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"We all have the natural ability to channel Spirit Guides and extra-terrestrial beings!"

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"Tuning In – Spirit Channelers in America" by filmmaker David Thomas

"Tuning In" is the result of 10 years of inquiry into the phenomenon of spirit channeling by Los Angeles filmmaker, David Thomas (writer and director). It is a truly unique spiritual documentary.

Channeling is a practice dating back to antiquity wherein an individual, usually in a trance state, makes a psychic connection with a spirit being. The channel is then able to act as a dimensional go-between in bringing other humans in contact with the entity, as well as interpreting messages from the entity.

The filmmaker has brought together six of America's most prominent channels. Viewers gain a rare glimpse and insight into the phenomenon of channeling, as well as to be able to see the actual process of channeling taking place, and hear the information being received by these channels. Each channel describes how channeling began for them; how they feel and where they go when channeling; special characteristics of the phenomenon, and why they continue in this service.

Featured channels include:

  • Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe for Tobias,
  • Darryl Anka for Bashar (an aspect of Darryl’s future self),
  • John Cali for Chief Joseph (the leader of the Nec Perce Indians),
  • Shawn Randall for Torah (an androgynous multidimensional consciousness),
  • Wendy Kennedy for The Pleiadian Collective (a group of souls from our future),
  • Lee Carroll for Kyron (a spiritual master who has never been incarnate on Earth).

The spirit guides coming through each channel have a strong and distinct personality and were interviewed at length by the filmmaker. The result is truly remarkable. The messages of the spirit guides cut across space and time, and it appears they are speaking as one, delivering a clear and profound message of empowerment for humankind.

What is Channeling?

Channeling is a gateway between the physical and non-physical realms facilitated through a human being who is willing to speak the words for all to benefit from the teachings and wisdom of the higher realms of enlightenment. It is a blending of these energies for the betterment of humankind through awareness and empowerment. - Judith Onley, channel for United Souls of Heaven and Earth @ www.judithonley.com

Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and angelic beings, nature spirits, non-physical entities, or even animals and pets. A channeler is very similar to a language translator or interpreter. They allow themselves to sense the non-verbal communication from another being and then translate it into human words. - Geoffrey Hoppe @ Crimson Circle.com

Channeling is a means of communicating with any consciousness that is not in human form by allowing that consciousness to express itself through the channel (or channeler). The most common form of communication with nonphysical consciousness is with people who have passed on, but that is usually referred to as "mediumship" rather than channeling. - Shepherd Hoodwin @ www.michaelteachings.com

Knowledge from beyond one's own consciousness is available to everyone from discarnate entities which can be conceptualized and/or described as 'spirit guides,' 'counselors,' or 'unseen friends.' All people have such sources of guiding wisdom available to them through conscious telepathic linkage if they choose to avail themselves of it. Through a process of learned attunement to these unseen sources of intelligence individuals are able to receive informative messages involving guidance, counseling, support, inspiration, information and loving encouragement. These communications can provide assistance, which helps individuals in their human development and spiritual growth. This provides greater self-responsibility, which results in more happiness and peace in daily life. Phases of increasing closeness and awareness of 'the other' source of intelligence can be developed by individuals bringing stronger and clearer communication. - Shawn Randall @ www.shawnrandall.com

The Process We Use in Channeling by Archangel Michael

BlissfulVisions.com Archangel Michael: Greetings everyone. Today I would like to explain the process that we use in channeling information for all of you. I’m sure some of you reject or feel confused about channeled messages that you read because so many of them might seem to conflict with each other.

Some messages are very detailed about the worldly situation that you currently experience. Others may speak of such esoteric concepts that you stop after a paragraph or two and shake your head. I’m sure some messages can make many of you doubt that channeling is real at all.

We as archangels are able to speak to a variety of levels of awareness while still sending our energy through the channel. Just as you speak of “planting seeds”, we do this also.

If we spoke only about one topic and only to one group with a similar level of consciousness, we would reach only a small portion of people. So we address a variety of concepts and levels of awareness.

Our talks at times also may add a sentence or two to answer someone’s unspoken question or issue. So while one talk may focus on a particular situation that a large percentage of the population is experiencing, another may focus on extremely high teachings. Archangel Metatron often takes on the role of teaching from his very high perspective. Even though when you first read it you may not understand, appreciate, or believe those extremely high messages, they are the truth. You may find that if you pick them up again a year or a few years later, they suddenly make a lot of sense and you can now resonate with them.

The Agreement Before Birth on Earth

How does channeling work with beings that are at a much higher level of awareness than you? First, we select individuals who have particular interests that resonate with the information we would like to share. These may not be there conscious interests, and especially in the beginning, this is often the case. But there has been an agreement made with us prior to their experience of being earthbound to offer our messages. They will also often connect with us in their sleep and may even remember a few dreams of speaking with us.

Sometimes we will act as a primary teacher for a channel, helping them to lift their consciousness higher and increasing their understanding of reality. At other times, their guides and angels will drop hints which help them to move in a higher field of energy.

The Training of a Channel

When an individual offers themselves to be a channel either consciously or unconsciously, training begins. However a channel is not effective until they have learned to calm their emotions and at least somewhat quiet their mind. Frequent strong emotions, severe illnesses, mental agitation, and powerful storms can all affect channels ability to hear and connect with us. This is true for channeling any higher being, but it is especially true for channeling archangels and beyond.

It is a relatively easy process to receive a message from a spirit who has recently left their physical form or is only a dimension or two beyond a channel. The channel can hear information, see the being, and/or receive strong impressions relatively easily. So, many people learn to channel working with these beings who step forward to share their information.

When channeling beings from a much higher dimension, as we are, the process is a bit more complex. Normally in channeling, the channel reaches upward with their energy and the spirit reaches downward through dimensions. A subtle tube-like structure is temporarily created. Because of this structure, both the channel and the spirits energy can easily intermingle without as much strain to either. This is why someone channeling these beings can often get strong impressions.

The process of channeling an Archangel or higher being however, often requires training the channel to learn to move their awareness to a very high dimension which is closer to that being. Occasionally, there are individuals who have a permanent channeling structure in their subtle energy-a residual from their previous work. When we find these individuals, they are always channels that we wish to use because the channeling pathway is much clearer, and our energy and message are apt to be less distorted by the channel.

I (Archangel Michael) am often the first to contact a potential Archangel channel because my energy is extremely strong. I also have the ability to quickly and easily manifest within your earth plane if needed so my energy is more compatible with a human beings.

Sometimes, I am not the first to contact a channel. If there has been a long-standing connection between a high soul and an Archangel, then that Archangel will connect with the manifestation of that soul first. But there is almost always initially a process of overt and/or subtle training that occurs.

Our messages are sent to the channel via very subtle packets of vibrational energy. The channel then unconsciously processes and translates these vibrations into words. As you can imagine, it is very easy for our messages to be distorted by a channel according to their beliefs, their ego structure and their desires. Therefore, we are always searching for the purest beings we can find to utilize as channels for the archangels.

Training continues every night for each channel who offers themselves to translate our messages. Rarely do they remember these classes, but they may sometimes remember glimpses that they ponder on later in the day. When we find an individual who has performed intense spiritual practices in order to purify their awareness, we are delighted, because these individuals have more ability to set their ego and mind aside in order to reach higher realms.

You can think of channels as translators between languages. Many of you have seen translators work. They sit near the speaker or wear headphones so that they can receive and focus only on the speaker’s voice. Then, because they have learned the speaker’s language as well as possible, they translate the speaker’s message into another language that they also know. They often continue their training in both languages to improve their skill so that they translate the messages as accurately and clearly as possible. In addition, in the case of channeling archangels, the purer the channel is, the more of our personal energy we can also send through that person to you.

This is channeling. It is the process of receiving and translating our very subtle form of communication into words that each of you can understand and in addition, share the nuances of our communication.

We offer our messages to assist each of you that are open to them, to reach higher in your level of awareness. But we are also very well aware of the true reality that is occurring. Each of you as your higher souls are manifesting your very real-feeling dream of your life. We enter into these dreams to assist you in accelerating your process of collecting the answers, information, emotions, and experiences that each of your higher souls are interested in obtaining. We, however, are most interested in assisting each of you to fully move your focus and awareness back to your true higher consciousness.

Do You Resonate With The Message? Listen To Your Heart.

Listen to or read the messages from us that you most resonate with. These will offer understanding and energy that is just a bit higher than that which you currently experience. If you find yourself confused or rejecting a message from us that can either mean that the message is somewhat contaminated or that it simply doesn’t resonate with your energy at this time. You will be drawn to and resonate with those messages that are most helpful for you at the time.

You can tell of a message is right for you at any given time by mentally holding what it says up to your heart. How does it feel? Does your heart feel lighter or more open when reading the message? Or do you feel repelled or more contracted? This is an easy way to know whether you should allow yourself to take in the message more deeply or move on. Know that you will be guided to information that is most helpful for you and your inner growth at the moment.

Each of us send all of you our love and our deepest blessings, Michael. Source: Archangel Michael channeled by Sharon Davis of Angelics Speak.


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