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"Solarians are beings of the heart and they are sending you unconditional love."

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The Planet of Solara Discovers Earth

The Group channeled by Steve Rother - April 29, 2019

BlissfulVisions.com Earth Has Been Discovered

The Group: We will give this planet the name, Solara, just so we can better discuss it with you. When Solara is seen from Earth, humans will collectively give it another name. Then when humans make contact, you will find out the name that Solarians call their planet and be able to translate that into some of your languages. Solara has two suns and three moons.

Earth-based telescopes and radio scopes do not see the actual objects, but rather they capture the surrounding energies or gases around a planet. There are even planets within your own solar system that you haven’t seen yet, because they’re surrounded by so many gases. What we’re going to tell you is that planet Earth has been found because of the uniqueness of that little bubble (atmosphere) around your planet. It shines differently than every other star and reflection in the sky. Yes, even your own star or sun is shining differently now.

In recent years, your scientists have identified many planets located in what they call the Goldilocks Zone. These planets are a perfect distance away from the sun, to be able to support life similar to the biological life that exists on planet Earth.

The technologies Solarians use to search the stars are like those of Earth. Using those technologies, Solara has discovered a change in Earth’s aura. From the time they “discovered” your planet to this moment, they have seen evidence that the vibrant greens and blues that make up the oceans of Earth are changing. Keep in mind that what they are seeing are light reflections created a generation ago, and the changes they are talking about happened many years ago.

Solarians have found you and they are becoming familiar with planet Earth, although they do not call it by the name you have for it. They are not familiar with the fact that humans are at the precipice of an evolutionary leap. It will be wonderful to have them watch this entire process, because you will meet them at some point. They’ve discovered a neighbor in the universe, and they’d love nothing more than to come and meet you. To shake hands with you and share stories with you. Their observation of your planet is helping them to understand what is important for their next step of evolution, which is currently facing their societal challenges.

Solarians are experiencing incredible shifting themselves. Although they have gone through different processes before, they’ve never had to go that far into density. They have never had actual war on their planet, even though they have had challenges from time to time such as making a big decision that will affect several generations going forward. Solarians will then need to learn how to carry that power and balance it with their empathy.

Similarities to Humans and Earth

Solara is a very beautiful planet full of life, though not quite as beautiful as Earth. Solara is not quite as green or full of life as planet Earth, but it has a vibrancy that goes deep. It’s actually very similar to Earth in many ways. Solara is a little larger and a bit closer to their two suns, which has a different type of effect on the planet. Of course, the physical bodies have also grown quite differently. As far as the evolution of the spirit, it’s very similar. Now they have discovered Earth – a planet that they think may host life forms very similar to their own, and it does.

It does support life similarly to the life you have on planet Earth. Because Solara has two suns, it has a different type of a cycle than on Earth. It is very similar in many of the larger aspects, but the daily life cycle is different and thus the pace is quite a bit slower than on Earth. Solara has a little bit more peaceful energy, and part of that has to do with the radiation that they receive from their two suns which are quite a bit closer. Also, they have three moons and they’re able to find a little bit closer connection to the cosmos around them. Therefore, they have a little bit more peace. Yet, there are differences and have always been arguments.

Solara has also experienced challenges and debates going on between its different realms. However, when they found Earth, suddenly they came together. They all wanted to participate in this amazing discovery and that has been an astoundingly unifying development on Solara. It’s almost as if they’re trying to race to the same goal. Yet they are sharing information and it is really beautiful to watch.

It’s not about a race to see which country is going to be the greatest, or which area is going to take credit for something. They’re starting to share information and work together in a harmony, which has never been seen on Solara before. So, that is absolutely fascinating to us and offers some of the greatest possibilities from our perspective. They have the ability to step into a fifth dimensional collective vibration, much the way that you did in Lemuria. If they can make this connection with you, they’ll learn so much from the path that you have just taken and the struggles that you are even dealing with here today as the collective of humanity. Also, they will learn from seeing how this beautiful garden planet is now evolving at an incredible pace. Hopefully they will also be able to learn from humans how to raise their vibration very quickly without losing balance.

Now their bodies look very similar to yours in some ways, but they will carry a different demeanor and energy. They’ll also carry a different way of communicating, although they’ll have to learn your languages in order to speak to you. They wish to come quietly and to make an easy entrance first to observe, not necessarily to even make contact. In time you’ll start to understand who these beings are and you’ll have great opportunities. It will be an amazing opportunity to achieve unity in many areas of the universe, by starting with this one simple experiment.

Although the beings throughout the universe are quite different than many of you, they all have very similar attributes. When you see some of these other beings, you will fall deeply in love with their form, the way they work, and the way they think.

Interactions are a bit different than on Earth, but Solara is a similar planetary system in many ways. Less technically advanced, Solarians are deeply into honor and what humans call unconditional love. This is more than an experience for them. It is a way of life, which allows them to live comfortably with the extreme empathy they all carry.

Solarians have a different makeup than humans as they have a stronger magnetic connection with each other. The veil of forgetfulness that they wear is the same as humans on Earth, so they still must work to re-member who they are and connect to their higher selves. The main difference is the connection they have to each other. Similar in some ways to the connection that was common in the times of Lemuria on Earth, Solarians have a heart connection to each other. They feel their own effect on the world and others around them. That has allowed them to evolve with harmony at the forefront of their daily actions.

It is this heart connection they have with each other that they are now learning to focus on the inhabitants of Earth. It is through these means that they can tap into the events on Earth to a very limited degree. The reason we tell you about Solara is so that you know you are never alone. The daily life of every Solorian has changed since the discovery of Earth.

Differences in Technology

Although you are ahead of them in technology, Earth has aimed most technological advances toward military uses until recently. Instead, Solara has always aimed theirs toward making life easier in a harmonious and sustainable way. They had an industrial revolution, but they move more slowly and in greater harmony with their planet. They can teach you much about working with the Earth, if you are open to it. This is the most beautiful approach that you can have, for many beings may wish to come to Earth eventually.

Keep in mind that the hearts of Solara’s beings are wide open, even to humans. They are hugely connected to each other, similarly to the ways that you were connected to each other in the days of Lemuria. They can bring practical examples of how this can work as a whole. We hope that as these dimensional realities open up, humans stop focusing on the division and separation that we see today. Yes, that would be our greatest dream. That as some of these things start to happen, that you come together as Earth beings, as proud beings of planet Earth, holding your pride together in unity. We wish you to take your place as the grand teachers of the universe and have the experience that you are now having.

Sending Love to Humans and Mother Earth

Solarians love the idea that they have found you and it is a topic at the forefront of their attention. Even though you’re stepping into an entirely different level and starting a new game right where you are, Solarians don’t know that. What they think they see is a planet in trouble. So, they’re quite concerned, sending you energy and love. This concern for Earth and her people has brought the people of Solara together in ways beyond our wildest dreams. It has been many years since the people of Solara have come together in this way. It is bringing a new level of love to Solara and all of her inhabitants. On Earth they see a cycle progressing that they’re very concerned about, but they do not have the technologies to reach her. Solarians cannot even let you know that they are there, other than the huge heart energy that they are sending you.

Solarians are sending unconditional love to every being. We are not just talking about humans, but also the trees and forests of Earth. They are sending healing love to the animals, insects, coral in the oceans, and every form of vibration on the beautiful planet Earth. What can you do? You can send back your love and tell them you’re alright. Solarians are in the unusual situation of observing the miracle that is about to take place on Earth. They send energy to you on a heart wave, which you would translate more into your dream time. The waves of energy they send to Earth do not need technology, as they use the heart connection to communicate faster than light. That is what they are doing to communicate with you right now. When beings communicate from the heart it takes no time to travel. You are all an integral part of each other, and on a level unseen you are all connected.

Solarians are beings of the heart and they are bathing you in the most beautiful unconditional love, because they have finally found something similar. For the first time they’ve found life in the universe, yet they’re still not even sure it’s life in the way that they know it. They have now intercepted some fun and exciting things. Even though they’ve had a great deal of difficulty interpreting and figuring out what your television signals were, Solarians now know much more about human life on Earth.

The Earth herself is now sending a signal back to Solara for the love they have been sending to her. And if you also send your energy to say, “Hello! Thank you, brothers and sisters. Welcome to a harmonic vibration.” Every being on Solara will breathe a little bit easier because they will feel that energy and a new connection. They will even start working on different technologies that will bring you a lot closer in the near future.

At this moment, many on Solara are jumping for joy because you are thinking about them. You’re returning their connection, and we tell you they have been working to send you love in the most incredible ways. Sometimes when you’re not looking, they connect in ways that they can send huge energy waves to planet Earth and her beings. They do not know you by name, for their technology is not high enough to intercept much. However, they have intercepted some refracted television signals that they have analyzed and found out a little about Earth.

Send them a beautiful thank you, because what that will do for them is to set a wave of comfort energy throughout their entire planet. They are watching much of what is going on from a vibrational standpoint and they can’t interpret it all. They cannot actually watch your television in real time, so they communicate with love. # # #

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