of ascension, and the most powerful and effective way to do that is to actually be there for your fellow humans, comforting them, sharing your stories, and just being present while they feel what they need to feel. In this digital age, this information age, there is a necessity for as many humans as possible to understand that this is really the age of awakening and that the best way to experience your awakening is through real and genuine connection with all living beings.

We are happy to see that there are enough of you who realize this to lead the rest of humanity and encourage your fellow humans to come with you on a walk, to get out into nature with you, or to just sit with you while no electronic devices are on whatsoever. This is one of the many ways you will be leading humanity into the fifth dimension. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

January 13, 2020 - THE SECRET POWER OF SOUND, VIBRATIONS, AND FREQUENCIES. Nikola Tesla said, "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration."

BlissfulVisions.com January 12, 2020 - THE FAR-RANGING IMPORTANCE OF FORGIVENESS IN 2020 - The Council - The title we have given for this message (Forgiveness) may well be the most important word for those in body at this time to remember and practice throughout this year.

There will be much revealed during the coming months that well might strain your ability to do this. There is a phrase used on the planet, in almost all languages, “That is unforgiveable.”

It is imperative that you understand that nothing must be unforgiveable. There is a great difference between forgiving and condoning.

We do not ask that you condone actions that you know to be harmful. Forgiving will lift both the one who is forgiven and the one who forgives.

Still, even though one knows this, the year will bring forth much that will test even the most loving. We have some suggestions that may ease this for you.

First, let go of judging what you may hear about. It will always be well for you to observe but not render judgment. It will be very hard, but learning to do so will be something to work toward.

Then, it will be well to remember to forgive in this manner: “I forgive mankind for all that we have done to each other.” This you can surely do. And it will be much easier than forgiving certain deeds or individuals. Perhaps it will be easiest to make this statement daily until it is a part of your consciousness, even on days when nothing sems to require it. Still it is a good practice. “I forgive mankind for all that we have done to each other.”

Another practice that many do daily is Ho’oponopono. “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” This is most effective when keeping in mind that consciousness is one.

The oneness of consciousness is the reason for this entire message. You cannot ask for forgiveness and then refuse it to another. There is, you see, no other.

So, perhaps start today forgiving humanity for its inhumanity. You will be raising yourselves and the entire planet.

Now, the atmosphere in which we ask you to do this will most likely not be conducive to such a mindset. It will be very easy to allow yourself to slip into blame and judgment. Even just agreeing with what others say will bring you down. So it will be best to keep your thoughts to yourselves at those times. And there will be many such times. If you think of it, you will even be forgiving those who are not forgiving. Do them that service.

Have you not been wondering “How can I best serve?” Source: The Council channeled by Ron Head at www.RonHead.com


BlissfulVisions.com January 12, 2020 - THE POWER AND RETURN OF VULNERABILITY - Athena: Goddess of War and Wisdom - With the increase of rebalancing energies, the divine feminine within you all rises again. This will be indicated by your ability to re-embrace being vulnerable again.

To love and to divulge of oneself requires vulnerability for both partners. Your world has been invulnerable for so long because of your attack culture. As this subsides, and it is, a resurgence of the gentleness of the mind, the higher, finer energies bask your planet in their Light again, and your people experience more willingness to become vulnerable.

Vulnerability is not the state that you have defined it as. Vulnerability is not the state you see as being at risk.

Vulnerability is a state of confidence where disclosure is undertaken in an exchange of refined energies. Your people have re-defined the original term and distorted its meaning to indicate something that is perishable through fear and attack. It is not.

Vulnerability is strong, it is wise, and it is progressive. It is not perishable through fear-based states. This is not vulnerability. That is fear.

Many of your terms have been distorted by your minds that could not embrace the higher frequencies anymore, and as these frequencies return to your planet, redefinition of your words must begin anew.

Vulnerability is sweet. It is mutual. It is the route to higher understanding of the other's expression.

Your world has been so harsh for so long and the delicate richness of expression has been lost to you in your fear-based states. These higher states have always been available to those who forsake fear in favour of the expression of love. You see this in your old literature. Fear cannot eradicate these higher frequencies of love. It will only leave them out of your grasp.

Refinement of your minds brings with it the ability to express at higher frequencies, and in so doing, relationships will take on renewed satisfaction, interaction will provide richness to your lives again. Your heretofore fear of divulging your deepest thoughts will leave you as your world continues its ascension to higher Light. I am Athena. I loved your world once and now I have returned. Source: Athena channeled by Sharon Stewart at www.sharonandivo.weebly.com

Age of Aquarius Global Meditation - January 11th and 12th

This video in English only. Event Videos Available in 28 Different Languages: Click Here.

AGE OF AQUARIUS GLOBAL MEDITATION requested by Cobra, working with the Earth Alliance and the Galactic Federation of Light – For Planetary Liberation. For Light Wave Activation. Why Now? Massive astrological configuration during this time promotes unity of consciousness. This activation helps the Light Forces to speed up the Ascension process, to burst the bubble of the global financial debt system, to rid the planet of the Dark Cabal, and bring about Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth. Year 2020 is a powerful year of triple Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction which happens around every 700 years. Make this viral! Share it worldwide!

BlissfulVisions.com January 10, 2020 - HANG IN THERE! WE'RE ALMOST HOME. - Commander Ashtar - Note from the channel Dancing Dolphin (DD): I sent gratitude and love to Ashtar and our Galactic Family for their assistance in helping Gaia and all her peoples Ascend. This was Ashtar's reply:

Ashtar: It is my honor, it is all of our honor! We are thrilled to be a part of it, it is our Service, as you understand (this word to mean). It is a Joy to be here, participating in this. It is called the Grand Experiment, that is what we call it because Gaia was taken over by the dark many millennia ago. Could she return to the light? It was a challenge and almost inconceivable that after so many years of being controlled, living in slavery, being lied to and being manipulated that you all have been able to receive the Light from Mother & Father (God) and the Codes & Activations that we are sending; you all have been able to receive them and anchor them into Gaia to help break up the dark. So, it's been a massive joint effort and we are so honored. We love Gaia as much as we love you all. She is so dear to us. And of course, we would jump at the chance to participate in this Grand Experiment. Thank you for acknowledging us and our Service and we do the same back to you. It is our Joy.

DD: Ashtar, what message would you like to give to Lightworkers right now?

The one thing that I would like to share at this moment is we have never been so close as we are right now. You all have never been this close to tip-toeing over what you think of as the Boundary, or the Rainbow Bridge or just the Finish Line to get to your 5D Ascension. You are literally tip-toeing over the line! (made me laugh). Many, many of you, your Gaians crossed the Rainbow Bridge during the Winter Solstice. Many have been doing so for months. But a grand influx of you came over during the Solstice. Although you know that the goal is to ascend in your bodies, many did pass on and came over also. But a large majority did come over in their bodies!

So, those of you still living in 3D Earth, a good portion of you Lightworkers are staying behind to help the others cross. Don't think that you've failed or are not good enough if you know others who have gone ahead. Some of you have the job to be the Gate Keepers to assist others in crossing the bridge. OK? So in this instance, you are purposefully lagging behind to ensure you “bring up the rear.” The ones that you are assisting are the ones who have a chance. They're on the borderline of wanting to go or wanting to stay. You are helping them and you allow them to make their own decision. You are showing them, with your Light, with your Love, Compassion and your Caring--you are showing them what it feels like, what they can expect (in 5D). You don't have to do anything. Just be yourself. Focus on the love that you are receiving from Mother & Father God and beam it out, blast it out. Focus on your Gratitude and send that out to the world. That's all you have to do. You don't have to carry somebody over piggy-back style (laughs). You don't literally have to do that. OK?

I know how exhausted everyone is. I feel your deep, deep exhaustion. And honestly, we're feeling it too! (laughs). Our bodies are different, but we feel it too. So, we know what you are feeling. Just hang in there. We're almost home. We're really, really, almost home. And, your StarChildren, your Blended Children are coming soon. They are coming for different reasons than why you are staying. They are coming to help Gaia and to help with the cleanup of Gaia. They're coming to heal too, but a lot of them are coming to help Gaia.

Very, very exciting times. Very exciting. And we, we are the blessed ones to be on the front lines. We are truly blessed!

DD: Thank you, Ashtar for this message for the Lightworkers of Gaia!

Ashtar: You're welcome, DD. It was a pleasure. Namaste. Source: Commander Astar of the Ashtar Command channeled by Dancing Dolphin - https://dancingdolphinlove.blogspot.com/

BlissfulVisions.com January 8, 2020 – Three channeled messages today are urging us to TURN WITHIN to find our source of joy and happiness, to find the answers that we are seeking about our lives, to know ourselves as Source Energy Beings. Coincidence? One of these messages is by Archangel Metatron who ties his message in with the fires in Australia. There’s far too much content to post here, so I’ll post excerpts with links to the full report that you can access.

The 9D Arcturian Council - We have been doing our part to encourage you to seek within yourselves what you must know, intellectually, is within you. We have told you time and time again that you are Source Energy Beings, that you are all-that-is, and that all dimensions and vibrations exist within you. We will continue to point you towards that truth, and we will not be alone in this endeavor. Your guides, your higher self, and the entire universe will always be co-conspiring to get you to go within to find something that you’ve been seeking outside of yourself, in some cases, for your entire lives. We have been doing our part to encourage you to seek within yourselves what you must know, intellectually, is within you. We have told you time and time again that you are Source Energy Beings, that you are all-that-is, and that all dimensions and vibrations exist within you. We will continue to point you towards that truth, and we will not be alone in this endeavor. Your guides, your higher self, and the entire universe will always be co-conspiring to get you to go within to find something that you’ve been seeking outside of yourself, in some cases, for your entire lives.

When you are dependent on circumstances being a certain way, you are in bondage, even when you have everything that you want, because then you have to keep it. You have to maintain it. You have to make sure it doesn’t run away or get stolen. We want you to feel this freedom because we know that it is the path to feeling the way that you want to feel regardless of the circumstances of your life, and we also just want you to be happy and to live the life that you want to live. Source: Channeled by Daniel Scranton.

Athena - You have been misled. For many many years, you have been misled. Imagine a world where nobody understands much at all of who they really are, yet everyone is seeking to know. We in the heavens hear your pain, we hear your confusion, we hear your exasperation. You seek false idols, you seek false gods, you look for yourself in all that lies without, but in fact you are within. That is the place to seek to know yourself - within yourself.

Quietude and peace and the means to understand more of what you seek. Not loud, not raucous, not brazen, not riotous, these are all distractions. The stress you feel daily is your heart telling you you are being led away from it. The angst you feel at living your life, the fear, the anxiousness are all telling you you're looking in the wrong place for yourself.

You want to know your Self by default. It is simply the reason for being - to understand oneself. And your people are doing it wrong. You have been given false goals and given false roles, and you play them with pride but deep inside, your heart aches.

We hear you children, we hear you. We tell you now, let go of what you fear, let go of what stresses you, let go of your angst, and embrace the message of your heart. Be still and know your Self. The way is within, not without (outside your Self). In knowing one's Self, you learn to know God. I am Athena. I loved your planet once and now I have returned. Source: Athena channeled by Sharon Stewart.

Archangel Metatron - Turn within. Establish your loving focus on your own inner divinity. See everything happening around you as an expression of divine consciousness. Become very open to supreme love and the experience of its light. Melt into your highest, exquisitely pure consciousness. You are not a person watching or experiencing a profound fire. You are that fire watching itself. You are every single being experiencing events in your dream. And you are Supreme Consciousness. Wake up to who you truly are. Sending each one of you great, great love. We surround you with our support and compassion. Source: Archangel Metatron - the Energy (Fires) of Australia and the Event channeled by Sharon Stewart.

BlissfulVisions.com January 7, 2020 - NO ESCAPE FOR THE DARK ONES. THEIR TIME IS OVER. - Commander Apollo - Your notoriety as a planet will become even greater as you finally conquer the forces of evil. You are in this process now and we are completely with you. All of the plans are being activated now. If you breathe deeply you can begin to feel the changes. Focus on what heaven on earth will feel like and breathe in truth and the light. There is no escape for the dark ones. Their time is over. Expect to see them acting out through anger but turn your backs to them. They no longer have a stronghold on you. You are in a new day and a new era. Your true purpose in life will be revealed. Stand tall and courageous because you are the brave hearts of creation just for being on the earth at this time. Feel the joy and celebrations that are coming and be pleased with yourselves for all of your hard work. Source: Commander Apollo channeled by Valerie Donner.

January 7, 2020 - THE DARK CABAL LOSING POWER. THEY ARE BEING HUNTED DOWN AND REMOVED - Mira of the Pleiadian High Council - Greetings. I am pleased to speak with you today with matters of importance. As a part of the Earth Council, I am privy to what is occurring on the earth, much more than some other parts of my team. Humanity and the earth are being lambasted by the dark forces due to their fear of losing power. They are attempting to instill and paralyze humanity. This is particularly originating in the Middle East. The United States, being the power that it is, is a focal point and a trigger of this fear.

There are dark beings who are profoundly corrupted running governments on your planet are being removed. This applies to every aspect of the corporate world, and all of the other institutions that have held sway over humanity for far too long. We are declaring that this is the end of it! The earth is ascending along with the humans who choose to rise in consciousness and be in the fifth dimension and higher. You are the Masters who came to the earth at this time with such light and power that these dark ones will no longer be able to exist. Please accept this knowledge about your selves for it is true.

The lower forms have lost their foundations. They have little to hold on to and represent some of the foulest beings of creation. This is why they are no longer going to be allowed on the earth or to have any contact or affect with the earth and humanity. All of the money that they have processed, the laws, the secrets, weapons, contamination, and their ill will to life and respect for the earth, will have little bearing on future of the planet. This will be wiped clean as they continue to be removed. If there is hope for them, they will be on another planet, otherwise, many of them due to their evil ways, could end up having their soul’s memories removed and having to start all over.

As you can imagine, this is frightening to the dark forces. They already know that their identities are going to be revealed with dire consequences. The public will find out as part of disclosure what they have been up to and it has not been good. Humanity will discover the facades that they have kept and the many lies they have told. Life on earth is not as it has been portrayed.

All of the forces from the Galactic’s, the light realms, forces of creation, are working together for this cleansing. It is happening quickly because everyone with heart and soul, goodness and mercy, has had enough. Today I’m making this pronouncement because it is timely. I am telling you there is no more room for switch and bait, lies, quid pro quo, service to self, abuse, violence, or any other destructive operations. Everyone has their trajectory as a part of their path. The gateways of departure are open. Everyone will be where they are destined to be.

As this process progresses there will be many revelations. Along with this, there will be miracles, manifestations, collaboration, cohesion, balance and harmony. Love and heart will govern humanity’s actions. Living from the heart with joy, happiness, and love, will expand freedom of the earth and all of life. You will be celebrating. Progress is being made that you will not hear about in your mainstream media.

Your Galactic friends and family are looking out for you. There are numerous reasons for us to stay focused where our help is needed. The terrible man-made disasters that are occurring now must be stopped. Too much life is being sacrificed for the greed of the others. You will learn more about this later.

Today we have painted a picture that will lead to a glorious future for you and the earth. Please hold this future for heaven on earth in your hearts and know that we are with you. We always have you in our hearts and we love you dearly. I am Mira in service to you and the earth’s Ascension. Source: Mira of the Pleiadian High Council channeled by Valerie Donner.

BlissfulVisions.com January 7, 2020 - RELEASING NEGATIVITY TO EVOLVE SPIRITUALLY - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are in the process of releasing that which is of a lower frequency. We must do this to ascend, even though we are non-physical beings in the ninth dimension. There is still a lower frequency for us, just as there is a lower frequency for all of you. And just as you need to release that which is heavy in order to float up, so do we. Now, everything is relative, and what is lower vibrational for us would be higher vibrational for you.

You are releasing hate, fear, judgment, prejudice, rage, despair. You are releasing the lowest of the low. You are not only releasing the emotions, but you are also releasing the thoughts and beliefs. When you release something, you have to be aware of its existence. You cannot release anything that you are not looking squarely at as you let it go. That means in order to release hate, you must feel hate. Therefore, feeling hate doesn’t make you less spiritual. Becoming aware of the judgments you hold doesn’t make you less awake. Having your fits of rage doesn’t mean that you will not be invited to the ascension party.

This is the time where you get to experience all of these things for one last hurrah, and as you release them, you will feel less heavy, less dense. You will be in a light body. You will ascend and become your higher self. You cannot do these things by ignoring those feelings, those thoughts, those beliefs, and those judgments. You cannot get there by pretending they don’t exist within you because you are such a shining beacon of white light because you could never let those dirty, nasty aspects of humanity and Source into your being-ness.

It’s time to let go of the shame that you all feel about your feelings and everything else, including your actions. The shame is not serving you, and your judgment of someone else is always a judgment of that aspect of you. So you can let go of your judgments while you are having them, not feel any shame over those judgments and still be in a state of evolution. You are evolving your consciousness. You are ascending. You are lightening your load and the load of all of humanity as you admit that these aspects of you exist. They are there.

You don’t have to pull them out and partake in them on purpose, but you do have to admit that they exist within you, as they exist within everyone else. That’s the way to evolve and to ascend. It is the only way that we know of.

We are certain that there are others telling a story about ET's landing their ships and taking you all off into a fifth-dimensional paradise, but that is not the story we are telling. Ours is not as attractive a story as that, but we know that you can feel the truth of what we are saying. We know that the bridge to the fifth dimensional experience is all about compassion. You can start building that bridge by having compassion for having to experience all of that negativity, all of that heaviness, and all of that shame that you’ve endured in all of your lifetimes as a human being. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com January 6, 2020 - THE END OF FEAR - Creative Energies - Today's report says humanity is no longer in the throes of fear, yet the media continues to promote that it is.

The report goes on to say that these are the final days of humanity’s fear on Earth, and the last gasps of a super-villain that can no longer do harm. Yet, as the super-villain (I assume it’s referring to the Dark Cabal and its New World Order) is ushered out the door to its demise, it will most likely remain true to its nature and radiate fear before we enjoy complete relief and joy. For that 3D fear needs to be processed a bit before it expires.

The report emphatically proclaims that there will be no Armageddon or apocalyptic war. And, it will take a bit of time for us to know, without an inner fear, that the war between heaviness and joy is over.

The report continues: “However, the same is not necessarily true for those who wish to continue with their 3D lives. Those of you who have crossed into the light are no longer in that fear grouping. Listen to the media screams of fear and terror if you wish. But know that such information is no longer part of any earthly being who has decided to shift from 3D onward to 5D. It is over. Your life and that of the millions who no longer wish to be of 3D are turning to joy.

Again, we must reiterate that those who wish to be of 3D for whatever reason, will continue to live in fear. That is neither here nor there for those of you venturing onward to 5D. Your fear days are behind you. Your fear door has slammed shut. Even if you try to revisit those fears, you will never again achieve the level of fear you lived day in and day out throughout your 3D lives.

You will soon begin to see and sense the divide between those opting for fear and those opting for 5D. Even though you will notice the media and political cries of fear and destruction, you will continue with your life, knowing that such destruction will not impact you as was once expected. For you have cleared those 3D fears. Perhaps such a concept seems cold-hearted. It is not. Before you transitioned into the light, you needed to erase those eons of fearful memories. The memories that encouraged, even forced you to remember how terrible earth life could be, even when it did not impact you. Now that your memory bank is cleared, you might note the fear news, but you will not be sucked into your fear memories. Doing so only adds to the earth’s fear until all joy is removed, allowing fear after fear to blossom – either real or remembered.

Your role during this seeming time of crisis is not to worry or fear, but instead to imagine your world as one of peace, love, and joy. The earth does not need more fear thoughts. Thoughts that have inundated earth for eons. The earth shifted to 5D (about a year ago), and so have you shifted from fear to joy. So it is that thoughts of joy will not only radiate peace and love in your personal life, they will radiate throughout the earth. Your joy road has been paved for an easy ride. How silly of any of you to ignore joy’s paved straight road for the rocky, cliff-hanging, trail of fear you have transversed for eons.

Take the easy road, and you will be in joy. Continue on the rocky road, and your being will stop any forward movement. For no matter how much you might want to consciously fear for the world or others, that is no longer your role. Allow others to find the easy path by following you. Nothing will be gained by you or others traveling in fear. In truth, you can no longer even travel in fear. That road, that world is no more for you and all those who no longer wish to be of 3D.” Creative Energies channeled by Brenda Hoffman at LifeTapestryCreations.com

BlissfulVisions.com January 5, 2020 - EXCITING TIMELINES FOR 2020 - The 9D Arcturian Council - We have begun to investigate the possible timelines that you’ve put yourselves on since the beginning of the New Year.

Where you are right now is not where you were on January 1st, 2020. You have already jumped several timelines and created a few more.

Now is the time for you to be very clear about the world you want to be living in at the end of this calendar year, because great change is not only possible but highly probable at this time of great awakening.

You are going to continue to see lots of reports about what is happening behind the scenes and what will happen as a result. That will not slow down one bit, and you have to decide that you are the one steering your own ship, choosing which timeline resonates with you the most. You can do this very easily by feeling into the different futures that have been predicted for you.

The veil is definitely thinning, and people are able to see all sorts of possible and probable realities for themselves and for all of humanity, and each one has a different feel. It resonates with you, or it does not. Remember that everything also exists inside of you, and so, you do have the ability to find the vibration within you that matches the reality you want to experience. You just need to take the time to get quiet enough to go inside and find what you are looking for. You need to shut off the devices long enough to feel for what you are vibrating.

Just sitting and doing nothing is going to become a superpower because in your non-doing-ness, you are more likely to be feeling, and in your feeling you are choosing. Now is the time to be choosing consciously. There is a lot of anxiety in the human collective consciousness at this time. There is a lot of uncertainty, and you know there is a lot of fear. Those of you who are awake are likely to be sensitive empaths who pick up on all of that, and when you pick up on it, you can also find yourself living in that reality, because enough people are out there resonating with a particular story about the future.

We are just suggesting that you focus on what you want to experience and choose accordingly, because there are some exciting timelines for 2020, and there are new ones being created all the time. That is how powerful the human collective consciousness is. That power is why you have been observed by so many and manipulated by so many. It is time to take back the power of humanity, and each and every one of you who is receiving this transmission and can do so right now. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com January 4, 2020 - 5 YEARS AWAY FROM ENSLAVEMENT TO FREEDOM - The 9D Arcturian Council - We have been calculating the estimated arrival time for the evolution of your consciousness to get you to the point where you don’t have to take so many actions just in order to survive, and we have determined that you are only about five years away from being free of all of the tedious chores that you have to do in order to maintain your physicality. When you no longer need to work and do all of the little things that you need to do in order to maintain your bodies, your vehicles, and your homes, you will be freed up for more lofty pursuits.

Those of you who have always wanted to paint will have the freedom to paint. Those of you who have always wanted to sing will have the freedom to sing. Those of you who have always wanted to write will have the freedom to write. You will have more free time for spiritual pursuits. You will be able to take the time to connect to beings in other dimensions.

The lack of free time that some people experience makes it challenging for them to even take fifteen minutes out of their day to meditate. And so, the hamster wheel that you have all been on has kept you from really exploring who you are and being able to express that. Now, not everyone who has an enormous amount of free time has been using it for spiritual and artistic pursuits, but there is also a level of consciousness that needs to be reached by humanity before you are freed from the enslavement that you have been taking part in for so long.

When you reach that level of consciousness, then of course more individuals are going to awaken to the truth that there is more to life than going to parties and accumulating stuff. That level of consciousness is something that those of you who are awake are adding to every day, as you make time for your spirituality and for your artistic pursuits. You express yourselves. You talk about your feelings. You connect with Mother Nature, Mother Earth, and the animal kingdom.

You are helping all of humanity to evolve and to get to that place, and you’re doing it not through political action, not through creating a new economic system, and not through defeating those who are seeking to keep things as they are. You are shifting the consciousness of humanity by listening to that little voice inside of you, honoring your intuition. You are taking humanity to the next level of its evolution by being yourselves fully and expressing who and what you are to as many people who will pay attention. And that is not egoic. That is you letting your higher self through to reach as many people as possible. And of course, your higher self is your fifth dimensional self. We just love to see you progressing so nicely. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com January 3, 2020 - THE EASIER PATH TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION - The 9D Arcturian Council - We have so much compassion for humanity and for how challenging this particular lifetime has been for you. You chose a much harder path in your ascension than we did in ours. Ascension in our system was like walking up a flight of stairs in comparison to what you are all enduring to ready yourselves for the energies that will sweep you up into a fifth dimensional frequency state. You are very much reinventing the wheel as far as we are concerned, and we are not alone in that assessment. This is a universal shift in consciousness, and that means all beings in all dimensions are making the shift with you, and you are at the core. You are at the center of it all.

Earth is a place where you not only have to deal with the darkness that is present there, but also darkness from your paths throughout the galaxy. You’ve endured the Orion Wars, and you also have had plenty of instances where ET's have interfered with your natural evolutionary process. And so, humanity has really stacked the deck against itself. It’s no wonder why there are so many stories about what will happen when you ascend. It’s no wonder there are so many predictions about chaos, cataclysms, and massive numbers of deaths.

We want you to know that we are working with you, who are awakened, to make the ride easier. You would still be ascending even if we had never intervened in any way, but when you are ninth dimensional, and therefore non-physical, there’s not a lot to do. Helping those who are still physical is a natural and logical choice. Seeing you all as extensions of us also makes a lot of sense. And so, we know we are just helping ourselves, and you must know that we are a part of you and that listening to a part of you is a big part of your journey.

In your evolution, you have to get quiet and listen to what’s going on inside of you, and the ninth dimension is not out there, somewhere, far, far away in the heavens. The ninth dimension is within you, as are all dimensions. So as we offer our help, do not think for a second it is because we are looking down upon you or that we feel you must need our help to get the ascension moving along. We just want to show you the easier way to get to where you are inevitably going, and that easier way is always to choose the path of love, the path of forgiveness, and the path of compassion. It is the path of letting go that gets you to the fifth dimension with the greatest amount of ease and joy. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

January 2, 2020 – SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: LEVELS OF CONTACT – Adronis of Sirius, channeled by Brad Johnson - In this video, Adronis talks about there will be a step up this year in connections with the benevolent Unseen world, to those existing behind the scenes of Ascension. A different level of contact wants to reach out to us especially this month. He says we are going to start moving into a form of preparation where the aspects of our shifts are going to differ from the reality we are in now.

Adronis also says that a window of opportunity exists (January through March) to access these deeper levels of contact with the Unseen, and he provides us with a communication technique whereby to access these deeper levels of contact to receive messages.

BlissfulVisions.com January 2, 2020 - New Year's Message: The Beginning of a New Time - Commander Ashtar Sheran - Editor's Note: The following passages are selected summaries and excerpts from Ashtar Sheron’s message that is quite long (Parts 1 and 2). You can access the full message at Sharon Stewart’s website shown below this update.

The Beginning of a New Time: You are in a period of transition from the dark to the light. The people are rising. They are awakening to realize they are living in a new world. Many lie asleep still but this is of their own choosing. They have taken the slower route and this is their decision. Bless them and love them as they are. The chances of you re-creating your past now, with your newly awakened DNA and your higher vibrational frequency, are quite remote.

This is the beginning of a new time. The only end of days is the end for the old regime, the dark regime that sought to drive your planet into destruction for many, many millennia. You are the changers. It is not the end of times. It is a new dawn. You have brought it forth, all of you, and for this we celebrate you. You are our team upon the earth, you are part of the divine plan whether you are aware of this or not, and for this we salute you.

The Years 2020 to 2024: The next 5 years will be particularly important. Everything is being lined up now so that the system falls like a house of cards. We are striving for a step by step implosion, rather than a full-out crash of all systems. One by one, we desire to bring the systems down. We have operatives in key places who will become active when parts of them fail.

Sealed Indictments: Trials will begin this year. The first indictment to be opened is that of Hillary Clinton, who once was chosen to step up for leadership in your world. She and her other cohorts will now stand trial for their unspeakable crimes against the people. Indictments are still being researched, evidence is still being gathered. Therefore we cannot reveal much to the people at this point because of judicial system requirements for a fair trial. This too, will be a logical process where scrutinization of each inductee will find others complicit as well. The network will be revealed. The criminals of your entire world will be exposed, not just within the U.S. When the frequency of the political system rises, then it allows for more positive developments. It's all frequency related.

Your Financial System: Money is key because it is the primary vehicle of enslavement of the masses, simply because you all have to work. Inflation is also a construction of the cabal which makes it harder for the ordinary person to survive.

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) has been functional for quite a while already but attempts have been made to hack into it. Therefore we require you have a fifth dimensional frequency in order to access your humanitarian project funds. Your password is your frequency, one of love, nothing else. When you have purified yourself to that extent, you'll be able to initiate your projects.

St. Germaine Prosperity Funds: Money will be provided to all upon the planet in order to alleviate the need of having to work. This will help those who are barely surviving in particular. Those funds are the monies which were stolen from you by the cabal. You will not need a 5D frequency to receive these funds.

St. Germaine Prosperity Funds and the RV Humanitarian Project monies are two separate things. Everybody will get the St. Germaine funds in order to relieve your impoverishment. A new system has to be created of getting out food supplies and other essentials. Some may decide to continue working. That's their choice. But those with RV Humanitarian Project monies must have and must hold, a fifth dimensional frequency in order to initiate their projects. Some are already at this point and are carrying out their project work now. Source: Commander Ashtar Sheran channeled by Sharon Stewart - Read the Full Report, Parts 1 and 2 (click here).

BlissfulVisions.com January 1, 2020 - HUMANITY'S 2019 PROGRESS REPORT - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are very happy to give you this progress report, and we are eager to share with you our perspective on how you have changed since the beginning of 2019. Humanity, as a collective, has found an ability to look at a situation from more than one perspective, and this is not necessarily what you see on television, youtube, or in blog posts that get a lot of attention. In fact, you see the opposite. It’s more likely that someone who holds to their very extreme stance is going to be the one who gets all of the media coverage.

But then there are those of you who are in much greater numbers who have decided that there must be something about this extreme person or group’s perspective that I need to understand. There have been more and more of you recognizing that you cannot just draw a line in the sand between you and these extremist groups and individuals. But instead, you have come to the very correct conclusion that there is something to learn about yourself and about human nature by looking at those outcasts, those individuals who are very popular to some and very unpopular to most.

You even have been eager to look inside the lives of serial killers, mass murderers, those who you may have in the past just decided that they were defective humans. But the intention to understand what makes a person go so far off the rails, so far from being compassionate, loving, and empathetic, that is a powerful intention, that is what changes humanity. That’s what creates a better version of society.

And that’s what we see more of today than we did at the beginning of this calendar year of yours. What this means is that more and more individuals are waking up to the truth that you do live in a holographic universe. There is no escaping that aspect of yourself that an individual or a group represents. It is a part of you, and it’s a part of you that needs love. It’s a part of you that needs to be embraced and understood so that you can make better choices as a society, and we see you making better choices.

We know that you, as a human collective, are becoming more sensitive. And while that is ruffling a lot of feathers, it is necessary because your feelings are necessary. You must feel in order to heal. You must feel in order to change. And, here is the one that gets the most attention – you must feel in order to create the reality that you desire. More humans are awake to that now that you have traversed these past twelve months, and we want to congratulate you and welcome you to the new version of humanity that you are stepping into in the year 2020. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com January 1, 2020 - REJECT BIG PHARMA'S VACCINE MANDATES IN 2020 - Dr. Joseph Mercola and RejectBigPharma.com - In June 2019, Maine passed a new law, LD798, which revokes religious and philosophical-personal belief vaccine exemptions and bars access to education and certain types of employment for people who decline one or more state-mandated vaccines for themselves or their minor children.

A people’s veto petition to overturn LD798 garnered 95,871 signatures from registered voters, who can act on March 3, 2020, to overturn the new law on a special ballot approved by the Maine secretary of state.

Maine will be the first state to put government vaccine mandates to a popular vote. A win will set a precedent for the entire United States.

Everywhere we look, we find signs of out-of-control Big Pharma influence on state governments and in Congress. The growing power of medical trade groups is threatening health choices, too, as doctors put pressure on state departments of children and family services to remove newborns from parents if they refuse to consent to risky or nonessential medical procedures, such as the vitamin K shot.

Take a stand for informed consent to medical risk-taking by supporting Maine’s “Yes on 1” initiative with a donation that will make it possible to notify Maine voters to show up and cast a vote March 3. If you’re a Maine resident, also be sure to mark your calendar to cast your vote March 3, 2020. Source: Read the Full Story at Dr. Mercola's Website (click here).

From RejectBigPhrama.com Website: Yes on 1 Maine to Reject Big Pharma is an unprecedented grassroots People's Veto campaign led by Maine parents to overturn a new law, LD798 (ch. 154). This law, a vaccine mandate, was pushed through our legislature by Big Pharma and will remove thousands of Maine children and adults from school and employment for missing just one dose of a required vaccine. The bill passed despite overwhelming opposition from the citizens of Maine and is not the will of the people.

Mandates coerce compliance with the rapidly increasing vaccine schedule (currently 72 vaccine doses by the age of 18) using the threat of expulsion from school or termination from employment. With the passage of LD798, Maine became only the 5th state in the nation to remove religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccination, eliminating parents and employees rights to decide what is injected into their own bodies and the bodies of their children. If Mainers do not comply with the new law and choose to opt out of even one dose of a required vaccine, they face expulsion from all public, private, parochial and online schools (preschool through graduate school) as well as termination from employment.

Thank you for visiting the Yes on 1 Maine to Reject Big Pharma site to learn more about the law, the People's Veto effort to overturn it, and how you can get involved to help! Click Here for RejectBigPharma.com Website.

BlissfulVisions.com January 1, 2020 - THE NEW YEAR ENERGIES OF CHANGE - The Arcturian Group - Dear Readers, greetings to all at this time of celebration and festivity. You are entering into a new year and not just in the calendar sense. Change is going to manifest in many areas of living that will be resisted by those who fear change and those who financially gain from keeping "business as usual." As increasingly more individuals awaken and spiritual consciousness expands, many commonly accepted social rules, words, actions, religious beliefs, laws, etc. are being questioned.

Do not despair as you witness the creations of dense energy manifesting. Pockets of long dormant energy formed through ignorance, war, and suffering are surfacing and clearing through the presence of high resonating energy now flowing from Higher dimensions as well as from spiritually evolved states of consciousness. You chose to be here during this powerful time of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual change.

The New Year is a time during which many make resolutions for some change in their lives but this year is going to be more expansive than ordinary New Year resolutions. Each day more people are realizing that some perfectly acceptable actions, thoughts, words, concepts and beliefs simply no longer resonate with them in the same way.

New Year resolutions are usually intellectually based in three dimensional concepts of how to be a good or healthy human. These things continue to play a part while on earth in human form, but for those living from a deeper level of truth and awareness, change will flow from within rather than from popular concepts. A person may be guided to eat lighter or exercise more, but the choice to do this will flow from intuitive guidance regarding what is appropriate for him/her personally rather than from blindly following some "expert."

Familiar lifelong activities, friends, foods, relationships, music and entertainment, hobbies etc. are no longer resonating in the same way they did which can be disconcerting for those unaware of the energetic ascension process taking place. Many seek to reclaim what was, struggling in futile attempts to resurrect some familiar activity or relationship that is finished.

Never attempt to hold on to some past state of consciousness that you consider to be happier or better. Rather view its passing as a graduation. Many loved and familiar activities or relationships are in fact not disappearing but are simply in the process of manifesting on a new and higher level. A job lost may well be the necessary precursor to a new and better one unfolding, one that resonates more closely with your energy.

Those who persist in trying to recreate some facet of life after it is obviously finished will only experience frustration and suffering because if the energy that formed it in the first place is no longer present, there is nothing from which it can form. As one's personal energy becomes lighter and brighter much that may of served well in a previous state of consciousness is no longer in alignment with the new and higher state of consciousness. When something feels right, works right, and flows right, there is always energetic alignment with the individual's energy field of consciousness.

Everyone is evolving whether they know it or not. Spiritual evolution can be delayed but never eliminated because the real SELF is and forever will be the reality just awaiting recognition. It is much easier to begin aligning with the reality once you awaken to it rather than trying to continue recreating the good and bad of the past.

The human mind without access to Divine Consciousness (represented in the bible as the branch of the tree that is cut off and withers) is limited to what it already knows or whatever is floating about in the collective. As you allow yourselves to expand and open to new and higher ways of interpreting life in every situation, you are seeding the collective consciousness with truth. Because there is only one consciousness, this then allows the human mind access to it.

Seeding the collective is powerful and extremely important Lightwork. You who read, understand, and live the deeper truths are on the cutting edge of the ascension process, paving the way for those following even if it seems to you as if you are doing nothing. Generations that follow will not have it as difficult as you have had it because there will be greater access to and acceptance of the truth that you placed in the collective.

Things can only become more harmonious as collective and personal states of consciousness open to higher dimensional energy because consciousness is the substance from which all things are formed. Always remember that consciousness is the substance of form and will express whatever conditioning is present in it.

There is no unexpressed consciousness.

It is time to fully embrace the reality of your true nature dear ones, otherwise truths that are trying to unfold in your awareness simply remain intellectual knowledge. It is often much easier to continue living with what is familiar, to keep thinking of yourself as just a human being subject to all the problems and solutions available in the third dimensional belief system. Intellectual knowledge alone cannot manifest for it does not hold the substance of manifestation--consciousness.

Beginning students of truth often become discouraged when the spiritual realities they read about, study, or see others experiencing do not happen for them. They believe they are doing something wrong or are not worthy. They do not yet understand that the intellectual knowledge of some truth is simply a first step toward attaining the consciousness of it where it can then manifest outwardly.

Consciousness is the substance of all form.

Many today find themselves at a cross road--"Should I actually trust what I have learned, and attempt to live the truth I know or should I keep doing what seems to work and is perfectly acceptable to my friends and family even if sometimes painful?"

Living life as an awakened individual does not mean you never utilize available human resources or enjoy ordinary activities, hobbies, and friendships etc. but does mean that a silent secret awareness of oneness with Source is ever present as you do them. Life on earth was never intended to be one of suffering, pain, and struggle. Those things were created as the consciousness of mankind sunk ever more deeply into beliefs of duality and separation.

Family discord often comes into play when one member of a family evolves and begins to think and believe differently than the rest. There is a sense of security and belonging that comes from being part of a group belief system such as religious, military, etc. A common myth about family is that all are or must be of the same state of consciousness in order to be a "good" family.

Many still believe that blood ties override all else and that if one member believes differently from the rest they are wrong. Others in the family begin to lovingly or not so lovingly consider him/her as the "black sheep"of the family. The myth of a blood tie being the overriding bond between people remains prominent in many cultural and religious groups.

Energetic resonance establishes the connection between people. Never forget that you are consciousness utilizing a physical body, not a body with a little box of consciousness hovering close by. Those who resonate at a similar frequency feel familiar to you even if you have just met them. Energetic alignment builds one's true family in which there is connection, peace, and freedom.

Human families are formed pre-birth for many reasons. Often there is a need to resolve some old karmic issue between one or more of the members. Sometimes a family is simply a group that over lifetimes has become familiar and comfortable with each other. Some choose to be a family in order to learn from other members who are more evolved. There are family groups that have over many lifetimes worked as a team in law, medicine, education, music etc. and wish to continue working as a group.

Frequently a person will choose to incarnate into a family that carries some particular negative energy (abuse, overly strict religious beliefs, alcoholism, criminal behavior) that they themselves still carry and feel spiritually ready to clear in this lifetime. They incarnate into this family dynamic which re-activates the old the energy they hope to clear. A difficult and often long period usually follows, but eventually he/she is able to rise above the issue and once and for all clear the old programming. Many at this point choose to assist others who are struggling with this same issue.

Being a good family member never means you must always agree with another member's belief system but rather means remembering that you chose your family for a reason, believing that it would provide what you needed to learn and evolve in some way. Always be true to yourself for that is empowerment. Speak truth to those who have ears to hear, but without judgement keep silent around those who would ridicule and attack.

In the early stages of spiritual growth there is always the temptation toward guilt and depression when one finds themselves out of sync with the opinions of those around them. Rather than doubting yourself, remember that everyone is at a different place in their spiritual journey, you included. Never allow someone else's beliefs to cause you fear and doubt simply because they may be an authority figure or "expert."

Many believe that they are being tested when things get difficult, but know that at no time is any person pushed beyond their capacity to learn and grow from experiences. Allow the process, trusting that there is a Higher Self lovingly drawing to you what you need in order to grow into your next level of awareness.

Trust in the reality of your own Divine SELF to know what you need, where you need to be, when, and how to bring it about. Once the choice has been made to awaken and evolve, you are no longer running the show. Let go of the plotting, planning, scheming you have learned and are accustomed to. Stop struggling to make things turn out the way you think they must be according to the world's standards. Trust that you are Source, God, Divine Consciousness in expression and therefore embody all that IT is. Allow REALITY to live IT's life as you. Source: The Arcturian Group channeled by Marilyn Raffaele.


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