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"Only one-half of one percent of humanity has to awaken to create peace on planet Earth.” - KRYON

Road to Oneness

The Next Big Shift in Consciousness
October 2020 to January 2021

Pleiadian Commander Lord Ashtar channeled by Lynne Rondell - October 1, 2020

Sananda (Jesus): BlissfulVisions.com The Unified Collective Cloud of Consciousness

Pleiadian Commander Lord Ashtar: “When we say - “Shift your consciousness and shift the consciousness of the collective” - we're saying you're going to look at things in a different way. You're going to do things a different way. You're going to navigate in a different way in the third dimensional matrix than you have before.

So a shift in your consciousness is navigating through the dense energies that are hitting you from the third dimensional matrix and grid, which is breaking up. So as this draconian grid breaks up, you're going to see a lot of things push at you, that you actually have been doing for thousands of years. But now, it's not resonating with you because you're holding onto the fourth dimension. Some of you are half way through the fourth, and some of you are bouncing between the fourth and the fifth dimension.

Shifting your consciousness is shifting the way you view life, the way you view things that are coming up and the way you navigate through them. Shifting the consciousness of the human collective is when enough light workers and wayshowers and starseeds shift the consciousness of those that are asleep to who they really are (spirit in form).

It doesn't take that many to shift the entire collective, it's a small percentage for the seven billion people you have to shift on the planet, and those that are going to the cloud unifying collective. The more of you that wake up, you go into this cloud as this channeler calls it. You go into being a unified collective.

(Note: Kryon said in the video "The Seven Cosmic Laws": “Only one-half of one percent of humanity has to awaken to create peace on planet Earth.” I’ve heard reports that Earth’s population is closer to 8 billion, so based on that number, it takes 40 million “awakened ones” to shift the planet to peace). I understand the “cloud” to mean the “wholeness of the human unified collective consciousness” because all minds are joined as Jesus says in A Course in Miracles. - Reverend Dennis Shipman).

This unification in the collective consciousness (the cloud) gets bigger and bigger and bigger because as more people wake up, they become part of the cloud, and in this unification process, they operate as one voice.

You're not gonna operate by the wants and needs of the very few who has all the money, who think they have the control, the power and the manipulation. You're going to navigate as a unified collective. You're going to navigate with the entire collective for whatever is the highest and best good and benefit for the collective, for all of you.

It is going to be the wants of the many. Not the wants of the few. On the third dimensional matrix, the wants of money, power and control, are not going to exist anymore, for any of you. It's going to be the wants of everyone in the unified collective cloud. So I hope this helps you to understand that when you shift your consciousness, you're helping to shift the unified body of consciousness, and you're helping to shift the entire collective.

Not everyone is in this unified collective yet, but there's a lot of you. We're going to say half the planet is in the unified collective now, and a lot more are going to move into it very soon. So this next shift in consciousness is a big one. It's not going to be as much of an emotional roller coaster, but it's huge for you going forward.

A Shift To Wanting To Know The Truth of Everything

This is also a shift of wanting to know the truth, no matter what it is. This is a shift of living in your truth, and a shift of the truth of everything on the planet. Hence, this is going to shift everyone together into more unification.

The truth of everything on the planet can mean your angelic truth, your galactic truth, your heritage truth on this planet. A lot of distorted truths have been told to you for a very long time about your history on your planet. The dark ones wanted to tell you what they thought would keep you down, ignorant of your divine power. And, the truth for all of you divine beings of light is going to be a lot different than what you've been taught here on the planet.

The truth shift in consciousness will also allow for other truths to come in, and it's going to allow for other narratives to come in as well. You're not going to be so shut down. You're going to be able to see and hear more truths, that might be quite different, and you're going to be able to sort it out, and allow your consciousness to accept it.

The Shifts in Freedom, Free Will and Your Divine Power

Other shifts that are coming your way are shifts to your freedom, taking your power back, and shifting to your free will. You have never been given your free will or your divine power or your freedom on this planet, on this plane in the third dimension. Ever. The dark humans along with the dark ET's, negative ET's, they have kept you down, they have manipulated your money sources, they've manipulated everything you have on this planet. It's been manipulated. You've been controlled.

The freedom and the truth are going to come together. They are going to give you the power to pull your power back into your sovereign body, where it belongs. You have the power.

The government is not going to have your power. Those with all the money, the greedy ones that control you are not going to have your power.

You're going to hold and know your truth, and you're going to have your freedom and free will. So these are coming in now and pushing at you in a major way.

Karmic Payback and Exposure of Lies

There's a lot of distorted truths out there, but they are coming forward. It's hard to discern and know who is telling the truth and who is not. The distorted truths and lies are going to be exposed. The truth is going to shine through because what's not the truth is going to be exposed. And, those who have been lying and telling you such distorted truths, they're going to be reined-in, they're going to be put in jail, or they're going to be cleared off the planet.

This all ties in with the karmic wheel speeding up. The atrocities the dark ones have done for so very long are coming back their way. That negative charge is going to rebound on them. They're not going to stay here for long.

All this ties in with the dark exiting. It all ties in with you realizing what you truly have and what’s worth fighting for. It's going to take you to speak with compassion. It's going to take you to really speak your truth and it's going to take you saying, I want the truth, and I want my freedom.

I Lord Ashtar, want to ask you to start thinking about all of this that we have spoken about in this message: what your truth looks like, what seeing the truth looks like, what feeling the truth looks like, what does my freedom look like, what does my free will look like, what is taking back my power and having it sit at the seat of my soul, what does it look like?

Shifts Coming: October 2020 to January 2021

Because they are coming and will be upon you very soon within the next month to three months. You will be pushing out. Expanding. You're going to be wanting the truth of all that is on your planet, and you're going to be wanting your freedom and free will.

I Lord Ashtar, I am busy policing the planet with my command, to clear the dark off the planet. I'm also working very closely with the angelic realm, and to help all of you ascend as quickly, as beautifully, and as peacefully as you can. We're sending you our blessings.

Know that we love you, know that all of us are sending you high vibrating light which is so very important on this planet right now, and know that we are with you. We are really with you. You have help. You have the help of the galactic federations and councils of light. You have the entire angelic kingdom behind you. We love you, and we send you our love-light and blessings.”


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