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"The Power of Love Produces Endless Possibilities! It Propels You to the Fifth Dimension of Love.”

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Lord Ashtar and the Angelic Kingdom channeled by Lynne Rondell - October 7, 2020

Sananda (Jesus): BlissfulVisions.com Lord Ashtar: Hello beloveds, it is Lord Ashtar along with the entire angelic kingdom coming with another message for all of you today. This is a very potent and important message. I'm going to talk about the power of love. I'm going to talk about exactly what that is, exactly what that means and exactly how it relates to your ascension to the fifth dimension.

I'm also going to speak about the importance of love, the importance of being in your heart and all what that entails. I'm also going to let you know about a little bit how the universal light and love, universal power actually works on this planet and in this part of the universe. On all the different planets and galaxies there's a similar theme we're going to say.

First, I'm going to start talking about the power of love. For you see there is one consistent thing in this entire universe, there's one consistent feeling in all the galaxies, in all the universes and in your solar system as well as on mother earth. There's one thing that we all navigate with, all of us in the higher collectives, we can be on the 10th, 11th, 12th dimensions and higher and we all still are holding the same thing, the same truth and the same thing in our heart.

There is one thing that ignites everything within everyone, one commonality between me and all of you, between the galactic federation, between the Arcturians, between the Pleiadians, between all the high councils of light and especially with the angelic realm and the divine realms.

As the angelic realm is the closest truth to God, to Source, to all that is with such high divinity and such high knowledge and light, there's one thing we all hold sacred and that is the power of love.

It's in all of us, in all the collectives of light. We all navigate on the higher realms, the fifth dimension and higher. All of us navigate through our hearts. For it is the power of love that is in everything. It is the power of love that is all essentially there is. It is the power of love that helps to unite all of us as one because we have one common thing that we all hold so close to our hearts, and that is the power of love.

Those of you who rise up to the fifth and higher dimensions, you will find you have a remembrance of being on higher dimensions up as collectives of light, or part of the angelic realm. You will hold the power of love. You will know the power of love. You will hold such a deep love in your heart.

When you hold love in your heart, then your heart chakra opens, your heart consciousness opens and you broaden horizon. You broaden your consciousness to expand so much more> You're no longer in this little box. For when you know truly the power of love, you shift everything, you shift the way you view your life. You shift the way you look at things. You shift the way you carry things out. You shift who you are, just by coming into contact with such divinity and light. It opens your heart chakra even wider.

For those who live in their hearts and with love, they know the power of love. Love not only cures all, love not only heals all, but love is what takes you to the higher realms. Love is what is all that is divine on the higher realms.

The Power of Love Produces Endless Possibilities!

I know this may be hard to take in, but the power of love is huge. The power of love is how we in the higher collectives navigate with love. We navigate through our hearts and when we truly navigate with love, the possibilities are endless.

We can heal whoever comes into our life. We can push and spread love to all. Just think if everybody knew the power of love and held love in their hearts, always. Even when you are sad, you can still connect with divinity.

There is universal light and there is universal love. The universal light that you all actually have powers your chakra system. It is light and light is love. You can feel it if you really tune into it, when you go into a meditation.

Love is all there really is. Love propels you to the fifth dimension so very quickly. Love is what we all do in the higher realms. We all exist with love. We all know the power of love. We all know the truth of love. We all know how love feels. We're always constantly in such a state of love, of peace, compassion, joy and happiness, that we just radiate love.

We are all in the higher collectives and I and the entire angelic kingdom, we are sending the white light down to you that is love, that is our love from us to you. That is what is helping to all of you to ascend.

We want you to see that all the high collectives of light, all those on the fifth dimension or higher, we are of service to you, all of us. We are all on the journey with you. We're all sending love from our hearts. We all live in our hearts so we live in love, we live in peace, we live in grace, we live in compassion, and we live in our divinity.

The Power of Love is the Highest Vibrating Light That Exists

For living in love and peace and grace, you're also living in truth. It's very important as soon as you can hold love and really know the power that love is, you'll be living in your truth and when you live in your truth you live in your divinity. And, when you live in your divinity you connect with a higher force, your higher power. You sit at the seat of your soul, your higher self and you really align with your soul's journey and all that is.

I know this is a lot to take in but the power of love is what pushes all the collectives of light to be who they are, to be the best they are, to be and sit in their divinity and the power of love heals and the power of love is the highest vibrating light that there is.

We use this light, this white light, we heal all of you with it. The archangels use it all the time, the angelic kingdom uses it, this channeler uses it when she heals. It is love, it is divinity and it is all the powers all of us in the higher realms. So think about this channeling. Think about this message. Try to bring yourself from your ego to your heart center.

Practice Feeling Love

Sit quietly. Ask your guides and angels to connect you with the divine by whatever means, and try to feel this love. You will feel it, and the longer you can sit with this love, then the divinity in white light goes all around your energy field. It goes throughout your entire physical body, and it elevates you. It raises your consciousness up. It blows that heart chakra wide open, and you sit in a high frequency.

The higher frequencies are attuned to love. The higher frequencies are attuned to bliss and the higher frequencies are attuned to truth and grace. So something to think about. This is how we heal you, we hold love in our hearts for you, we can energetically. A lot of us get together, and send huge amounts of white light down upon you. It's our love. We're helping you to the fifth dimension. We're sending what you need.

All of us in the heart collectives are of service. So when you get to the fifth dimension, it is not service to self – it is always service to others. You will learn that and you will feel such joy as well. For the more you are of service, the more light your body holds, the more love you feel in your hearts, the more peace you live with, and actually the happier you are.

This power of love is HUGE. This power of love is knowledge. This power of love is how all the collectives of light, the higher collectives and especially the highest divine realms of light, the angelic realms, this is how they navigate.

So I, Lord Ashtar, with the entire angelic kingdom are sending you love, and sending you the power of love to think about, to navigate towards, and to realize how important it is. We're all sending you so much white light and that is so much love. We're sending all of you so many blessings for all of you to have a safe easy and wonderful journey to the fifth dimension, and when you can hold love in your heart you will look at others differently, you will feel more compassion, you will feel less rage, anger and hate. You will feel more love.

I'm so happy to be bringing this message to you today. I'll be bringing many more messages like this to you. Something to think about. You're all going to be navigating here. Instead of here, think about love, think about how powerful it really is, and how it really is all there is.

All of us in the highest councils, we all know this. We all operate with love in our hearts. We all send love out everywhere, and we are of service. Sending you much love and light, and my blessings. - Lord Ashtar.


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