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"A Simple Self-Healing Sound Vibration Process To Clear Any Negative Emotion."

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The Hathors: Ocean of Vibrations

The Hathors channeled by Peggy Black - August 21, 2023
A Simple Self-Healing Sound Vibration Process To Clear Any Negative Emotion

BlissfulVisions.com The Hathors: We are here to remind you that all healing work is held in the embrace and intention of service. There is a deep connection when you have learned to open and serve the other.

When you step into any healing work with clear intention, the results ripple outward, and multiply beyond your reality. Remember to relax and breathe, release your concern to get it right.

We will speak about the power and conscious use of sound. Sound, when used to release long held trauma and memory is the most powerful tool of all. The process of releasing ‘sound’ in a guided manner will serve you, your clients and all.

It is sound moving through the fabric of time that creates all that is. The dimensions interweave, each supporting and enhancing the other; information, geometry, emotions, thoughts and shapes all travel as vibrations.

Everything that exists is vibrating. Thoughts create subtle vibrations that can now be measured. Heart cells vibrate sounds similar to singing whales. It is the language of the heart.

It is your connection with the beings of the whales. They anchor that knowing for your planet. They are emissaries from the stars. It is through your heart song that you connect with them and with others. It is through the sacred door of your heart that you journey to the stars.

Everything is vibration; you live in an ocean,
much like the whales. It is an ocean of vibrations.

You are learning to read, sense and understand this language, the language of vibration. It carries the blueprints, the patterns, the forms, the ideas of creation of all things.

That is why it is so important for humans to realize the part they play in evolution, in the uplifting of the dense vibrations of mass consciousness. We realize the difficulty of your task of holding a certain frequency, especially on your planet, which at this time is filled with discordant vibrations.

Yet we encourage each one to strive at every moment to uplift their frequency a little, to continue to connect with one’s heart and create the conscious shift in the feeling tones that you are sending out.

A Simple Self-Healing Sound Vibration Tool
To Clear Any Negative Emotion

We will remind you of a simple tool to clear any emotion.

  • First set the space by declaring that you are fully embodied, anchored to the planet. This intention calls forth your divine consciousness to be in partnership with your physical consciousness. This is your source of power.

  • Next invite divine beings to witness and support you as you transform the emotion or pattern or limited belief.

  • Next ask yourself what percent of the emotion is yours? This is an important question because we understand that it certainly feels like it is all yours. However we assure you that only a small percentage is yours.

    You see when any emotion is running through your body, you, as a sensitive, connect to the larger field of that emotional vibration that is in the collective. Then you do have 100 percent of that emotion activating all your circuits and systems.

    Realize that some of this emotion is yours but you have also connected to the collective of that emotion.

  • Take a deep breath and give your emotion of sadness, anger, fear, or frustration a sound. We encourage you to use this exercise, be vigorous. Use your voice and the intention to transform all that you are feeling. Sound the emotions until it feels complete.

    Pause and think of an emotion you would rather feel. Now sound that into place. So, you have released your emotions and transformed any of the collective emotions that you connected to. We call this process emotional and energetic alchemy. When you do this work, you are truly the Alchemist.

    You can also use the tool to clear global emotions.

  • When some tragic event happens, express the distress vigorously until it is complete. Replace it with an emotion of healing, peace or love and call those vibrations into place with your sound. You will be doing global service work without feeling the distress running through your body.

We are aware your emotions often match the emotions of a loved one. We would like you to be aware that your frequency often matches the energy of those around. Sometimes it feels thicker and more difficult to transform. We encourage you to use your tools, invite assistance from the other realms and use the violet flame. It is a gift to humanity. It is also one of the most powerful vibrations on your planet at this time. The violet flame as well as sound must be called forth. They must be invited. They must be used with clear intent.

We are always here to assist you.

Often there is a vibration around you that has blocked your awareness of receiving guidance from us. We are standing ready, yet you cannot see.

We invite you to use sound to clear any negative or mis-qualified emotion. This will create a shift.

Imagine a sound of great joy that you offer. It vibrates a certain frequency, it goes out, and it matches other vibrations at that frequency. It becomes a part of the grid, of the whole.

Be mindful to step into the vibration of joy. Allow yourself to bathe in joy, allow joy to embrace you, hold you, and flood through you.

Call forth joy, taste it, smell it, rub it on your face. Wrap it up and give it to another.

Joy is a vibration that will lift you up and will lift up others.

Continue to welcome joy. Let joy be your constant companion. Let joy walk beside you, let joy express through all your actions.

Bring joy to all your tasks, for it is joy that is being called forth. It is joy that can and will transform your health, your state of mind, your very reality.

Joy is the other powerful tool, powerful vibration,
an equal match to the Violet Flame and your use of sound.

We say to you in closing, Be in Your Joy! Be at Peace Beloved. the ‘team’

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