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"Humanity is undergoing a process of raising the collective consciousness."

Road to Oneness

The Truth on The Truth

Update on the Ascension Process on Earth
Ivo of Vega channeled by Sharon Stewart - April 24, 2022
Excerpts from a Full Article published on Voyages of Light

BlissfulVisions.com Ivo of Vega: The truth of the matter is: Humanity is undergoing a process of raising the collective consciousness.

So many on the planet do not even understand what that is, are not interested in it, and would scoff at it because this is a typical reaction of someone who feels they are being made to look foolish. They beat their chest whenever they hear something that is true that they do not believe in themselves, in order to falsify the truth bringer. This is an extremely childish, and I might add, reptilian reaction to the truth.

Your social media is not filled with people who are shakers and movers. The people out there who are doing something spend minimal time on social media and maximum time out in the swamp, trying to change the nature of life. The people who are on social media are people who are informing each other, yes, and we have taken advantage of your propensity to sit on your backsides and search the internet for someone to relate to in order to make this ascension event work.

Were it that you would spend as much time learning to relate to yourself
rather than trying to find someone in this world you are compatible with,
the world would be so much better off.

Humanity Has Been Heavily Traumatized

And there are several other points as well. First, the people of earth have been heavily traumatized. Yes, you are all traumatized. You will, of course, argue with me and say that you feel fine. Yes, perhaps you feel fine, but what you are feeling fine at is being a lesser version of who you truly are, or in some cases a version of yourself that is fake and has been taught to you. You are suppressing the wholeness of yourself by fitting into a world that seeks to control you. So if you feel fine in being this way, I feel compassion for you.

Compliance with Tyranny

The other point I wish to make is that many of you, as we just pointed out, are still succumbing to their plan, rather than wholly rejecting any shred of compliance. You do not want to comply here but you still comply there. You call for the arrest of Trudeau and Bill Gates but the assemblage of people was conducted through the internet – which is also seeking to enslave you. You desire freedom but comply with tyranny in so many other ways.

What would happen if we gave you the whole truth all at once?
You would die of heart failure, that is what would happen.

Collective Minds Create Our World

So many of you are not aware of the fact that this world is a creation of your collective minds. In order to change the world, we must change your minds first. This is a quantum truth. And this is a reality based upon energy. There is no such thing as mass. There is only energy and what you perceive as solid is not solid, only slower energy than you are. That is why you can sit on your couch and touch the computer keys.

The truth can only be given to the people of earth as the people are ready to accept it. Some will never accept it, and that is their choice, but your choices must be clear.

This entire Ascension process must be made in steps. There is no grand revelation of truth to come because, yes, another truth so many do not understand is that you must accept the truth in order to be able to live it. And this is obvious because what is the first thing you do when someone speaks a truth and you do not believe it – many reject it.

The Acceptance or Rejection of Truth

Do you wish to live or in fact die, in a grand flash of rejection of the truth of God and reality? The truth of life itself. No, we have been feeding this information to you over many many years through our contacts on earth and we will continue to do so because you would have a heart failure if you knew the entire truth and how much of a lie your lives actually are.

We need to get you to a certain point in order to reveal more (truth).
You want the truth but you do not even accept the true nature of life and reality.

You believe that love is something to be taken. How many songs do you hear, “Give it to me, baby!” yet love is something to be given.

The truth is, you have no idea how much your society must change in order to embody heavenly godliness within it again. No idea.

The reason the Alliance works under cover is multi-fold. For one thing, what would the people of earth do if the Alliance were revealed to the public? They would either love them or hate them. They would believe them or they would fear them. They would idolize them as the new Hollywood or they would lambaste them.

The fact is, the changes to be made on planet earth now are changes that are being made behind the realization of your awareness. Why? Because many of you believe and this is also erroneous, that you are to react to your surroundings, that you do not create them.

So many people on earth believe that life is fed to them and they must react to it, rather than you create your reality.

So we have the situations created for you to register in your minds and continue to anchor as your reality. However, the Deep State (DS) also does the same – as you can see with their attempts to start World War 3.

The Main-Stream Media (MSM)

The MSM is turning, but it is turning as you anchor that idea. If nobody anchors that idea – if no one puts their energy against the MSM and into a new system of communication, we cannot change the system. Now many are turning away and watching the truthers. The DS is trying to censor the truthers, but the MSM now is being overtaken by Lightworkers and it will turn.

Discern the Truth to Anchor More Light

It is an axiom of life that you must rise in frequency, one level at a time. So it is with earth – one thing after the next must change. It is a process. So many want an event. We cannot give you an event – you must undergo the process and learn to become discerning of truth in the meanwhile because this is crucial to anchoring more light.

Mr. T with His Own Agenda

The fact is, Mr. T is a Jesuit. He is also of the bloodlines with his own agenda. And yes, he is a thirty-third degree mason! Right now, so many believe in him because they see he has power. What is happening throughout this entire process is that evil is being worked with by the Light in order to create good.

There is no such thing as a politician who is of absolute light. They are human, they are all fallible, and given to being greedy and destructive, the same as any other human. What you have on earth right now are warring factions of DS. They all want to have their agenda prevail over you. But it is all a control agenda. We are taking their contributions to free you from their control.

You put blind faith into a man who has gotten rich by paying people minimum wage. He enjoys his employees and they applaud him but they are not in his shoes, are they? This is the lie. You can be in his shoes - as wealthy as he is, with much less toil and effort, but he will not tell you that. However, we will.

These are the secrets the occultists keep from the people. You tell him, “Yes, I want to work! I want to work harder at a job I despise! Please give me more jobs!” We shake our heads. You are still brainwashed into believing you even need to work!

When there is true equality among the people, true equality, then you will understand you need no leaders to profit by you. You have much growth to do yet.

Welcome to the Occultist Group

Those who did not want to work a regular job, such as musicians, they wanted to work selling their music and doing concerts. Do you not think the DS would not find a way to exploit them as well? What ended up happening? Those musicians who are rich, the few at the top, are part of their occultist group, the poor ones at the bottom, the ones they stole from, are not! Do you not see yet? Open your eyes, please for your own sake!

Do you not see the rank and file of life? There are the numbers and only a few make it to the top. Why do they make it to the top when others who are more talented fail? Ask yourselves that, please.

Universal Law Supports All

You lament the fact that life is not fair. As it is practiced now upon earth, it obviously is not. But was it designed to be fair? Does universal law support fairness? Does universal law support love for all? Does universal law support benevolence, mastery and abundance for all? It most certainly does! But will Mr. T tell you this? He will not. He still does not want you to know. He is no leader. He is an exploiter of humanity, the same as the rest.

You lament the fact your leaders do not disclose alien existence to you. Do you see why now? You would look at the alien worlds and see they live so much better than you do. They want you to believe you are alone and have no help. Otherwise you would overthrow their power over you. They fear your knowing this and they fear us because we will tell you the truth. We can do nothing else or become like them ourselves.

They know we understand the rules of the universe better than they do. So when we speak to them, we can be on the level with them. We call them out for what they are doing to the people and we can stand in the way as they attempt to enslave you further.

But ultimately, it is up to you to decide if you want total freedom or not.
You must all choose individually and as a collective.
This is the process you are undergoing now.

The Galactic Codex

The faction of the elite who will ultimately succeed is the one with the least malevolent agenda for you which would be a grand improvement over where you are now. But it is not the final stop! Through working with these negative factions, we will install the Galactic Codex upon earth thence be able to help you ourselves.

The Good Generals?

What you have heard about “good generals concerned for the benefit of humanity” is a lie. This is not how the Alliance was started. Nobody gets into high power positions on earth by being a good person. You have been lied to again by the DS.

The ones who have worked with us are the ones who have been complicit with these plans initially and were then turned to the Light through higher contact. This is what has made them turn.

We told them what would happen to them if they continued on their path of compliance with the DS. We have turned many people to the Light this way. What benevolence can be seen in a person who complies with the killing of even one human being, never mind launching an attack on innocents?

Please! You must learn to see the truth of war, and what your militaries are doing!

When one makes the position of general in the military it is because they have learned absolute obedience and compliance. They become informed of the agenda and indoctrinated before they get their stripes! They are in compliance otherwise they would not be promoted or they would suffer some other fate.

Generals are completely brainwashed and in need of deprogramming in order to work with us. Your belief that there are good generals in the Military is another deception. MacArthur was not. The DS has used the military to overtake other DS factions for many, many years. Initially the military was aligned with the Roman Catholic church but then it became the power of the governments as the church lost power over the people in the Age of Intellect, which you are now in.

If there were good generals in the military they would be killed unless they are protected by us. Those, such as Cdn. Paul Hillyer, were turned to the Light and protected. They would fear someone of that power against them. They would do away with them. If they are alive now, they are complicit and not to be trusted unless they are working with us. However they can still work a negative agenda while they are working with the Alliance.

What do you think would qualify a person to become an army general? The ability to kill, my love, is what qualifies them. This is proven ultimately in their indoctrination process. The supposed greatest generals are the worst killers. The ones who do it with no compunction make the best generals, these are the biggest sociopaths! These are the requirements in your militaries. The ones with a conscience who suffer from their time in war, the ones who are traumatized, have the greatest conscience.

The Power to Deceive You

What must be removed is the power to deceive you! Do you not see this?! It is imperative that you cannot be lied to any longer! You must clearly be able to see the truth. Until you do, they will retain functionality and control over you.

You simply have not outgrown this reality as a species. The Alliance is working with those who are in power to create goodness from their greed, benevolence from their power hunger, and love for all from their selfishness. This is how the Alliance works with those of the Universe – they utilize the power of those you call leaders to actually create a world worth living in for all.

Mr. T is not going to last forever. Eventually he will have his fall from grace but another leader, one of a higher frequency will step up to replace him. And so, it will go, with the people anchoring all of the positive changes – as they can. Because we know that positive changes cannot be anchored by everyone right now as many of you are very negative.

This is why it is imperative that the people get involved. Without their anchoring positive change, and their insistence upon it, nothing will change. They must become aware of the reality they are creating.

What if a Pleaidian or a Veegan or a Lyran should step up to lead your world? So many of you would not be able to comply with this leadership. You are simply not ready yet to be so empowered.

The reason you are being lied to by the Alliance, truths being held back, is that you are still closer to those that have owned and controlled you in nature than you are to the Lyran or Pleiadian.

This is a lot to accept and many of you will think I am joking. You will despise this message and wonder if I got out of the wrong side of bed today. I did not. It is the simple truth. You have much growth to do and it will be fed to you a spoonful at a time.

You are in a collective growth process. Some are learning faster than others, but you are generally still a negative reactive species that has done little personal growth and for this you are being tricked and deceived.

You also have an enormous backlog of karma that must be re-balanced. This is why you must undergo a growth process.

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