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"The longing for God awakens when the saturation point is reached!"

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The Longing for God

Master Jesus Sananda channeled by Jahn J Kassl

BlissfulVisions.com JJK: Beloved Jesus, good afternoon, now that a night has passed since the 6th Revelation was given through – now I have read it and indeed this is how I am sure a great many people feel: “Arrived on 5D and still dealing with the old things.”

SANANDA: Yes, beloved Jahn, I bless you and am with you, always, and so I am in your presence now. And I am in the presence of the people who encounter these lines now, because: YOU MEET ME!

Well, people have fears, as I said, and through that they are not able to act decisively. This delays the enlightenment, because the way into the heart is not completely free, the last realizations cannot occur. And now we come to an essential point in this.

It is the “longing for God.” Did you know that the longing for God has the greatest transformational power; energy that instantly transforms any imperfect state into love?

JJK: Now that you say that, it seems very familiar and logical to me, because I know of myself when this “longing for God” awakened in me, that’s when I began to become unconditional in my choices and intentions – everything before that was more of a gimmick!

SANANDA: That’s what matters! On the LONGING FOR GOD! If this appears, then all fears disappear by themselves, because then simply nothing else is important to you than to recognize, than to return to the Father, than to enter into heaven, to be with Him, to be with Her – in eternity.

Without the longing for God, a transformation process cannot be completed. Why? Because the longing opens the doors to the final knowledge.

All by itself they open to such a heart, because for such a heart nothing matters except the desire to be one with God. The work on the transformation of one’s being comes to a standstill if you do not enrich this process with the longing for God.

This is quite natural, because you dare to jump over the deepest abyss only when you have nothing more to lose, when life seems almost indifferent to you, when you feel no more true content, no more value, in what you live and do on earth – when you are alone and no matter what happens to you, you can no longer be touched by events in the outside, because your heart only longs for: to see God!

You must be completely filled with it, “possessed” by God, think Him, feel Him, see Him everywhere – then the last corners of your heart open and God steps out in all His majesty and lifts you up to heaven.

When does the longing awaken?

This longing awakens when the saturation point is reached! The saturation that ends the desire to want to lead a further life in the illusion. It occurs, if one has become tired of the old game, if one expects from life more than the narrow borders in which it takes place.

The “saturation of the illusion” must be reached, then the longing emerges by itself, because only then one is ready to raise the decisive questions and because only then one has matured so far to really want to look behind the veil and to be able to do so; that is one thing.

But there is also a second moment that brings forth the longing, forces it, so to speak. And this is now widespread among those who have chosen the fifth dimensional plane and who still carry remnants in their soul, who hold on to the old concepts of time.

It is the fact that these people are faced with an abundance of frustration. Events that string together in a seemingly endless chain, link after link, bringing forth all the issues that are still unseen.

That is, these people today are surprised that so many things seem to repeat themselves that they thought they had given up long ago. It is the means of these days to kindle the longing for truthfulness even in these people in a very short period of time.

“Crash Course”

The old souls, who are on earth at present and carry the process of upliftment at crucial points, do not need these frustrations anymore, they have had enough of them long ago, but souls, who are younger, but nevertheless keep themselves ready for the ascent, are now prescribed a “crash course,” so that they lose interest in the game of the old time. There are no more lives left for that now, there is no more time for that, so all the still unredeemed issues come out as events that very often painfully force themselves into such a life. Until these people are ready to let go of everything and accept everything.

Because once you lose the fear of fear, then you are ready to jump and throw yourself down into the arms of God. And it is always a “throwing yourself down” because God is asking for you completely and unconditionally, and He knows that you will come only when you are ready to let go of the old “securities”.

Once the life in illusion has been lived to the fullest, only one question remains: "What now?" And then the longing for God can awaken. But even in this second case, "saturation" is the point. Without this, a person simply has no interest in recognizing God, since he still wants to experience himself as distant from God.

All those who have chosen the 5th dimensional level have also reached a high degree of “saturation”, but for most of them there are still remnants, so according to the sense: “But I would like to experience that before I ascend, to eat so completely without meat or without fish, that can’t be and also the old friends, with whom I argue again and again, I can’t give up, I still need that, etc.”

These are things that still want to be lived!

And now it happens that this is lived in a speed, so that these people simply do not know any more in and out, more exactly, until they do not know any more in and out. Until they get tired, weary and lie down exhausted. Until saturation sets in, until they are ready to let it go because they are disgusted with it; then the question germinates, “What now?” That is the basis through which longing awakens.

The yearning is the fulcrum to be able to complete the final processes of transformation, and it is ensured that all people who have chosen their elevation are led there so that they clear their issues completely by becoming weary of them.

JJK: Yes, I can relate to that, because it was the same for me. At a certain moment in my life everything was the same, I only wanted the knowledge of God, only to know what deep meaning my existence has, who I am! Nothing interested me more and then this longing came out. I just cried, day and night. Groundlessly, as one would say to mine, but all I ever asked was, “Where are you?”

SANANDA: Yes, once saturation is reached, then you automatically start asking the right questions. And did you get your answers, Jahn?

JJK: Yes, not immediately, but very, very soon. My life began to unfold quite magically. Suddenly I had only “right” encounters, all arbitrariness disappeared completely from my everyday life, I was guided by an invisible force and it is like that until today. Everything comes to me, my task is to recognize, to be alert, so that I always interpret my inner guidance correctly and act accordingly – uncompromisingly and unconditionally.

Absolutely, but I can say, it needs the absolute inner desire to want to be led by God. And it is very important that you then also do what He advises you to do. Many people, I have observed, simply disregard the inner guidance and act against better knowledge – they ignore it and then they are surprised that many things go on the wrong track.

SANANDA: Yes, this is a big issue, Jahn. Many people have definitely activated the inner soul guidance, which is directly connected with the God power, they have reached a degree of maturity that makes this possible, but they do not always listen to it and thus disregard it. They still want to experience something that their inner voice warns them against. Then the following happens, they do as they think and suffer harm, a fright or suffering happens to them.

Thereupon they stand there and ask why? How childish, since you do not listen to your inner divine guidance. It is important to know that with each disregard of the inner voice, this channel is buried and so you soon no longer understand it. Back to the start it is then and you can start again to clear the way into your heart.

Very many people receive the best advice from their heart, but they do not listen to it. So they draw a new bow, which brings suffering and keeps fear alive, and they then look in wonder why so much still happens in their lives, although they already think of themselves as almost “enlightened.”

The divine guidance demands your unmistakable implementation of its guidance. Otherwise, you deprive it of its voice and you show that you do not need it; you overlay your heart by your wrong actions until this divine channel into omniscience is completely filled up.

It is the unconditional surrender to God that is expressed by listening to your voice of God within yourself. Do not worry about tomorrow, neither about what to eat nor what to drink, for He cares for you. Worry only about the kingdom of God and everything else will be given to you in addition. This is what you have to internalize if you entrust yourselves to God.

JJK: Many people, I have observed, just still want to dance at many weddings, serve many masters and ride two horses at the same time!

SANANDA: Many, yes, indeed – therefore, through this behavior, they are now creating events that promote the ultimate choices. The way to the longing, which does not raise any more questions, since everything calms down, so one has turned into God, is prepared for all people, but not all will go this one to the end.

The 4TH Revelation

JJK: Have another question, a change of subject so to speak – is that okay now?

SANANDA: Everything is “okay” Jahn, because your questions are the questions of the people.

JJK: You said in the 4th Revelation that there is already an Earth on the 9th dimension. SANAT ISAT TAT KUMARA once told me that He is Logos of 12 Earths. How is that to be understood?

SANANDA: It is quite simple, from our point of view. It’s just a little more difficult to find words to describe it. But we will do that now.

The universe is a hologram.

The holograms are present vertically and horizontally. The whole universe, the whole creation is one universal hologram.

On both levels there are always 9 dimensions. The next hologram “touching” yours of this Earth Gaia TERRA Xx27 is vertical, but is arranged differently. It shifts to the “top”. That is, your 7th, 8th, and 9th dimensions bring forth on the horizontal plane the 10th, 11th and 12th dimensions of the next hologram. These touch each other, so to speak, which is no longer the case with the further ones.

And the Logos of a planet is Logos of the 9 dimensions and the next three adjacent dimensions, which mirror the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd dimensions, as these are directly connected, belong to the next hologram, but in the linear concept (shown vertically) correspond to the 10th, 11th, and 12th dimensions. Therefore the 12 dimensions.

This behaves in all directions in such a way. In addition also another hologram touching you shifts to “below”. What means that your 6th dimension in the neighboring hologram represents the 9 D, your 5th dimension borders on the 8th dimension, the 4th on the 7th and so on. Just write the rows of numbers next to each other, shifted as shown here. Start with the 1 at the bottom and end with the 9 at the top.

Then add it shifted next to each other and you get the dimensions that exist directly next to each other. Here there is no left or right, because everything exists in each other, only the horizontal and vertical factors have a meaning here.

So a planetary logos always creates a level completely up to the 9th dimension and is creator of further three dimensions which are adjacent to the original creation. Therefore it is spoken of 12 dimensions to convert it into the linear understanding of the people.

Now please do not try to grasp it with all “force”, it will open up to you by itself, the more information you will receive about it in the next time, and these will flow abundantly.

JJK: Well I’m not quite in the picture either, but I kind of understand it – but need some more time.

SANANDA: Yes take it, take the time, just be very definite about it, so you need to break away from the old imprints.


JJK: Have one last question, Jesus. I’ve noticed that I always address you as Jesus, while you are mostly present as SANANADA.

SANANDA: Yes, and that is very appropriate in your case, Jahn. It makes no difference with you how you address me, for you comprehensively grasp my energy, you are my energy. You don’t need to redeem a pattern anymore for that and also in Jerusalem you finally recognized who I was and where I came from.

It is significant for those people who still hold on to the old image of Jesus, who do not grasp my whole power, because they embed the Jesus in the concept of the churches. This Jesus is not able to do what I am able to do as JESUS SANANDA ARANIS TAT EOS AL’ SAN.

As in the first volume of the revelations, it is also significant here that the people who cling too much to the old image of Jesus shed it and enter into the power of my whole being. That is why I direct the attention to SANANDA, that is why this transcript also bears this name. We are one Jahn, no matter what name you use, no matter what name I use, when I speak to you, when I communicate through your heart. We are all one, beloved human beings, beloved son, beloved daughter of the ONE.

Awaken by helping your longing for God to break through. We are doing our part, please do yours as well, so that your coming may be fulfilled.

The dimensions are merging into each other, it has always been this way, the worlds are arranged this way, but now you are gradually becoming aware of this, becoming closer to it, and soon it will be familiar to you as you are freed from the linear concepts of the world.

I am the Love, I am the Life, I am the Light. JESUS SANANDA.

Source: The Longing for God: Master Jesus Sananda channeled by Jahn J Kassl.


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