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"Adopt the habit of neutrality — an attitude of acceptance!"

Road to Oneness

The Practice of Ascension

Master Jesus channeled by Rev. Donna Ferri
Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence - April 2023

BlissfulVisions.com Master Jesus: The scriptures record my ascension as being forty days after resurrection, but I had already ascended. I demonstrated this by living in a continual state of enlightenment and showing others that they, too, could release long-established negative constructs.

The practice of embodied ascension is both difficult and easy. It is difficult when you don’t release your attachments to unwanted beliefs, but it can be easy when you lift into the pure mind. Being above the mass mind is a relief, as you no longer latch on to world events.

Your real self is already ascended but covered with illusion; you only need to uncover it. No one can put this awareness into you. No program can download into you, because you’re not a computer or an avatar. These are parlor tricks compared to true mastery. Instead of seeking shortcuts, I recommend higher ways.

  • When you do the work yourself, the results are permanent. Begin by replacing or repairing what isn’t working. Release the unreality covering your ascended state. Rather than wishing for it, you must get good at it. Go directly into your heart, and rest in its love. Lead your mind away from the habit of activating past emotions when something triggers you.

  • When you love God with your whole heart, mind, and soul, the heart replaces the ego-mind’s incessant doubting. Being ascended means living in a state without reacting to outer circumstances. For example, how can you guard against online messages that elicit emotional reactions and propose synthetic solutions?

  • Ascension doesn’t require that you withdraw from society. Rather, you retrain your mind to be part of the real solutions to society’s ills. You respond calmly and resolve to take action. The heart has intelligence. When you feel love, you can temper it with the wisdom and understanding of your heart. Then you are fulfilled.

  • You might still require discipline to achieve your goals as personal disappointments and negative world events continue to arise, but you can cultivate inner freedom and deep peace. Simple contentment is power.

Clear Out Negative Beliefs

You’re still a human being when you ascend in your body; therefore, you must still respect natural laws. Ascension is your private concern, no matter who or what denies or idolizes it. When you realize your high being is already ascended, no one can take away that crown of joy. Your best counselor in this is God, who I called Abba. If this presence doesn’t judge you, why would you judge yourself?

  • When ascension becomes a priority, old patterns rise to the surface for clearing. The world’s twists and turns can incentivize you to merge with your ascended self, which is one way that ascension moves forward.

  • Don’t wait for the afterlife to bestow ascension; physically correct unfruitful habits now while you have the opportunity. Your etheric vehicle can rise to meet your soul in upper-energetic octaves while your body sleeps or when you’re occupied in activities that produce an alpha mind-state, such as meditating or reading about higher concepts. Your higher vehicle can also descend during negative dream states. “Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry” [Ephesians 4:26, NIV].

  • Avoid falling asleep in front of the news, as that frequency can draw your subtle consciousness into polluted realms. Your dreams might seem imaginary, but energy is energy.

  • When you visit holy realms, you develop enlightenment that benefits your awareness.

  • Another way to practice ascension is by naming unwanted patterns. Which negative ideas do you conceive or perceive? Observe negativity with impartial confidence; then cut it loose by refuting and replacing it. Use positive words and denials, as even slight negativism attracts more of itself.

  • I demonstrated positive denials during my ministries in Judea, Transjordan, and old Jerusalem. I was gentle yet staunch when resistance opposed someone’s healing. My parables illustrated how others can transform their thinking. When troublesome energies resisted my remedies, I used powerful commands.

  • Declare how you will carry out your new intention after denying an old way. For example, you might say, “I no longer jump to conclusions. I seek first to understand and then consider the wisest way forward.” Live these words by no longer focusing your attention on outer distortions; then adopt an enlightened view going forward. Your love energy becomes your primary quality of mind and heart. You begin to see even unseemly world energies in new ways, because love shows you the positive intentions behind negative circumstances without requiring you to agree with them.

Engage with Your Ascension Process

This ascension practice cleans and clears as much as possible. If you find that some old patterns still need changing, this is because you’re removing its tendrils, the deep root tips. You can choose to repair constructs that still serve you, or you can toss or replace them. After a time, you’ll notice that old energy patterns loosen their grips. Things that used to trigger you or interfere with your enlightenment fade away.

The best way to reacquaint yourself with your natural ascension state is to engage with it. Ascension is experiential, not formulaic. As you clear yourself, you add to the world’s clearing. As you disengage from the turmoil in your sphere, you lessen the burdens around you.

If old patterns catch you off guard, do as I did: When my friends woke me as the storm threatened to overturn our boat, I stood up to it. With firm peace, I commanded the elements be still. Peace is a command that energy recognizes and obeys.

  • Determine to ascend by being ascended, here and now. Gladly let go of old habit patterns, because you don’t need them. Like tossing trash in the bin, once the garbage truck leaves, that old junk is gone; you won’t miss it.

  • When you decide to discard an old way of thought, you rarely activate its memory, and the less you activate it through emotion, the more the memory fades.

  • Don’t berate yourself should you regress, as self-criticism gives more emotional food to bloated old habits. You eventually starve them by giving them no mind, and if something does activate an old memory, it now has less emotional charge.

  • Do these things well, and you’ll find you’re exchanging old habits for new. Focus on the awareness of what’s good inside your pure mind and heart, and wait for the stillness of your already enlightened mind to shine through.

  • Adopt the habit of neutrality — an attitude of acceptance. Have no expectations, opinions, or judgments about yourself, others, or even this process.

  • Let go of any needs or fears, but if a fear happens to come up while you’re replacing an old pattern, look at it with kindness, and let it pass.

Try these suggestions, and notice what changes. You are not in this alone. I am always with you. Be at peace. Master Jesus.

About the Channel

Rev. Donna Ferri is a mystery-school intuitive and metaphysician. Her work honors your reason for being and helps raise your consciousness. Sessions include a soul reading and energy clearing, because with both, your soul can lift into rarified levels. As a master spiritual life coach, she helps you clarify and reach your spiritual success goals. She also offers consciousness counseling, seminars, and meditation retreats. Read her insights at WhoHeals.com


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