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What is the Mysterious Soul?

Spirit Guide Matthew Ward channeled by Susan Ward

Spirit Guide Matthew Ward at BlissfulVisions.com Question: “I get it that I am a soul with a person’s body, not the other way around. The problem is, I don’t know exactly what a soul is or does or where it comes from. The few folks I can talk with about metaphysics don’t seem to know either. What can Matthew tell us about the mysterious soul?”

Spirit Guide Matthew: We shall do our best to clarify the “mystery.” The soul comes from Creator/Creation — Creator, the Source of everything in existence; Creation, the “product” of the creating action. For simplicity we say Creator, and other designations for the Ultimate Cosmic Being include The Totality, All That Is, I AM and the Oneness Of All. Most people ascribe those all-encompassing terms to God, by whatever name religions have given the soul that is the Supreme Being of this universe, because religions hold that He and Creator are one and the same and your science doesn’t differentiate between this universe and the cosmos, which currently contains seven universes of inestimable size.

We don’t know what existed prior to Creator’s first expression of Itself, often referred to, and, as we are told, incorrectly so, as the “Big Bang.” The expression was the silent release of the most powerful force in the cosmos, the pure love-light essence of Creator. This infinite, indestructible divine energy that comprises cosmic consciousness, or Creator Mind, is the Beginnings and the makeup of each and every soul throughout the cosmos. At some point Creator endowed souls with the gift of free will and its inherent manifesting ability. That is the basis of life in this universe, where souls are manifested by God, the soul chosen by Creator to be the ruler of this universe, through His co-creating powers with Creator. God uses Creator's energy to bring into fruition His ideas; and, as microcosms of God, each and every soul in His universal family has proportionally the same co-creational ability as He.

The soul may live in a physical or an etheric body or as a formless free spirit, which remembers its Beginnings and knows its lifetime mission. When a soul chooses a physical lifetime, depending upon the evolutionary status of its consciousness, the choice may be a human body or any other incarnate civilization’s appearance, any animal or plant species, a planet, sun or other astral body. In whatever form and wherever in this universe a soul chooses to be, always it is an inviolate, independent eternal being at the same time it is energetically inseparably connected with God and Creator and all other souls throughout the cosmos.

Now let us bring this down to Earth, the current name of the planet that was chosen as the body of the soul named Gaia. She is the life source of everything that exists on and within her body, and every soul that incarnates there is the life force of its personages that it co-creates for diversity of physical experiencing. When a soul produces a personage, that soul becomes a “cumulative” or “parent”soul, and all knowledge gained by each personage in the lineage is available to all of the others. When personage souls produce progeny, they become cumulative souls, and as this “family” keeps increasing, the storehouse of wisdom, knowledge and experiencing with which to endow each new personage expands correspondingly.

We say cumulative soul to indicate the accumulation of personages in the lineage, but what actually accumulates are bits and pieces of remembered knowledge from the Beginnings. The knowledge is within each and every soul, but all of that is forgotten to the personage so he or she can act upon free will and manifesting choices.

But that doesn’t mean the soul is abandoning its progeny! Every personage has access to everything in the family storehouse, the collective consciousness of Earth’s civilization, the mass consciousness of this universe, and cosmic consciousness; so it is not a matter of learning anew, but rather remembering what is known at soul level and applying that knowledge to the physical lifetime. Moreover, the soul gives its personage a superb guidance system: conscience, boundless capacity to love, a sense of honor, survival instinct, intuition, inspiration, aspiration, creativity—all expressions of the arts come from the soul—and the capability to communicate telepathically and perform other “paranormal” activities. Tapping into the information sources depends upon a personage’s level of conscious awareness and benefiting from the guidance system depends upon free will choices.

When the same souls choose to have many lifetimes together, they may be called a soul cluster, and these vary considerably in numbers. If a cluster has grown to many thousands of souls, relatively few share a specific lifetime. Each soul that does so makes a contract for its role—parent, child, grandparent, sibling, other relative, spouse, teacher, employer, friend, business colleague, competitor, opponent. The different generations are easily matched up because souls are in the timeless continuum, where all lifetimes are occurring simultaneously, and the collective contracts become the group’s pre-birth agreement. The agreements are made with unconditional love and are designed with growth opportunities—karmic lessons—for every participant. Some souls agree to play “heavy” roles to provide circumstances that others in the group choose to balance other lifetime experiencing, and as each personage advances in spiritual and conscious awareness, so do all of the others.

The soul is not harmed if its body is blown to bits or ravaged by disease, nor is a soul adversely affected by abortion. The soul in the woman’s role in the agreement may have chosen to experience the range of attendant emotions; and, with full awareness of that choice, a soul may enter the fetus, then leave and another soul come in so that both can feel the same sensations that the woman does—that brief exposure can serve the two souls as well as a physical lifetime of experiencing those emotions.

There is another important aspect of souls. Although usually God is referred to as “he,” God is androgynous, the perfect balance of feminine and masculine energies. All other souls have both energies, too, but one is predominant during the process of advancing toward androgyny—for instance, Gaia is predominantly feminine and the soul that embodied in the planet called Mars is predominantly masculine.

Personages have the same energies in widely varying degrees, but unlike souls, bodies have genders and sexual orientation, and those are chosen by the soul in accordance with what it wants to experience during the lifetime. That may be as a heterosexual man with the predominantly feminine energy that lends itself to a gentle, thoughtful nature and balances the soul’s lifetime as an assertive, aggressive man or woman. It can be as a female in mental and emotional makeup who is born in a male body — you call persons who correct that mismatch transgenders — or a lifetime wherein homosexuality is the soul’s choice of natural sexual makeup. The goal of every soul in every physical lifetime is to achieve balanced experiencing, and regardless of the number of embodiments a soul may have, and there can be hundreds or thousands, each of its personages is a soul, independent of all the others, yet eternally energetically connected with them.

Between incarnations souls’ personages live in a spirit world in an etheric body, which has no reproductive organs or sexual sensations. And, some souls are so highly evolved that countless numbers live as a collective in a formless state of group consciousness wherein there is perfect balance and harmony, a state of bliss beyond your imagination, or, more accurately, beyond your present level of conscious awareness.

If our explanation still leaves the soul “mysterious,” it is in our over-telling. The reality can be summed up simply: Using Creator’s perfect love-light energy, God made the magnificent, divine, immortal being that is you: a soul.

Question: Is there a finite number of souls in the collective bank of souls that will become human and do they just keep recycling or re-incarnating over and over --- or are some of the babies being born newly created for this earth and have a first incarnation upon their birth?

Matthew: There is no finite number of souls in this universe, nor could there ever be, but this is not due to recycling or reincarnating—someone who has transitioned from an Earth lifetime does not come back as the same person in a new body. [The February 3, 2014 message includes a comprehensive explanation.] Absolutely babies are “newly created” to be born on Earth! While it could be the soul’s “first incarnation” — its first time as a “cumulative” or “parent” soul—it is the only incarnation of this new little person, or personage. The “parent” soul will have other incarnations and so will the soul that just embodied; every physical lifetime is the “first and only” for each of a soul’s personage offspring.

Let us respond here to another reader’s related question. As a baby grows and personality traits and capabilities emerge that are similar to a deceased family member’s, genetic inheritance does play a part, but following in that relative’s footsteps may be the soul’s choice in the family’s pre-birth agreement. Or, as years pass, the child may develop other capabilities and characteristics and pursue different interests. While each soul comes in with the bounty of knowledge we spoke about in our “soul” explanation, by divine design all of that is quickly forgotten so the child can grow in accordance with his or her own ideas, choices and goals.

Question: “Is there a way for a 3D brain to understand the relationship between the soul and the persona and how it can be that every persona continues to exist independently? Does that mean that a persona (in time?) becomes a soul?”

Matthew: First let us say, the brain is a computer. All data entered—everything the person has experienced to date along with all acquired learning and thoughts—are stored in the brain’s memory bank. When the need arises to retrieve any of that data, the mind accesses information pertinent to the situation at hand so the person can act or react cognitively.

However, a third density brain’s ability to accept data is limited — information must fit into the person’s belief system or capacity to imagine — and in Earth’s civilization, the relationship between the soul and the persona, or personage, exceeds the brain’s limits. Therefore, there is no data available for the mind to retrieve and understand eternal souls’ multiple lifetimes happening simultaneously and independently of each other, yet inseparably energetically connected.

From other information in our message, you know that a persona doesn’t in time become a soul — every persona is a soul throughout eternity.

Beloved sisters and brothers, we support you with unconditional love as you help Earth’s members of our universal family awaken into the awareness of their multidimensional god-selves. Source: Spirit Guide Matthew Ward channeled by Susan Ward. Email: suzy@matthewbooks.com


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