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"You were designed to be a master of manifestation, a co-creator with God-given abilities."

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Way-Showers Are The Hope of the Future!

Archangel Michael channeled by Ronna Herman Vezane
This article was published in the July 2020 Issue of Sedona Journal of Emergence

BlissfulVisions.com Archangel Michael: Beloved masters, it is imperative that you understand the critical nature of the dramatic, accelerated, and swiftly changing times you are now experiencing. You are in the final stages of a specific unit of time, and you have been subject to a unique system of rules. Total free will was deemed a great gift, but it became a great burden as humanity sank into the broad spectrum of duality, which has resulted in great pain and suffering.

A noninterference clause was written into the rules, and the specified time for this particular phase of creation had to play out before our Father/Mother God could declare: “Enough! It is time to intercede. There will be a divine dispensation for those striving to attain self-mastery, and the spiritual hierarchy and angelic kingdom are authorized to give assistance in whatever ways are appropriate within the framework of cosmic law.”

The law of grace exists as the higher frequencies of karmic law, and it will henceforth apply to the emerging group of world servers as well as to aspirants and disciples on the path of ascension. A law of instant karma has also been enacted during these critical times of evolution and ascension, whereby an almost-immediate cosmic reaction to certain negative, harmful situations will take place in certain situations.

As this particular era comes to a close, a new system of rules and laws will apply to all emerging human-spiritual beings. A new expanded cycle of creation is in progress, and those of you striving to attain unified states of consciousness will be designated as co-creators of the future. As rays of God light, your divine mission is to expand the borders of God-consciousness. Your goal is to become masters of manifestation: drawing forth the essence of creation, activating it in your sacred hearts, and molding God substance into endless varieties of form via specific thoughts from your sacred minds. Thus, you become true extensions of our Father/Mother God.

You way-showers are the hope of the future. You are laying the foundation for a new social order. It is vitally important that you walk the middle path. A self-master does not take sides in the conflicts presently raging around the world. Your personal power is most effective when you stay centered in your sacred heart and are guided by the wisdom of your sacred mind. Your stance should always be that of goodwill, and your platform should be for the greatest good of all.

You Have the Opportunity for Greatness

As you actively seek en-lighten-ment and strive to return to balance and harmony within, it is important that you become aware of certain karmic limitations that your soul has accepted as learning experiences in this lifetime. Specific limitations and conditions cannot be changed, and the lesson is to accept them gracefully and strive for excellence within the framework of the boundaries that have been imposed on you — not as punishments, but as opportunities to balance discordant energy and thought patterns. We wish to emphasize that this lifetime is unique for each soul on Earth. No matter what circumstances you were born into, you have the opportunity for greatness and a reservoir of knowledge and talents needed to attain self-mastery. You were designed to be a master of manifestation, a co-creator with God-given abilities.

The first step is realizing that you have genius potential and a broad spectrum of talents and abilities programmed into your DNA. You chose, before you incarnated, a set of circumstances with specific abilities that are more readily available than others. But even though you hold the full range of your gifts and talents in reserve, you are able to bring them to the fore to actualize, integrate, and use them.

You must have access to the higher-dimensional levels of the brain to make contact with your soul-self and beings of higher realms. Your brain is composed of multiple levels of consciousness. The lower brain and three lower chakras are the realm of humanity’s animal-human consciousness. It is mostly instinctive, drawing much of its information from the collective consciousness of the astral plane and from Earth’s consciousness. Survival instincts and the human ego-desire body are in control of mass thoughts and desires and thus form the prevalent picture of reality. The focus is on the external, material world and on service to self.

As your consciousness moves into mid-level brain activity, you begin the process of becoming a human-spiritual being, and your feeling nature gradually moves upward to incorporate the heart and throat chakras. A gradual awakening process begins as your soul nudges you onto the path of awareness, and the journey of ascension begins. An aspirant on the path must traverse the astral plane and gain control of the emotional-astral body — the lower nature (the three lower chakra centers) — that opens the pathway to the refined frequencies of cosmic truth via the higher self, guides, teachers, and angelic helpers. Harmlessness in thought, word, and deed — with focused observation abilities — are important traits of a self-master. You must clear the mind of distorted, negative, and defeating thoughts before you can become a transmitter of light into the darkness and distortion of lower dimensions.

As your frequency pattern, or soul song, becomes more refined, your attitudes and comprehension attune to higher levels of consciousness. Your etheric body gradually changes and begins to respond to higher-frequency energies. Service to self gradually evolves into a desire to fulfill your divine mission and undertake group service (service-to-others).

As an en-lighten-ed being, you begin to build a bridge of consciousness back into the higher realms of this sub-universe. This pathway was called "antahkarana" in ancient esoteric teachings; it is now sometimes known as the rainbow bridge.

Return to Self-Mastery

To return to self-mastery, you must learn to use the three aspects of your mental nature: brain, mind, and soul. You must also clear the negative distortions of your subconscious mind and attune your conscious mind to your soul-self so that the wisdom of your soul and higher self can begin to flow through your four lower-body systems.

Remember, all the atoms of your physical being have consciousness; they must be en-lighten-ed and attuned to the higher-frequency patterns of ascension. You are made of divine essence. You are a spark — a fragment — of the Supreme Creator. You have latent powers that must be acknowledged and developed. Humanity has a great need to refresh its spiritual memory and develop master-of-light powers.

The antahkarana is composed of many sub-tributaries or streams of light that will ultimately strengthen and magnify the connections between the many facets of self, your oversoul higher self, and ultimately your sacred triad that awaits you in the lowest sub-level of the fifth dimension. These streams of light have consciousness, and they contain the intelligence of your multiple levels of self that reside in the higher realms. As we have told you, your subconscious mind is becoming conscious, and your conscious mind is opening to the wisdom of your superconscious mind, which contains the mysteries of this sub-universe.

You, the aspirant on the path, are becoming proficient at building and using multiple pyramids of light and power in the fifth dimension as you slowly but surely become acclimated to a lower-fifth-dimensional environment. Many of you have opened the pathways to the cities of light to gradually incorporate higher and more refined frequencies of light. You are also preparing yourselves to interact on a regular basis with the many facets of your higher selves and the great beings of light.

It is time for the next step in the ascension process to begin, and many advanced aspirants on the path are already becoming proficient and engrossed in the procedures. At this time, there is no question that those of you who are advanced in spiritual consciousness in any way are having your awakening and evolution processes hastened as never before in the history of Earth. This step is imperative so that more of you can act as transmitters and interpreters of universal law and cosmic truth.

The call for reunification is beginning for many of you, whereby your refined soul songs reach various members of your oversoul-higher-self. As you refine your vibrational patterns and your energetic signatures reach certain levels of harmony, your soul songs will begin to reverberate into and through the fourth, fifth, and for some of you, the sixth dimensions. As a result, you will begin to connect — via streams of light — with the auric fields of some soul fragments of your higher selves.

Take the Next Steps in Ascension

Slowly, these blessed facets are becoming aware of you, and they will gradually begin the process of exchanging memory-seed atoms of higher consciousness with you. Those with lower resonance than you will fall into line in the appropriate dimensional level below you, and those on the path ahead will slowly move closer in the column of light above you. You will also move laterally into the refined realms as all fragments of your higher oversoul gradually begin the process of moving closer to your central column of divine light.

This information might be confusing for some, but many of you are experiencing this process to varying degrees during your nightly sojourns or meditations. Therefore, we wish to give you a basic understanding of what is taking place at the various levels of the ascension process. We will discuss this further and in more depth in the near future.

As you study and delve into the mysteries of cosmic truth, you will begin to build a reservoir of knowledge you can draw on when needed. As you gain further access to your sacred mind, it will seem as if you have tapped into a cosmic source of information. But in the beginning, it will be your ancient, extensive past that is made available to you. You will become increasingly sensitive to ideas, concepts, and complex information, and you will gain the ability to tap into at will this rich storehouse of information.

As you evolve and become skillful at sharing your wisdom with others, you will become increasingly sensitive to subtle messages, concepts, and ideas from your guides, teachers, angelic helpers, and en-lighten-ed beings from higher realms. When you turn the information you garner into wisdom and become a living example of each new, advanced level of consciousness, you will be qualified to teach the concepts to others. You must experience what you teach and become a shining example, which is the most effective way to get the attention of others.

Remember, my brave ones, in every era and major cycle, cosmic wisdom and divine truth are made available to those with open minds and loving hearts. Merging with the will of our Father/Mother God means aligning to universal laws as they are revealed to you. As self-masters, you strive to make the highest choices, you have the burning desire to serve others, and you are always responsible for your actions.

We see the light expanding and gaining strength in many places around the world. We also see your radiance and influence growing: You are having positive impacts on more lives than ever before. You must remain heart-centered and soul-focused as chaos and fear grow and spread across the planet. We have now joined forces, and we are — and will ever be — invincible, because we are fulfilling a divine mandate from our Father/Mother God. Eternal love, protection, and blessings are yours, now and forever. I am Archangel Michael.

About the Channel

BlissfulVisions.com Ronna is an internationally known author, lecturer and channel. She brings Archangel Michael’s messages of hope and inspiration to thousands each year. Ronna’s spiritual search began in the early 1970s. After intense study and training, she began a career as a spiritual teacher and counselor.

Over the past twenty-five years, Archangel Michael's messages of hope and inspiration have been featured in thousands of inspirational and spiritual publications around the world. These important wisdom teachings via the monthly messages and her books and ebooks have been translated and published in many major languages.

Ronna’s extensive background as an administrative assistant to the president of a large corporation, and also as a real estate broker/manager of a very successful real estate company in southern California, helped prepare her for her second career as an inspirational teacher, lecturer and author. She teaches a common sense approach to the basic principles of spirituality. Thousands of people around the world testify that her books and seminars have changed their lives for the better. Ronna has published a total of sixteen books. To learn more about Ronna, visit StarQuestMastery.com


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