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"Allow for Change. You Are Constantly Shifting Energy."

Road to Oneness

Your Light Is Changing This Dimension

God channeled by Liane Rich
Published by Sedona Journal of Emergence - January 2023

BlissfulVisions.com God: For the most part, you do not believe that you are God or even that you create. It is difficult to comprehend something that does not seem at all familiar to you. You have entered such a dense dimension that it has caused you to completely block out all memory of your past.

This is similar to being born: You forget living in your motherís womb and your arrival at birth even though you did, indeed, live within the womb of your mother. If there were a way to remember what it was like living in that womb, Iím sure you would enjoy that memory.

In the same way you would enjoy that memory, you can also enjoy your memories from living within the God force. You are most happy as you float around within God and are aware that you are part of God. Then, as you begin to go unconscious to enter the Earth dream, you slowly erase your knowledge and awareness of who you are. This is necessary, because you are entering a dream world, and to dream, you must be unconscious.

Unconsciousness is key to entering this Earth illusion. You must stay unconscious until you have gained a foothold within the illusion by growing into it. You see, everything is energy, and energy has the ability to flow and merge with other energy. (This is how energy can be a wave and a particle at any given time.)

As this energy that you are moves with the flow of the energy of this Earth illusion, it literally grows into it or becomes part of it. Once your soul or spirit energy has become part of the Earth flow of energy, you have made it into the illusion and can begin the process of growing into unconsciousness to the extent that you completely and totally lose yourself.

Now comes the tricky part: After a length of time, a gestation period, you begin to change and vibrate a little faster. This is done with the help of forces beyond the energy of the Earth illusion. When you came in, you left a good portion of your energy outside this illusion so that it could guide you and look over your progress. You are a giant energy field, and you dove into this illusion while leaving a big part of you out. It is like going to the beach and submerging only your feet under the water.

You Are Constantly Shifting Energy

You dive into this illusion, or area of unconsciousness, and leave a big part of you behind. You submerge for a while, and now it is time to return. You came here to learn, play, and explore, and some of you even came to raise this illusion to new levels of awareness that might contain lighter, brighter energy. You found a place within the God force that you might consider a dark hole in space. Spirits find that it is most enjoyable to explore any areas of which they are not yet fully aware, and it is most enjoyable to enter this Earth illusion and play here.

Now is the time to open this hole in space or, better put, this unconscious part of the God force. Many areas of God are unknown to some who reside within God. All time, space, thoughts, and beliefs ó all energy ó are God. God is limitless, ongoing, and never ending. God is constantly expanding, becoming, and changing. With all this change going on, parts of God are constantly discovering new parts of God

Think of parts of God as being similar to all the trillions of atoms and cells within your body that are constantly shifting, changing, growing, and moving. God is total light energy full of absolutely everything: every tree, rock, animal, bug, planet, universe, and galaxy. Everything and anything that could possibly be imagined is energy contained within the vastness of God.

It is all God, yet it is only energy until it is observed and made aware of itself. In the same way that you only know what you know, even though there is a vast amount of knowledge available, spirits are constantly becoming aware of their reality and their beingness by way of awareness itself. To become aware of your godliness allows you to accept your godliness. You say on Earth that knowledge is power, and I say that awareness is power.

When you become aware of the fact that you are energy that is constantly shifting and changing to become a part of this Earth illusion so that you might explore and then expose this illusion for what it is, then you will have risen up to a new level of awareness within the illusion. This allows you to assist in bringing higher vibrating energy (lighter energy) into this dimension, which allows this dimension to take on more light. This dimension then becomes a higher source of vibrating energy, which in turn allows it to move up to a much higher and lighter level of operation.

You might say that you, as a spirit, enter this dream to allow it to change into a lighter version of itself. In the same way you might grow and become happier and healthier through self-examination, growth, and change, a dimension (or dream) can become happier and healthier once its inhabitants (or cells) become happier and healthier.

Itís all up to you spirits. You came to play and dove in. You are now attached to this material plane, and you are deep within the illusion. You can choose to stay unconscious a while longer, or you can decide to wake up now and get on with the task of raising the illusion to a new level, a much-faster-vibrating higher dimension. You get to choose; it is always your choice.

Allow for Change

I love you, and I am aware that you are part of me. I am you and you are me. You might think of this as me contacting parts of myself that have gone to sleep and do not feel connected to me.

If you are God and God is you, why havenít you awakened to that knowledge yet? Simply put, you are meant to be exactly where you are until you change. You are like a caterpillar in a cocoon waiting to emerge as a butterfly. This change, or gestation period, will take as long as it takes. You are not being pushed to move or awaken faster. You are simply being told what you are so that you will not be further frightened by the changes taking place within you.

These changes have to do with a big shift in energy from the movement within the various dimensions that are causing a change in the vibration and being felt throughout the physical world (the world of matter). These changes are occurring due to an influx of light vibration. What is light vibration? It is you, the God-you. More of you are coming into this dimension, causing it to shift up and change into something else.

This ďsomething elseĒ is the next highest dimension. As you rise a little higher in awareness, you cause this dimension to shift up to the next. Once you inject more of yourself (the lightbeing you truly are) into this dimension, you literally change the vibratory level of matter, and the matter begins to crumble.

Certain aspects, beliefs, and areas of energy must move when the energy vibrates faster. The movement of energy is akin to an earthquake, shaking things up behind the scenes. Energy that vibrates at a higher velocity than physical matter is coming into this third dimension and causing energy disturbances. Denser, stuck energy is shifting and moving the most, and this is as it should be.

Allow change! Allow your body to change, as it is part of the material world. Allow your Earth to change, as it is part of the material world. Allow your mind to change, as it is also part of matter. For heavenís sake, allow your beliefs and fears to change, for they too have densified and become solid.

Do not be afraid of all the changes that you see in your world. You are living in a world of energy that is literally lifting up due to a big shift caused by God-thought entering this lower-, slower-vibrating dimension.

Awareness is light and it is bright. Awareness is a much higher energy that is shifting things up and allowing things to rise. The first things to rise and be broken apart by this faster vibration are the densest things. Denseness is leaving and lightness is entering.

Denser Energies Will Crumble

The crumbled particles of dense energy float up to the surface where they are visible. This is the first step in ascending to the next dimension. First, you must let go of all the anchors holding you down. You will see fear rise around you, but this is actually a good thing. The fear will dissipate, and you will see a settling-down period until the next surge of light enters this dimension.

Once you have calmed down, the energy will settle into a slightly higher-vibrating level than it was originally. As you take on more light, there could be more disturbances, but itís all good. Nothing bad or wrong goes on during a shift up. I just thought you would like to know, since knowing what is going on seems to calm your fears so that you do not create greater worry and fear.

You are a lightbeing raising the level of this dimension simply by entering it and submerging in matter. When light enters matter, it literally changes the matter into something else. It is similar to adding water to your coffee grounds: It become drinkable. Coffee is solid, and water is fluid. Together, they make something fluid and drinkable with more flavor than water. Once you drink coffee, you might become hyper and move faster. This is chemistry.

When you add something to something else, you change the compound of that something. In this case, you are adding more light energy to matter.

Liane Rich became a channel for God in 1988. Since then, she and God have collaborated on twenty-five books. Lianeís personal favorite is Your Individual Divinity Ė Existing in Parallel Realities. All Godís books are designed to draw you within to your God self. They are available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. To learn more and to view all her titles, please visit Lianeís website at LovingLightBooks.com.

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